July 23, 2009

Stay Out of Local Law Enforcement, Mr. President: "Racist" Cop Also Tried to Save Black Athlete's Life

By Debbie Schlussel

Is there still racism in America? If you really look for it, you will find it. But in most of America--even its darkest corners--racism is frowned upon . . .unless it is anti-White racism, which tends to get a free pass. (A man who publicly talked about the "typical White person" is now not only President, but our national prognosticator on race.)

Unfortunately, however, many times--far too many times--in today's America what is not racism is easily, quickly transformed into it by people with an agenda, and a shoulder chip of equal gargantuan size.

An in that vein, I'm getting really tired of hearing about the "blatant racism" of the police officer in question Cambridge trying to do his job, earlier this week. It got worse, last night, at an alleged press conference about Marxist state run Obama health care, when President Barack Hussein Obama basically called a cop a racist.

The cop we're talking about here is Sgt. James M. Crowley, who arrested overrated academic Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, Jr., a Harvard prof (whose work focuses on race, racism, and slavery heritage), after the man became unruly and disorderly--practically goading police into arresting him.

Sgt. James Crowley, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

You all know the basics of the story. Gates arrived at his home after a trip. He tried to enter but the door was stuck and thereafter appeared to be breaking in. A neighbor called police, thinking a burglary break-in of some sort was occurring. Crowley responded to the scene.

That's all we know for sure. The rest is a matter of whose side you are on and whether you are a racism paranoiac and tend to believe police are evil . . . or someone who believes that underpaid Cambridge cops are generally decent working class stiffs trying to do their jobs and were treated like crap by an unduly deified Harvard academic.

Despite the overwhelming mainstream media verbal defecation on the cop--and now the President chiming in with his own version of #2--I tend to vote with the cop.

Gates and his army of "all White cops in America are RACIST!" minions insist that, because the arrest was in the middle of the day and Gates showed his identification and pictures of his family, Officer Crowley must be a racist for arresting him.

Uh, not so fast.

It appears that Gates lorded his Ivy League status and overrated academic credentials over the cop, refusing to cooperate with the investigation or show identification. It appears that, instead, Gates went into a tirade and deserved to be arrested. It appears that instead of an "I am a Black man in racist America" chip on his shoulder, Gates was lugging a "Black man in racist America" boulder on his.

Police say Gates yelled at the officers and initially refused to show his ID. Gates allegedly yelled "this is what happens to a black man in America" and "you don't know who you're messing with" before he was arrested, and police said he was uncooperative.

Read the Full Arrest Report, in which the "classy" Gates told Officer Crowley, "Ya, I'll talk to your mama outside."

Hmmm, President Obama, I think we know who "acted stupidly," and it was the Harvard Ph.D., not the cops.

(I bet none of this gets into the documentary about racial profiling in America Gates now says he will produce as a result of the arrest.)

This is what happens when, despite your Harvard credentials, you are trained--and train others--in a culture of shoulder-chips/boulders and "everyone is racist, but I'm important." That's Gates' culture. He is close friends with Whoopi Goldberg and Barack Hussein Obama, both of whom are wealthy and successful beyond their wildest dreams (due in large part to their White consumers and constituents)--and beyond the wildest dreams of most White Americans. . . and both of whom continue to cry racism, anyway (even against--in Obama's case--his "typical White person" granny).

Both of these people who have come out to defend their friend refuse to acknowledge that he would behave as they have behaved--self-important and rude to "the little people."

But here's a newsflash about this alleged "racist White" cop, James M. Crowley:

Nearly 16 years ago, as a Brandeis University police officer, Crowley desperately tried to save the life of Reggie Lewis after the Boston Celtics star collapsed while practicing in the school gym.

"It bothers him terribly that he couldn't save him," Crowley's 74-year-old mother, Verina Crowley, said yesterday, speaking of her son and the famous basketball player.

Crowley was a certified emergency medical technician when he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Lewis, to no avail, after the player's heart stopped on July 27, 1993. In a Globe interview later that day, Crowley said he rushed to the university’s Shapiro Gymnasium, confirmed that Lewis had no pulse, and frantically tried to revive him.

"I just kept on going," he said. "I just kept thinking, 'Don't let him die - just don't die.'" . . .

People who know Crowley were skeptical or outright dismissive of allegations of racism.

I woke up in the middle of the night and heard some airhead anchorette on ABC News Now--the network's overnight show for insomniacs--blame that on "racism," too. Yes, that's what racists want to believe: that this White cop wanted a Black pro athlete to die and so he "didn't try hard enough to save him" as the ABC anchor-bim alleged.

I feel for this guy, Crowley. He tries to do his job. And he apparently can do no right. He can do no right, despite trying to do his job for only one reason: he is marked by the pale color of his skin.

And now even a President has marked him as dastardly, not because of the content of his character, but because of the color of his skin . . . and the gold of his badge.

Is there still racism in America? Yes. But, sadly, a good deal of it is exercised by those with darker complexions against those with paler pigmentation.

If a guy is a White cop versus a Black Harvard academic, no matter what the Black Ph.D. must be the "victim" of the "typical White blue collar racist," right? That's the real racism here.

Here's a little tutorial for those with jerking knees:

This is NOT an example of racism: the arrest of a self-important man (his importance measured by pieces of paper he received from the Ivies) by police with whom he became angry, indignant, and invoked the dumbest line you can utter to police just trying to do their dangerous job on America's streets: Do you know who I am?

That's not too smart, whether you're a Ph.D from Harvard or a drop out from Hard Knocks. Regardless of your complexion.

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July 17, 2009

Buh-Bye, Walter Cronkite: He Lost the Vietnam War for U.S. on TV, Had American Blood on His Hands

By Debbie Schlussel

I just heard the news that former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite died. And perhaps I will be one of the few with the guts to be real and say it: I'm not sad to see this overrated liar go. Buh-bye.

At 92, Cronkite enjoyed a long and glamorous life, unlike many of our late teen and 20-something American troops against whom he editorialized on a nightly basis. They died on the killing fields of Vietnam in no small part because he contributed to the video demoralization of America and the resulting lack of commitment to help our boys win the Vietnam War.

I'm sure that Cronkite will be remembered gushingly by all of the liberal mainstream media robots whom he spawned and who idolize him (and probably many gutless idiots on the right, too). In so many ways, he is their Michael Jackson, minus the creativity and talent. In life, they already exalted Cronkite far, far beyond what he deserved and completely ignored his awful transgressions against our country.

Walter Cronkite Defeated America on TV

But the man they called "The Most Trusted Man in America" was really something far different: The Most Destructive Man in America. And that is how he should be remembered. He had the blood of thousands of American men--some of them really just boys--on his hands.

We may have lost the Viet Nam War on the ground because of half-hearted bureaucrats and politicians, not least among them Defense Secretary Robert McNamara who also recently passed away. But, well before that, we lost the war in a far more important theater--domestic America--because the Viet Cong's top media general on TV, Walter Cronkite, led many offensives against our troops, every single evening.

Cronkite fought against America while in Vietnam, where he covered the Tet Offensive and lied about it to American wives, parents, and siblings of our boys on the battlefield. While the 1968 Tet Offensive was actually a victory--a tactical defeat for the Communist Viet Cong--you'd hardly know it, since Cronkite covered it as an incredible loss and gave fuel for the anti-war movement's fire and its allies in the Congress and in Hollywood (Hanoi Jane, anyone?).

And it is in Cronkite's coverage of Tet that America lost the Vietnam War. Most military historians regard it as the decisive battle in the war because it shifted American public opinion against the war. And Cronkite is the head atop that rotten fish.

A month later, instead of just "covering the news" in this constant lying manner, Cronkite began editorializing and delivered a scathing commentary against America's war efforts.

Cronkite's slogan was, "And that's the way it is." But if it came out of his mouth, you could be sure of one thing: that's the way it wasn't.

The left idolizes this man because they credit him with helping end the Vietnam War. But let's be honest. He didn't help end it. He helped lose it. We eventually lost it on the field because we lost it on television, first. Vietnam was the first American war shown nightly on television news. And Cronkite was the Just Lose It crowd's Commander in Chief in that theater.

Our half-hearted efforts in Vietnam, in large part because of Walter Cronkite's on-air attacks, have had long-lasting effects, decades later. Even Osama Bin Laden has cited them in his lack of fear in attacking America. He studied our military history, with Vietnam as its cornerstone of cutting and running. That is Walter Cronkite's legacy. So are the generations of liars who modeled themselves after him and have spent decades on TV news tearing and dumbing down America from within.

I can't be nice and say that Walter Cronkite should "rest in peace."

To do so would be to ignore the posthumous wails of the restless ghosts of over 58,000 dead Americans who lost their lives so that Walter Cronkite could be a star and Vietnam could solidify its communist tilt. That's not to mention our 153,000-plus wounded.

It is the souls of these proud Americans that I pray rest in peace, not that of the man who helped perpetrate their loss. He is soulless.

Only they--Walter Cronkite's tens of thousands of victims--can forgive this evil man for his transgressions and journalistic crimes against them. Sadly for Cronkite, they've gone to a better place.

And he's rotting somewhere else.

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July 16, 2009

America Failed to Advance in Space in 40 Years Since Apollo 11: Real Science & Imagination Replaced by Junk

By Debbie Schlussel

As you may know, today is the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to land men on the moon. (It's also the 64th anniversary of the detonation of the first atomic bomb in the new Mexico desert.)

It was the first manned landing on the moon and was commanded by Neil Armstrong and also manned by Buzz Aldrin, both of whom rightly continue to be American heroes to this day. They set foot from the Eagle onto the moon on July 20, 1969. I highly recommend the excellent, funny, entertaining documentary, "In the Shadow of the Moon" (read my review) documenting that and the other manned landings.

Unfortunately, while we put men on the moon several times, the American space program has failed in many ways. We haven't done much since first landing on the moon.

Man on the Moon: Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969

Yes, American men landed on the moon another five times since. And we've sent many space shuttles out into the great beyond (with two of them, sadly, exploding).

But what else have we done? The many space shuttle launches are wastes of money. They don't achieve much except garner results for a few experiments. That's about it.

Forty years ago today, people envisioned a future with residential colonies on the moon, or at the very least somehow harvesting the moon for energy or some other resource. None of that has happened. And in fact, very little has happened in the 40 years since Apollo 11 or the five other manned landings. In fact, in terms of outer space exploration and colonization, we haven't done much since Neil Armstrong set foot on that rock.

Sadly, in 40 years, the most creative "visions" regarding moon and space exploration are the stories concocted by loony conspiracy theorists who claim we never landed there and that it's all a fiction perpetrated on a Hollywood set.

As someone who is fascinated by the universe and its planets and loves American history and sci-fi, our failure to advance further in space is a huge disappointment. But it should be a disappointment for all Americans. What held such great promise 40 years ago is now a broken promise.

Imagine the possibilities. Perhaps we could mine the moon's surface for energy and tell our Saudi and other OPEC overlords to shove it. The recent sci-fi movie release, "Moon" (read my review), takes place in such a world (though the results are that of a contemporary "Twilight Zone" script, not a look into our likely or even possible future).

Perhaps we could discover ways to humanly set foot on Mars and harvest or colonize that planet. It's not impossible. But the uncreative minds at NASA feel comfort in just doing the same old meaningless space shuttle missions. NASA has become just another government bureaucracy--another failed, bloated government bureaucracy. The pencil pushers and plain Janes and Joes who run the place lack imagination.

But it is not just the fault of the bureaucrats. It's the fault of the American population, as well. Through our own fault, through the undying devotion to pop culture and lackluster education, we've become ignorant. And in this dumbing down, we've given up our fascination with the endless possibilities and freedom of real science--space exploration, for the a dangerous obsession and endless slavery to the neuroses of fake science--"global warming," "climate change," the "green movement," etc.

Without a limitless vision and imagination on our own part and that of our government, there will come a day--and in many ways, we are at that day--in which Americans will no longer stand for funding a program whose modern achievements are nebulous. More and more of our support will, unfortunately, go to junk science.

And that's why something new, something great, is needed in the U.S. Space Program. Something beyond eating packaged freeze dried ice cream for sale at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Perhaps even something first done 40 years ago. It's been a while since we've sent Americans to set foot on the moon. Maybe now is the time to repeat that, instead of more space shuttle repetitions.

Regardless of what we do, we have to do something. Just because no country has advanced its pursuits in vast universe, doesn't mean no country will.

And we should be first. Our national security, our energy resources and other things we have yet to fathom and know may depend on it. As the astronauts who landed on the moon in 1969 and beyond noted in "In the Shadow of the Moon," when we landed there, the whole world--even our worst enemies--were in awe and even felt a proud kinship with America.

Those were the days.

Also in "Shadow of the Moon," astronauts who landed there noted that most of thousands of our greatest technological achievements and computerized inventions got their impetus from technological creations and advancements made expressly for the space program's focus on a manned lunar landing.

Imagine the advancements we can have in our own lives--to make our own lives even easier. But that will only happen if America--specifically the bureaucrats who run NASA--have the guts, the courage to do something big, something that sounds nuts and unimaginable. Sadly, no such hero--no such creative visionary--has arrived.

If only the U.S. Space Program had a real, intense focus and focused on the next "small step for man," the next "giant leap for mankind."

Will that ever happen? When?


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June 29, 2009

"Uniter"?: In Life & In Death, Michael Jackson's Ministers of Hate (Sucked Dry by Nation of Islam)

By Debbie Schlussel

As I've noted, I loved the music of Michael Jackson, and it brings to mind great memories. But the hype and absurd mythology now being manufactured about the man is getting on my nerves.

Specifically, one of the echo chamber utterances we keep hearing from the mainstream media about Michael Jackson is the claim that "he united the world." It's complete fertilizer.

That's why I wrote several years ago (and was roundly attacked for it) that the countries whose people love Michael Jackson (and soccer) most are usually the countries and people who hate us (and support terrorism) the most.


Just because others around the world like or do something we do in America, doesn't mean it "unites" us. Osama Bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad eat and go to the bathroom, just like we do. Does that mean these things that we both have in common unite or unify us? Not really. Didn't save the people on the planes.

I've made the same comments, for well over a decade, whenever I hear that Muslims (whether it's in Riyadh or Tehran) somehow like America because they're exposed to American pop culture. As I've always said, they may love to wear Levi's and enjoy eating Baskin-Robbins ice cream. But they'd murder Levi Strauss, Burt Baskin, and Irvine Robbins--all of them were citizens of the "Great Satan" America and all were "evil Zionists"--in a heartbeat. And as we know, a number of Islamic terrorist groups use hip-hop to recruit terrorists. Is that really "unity"?

I don't hold Michael Jackson responsible for that. It has nothing to do with him. And, in this column, I'm not referring to Jackson's inexcusable and outrageous anti-Semitic lyrics ("Jew Me . . . Kike Me," etc.) in a song and comments in a taped private phone conversation ("They suck . . . they're like leeches."). He apologized for those, and the lyrics were aimed, sadly, at the father of the kid he paid off. (Not that this is an excuse. It is not. And Jackson was immensely helped by many Jews, throughout his career and his life, including extending him gazillions in credit when no-one else would.)

I'm referring to Michael Jackson's and--now, in his death--the Jackson family's conscious decisions to surround themselves with America's most divisive, most prominent ministers of hate.

Sorry, but hanging with and allying himself with Ministers of Hate, Inc. makes him anything but a "uniter" or "unifier." It makes no difference that he penned and sang songs, like "Black or White." He hung with those who made their livelihoods stressing the difference between the races.

Instead, I'm referring to Michael Jackson's longtime alliance with Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, Al "White Zionist Interlopers" Sharpton, and Louis "Judaism is a Gutter Religion" Farrakhan. Here's a little tutorial on the statements of the Jackson and Sharpton. I'm sure your familiar with the many anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted words of Farrakhan, including those on which I've reported when I heard him in person at a Detroit Shi'ite mosque.

As we know, the first two--along with their Jewish counterpart in shameless self-promoting, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (who is friends with Sharpton and got Jews to pay for a post-9/11 trip for Sharpton to --ingratiated themselves with Jackson in life and now in death.

And the third, Farrakhan, supplied bodyguards to Jackson, who reportedly embraced Islam (as his brother Jermaine Jackson, indeed, has). Reports say that Farrakhan's Nation of Islam handlers were the ones that forced Jackson to agree to the 50 concert dates in London that now won't happen. And there's even more:

Grace Rwaramba, the woman he employed to look after his children for more than a decade, is known to have ties to Louis Farrakhan, the charismatic leader of the group. Speaking after Jackson's death, she claimed that he had increasingly fallen under the influence of the Nation, which supplied his bodyguards.

Leonard Muhammad, Farrakhan's son-in-law and chief of staff, was appointed to run the King of Pop's business affairs despite a chequered CV including a spell selling unproven Aids treatments in deprived areas of Chicago.

Mrs Rwaramba also alleged that the sect charged Jackson more than 60,000 Pounds a month to rent the Bel Air property where he died, when similar houses were on the market for a quarter of the price.

The 42-year-old was sacked in December after falling out with Jackson. But she was replaced by another woman from the Nation employed by Jackson's brother Jermaine, a Muslim convert.

Although there are no allegations that the Nation of Islam contributed to Jackson's death, their involvement with the wealthy but vulnerable pop star has raised concerns that he could have been open to exploitation.

Hmmm . . . Michael Jackson, I think we know who the real leeches were in your life. Hint: Not the Jews.

If, as speculated, Jackson's will provides Rwaramba custody, it would be interesting to see these completely White kids taught the Black supremacist racism and hate of the NoI. It has the potential to turn them into the reverse version of the blind Black Klansman in the famous Dave Chappelle comedy sketch.

Now, Jackson and Sharpton are advising the Jackson family on the funeral/memorial service for the late Jackson. And it figures to be a Who's Who of Hate, Inc. spewing the usual "Blame it on the Crackers" routine, a la the Rosa Parks funeral, which I detailed on this site a few years ago. Except, this time, it'll have a few White pop stars sprinkled in for sanction. I wouldn't be surprised if--in addition to Action Jackson, Weird Al, and Louis X--the Rev. Jeremiah Wright makes a special appearance, as he did at the Rosa Parks funeral. Don't bet against it.

It's not like Michael Jackson's association with any of these divisive figures was a secret. It was touted, and photographed, and reported on all over the mainstream media, while Michael Jackson was alive.

Why, then, does the mainstream media--aware of Michael Jackson's fraternity of Ministers of Hate--continue to claim he "unified" anything?

Don't answer. That was a rhetorical question.

Michael Jackson did not unite. And his circle of advisors are America's chief merchants of division.

I'll miss a lot of things about Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, the things I won't miss about him are alive and well.

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June 15, 2009

"Hung" Joke of the Day: Star-Struck Michigan Taxpayers Thrilled by Gigolo Show Their Taxes Subsidize

By Debbie Schlussel

I can't say I'm stunned by the high level of star-struck stupidity of Michigan taxpayers, who don't mind that they're subsidizing Hollywood garbage with their taxes, to the tune of millions and 42%.

As you may know, Michigan for the last year or so has had a tax subsidy of movies and tv shows shot in Michigan, which is simply ridiculous. Businesses and individual taxpayers that are struggling to survive are subsidizing Hollywood gazillionaires in exchange for a few sightings of Drew Barrymore, a glimpse of Rob Schneider, and some schlocky temporary jobs as extras that don't pay much.

The shows and movies are completely tax-exempt for the portions they shoot, edit, etc. in Michigan and they get a refund of 42% of all costs. It's obscene.

Starstruck West Bloomfield, Michigan Residents Don & Liz Piggott:
Awestruck by Gigolo Penis Size Show Shot in Their Neighborhood

But what's really funny is the level of bulldung some people in my area are feeding themselves. Take the people of a West Bloomfield, Michigan neighborhood where "Hung," a new HBO series, is being shot. West Bloomfield, FYI, is a swanky, upper middle-class city mostly populated by Jews and Chaldeans (Iraqi Catholics). I ran for the Michigan House of Representatives from there.

"Hung" is about a former star athlete and coach who works as a male prostitute, and--as you can guess--the title of the show refers to his large penis size. (The show begins on June 28th at 10:00 p.m.)

But the lascivious, lewd, low-class nature of the show doesn't bother the West Bloomfield residents where the show is being shot. In fact, they think it's cool. Vulgar is the new cool, especially for those who are aging and believe that holding onto your decency makes you uncool and feeling old.

And, in that vein, here's my favorite part of the story:

"He's a male escort?" asked neighbor Nancy Marlin, who lives on nearby Bunker Avenue. "OK ..."

But as risque as the plot may be, several residents and local officials say they don't have a problem with it -- so long as it's tastefully done -- and are excited about the community's moment in the spotlight.

(Emphasis added.)

"Tastefully done"? Hello . . .? It's a show about a gigolo and the title is "Hung"--again, that's referring to his big penis. There just can't be anything tasteful about it. That's like saying, "Herpes and crabs . . . tastefully done." Or "A bearded lady . . . beautifully portrayed."

Sorry, people, but "Idiocracy" is not our future. It's our here and now.

It's like these Michigan people are so desperate for a taste of Hollywood, they're starting to spew the same BS Hollywood people do when they talk about this stuff. Like Sharon Stone talking about her crotch shot in "Basic Instinct": "Well, it was tastefully done." Or, like everyone in Hollywood who does nude shots and naked sex scenes and--unlike the ex-Miss California--doesn't blame it on the wind and the photographer she hired: "Well, that scene of me in explicit sexual positions and frontal nudity . . . it was a necessary part of the plot and it was tastefully done."

I just have to laugh.

Here's another money shot, er . . . quote:

Supervisor Michelle Economou Ureste said producers did make a "concerted effort" to work with township and school officials on the nude scene in the opening credits so it wasn't filmed when kids would be around.

Well, thank Heaven for small favors. If you have to worry about the kids seeing naked people tramping through the neighborhood, that should be a hint.

West Bloomfield, Michigan: First, it was the home of Jewish and Chaldean American Princesses. Next, the porn capital of the world.

Also hilarious is that the people in this neighborhood are rallying around the gigolo show, saying it's made them closer.

Nanette Nawrot said the filming has brought the neighborhood together. Her house is shown in the opening credits in which Jane walks by a variety of places, shedding item after item of clothing, until he jumps nude into the lake.

"All the neighbors were gathering around for filming," she said. "I got to meet all kinds of people from my area."

She needs a gigolo to walk by her house for her to get to know her neighbors. Nice statement on America's neighborly relations in the year 2009.

But the most laughable thing about this is not that it's untasteful and that their comments justifying it and gushing over it are BS.

No, the most laughable part--the most obscene part--is that Michigan taxpayers are subsidizing the show, willingly opening their wallets, as their state continues to collapse, in need of real industry, not Hollywood fair tales or fantasies about penises of gigolos.

Ironically, the tag line for "Hung" is, "It's Hard to Make an Indecent Living." But that's not true in Michigan. If you're here from Hollywood, it's actually pretty easy. And you don't even have to walk Eight Mile in a sequined tube top and stripper shoes to do it. Just put your hand out to the Legislature, which passed this indecent subsidy and flat-out pay-off.

Yup, a show about a prostitute is probably the best metaphor for what Michigan taxpayers are doing for the pimp that is Hollywood. And they are definitely getting pimped.

Sadly, when they get "hung" it'll be by a rope, not like a horse.


Watch the "Hung" trailer, and you'll see what I mean. Sadly, Deuce Bigalow's gone "mainstream."

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May 07, 2009

The Elizabeth Edwards Oprah Emasculation Session

By Debbie Schlussel

The media world--and some conservative hypocrites like Sean Vannity--are all abuzz over the Elizabeth Edwards interview with Oprah, which airs today on the daytime TV talk show host's daily garbage-fest.

But it's no cause for celebration. It's actually very unseemly. Yes, the guy cheated. So, leave him . . . or not. But don't do this "Jerry Springer" act all dressed up in the high-brow rapper of the corpulent high-priestess HOprah. If you do this--and Mrs. Edwards did--you really are no different than the trash on Jerry and Maury on every single other channel.

To air your whole dirty laundry on national TV and in a book you're pimping, well, I'm sorry, Elizabeth Edwards, but I don't feel for you.

Castration Pity Party: Oprah's Latest Penis Removal Seminar

What this amounts to is a national television castration of the guy, something Oprah loves to do with cheating husbands. This fits nicely into her anti-male narrative. It's nothing new. A husband took vows. He cheated. Especially a politician and one with lots of money. Some of the spouses even have cancer. Mrs. Edwards isn't the first. And there's really nothing new here . . . unless Rielle Hunter becomes the new spokeswoman for "No Excuses" jeans. And that wouldn't be news either.

It's not even new for Oprah. She had on a similarly wealthy and equally low-class "my man cheated on me" ranter from Detroit. A wealthy woman, Suzy Farbman, knew her gazillionaire hubby was a serial cheater on her. But she loved the money and the parties. So, instead, she stayed and wrote a book--which no-one bought or read. And got her sister, a friend and producer for Oprah, to put her and her "repenting" husband and their two sons on national TV for all the world to see. She got her revenge. Her husband's penis is now basically gone, unable to be re-attached Bobbitt-style (no shocker or coincidence that Oprah featured a gushing interview with the castrater, Lorena Bobbitt, last week).

Sorry, but if your husband cheats on you, going on Oprah to talk about it and whine doesn't make you any better. It kinda, sorta makes you worse.

Yes, John Edwards is a lout. But not because he's a philanderer. He's a cretin because he (and Elizabeth, who certainly doesn't need the money from this book) made his money off the backs of doctors and hospitals in America, in ridiculous lawsuits in which he portrayed a fetus. That's why he's a creep. He's a leftist, blood-sucking crook and paper pusher, with a giant mansion to show for it. It's funny--on the Oprah site, it implores you to "go inside the home that John and Elizabeth Edwards built together." Um, more like the home that the soaked, sued, and screwed doctors, hospitals, and middle-class patients of America built together.

But you won't hear that on Oprah. Nope.

Instead, the cancer-stricken Mrs. Edwards is using some of her last days, not tending to her family or concerned with the more important issues of our day, like, for example, good medical treatment for less fortunate cancer patients whose insurance premiums are high or can't get full treatment because their doctors, hospitals, etc. are constantly sued by people like her husband.

It'll make a great epitaph:

Here Lies Elizabeth Edwards Who Spent Her Last Days Exposing Her Cheatin' Husband to Oprah's Housewife Viewers

Why is she doing this? What will it achieve? She doesn't need the money from the book. If this is to embarrass her husband, why not just leave? Why go on national TV in a moving, talking version of a National Enquirer? The guy isn't running for anything anymore. His political career is thankfully finished.

Sorry, but I can't see the purpose in all of this . . . other than to have the unduly moralistic finger-wagger, Oprah, and the missus, expressing their moral outrage--OUTRAGE!--that a liberal, conscience-less hubby couldn't keep his pants on.

More living, breathing evidence of the the trite old standby:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned . . . and a sleazy, unduly-worshipped daytime talk show hostess in May ratings sweeps.

It's shameless and salacious. And not just on Oprah's part. That's the usual. But on the woman done wrong's part, too.

Here lies Elizabeth Edwards. All the money in the world didn't stop her from doing her part for the low-class cesspool of daytime talk.

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April 16, 2009

New Game: Guess the Propaganda Director's Religion--"Lemon Tree"

By Debbie Schlussel

Recently, I told you about the anti-Israel propaganda film "Waltz with Bashir" ["Vals Im Bashir"]. As I noted, that piece of high quality Bin Laden cinema was made not by HAMAS or Hezbollah's Nasrallah or the Saudi Royal Film Commission, or even madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It was made by Israelis.

And as I noted then and many times on this site, the most anti-Israel, most pan-terrorist filmmakers are not in the depths of the Islamic world and the Arab street. They are in the heart of the discos of Tel Aviv and the beaches of Eilat. They make our America-hating Hollywood left look like red-blooded patriots. And unfortunately, they receive a ton of tax-funded money from the Israeli government and its film commission. Let's see if new Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has the guts to put an end to that, but don't hold your breath. It's like our PBS. No-one will kill the monster, once and for all.

"Lemon Tree": More High Quality Bin Laden Cinema @ a Theater Near You

As a movie critic, I recently received notice from Mark Cuban's Landmark Theaters about upcoming movies, which they periodically send me. And in that latest e-mail missive, there was word that the following movie was coming to Detroit on May 15th, to be shown at the Landmark Maple in the heart of an area largely populated by secular Jews--you know, the 78% of my fellow co-religionists who voted for Obama and eat up this propaganda.

I would ask you to guess the religion and nationality of the director/co-writer of this celluloid propaganda fiction, the latest high quality Bin Laden cinema, but I think it's too easy. The Muslims and the pan-Islamist Arabs are HAMAS-green with envy over this "cinematic splendor." And all the better that it debuts in Detroit on Israel's birthdate of May 15th. But it's been making its way around U.S. arthouse theaters for the last couple of weeks.

May 15


Hiam Abbass (The Visitor) won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Actress for this film. She plays Salma, a Palestinian widow who stands up against her new neighbor, the Israeli Defense Minister, when he moves into his new house opposite her lemon grove, on the green line border between Israel and the West Bank. The Israeli security forces are quick to declare that Salma's trees pose a threat to the Minister's safety and issue orders to uproot them. Together with Ziad (Ali Suliman), her young Palestinian lawyer, Salma goes all the way to the Israeli Supreme Court to try and save her trees. Her struggle raises the interest of Mira (Rona Lipaz-Michael), the Defense Minister's wife, who is trapped in her new home and in an unhappy life. Despite their differences and the borders between them the two women develop an invisible bond, while forbidden ties grow stronger between Salma and Ziad. Salma's legal and personal journey lead her deep into the complex, dark and sometimes funny chaos of the ongoing struggle in the Middle East, in which all players find themselves alone in their struggle to survive. Directed and co-written by Eran Riklis (The Syrian Bride, Cup Final). (Partially subtitled)

Let's here it for Grrlpower! It's like a bad episode (redundant phrase) of Oprah where the sistaz are doin' it (America's moral and cultural destruction from within) for themselves.

It gets worse. Watch the trailer, below, for "Lemon Tree" ("Etz Limon) and its "Israelis as the new Nazis" imagery--a common theme of HAMAS, Fatah, and other Islamic anti-Israel propaganda (and, of late, of Israeli film garbage like this and "Waltz with Bashir"). The evil Zionists erect concentration camp-style guard towers in the poor, disheveled, widowed Muslim Palestinian woman's lemon tree grove. The Israeli Gestapo-like soldiers target innocent, old, poor Palestinian Muslim Arabs as they meekly walk through the lemon grove. The propaganda is so thick, you could cut it with an Islamic sword.

Do you think our government would hesitate to chop down a lemon grove if Defense Secretary Bill Gates' next-door neighbor's backyard was an entry point for Al-Qaeda terrorists out to assassinate him and kill more innocent Americans? Gimme a break. Just ask Susette Kelo, whose home wasn't taken for the noble cause of protecting us from Islamic terrorists bent on our destruction, but for the greed of New London, Connecticut driven by a proposed condo and townhouse development.

"Lemon Tree" is very tangentially based on a true story. A Palestinian woman did take a fight all the way the Israeli Supreme Court to keep her tree grove that was, indeed, a pathway for terrorists to enter Israel and attack innocent civilians. But other than that skeletal set of facts, the rest of the movie is just conjecture and slanted propaganda. The movie very apparently doesn't stress the important part: that a Palestinian Muslim woman could actually go all the way through the Israeli court system to protect her terrorist shielding backyard.

Do you think a Jew (or anyone else) could go to court in an Islamic country to protect his house, which wasn't a strategic entry point for terrorists? Fuhgedaboutit. They wouldn't live to see another day, and they'd be cut down along with the trees.

A million Jews were not only kicked out of Arab and Islamic countries, but their homes and property were seized by the governments and their Muslim countrymen, no questions asked. My friend Jeff's family members' homes in Libya and Iraq were seized from them. My friend Sherri's mother's home in Tunisia--taken, because the family were Jews. Newsflash: They didn't get to go to court to get their homes and property back. They barely escaped with their lives. Where is the Israeli movie about that?

Don't expect "Lemon Tree"'s Israeli director/co-writer Eran Riklis to make a movie about that. He's more concerned with portraying Arab Muslim terrorists and aggressors as victims and good people. Take his 1992 piece of ap-cray, "Cup Final" ("Gmar Gavi'a") about a group of Israeli soldiers who are taken captive in Lebanon and connect with their captors over a shared love of world soccer.

Do you think the horribly tortured, mutilated, disfigured Israeli soldiers captured and murdered by Hezbollah in Lebanon were thinking about their "shared love of soccer" as their lives were snuffed out and their penises were cut off and inserted into their mouths? Some of the bodies of the Israelis captured by the mutually "soccer-loving" terrorists have never been found nor returned by these Lebanese "soccer lovers." One of them, Ron Arad, is certainly dead, and his body has been missing for decades, "shared love of soccer" or not.

And it's no coincidence that "Lemon Tree"'s star, Muslim Arab Hiam Abbass, was also a star in "The Visitor" (read my brief commentary on this movie), which as I've noted on this site is a BS propaganda film about how bad we Americans are because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents actually deport a Syrian Muslim illegal alien squatting in some guy's New York apartment. The nerve.

Yup, Ms. Abbass, has made a career of making anti-Western, Muslim victimhood movies. It's ironic (and hypocritical), since Abbass, who insists on identifying as Palestinian (she was born in Nazareth, ISRAEL), has the privilege of being an Israeli--where as a Muslim woman, she is treated far better than she (or any Jew, for that matter) would be in any Islamic country. She even won the Best Actress award from the Israeli Film Academy (Israel's Oscars). She makes a better living from Israel than most Israelis--Jew or Arab--could ever hope to make.

It's also no surprise that another anti-Israel Muslim Arab actor, Ali Suliman, stars in the film. He was one of the stars of "Paradise Now," the pro-homicide bomber, anti-Israel movie also funded by Israel. He is also from Nazareth, Israel. Like I said, the Israelis have made these two actors wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, funded by Israel, attacking Israel from within.

The bottom line, apparently not shown in this movie, is that if Palestinians--with whom Ms. Abbass now identifies after years of saying she was an Israeli Arab--stopped supporting and committing terrorism and using their land to shield and harbor cold-blooded killers on their way to blow up pizza joints and kill toddlers and babies, there would have been no need to go after this woman's lemon grove. But why dwell on that fact, when we can have critical thinking-free propaganda films against Israel?

Forget Hollywood's anti-Israel viewpoint in films. Hollywood has nothing on Israel's film industry. I await the day when I will actually see a pro-Israel--or even a balanced--film coming out of Israel.

But it's pretty likely that I'll be waiting forever. The Muslims don't need to make anti-Israel--and frankly, anti-Semitic--films. They have the Israeli Jewish left and its film industry doing it for them.

Neither Bin Laden nor Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad, Haniyeh, Abbas, Qaddafi, and the King Abdullahs need to open a studio. They already have several in Tel Aviv "Hollywood."

Posted by Debbie at 02:20 PM

April 09, 2009

Welcome to Palestinian "Fair Trade": Olive Oil Sold @ Whole Foods Funds Study @ Anti-Semitic, Pro-HAMAS Universities; Dr. Bronner's Soap, Too

By Debbie Schlussel

Not that I'm a big coffee drinker--I much prefer tea. But if you're like me, you're sick of hearing about "fair trade" coffee and other "fair trade" items.

Fair trade? Get real. The only "fair trade" is free trade. But "fair trade" is an attack on the the free market. I say, if you don't like the prices you get on the open market, tough. The term "fair trade" is just a phony euphemism to help parties who can't compete on the free market, sell their coffee beans and other items through the bullying and thuggish hippie tactics of political correctness. And it's far more expensive than coffee competitively traded on the open, free market.

Terrorist U: These Companies & Products Fund . . .




. . . Terrorist Re-Enactments Like These @ An-Najah University



An-Najah University Stages Re-enactments of Sbarro Pizza Homicide Bombing

The idea behind this is that some small farm coffee bean (and other crop) growers are disadvantaged by giant corporations and coffee traders, which sell mass quantities of crops, driving the prices down. Therefore, they essentially set up their own artificial "market"--in which they try to not be subject to the market--and get far higher, set prices and premiums (they call it "fair wages") for their more "morally grown and traded" beans.

Yup, it's communist coffee, basically. We've had this same concept in the past in America. It's called, "price supports." It doesn't work.

Frankly, when I hear a coffee is "fair trade," I try to stay away. Sadly, if you patronize places like Starbucks, you're held captive by this "fair trade" baloney. There is nothing "fair" about it. And you wonder why these places charge $5 a cup. You're paying extra for the "fair" in "fair trade."

Now, Palestinian pan-terrorists and are glomming on to the "fair trade" concept for their own propaganda and hate spreading purposes. Give them credit for chutzpah, though. Palestinians in terrorist hotbed Jenin--home to many homicide bomb belt assembly lines--have started this new thing called "Canaan Fair Trade," also known as the "Palestinian Fair Trade Association."

You see, the people who lived in Israel and around the area when the Jews were exiting slavery in Egypt were the Canaanites. They're extinct. They warred with the Jews, and they lost. And even though any historian with any credibility and any archeologist of any worth will acknowledge that the ancient Canaanites are long gone (as in, for centuries), some Palestinians claim they are the Canaanites. It's blatant propaganda and fodder for a good laugh, considering that Arabs were not anywhere near the area at that time. Not even close.

Now, Palestinians are pushing this myth again, along with the "fair trade" concept. Only, their "fair trade" is slightly different. You see, they want special treatment for growers who basically all support Islamic terrorists. And--this is key--they want special treatment in the marketplace against more competitive Israeli and Arab products. Welcome to "Canaan Fair Trade," products made by terrorism supporters in the shadow of the "evil Zionists." And for that, you should pay a premium.

Their biggest, newest product is Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oil. Its label re-asserts the myth of the Palestinians as Canaanites and also asserts that "Palestine" is a country. And proceeds from the sale of the olive oil funds scholarships for study at anti-Semitic, pro-HAMAS universities, including An-Najah in Nablus and the Arab American University in Jenin.

An Najah's student council is controlled by HAMAS, and it openly endorsed homicide bombings on Israeli civilians. The school staged a re-enactment of the blowing up of the Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem, as well as staged mock explosions of Israeli soldiers, to the laughing and cheering delight of students.

Sadly, Whole Foods markets are selling this pan-terrorist olive oil. If you are a patron of Whole Foods, you should ask the store why it is selling olive oil made by terrorism supporters, which funds study at anti-Semitic universities, and why Whole Foods is tacitly taking a political stand by featuring products with labels claiming Palestine is a country and that Canaan is there.

Whole Foods has already officially recognized "Palestine" on its Whole Story Whole Foods Blog, in which it features an article about how Dr. Bronner's Magical Soaps use Olive Oil from the Palestinian Fair Trade Association. (If you buy Dr. Bronner's products, you are also funding scholarships to anti-Semitic An-Najah U.) A Whole Foods customer commented on the blog:

Dolores Forge:

I love our local Whole Foods store, but especially now that I realize you stock merchandise that helps the Palestinians. I will be buying Dr Bronner products from now on, starting today.

December 16th, 2008 at 9:07 am

Also ask Whole Foods why it doesn't carry some of the many terrific brands of Olive Oil made in Israel by the "Canaan Fair Traders"' desired victims. (Again, Jenin is Fatah terrorist central.) I checked and didn't see any Israeli olive oil on the shelves. But there are so many great Israeli olive oils like Capernaum Vista Olive Farm Olive Oil (and miraculous olive oil soap--I've tried both the oil and the soap, and they are excellent), made in Israel's Golan Heights, Isroil Olive Oil, and Halutza Olive Oil, made in Israel's Negev Highlands.

I think it's hilarious that this oil, according to its website, has USDA "organic" certification. How does the USDA know? Did they actually send tax-funded officials to Jenin to see how the olives are grown and processed into oil? Don't bet on it.

Here's what the "Canaan Fair Trade" a/k/a "We support blowing up Jews" group is sending around America.

History has been made. Canaan olive oil is the first Palestinian product to be stocked nationally in food chains across the US and the UK, and Canaan is the world's first fair trade olive oil.

Canaan olive oil, under the ALTER ECO Fair Trade brand, is stocked in all 275 Whole Foods stores in the US. Our partner ALTER ECO sells both Nabali and Rumi oils under their own label as Mild and Robust extra virgin olive oils. Canaan, Palestine, is front and center on the label. The size is 375ml and the bottle is black.

This national rollout, if successful, will touch many lives in
Palestine [DS: And fund a lot more homicide belts and scholarships to institutes of hate]. Please help make the launch a success by looking for the Canaan olive oil in Whole Foods. Tell your friends how easy it is to pick up a bottle of Palestinian olive oil anywhere in the country now.

Co-op Supermarkets across the UK wanted to be the first major retailer to stock Canaan olive oil because they support ethical standards in trading as we do.

Canaan Fair Trade has brought the strength of the commercial market to the network of Palestinian cooperatives that is the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Canaan markets all the products of these cooperatives. By qualifying for fair trade and organic certification of our products by independent certifiers TransFair USA (FLO) and IMO of Switzerland, and by Canaan qualifying for membership in the Fair Trade Federation of North America, we gain the credibility to enter the commercial market.

We open the world to Palestinian farmers.

This is a much needed and entirely new audience of consumers for
Palestine and Palestinian products. They have not had adequate information about Palestine in the past. This is now changing. Thanks for all you do to support Palestinian farmers, and support this new national exposure.

And it's an opportunity to fund scholarships for the teaching of more anti-Semitic hate.

Fair Trade Olive Oil? More Like "Fair" Terrorism Snake Oil.

If you're against terrorism and anti-Semitic hate, don't buy Canaan Fair Trade olive oil or Dr. Bronner's products.

Or better yet, don't shop at Whole Foods.

Posted by Debbie at 04:35 PM

March 05, 2009

"Watchmen" Fanatic Derangement Syndrome: Disease of the Pretentious Slacker Ignorami; "Watchmen" Was Anti-Reagan Rant; "Not Marketed to Kids" on "American Idol"

By Debbie Schlussel

I guess I shouldn't be amazed at the number of slacker ignoramuses who are up in arms about my frank review cutting down the absolute crap they worship a/k/a "Watchmen", coming out in theaters late tonight. The e-mails they send me and the comments they make about how "deep," "edgy" and "profound" this vile piece of trash (which is none of these) is, reminds me of the blind statements of followers of Jim Jones. And we all know what happened after they drank he purple Kool-Aid. If only this movie could achieve that result, it would be the most fantastic exercise in natural selection ever conducted in America.

But sadly, there is no instant cure or sudden death for "Watchmen" Fanatic Derangement Syndrome. You can read some of the so infected and diseased in the comments section of my review. But I've received a ton of vile, obscene, and just plain stupid and obnoxious e-mails because I dared call this trash wrapped in the guise of a high brow graphic novel what it is: pure garbage.


Oh, and by the way, to all of you slacker Watchmen defenders and fanatics--who resemble the many respondents on "Jay Walking," yet are suddenly the self-appointed intellectual lights of our world--grisly is grisly, and gratuitous, graphic violence serves no positive or useful purpose in our society, even if you read it first in a comic book. You're a bunch of dummies with no moral compass, but liking this stupid comic book which pretends violence and the depraved is "edgy" or "sophisticated," makes you feel smart. When you're actually quite stupid. But now, with this movie, you've got pretentious stupidity. You don't realize you're still just as dumb, your IQ just as low and probably lower.

And, yes, you future citizens of "Idiocracy," it's a comic book. Quit your pretentious drivel about this being important because it's a "graphic novel." Memo to the creators of Richie Rich and Archie: You missed your calling. If only you'd called your product a "graphic novel" and added scenes of Archie raping Betty and Veronica and Jughead sawing off Reggie's Arms, you'd be in businesss. Dummies.

It's frankly hilarious to read the arrogance of the ignorami, telling me I don't have "cultural literacy" because I don't like a movie based on a comic book promoting rape, torture, and brutal killing. Here's a tip to you clueless wonders: You can't have culture literacy when there ain't culture. Just like I'd be wrong to call this a clash of civilizations, because then we would be wrongly assuming that there is civilization on your end.

While most of the e-mails are vile and stupid--and simultaneously so pretentious and self-important--it's obvious they'd be best saved for open poetry reading night at the local college coffeehouse. That's the only place where your fertilizer has willing consumers (and at at the box office on Friday, where I'm sure this crap will be a huge hit for you pretentious geeky slacker losers with no life and absolutely no sense of decency or class).

You keep writing me these deranged e-mails, which include statements about how I "don't understand the background" and that it was exactly the same in "the graphic novel." Get a clue: That I didn't first look at a comic book picture of a rape scene before seeing the same in a movie is a distinction without a difference. That you did, is a distinction with merit, i.e., that you're an idiot who spends valuable time and money on idiocy and depravity. You are what you eat.

And you are no better than the lumpenproletariat lowlifes at the Coliseum who orgasmically watched and cheered when Christians were forced to fight animals. You are no different, and you are essentially chomping at the bit to go see the modern-day version, tonight. With people like you populating America and dominating pop culture offerings, I have no doubt that soon enough we will return to the days of the barbaric live human versus beast shows. You salivate at the chance to watch barbarism tonight. That's who you are.

Why not just watch "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"? At least that was honest about what it is and didn't march under this ridiculous banner of being highbrow when it's really just crap.

Poor Hitler. If only he'd made Mein Kampf into a comic book instead of an actual written screed. Then, the ovens of Auschwitz and the human lampshades would be all the rage and cool of kitsch. Silly me, for not understanding that close-ups of sawing off someone's arms and dogs chowing down on a six-year-old girl are so much high culture because they were in a comic book first. Idiocy. And, oh, it's a disgusting comic book that TIME Magazine liked. Therefore, it must be the end all, be all. Tell it to Ariel Sharon, who knew something about the "truth" and "accuracy" of TIME. Oh, wait, I'm assuming something really big here: that you "Watchmen" ignoramuses actually know who Ariel Sharon is or what his deal was with TIME. And that would be truly clueless.

And to those imbeciles who claim--blindly--that this outrageous movie is not marketed to kids, pray tell who is the target audience of "American Idol" on which several trailers ran this week. Yup, "American Idol"--no way that's a kids show or that kids who see it won't want to go see this horrible movie. Only if they market it on Sesame Street are they marketing it to kids, right?

Not that if it weren't marketed to kids, that would make this crap smell any better.

Still, I've gotten many e-mails like these from parents, who attest that they thought this was a superhero movie and that their kids have been bombarded with the marketing for this grotesque movie:


I cannot recall how I got pointed to your review of Watchmen, but thank you for your review! Ever since the trailers came out my son, 15 1/2 wanted to see the movie. No he has not read the novel or comics, but something about this movie made me research it more. Let's just say I had a bad feeling. I greatly appreciate your detailed review of this movie. We are not going to see this movie and it became a great teaching point.


Uh-huh, not marketed to kids, right? His son just found out about the movie and wants to go see it . . . by accident?

While I'm not surprised to find out that many of those who've written their deranged, undue outrage that I deigned to tell the truth about this trash and insult their low-class cultural sensibilities (or rather non-sensibilities), voted for Barack Obama and are liberals, I am surprised that anyone would claim this is a conservative movie.

It was originally written--per the author's own declaration--as an attack on Ronald Reagan. Reader Christopher summarizes it in this letter:

Ms Schlussel,

First THANK YOU for the article on Watchmen.

I wanted to add that you are dead right on the slant of this movie. The writer's original intention as declared by him in a 1987 interview in The Comics Journal was for this have an anti-Reaganism theme. He feared directly attacking President Reagan because he figured it would make people not want to read.

I think this is absolutely a golden opportunity to hammer home the point that mass media influences matter. People are actively ignoring even the stated goal of the author himself for the sake of "a good time'... This is how we get the fouled up pop culture.

You have a better opportunity than I to present this side of the story to people so please consider looking into what I said here and decide if you think it's worth while to write more about.

Again thank you,


Bottom line: If you're a "Watchmen" fan, there's something sick about you. You're sick if you enjoy watching wanton rape, torture, and murder, no matter what the background for it is. I don't care if it first appeared in a warped comic book paraded with a high-brow euphemism for comic book.

I don't give a crap if it's meant to show that "the world is dark" and that "superheroes have problems and are everyday people, too," which have been among the insipid, vapid excuses I've received from empty-headed Watchmen fanatic who mindlessly repeat the phony talking points that make them feel smart.

Guess what? We know there are bad people and that people are everyday people with problems. If you don't know that, and you think a movie like this is necessary to make the point, you're even more warped and stupid than I originally diagnosed.

And maybe your sister should be fed to dogs and your mother raped and your brother should have his arms sawed off (as they do in this snuff/torture-porn movie). You know, just to make the point.

But we'll be sure to depict it in a comic book first, just to make it "high-brow." And get the money of the mindless "Watchmen" fandom sheeple.

Posted by Debbie at 12:23 PM

March 04, 2009

The "Watchmen" Lie: Hollywood Sends More Depravity Your Kids' Way Costumed as "Superhero" Flick

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE, 03/05/09: Watchmen Derangement Syndrome Takes Hold; Movie Continues to Be Marketed to Kids ****

If you take your kids to see "Watchmen," you're a moron.

If you see it yourself, you're also probably a moron and a vapid, indecent human being. The movie arrives in theaters at Midnight, Thursday Night. It's rated "R"--which should kinda sorta be a hint--but it really deserves an "NC-17," at the very least. And plenty of clueless parents brought their young kids and kept them there for the entire almost three hour "experience" at the screening I attended.

Yes, I know, it's being heavily marketed as a superhero movie, with action figures for your kids. But that--and the heroic-looking movie trailer--are a big, fat lie. And that's where real parenting comes in . . . like actually investigating the movie before you take or send your kids to see this garbage.

In fact, as a movie critic who sees most new releases, I haven't seen a more violent, depraved movie in years (not to mention a longer, more boring movie with a more preposterous and silly plot). This movie makes the graphic bloodshed of the recently released "Friday the 13th" look like "Cinderella."


This really isn't a superhero movie at all. In fact, there was little "superheroing" until after the second hour of this nearly three-hour exercise on defining deviancy down. Some on the right are claiming this is a conservative movie because it's made by some of the same people as "300" (read my review). But this is no "300." (And that wasn't for kids either, but this is far much less so.) A few lines of dialogue by the character "Rorschach" deriding "liberals and intellectuals" doesn't excuse the nearly three hours of poison here. In fact, the movie kind of has a peacenik-themed ending and "message" regarding nuclear weapons. If this move is "conservative," who the heck needs liberal?

There were so many disgusting, violent, morbid, grisly scenes and acts of killing, I had to start writing them down, lest I forget. And that's in addition to the rape scene between superheroes (complete with violent beating of a female superhero) and an explicit sex scene between two other superheroes. Oh, and don't forget another superhero's swinging computer-generated penis frequently in your face on-screen.

In just the opening credits of this mindless celluloid claptrap, there's a lesbian take-off on the famous photo of a woman kissing a sailor in Manhattan who is returning victorious from World War II. The lesbian make-out scene, featuring a "superhero," is bad enough. But then, we see cops looking over their naked, bloodied, dead bodies on a bed, with the words "LESBIAN WHORES," written in blood on the wall.

Mommy, mommy, what's a lesbian? What's a whore? And remember, this is just the opening credits.

The "plot" of this movie--if you can call it a plot--is that there were costumed superheroes in the '40s and beyond. They grew old, but some of them didn't. Then a new crop of costumed superheroes with special powers cropped up, some of whom were related to the older ones and some who still remained from the older group. But they all retired. Now, a superhero known as "The Comedian"--who is also a rapist and shot a Vietnamese woman who was pregnant with his kid (all of which we see depicted on-screen)--is murdered, and some of the superheroes, the "Watchmen," get back together to find out who did it.

At the same time, the Soviets are about to nuke America. It's 1985 and Nixon is President. We've won in Vietnam. Oh, and Henry Kissinger has a Russian accent. And Ronald Reagan is thinking of running for President in 1988. Wow, isn't that cool that they got it wrong on purpose? I'm so amazed at this "high-brow art" of deliberately getting dates and timelines wrong, you know, just to be "artistic," and get the drooling of the critics. That is sooooo genius. Like way totally cool.

Maybe if I make a movie about how Eisenhower was President in 1972, we "lost" World War II, and Bin Laden was gonna bomb the World Trade Center then, I'll be cool, too. . . so long as it's "dark" and I include a bunch of rape, torture, explicit sex scenes, and extremely graphic killings, and oh, write a "graphic novel" a/k/a comic book about it, first.

In the midst of this stupid story, we're treated to the following:

* Dogs fighting over, tearing apart, and eating a six-year-old girl--we're shown them chowing down on and tearing apart the remaining leg and leg bone, with the sock and shoe still on the bone as the dogs wrestle over it;

* A close up of man repeatedly getting an axe-blade driven through his skull while he's being butchered;

* At least two very graphic scenes of naked superhero "Dr. Manhattan" vaporizing people to just blood, limbs, and guts hanging from the ceiling or spread in the snow;

* Many scenes of Dr. Manhattan's computer generated penis swinging about;

* A kid biting a giant, bloody chunk of flesh out of another kid's face--he grows up to be "Rorschach," one of the superheroes' compatriots;

* A man's hands and arms being sawed off with an electric saw--we're shown the bloody stumps and the bloody sawed off limbs in close up shots;

* A man with vat of hot french fry oil deliberately thrown over his head--we literally see him fry, and he ultimately dies, we're told (no kidding);

* Many, many scenes of people's hands, arms, fingers being broken in half or crunched by the "superheroes";

* Cops being set on fire and burning to death by superhero compatriot "Rorschach;"

* Superhero "The Comedian" (a bad Robert Downey, Jr. look-alike) brutally beating and raping another superhero--tis movie concludes that the rape was a good thing b/c the slutty superhero had a slutty superhero daughter from him;

* Superhero "The Comedian" shooting and killing a Vietnamese woman because she's pregnant with his kid;

* Superhero "The Comedian" being thrown off a roof of a tall building--we see his body hit the ground and the blood flow out;

* Two superheroes have an explicit sex scene in a spaceship--she's on top, then he's on top, awesome--you can teach your young kids multiple sexual positions before they even reach puberty, by taking them to see this (there's a less explicit sex scene between the slutty superheroine and another superhero not long before that).

And these are just the highlights, plus superheroes hurling obscenities--great for the kiddies. There's so much more--along with horrible make-up, bad acting, and terrible computer generated images (including the penis). Not to mention, a bad, extremely slow, and boring script.

Yup, this is the garbage that Rupert Murdoch's Fox and Warner Brothers and Paramount are marketing toward your kids. All of these studios have a piece in this movie. And even thought the budget was just $100 to $125 million, because of a long legal battler between WB and Fox, the legal fees and pay-out make it such that they must recoup at least $200 or 300 million and make a profit. To do so, they are pimping the movie to all niches, especially your young kids.

But just because shameless whores and crack dealers of Hollywood deal this stuff out, doesn't mean you have to buy it and poison your kids' minds with it.

Remember the morons I told you about who took their kids to see the latest "Friday the 13th," last month? Well, they were back with their kids at a Monday Night screening of this horribly depraved, whacked out movie.

Remember the White single mother who told me her ten-year-old son could see it because "he knows it's not real and he knows the difference between right and wrong"? Well, she was back with her ten-year-old, and they waited in line for at least two hours with their free pass to get in to this screening, I'm told. I saw them walking out at the end.

Her son is going to grow up to be messed up. Don't do the same to your kid.

And do yourself a favor, too. Save the ten bucks and the three hours of your life you'll never get back. And the nightmares of some guy's bloody, sawed-off arms and hands still clinging to the doors of a jail cell.

I don't just worry that this is the new superhero movie being marketed to your kids today. I worry about the ones that will be even more depraved a decade from now.

G-d help this country (minus Hollywood).


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March 03, 2009

Bush Was No Different: Barack & Europe's Zillions for Gaza v. Zilch for Nations Who Threw Off Communism

By Debbie Schlussel

For a couple of weeks, I've been getting e-mails from readers and others upset over the $900 million Barack Obama is giving the Palestinians, with correspondents asking me why I haven't written in protest about it.

To those readers and e-mailers I ask, where were you for the billions we gave them under Bush and Condi Clueless? This isn't new. It's more of the same. To be fair, many readers in the later Bush years (after two elections in which they voted for the guy and told me how great he was, but wasn't) did finally realize that on this issue the Republicans in the White House weren't different than the Democrats. But I notice that the cries and protests are louder now.

To those, I ask, "why"? Why was it okay to prop these people up for the last eight years? These barbarians, these savages. Why was it okay for Bush to hold Israel back from responding to the homicide bombings of 2001, while he sucked up to the Muslim compatriots here? Why was Israel pressured into giving up Gaza and many portions of Judea and Samaria? And where were your protests when Saint Sarahmessiah praised this baloney at the debate with Joe Biden? Did you hold her feet to the fire? No. Many of you blindly cheered her on and want her to become President.

Gazillions for Them: Hillary/Barack Continue the Condi/Bush Trend

And as long as you continue to do this, why do you ask more of the Democrats--ask from the Democrats that which you simply haven't demanded from the Republicans? That's one of the things I admire about American Muslims and liberals: they demand everything and whine and cajole whether it's their guy in power or "our" guy. On our side of things, we often, instead, say, "Our guy, right or wrong." I got a lot of this on Bush post-9/11, when I asked why we were in an "anti-terrorism" coalition with Sudan.

For daring to ask this, I had ignoramus Salem radio talk show host Mike Gallagher speak all day long on his show about how I'm a Jew and how I should be strapped to a missile into Afghanistan. For daring to ask this, Gallagher question my patriotism and that of my parents, whom he also stressed are Jews. Our patriotism? Mike Gallagher, who's never done anything for this country but sit at a desk, eat, and talk through a microphone, versus my dad who was drafted and served during Vietnam and for several years in the U.S. military. Right after 9/11, this Gallagher cretin urged on his website for listeners to send me death threats. And with his show-long discussions of how I'm a Jew and how I should die, I got e-mails with the same anti-Semitic death threats.

That passed, and people woke up to the real Bush, eventually, though they didn't do much to demand change from him on this issue.

For daring to ask and to criticize those on "our" side, I've now come under fire yet again with vile attacks, many of them obscene and anti-Semitic from the Sarahmessiah crowd. The same people are the ones who now ask why Obama is sending nearly $1 billion, when they didn't ask so loudly or, many of them, even at all, for the last eight years, as George W. and Condi Clueless sent several billion and brought us to this point. They had eight years and they blew it. And now they've set the standard for Barack and Hillary to continue the downward spiralling course of amputating Israel and funding the cancer being amputated. You simply can't expect from Obama that which you didn't expect from Bush (and could have gotten, had you been as vocal with "your guy").

Like George W-messiah worship passed, so too will this. But still, you must demand the same on aid to Gaza from ALL Presidents, as in "Don't send it." We gave gazillions to rebuild Gaza, and Hezbollah-conrolled South Lebanon--post-Hezbollah war, and to UNRWA . . . all under Bush, to the silence of most alleged conservatives. Do you recall the Bush corporations set up with hundreds of millions to bail out Palestinian mortgages and to help Palestinians start businesses? I complained about them here. Conservatives did . . . nothing.

Remember, Hillary and Barack didn't invent the conferences to raise money for the Palestinians and other uncivilized Muslims. That was a trend started by Condi Clueless and the even more clueless George W. We could have protested louder to stop the trend then. Now, it's too late. We are howling at the wind, a wind who campaigned on doing this and is now doing it.

And then there are the Eastern European nations who either fought or finally threw off the yoke of Communism. They are essentially our allies in the cold war and countries we should help now to avoid them being taken over by Islamic extremism (while we don't try so hard to avoid the same, ourselves).

But instead, they are getting no money, while the Republicastan of Gaza and the related fiefdom of Munich Massacrestan, headed by Mahmoud Abbas in the Palestinian Authority, are getting $5.2 billion, far more than the $2.8 billion the Great Palestinian Unwashed sought.

The contrast is stark. As the Wall Street Journal reported yeseterday, European Union leaders rejected a call by Hungary to bailout the Eastern Europe Bloc.

But Angie Merkel and her fellow Eurotrash are joining Barack and Hillary in donating gazillions to barbarians nowhere near their borders.

And that's the bottom line:

Throw off the yoke of Communism and become Westernized, zero bucks.

Throw off respective HAMAS and Fatah rivals off buildings and kill Jews and Westerners, priceless.

But we'll give you $5.2 billion--including $900 million from the Bush/Condi-primed and Barack/Hillary-ready Americans--as a start.

Reward our enemies, screw our friends. Not the kind of thinking Machievelli was exactly rooting for.

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February 20, 2009

"Waltz With Bashir": Anti-Israel Propaganda Made by Israelis; Shame on Oscar

By Debbie Schlussel


At Sunday's Academy Awards, "Waltz With Bashir" is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

And while the foreign language it is in is Hebrew, it might as well be in Arabic or Farsi. That's because while neither Ahmadinejad nor the Muslim world could possibly make something more anti-Israel . . . and, frankly, anti-Semitic, they'll simply love this movie. And that's why I'm betting on it to win the Oscar. It's high quality Bin Laden cinema.

Since we already have an annoying actress cleaning up in the movie awards biz for playing a semi-pornographic, hot SS guard as the good guy (Kate Winslet in "The Reader"--read my review) for sending Jews to the ovens, while the two Jewish Holocaust survivors who testified against her are the insensitive bitches of the movie, why not round out the Nazi anti-Semitism with a little anti-Israel anti-Semitism to keep up with the times?


This movie and "The Reader" would make for a great double feature at the next SS/Gestapo reunion.

And it's no surprise that "Waltz With Bashir" is made by Israelis--in particular, director Ari Folman doing his best Leni Riefenstahl. Goebbels would be proud. As I've often noted on this site, the Israeli left and the Israeli movie industry make our left and our Hollywood look like centrists and moderates.

I saw in this animated piece of garbage virtually every canard that HAMAS, Hezbollah, and Israel's enemies around the world have hurled.

Jews as Nazis . . . Check.

Arabs killing Arabs, but it's the Jews' fault . . . Check.

Jews as murderers of "innocent" Muslims . . . Check.

Terrorist Muslims as innocent victims of the Jews . . . Check.

Jews as the Michael Vicks of the Middle East, killing dogs and Arabian horses . . . Check.

Israelis as porn and sex addicts . . . Check.

Israelis as drug addict slackers . . . Check (well, that part is true about the Israeli left, like the scum that made this movie).

Check, Check, Check, Check, Check.

The only thing missing from this vile celluloid exercise in the sickening are the traditional blood libels of Jews cooking Arabs and using their blood in pastries. The Israeli filmmakers--nice guys that they are--want to leave at least something as the exclusive domain of the Arab world and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The movie follows Folman, the director of this film, a middle-aged former Israeli soldier who served in Lebanon during the Israeli invasion in the early 1980s. Let's not forget what Folman goes to great lengths to omit from this movie: Israel entered Lebanon in the early 1980s at the invitation of the majority of the Lebanese people --both Shi'ite Muslims (the same ones who now support Hezbollah) and Maronite Christians. As I've written, most of the Lebanese people welcomed the Israelis as heroes for liberating them from Yasser Arafat and his P.L.O., who took over their houses, raped their daughters, and murdered their sons. No less than David K. Shipler, the New York Times' anti-Israel then-correspondent detailed this, and I've summarized much of it on this site, as well as given other examples from my own knowledge and research over the years.

There's a reason that much of Lebanon was known as "Fatahland" at the time. None of that exists in the vacuum of this lie-filled movie.

At the beginning of the movie, a friend and Folman are at a bar. The friend says he has nightmares about 26 dogs trying to kill him. These are the 26 dogs he shot as Israel invaded South Lebanon. The killings were necessary because the dogs would bark and alert wanted Palestinian terrorists that the Israelis were coming to capture them.

But since this is an anti-war, anti-Israel movie, the Israelis are as bad as Michael Vick. Because shooting dogs to save people from Islamic terrorists is just a vile thing to do . . . according to PETA and these Israeli self-hating filmmakers who produced this trash.

While his friend tells of his guilt over the dogs, Folman tells him he can't remember a thing about his service in Lebanon. It's "not in his system," he says. Of course, those inhuman Israelis--it's just not in their system to care about--or even remember--war.

Folman seeks out his former unit members from his time in Lebanon to remind him what happened there. The whole rest of the movie is spent rehashing and blaming Israel for the events at Sabra and Shatila--Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, where Maronite Christian Phalangist soldiers killed Palestinians, some of them terrorists (but they don't want you to know that in this movie). What Ari Folman also doesn't want you to know is that these camps were not only the subterfuges for Yasser Arafat's P.L.O., but they were the breeding and training grounds--much as all Palestinian refugee camps remain today--for Islamic terrorists.

Frankly, while--unlike the message of this movie--the Israelis (the movie also singles out Ariel Sharon and Menachem Begin, in addition to soldiers and commanders) have no blame in the Sabra and Shatila massacre, I can't blame the Phalangists for slaughtering the Palestinians there. What would you do if Sunni Muslim terrorists under the leadership of Arafat ravaged your country, took over your homes, raped your wives and daughters, and executed your sons before your eyes? Would you look the other way? Or would you seek the only justice available in the Middle East?

But the movie only shows us one group of people taking over Lebanese homes . . . Israeli soldiers. And it shows them watching vile, obscene porn, lounging in their bathtubs, and drinking their alcohol. Uh, thanks, Ari Folman, but you have the wrong ethnicity. Not that a minor detail such as that would get in your way of vilifying Israel and the Jews.

And you wouldn't know that it was the Phalangists--and not Israelis--who "massacred" these terrorist-monger Palestinians, unless you sit through the entire movie. It implies the Israelis did it, until the last third of the movie. You know, they wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression--i.e., that Israelis didn't massacre anyone, but that their Arab brethren who were forced to live with them were driven to it.

On the subject of the Phalangists, the movie is named for their dead leader, Bashir Gemayel--a charismatic, pro-Israel leader who was about to recognize Israel and, for the first time ever, create real peace in the Israeli-Lebanese relationship. Sadly, he was assassinated by the Syrians, shortly after becoming Lebanon's leader, for that very reason.

But instead of wishing he had taken over, director Ari Folman vilifies the dead Gemayel. The people in his movie describe the Phalangists' admiration of him as homo-erotic, a claim he'd never dare make about the real homo-erotic admiration actually going on in Lebanon . . . for Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

Unlike Mr. Folman, the dead Bashir Gemayel's family (excluding his Syrian-allied brother Amin Gemayel) continues to sacrifice its family members even in recent times, as victims for trying to free Lebanon from the puppets of foreign Islamic rule based in Iran and Syria.

And Folman does exactly what we've seen from the supporters of HAMAS and Hezbollah. In a 1.5 hour movie, I counted at least three comparisons of Israeli soldiers to Nazis and the situation to the Holocaust--that's one per half hour. They were called "Nazis." And their entrance into and activities in Lebanon were called both "Auschwitz," and the "Warsaw Ghetto." So let's compare: Innocent Jews rounded up and cooked in ovens versus Palestinians who raped, tortured and murdered the people versus Lebanon getting a tiny deserved taste of their own medicine. Hmmm ... sounds exactly the same to me. How' bout you?

In addition to being Nazis, cruel dog-killers, porn addicts, and home invaders, we're told that Israeli soldiers killed an entire field of Arabian horses. "The horses never did anything to anyone. They didn't deserve to die," Folman tells us.

Yup, that's what you want to do when you go to war against Palestinian terrorists who are shooting down on your country and using the country to your north as a base of attack: Worry about guard dogs who protect them . . . and Arabian horses who might get in the way of bombings and gunshots. The PETA plan of attack--I'm sure it works wonders . . . in the cartoon land of the vegetarians and Ari Folman.

We are also shown scenes of Israeli soldiers landing on a Lebanese beach and shooting up a car carrying a family, just for the heck of it. Oh, and then there's that porn again. We are constantly shown scenes of naked Israeli soldiers, with full-frontal penile nudity on the water off the coast of Lebanon, and full-frontal naked women who are the fantasies of pot-smoking Israeli soldiers. And then there are the scenes of Folman and one of his former unit-mates in Holland smoking pot.

Perhaps Mr. Folman should have stuck to pot-smoking instead of filmmaking, because clearly his vision of what really happened in Lebanon is drug-addled.

The only part of this movie that isn't animated is the end, during which the audience is treated to gruesome footage of Palestinians' bodies at Sabra and Shatila and piercing screaming of crying Palestinian women. Hmmm . . . too afraid to show us the crying and screaming and far more gruesome pictures of what the Palestinians living in those camps did to Lebanese Shi'ites and Christians all over the country?

Yeah, why give the complete picture when the goal is to destroy Israel from within? It was a civil war between Christians trying to save their once civilized and beautiful country and Muslims trying to savage it and wrest control. Israel had far less business interfering in this alleged "massacre" of its enemy by its ally than it did interfering--which Israel did not--in the many, far larger Palestinian massacres of Lebanese Christians and Shi'ites.

As I left the theater, a noblesse oblige ignoramus-ette said to me, "Oh, the inhumanity of those Israelis and Jews."

To her, I said,

Lady, if you had a clue, you'd know that the Lebanese people were raped and murdered by these Palestinians, that they welcomed the Israelis in to rescue them. Too bad they didn't bother to show you that in this propaganda film.

Oh the inhumanity of those Israelis and Jews that they didn't let the Maronites finish the job.

Look for Oscar gold, Sunday Night, for the new Goebbels-esque filmmaker, Ari Folman and his "Waltz with Bashir."



READ "When Shi'ites Welcomed Israel Into Lebanon: P.L.O. Mass Murder, Torture & Rape in 'Fatah-land.'"

**** UPDATE, 2/22/09: Fortunately, "Waltz with Bashir" did not win the Oscar. Glad to be wrong in this case. ****

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February 16, 2009

Tennis v. The Jews: No Tears Over Israeli Tennis Star's Lack Of Golden Tix to Islamic Minstrel Show

By Debbie Schlussel

A number of readers, knowing I've followed the pandering tennis career of Israeli Jewish tennis player Shahar Pe'er (also spelled without the apostrophe, as "Shahar Peer"), have written me about Dubai's decision to deny this woman a visa to play in the Dubai Tennis Championship.

But I don't shed any tears for Shahar Pe'er, for a number of reasons.

First of all, Dubai and the rest of the United Emirates have, for decades, refused entry to Jews with Israeli passports and anyone (who isn't a Muslim) with an Israeli stamp on his/her passport.

Shahar Pe'er: Jewish Minstrel Show Participant @ Qatar Open
Tennis Judenrein Continues

That the Women's Tennis Association (WTA)--now, apparently, the Eva Brauns of the court--and that Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) subscribe to this tennis apartheid--which I've decried on this site for a number of years--is an outrage in and of itself. The WTA refused to host and/or sanction tennis tournaments in South Africa for many years, in opposition to apartheid. Why haven't they done the same thing in Dubai? They (WTA officials) know the visa policy there, and they don't care. This isn't the first time Pe'er couldn't play in the Dubai. And now, suddenly, the tennis world is shocked--shocked!--that the policy it endorsed (overlooking Dubai's bigoted Israeli boycott) is suddenly blowing up in its face.

It's happened before, and I've written about it. And where are all the tennis pros who decry anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel boycott? Where are they, and why isn't a single tennis pro speaking out and/or refusing to play? Judenrein in the tennis world is very acceptable.

But then there's the fact that Ms. Pe'er played in the Qatar Open. Had she gotten a visa to play in the Dubai tournament, it would be the same thing: An Islamic Minstrel Show. "Look at the little Jew we allowed to play here, so we'd look good to the world, while we continue to boycott all of her Jewish countrymen." Whether or not these Gulf States grant visas to these Jewish Israeli tennis players makes no difference because it is just for show, since they won't let any other Jews from Israel in. Until that changes, nothing has changed.

And then, there's Ms. Pe'er. As I've noted before, she's a willing minstrel in the Islamic minstrel show. Her doubles partner, Indian Muslim Sana Mirza, dumped her from a match in her native India because she didn't want to upset Muslims that she was playing with a Jew. And Pe'er took it. She continues to befriend and play doubles with this person. Like I said, Judenrein is acceptable . . . even to Israeli Jewish tennis players.

Pe'er also didn't have a problem playing in the Qatar Open, even though she knew she was a Jewish minstrel, on display for Qatar's Olympic bid, and even though her fellow Jewish countrymen aren't allowed in. Qatar put pictures of Pe'er in its native dress in USA Today and every other willing media outlet. Look at the Jew. We allowed her to set foot on our soil for our Olympic bid.

And there are other ways this tennis kapo displayed that she's not a proud Jew or a proud Israeli. When Pe'er recently played a tournament in New Zealand, she declined to defend Israel's defense against HAMAS. (At least she joined the Israeli Army, as is required of all Israelis, but she received "outstanding athlete status," so she basically played tennis instead of serving and got away with it.)

And now? Shahar Pe'er remains silent, not a word to raise the ire of the world that she dare protest the "no Jewish Israelis" policy of this shameless country that aided and abetted the 9/11 hijackers and continued to recognize the Taliban through December of 2001.

This Pe'er woman is a selfish slave to her career. She has no allegiance to her country or her people.

And that's why I cry no tears over Shahar Pe'er. She continues to make a lot of money in sponsorships and prize money as 48th in the world. And she puts up with the anti-Semitic policies of tennis tournaments her organization sanctions, never once embarrassing the tennis world into doing the right thing. Instead, she consistently enables jihadists for the sake of a tennis paycheck.

No tears over Dubai's decision to deny spoiled brat diva Shahar Pe'er a Golden Ticket to the Islamic minstrel show.

It's no shanda [Yiddish for embarrassment, scandal, shame] that there will be no Shahar in Dubai.

The scandal is that everyone just noticed they boycott Israel.

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February 13, 2009

On Valentine's Day a/k/a "Doghouse Risk Avoidance Day": Big Day for Catchin' Cheaters; White Castle Candlelight Dinners

By Debbie Schlussel

Sadly, I can't do what I really wish I could tomorrow, on Valentine's Day.

You see, I know--as hopefully you do--that it's a forced day. By forced, I mean that most men aren't buying women chocolates or flowers for their wives or girlfriends or taking them out to dinner because they want to. It's because they have to. It's an obligation, period. Not an expression of love. Don't fool yourself into naive notions otherwise.

So what did I want to do? Well, last year, Valentine's Day a/k/a "Doghouse Risk Avoidance Day" fell on a weekday, on a workday. I happened to be at a CVS near my home between 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. I laughed as I watched the steady march of a crowd of men on their way home from work, trudging through CVS--without happy looks on their faces--looking for cards and chocolate or other candy. None of 'em looked like they wanted to do it. But if they didn't, they'd be in the doghouse with their women. This was their last chance, the last outpost before a trip to man's best friend's humble, dark, cold abode.


Is that really what women want? A forced expression of obligation? Well, if you like Valentine's Day, that's basically what you're getting. There's nothing wrong with romance. But, for the most part, for men, Valentine's Day is an obligation, not romance.

And aside from that, love is not about buying chocolates and a card because Hallmark and Hershey told you, too. What these guys were doing all day long before they got to CVS--struggling to make a living, put food on the table, and, likely, to support a family--is the real love they show every day of the year. Any woman who puts any one of them in the doghouse despite all of that--because he didn't buy chocolate or a card on top of it--well, she's missing what's really happening. (And if the wife is the one earning the living, well, that's a whole different column on another serious problem--Mr. Moms; sorry, Todd Palin.)

I wanted to videotape the "Last March of the Doghouse Avoiders." At the time, I asked some of these men if they were doing this because they wanted to. "Are you kiddin' me?!" was the basic response. I laughed and told some of them: "Well, you just avoided the doghouse." They agreed. And they weren't laughing with me.

But this year, there's no steady, simultaneous rush of men after work buying candy at CVS as a last chance at ransom for a night of peace at home. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, there won't be one crush of ransom marches. And since it's the Jewish Sabbath, I can't videotape it anyway.

Ah, well. . . there's always next year.

I'm not saying that there are no men who are buying the cards and the chocolates and/or springing for dinner out because they want to and because they love their wives, girlfriends, and/or mistresses. I'm just saying most are doing this out of obligation only. The ones who would do this of their own volition, well, they don't need a special day and greeting card companies and pop culture hype to dictate to them to do it on this particular day.

And they aren't suddenly rushing the local CVS in unison on only one day a year.

Not that I'm opposed to Valentine's Day. It's great for the economy. This feeling of obligation spurs a spike in spending just a month and a half after the Christmas buying season, which is much needed especially now when consumer spending is significantly down and leading to an endless cycle of job-cuts, store-closings, and even less spending. Though, this year, Valentine's Day-related spending will be down, by $20 on average, according to some estimates. (And much of the candy bought for this manufactured "holiday" is now produced in jobs that U.S. candy makers took away from Americans and shipped to Mexico.)

But, let's be clear--the spending on Valentine's Day is done mostly by men. Every year, they do studies, and every year, men outspend women on Valentine's day by an average of something like $20.00.

Spending is down, too, on what has also become the biggest cheating and catch-a-cheater days of the year:

Flowers and chocolate aren't the only big sellers for Valentine's Day. There's also spyware.

The use of tracking devices and hiring of private investigators surge around this holiday - an opportune time to catch a cheating spouse.

"If there's anything going on, a spouse will more than likely make contact with a lover on Valentine's Day, the day before or the day after," says Ruth Houston, author of the book, Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs.

Private investigators agree. "Valentine's Day is a day of lovers, and sometimes the lover is not a spouse," says Jimmie Mesis, editor of PI magazine. That's why, he says, investigators are often busy this time of year.

Mesis says suspicious spouses are also turning to spyware, which costs less than a detective.

"They do their own CSI work," he says.

His website's sales of GPS trackers are more than 20% higher in the three weeks before Valentine's Day than at other times of the year.

Sales of spyware to track spouses - his customer service representatives talk with buyers about how they'll use the items - were 141% higher in the past four weeks than the monthly average for the preceding six months, says Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security.

Such devices, retailing for $50 to $400, include cameras hidden in alarm clocks, light scanners to detect evidence of sexual activity and devices to monitor e-mail.

Morris says he expected more people to stay home with their spouses in a weak economy, but sales suggest otherwise. "Apparently," he says, "money troubles don't stop the philandering."

The dismal economy is making it more difficult, though, for people to afford a private investigator.

David Hill, an investigator in Tuscaloosa, Ala., says he has had lots of inquiries in recent weeks, but often callers cannot afford his $1,500 retainer.

This Valentine's Day is one of the few in the past two decades that has not triggered a surge in clients, says Kelly Riddle, owner of Kelmar & Associates in San Antonio, a firm of 39 private investigators.

And then, there's my favorite completely cheesy Valentine's day promotion. Since I keep kosher, I've never eaten one of these burgers/sliders, and if I didn't (keep kosher), I don't think I would (eat one). Still, I give this company credit for chutzpah and kitsch in marketing. It's got a certain kind of low-budget charm and humor to it.

White Castle restaurants will offer reserved candlelight dining on Saturday, February 14 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you crave the steam grilled goodness of White Castle then you've found the perfect dinner destination to share with your favorite Valentine.

Not only can cravers dine with candlelight, the tables will be adorned with flowers and decorations. Customers will be presented with a special menu and will receive table side service.

"This is the fourth year we have offered reserved seating for Valentine's Day dinners. It was a huge hit last year and the year before - it always puts a smile on everyone's face. We're really looking forward to hearing more White Castle stories from our customers that evening. It seems that so many of our loyal customers either met in a White Castle or have a fond childhood memory that continues to bring them back into the restaurants time and time again," said Bob Harrison, Regional Director of Restaurant Operations in Detroit.

Reservations are filling up quickly and can still be made by calling [your local White Castle].

In the past, White Castle has also offered promotional photos to couples who took part in this Valetine's Day offering (though not this year).

Check here to find out if your White Caste is a "Love Castle."

Just hope that Harold and Kumar aren't within driving distance. Nor a doghouse.

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February 10, 2009

The End of Parenting: The Complete Morons Who Take Their Kids to "Friday the 13th"

By Debbie Schlussel

Tonight, I concluded that the decline of America is increasing with rapidity and escalation far worse than I've earlier diagnosed.

I just returned from a special critics and promotional screening of the latest installment of the "Friday The 13th" movie franchise. This latest one bears the same name as the 1980 original--simply, "Friday the 13th." And I watched parents voluntarily subject their very young children to graphic, bloody violence, from which many parents in the Third World only wish they could shield their kids.

Al-Qaeda murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11. That was an outrage. But thousands more American parents--who are merely sperm, egg, and womb donors--are doing to this country what Al-Qaeda could never do. These American parents have voluntarily turned their kids' minds to mush--kids who will still be around, who will "grow up," and who will continue to add to America's decline.

Does This Look Like It's for Babies & 10-Year-Olds?

In the past, I've complained on this site about selfish parents who take their babies to the movies, so we hear them crying instead of the movie. And I've lamented that irresponsible parents take their very young kids to violent, graphic, sex-laden, R-rated movies like this one. This latest "Friday the 13th," should have been rated NC-17 and, a few years ago, it would have been. But Hollywood is desperate to keep teens coming to these flicks and manages to get the ratings standards relaxed.

But while I blame Hollywood for creating ever trashier garbage, I blame these pseudo-parents far more.

Tonight, I saw ever more extreme examples of this--of the morons who are "raising" America's next generation.

"Friday The 13th" is what you'd expect--except that it's more graphic, bloody, and violent than ever. Posters and passes to the free screening of this movie say, "FROM THE PRODUCERS OF THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE." (There are more graphic beheadings in this movie than a dozen Al-Qaeda videos.) It also is more replete with topless, heavily-implanted women, sexual language and content, and a prolonged, very explicit sex scene.

It's NOT for kids. But fewer and fewer parents in America seem to care anymore.

Tonight, I saw--or rather, heard--at least two crying babies at the "Friday the 13th" showing. And I saw at least two parents with VERY young, impressionable kids. It was one of those times I wish I had a video camera with me. I spoke with each of these parents I saw.

First, the babies. I understand that it's "Friday The 13th." It's no masterpiece. More like the anti-masterpiece. I expected lots of laughter at supposedly scary points in the movie and lots of talking back to the screen.

But I didn't expect surround-sound baby. Two single parents--a baby mama and a baby daddy--brought their babies to the movie. They didn't think: Hmmm . . . I don't wanna or can't afford to spring for a baby sitter. So, the right thing to do would be to be a good parent and a good citizen and stay home with my kid.

Nope, they thought: I wanna see a free movie, and damn it if I have this inconvenient product of my slutty single sex life get in the way. I'm gonna go see that movie, not matter what. And I don't give a crap if the rest of the people in the theater can't enjoy the movie when my baby predictably cries or makes noises.

That was selfish enough. But, then, as you'd predict, their babies repeatedly cried, cooed, and screamed during the entire movie. Not once did they get up and leave the theater. No, that would ruin their movie-viewing experience. Who gives a crap about the rest of the people in the theater?

I asked both of the parents of these babies why they brought their crying babies to the movies. Both happened to be Black, but don't you worry that this is a race thing, because I'll get to the two moronic single White mothers who brought their young kids later on in this column.

First, there was a single Black mother with her baby. I shouted to her, "Why did you bring a baby to "Friday the 13th?" "Shut up, bitch," was the response. To another film critic's questions, she and her friends said, "Mind ya own damn bid'ness." Um, well, we would, if we wouldn't have to hear the result of your bid'ness throughout the movie, sister.

Then, there was the single Black father and his aging mother with a baby. I'd bet money his mother is raising this grandkid. They were parked next to me, and after the movie, I asked, "Why was it necessary for you to bring your baby to 'Friday the 13th'? Don't you think that's rude and irresponsible?"

His response: "He say he wanna get scared."

Me: "Huh? How old is this kid? Can he even talk?"

Baby Daddy: "He one-year-old."

Me: "A one-year-old can understand what's going on in 'Friday the 13th'? Come on . . . ."

Baby Daddy: "You'd be surprised."

Me, getting into my car: "Well, that's very irresponsible parenting and very rude to the rest of us who heard his crying."

Then, there are the two White, single mothers with their kids, who looked to be between the ages of 8 and 11.

White Single Mother #1 took two young daughters to see this disgustingly violent, explicitly sexual movie. I asked her youngest daughter how old she was. She looked at me and her mother like even she knew she wasn't old enough to be there.

White Single Mother (WSM) #1: "She's eleven."

Me: "Why would you take an eleven-year-old girl to see this movie?"

WSM #1: "Well, if I would have known it would be like this . . . ."

Me: "If you would have known?! Lady, it's 'Friday the 13th.'"

And it's R-rated. WSM #1 threw her hands up and smiled because she knew quite well what the content of "Friday the 13th." It's not like there haven't been a gazillion sequels to and incarnations of this movie over the last three decades (the first was in 1980).

Me: "Great parenting. You're a moron."

White Single Mother #2 had a teeny, tiny, young boy with her. I asked the boy how old he is. He, too, had the same look of guilt as White Single Mother #1's daughter. He knew he shouldn't be at this movie.

White Single Mother (WSM) #2: "He's ten."

Me: "Why are you taking a ten-year-old to see such a graphic, violent movie?"

WSM #2: "It's only a movie. And, yeah, I know it's violent and stuff, but he knows right from wrong. And ya know, it's only a movie and stuff."

Me: "Huh? That's Bullsh-t. He's only ten and you're taking him to a movie where people are hacked to death, burned alive, and otherwise killed in morbid, grisly ways?"

WSM #2: "I can't believe you just cussed in front of my son."

Me: "Why does that suddenly bother you, since you just dragged your ten-year-old son to a movie at eleven o-clock at night, in which they're swearing throughout the entire movie? [Every other word is sh-t, f-ck, the p-word, etc.] You're completely irresponsible."

WSM #2: "Well, that's not real. Mind your own business."

You know what? I wish Americans could mind their own business. I wish that we didn't have so many morons, so many irresponsible people raising kids in America. But that is my business, and it's yours, too. Because how they raise--or rather, don't raise--their kids is going to affect us and future generations of this country. "Deep Throat" is "just a movie," too. I wonder why this woman isn't also showing that to her 10-year-old. Or maybe she is.

Trust me--this isn't the first time White Single Mothers #1 and #2 are subjecting their kids to these kinds of movies, violence, and sex, because they, themselves, can't pass up a free movie ticket. If they have no problem with this, odds are that they have no problem with a lot of other objectionable things that come up in raising their kids. And the same goes for Black Single Mom and Father. They'll do the same. These so-called parents have no sense, no basic standard of what it means to be responsible, to raise your child with the tools to be good people and use common sense. It's, frankly, indecent. And sickeningly selfish.

And this is one of the reasons I'm not optimistic about America's future.

When I was a kid, my parents investigated the movies I saw BEFORE I saw them. They didn't let me see the movies I was too young to see. They didn't view parenting as a passive, go-through-the-motions avocation. It was their very serious vocation. (And they taught me to be a polite citizen--not to consider a movie theater my own personal living room, in which I can answer my cell phone, bring a crying baby, provide John Madden-style endless play-by-play color commentary of the obvious regarding what's happening on-screen, or otherwise disturb everyone else repeatedly.)

At first, my father wouldn't let me see "Star Wars," because he heard there were monsters and scary-looking people in it. I was seven or eight at the time and begged him to see it. He saw it on his own first to check it out and loved it, realizing that his concerns were not borne out. He couldn't wait to take us. But I'm glad--and lucky--that I had a parent who cared enough to be concerned in the first place.

When I was in high school, my dad wouldn't let me see "Risky Business" because it glorified prostitution and pimping (as a way to get into the college of your choice). But compared to the new "Friday the 13th," "Risky Business" is nothing.

Sorry, but parents who take their ten-year-olds to see "Friday the 13th" shouldn't have kids. It's child abuse of a more insidious kind.

These were just four irresponsible parents--all single parents, too. But I've seen other parents take their young kids to violent, risque movies. And there are, sadly, tens of thousands--probably hundreds of thousands and even millions--of American parents just like them who just don't give a damn.

They don't give a damn about the rest of the people in the theater. And, even worse, they don't care a whit about their own children.

And when people don't care enough about their own kids, who and what will they care about?

Certainly not the rest of their country. The stuff to which you subject your children is the stuff that they will be.

Garbage in, garbage out. And sadly, we have a lot of trash to take out in America.

Let's take out the trash before it takes us out.

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What Would Lincoln Do?: Celebrating Eternal Welfare Queen John Dingell; Anti-Israel Rep. Doesn't Live Up to the Daddy My Grandpa Knew

By Debbie Schlussel


While auto company jobs continue to get slashed, the big story in the Detroit area is, unfortunately, the long-running career of America's longest public welfare recipient--John Dingell. The man gets paid $140K a year by American taxpayers, but hasn't had a real job since his 20s. But, sadly, unlike so many other people in Michigan who actually produced something for a living, his job has yet to get slashed.

Dingell--one of the most anti-Israel and pan-terrorist Congressmen (remember when he said Hezbollah isn't a terrorist group, despite its murder of over 300 Americans?) has been on the public dole for well over a half-century. As of this week, he's now the longest serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives in history? Why is this cause to celebrate?

I raised this same question back in 2005, when President Bush hosted a luncheon in honor of Dingell's 50th year in Congress.

Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns

It's ironic that in this era where everything about Abraham Lincoln is hip again, one of the most important aspects of Lincoln isn't: term limits. When I worked for Republican Congressman Philip M. Crane, he asked me to research Abraham Lincoln and term limits, and I spent a lot of time on it. In fact, Lincoln believed so strongly in term limits that he self-limited his terms in the legislature.

After serving four terms in the Illinois House, Lincoln declined to be renominated and left of his own accord. After one term in Congress, he also practiced self-term-limiting and declined to be renominated. In those days, even officeholders had some class. They weren't pigs. They were true citizen legislators who served a few terms and then went back to live under the laws they made.

These days, we celebrate welfare queen John Dingell. No, America's fattest cat welfare queen is not the mythical stereotype of a Black woman in a Cadillac driving to pick up her welfare check. It's a fat, bald White guy in his seventies who doesn't know when to quit.

The celebration of Dingell's "history"-making is ironic, too. Today's Detroit Newsistan has a ridiculous, pandering, entire "news" section dedicated to John Dingell. It's as if the Newsistan became Dingell's "Glamour Shots" for the day.

My favorite part of the section is the article, "Son Strives to Measure Up to Father's Public Service" (not linking to it b/c I don't give traffic to the Newsistan unless absolutely necessary). But John Dingell, Jr. doesn't even come close to living up to John Dingell, Sr.--who was a friend of my late grandfather, Irving Wolf Schlussel.

Dingell has one of the most anti-Israel and pan-terrorist voting records in the House. His father was the complete opposite. From my 2005 column on Dingell's father and my grandfather:

[T]he Dingell apple falls far from the tree. Dingell's father, John Dingell, Sr., who preceded him in Congress, was very pro-Israel. So was the entire Michigan Democratic Party--which today is the domicile of the Islamofascists.

Below is an article from The Detroit Times, from November or December of 1948, not long after Israel became a State. It is about a pro-Israel dinner hosted by my late grandfather, Irving W. Schlussel, a lawyer, Detroit Jewish Community Council President, and President of the Jewish National Fund (which reclaims swamp and rocky land in Israel and plants trees on it). John Dingell, Sr. is one of the honorees, and he is pictured in the photo with my grandfather. Dingell, Sr. was inscribed in the JNF's "Golden Book" for his support for Israel. His statement (some of which is unfortunately cut off in the only copy in my possession) is very pro-Israel. Today, he is probably turning over in his grave, at the disgusting actions and statements of his terror-apologist son.

Also, below, is another article from The Detroit Times from 1951. It is about a dinner, also hosted by my grandfather, Irving Schlussel.The dinner was in honor of then-Michigan Governor G. Mennen "Soapy" Williams and Lt. Governor (later U.S. Senator) Phil Hart. Although he is not mentioned in the article or pictured in the photo, John Dingell Sr. was in attendance, because, again, he was a strong supporter of Israel, unlike his terror-apologist son, who has been in office 50-years too long. At this dinner, the Williams-Hart Forest in Israel was established.

Celebrating that an out-of-touch, anti-Israel welfare queen who refuses to "take sides" against a terrorist group that murdered hundreds of Marines, is still in office is mind-boggling. That's not an achievement. It's a travesty. No-one, except Hezbollah, should be celebrating that this guy served in Congress the longest.

The Detroit Newsistan headline calls John Dingell a "Crusader." But let's just call him what he really is: a hack.

John Dingell, Jr.'s retirement is several decades overdue.

**** UPDATE: Braunstein Speaks also writes about Dingell's "history-making" career of longevity in Congressional ineptitude. He writes aobut the Dingell family dynasty and compares it to the domination of the Kennedys in American politics. Braunstein and I agree: America is not a nation of royalty. Time to end the dynasties. Read Paul Braunstein's piece on Dingell-ling.

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February 03, 2009

Seven Years Later, Daniel Pearl's Father Still Doesn't Get It

By Debbie Schlussel

Seven years ago, this week, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered by Islamic terrorists.

His slaughter was brutal. He was beheaded, and his limbs were cut off like chicken parts. Before that, he was forced by Islamic terrorists to talk about being a Jew.

We all remember this (though the mainstream media sanitized what Islamic murderers actually did to him), and it is a tragedy. But there is at least one man who still doesn't get it: Daniel Pearl's father, Judea Pearl.


For some reason, Daniel Pearl's murder has been elevated above those of 3,000 Americans murdered on 9/11, even though the 3,000 were innocent victims on American soil minding their own business. Pearl, on the other hand, was an extremely left-wing, nominal Jew whose reporting repeatedly gave exposure to and legitimization of Islamic terrorists.

Daniel Pearl was killed not minding his own business on an airplane or in an office building, but putting himself at risk chasing more Islamic terrorists to tell their story. But he was a mainstream media reporter--and for one of America's most prestigious newspapers--so his life, in the mainstream media's eyes, is far more important than common-folk Americans who conduct America's commerce and raise families.

And Judea Pearl--in the seven years since his son's death--has sought to legitimize this same legitimization and appeasement of terrorists, even if he won't admit it.

In the years since his son's death, Dr. Pearl has focused on "promoting cross-cultural understanding." That is the stated purpose of the Daniel Pearl Foundation he set up.

To that end, he raises money for the Seeds of Peace camp, founded by Yasser Arafat's favorite biographer. The whole idea of the camp is the moral equivalence of terrorism's victims and its perpetrators. Islamic terrorists' kids tell off Israeli leftists' kids for several hours, and then they go canoeing or play volleyball together. Significant numbers of graduates of the Maine camp have become Islamic terrorists and homicide bombers, who kill Jews in Israel. The camp's most famous grad, Adam Shapiro, founded ISM (International Solidarity Movement), a group which sheltered British Al-Qaeda bombers the night before they blew themselves--and many innocent victims--up at a Tel Aviv bar. (The group was also caught sheltering an Islamic Jihad terrorist.)

A Wall Street Journal reporter friend of mine was aghast, during a visit to Seeds of Peace, when he watched counselors remain silent as Palestinian Muslim campers told Jewish campers that the Holocaust never happened. The Jewish campers, since their parents are leftists and didn't teach them anything, didn't have a clue how to respond or even know for sure if the Muslims were wrong. The counselors told the WSJ reporter that they could not intervene because "all viewpoints are legitimate and there is no right and wrong" at Seeds of Peace.

Imagine Osama Bin Laden's kids and kids of some of those who died on the 9/11 planes and in the towers being sent to summer camp together and being told their causes are equal--or that the terrorists' cause is superior, and that there is no right and wrong. Raising money for this camp is just one of the many detrimental activities in which Judea Pearl has been involved, in the name of memorializing his slain son.

Would he send his grandchildren to a camp where they made arts and crafts with his son's killers' grandchildren, after his son's slaughter was legitimized in a two-hour long forced dialogue?

Then, there is the series of awards Judea Pearl gives out. Emblematic of the type of recipient, father Pearl gave the Daniel Pearl Award for Courage to Kevin Sites, a Yahoo reporter who did a series of written and video reports called "In the Hot Zone." But it might better have been called, "In the Dhimmi Zone." Sites is a vehemently anti-Israel reporter, who frequently attacked Israel for the plight of Palestinians who've been living in Lebanon for decades (and the Lebanese won't let them have the rights of citizens or live outside refugee camps). Sites work is a non-stop, one-sided attack on Israel for every malady in the Middle East. If this is Daniel Pearl Courage, who needs it?

By giving out this award, Dr. Pearl might as well have been giving aid and comfort to those of the same Islamic ideology that killed his son. In giving Sites the award, Dr. Pearl made this ignorant pronouncement telling us that "the hatred that took his son's life . . . is not between Muslims and Westerners.":

It's not between Jews and non-Jews or Muslims and non-Muslims. The fault line does not go along geographical, nationality or religious lines. It goes between those who boast in killing innocent persons for the purpose of transmitting a political message, and those that are repelled by such a practice.

Um, no. It's Islam, stupid.

But it doesn't end there.

The Judea Pearl/ Akbar Ahmed Dog & Pony Propaganda Show

Dr. Pearl set up a series of "dialogue" forums, in which he and Islamic propagandist Akbar Ahmed, get paid big bucks (allegedly at least $10,000 each per appearance) to travel the country making speeches about how Islam isn't extremist and that we can all get along. For an idea of how "we can all get along," Ahmed excused honor killings when he was on Oprah, claiming they had nothing to do with Islam. Then, there is his year-long video series, "Journey Into America," in which Dr. Ahmed whitewashed extremist Hezbollah mosque Islamic Center of America, and gushed over Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. Here's some background on Hamza Yusuf, from my 2004 column on Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam:

Yusuf was under [FBI] investigation [after 9/11] for this speech two days before the attacks: "This country is facing a terrible fate. ... This country stands condemned. It stands condemned like Europe stood condemned because of what it did - and lest people forget that Europe suffered two world wars after conquering the Muslim lands." Unfortunately, President Bush invited him to the White House, where he was when FBI agents knocked on his California door.

At a 1995 ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] conference, Yusuf delivered this speech: "The Jews would have us believe that God has this bias to this little small tribe in the Middle of the Sinai desert and all the rest of humanity is just rubbish. I mean that this is the basic doctrine of the Jewish religion and that's why it is a most racist religion."

Judea Pearl's speaking tour partner thinks this guy is just swell.

After all of this, Judea Pearl had the nerve to write in The New Republic:

Moral relativism died with Daniel Pearl, in Karachi, on January 31, 2002.

It did? Wake up, buddy. Dude, you're one of the top moral relativists. And you make good coin for doing it.

In today's Wall Street Journal, Judea Pearl wrote an op-ed that is partly completely clueless and where it is in the know, completely hypocritical.

In the piece, "Daniel Pearl and the Normalization of Evil," he claims:

Neither he, nor the millions who were shocked by his murder, could have possibly predicted that seven years later . . . this ideology of barbarism would be celebrated in European and American universities, fueling rally after rally for Hamas, Hezbollah and other heroes of "the resistance." Or that another kidnapped young man, Israeli Gilad Shalit, would spend his 950th day of captivity with no Red Cross visitation while world leaders seriously debate whether his kidnappers [DS: HAMAS] deserve international recognition.

Huh? He is shocked--shocked!--that Muslims around the world actually do what they've done for centuries and what their sheikhs tell them to do at mosques and on Islamic law shows on Al-Jazeera. Many of us--myself and many, many others--warned for years of exactly these very predictable things (I've been writing about the dangers of Islam since I was a teenager and about my undercover exploits since 1998), while Dr. Judea Pearl was busy running around the country for the last seven years regurgitating false fantasies about dialogue with and understanding of Islam (for $10K a pop), raising money for moral equivalency summer camps for kids, and giving out award to pan-jihadist internet reporters. That he thinks these things post-9/11 (not post-Daniel Pearl), which had already happened pre-9/11, are such a shock, just shows how out of touch this guy, Judea Pearl, is.

Those around the world who mourned for Danny in 2002 genuinely hoped that Danny's murder would be a turning point in the history of man's inhumanity to man, and that the targeting of innocents to transmit political messages would quickly become, like slavery and human sacrifice, an embarrassing relic of a bygone era.

Dr, Pearl, you've been watching to many Coca-Cola commercials ("I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony . . .") and Rodney King videos. Who the heck thought this guy's murder was a turning point for anything positive? It was just another announcement of Islam's evil to non-Muslims, specifically Jews and Westerners--a death knell this guy's own father just refuses to hear.

In his column, he goes on to lament that:

The media have played a major role in handing terrorism this victory of acceptability. Qatari-based Al Jazeera television, for example, is still providing Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi hours of free air time each week to spew his hateful interpretation of the Koran, authorize suicide bombing, and call for jihad against Jews and Americans.

Guess who did one of the first, most sympathetic Western media interviews with Qaradawi, declaring this extremist a "moderate" who takes the "middle path"?

I'll give you a hint: His name was Daniel Pearl and he reported for the Wall Street Journal. And he was the same guy who set out to meet Al-Qaeda terrorists to give their side of the story. Their side of the story, which he hadn't planned on, was his body chopped into several parts.

In the past, Dr. Pearl also said:

Danny was the first that was abducted and targeted not for what he wrote or what he intended to write, but for what he represented in the eyes of these extremists. And then that started a trend.

No, your son's death was not the start of a trend. It was a news-hyped blip on a long-standing trend that has gone on for centuries. He never heard of Leon Klinghoffer? Or Robert Dean Stethem? Etc. Their killers were Muslims. They were murdered for being Jewish--in Klinghoffer's case--and American.

In the pre-death video, Daniel Pearl was specifically required to say he was a Jew and a Zionist. And his killers were Muslims.

It's that simple. You don't need to be a rocket scientist--or even a computer scientist, like Judea Pearl--to figure that out.

Maybe one day, he will figure it out. But I don't share the fantasies and dreams about Dr. Pearl that he has about Islam.

Daniel Pearl's dad asks in his WSJ piece,

When will our luminaries stop making excuses for terror?

To him, I ask:


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January 27, 2009

Memo to Prospective Football Players: If You Don't Wanna Die, Don't Play

By Debbie Schlussel

Am I the only one who is tired of dead football players' families suing everyone but themselves when their relatives die from what is a dangerous sport?

When you suit up and get on the field, you assume the risk. But that's not the litigious American way.

Yesterday, as an NFL widow settled her lawsuit against the pro league for her husband's overheating death, a high school coach pleaded not guilty to reckless homicide for the heat-related death of one of his players.

It's ridiculous. Football is not like playing with dolls. It's rough and tough, and there are risks. That's not rocket science. Well, maybe to these families who were "clueless" (but aren't so clueless when it comes to dollar signs), it's brain science and rocket surgery. Football players play in extreme conditions, both hot and cold. Some will get hypothermia and frostbite. Others will get extremely thirsty and overheated. Still others will get paralyzed, concussions, and other conditions that will limit their lives and possibly end them early. And some players will be overweight and get maladies and early deaths related to that and pain medications they take.

None of this is news--except to litigious widows and parents who went along with it and are upset that one of these known risks was borne out.

Yesterday, Kelci Stringer, widow of late NFL player Korey Stringer, settled her wrongful death lawsuit against the NFL for his 2001 death from heatstroke at training camp. In her ridiculous suit, the golddigging Mrs. Stringer claimed the NFL didn't do enough to ensure that equipment used by players protected them from injuries or deaths caused by the heat.

But Stringer arrived to camp extremely overweight and out of shape. He should have known better. He did know better. But he went on the field in hot weather anyway, apparently to keep collecting that high dollar paycheck to keep Ms. Thang a/k/a Mrs. Stringer in the high-on-the-hog lifestyle to which she'd suddenly become accustomed. Whose fault is that? Would any equipment have prevented that? Yes--one machine, not provided by the NFL. It's called Kory Stringer's brain. He was an adult. No-one forced him on the field. No-one forced him to feast all off-season, not work out, and show up out of shape on the field.

That was all his own doing. And no lawsuit will prevent that from happening in the future. In fact, settling stupid lawsuits like this will only encourage more of this in the future.

Then, there's David Jason Stinson, football coach at Lousville's Pleasure Ridge Park High School. Yesterday, he pleaded not guilty to reckless homicide in the heat-related death of 15-year-old football player Max Gilpin, who died three days after he collapsed while running sprints during an August football practice. It's ridiculous to charge a coach unless there's proof the coach forced the player to continue when the player asked to stop, and the coach had some inkling of the consequences.

Yes, it's very hot in August in most places in the country. August--in most places in the country--is also high school football training camp time. Parents know it's hot. They know that football players are put through grueling physical workouts at football practice, particularly in August before the season starts. But Max Gilpin's parents allowed their son to attend the practices. They didn't say: It's too hot out, and you're really not in the physical condition to do this.

And even if Gilpin was in the right condition, things happen. People die because they exert themselves too much and don't know when to stop. A 15-year-old doesn't have the personal responsibility that adult Korey Stringer did. But his parents do. And they didn't have a problem sending their kid to participate.

Oh, and there's that little detail about the medications Gilpin was taking while under his "concerned" parents' roof. He was on Creatine, but stopped taking it right before the August football practices began. And he was on Adderall for ADHD. It's not a stretch to suggest that these drugs likely affected this kid's physical condition.

Yes, there were six heat-related deaths in high school and one in college in 2008. But the only solution to that is to 1) cancel football training camps and practices before the season begins, 2) move the football season to the dead of winter, so players can practice in the cooler fall and suffer frostbite in February and March, or 3) practice football indoors, where conditions aren't those on the field, and players can suffer concussions falling on the hard floors of a gym. Or they can just cancel all football. That would stop all football-related deaths for certain (except suicides).

Some athletes push themselves too far for the condition they are in. And they will die from heat or exhaustion. The only way to prevent it is external. Only they know when to say when. And if they aren't adults, their parents know what can happen. It's a tragedy that this fifteen-year-old kid died before his life was fully lived. But the tragedy isn't the fault of his football coach.

When you step onto a football field as a player, you assume the risks.

Stop blaming the failure of your brain and the rest of your inner biology on everyone else.

If you don't want to die, here's a tip: Don't play football. And don't cross the street, for that matter. Life . . . and death happen.


From my 2002 column, "Pro Sports' Litigation Lolitas":

Kelci Stringer is another "victim." It's lamentable her pro-football player husband, Korey Stringer, died in Minnesota Vikings training camp on a hot day. But, as a first-round draft pick and starter, he was well compensated and insured for risk of injury. Stringer was also paid his multi-million dollar salary to stay in shape. But he didn't - getting fat over the off-season, dangerously trying to lose it and get in shape just a few days before camp.

But is that his fault? Not according to Mrs. Stringer's lawyers (and Jesse Jackson, who has - surprise! - interjected himself in this shakedown). They've filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Vikings. No matter that out-of-shape Stringer was up to a bloated 335-pounds. Newspaper photos showed him doubling over, gasping for breath during drills that in-shape athletes finessed.

Mrs. Stringer is a "victim," and instead of quietly dealing with her grief, everyone else must pay for this woman "scorned" by the Vikings. Costs of the suit will be passed on to Vikings' ticket-buying fans who, unlike wealthy Mrs. Stringer, are mostly working-class stiffs.

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January 23, 2009

I Told You So: Israel's Attacks on HAMAS Were Failed, Extended Campaign Commercial

By Debbie Schlussel

I warned you. I told you over and over. A few weeks ago, when Israel began its attacks on HAMAS--allegedly in response to the rocket attacks that have been ongoing for years--I told you, "Don't believe the hype."

Just re-read my column, "Don't Get Too Excited About the Phony Baloney, Temporary Israeli 'War' vs. HAMAS," from the start of the attacks. Everything I said was true and remains so.

As I warned you, Israel would eventually retreat and the status quo would remain. And I was right. They idiotically gave Gaza away to those bent on their distruction, and they're not getting it back. Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier, remains in capitivity. HAMAS--as I predicted--is still around and very strong, all the stronger because, a la Hezbollah, the mighty Israel didn't defeat it. And HAMAS baby-makers a/k/a most Palestinian women would be fast at the production line to put more replacement buns in the ovens. (It's always "time to make the donuts" in the Palestinian warrior assembly line.)

Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Olmert: Sent Israeli Soldiers to War
and Lost to Keep One of These Three Stooges in Power

HAMAS rockets were sent upon Israel even after the faux truce started, and more rockets will come.

And--shocker!--the Palestinian tunnel smugglers in Rafah are back in bid'ness:

The tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt are back in business, despite the hundreds of tons of bombs and missiles that Israeli troops rained down on them. . . .

The smuggling is surprisingly overt on the Gaza side. Hundreds of workers were operating Thursday in a mile-long stretch of battered tents and fake greenhouses, each with a tunnel operating or being dug inside. Dozens of other tunnel entrances were open and unhidden. Amid the frantic activity, a fire broke out in a smuggled fuel shipment, although there was no immediate report of injuries.

There's even a makeshift snack shop servicing them, named "The Underground Crossings." Its owner, Mahmoud Baroud, reopened soon after the cease-fire began and expected at least 200 customers for lunch Thursday.

"We even do deliveries if they're too busy," he said, stirring fried onions.

See, I told you so. I hoped I was wrong. But Israel has a predictable track record of of empty gestures and empty, costly half-hearted attacks on terrorists in the last 2-3 decades. They pulled out of Hezbollah's South Lebanon in 2000, they did it again in 2006. Each time, their enemy got stronger, and Israel got weaker. Each time rockets continued to be sent from their northern neighbors to attaack innocent Israeli civilians. And each time, they've not gotten the remains or specific, reliable information on the whearabouts of soldier Ron Arad.

With HAMAS, it's a similar image. Again, still no Gilad Shalit. More rockets. More tunnel smuggling of terrorist weapons and material from Egypt, but ultimately from Iran. And a strengthened enemy. HAMAS' Khaled Meshaal is declaring victory over Israel, and he is correct on this count. Israel lost. HAMAS won.

I'm just waiting for the latest terrorist prisoner release for non-existent "goodwill."

Meanwhile, per usual, HAMAS and Israel's preferred Islamic terrorist group, Fatah--for whom this phony war was also perpetrated--are back at their old game of trying to reconcile. Same old, same old.

Israel is as predictable as a clock. And it's not just me who knows it. HAMAS and Hezbollah and the entire Islamic world know it, too.

And their just biding their time until time on that ever-weakening clock simply runs out.

What's that I hear? Oh, it's the sound of Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni looking at the latest polls to see which of them was more boosted by this costly campaign commercial, for which they paid in Israeli lives, tanks, and ever-weakened reputation.

Just as I predicted. Israel never had any intention of eliminating HAMAS. The proof is in the halal pudding, ever more pungent in Gaza.

To those who told me at the beginning of this failed action against Gaza, that Israel would this time, finally, once-and-for-all, wipe out or nearly destroy HAMAS, I say now what I said in a nicer way then: Dream on , suckers.

Israel and Adam Ant have something in common: Desperate But Not Serious.

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January 21, 2009

Black Single Mothers, White Single Mothers, and Sarah Palin's Baby Mama Daughter

By Debbie Schlussel

For years, I've decried single mothers a/k/a baby mamas.

But now, I'm really not sure whether I'm allowed by the orthodox Palinmaniac division of conservativism to talk about the problem of single mothers anymore. Yes, I know I can write about Black baby mamas like Fantasia Barrino, as I did yesterday. And I can write about White celebrity liberal single mothers like Rosie O'Donnell and Sheryl Crow and others similarly selfish, as I've done over the years.

But I don't think I'm allowed to talk about Bristol Palin, who has known she's been pregnant for months, just had the baby, and--whaddya know?--she's still single. I guess it has yet to dawn on Palin supporters who claim to be conservative that their precious former Veep candidate continues to support this single motherhood figuratively and financially.

Remember how we were told during the campaign that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston were going to get married, so we should look the other way regarding them, while we continue to decry the single motherhood of the rest of America? Well, they have yet to get married. What were they waiting for? What are they waiting for?

Sarah Palin-Enabled Single Motherhood:
Baby Daddy Levi Johnston & Baby Mama Bristol Palin

There's really no good reason why the Palin daughter and the father of this illegitimate kid with an enormously pretentious name haven't married yet. It's not like Levi Johnston is off to war, serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, or something like that. In fact, I'm not actually sure what this guy does, other than take online high school correspondence courses, like the mother of his kid. Perhaps they've taken the trashy, selfish tack that Bristol Palin wants to get back in shape and look thin for wedding pictures, instead of the apparently less important matter of a kid actually having married parents when it is born. Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston--they went to so much trouble to put together such a hifalutin' name for this baby, but not too much trouble to give him parents who are husband and wife.

Why is this my business, you ask? They're kids and they're private people. Well, not actually, since they put out press releases to People magazine and everywhere else, engaged a bidding war for the photos of their bastard kid (which snagged them $300,000), and, as you'll recall, during the campaign the two said they'd get married, which they have yet to do. And above all, it's our business because the mother and chief enabler and financier of all of this is Bristol Palin's mother, a woman whom people are touting as a conservative family values person, who--with this--has demonstrated that she actually isn't one.

And don't tell me the empress-with-$150,000-clothing Sarah Palin has nothing to do with this. Again, she's the enabler, financier, housing provider, and chief cheerleader of this girl. Not to mention, she happens to be her mother. I suppose she could never at any point during her daughter's pregnancy (or now that her daughter is a single mother) have told her daughter to get married or move out and get off the teat. After all, that would look bad. And with Sarah Palin's boundless ambition in politics, it's more important to look good and not spur negative news stories, than do the right thing.

But I'm sure the same people who blindly follow Sarah Palin and think she's G-d the same way Obamaniacs think the same of him, will attack me for daring to point this out. You know, the same people who bought Ann Coulter's latest book and cheer on her chapter echoing what I and others have been saying for years--that single mothers are a national problem, not a solution. But I guess that means single mothers other than those with the surname, Palin. This is, after all, the same Ann Coulter who named Sarah Palin her conservative of the year.

I like Ann, who is usually right. But on this, she's just a hypocrite. A hypocrite laughing all the way to the bank.

She calls single mothers, "selfish," which they are. But she won't dare say it about Sarah Palin and her baby mama daughter.

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January 19, 2009

Forget the O-Nauguration: FREE Makeup & Perfume Across the US, Tomorrow (Thanks to Greedy Lawyers)

By Debbie Schlussel

Forget Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration, tomorrow. For women (and perhaps a few gay men) across America, tomorrow is free makeup and perfume day, courtesy of greedy lawyers and nitwit class action plaintiffs.

They sued department stores and high-end makeup purveyors around the country over alleged price-fixing in the 1990s. What was the "price-fixing"? Well, the lawyers claimed that America's women were deprived and otherwise ripped off because the defendant department stores and cosmetic companies allegedly coordinated and alternated when they would offer a free gift to go along with the purchase of makeup by Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc.

Do you remember what makeup you bought at a department store in the 1990s? Do you feel "victimized" that one store offered a special free gift with purchase one week and another the next week? Me, neither. But you can thank Fatemah Azizian, Soraya Farrah (both Arabs, but every ethnicity is represented) and the other named Plaintiffs in the Fatemah Azizian et al. v. Federated Department Stores, Inc. et al. (Read the Full Lawsuit Complaint) for your free makeup windfall, tomorrow.


And even if you do feel victimized and raped by this horrible example of torture, don't worry about finding your receipt from October of 1996 for a $12 eyeliner. You don't have to prove that you actually bought anything from any of these companies in order to take part in this silly, exorbitant plunder. Since the stuff is being given away free on a first-come, first-served basis tomorrow, the true alleged "victims" in this case may not even comprise any of the swag recipients. And that's not the point of this lawsuit.

Anyone can just show up, tomorrow morning, at any of the stores listed here and get one of the cosmetics and perfumes specified free of charge. (Guys, here's an idea to please your wife or girlfriend for free--go pick up some free perfume for her, courtesy of a dumb lawsuit. Or stock up so you won't have to spring for a Valentine's Day gift, next month.)

Addressing the "injustice" of getting free gifts from Nordstrom or Macy's back in 1994 isn't the point of this class action lawsuit settlement. Nope. The point is to transfer millions in wealth to greedy lawers. Soaking Big Cosmetics--that's the point. Soaking Big Makeup for greedy lawyers. It's a transfer of wealth from those who tested substances on women's faces to those who spent three years in law school. I did a little research. Here's the payout list of approved attorney's fees from the case:


Over $24 million to lawyers who sued over women getting a free makeup gift in the 1990s. Is it just me, or is there something terribly wrong with this picture? Something that free makeup won't help other than as lipstick on a legal pig.

I can just see the salivating Gitmo inmates now. After all, if women can get hundreds of millions to settle a lawsuit for their "injury" of receiving a free makeup gift in the 1990s, imagine what a Muslim who was "forced" to listen to Christina Aguilera music, sit on a La-Z-Boy chair, read Harry Potter, will get.

Cosmetics companies and department stores are shelling out $175 million in this settlement (with the attorney's fees, it's $200 mill). And guess who'll pay the price? You, the consumer. And it won't just be women who buy cosmetics who will be paying higher prices to make up for this tremendous payout. Department stores, like Macy's and Neiman Marcus, will raise their prices on everything. Not exactly the step they want to or should take in this sour economy.

Sadly, this isn't the only ridiculous, costly class action settlement of late. I've written about plenty of them, including dumb lawsuits about bananas and another about low-carb candy. And they will never end until we tighten up rules on class action suits. And that won't happen in a lawyer-friendly Obama administration.

And it won't happen with judges like Federal Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong, who awarded the absurd amount of lawyer fees in this ludicrous lawsuit. (She was appointed to the bench by George Herbert Walker Bush.)

Questions need to be asked, which Her Dishonor Ms. Brown didn't ask. Like, how exactly did Ms. Azizian, Ms. Farrah, and the other plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit find out that they were injured in 1994 by getting a free cosmetic gift with their purchase? How did they learn of the free gift coordination between stores and cosmetic companies? How did they find a lawyer to file the suit? I think it's clear that it was the other way around--the lawyers found them. And that's called "solicitation," illegal for lawyers to do in most state in the Union. The whole thing stinks, so much so that free perfume tomorrow won't mask the stench.

The next time a trial lawyer--I call them the "Ludicrous Litigeratti" tells you how trial lawyers do important work seeking legal redress for injuries in the courts, your response should be:

Yeah, important work like Fatemah Azizian et al. v. Federated Department Stores, right?

The plaintiffs in this case aren't victims. They're perpetrators.


Since I posted this today, I can't miss out on saying this:

Martin Luther King, Jr. may have had a dream, but thanks to the greedy trial lawyers, we have free face cream.

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January 15, 2009

Disconnect: "Defiance" Director Zwick Not So Defiant Against Islamic Terrorists

By Debbie Schlussel

As I always say, Hollywood loves the dead Jews, but they hate the live ones.

Hollywood loves the Holocaust, but hates Israel. They love to portray Jews as victims of the Nazis, but they hate to portray the Jews as victims of the new Nazis--extremist Muslims around the world, whether it's the HAMAS terrorists in Gaza or the Muslims who demonstrate on the streets of Fort Lauderdale and openly tell Jews to "go back to the oven."

And so it goes with Writer/Director Edward Zwick, whose "Defiance" opens in nationwide release tomorrow (Friday).

"Defiance" is a great movie, one of the year's best. And it's an important movie, as it shows that Jews were not the stereotypical weaklings who meekly went to the camps to their slaughter. Those who could--with all odds against them and laws preventing them from owning firearms and weapons--did fight back. The Bielski brothers saved hundreds of Jewish lives and killed more than a few Nazis in the process. They are the good guys. And, just as it should be, there is no ambiguity about that in this film.

Not So Defiant: "Defiance" Director Ed Zwick

But Ed Zwick is trapped back in time, or perhaps he is trapped forward in time . . . in a "post-Zionist Hollywood." He fails to make the connection with Jews under siege in Israel today, with Jews under siege in greater numbers today than at any time since the Holocaust.

On Friday, I interviewed him. I solicited questions from readers (who had some great suggestions--thanks). But I already knew one question I was going to ask. And I had a pretty good idea of the answer he'd provide.

I know Dr. Jay Bielski, son of Zus Bielski, one of the brothers portrayed in this movie (by Liev Schreiber). I noted to Mr. Zwick that while Jay said that this movie captured his father perfectly, Jay--after several years as a U.S. Marine during Vietnam--served in the Israeli Defense Force and fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Right now, Jay's two sons serve in the IDF. (Zwick is friends with Jay Bielski and says the Bielskis "brought him home" to Judaism and Jewish pride. But I don't see it.)

I also noted to Zwick that he produced "The Siege," the 1998 movie which showed an alleged post-9/11-style persecution against "innocent" Muslim-Americans "victims," which never happened.

I asked him why Hollywood is so anti-Israel and when would he come full circle and make a movie that shows the Jews who are now the victims of the new Nazis in the Middle East, in Israel.

Edward Zwick's squirming was so loud, I felt like I was watching worms crawl through my phone.

Zwick said he didn't know of any anti-Israel movies coming out of Hollywood. He said he couldn't see himself doing a movie about the Jews versus the Islamic terrorists in Israel because,

It's very difficult to parse morality in what's going on in the Middle East and especially in the last two weeks. It's full of moral complexity that I'm not sure I could address in a two-hour movie. What I'm loathe to do is to analogize between this [the Nazis vs. the Bielskis] and the contemporary situation. I didn't want to have a movie with an agenda.

But when I pointed out that there is clearly an agenda and clearly good guys and bad guys in "Defiance" (not to mention, "The Siege"), he responded with more psychobabble gobbledygookish squirming, that his movie

showed the difference between passivity and powerlessness [and was] a necessary historical redress.

Well, there's a "necessary historical redress" about what Islamic terrorists are doing against Jews in Israel and throughout the world. Sadly, Zwick either doesn't get it or won't admit to it, lest he be out of step with Hollywood's rigid orthodoxy on the subject.

Oh, and Zwick also said

in the Middle East, you're not talking about genocide.

When Muslims, especially those of Palestinian terrorist groups, shout how they want to "push the Jews into the sea" and "spill rivers of Jewish blood," it's quite clear that it, in fact, is genocide they wish to carry out.

Next week, "Defiance" opens in Israel, and Israeli soldiers will reportedly be shown the movie (perhaps in time for the start of the next failed "truce").

Let's hope the Israeli soldiers connect the dots that Edward Zwick--and the rest of Hollywood--won't.

They are fighting the same Nazis, the same evil the Bielskis fought.


Since I've invoked his name, I want to be fair and point out that Jay Bielski disagrees with my take on this. He recommends that people read this New York Times column by Zwick, in which Zwick brags about his grandfather and great-uncles who were bookies for Al Capone's mob. This is something to be proud of? Yet, he won't defend Israel.

Jay says that his friend, Zwick, is on the right side of the Israeli-Islamic terrorism issue, but can't afford to say so, in order to sell this movie. If that's the case, that's even worse because it means that you can be "Defiant" against the Nazis, but not Hollywood.

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January 14, 2009

Print Out For Future Reference: Meet HAMAS' Future American Doctors

By Debbie Schlussel

On this site, I've written in extensive detail about (and compiled a long list of) the various Muslim doctors who've headed terrorist groups, perpetrated terrorist plots, and, in at least one case, deliberately let his Jewish patient die by refusing to treat him (right here in America). And don't forget Dr. Yazeed Essa, the Palestinian Muslim doctor, who drugged and murdered his pregnant wife in a car crash, then fled to the Mid-East. Today, he was held on $75 million bail (he was finally returned to Cleveland from Cyprus to face justice, after a year and a half of Muslim Cypriot pontificating).

Now, I want you to print out this list, below, of all of America's (and some Canadian and foreign) medical students who are open supporters of HAMAS against Israel. They've all signed an anti-Israel (and let's face it--Pro-HAMAS) petition that is circulating throughout the world's medical schools and medical communities. (Since this list is constantly updating, I'll try to update it, too.) If they have no problem with Islamic terrorists brutally murdering innocent civilians, imagine what they have no prob doing to your body.

The Hypocritic Oath: First, Do Harm and Support HAMAS

Save this list for the future, as I don't think it's in your best interest to go to any of these future doctors--you never know what politics will be entering into their treatment of you. Best advised to keep these people far away from your life and limb.

Oh, and a few other points to keep in mind:

1) America's Jews, whom these anti-Semites hate, are the biggest donors to most of these medical schools listed. How many of these anti-Semites (and some Jewish self-haters) are going to medical schools that remain open because of Jewish donors? Most of 'em.

Here's an example from from the November 14, 2008 issue of "The Michigan Difference," the University of Michigan's promotional publication capping off the school's 2008 capital campaign (which raised a record $3.116 Billion).

In the section on "Science, Technology and Environment," the front page highlighted the new Taubman Scholars program, created to enable top med school scientist to pursue promising research. The U-M hospital is named the Taubman Center and that he funded the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Insititute. A. Alfred Taubman is a pro-Israel Jew.

Some of these pro-HAMAS future MDs are students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, which is a Jewish school and part of Yeshiva University. It was set-up to help Jews pursuing medicine to avoid anti-Semitism and discrimination far milder than the HAMAS version that these idiot signatories don't seem to have a prob with. Nauseating.

2) Many of these students are Muslim aliens who are here to study medicine because their places in our tax-funded medical schools (even the private medical schools with large endowments, like Harvard, get a ton of federal money for studies and in financial aid support for students). How many of these alien Muslim students are in our tax-supported medical schools in place of American students who wanted to become doctors, but their spots were given to these HAMASniks? Far too many.

3) Israel is well-known for treating and providing excellent medical care even to Islamic terrorists who attacked them and Palestinians bent on their destruction. On the other hand, HAMAS is not allowing a number of wounded Palestinians to go to hospitals to seek medical care. That these medical students would sign this, is a disgrace.

4) A significant portion of advanced medical discoveries, inventions, and technology, today, come from the Israelis. Since these future docs hate Israel, perhaps these doctors should bar themselves from using any of these advances created and developed by the "Evil Zionist Entity" and stick to the barbaric, um, "methods" of HAMAS healthcare (like beheadings, IEDs, and throwing people off buildings).

Also highlighted in "The Michigan Difference" University of Michigan publication, on page 3 of the second section, there is an article entitled, "Named Directorship and Support for Discovery at LSI [Life Science Institute]." The article features the UM/Israeli Universities Research Partnership and notes this:

The UM/Israeli Universities Research Partnership promotes a fresh model of global research. Support from donors [DS: lists all the donors]. . . enables LSI scientists and graduate students to build international collaborations with their peers from leading universities and institutes in Israel -- home to some of the world's most advanced life sciences research. The Innovation Partnership equips LSI scientists to commercialize lab discoveries that could lead to new therapies for cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Well, perhaps these anti-Israel future doctors should opt out on these "Evil Zionist Entity" medical discoveries.

Here is the list of those who signed the petition, but first there is the letter from far-left Jewish Harvard Medical School student, Simeon Kimmel, one of the petition's authors, who is circulating it:

Would You Want Him to Operate on You?: Future Doctor, Current HAMAS Supporter, and Harvard Med Student Simeon "Sim" Kimmel
Hi all,

A number of us from HMS with medical students at Tufts and BU have
written a letter in solidarity with the civilians in Gaza who are
suffering a health and human rights catastrophe. As a Jew, I feel
like I have a particular responsibility to speak up. We will be
submitting this to the student version of the Lancet. We invite you
to add your voices. We are working on organizing an event where
physicians who have worked on the ground in Gaza recently will share
their experiences and will keep you posted.

Sim Kimmel

HAMAS-Friendly Future Doctors Who Authored the anti-Israel Petition:

Rami Abdou, Boston University School of Medicine, MSI
Iyah Romm, Boston University School of Medicine, MSI
Davida Schiff, Boston University School of Medicine, MSI
Kirsten Austad, Harvard Medical School, MSI
Sam Dubal, Harvard Medical School, MSI
Simeon Kimmel, Harvard Medical School, MSI
Eugene Schiff, Tufts University School of Medicine, MSI

List of HAMAS-Friendly Future Docs:

Fazia Mir, Aga Khan University Karachi, Pakistan, MS IV
Ferheen Shamim, Albany Medical College, MS III
Sta. Ana Victor, Albany Medical College, MS IV
Michael Berlin, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Mandeep Cheema, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Rachel Fremont, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MD/PhD
Surah Grumet, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MD/PhD
Ehsan Jazini, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Enko Kiprilov, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MD/PhD
Yamileth Martinez, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Stefan Muehlbauer, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MD/PhD
Daniel O'Neil, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Sami Saba, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Mia Shapiro, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS II
Saira Alimohamed, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, MS IV

[Continue Reading, List of Many Medical Students for HAMAS Continues]

Continue reading "Print Out For Future Reference: Meet HAMAS' Future American Doctors"

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December 28, 2008

Don't Get Too Excited About the Phony Baloney, Temporary Israeli "War" vs. HAMAS

By Debbie Schlussel

I've been getting a number of e-mails from readers cheering on the current Israeli strikes on HAMAS and Gaza in response to HAMAS' katusha rocket attacks on Israel.

And to those readers, I say, Don't Get Too Excited. You're buying into the latest campaign tactic of losing candidate for Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni--a complete doompa a/k/a Olmert in a skirt and makeup. Anyone who thinks this latest "salvo" against HAMAS is of any significance whatsoever, really doesn't know much about Israel and hasn't been paying attention to goings on there for the last couple of decades, especially the last several years.

Latest Israeli Attack on HAMAS
is Costly Campaign Ad in Tzipi Livni Power-Grab

There have been many of these occasion, temporary Israeli attacks on HAMAS or temporary blockades of funds or supplies to Gaza. And they are a waste of time because Israel doesn't mean business. Eventually, Israel backs down and stops and allows HAMAS to get "refueled" with supplies, money, etc. And yet the HAMAS attacks never end.

You must ask yourself why Israel suddenly chose to strike back now after years of HAMAS sending these rockets to kill the poor, working-class Israelis of Sderot--most of them descendants of Jews expelled from their homes and property in Arab Muslim countries. Why did it not matter that HAMAS sent rockets every day to kill Jews during the faux-truce and before then? Why does it suddenly matter now? What was different about now versus two months ago or two months from now?

Well, I'll tell you what's different: The only hawk running for Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu (we'll see how hawkish he ends up being once he's elected--since he wasn't nearly as hawkish in office as out of it), is whipping Livni in the polls, and the elections are just two months away. This is Livni's and Olmert's attempt--after several years of capitulation to Islamic terrorists, after practicing Judenrein in their own country and yanking Jews from their homes and businesses in Gaza and cities like Amona in the so-called West Bank--to try to look tough to Israelis with short attention spans. That's all it is.

This "war"--which is really no war at all, since there is no intent to win and no inclination to continue this with any sort of relentlessness to defeat HAMAS and its entire support network in Gaza (almost all of the Gaza population)--is show business meant for an Israeli electorate. It is no different than Bill Clinton bombing a baby formula factory the day Monica testified. It's a waste of munitions and a risk of Israeli soldiers' lives to win an election.

If Israel really meant business, it would have invaded and attacked Gaza long ago. Or rather, it would never have pulled out of there in the first place. It would have expelled the Gazans to Arab countries, the way the residents of Sderot's parents--who are once again under attack by Muslims--were kicked out by those countries. All of these things would have saved Israeli lives. But that's not what this is about.

If Israel consistently attacked HAMAS, it would be great. But that's not what the post-modern (and post-Israel) Israelis do. In a week or two, they'll be letting through "supplies" and making a new fake "truce"--either official or de facto--and releasing more Palestinian terrorists to show "good will." That's what they always do. It will make this--as it does all of their brief, temporary attacks on HAMAS--meaningless.

You do not kill cancer by occasionally going through chemo or radiation when you want to look good at a Bar Mitzvah, after the metastasis is already happening. You kill cancer through regular treatment of the attacking cells, not by self-amputating your arm and leaving the cancer cells to fester on the remaining stump. That is what this ephemeral "war" on Gaza/HAMAS is. Nothing more.

And nothing to cheer about. It may make you feel good that, for example, HAMAS has occasional, perfect aim, killing its own people, which it views as expendable collateral damage. But in the long run, they are winning.

The Muslims not only have the will to survive, but to attack relentlessly their Jewish (and Christian) enemies. Israelis only have the will to get re-elected and take a siesta on Dizengoff Street and the discos of Tel Aviv.

No "Mazel Tov" from me on this expensive, dangerous, temporary campaign commercial for the Israeli leftists and their ambitions for the Prime Minister's office.


And don't forget that this is all about propping up the so-called "more moderate" terrorist leader--Holocaust-denier and Munich-massacre-paymaster, Mahmoud Abbas, who really doesn't enjoy the popular Palestinian support HAMAS has. This is Israel continuing to risk Israeli lives to prop up this scumbag, just 'cuz he's the favored scumbag, but no less scummy than HAMAS.

Yes, let's hear it for those "partners for peace." And remember that, regardless of this temporary "attack" on HAMAS, America will pressure Israel into establishing a Palestinian state--right now there are two de facto such states on either side of Israel. And HAMAS will eventually take over that state.

Ah, statehood for the "deprived" Palestinians who strongly support HAMAS and live in Gaza and Ramallah mansions (which in Ramallah, are subsidized and "bailed out" by your taxes).

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December 23, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Detroit Free Press Editor Admits Muslim Reporter Lied on Israel, Refuses to Correct; Can't Trust Anything in the Freep, WHAT YOU CAN DO

By Debbie Schlussel

There's a reason both Detroit papers are losing readers at a geometric rate and were forced to end daily home delivery for all but three days a week. And it's not just the internet and the distressed auto industry.

It's crappy journalism--or, rather, lack of any journalism at all. The Free Press, currently engaged in a lawsuit to defend a reporter's right to refuse to disclose sources in legal proceedings, is hiding behind this phony "public's right to know." But when it comes down to it, the Free Press doesn't actually care about the "public's right to know" so much as it cares about the public's right to be lied to by Free Press reporters.

Now, the newspaper is lying about Israel. The paper admits it lied, but won't correct the false info it gave readers in a front-page story in its Sunday edition, its highest circulation day of the week.

Detroit Free Press: On Guard for Palestinian Muslims, Not You

This latest incident is the Detroit Free Press' admission to me--via Free Press Senior Managing Editor Jeff Taylor--that they reported as fact an unverified tall tale against Israel, and the paper's absolute refusal to issue a correction or correct the story. The Palestinian Muslim woman who told the tale insists it's true, and therefore, they will keep it in the story as fact (not labeled as her claim or allegation).

Do you or I get the privilege of a newspaper reporting as fact anything we tell them? I mean, this is basic high school journalism class stuff here.

Resident Muslim propagandist and "reporter" Niraj Warikoo knows better, but, hey, he got away with it. In a story on Rashida Tlaib, a Muslim woman elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, Warikoo reported as fact--TWICE!--that Israeli soldiers shot Tlaib's grandfather during the 1967 war allegedly because he refused to leave their home and go to Jordan.

But the story is NOT a fact. It's her tall tale that cannot be verified, and Niraj Warikoo knows better than to report it as fact. He never tried to verify the story, and instead, deliberately chose to pass it off as true.

I did the work that some Americans--Detroit Free Press reporter-fabricators--won't do, and I actually checked. There is no record of this anti-Israel claim. And the facts--ie., that Israel told the Palestinians to stay, but they refused and left, thinking Jordan and other Arab states would quickly win--say otherwise.

Here's how this phony story ran and continues--at this time to read--online:

Rashida Tlaib is the granddaughter of a Palestinian Muslim who was once shot several times by an Israeli soldier. . . .

Tlaib's background was different. Her grandparents lived near the cities of Jerusalem and Ramallah; during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, her mother's father was shot after he refused to leave his home for Jordan.

Given all this, I contacted Detroit Free Press Senior Managing Editor Jeff Taylor, second in command at the paper, about this. He admits to me that the story wasn't verified and that the Free Press was wrong. Yet, he refuses to issue a correction or even change the online story to reflect that Tlaib's story is her claim and not fact.

It's incredible. Niraj Warikoo knew better. Yet, he chose to regurgitate this story as fact, unchallenged, and unverified, because that's his--and the Detroit Free Press'--agenda, to attack Israel.

And since the Free Press refuses to issue a correction or discipline this lying reporter, in what other stories have they lied? In what other stories have Detroit Free Press personnel reported to you as fact agenda-laden stories and claims that can't be verified? You simply can't trust anything you read in this paper.

How will you know what was actually verified (probably none of it) versus what reflects the agenda of the reporter? In this case, it's a Muslim anti-Israel regurgitator who doesn't do the most basic of fact-checking in what he "reports." In another case, it might be about something else where the reporter has a personal agenda and chooses to lie to you because he knows that Free Press Senior Managing Editor Jeff Taylor won't discipline him or even issue a correction and edit the story as it should have been edited in the first place.

This isn't the first time Warikoo has lied or engaged in unethical behavior for a supposed journalist. He helped Abed Hammoud, his openly pro-Hezbollah friend--who he was covering--write his campaign literature, when Hammoud ran for Mayor of Dearborn. That's a no-no for any journalist. But Warikoo got away with it. When I--and even Arabs from Dearborn--complained to the Free Press, they whitewashed Warikoo. Then-Free Press officials told me that they asked "people in the community"--ie., Warikoo's fellow Muslims and buddies in Dearborn--whether or not Warikoo wrote the campaign literature, and the people said no. End of "investigation."

And that's the basic reporting standard that's clearly at play at the Free Press: If Muslim Arabs tell you one thing, gosh darn it, it must be the truth, and will be reported as such.

Oh, and by the way, the story in which Warikoo wrote this anti-Israel BS, was about how a spoiled liberal Jewish State Representative, Steve Tobocman (who sits on the far-left Detroit Jewish Community Council--which famously refused to condemn Palestinian terrorism) recruited the anti-Israel, lying Rashida Tlaib to work for him and then to replace him in his seat. Before that, Tlaib worked as an advocate for and abettor of Muslim illegal aliens at Medicaid-defrauding agency ACCESS--the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services. That is, until Tobocman decided he needed to promote that kind of treason even more and hired her and then urged her to replace him after term limits ended his run.

Please also note that I contacted the unrepresentative, self-appointed Jewish Community Council of Metro Detroit, which claims to be the "voice of the Jewish community" in Detroit. Alan Gale, the Associate Director of the group, told me he was completely unaware, even though he has a paid staff. Yes, I'm doing the work that some more Americans won't do. He told me that he agreed with my concerns and at my urging he'd contact the Free Press and get back with me.

I would hope that he would insist that there would be disciplinary action against Niraj Warikoo and his editors, to insure that these serious lapses in journalism don't occur at the Free Press again. Otherwise, we are allowing the Free Press to radically alter the time-honored standards for journalism, thus allowing the Free Press to become anyone's personal platform for propaganda.

But just as Niraj Warikoo needs to be accountable to his readers and editors, so does the self-described "voice of the Jewish community" need to be held accountable to the Jewish Community to speak out on these issues and not rely on me to do their job for them. They need to read the Detroit papers more vigilantly and to respond with more of a spine than they have in the past. They told me they'd get back with me, and if they do, I'll share their response.

Below are my e-mails back and forth with Jeff Taylor and the letter to the editor I sent the paper. So much for the Freep's oft-claimed "public's right to know." More like "the public's right to know nothing about false Free Press 'reporting.'" You should note that this isn't my first run-in with Jeff Taylor on issues just like this. The last time, I complained was when the Freep "covered" a Michigan State Police raid on several Shi'ite Muslims in Dearborn who committed Bridge Card/Food Stamp fraud. The reporter, Dan Cortez, quoted Lt. Det. Marty Bugbee, who headed the investigation, as saying they believed the money may have gone to Hezbollah and were investigating it. Taylor's editors removed all reference to that. Taylor told me "it's far more complicated than you think" (whenever anyone gives you that patronizing response, it's actually very simple, not complicated at all), stood by his editors and never got back to me further. Yup, "the public's right to know." Uh-huh.

From: Debbie Schlussel

Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 11:18 AM

To: jtaylor@freepress.com

Subject: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .

Niraj Warikoo, in a front-page story, reported as fact and repeated--TWICE!--an unverified, phony story Rashida Tlaib has been telling about her grandfather allegedly being shot three times by Israeli soldiers in 1948. It's false and there is no record of it. In fact, contrary to her claim, Israel asked Palestinians to stay, but they left because Jordan asked all Palestinians to leave and promised they'd return when Israel lost the war (which Israel won). Niraj did not report in this story--he merely repeated as fact, something that is not fact, but a tale which is untrue. He did nothing to verify the story because there is no proof and it never happened. That's very sloppy. A correction and retraction needs to be issued. When will the Freep finally do fact-checking on politically correct sources and stories, the way real journalists do? No wonder your paper is in the toilet? People are tired of reading unverified propaganda and fluff being reported as fact and news.


From: Debbie Schlussel

Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2008 5:14 PM

To: Taylor, Jeff

Subject: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .


From: Debbie Schlussel

Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 11:18 AM

To: jtaylor@freepress.com

Subject: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .


Niraj Warikoo, in a front-page story, reported as fact and repeated--TWICE!--an unverified, phony story Rashida Tlaib has been telling about her grandfather allegedly being shot three times by Israeli soldiers in 1948. It's false and there is no record of it. In fact, contrary to her claim, Israel asked Palestinians to stay, but they left because Jordan asked all Palestinians to leave and promised they'd return when Israel lost the war (which Israel won). Niraj did not report in this story--he merely repeated as fact, something that is not fact, but a tale which is untrue. He did nothing to verify the story because there is no proof and it never happened. That's very sloppy. A correction and retraction needs to be issued. When will the Freep finally do fact-checking on politically correct sources and stories, the way real journalists do? No wonder your paper is in the toilet? People are tired of reading unverified propaganda and fluff being reported as fact and news.



From: Taylor, Jeff mailto:jtaylor@freepress.com

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 8:18 PM

To: Debbie Schlussel

Subject: RE: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .


I wanted to talk with the reporter before getting back with you. So I wasn't ignoring your initial email. Because we were relying on Tlaib's account of what happened to her grandfather, we should have attributed the description to her.

-- Jeff


From: Debbie Schlussel

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 10:17 PM

To: Taylor, Jeff

Subject: RE: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .

Will there be corrections? Will Niraj Warikoo and his editors face any discipline. This is elementary stuff for a reporter. He deliberately reported it as fact and chose not to attempt to verify it or to report it as a claim. I mean I learned this stuff in high school journalism. He knew better, and so did your editors. The claim was repeated as fact TWICE. What will be the response? Will the online version be corrected?


From: Taylor, Jeff mailto:jtaylor@freepress.com

Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 8:37 AM

To: Debbie Schlussel

Subject: RE: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .

There's no correction. Ms. Tlaib obviously insists this was true, and you've made your point clear. I explained how we should have handled the information in the story, and I've talked with the people involved.


From: Debbie Schlussel

Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 10:12 AM

To: Taylor, Jeff

Subject: RE: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .

My point being made clear is not enough. This must be corrected. It is not a fact. And her insistence that it is true is completely irrelevant. It must be corrected and the online version must be changed. My point has not been made clear, since you admittedly refuse to correct a story that you admit contains false reporting. No wonder your paper's circulation is dropping. People want to read news. Not someone's tall tales that she insists are true reported as fact. That's not journalism. This is basic high school stuff, and you and Niraj know better. This is not the end of this. I'm going to be publicizing this, and how the Freep cannot be trusted. I gave you a chance.


From: Taylor, Jeff mailto:jtaylor@freepress.com

Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 10:33 AM

To: Debbie Schlussel

Subject: RE: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .

I did not admit this story contains false reporting. That's absolutely not true, and you publish that you'll be publishing a falsehood. I'll continue to try to handle correspondence with you in a civil manner.

But at this point, I'm finished with these exchanges.


From: Debbie Schlussel Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 11:02 AM

To: Taylor, Jeff

Subject: RE: JEFF, 2d Notice, NO Response Yet: Please Issue Correction for Unverified, Phony Item in Warikoo story . . .

I've been entirely civil with you. But I caught you and your paper with your pants down and you don't like it. And you don't like that I won't just let it go. Sad for you, but I will continue to pursue this. You admitted the Free Press reported an unverified claim as fact. You admitted you lied to your readers, no matter how you try to give this cosmetic surgery now.

This is high school journalism stuff. If it's not verified, it's not fact. Your paper published a lie. You admit the story was NOT verified and that there is no proof that it is true. You admit that Niraj Warikoo repeated a claim as fact and reported it as fact because she "insists it's true". That's lying to your readers. You can try to worm your way out of it by parsing words like Bill Clinton on what the definition of "sex" is, but the bottom line is you reported as fact a tale that is not true and for which there is no evidence. Unless you can prove her claim--and you cannot--it must be labeled as a claim. You refuse to do so.

Now, I will publicize it. This is your bed, you made it, now you must sleep in it. You could have issued a correction and/or edited the story and noted the story has been edited. You refuse to do so and insist on continuing to lie to Free Press readers. What other stories in the Freep have contained reporters repeats of unverified claims as fact? We have to assume all of them. I guess the Free Press doesn't really care about "the public's right to know" after all. Not that this is a shocker to me.

Here's my letter to the editor, to the Free(-to-Lie to Readers) Press:

To the Editor:

In its gushing, front-page puff-piece on Rashida Tlaib, the Free Press did much worse than fail to do any real reporting. The drooling was so thick that the Free Press twice reported as fact an unsubstantiated, unproven anti-Israel tale Ms. Tlaib has been telling, claiming her Palestinian Muslim grandfather was allegedly shot by an Israeli soldier for refusing to leave his house in 1967 and go to Jordan. Unlike the Free Press, I actually checked into this story, and there is absolutely no evidence to back up her claim.

Real reporting involves actual research and investigation, not regurgitation. Sadly, the Free Press did not want to let real reporting get in the way of a story that had an obvious agenda and should have been labeled commentary. But even commentary cannot claim as fact, what is merely an unsubstantiated allegation that should have been labeled as such. That the Free Press took Ms. Tlaib at her word, without solidly substantiating the claim, is blatant evidence that the Free Press cannot be trusted to report accurately on issues relating to the Mid-East or the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In fact, during both the 1948 and 1967 wars, Israel asked Palestinians to stay and not to go to Jordan. But each time, Jordan and other Arab nations told Palestinians to leave, assuring them they'd be able to come back after a swift Arab victory. Jordan lost each time, and Tlaib's family tale is likely just a sour grapes story.

While Ronald Reagan famously said, "Trust But Verify," a newspaper's job is strictly to verify. By failing to do so, the Free Press simply doesn't deserve our trust.

Debbie Schlussel


Since Jeff Taylor won't correct the false information on Israel in this story and/or label it as a claim and not fact, e-mail his boss who heads the Detroit Free Press, Paul Anger. Ask Anger why his paper won't correct unverified claims that were reported as fact. Ask him why his reporters don't get that basic tenet of journalism--checking and verifying facts. Ask him why he won't discipline Niraj Warikoo, whose agenda led him to deliberately report as fact this tall tale. If you are a Detroiter and/or reader of the Free Press, let him know that and how this fake news will affect your future readership of his dying paper.

Posted by Debbie at 10:14 AM

December 21, 2008

Happy Chanukah: What It Means in the Age of Mumbai Bombings, HAMAS, Hezbos; Still No Modern Maccabees

By Debbie Schlussel

As I write this, it's nightfall in Michigan, and the Jewish holiday of Chanukah began--as all Jewish holidays do--at sundown, about an hour ago.

Chanukah is the story of miracles on so many levels, miracles Jews remember during this eight-day holiday, every year. It's especially compelling, this year, as we remember the murder of several Jews at the Lubavitch Chabad House Jewish Center in Mumbai, India, at the hands of Islamic terrorists less than a month ago.


Chanukah is the story of the few against the many--the few Maccabees, led by Matthew [Matityahu, and then, after his death, Matthew's son, Judah [Yehudah], who fought against oppression by Greek-Assyrian King Antiochus Epiphanies and miraculously beat him and his army, which far outnumbered the Jews. It's the story of the one jar of olive oil which mirculously lasted eight days--the amount of time it took to make more jars--in lighting the menorah [candelabra] in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. All other jars had been destroyed or made impure by the Greeks, and it was the one jar that miraculously survived intact. Above all, Chanukah is about the age-old, repeat fight of the Jewish people for religious freedom.

As we Jews face a bleak future with Islamic extremism and violence on the rise, we also face an enemy within, just as the Jews and their Maccabees fought in their own community back in the day. The Hellenists were Jews who wanted to forsake Judaism for the secularism of the Greeks. Today, those same Jews are the ones who've forsaken Judaism for liberalism. They're the ones who voted for Barack Obama, the ones who continue to pander and "outreach" to our avowed enemies in the Islamic community. I've written about so many of them on this site over the years, and their names need not be mentioned on this holiday. We know who they are. And their views must be crushed, just as the Maccabees crushed Jewish Hellenism.

I asked, last year, where are all the Maccabees? I still haven't found them. There are scant few among my fellow co-religionists willing to fight for the West's survival, and far too many who run like Roger Bannister to kiss the feet of Muslim extremists in our commmunities in America.

I'm not suggesting violence, as the Maccabees needed to engage in. But it must be remembered that the most bloody fights against and slaughters the Maccabees had to carry out were not those of their Greek-Assyrian enemies, but those of their fellow Jews, whose behavior could have meant the end of Judaism. The Maccabees showed no mercy toward these ignoramuses who embraced the enemy, toward these eager sell-outs.

Sadly, we have plenty of those types of Jews dominating my religion, today, and since there are no Maccabees, we see the results in the shrinking number of Jews worldwide. Jews who leave the religion and/or who bend over backward (and forward) to supporters of Islamic terrorism tend to be--with a few exceptions--very liberal Jews and/or their kids. Make no mistake, Bernard Madoff and many of his investors were of this ilk. That's why their greed ruled the day, and they lost their way (except the way to the ballot box to cast their votes for the Democrats). They would have been among the carnage necessary for the Maccabees' miraculous victory.

I also recognize that, among the Hellenists, are not just lapsed Jews, who've embraced far-left liberalism, but other actors, like the Justice Department, which just set a new policy of seeking no bail for Jewish defendants. We've become second class, because that's the status we've set for ourselves by constantly rushing to defend those who'd eliminate us. If you don't have pride in yourself, others will diss you, too. The Maccabees learned that, when they showed they had pride and bravery. They defied our modern and relatively recent stereotype, which was not typical for that time, of the Jew as weak and cowardly.

And unlike today, in the days of the Maccabees, no-one said it was verboten and impolite to say that the Jews' enemies were all Greek-Assyrians. No-one called them bigots or Antiochus-phobes for saying so.

And so I recognize and remember all of this as I light, tonight, the first of eight candles on my Channukah menorah, marking each night of this joyous holiday. Tomorrow night, I'll light two candles, marking the second night, and so on. The ninth candle, the shamash, is used to light the other eight. It is required to be elevated in height from the other eight candles, which are supposed to be uniform in height on a kosher menorah. (I spied menorahs on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond that simply aren't kosher because they don't meet those requirements.)

A few notes on Channukah: Contrary to what Hallmark and American Greetings and Best Buy would have you believe, it is not--as I've noted here many times--a major Jewish holiday. That's why, unlike on important Jewish holidays, we Jews can work, as I'm doing on this website. I only do not work while my Channukah candles--which are required to burn for a half hour--are lit up. Channukah has only become important, here in America, because of weak, ignorant Jewish parents who cannot explain to their kids that we don't have a Christmas or a holiday at the same time of the year that is as important to us as Christmas is to Christians. This is largely a phenomenon of Jewish immigration to America.

Speaking of Hallmark, I'm often asked why the name is spelled a gazillion different ways. That's because of English transliteration from Hebrew. It begins with a "Ch" sound, which is similar to the noise you get from clearing your throat. It's not an "h" sound, but most Gentiles--and now, many Jews--are unable to pronounce the "ch" sound. As for the two "n"s or two "k"s, those are irrelevant, as it's all about transliteration and phonetics. There is no right way to spell "Channukah" in English.

We play a game with a spinning top, called a dreidel. The dreidel has a different of four Hebrew letters on each side, which are the initials for a Hebrew phrase, Nes Gadol Hayah Sham, which means, "A Big Miracle Happened There [Here, if you're in Israel]." (Ironically, Bed, Bath & Beyond sells a gold-colored dreidel, bearing a carving of the mosque on top of the Jewish Temple Mount. HUH?!)

Chanukah Dreidel

The eight gifts thing--or even one Chanukah gift--is really not part of Chanukah, either. It's also part of the incorrect "Just like Christmas" phenomenon. In Europe, traditionally people gave gold coins--called "Channukah gelt"--and ate fried potato pancakes, called latkes. In Israel, they eat sufganiyot, jelly donuts. Jews in America tend to eat both of these on Channukah.

The bottom line is that, no matter how Channukah is celebrated by various Jews around the world, it is about Jews--with all odds against them--vanquishing their enemies, both their enemies without and within. And I note again, today that enemy is Islam and Muslims and the stupid Jewish liberals who love them. We have not chosen to fight them. They are self-appointed.

Too many self-appointed Hellenists, too. Not enough Maccabees.

On the bright side, as with all enemies of the Jewish people, with all odd against us, we defeated the Greeks and Antiochus. I'm hopeful we'll defeat Islam eventually, too.

Like I said, Chanukah is about the few beating the many. And miracles.

And finally, I'll repeat a message I posted last year from my friend Ruth S. King of Americans for a Safe Israel and a great patriot. I second her emotion:

I'm never a hundred percent sure of how to spell it, but I do know that it is a holiday of triumph of good versus evil and Jews versus their oppressors. May you and all those you love have a healthy and wonderful holiday. May we prevail over the millions of enemies we have. May America and Israel survive in strength, deterrence and determination. And, a special thanks to those not of our faith whose friendship and support are crucial and inspiring.


To my Jewish friends and readers, I wish you a Happy Chanukah, and to my other friends and readers, I hope this explained this fun and auspicious holiday to you. Thanks to all of you for being vigilant and helping to fight the modern-day Hellenists. And thanks to all of you who sent me Chanukah greetings and good wishes. Right back at ya!


From Shraga Simmons and Shimon Apisdorf at Matityahu's Revolt:

The name "Maccabee" is an acronym for the [Biblical] verse "Who is compared to You among the mighty, oh Lord" (Exodus 15:11).


More on Chanukah from Judaism 101, Matityahu's Revolt, and the Constantia Hebrew Congregation of Capetown, South Africa.

Happy Chanukah!

Temple Mount Faithful Light Chanukah Menorah in Israel
(Part of the Jewish Temple--the most holy part--has a mosque built on top of it.)

Off to light my candles. . . .

Posted by Debbie at 05:46 PM

December 11, 2008

The Unity Center Mosque: Hateful American Mosques Who Hack Members' E-mail & the Lawyers and Stupid Jewish Women Who Love Them

By Debbie Schlussel

Why is a Detroit area mosque hacking the website and e-mails of its members, then suing them to cover it up, and silence them?

What's hacking, er . . . happening, at the falsely-named Unity Center Mosque should be a lesson to the few "moderate" Muslims in America about what will happen to you if you open your mouth. Your mosque will expose you, threaten your life, and sue you. Mosque members did this to stop its members from protesting their treatment and contacting me.

Those "maverick" mosque members--religious Muslims who are trying to be moderate and accepting and liberal--created a petition and a blog protesting the Wahhabi and Salafist takeover at their house of worship, a website, and a foundation empowering moderate Muslim women. They're upset that certain extremist members of the mosque, along with their Saudi-trained imam, are squeezing out and persecuting anyone with liberal viewpoints and any woman who refuses to cover her hair outside the mosque.

Unity Center Mosque: Using Terrorists' Lawyer Shereef Akeel to Sue Members, Silence Them & Cover Up Hacking
(Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

But the mosque didn't like their expression of this. Freedom of speech about the mosque?--We can't have that. So, some mosque members apparently got someone to illegally hack into that website and obtain e-mails those members sent me and others. During the summer, they bragged about having e-mails the distraught, persecuted mosque members sent me. (Again, not to worry--my e-mail account is safe and secure, but the sender's apparently was not.) Then, they realized that they were admitting involvement in illegal behavior--cybercrimes.

So, to cover this up and ultimately obtain the e-mails legally, the mosque hired Shereef Akeel--the lawyer for Islamic terrorists, terrorist charities, and Iraqis at Abu Ghraib suing for a big payday--to file a lawsuit against the pseudonymous members. (Read the lawsuit complaint.)

The unethical lawsuit was filed this fall to cover up the previous hacking and illegal obtainment of e-mails, which Akeel is well aware of. Upon filing suit, Akeel filed a subpoena with Google to, after the fact of the apparent crime, legally obtain the gmail account e-mails Muslims from the mosque sent to third parties. Oh, and the mosque wanted to find out the real identities of the mosque members, who posted and e-mailed under fake names, to protect their lives.

I'm very familiar with this lawyer, Mr. Akeel. He's tried to suppress my own free speech--and failed--on several occasions. Now, he's trying to silence Muslims' freedom of speech. His best friend, FBI investigatee Mohammed Alomari, the author of countless anti-Semitic, anti-American conspiracy theorist texts.

Continue reading "The Unity Center Mosque: Hateful American Mosques Who Hack Members' E-mail & the Lawyers and Stupid Jewish Women Who Love Them"

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December 04, 2008

Terrorist's Lawsuit Against Prosecutor, FBI Agent Proceeds: An Omen of What's to Come When Obama Closes Gitmo

By Debbie Schlussel

The case of Karim Koubriti v. Richard Convertino and Michael Thomas is illuminating about what will happen--what we will see a lot of--if and when Barack Obama closes the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and releases some of the terrorists onto U.S. soil (because no other country will take them).

Koubriti was a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorists, until vengeful, jealous, politically-correct "Justice" Department officials and an unhinged federal judge, Gerald Rosen, worked in concert with Koubriti and other terrorists' lawyers to overturn the jury conviction.

Longtime readers of this site and my work elsewhere are familiar with the case of Convertino, about whom I first wrote in a 2003 New York Post column, reprinted here.

Former Prosecutor Rick Convertino
Sued by Al-Qaeda Terrorist Karim Koubriti

Despite everyone at the Justice Department working against him, Convertino prosecuted and convicted several Detroit Al-Qaeda terrorists who had diagrams of the take-off order of American and Israeli planes--AWACS and F-16s--at the U.S. Airforce Base in Incirlik, Turkey. They also had videotape of several U.S. sites, including Disneyland and Las Vegas, which featured some of them singing songs about jihad. They'd planned to blow up all of these places and a hospital in Jordan.

The men and their plans were discovered when FBI agents were looking for Nabil Al-Marabh, a Bin Laden right-hand man, who was in the top 10 on the FBI's Most Wanted List. Al-Marabh was not at home in the apartment at the house on Detroit's Norman Street, but Koubriti and several others were. And their plans, diagrams, and over 100 jihadist videos were discovered by agents.

Convertino, despite all odds, won convictions of most of the terrorists in the first post-9/11 jury trial for terrorists. But we can't have that.

Convertino's boss, then-U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins, was in bed with Islamic extremsists and terrorists to the point that he was the date of a "former" Islamic terrorist at an awards banquet. He was upset that Convertino obtained a conviction that implicated local Muslim and Arab agencies, including ACCESS (the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services), which spent thousands in your tax money to provide job training--Commercial Drivers License and HAZMAT Hauling Certificate training, no less!--to the terrorists. And Collins and Convertino's colleagues were jealous of his positive attention in the press all over the world for the convictions.

So Collins and Justice Department officials worked with the convicted terrorists' attorneys to look for ways to overturn Convertino's convictions and ruin his life. And they succeeded.

Within days, the Detroit and national media were rife with daily attack stories savaging this honest, decent, religious Catholic father of five, whose only crime was to convict Islamic terrorists for trying to attack America. A Justice Department official--believed to be Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathon Tukel--even outed a Muslim confidential informant who helped on the case and jeopardized the man's life, all to get back at Convertino. The informant's name appeared on the front page of Detroit's major newspapers. (I represented the informant in an unrelated matter.)

Next, they got the Judge to overturn the convictions of these terrorists over a red herring. And finally, they prosecuted Convertino.

Imagine this: You are a federal prosecutor who worked day and night to convict people who wanted to murder Americans. And suddenly, the feds are prosecuting you for having done so.

Convertino beat the charges. Jurors, for a second time, said that clearly these men were terrorists and that Convertino saved American lives by prosecuting them.

But, despite that, the witchhunt doesn't end there. And this is where the Al-Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo should take note.

Koubriti is suing Convertino and FBI Agent Michael Thomas. Yesterday, Judge Marianne O. Battani ruled that--despite, federal immunity rules that immunize officials from personal lawsuits over the performance of said federal duties--Koubriti's absurd lawsuit will go on. You'll remember that Battani is the judge who also declined to throw the bookat a Muslim Hezbollah supporter who threatened to rape and kill me for being a Jew and exercising my First Amendment rights.

Imagine the message this sends to all federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents. It's chilling--Don't go after terrorists, or you'll be subject to endless, baseless civil lawsuits from them.

The Battani decision is boneheaded, absurd, and--hello . . .--it's against the law which clearly provides immunity to Convertino and Agent Thomas.

This is exactly what the Gitmo detainees whose countries won't take them will do when they get to settle on U.S. soil. That's where things are heading.

And that's the future of America. Over ten years ago, I wrote about the litigation jihad. Since then, many others who've discovered America, have discovered this issue.

And it is only going to get worse.

The Koubriti lawsuit against Rick Convertino and Mike Thomas is only the beginning.

When Obama closes Gitmo, get ready for our courts to get clogged by more lawsuits from the Ahmeds, Mohammeds, and Mahmouds--former residents of a Cuban beachside resort full of video games, movies and La-Z-Boys.

Meanwhile, "former" Al-Qaeda terrorists Karim Koubriti drives a truck throughout Michigan . . . while he waits to collect his cool, former-terrorist-ambulance-chasing cash.

Muslims call this "Halal money." I call it, Al-Cha-ching. In many ways, it's more powerful and dangerous than the most explosive IED.


Rick Convertino isn't just sitting back and taking this lightly. He sued the federal government and his lawsuit is proceeding. One sticking point is Detroit Free Press reporter David Ashenfelter, who--despite Convertino's pleas--published the name of and outed a Muslim confidential informant in the case and jeopardized his life. Ashenfelter is repeatedly fighting his required presence and answers to questions at a deposition.

The deposition is scheduled for Monday. He must answer questions regarding all of the federal officials who leaked confidential information to him about Convertino and the Muslim informant. If he doesn't, he should get the same fate as Judith Miller. That's the law.

Posted by Debbie at 12:15 PM

November 28, 2008

"They're All Gone": Where Have We Heard That Before? Mumbai 2008 is Munich 1972 for Murdered Jewish Hostages

By Debbie Schlussel


Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet--Blessed is the True Judge/the Judge of Truth.

That is the phrase we Jews say when we inform others in our community that a fellow Jew has died. We say it because even though we are very sad that the person died, we know that only G-d--the True Judge/Judge of Truth--knows what is in his plan and can decide our proper, ultimate destiny.

It is very tragic and sad to read and hear reports coming out of Mumbai, India that Islamic terrorists murdered all of the Jewish hostages taken at the Lubavitch Chabad House--a center of Orthodox Jewry. Five dead bodies were found as Indian authorities finally took control of the Chabad House.

That Was Then . . .

Islamic Terrorist Outside Israeli Olympic Dorm in Munich, 1972

This Is Now . . .

Mumbai Chabad During Islamic Terrorist Hostage Siege, 2008

Just like in Munich in 1972, the Indian government let things go on too long before they made even the first (unsuccessful) attempt to storm the Chabad House. Tragically, the Jewish hostages, targeted and taken only because they were Jews, met the same fate as their co-religionists in Munich. We will never learn. Whether it is the incompetent German police then, or the incompetent Indian ones in the last couple of days, they treat Islam and terrorists with kid gloves. Yes, India is far tougher on Muslims than we are. But still not enough.

While India was tougher than anyone against Somalian Islamic terrorists a/k/a "pirates", the country was meek on its own soil. It's disappointing that a country headed by a Sikh--who must surely have learned something from decades of Muslim attacks on Sikhs (and Hindus)--does not crack down sufficiently on his country's Muslim population. At one time, Islam was a much smaller percentage of the Indian populus. Now, it is 10-15 percent and growing--so it matters not whether or not these terrorists were homegrown or snuck in from Pakistan. India has its fair share of Islamic terrorism supporters, such that tennis player Sania Mirza canceled her doubles partnership with Israeli Shahar Pe'er, lest she offend Muslims by playing alongside a Jew.

And now, it may be too late to crack down on Islam in India. But surely, there should have been swift stormtrooping on the Jewish center. Yes, some may have died. But now, all of them have been murdered.

Just like in Munich.

The Munich Olympians and the Mumbai Chabadniks had little in commmon. Most of the Israeli athletes were secular Jews. The Mumbai hostages were devout Jews. But that didn't matter to the Muslim one-drop rule. They were all Jews. And therefore, they were deemed less than human and slaughtered at the hands of Islamic murderers.

And by the same token, it makes no difference whether or not the Mumbai terrorist were from Al-Qaeda. The Munich terrorists were from Black September, a P.L.O. group. But, whether in 1972 or 2008, they all have one thing in common: Islam. So, now Black September (though not named for the month in which they did, in fact, slaughter the Jewish athletes, but the month in which the Hachemite King Hussein slaughtered Palestinian Muslims led by Arafat) is Black November.

The Bible was so right when it said, in Genesis, that Ishmael (and his descendants) would be wild asses of men and live lives of "manlike wilding." They continue to show us on a daily basis their wild savagery against innocents around the world.

And yet, the organized Jewish community continues to embrace these people and speak of them as a "religion of peace" and about how "hijackers hijacked the religion." I suppose now, we are supposed to say that "hostage takers and murderers took hostage-took and murdered the religion."

Whatever. We know that these never-ending acts of violence and bloodshed are not accidents of a few who "don't represent Islam." NO, they are the actions of those who represent the epitome of Islam and whose actions are already being cheered on the Islamic street around the world.

A word about Chabad Lubavitch, some of which repeats what I've already said on this site over the last few days. But it bears repeating.

Chabad House is a project of the Lubavitch sect of Chassidic Jews, known as Lubavitchers. They are known for their kindness and charitable works to Jews and non-Jews. They make it easier for Jews to practice our religion in the most remote of locales, such as Mumbai and other locations far more exotic and/or deadly and depressing. As I've noted before, I have a special place in my heart for the Lubavitcher Chassidim because they went out of their way to help make it easy for me to practice my religion when I was in college and grad school.

Lubavitch Chabad, over the years, has cared for AIDS-stricken homeless non-Jews and given them shelter and food. Yesterday, they provided a free (kosher) Thanksgiving dinner to almost 1,000 indigent, non-Jewish Los Angeles residents at a party for them at the Hard Rock Cafe. Since Judaism is not a proselytizing religion--in fact, we discourage conversion to our religion--there is no ulterior motive. There never is with Chabad. They really are saintly people. They epitomize the word, "mensch."

Chabadniks a/k/a Lubavitchers are not "holy rollers". Even though they are devout, they are not heavy-handed or judgmental and do not wear their religion on their sleeves. I have so many Lubavitch friends and have had several as teachers. They all have one thing in common--their eternal optimism, hearty spirit, and generosity and kindness without ever asking for anything in return. Most of them are people of little financial means. They do their work out of a sense of doing right and doing good and helping not just their fellow Jew, but their fellow American.

And one other thing: They are not "ULTRA-Orthodox Jews", the derogatory term that has been used by the mainstream media (including ABC News' Jon Berman) to describe them from the minute of the hostage-taking, and a term that is always used to describe all Orthodox Jews. There are never just "Orthodox Jews" in the media. Just "Ultra-Orthodox Jews." Hmmm . . . Why don't they ever describe the real "ultras"--Muslims--as "ultra-fundamentalist Muslims"?

In fact, Chabad Lubavitch is not only at the mainstream heart of Orthodox Jewry, because of birthrate and non-intermarriage, by the year 2076 (the TriCentennial), they will be the most dominant force in what is left of Judaism in America and many other places.

I mourn the deaths of these poor people, whose lives were untimely taken only because they were Jews. And I pray for their families.

It is ironic that, yesterday, as we were celebrating Thanksgiving, they were being murdered. Blessed be their memories, and may their souls have a special place in the next world.

Their late leader, the great Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rabbi) Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of Blessed Memory, made this 1986 speech about Thanksgiving and his respect for the Founding Fathers. I posted it yesterday, and I repeat it here:

The foundation of this nation was laid by the Founding Fathers, who after coming to this country proclaimed a holiday of Thanksgiving to G-d, Creator and Director of the world, for having saved them and bringing them to a secure land where they could live free of oppression and decrees--to live as they see fit, beginning from practicing their faith in G-d as Creator and Director of the world, in their own times, in their own lives, and their own rescues. They even established it as a law that every year on that day, it must be remembered again, to thank G-d from the depths of our hearts, for having shown them His kindness openly.

It has been established even for non-believers--who in their hearts believe as well, but for whatever reason, boast that they do not believe, or they believe that G-d is far away, somewhere in the Seventh Heaven. But even they know that when a matter affects them seriously, they pray to the Superbeing, to G-d, for help. And certainly, they participate in the Thanksgiving celebration for the founding of this nation by the first gentiles who arrived here.

. . . [A]lthough there were Jews among them, the majority, who established Thanksgiving, were non-Jews. This faith has been celebrated from generation to generation, including our own generation. . . .

[T]he Founders began their life in this country by thanking G-d. . . . This is the foundation of this country, to save the righteous from the hands of evil.

The Late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem M. Schneerson, of Blessed Memory

Well, we may soon be unable to save the righteous from the hands of evil, just like in India, because Islam is gaining strength here that is irreversible.

May G-d give us strength to finally recognize that our enemy is Islam. And that it will never give us peace. Only take it away, along with our lives, like it did to Jewish hostages in Mumbai in 2008 and in Munich in 1972 and at many other times and occasions before and in between those dates.

And it will continue to do so, until we stop it.

We've come full circle from the Munich Massacre to the Mumbai Massacre, with a lot more to come because we've done nothing in the West to push Islam out.

They're all gone.

--ABC sportscaster Jim McKay, announcing Islamic terrorists' murder of Israeli athletes held hostage in Munich in 1972.

Five bodies of hostages have been found inside the Chabad House. We still don't know whose bodies

--Israeli diplomate Haim Choshen, announcing Islamic terrorists' murder of Chabad Lubavitch Jews held hostage in Mumbai in 2008.

**** UPDATE: My friend Rabbi Shea Hecht, a prominent leader in the Chabad Lubavitch movement and head of the National Council for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, released this statement:

Tragedy in Mumbai

Statement by NCFJE Chair, Rabbi Shea Hecht

The leaders of the free world must strengthen their resolve to pursue and eradicate terrorist groups like the one that committed the horrible massacre in Mumbai. The world has learned from years bitter experience that a lack of resolve and organization in this fight is paid for in the lives of innocents.

As a 5th generation American, I call first upon my President, George W. Bush and to the President-Elect Barak Obama to aggressively pursue this objective.

Our communities throughout the world are experiencing a profound sense of grief. Over the past two days, we united in pouring out our prayers on behalf of Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg, their companions and their families. That the millions of prayers and acts of charity that were undertaken on their behalf should go unanswered is terribly painful. At the same time, we must pause to thank G-d for sparing Moshe Holtzberg.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone who was touched by this tragedy to continue to increase in acts of charity in the merit of those who were murdered.


Posted by Debbie at 10:53 AM

November 23, 2008

Another Detroit Entity That Wants a Bailout: Should Detroit Lions Lose Thanksgiving Day Game?

By Debbie Schlussel

**** SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE/Correction ****

It's football Sunday in the latter third of the NFL season, and as I write this the Zero (wins) and Ten (losses) Detroit Lions are the losingest team in the NFL and on their way to becoming the most losing team in NFL history. Their likely only shot for a win is today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So, should the Detroit Lions lose their traditional Thanksgiving Day game? It's been a tradition for many years, and one of the least exciting football games for almost all of those years, too.

The Lions' performance over the last couple of decades--especially abysmal now--has led to talk of the Lions giving up that game in favor of more exciting, well-matched teams.

A few weeks ago, on FOX NFL Sunday, comedian Frank Caliendo joked,

Hey, Detroit Lions, the Pilgrims called, and they want their day back.

DebbieSchlussel.com Jedi Master of Photoshop David Lunde asks:

How do Detroit (Lions) football fans put up with such a lousy football team year after year? They do seem like the most loyal fans on the planet.

But that loyalty is starting to wane for the men in silver and Honolulu blue (or as I call it, "Hono-loser blue").

And it's not just the team's very bad record, this season, on top of losers most years before.

Detroit-area interest in the Lions has been affected not just by the team's historic losing status, but by the horrid depression-like economy we have here. In fact, in many ways, the history of the Lions is emblematic of the history of Detroit and the failing auto industry. It's a fitting coincidence that the team is owned by the Ford Family, which has managed and run the team the same way they did Ford Motor Company: into the ground. Lions part-owner and VP William Clay Ford was recently a failed Chairman of the company and the family--major shareholders in Ford--still calls a lot of the shots.

Until now, the Lions have maintained a stranglehold on the Turkey Day game. When Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones initially tried to wrest it away, he didn't manage to and only got an also-ran game out of it. [CORRECTION, 11/24/08: I'm wrong on this, see update, below.] But sports fans and commentators are calling for an end to the Lions Thanksgiving Day game.

We, here in Detroit, wouldn't really care much. Detroit Lions fans--the few who are left--are forsaking the games in droves. They've been blacked out by the NFL policy of not televising games that aren't sold out or mostly sold out. Our economy is very bad, and we don't have the money to waste to prop up overpaid billionaire owners (the Fords) and their multi-millionaire mercenary employees (the Lions players who mostly don't live here in the off-season and will play for whomever pays them more) in their tax-funded, Ford-owned half-a-billion castle (Ford Field), on which Michigan taxpayers got and continue to get no return, since we funded it and they own and play in it.

It's kind of funny to see the Fords struggling to sell out Ford Field, even though its capacity is significantly reduced from the Pontiac Silverdome, a move that was done so that games would more easily sell out and be televised.

The NFL is going to have to start talking tough to players and paying lower salaries with the next draft. Fans don't have the money to pay $20 for parking, $60 per person per ticket, and $12 per person for a hot dog and a Coke. I envision certain NFL teams having to resort to the common marketing tactics of minor league baseball teams and failing NHL hockey teams: packages of nosebleed section tickets coupled with a hot dog and a coke for $15 or less. With parking, that's still expensive in this economy, especially for a losing team in a boring lopsided game.

On the other hand, we Michigan taxpayers gave the Fords a free stadium, and they make so much money in NFL TV and licensing rights, they really don't care much about winning. For them, it's a toy, a place to have a cool suite to entertain their friends in on Sundays in the fall.


So will the NFL finally dump the Lions T-Day game and forgo an unearned pro football bailout for Detroit? Well, the Fords still have their claws firmly in the NFL--with their "Built Ford Tough" sponsorship of FOX's NFL Sunday pregame show--and thus, they still have a significant amount of juice to keep the game.

In fact, their reach is so strong that FOX used to do their pregame show live from here for the Thanksgiving Day game. My friend, the brilliant orchestrator Scott Ackerson, who produces the show, used to invite me to hang with him and the crew of Terry, Howie, etc. (but I always declined--I hate big traffic and big crowds, and with the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, there's a lot of it). But this year, Scott told me they're not coming to town, and they didn't last year, either. With the Lions having as much talent as a WNBA team, it's simply not a game they want to helm live from the rustbelt capital. It's just a ratings loser--for both them and for the NFL.

I hear the suits at NFL HQ on Park Avenue are, at least, considering pulling it, though, again, it's not likely anytime soon because of the Ford Family pull.

So, should the Lions lose the Thanksgiving Day game? Do these turkeys still deserve a Turkey Day showcase? Or is Detroit so down in the dumps that yanking the Lions Thanksgiving Day gridiron contest of flak jackets, would be piling on?

What do you think?

**** UPDATE/Correction, 11/24/08: Reader Menachem's football knowledge trumps mine, indeed, and I stand corrected:

Dear Debbie,

I have been reading you for many years (10+) First time I had to correct you. The Cowboys Thanksgiving tradition goes back 40 + years and was the Idea of the legendary Tex Schramm, GM of the Dallas Cowboys. The Lions afternoon game has something to do with a parade / celebration a yearly tradition in Motown . I guess he wanted to replace the Lions and the game was added.


Posted by Debbie at 01:30 PM

November 14, 2008

The ICE Princess' Last Stand; New Head of Immigration Enforcement Under Investigation; Ray Kelly Lobbying for DHS Top Job

By Debbie Schlussel

**** SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE on Ray Kelly ****

Today, a myriad of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents contacted me from all over to let me know that their unqualified, incompetent Bush crony-ette boss, Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess", stopped by ICE headquarters to say good-bye to the little people.

After months away from the office--an unearned paid vacation courtesy of your tax dollars--she decided to make an official stop in. And, surprise, it wasn't to judge a costume contest and give out awards for "originality" to employees dressed in blackface . . . or to illegally destroy evidence when she got caught.

Also, today, while she was saying good-bye, I was observing one of the many sad legacies she's left in her destructive path of incompetence, ineptitude, and selfishness.

Laverne & Julie:
From the Beginning, ICE Agents Compared Julie Myers to a Bad Sitcom
(Artwork by a Concerned Federal Agent)

Here are some of the many fun and appropriate ICE images I've asked David Lunde to make over the last three years . . .

Julie Myers Was Unqualified, Clueless, and an Embarrassment to ICE Agents . . .




But She Got the Job Because Her Uncle Was Retired Gen. Richard Myers and Her Bed Partner Was Chertoff Chief of Staff John Wood . . .



Prima Donna Julie Myers Liked to Be Chauffeured Around by ICE Agents, Who Were Forced to Buy Her Diet Coke (Out of Their Money) . . .



And She Liked to Give Awards to Her Employees Dressed in Blackface . . .


As I walked down the aisles of a Detroit-area kosher supermarket and saw signs all over saying there is no pastrami or buffalo meat, I thought: this is really the main legacy of "The ICE Princess"--the head of our nation's immigration enforcement for the last three years, and the woman who exacerbated the problem.

The reason there is a shortage in kosher beef across the country is that instead of tracking down illegal alien visa violators--which include many Muslim "tourists" and "students" who came here for neither purpose and are still here--Myers wasted over $10,000,000 and thousands of ICE agent man-hours to round up just 300 mostly Guatemalan illegal aliens at the nation's primary kosher meat processing plant in Postville, Iowa.

I'm all for arresting illegal alien workers, but we must set priorities. And the priorities she set dictated that several hundred Somalian Muslim extremist workers with work visas got the illegal alien Guatemalans' jobs. Don't you feel so much safer now that "Black Hawk Down" was imported to Iowa? Wow, that was really worth the $10,000,000 national photo op Julie Myers bought with your taxes.

Also, the plant and its parent company just filed for bankruptcy. It is taking the whole Postville town out of commission economically--in a time we can least afford it. The whole town will collapse.

But, hey, the hundreds of thousands of Muslim tourist and student visa violators continue to roam free. I guess they are "less dangerous" than Guatemalan Catholic meat packers.

And, of course, as I noted right after the raid, I asked an ICE agent who conducted the raid whether they'd ever raid Muslim halal meat-processing plants (many of which have been linked to terrorist money laundering), and he say, "F-ck no! The White House has to sign off on this."

Instead, Julie Myers spent her days feting "former" Islamic terrorists who commit marriage and immigration fraud and work to impede her agents from enforcing the law--an amazingly obtuse move about which I wrote in the New York Post. Yes, American has its priorities.

And the priorities under Julie L. Myers, Michael Chertoff, and George W. Bush were not immigration enforcement. Estimates say that under Myers and her two top protectors--Bush and Chertoff--hundreds of thousands to a million new illegal aliens either entered the country illegally or stayed here past the time they were legally allowed to be here.

That's the rest of her Politically Correct and incredible bankrupt legacy. Under Myers, ICE became LICE--Latino Immigration and Customs Enforcement, because that's the only ethnicity that seems to be the target of immigration enforcement in these post-9/11 years.

Finally, there's her hand-picked temporary successor, whom she promoted to Deputy Assistant Secretary of ICE, even though she knew he was and remains under investigation for promoting unqualified women to important ICE positions because they slept with him.

My sources say that John P. Torres, the proud high school graduate running ICE now that Myers is gone, is under serious investigation for that misconduct and for misusing and misspending ICE money on flights to fly his extramarital girlfriend around. Because of him, she is now Assistant Special Agent in Charge in Baltimore. And don't forget the hundreds of thousands of dollars he wasted on a weeklong ICE confab promoting . . . himself and paying $30,000-$50,000 to Tommy Lasorda to speak to ICE agents.

Nice work if you can get it.

And, apparently, at ICE, you can only get the plum jobs and get promoted if you are dishonest and incompetent.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens laugh at us, just as they laughed at Myers' brilliant plan to ask illegal aliens to self-deport. Only 9 out of hundreds of thousands took a bite.

Buh-bye, ICE Princess. And good riddance. So glad you are no longer on ICE and that your federal career is on ice.

New Temp Atop ICE, John Torres


Here are a couple representative examples of the many e-mails I've received from ICE agents, very glad to see Myers go, but very much captive of low morale amidst the "leadership" of John P. Torres, ICE's own unique version of a power-mad George Costanza:

Subject: JULIE MEYERS is saying GOOD-BYE Today!

Dear Debbie,

Julie Meyers will be dropping by the new ICE HQ on 500 12th Street SW, Washington, DC to say Good-Bye today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The exclamation marks are the message--excitement that Ms. Thang is finally gone.

Subject: Meyers finally Gone!!


Tomorrow (read today) is Julie Meyers last day....... Now we have the wonderful (sic) Torres running ICE.......... Jeez, all we need to complete this bad nightmare is for Ray Kelly to come back to be DHS......... We are in serious kak kak...........

Note that both of these ICE agents spelled The ICE Princess' surname wrong, because they simply don't care about or respect her in the least to get it right. In fact, many ICE agents referred to her as The ICE Princess, after she was so dubbed by this site.

Yes, Ray Kelly, who heads the NYPD and was once head of U.S. Customs, is pushing to become Obama's new chief of Homeland Security. I've written about him before. ICE agents who worked for the former U.S. Customs noted his priority as head of Customs was not law enforcement, but affirmative action for minorities in hiring and promotions. He is a close friend of Hillary Clinton, so that may put him out of the running. He's not a good guy, but he's far better than Michael Chertoff, in that he at least was a cop and a high-level federal cop.

Sadly, as I've noted in the past, Kelly was tight with his former protege, Islamo-panderer Brian Moskowitz a/k/a "Abu Moskowitz", the sleazy, swinging ICE Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio, who was seeking extramarital relationships with employees of organizations engaged in immigration fraud, organizations that were under investigation by his agent, and suddenly aren't now.

And that's the latest in the ongoing comedy that is not a sitcom, but, sadly, real life for America: ICEfeld.


**** 11/15/08, UPDATE on Ray Kelly, possible new Homeland Security Chief:

One commenter, who claims his name is Tony Attansio and who says he worked in the NYPD and as a federal agent for Ray Kelly, is upset by my comments on Kelly. I have had mixed reactions about Kelly among ICE agents when I wrote about him when Hillary Clinton was the front-runner in the Presidential race.

Certainly, he'd be a vast improvement over Michael Chertoff, but why should Chertoff be the bar? If that's the case, the bar is set very low. Here's what I wrote about Ray Kelly, then. I think it's a pretty even-handed assessment, since Kelly has, indeed, done a decent job of infiltrating and stopping Muslim terrorists, to the great jealousy and disdain of the FBI, which has been incompetent in the same area. At the same time, this began under Bernard Kerik, and Kelly has been very much into "outreach" to Islamic extremists:

Then, there is Hillary Cankles Clinton--for whom I would NEVER EVER vote. She is very good friends with New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who would likely be among Hillary's top choices to head up DHS. Legacy-Customs agents in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have mixed reviews of Kelly's performance when he ran the then-U.S. Customs Service, a job he got because of his tight friendship with Hillary Clinton.

One former Special Agent in Charge, whom I trust a great deal, told me Kelly's chief priority was not law enforcement and stopping money laundering and smuggling of goods into America. He said Kelly's chief priority and objective in Customs was the affirmative action hiring and promotion of minorities, many of whom were not competent because they were not hired or promoted based on qualifications and experience. The former Customs Agent tells me that Kelly was terrible and helped destroy Customs.

And Kelly is friends with dangerous Islamo-pandering ICE officials like Brian Moskowitz a/k/a "Abu Moskowitz," the ICE Special Agent in Charge over Michigan and Ohio. Abu Moskowitz, a former New York City cop, brown-nosed Kelly. And Kelly, in turn, repeatedly promoted and groomed Abu M (selecting him for the prestigious Customs Leadership Institute), getting him to the position where he is today. Under a Kelly DHS, Moskowitz--who panders to known Islamic terrorists and agents of the Government of Iran and refuses to investigate their illicit activity--might be as protected and unduly promoted as Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess" was and is. NOT a good thing.

On the other hand, as head of New York's police, Kelly has been doing a great job getting and stopping Islamic terrorists. The NYPD has done such a great job stopping Islamic terrorists in New York, the FBI is angry and jealous. (That includes NYPD counter-terrorism personnel embedded in Israel, to which the FBI strenuously objects.) Most big terrorism suspects thwarted in New York recently have been stopped by NYPD undercover operatives and informants, not those from the FBI. While Kelly has achieved a lot in the fight against terrorism in NYC, he's hugged and kissed a lot of extremist Muslims in photo ops, in the process. Not a good thing.

Ray Kelly: New DHS Leader?

I asked at that time for agents to respond and comment on Kelly:

I'd love to hear more from ICE agents who've worked for Kelly. Please post your comments in this entry and/or e-mail me, and let me know what you think of him.

Read the responses. And please comment now on your reaction to Ray Kelly atop DHS.

Posted by Debbie at 03:59 PM

"Quantum of Solace" Will Leave You Barely Shaken, Only Slightly Stirred

By Debbie Schlussel

The best thing about "Quantum of Solace"--the latest James Bond flick--is that the aptly-named villain-in-chief, Dominic Greene, is an environmentalist wacko, a "green" fanatic.

And, like most of them, he's a Gulfstream eco-hypocrite, who actually rapes the land and victimizes indigenous peoples, while raising money in the name of helping them. The movie debuts today, and I was shocked that Hollywood dared go there, especially since the script is co-written by uber-leftist Paul "Crash" Harris.

Still, the villain was boring. He doesn't compare to Blofeld (full name: Ernst Stavro Blofeld)--my favorite repeat Bond villain (best played by the late Telly Savalas)--or even Jaws. Not even close.


And aside from portraying the green movement as utter hypocrisy, the movie was dull, only so-so. Note to the Broccoli family (which owns the rights to Ian Fleming's James Bond movie franchise): Stick to more glamorous locales than Bolivia (the setting for a significant chunk of this movie), which was very Bolivi-oring.

As was the case with "Casino Royale" (read my review), I continue to struggle to like Daniel Craig as the new James Bond (sadly, the first James Bond actor to have posed nude--not classy, just gross; Sean Connery came very close to doing the same) . I want to like him as Bond. He is masculine, hot, charismatic, and sexy . . . in a haggard, Vladimir-Putin-lookalike kinda way (I also try to forget his horrid role in the equally horrid pan-terrorist "Munich"). And they love to show this well-toned Bond with his shirt off, great for red-blooded women like me.

But the humorless script didn't help him much. James Bond is supposed to be fun and casual--a hail fellow well met who is a good sport and doesn't take himself too seriously, even when he's getting the bad guys. But this movie was the exact opposite. It was smothered under the weight of seriousness, revenge themes, and bitterness. Don't get me wrong--I love revenge, a motive and response which is under-rated and over-panned. But I just didn't feel it here. It was empty and stupid.

One turn-on: Fortunately, Craig's Bond wasn't girlie-manish and metrosexual in "Quantum," my chief objection to him in "Casino Royale."

I wasn't overly thrilled with Craig's debut in "Casino Royale", but I liked this one far less. I now have a better appreciation for "Royale", which really was far more Bondian in tradition, tempo, and demeanor. "Royale" had a discernible, plausible plot and heart-pounding action. This one had lots more action, but it was mostly dull and unexciting action, which left me cold. That's unless you count the scene of Bond repeatedly walking through massive flames of fire, unhurt. That's a "Come on?!" moment that's hard to believe. And while, yes, most Bond movies have stunts that are just not believable, the flamewalker stuff was just blatant in-your-face BS.

There was some great shooting and cool gun scenes. Love those guns--suave men with guns are hottt. But other than that, yaaawn.

Daniel Craig: Bond . . . James Bond, or Putin . . . Vlad Putin

And this one was missing even more of what Bond is all about and what makes male moviegoers want to be him and female movie fans want to "date" (euphemism) him: "shaken/not stirred" drinks, sexy women, and cool gadgets. Does our depressed economy translate into a shortage of all of those? Apparently so. While Ian Fleming's written-page Bond was actually not a womanizer, that's not the bachelor (except in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") Bond we've come to know on-screen. But in "Quantum", Bond has only two women (who are strikingly flatter than General Motors' profits and the main course at IHOP). The cool gadgets? Well, there aren't any. Didn't you hear? Sharper Image went out of bid'ness. And the drinks? Well, "shaken, not stirred" is gone from the Bondian dialogue. I don't remember even hearing the "Bond, James Bond" line.

Especially in this sad economic state of affairs, we more than ever need more of this stuff in our escape at the movies. And they gave us less. It's like we flew coach on Northwest to Greater Bondia, and they not only took away the peanuts because of someone's allergies and the snacks to cut costs, but they ripped the cushions out of the seats, too. Plus, they lost our bags (but not the bags underneath Craig's eyes).

Oh, and remember "M," the elder Bond boss? It was bad enough when un-Bond-like women's lib transformed Bond's boss from male to female (Judi Dench). Now, it's worse. The senior citizen was supposed to be a cameo, but now she's a co-star. Too much of her, far too less of Bond women, gadgets, cars, and drinks. What is this--"AARP Magazine" on film? Apparently, Helen Thomas is doing the casting for Bond girls now and the guys writing Dench's growing share of dialogue think she's one.

Then, there's the murky, absurd "plot". It's a mess and hard to discern. The movie takes place immediately after "Casino Royale", but you needn't have seen that to understand this. Bond and M discover moles in the British Secret Service that work for this unnamed criminal organization. Apparently this same organization is responsible for killing Bond's true love (agent Vesper Lynd who is killed at the end of "Casino Royale"), and he wants revenge. Meanwhile, he meets a Bolivian woman who has her own similar motivations in trying to stop the eco-villain and his criminal organization from installing their own dictator in Bolivia, a corrupt general. Asleep yet?

And the plot isn't just weak. As with all weak plots these days, it's anti-American, the fail-safe Hollywood plot device. Two geeky, evil CIA agents are working with the eco-terrorist villain to help the corrupt general take over Bolivia, and only Bond--of course!--can stop them. Not that I love the pan-Arabist Valerie Plamesque CIA, but hey, the MI-5 and -6 guys ain't no saintly champions of Western values either. Kim Philby, anyone?

The one cool thing in the movie was ripped off from "Goldfinger". A Bond girl is found dead in Bond's hotel room covered in black oil. Remember the Bond girl found in a hotel room covered in gold paint? Been there, seen that.

Yes, there are some funny lines in the movie, but very few and far in between, unlike most Bond films. And, frankly, the best line in the movie was a serious and true-to-life one uttered by the eco-terrorist:

While America is tied up in the Middle East, Latin America is falling like dominoes to the Communists.

So true, and it's something I've been shouting from the rooftop of this site for a number of years, as President Bush did nothing to stop Daniel Ortega and other Communists from retaking power in our Southern Hemisphere neighbors.

Exit question: Will Hollywood ever have the guts to make James Bond fight Muslim terrorists the way he fought Cold War Communists? James Bond bedding scantily-clad Muslim women under the noses of Bin Laden acolytes, then rubbing their faces in it and his bullets, is exactly the excitement we need. And so does he.

Bottom line: The movie was entertaining and not objectionable. But it just wasn't what we expect from James Bond. Not only wasn't it a great Bond movie. It wasn't even an average one. It was just okay, and--as much as I hate to say it--in terms of a Bond movie, it was sort of mediocre. I love James Bond and James Bond movies. But I don't love "Quantum of Solace." It was just "eh". That's why I can only give it . . .



Read more about how this movie clashes with Ian Fleming's consistent vision of James Bond, in Allen Barra's interesting, "Will the Real James Bond Please Stand Up?"--entertaining must reading for Bond fans.


From a past entry on "Casino Royale" and Daniel Craig as the new fair-haired Bond, here are some of my Bond favorites:

Fave DebbieSchlussel.com James Bond flick: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," starring George Lazenby, the one and only time he played Bond. Also liked, "From Russia With Love," "Goldfinger," and "Dr. No."

Fave DebbieSchlussel.com James Bond: George Lazenby and Sean Connery.

Fave DebbieSchlussel.com James Bond villain: Blofeld (full name: Ernst Stavro Blofeld), as played by Telly Savalas (Blofeld was also played by Donald Pleasence and Max Von Sydow).

Sean Connery, George Lazenby as James Bond & Telly Savalas as Blofeld

Posted by Debbie at 12:00 AM

November 13, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama's Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions

By Debbie Schlussel

**** Copyright 2008, Must Cite Debbie Schlussel and link to DebbieSchlussel.com ****


Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains the official copy of his alleged Selective Service registration commit the crime for him?

It's either one or the other, as indicated by the release of Barack Obama's official Selective Service registration for the draft. A friend of mine, who is a retired federal agent, spent almost a year trying to obtain this document through a Freedom of Information Act request, and, after much stonewalling, finally received it and released it to me.

But the release of Obama's draft registration and an accompanying document, posted below, raises more questions than it answers. And it shows many signs of fraud, not to mention putting the lie to Obama's claim that he registered for the draft in June 1979, before it was required by law.


The official campaign for President may be over. But Barack Obama's Selective Service registration card and accompanying documents show that questions about him are not only NOT over, but if the signature on the document is in fact his, our next Commander-in-Chief may have committed a federal crime in 2008, well within the statute of limitations on the matter. If it is not his, then it's proof positive that our next Commander-in-Chief never registered with the Selective Service as required by law. By law, he was required to register and was legally able to do so until the age of 26.

But the Selective Service System registration ("SSS Form 1") and accompanying computer print-out ("SSS Print-out), below, released by the Selective Service show the following oddities and irregularities, all of which indicate the document was created in 2008 and backdated:

* Document Location Number Indicates Obama Selective Service Form was Created in 2008

First, there is the Document Location Number (DLN) on the form. In the upper right hand corner of the Selective Service form SSS Form 1, there is the standard Bates-stamped DLN, in this case "0897080632," which I've labeled as "A" on both the SSS Form and the computer printout document. On the form, it reflects a 2008 creation, but on the printout, an extra eight was added in front of the number to make it look like it is from 1980, when it was actually created in 2008.

As the retired federal agent notes:

Having worked for the Federal Government for several decades, I know that the standardization of DLNs have the first two digits of the DLN representing the year of issue. That would mean that this DLN was issued in 2008. The DLN on the computer screen printout is the exact same number, except an 8 has been added to make it look like it is from 1980 and give it a 1980 DLN number. And 1980 is the year Senator/President Elect Obama is said to have timely registered. So, why does the machine-stamped DLN reflect this year (2008) and the DLN in the database (which was manually input) reflect a "corrected" DLN year of 1980? Were all the DLNs issued in 1980 erroneously marked with a 2008 DLN year or does the Selective Service use a different DLN system then the rest of the Federal Government? Or was the SSS Form 1 actually processed in 2008 and not 1980?

It's quite a "coincidence" . . . that is, if you believe in coincidences, especially in this case.

Far more likely is that someone made up a fake Selective Service registration to cover Obama's lack of having done so, and that the person stamping the form forgot (or was unable to) change the year to "80" instead of the current "08". They either forgot to fake the DLN number or couldn't do so.

And guess where the Selective Service registrations are marked and recorded? Lucky for Obama, it's his native Chicago. From an article entitled, "Post Office Registration Process", on the Selective Service website:

When a young man reaches 18 he can go to any of the 35,000 post offices nationwide to register with Selective Service. There he completes a simple registration card and mails it to the Selective Service System. This begins a multi-step process which results in the man's registration.

Each week approximately 6,000 completed registration cards are sent to the Selective Service System's Data Management System (DMC) near Chicago, Ill. At the DMC these cards are grouped into manageable quantities. Each card is then microfilmed and stamped with a sequential document locator number. The processed microfilm is reviewed to account for all documents and to ensure that the film quality is within strict standards. After microfilming, the cards are keyed and then verified by a different data transcriber.

The Document Locator Number (DLN) is an automatic function (Selective Service record-keeping, specifically the DLN is described on pages 7-8 of this Federal Register document), with the first two digits comprising the year, and it was not changed to "08" in error. So if the form was filed and processed in 1980, how did it get a 2008 DLN?!

* Obama's Selective Service Registration Form is Apparently 1990 Form Altered to Appear Like 1980 Form

On the SSS Form 1, in the lower left hand corner is the form number (SSS Form 1) and the month and year version of the form, labeled as "B". On this particular Form 1, it clearly shows the month as "FEB" (February), and the year is either "80" or "90". The retired federal agent investigated further:

Magnification of the form both physically (with a 10x glass) or with different image software does not reflect a clear cut result of either a "80" or a "90".

But, checking the history of SSS Form 1 (see http://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/PRAViewICR?ref_nbr=198002-3240-001#), it's apparent that in February 1980, the Selective Service agency withdrew a "Request for a new OMB control number" for SSS Form 1 (see also, here)--meaning the agency canceled its previous request for a new form, and one was never issued in "FEB 1980".

Since under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980, Pub. L. No. 96-511, 94 Stat. 2812 (Dec. 11, 1980), codified in part at Subchapter I of Chapter 35 of Title 44 a federal agency can not use a form not approved by OMB (Office of Management and Budget), it's nearly impossible for Senator/President-Elect Obama's SSS Form 1 to be dated "Feb 1980." And since that makes it almost certainly dated "Feb 1990," then how could Barack Obama sign it and the postal clerk stamp it almost ten (10) years before its issue?! Simply not possible.

The lower right hand corner reflects that the Obama SSS form 1 was approved by OMB with an approval number of 19??0002, labeled as "C". The double question marks (??) reflect digits that are not completely clear.

* Barack Obama's Signature is Dated After Postal Stamp Certifying His Signature

Barack H. Obama signed the SSS Form 1's "Today's date" as July 30, 1980, labeled "D". But the Postal Stamp reflects the PREVIOUS day's date of July 29, 1980, labeled "E". Yes, Obama could have mistakenly written the wrong date, but it is rare and much more unlikely for someone to put a future date than a past date. (Also note how Barry made such a "cute" peace sign with the "b" inside the "O" of his signature. Touching.)

* Postal Stamp is Incorrect, Discontinued in 1970

Then, there is the question as to whether the Postal Stamp is real. The "postmark" stamp--labeled "E"--is hard to read, but it is clear that at the bottom is "USPO" which stands typically for United States Post Office. However, current "postmark" validator, registry, or round dater stamps (item 570 per the Postal Operations Manual) shows "USPS" for United States Postal Service. The change from Post Office to Postal Service occurred on August 12, 1970, when President Nixon signed into law the most comprehensive postal legislation since the founding of the Republic--Public Law 91-375. The new Postal Service officially began operations on July 1, 1971.

Why was an old, obsolete postmark round dater stamp used almost ten (10) years after the fact to validate a legal document . . . that just happened to be Barack Obama's suspicious Selective Service registration form?

* Form Shows Barack Obama didn't have ID

The SSS Form 1 states "NO ID", labeled "F". Since that's the case, then how did the Hawaiian postal clerk know that the submitter was really Barack H. Obama, who may have been on summer break from attending Occidental College in California. How would they determine whether the registrant was truly registering and not a relative, friend, or other imposter?

* The Selective Service Data Mgt. Center Stonewalled for Almost a Year on Obama Registration, Until Right Before the Election.

The retired federal agent who FOIA'd Barack Obama's Selective Service Registration Form notes:

Early this year, when I first started questioning whether Obama registered I was told:
Sir: There may be an error in his file or many other reasons why his registration cannot be confirmed on-line. However, I did confirm with our Data Management Center that he is, indeed, registered with the Selective Service System, in compliance with Federal law.


Janice L. Hughes/SSS

Then, they suddenly found the record on September 9, 2008 (prior to my October 13, 2008 request), and stated that his record was filed on September 4, 1980. Did they temporarily change the date on the computer database?

On the previous FOIA response, they stated that it was filed on September 4, 1980. In my second request I mentioned that Obama could not have filed it in Hawaii on September 4, 1980 as he was attending Occidental College in California, the classes of which commenced August 24, 1980.

* Other Questions: Missing Selective Service Number, FOIA Response Dated Prior to FOIA Request, Missing Printout Page

Where is Obama's Selective Service number (61-1125539-1) on the card?

And the retired federal agent notes that the Selective Service Data Management Center prepared its response to his FOIA request prior to the request having been made:

The last transaction date is 09/04/80 [DS: labeled "G"], but the date of the printout is 09/09/08 [DS: labeled "H"]. My FOIA was dated October 13 so why did they prepare the printout BEFORE I submitted my FOIA? I gave them no "heads up" that I was sending it. In fact it was not mailed until late October--around the 25th.

Also, notice the printout was page 1 of 2 [DS: labeled "I"].

Hmmm . . . where is the other page, and what's on it?

A lot of questions here. And a lot of huge hints that this government-released, official Barack Obama Selective Service registration was faked. Either he signed the fake backdated document, or someone else faked his signature and he never registered for the draft (and lied about it).

Which is it?

It's incredible that our impending Commander-in-Chief either didn't register for the draft or did so belatedly and fraudulently.

The documents indicate it's one or the other.

*** UPDATE: Here's another irregularity that points to fraud, as spotted by reader Joyce:

My husband printed the information provided on your web site regarding Barack Obama's Selective Service registration discrepancies. I noticed that the DLN number in upper right corner (labeled "A") has only ten (10) digits with the first two being 08 , but the DLN number shown on the computer screen printout has eleven (11) digits with the first two being 80. It clearly indicates that the "8" was added at the beginning of the DLN number, in order to appear that it was issued in 1980 and wasn't simply a reversal of the first two digits as the retired federal agent noted. This in itself appears questionable. I would think there is a standard number of digits in all DLN numbers.

**** UPDATE #2, 11/14/08: Retired Federal Agent Source Reveals Himself:

The recently retired federal agent has requested that I disclose his identity so that there is no question as to the source of the information.

His name is Stephen Coffman. He retired last year from the position of the Resident Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Galveston, Texas office. He has over 32 years of government service and has held a Secret or higher security clearance for the majority of those years.

He filed the FOIA with Selective Service and has the original letter and the attachments. He first notified the Selective Service of his findings and they ignored the questions.

He can be reached via email at retirediceagent@sbcglobal.net.

UPDATE #3, 11/17/08: Some Obamapologists are claiming this is a fake and want to see evidence that retired agent Coffman actually got these documents from the Selective Service System Data Management Center. Below are scans of the letter and envelope that accompanied Barack Obama's fraudulent registration for the draft (I've cropped the blank white space):


Posted by Debbie at 01:56 AM

November 09, 2008

70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht: Too Many of My People Have Forgotten

By Debbie Schlussel

Today is the 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht--the "Night of Broken Glass".

On that night, Nazis raided, vandalized, burned down, or otherwise destroyed German Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues, while non-Jewish residents and police and fireman watched and did nothing.

On November 9-10, 1938, more than 90 Jewish people were murdered and about 30,000 Jewish men were sent to concentration camps where they, too, would mostly face death.

Anti-Semitism always dominated Europe, which is why my paternal grandfather's family left for America at the turn of the century and my paternal grandmother left not long after. But the night of November 9, 1938 marked the official start of the Holocaust--the official symbol that this European anti-Semitism had escalated to a level of even more unspeakable horrors against Jews than previously imagined.


Photos from Kristallnacht, November 9-10, 1938: Jews Arrested and Sent to Concentration Camps, Synagogues and Jewish Businesses Destroyed . . .





It was a loud disruption to the cocooned view of German Jews that they were cultured and mostly assimilated and, many of them, wealthy, and that their fellow Germans would never harm them. On that night, they finally realized that, in fact, they were not the equals in society they'd believed for centuries that they were. As many of my readers and friends have noted this week, these German Jews have their contemporaries in the liberal Jews who voted for Barack Obama and the party dominated by anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, the Democrats.

They are the same Jews who constantly do "outreach" to Muslims who openly hate them and praise Hezbollah and HAMAS and homicide bombings. They are also the same Jews who love to mindlessly utter the tired "Never Again" phrase, but gladly associate with those who will ensure that in a generation or two it very likely could happen again.

They are Jews like Jewish News owner Arthur Horwitz who, last week, endorsed Obama in his left-wing rag and this week commemorates the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Through all of this, he is engaged in a commercial partnership with Hezbollah agent, Osama Siblani, owner of the Arab American News--who openly praises Farrakhan's anti-Semitic hate and HAMAS and Hezbollah terrorist attacks on Jews, prints vile anti-Semitic editorials against Detroit-area Jews, and whose brother is an executive of Al-Manar (Hezbollah's TV station). Horwitz is trying to promote Siblani's paper and make it more effective and lucrative.

Yes, the "comfortable" German Jews have been reborn (with apologies to the German Jews of those days who even themselves didn't behave like the Arthur Horwitzes of today). And they have forgotten the sounds of the breaking glass, of the 20 Jewish suicides of that night seventy years ago, of the screams of 30,000 people arrested and sent to the camps, just because they were Jewish.

While there are no Kristallnachts here right now, and Americans from the center to the right--who are not of the Pat Buchanan bent--are largely philo-Semitic, we also saw, just two weeks ago, "Hit a Jew Day" at a St. Louis public school and have seen increasing incidents of anti-Semitism all over America and violent brutal attacks against Jews all over Europe, particularly in France.

I, myself, have endured the death, rape, and torture threats from four American residents--ALL of them Muslim. Today's Nazis don't wear the swastika, they wear the crescent. And they find their most vocal supporters on the left and in the party of the left and its new President-elect. And, yes, they have far too many PC-types who are also yes-men--though to a much lesser extent--in the Republican Party.

Seventy years and many have forgotten. I haven't forgotten. I have the photos of my late maternal grandmother, Adela, and her friends in their Nazi-imposed Gold Jude star patch. And I have the memories of the many stories my late maternal grandfather, Isaac, told me over the years of his struggle to survive in the death camps and his many close calls with it as he subsisted as a bag of bones working in many camps, including Dora.

My Grandmother Adela (2nd Row, Third From Left)
& Her Fellow Yellow Star Wearing Seamstress Friends

Far too many of us have forgotten. Fortunately, a few of us remember.

There are many famous pictures of what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews on that particularly night 70 years ago in Germany and for years to come all over Europe, while Muslims--including Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem--begged them to speed up the Final Solution and export it to include the Middle East and North Africa.

My late father, H.L. Schlussel, MD, used to point to the picture of a Nazi SS soldier pulling a rabbi by his beard. He would juxtapose it with his favorite photo by Allan Tannenbaum, of bearded religious Jews in Israel's Judah and Shomron--the so-called "West Bank"--protecting their homes and lives with M-16s. "That Was Then, This is Now," was the slogan my father would put on the makeshift copies of the two photos he put together.

Sadly, as my dad lamented, even the "now" may soon be the "then" because my fellow co-religionists, both in Israel and here in America, do not learn from history. They ignore it.

Today, there are different architects of the Final Solution, but the plan is the same. Unfortunately, our impending President wants to hang out with them--the Ahmadinejads and Khaled Meshaals (of HAMAS) of the world--and they happily send him their congratulations and entreaties.


70 years, but that's in the past. It could never happen now . . . . Right?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

---Sir Edmund Burke

This Is Now, But it Could Soon Be "Then" . . .


My Dad's Favorite Photo: Allan Tannenbaum Photo of Religious Jewish Settler with M-16, Elon Moreh, Israel, 1988 - Copyright, Allan Tannenbaum.

Posted by Debbie at 12:59 PM

November 05, 2008

To Clarify: The Jews Did Not Elect Obama; 63 Milln-Plus Americans Did; Many Jews Lament Obama Win

By Debbie Schlussel

A small minority of people--actually one reader--was upset that I wrote the article I wrote yesterday on the majority of Jews who voted for Barack Obama--Jews who are mostly not religious Jews and who are mostly very liberal (Orthodox Jews are conservative and voted mostly for McCain). The reader felt that it makes the Jews look bad, blames them for the Obama win, etc. In this day of increased anti-Semitism--in which I was called a "Jewish elitist" for some of my comments about Sarah Palin--I can certainly understand that trepidation.

I wrote the piece to expose the liberal Jews in Detroit who espouse extremist Muslims and help our enemies. I have no other forum in which to do so, as the Jewish newspaper in town is in bed with them and espouses the same absurdity. Exposing them on my well-read and popular site gets word out efficiently and effectively. And I wanted to give a voice to my many frustrated fellow co-religionists who, like me, are frightened by Barack Obama's past and his future. I want you, the many gentiles who read my site, to know that many of us Jews do not approve of this crap pulled by our unelected, unrepresentative set of "leaders".


That said, I want to be clear about something: Don't blame the Obama win on America's Jews. While exit polls claim that 78% of Jews voted for Obama--and I think that's low, and probably some Jews lied to the exit pollsters--22% did not. We voted for McCain.

As American Jews, we make up only 5.2 million of the 300 million residents of America. As such, we are less than 2% of the country. And though we have a higher percentage of voter turnout than any other ethnic group, we are not the ones who elected Obama. 63,042,806 Americans voted for Obama, and Jews made up a tiny fraction of that. Since Obama got almost 8 million more votes than McCain, even if every Jew in America (and not all of us are over 18 and eligible to vote), it still wouldn't have put him over the top.

We do not control elections or their outcomes, much less anything else. As someone who is not wealthy by any stretch, I am still waiting for my supposed share of the international banking system, Hollywood, and the liberal media.

And while I understand the Jewish reader's trepidation, I believe that most of my readers are philo-Semitic and probably more pro-Israel than most Jews. I understand that conservatives and religious Christians are on my side for the most part. Yes, there are a few "paleo-conservatives" of the Pat Buchanan clan who never liked Jews or Israel, and there are others who claim to be pro-Israel, like Sean Vannity, yet are friends with Neo-Nazis like Hal Turner and constantly promote Pat Buchanan's pro-Hitler book. But most of you, I know, don't blame the election on my ethno-religious group. You blame it on a bad campaign, a bad candidate, a non-conservative President and party for the last eight years, and a confluence of events beyond our control--ie., the increasing mass stupidity and dumbing down of the American people, the mortgage crisis, the stock market crisis, etc.

Carl in Jerusalem, one of the many stalwart Jews for McCain, notes a great bumper sticker about how many of us Jews feel. Joe Gelman of Neocon Express blames the incompetent Republican Jewish Coalition, a group of which I've also been very critical.

Still, I want you to read a few of the many e-mails I've received from Jewish McCain voters from all over America, and one in Israel.

From My Friend, Karen:


I am so depressed, watching the election results and reading this email. The world is full of fucking idiots and they happen to be Jews. I am terrified for this country -- for us, and for Israel.

The Pied Piper, Svengali, Robin Hood and Emperor Without Clothes has them mesmerized into imbeciles.


Reader Charles:

Dear Debbie:

As another Orthodox Jew I am extremely depressed on the thought of 4 years of this anti-semite serving as President. I can't believe so many so-called Jews supported him. They would vote for Adolf if he was on the Democratic ticket. These were not real Jews. They are the liberal Jews who infest the West Side of New York. The people I learn with in Yeshiva [Jewish academy of Torah/Bible learning] all supported McCain. In my Young Israel crowd there were very few who supported, and I can hardly use the word that Rush [Limbaugh] uses, "the messiah." . . .

What a depressing evening.

My G'dson is Brett Joshpe who is an up and coming conservative. Maybe you've seen his columns and recent book "Why You're Wrong About The Right?" He asked me last week what the Jews in Germany did when Hitler came to power. I told him the Reform [Reform Jews] crowd thought they were OK since they were German. The monied people left, and the poor were left to die.

Reader Adina:

I must tell you that from my birds eye view in Israel, having just moved here this summer, I must say that the news of Obama's election is eliciting true fright. The leaders here veer dangerously leftward, but the average Jew knows the score.

Not only are people living in the US in danger, but Israel is now truly alone in its fight against the Islamists, and in particular the Iranian Hitler. We will need to strike pre-emptively,and soon.This is what I am hearing from my many contacts

We can all thank leftwing Jews who championed, shielded and now elected him, and most especially George Soros for bankrolling his machine. I hate to admit this, but even after witnessing the Holocaust, most Jews are incapable of self preservation. They worship the God of multiculturalism, and are more frightened of being branded racist, than of making rational decisions.

If people truly want to understand this Jewish dementia a good place to start is by reading Dr Kenneth Levin's trenchant book, "The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege" [DS: An EXCELLENT Book!]. A real eye opener, you might want to review it on your site, and discuss its important implications. Our lives might very well depend on it.


Reader Rob, a Medical Doctor:

Dear Debbie

I love your BLOG. You tell the truth.

I am Jewish and proud of it. I am at odds with my entire family now.

I especially liked your piece, "When Your Doctor is a Muslim: Medical Terrorism Comes to America."

I am a doctor. I treat Muslims, Jews, Whites, Blacks, and at times have even treated people with big tattoos of swastikas. Treating patients with swastika tattoos sickens me, but I use my position as a Jewish doctor to give people the chance to not hate me and not hate Jews. It has worked with White supremacists. I have been told that I was the coolest and best doctor and made it clear to guys with swastikas tattooed on them that I was indeed Jewish. That when you get a tattoo like that you never know when you will be at the mercy of a Jewish doctor. I have had guys tell me they were going to have their Swastika tattoo removed after dealing with me.

Debbie, my heart is crying. When will we as Americans learn? When we as Jews learn? I have a few Jewish patients. I was talking to one a little before election day about Sarah Palin a great American and a supporter of Judeo-Christian culture as well as a supporter of Israel. There is a small beacon of hope for America, Judeo-Christian culture, and Israel itself. And that is all he can say.

I am tired. People are so ignorant. Only a few see what is really happening. I admire your candor. Your braveness and the truth you tell.

See you in the Obama re-education camps. Jews seem to think we may somehow deserve the violence perpetrated against us.

Sincerely and Shalom


Yesterday, you read reader Scott's letter, and here's his follow-up today:

I thought you might like to know that I read your whole article on the Jewish Women's Federation at my Torah study class tonight, and a lively discussion ensued.

We were not watching election results, so it was good and positive time spent.

We have lost this election, and I have to say that I am rattled to the core.

I feel like I do not know America anymore - and I had so much faith in the people of this country!

I sing "G-d Bless America" to my ten-month-old daughter when I put her to sleep. I love this country. But what is to become of it - of us?

Hoping that somehow we may be able to find some silver lining, some light in this mess.

Thank you for all that you have done.


Blessing and success in all your endeavors,

My Friend Dan:


Oy vey, this is drek.

What do you think is going to be?

We true conservatives will be back in two years and in four years! Hopefully the country will still be viable. Keep the faith.


These are just a few of many, many e-mails I've gotten from American Jews who voted for John McCain.

There are many of us--over one in every five of us, nearly one in every four Jews, voted for John McCain.

Let's hope that number increases in four years . . . or rather, in two.

Posted by Debbie at 03:23 PM

November 04, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish Women's Federation Tells Invited Terrorism Speaker She Can't Answer Khalidi Questions; The Self-Destruction of American Jewry

By Debbie Schlussel

Why did a Jewish women's group risk its tax-exempt status by telling its invited speaker she was not allowed to answer questions about Barack Obama buddy, Rashid Khalidi?

There's an old Jewish fable of a Jewish community in a city called Helm or Chelm. The people there are extremely stupid, and those they've chosen to lead them are even more idiotic. They're known, sarcastically, as "The Wise Men of Chelm."

Well, based on lots of rightfully angry phone calls I've received since yesterday, I think we just found our modern day "Wise Women of Chelm," the Women's Department of the Jewish Federation of Detroit--dominated by Obama supporters. Yesterday, they held their "Woman 2 Woman" fundraiser at which the minimum ticket in is a $365 donation.

Mazel Tov: Jewish Women's Federation Silences
Terrorism Expert Rita Katz on Obama Buddy Rashid Khalidi

They refused to allow their invited fundraiser speaker, terrorism expert Rita Katz, to answer questions from the audience about Barack Obama bud, Palestinian anti-Semite and Israel hater, Arafat advisor Rashid Khalidi. Katz told the audience that she was told by her Jewish women Federation hosts and employees that she was not to answer questions about Khalidi because "it's political."

I know Rita--author of "The Terrorist Hunter"--whose father was assassinated by Saddam Hussein for being Jewish. She was born in Iraq and fled with her family to Israel. And I know that were she not suddenly censored by her fellow Jewish females on the eve of the election, she would have told the truth about Rashid Khalidi. Sadly, though, even if she had, it wouldn't have changed a single mind in the community of the blind, deaf, and dumb that is Jewish America on this election day.

This organization is the women's division of the Jewish Federation of Detroit, a group of self-appointed Jewish liberals who unfortunately decide how money is spent in the Jewish community and throughout Detroit, who purport to speak for me as a Jewish-American Detroiter, and who continue to reach out to and pander to "former" Islamic terrorists and Hezbollah members. These dumbasses--with their $400 million-plus endowment--funded a tour for Detroit Black kids of the anti-Israel Arab American National Museum and they funded an initiative to help increase Muslim immigration here and remove barriers to it. Those are just a couple of their myriad absurdly offensive expenditures.

It's a good thing this women's division of obnoxious dummies (who, through their behavior, help breed anti-Semitism) wasn't around in 1940. I can only imagine a speaker telling the women's group that she is not allowed to answer questions about Goebbels, Himmler, or Dr. Mengele, because "it's political."

And don't think that's a stretch. This progesterone-injected group of Hebrew Obama crones would likely be the kapos in the camps in those days. Or they'd be the ones who said,

Don't worry, they're just taking us away for a short weekend. In no time, we'll be back at our homes.

Except, in those days, many of those Jews really didn't know what was happening or what the Nazis were doing. Today, Jews have been sent almost two years of loud broadcasts and telegrams about Rev. Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, and Ali Abunimah. Yet, they choose to ignore them. Also, in those days, the kapos--the Jews who helped the Nazis and turned in other Jews, both in and outside the camps--were in the minority of European Jewry, an infinitesimal fraction of a fraction. Today, the kapos for Obama dominate American Jewry, and I and my compatriots are in the minority.

The line the Jewish Women's Federation told Rita Katz to give--that she can't talk about Khalidi because "it's political"--is actually the real politics here. It's official: the Jewish Federation is an arm of Team Obama. And for this political move, Federation stands to risk its 501(c)(3) charitable status. Politics are a no-no, and restraining a speaker to help the Obama election is political activity. I've heard from several people who want to complain to the IRS and have the status revoked.


The Detroit Jewish News--the "Bible" for these Idiot-owitzes--predictably endorsed Barack Obama. As with everything this insult to birdcage liner does, it would be too much to expect a paper with the name Jewish in its title to actually do something to support the Jews and their interests. Jewish News owner, Arthur Horwitz (whom some more appropriately call, Arthur "Whore-witz"), is in a commercial partnership with Osama Siblani, whose newspaper is funded by Hezbollah, whose brother is an Al-Manar (Hezbollah TV) exec, who called Hezbollah "the martyrs" and "freedom fighters", and who was identified by a Kuwaiti newspaper as one of Hezbollah's key American agents.

Recently, the Arab American News ran one of the most vile, anti-Semitic "Jews Are Rich and Get Special Treatment" articles. The Jewish News denounced it. But that was just smoke and mirrors, since Whore-witz is in bed with the Arab American News and, like a jilted lover, keeps coming back for more. It's not just embarrassing. It's disgusting and dangerous to the survival of the Jews in the Detroit area and the rest of America.

The thing about "The Jewish News": It's not Jewish, and it's not news. As my late father once wrote Horwitz:

I would like to propose an alternative prayer, which I shall reverently call "A prayer for the Jewish News."

"May the Jewish News be granted the wisdom to realize the silliness of some of its ultra-liberal positions and how much damage they could cause to the Jewish community."

Tomorrow, the Detroit Jewish Federation is hosting Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley as a paid speaker. But Finley is the editor who invited anti-Semite and Hezbollah agent Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi to have a regular column on his editorial page, in which he constantly rants against the Jews and Israel. Elahi said the Jews committed 9/11 and was spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini's Navy in Iran. He was sent here by Iran and Hezbollah to shore up extremism in the Detroit Shi'ite community. Yes, Nolan Finley achieved a first: the first operative of Hezbollah and Iran to have a regular column in a major newspaper. And the Jewish community in Detroit licks his tuchus for doing so. Mazel Tov.

Nolan Finley's Hand-Picked Detroit News Columnist Mohammed Ali Elahi
Hangs with Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Hezbollah's Spiritual Leader
Who Ordered Murder of 241 U.S. Marines

While most Orthodox Jews are overwhelmingly for McCain--and a Harvard University study says that in the Tricentennial, 2076, only Orthodox Jews will be left in Judaism--even some of these of my fellow co-religionists display their ad absurdum ability to be myopic. A couple of close relatives of mine had their names in a "Jews for Change" add. Yes, there will be change, but not the kind that's in any Jew's--any American's--interest in the least.

Then, there is my distant cousin Katie Schlussel of Brandeis University (whom I don't know and with whom I've exchanged a couple of e-mails in the past). Here's what she told the campus newspaper of her school that was home to commie attempted-murderer Angela Davis:

Israel is important to Katie Schlussel '10.

Schlussel, president of Brandeis Orthodox Organization, cast her vote for Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) . . . .

Schlussel explained that she feels confident in Obama's goals for the Middle East, even if McCain does seem to be the better man for the task considering his significant foreign policy experience and political track record of support for Israel.

This is why I think college students should be ineligible to vote.

Again, this isn't representative of Orthodox Jewry, which is 95% for McCain. In places like New York, less so; in places like Michigan, almost 100%.

Every time I think the Jews can't do anything worse to screw themselves, I'm disappointed because this insanity keeps escalating.

I'm glad my beloved late father isn't around to see this total implosion and self-destruction of the Jewish people. Unfortunately, he saw quite enough already. And right now, he's turning over in his grave.

The proverbial saying that "The Jews are the canary in the coal mine" is no longer valid, at least not here in America. America's Jews are the idiots in the coal mine. The dead bodies who committed suicide in the coal mine.

Oh, and by the way, it doesn't help much that Republican Jewish Coalition dictator-for-life Matt Brooks is paying himself over $500K per year and instead of campaigning to Jews spent his time paying the cash entry fee for the World Series of Poker. Instead of growing the Jewish vote, he's been growing his rapidly increasing fat ass, using RJC money to live high on the hog, fly first class, stay at fancy hotels, and eat the finest shrimp.

In Judaism, we believe that G-d helps those who help themselves. Since my fellow co-religionists certainly aren't meeting that requirement, I'm hoping G-d doesn't distribute collective punishment.

It's a good thing America is still a Christian country and that evangelical and Baptist Christians--and many other similarly smart and moral Americans--support Israel and my right to exist as a Jew here in this country. My own people won't save me, but--with the help of G-d--Christian Americans will protect me from them and their complete stupidity.

I hope.

Mazel Tov, Obama: The American Jewish Community Has Jumped the Shark


Call the Jewish Women's Federation and ask them why they silenced information on Rashid Khalidi and why they engage in censorship:
(248) 642-4260, ext. 183. I also suggest you contact the Jewish Federation, it's parent, at the same number, but not that extension--ask for the operator.

I contacted the Jewish Women's Federation asking for comment, and they, predictably, did not return my calls. In any event, here is a list of the organization's officers. Since these chalushes tzatzkes feel no shame in censoring Rita about Khalidi, I'm sure they won't mind a nice little mention here. If you know any of them, give them hell:

Board of Directors

Susie Citrin

Campaign Chair
Marcie Orley

Education Vice Presidents
Norma Dorman, Jodi Goodman, Barbara Horowitz, and Leah Ann Kleinfeldt

Corresponding Secretary
Pam Lippitt

Recording Secretary
Gail Mayer

Designates to Federation's Board of Governors
Joan Chernoff Epstein and Leah Trosch

By-Laws Chair
Karen Alpiner

Lori Garon and Jennifer Silverman

Women's Endowment Chair
Kathleen Wilson Fink

Strategic Planning Chair
Linda Lee

Nominating Committee Chair
Susie Pappas

Lisa Lis
Jewish Women's Foundation Chair

Past Presidents
Helen S. August**

Penny B. Blumenstein

Marlene Borman

Tillie Brandwine**

Ann Daniels**

Dora Erlich**

Clara Frank**

Paula Glazier

Carolyn K. Greenberg

Nancy E. Grosfeld

Diane D. Hauser**

Shirley Harris

Bernice Hopp**

Esther Jones**

Jennie Jones**

Dorothy Karbel**

Sharon Hart

Doreen Hermelin

Edythe Jackier

Diane Klein

Linda Z. Klein

Ellen S. Labes

Beverly Liss

Barbara Marcuse**

Dulcie B. Rosenfeld

Susie Pappas

Sandra R. Schwartz

Frieda Stollman**

Jane F. Sherman

Edie N. Slotkin

Shelby Tauber

Josephine Weiner**

Elected Members
Karen Alpiner

Deborah Balkin

Sue Birnholtz

Stacy Brodsky

Heidi Budaj

Shannon Dickstein

Norma Dorman

Sharon Eisenshtadt

Judy Elson

Joan Chernoff Epstein

Kathleen Wilson Fink

Linda Finkel

Elyse Foltyn

Margot Gardner

Barbara Giles

Jodi Goodman

Laura Gorosh

Fran Hack

Betsy Heuer

Barbara Horowitz

Gina H. Horowitz

Lilly Jacobson

Barbara Kappy

Judy Kepes

Sherri Ketai

Leah Ann Kleinfeldt

Nancy Kleinfeldt

Anessa Kramer

Jodie Krasnick

Sarah Krasnick

Dottie Levitsky

Pamela B. Lippitt

Lisa I. Lis

Deena Lockman

Roberta Madorsky

Cheryl Margolis

Jeanne Maxbauer

Gail K. Mayer

Anita Naftaly

Patti L Nemer

Fran Newman

Terri Farber Roth

Amy L. Schlussel [DS: married to my first cousin]

Judi Schram

Arlene Selik

Abbe B. Sherbin

Mindy Soble

Julie Sosin

Phyllis Subar

Suzi Terebelo

Carolyn Tisdale

Malka Torgow

Leah Trosch

Judy Verona

Barbara Zaltz

Appointed Members
Amy Berlin

Lisa Brody

Lisa Bronstein

Molly Chernow

Suzan Curhan

Lori Garon

Jenny Glass

Julie Goldstein

Debbie Lippitt

Beth Lutz

Cheryl Margolis

Jill Menuck

Patti Phillips

Michele Rosenblum

Jennifer Siegel

Jennifer Silverman

Karen Simmons

Nancy Stone

Sheri Wagner

Jodi Weinfeld

Marjorie Yaker

Advisory Service Council
Doris G. August

Barbara Berry

Roz Blanck

Barbara Bloom

Joyce Z. Blum

Paulette Borin

Ruth K. Broder

Harriet Colman

Barbara S. Cook

Kim Dickstein

Dolores Farber

Marcy Feldman

Carol Weintraub Fogel

Nancy Glass Kanat

Fran Gold

Marilyn Goldberg

Rose Rita Goldman

Reva Kogan Grace

Micki Grossman

Cheryl Guyer

Margot Halperin

Jan Hauser

Susie Jacob

Nancy Jacobson

Sybil Jones

Marian Kantor

Diane F. Keene

Margie Krasnick

Sally Krugel

Marjorie Kurzmann

Sissi Lapides

Linda Lee

Terran Leemis

Sharon B. Lipton

Renee Mahler

Florine Mark

Susan Marwil

Ilene Nemer

Dee dee Perlman

Beverly Peterman

Meryl C. Podolsky

Rosalie N. Rosen

Marta Rosenthal

Roz Schiff

Sheri T. Schiff

Janice Schwartz

Selma S. Schwartz

Joyce Sherman

Helen Shevin

Baylee Shulman

Evelyn Silverman

Donna Slatkin

Leah Snider

Jessie Stern

Barbara Stollman

Barbara Tukel

Jeannie Weiner

Trudy Weiss

Melba Winer

Beryl Winkelman

Linda Zlotoff

Helen Zuckerman


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November 03, 2008

Terrorism Trumps Party: 2 Dems I'll Vote 4, Others I Support; Obama Rout May Be Buh-Bye Hezbo Joe, Etc.

By Debbie Schlussel

Tomorrow, I'll of course be voting for John McCain and Republican for Congress and State Representative, etc.

But I'm confidently voting for two Democrats--Brenda Lawrence and Jane Boudreau in the historically Republican County of Oakland, tomorrow. I wish I could vote for Democrat Gary Peters for Congress against Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Congressman Joe Knollenberg, too, but live just south of his district. I also wish I could vote for Democrat Vicki Barnett for State Representative against Paul Welday, a Hezbollah Joe acolyte with ties to Iran.

I wish I could vote Republican in my county for these positions, but the Republicans have given me no choice. They've provided big government RINOs with pan-Islamist ties, instead of good conservatives who cut government and stand firm against Islamic extremism and crime.

Brooks Patterson in Dubai with Dubai Mayor, Anti-Israel Hezbollah Activist Ahmed Chebbani & Medicaid Defrauders Ismael Ahmed and Hassan Jaber

The most important issue for me is the terrorist threat to America. And in these races, that choice on that is clear:

* Vote Brenda Lawrence, NOT L. Brooks Patterson

I'm voting for Brenda Lawrence
(Shown w/ my Former Teacher, County Commissioner Eric Coleman)

First, there is "Brooks" Patterson, against whom I'll proudly cast my vote tomorrow.

For years, Oakland County has been dominated by an alcoholic, RINO (Republican in Name Only) anti-Semite and racist by the name of Brooks Patterson. His real name is Larry Patterson, but that isn't as pretentious, and he's all about pretension. Oh, and did I mention that this liberal, Patterson, who supports gay rights and affirmative action calls conservatives, "the Taliban wing of the Republican Party"? That's opposed to his anti-Semitic, Democratic wing of the Republican Party.

And he ought to know about the Taliban, because he accepted a free, luxury trip (he stayed at the swanky Burj Al-Arab hotel) to Dubai from the Taliban's Dubaian patrons. He traveled to Dubai along with and at the invitation of open Hezbollah supporter Nasser Beydoun--who calls Hezbollah terrorists that murdered our Marines, "martyrs" and "freedom fighters". Beydoun also heads a "charity" which sends hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hezbollah-dominated South Lebanon, where his father has a mansion. The charity is tied to Hezbollah financier and fugitive Talal Chahine. Beydoun cheered when a speaker at a Hezbollah rally called the Jews "diseased".

Also accompanying Larry, er . . . "Brooks" Patterson on the trip was Ismael Ahmed, then head of ACCESS, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, and the man who now heads ACCESS. ACCESS had already been in the news for being raided by the FBI for Medicaid fraud--for bringing pregnant alien Muslims to Detroit to have their babies here and for providing them with phony social security numbers so they could get Medicaid coverage, in addition to U.S. citizenship for their kids. ACCESS was also well known to be an advocate for Muslim illegal aliens and a siphon of taxpayer funds for entitlements for these illegal Muslims.

Those are Larry's, um . . . "Brooks'" friends. And FYI, the purpose of the trip was to change U.S. policy in the Middle East. You know what that means.

Then, there's what L. Brooks Patterson is doing here in suburban Detroit.

As a career politician, Brooks Patterson has grown my county's government by leaps and bounds and raised its taxes and spending geometrically. Big government is his middle name, racism and bigotry is his game. Patterson has alternated his career back and forth between racism against Black people and white people. He began his career campaigning against "Eight Mile", which was well-known code for Black people, as Eight Mile road (of Eminem movie fame) is the divider between Detroit and suburbia and at the time, between Blacks and Whites. And he made all kinds of even more clearly racist statements.

But then Patterson saw many Blacks moving here and he decided to play the reverse race card. He took over the Oakland County Republican Party and mandated that all scholarship essay contests be exclusive to Black kids. If you were a White Republican and needed extra money for college, fuhgedaboutit. He also befriended and repeatedly defended until almost the very end, Hizzoner Detroit Mayor Kwame Malik Kilpatrick.

Now Patterson, desperate to keep his job in a risky election, is back to his anti-Black racism. He's running an ad, showing his Black female opponent in a Gold Leather blazer. The implied message: You know those Black people--they dress gaudy, and we can't have that. They can't be trusted.

But Brooks has shown it's him that can't be trusted. He's been a habitual drunk who's driven drunk on the job and cost taxpayers money because of it. After a liquid lunch, Mr. Tomatohead (his face is constantly bloated and red) drove his county-owned Cadillac onto train tracks in the middle of a field, causing $4,000 in damage, which taxpayers--not him--paid. Then, there was his last drunk-driving incident, where cops--not HIM--got punished for chauffeuring him home instead of arresting him. The sloshed Patterson could have had them fired. (When he was Oakland County Prosecutor he was tough on drunk drivers like the one he sees in his mirror.)

Then, there are the various anti-Semitic statements Brooks Patterson has made both to my face and behind my back since I met him when I was a Republican activist in junior high. When I attended Republican conventions in Michigan, he regularly made comments about the "kikes" and "those Jews". Then, when I ran for the Michigan House, he had the gall to tell friends of mine that I'm an anti-Semite. Next, the Pope will be telling people I'm Catholic.

The thing is, Brenda Lawrence has a good shot to beat Patterson, who is really no different than her on taxes and spending. She, however, is not an anti-Semite or racist. While Patterson was reaching out to Muslim immigration defrauders outside of his county and far away in the Arab Gulf, Brenda Lawrence reached out to the White and Orthodox Jewish population in her majority Black City of Southfield, putting members of both of those groups on her slate.

Yes, she's a tax-and-spend liberal who supported a $36 million millage for a giant new library. But he's a tax-and-spend-liberal, too. In Brooks' case, though, he's an anti-Semitic, racist, anti-conservative ("Taliban Wing of the Republican Party") 69-year-old fraud who has spent too much time in government and on the taxpayer dole. Time for him to be put out to pasture, where he can drink, curse the Jews and Blacks to his heart's content, and spend his own money, not yours.

Since I was old enough to vote, I've always voted for whatever Democrat ran against Brooks Patterson. But none of them ever had a chance. Now, with Obama's likely tidal wave in Michigan, one does. And I hope she wins. She's getting my vote.

* Vote Jane Boudreau, NOT Mike Bouchard

Then, there is Patterson crony and fellow career government salary collector, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. Like Patterson, he also hangs with the Muslim illegal alien enablers at ACCESS, to whom he's "outreached" many times and whose annual fundraising banquets he's repeatedly attended. Why would a Sheriff in another county patronize an enterprise in a different county that repeatedly commits crimes and enables illegal alien Medicaid defrauders? Would your Sheriff pander to an agency that got raided by the FBI for committing federal crimes? Only if he's corrupt.

The Company He Keeps . . .

GOP Sheriff Mike Bouchard w/anti-Semite Imam Hassan Qazwini; Qazwini w/ Hezbo Buddy Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah

Or only if he defines "returning to his Arab roots" as being a water-carrier for the Muslims who would kill his Christian ancestors if they were back in the old country. Bouchard is a Christian Arab of Lebanese descent. I generally like them. But some, like Bouchard, have chosen to become water carriers for extremist Muslims here. Sadly, Bouchard is one of those.

But, wait, there's more. Bouchard attended the annual banquet of the openly anti-Semitic, openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan. He took a photo with his new good friend, Imam Hassan Qazwini--a friend of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the man who issued the fatwah to murder our Marines in Beirut. Qazwini is a well-known anti-Semite and anti-Israel figure. He is openly pro-HAMAS and pro-Hezbollah and has written explicitly in the Detroit newspapers expressing these various opinions. In 1998, I wrote in the Detroit News about how his mosque hosted Louis Farrakhan and how Qazwini cheered his anti-Semitic rantings and calls for jihads against America's Jews and Christians.

And that's not to mention Bouchard's close association with "Kid Rock", ie., Bob Ritchie, who repeatedly glorifies his former drug-dealing days and federally-imprisoned drug kingpin and mass-murderer "White Boy Rick" (after whom he modeled his persona). He enlisted Ritchie to campaign for him in his failed U.S. Senate bid.

You can tell a lot about a Sheriff by the company he keeps.

That's why I'm voting for Democrat Jane Boudreau for Sheriff. I've had enough. And this is the year that a Democrat--and a real law and order cop--can beat Bouchard.

* Vote Gary Peters over Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Joe Knollenberg

I can't vote for him because, again, I don't live in his district, but I believe (and hope) that, tomorrow, Gary Peters will beat Hezbollah's (and the rest of the jihadists') biggest financial enabler in Congress.

As I've repeatedly noted on this site over the years, Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg sought $268 million in USAID money for Hezbollah in South Lebanon. He got and sent them $86 million, which went to finance rocket attacks--and who knows what else?--on Israel. His then-Chief of Staff Paul Welday (see his race for State Rep., below) admitted to me that while they pretended the money was going "to rebuild (Hezbollah) infrastucture in South Lebanon destroyed by the Israelis", they were not going to follow the money and it likely would go to Hezbollah's coffers for terrorist activity, training, and weaponry. Hezbollah Joe sought the money at the instruction of Arab American Institute chief James Zogby, an open anti-Semite, hater of Israel, and supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS.

And Hezbollah Joe was handsomely rewarded for sending your taxes to a major terrorist group. Hezbollah's American agent, Nijad Fares and his friends gave Hezbollah Joe thousands--both individually and through their pan-Hezbollah Political Action Committee. Knollenberg also received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Hezbollah agent and open supporter Ali Jawad, a convicted insurance fraud perpetrator.

But, wait, there's more.

Joe Knollenberg sought and obtained a federal budget earmark of about $1.2 million for the anti-Israel, Islamist Arab American National Museum. It, no doubt, went to fund myriad anti-Israel exhibits at this house of propaganda, like a video claiming Israel murdered 500 in Jenin (when less than 25 died, and most of them not even from the Israelis).

And Hezbollah Joe sought and obtained nearly $700,000 in the federal budget for "Seeds of Peace", the moral equivalency camp founded by Yasser Arafat's fave biographer. When a Wall Street Journal reporter visited, he watched as counselors refused to intervene as Muslim campers told Jewish campers that the Holocaust never happened. Several Palestinian Muslim "graduates" of Seeds of Peace have become homicide bombers and terrorists. Another grad, Adam Shapiro founded International Solidarity Movement, considered a terrorist group, which gave shelter to two British homicide bombers the night before they blew up an Israeli bar and which also hid Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Yes, Gary Peters is a tax-and-spend liberal. But he is not a Hezbollah- and jihadist propaganda-financier with millions of your tax money, the way Hezbollah Joe is.

Time for him to go. Vote for Gary Peters if you live in his district.

Read all about Hezbollah Joe.

* Vote Vicki Barnett, NOT Paul Welday

I'm urging all my friends and readers who live in Farmington and Farmington Hills to vote for Democrat Vicki Barnett over Republican hack and fat lobbyist Paul Welday. I've known the sleazebag Paul Welday for many years and this CAIR-supporter cannot be trusted.

As I noted, Welday was Hezbollah Joe's Chief of Staff when the two of them orchestrated the deal to send $86 million of your tax money to Hezbollah. I've also written about how Welday appeared at a CAIR event and praised them as the most "committed-to-democracy" group he's ever seen. At the same meeting he made the moral equivocation between Yasser Arafat's homicide bombings and other terrorism and the Israelis. That's not to mention that he's a paid lobbyist for an Iranian group that took our Americans hostage for 444 days in Iran in 1979-1981.

Oh, and don't forget the ACCESS Medicaid fraud I told you about above. Welday's brother, Doug, is Chief Financial Officer of Oakwood Hospital--where most of the Medicaid fraud is occurring with the full knowledge of Doug Welday and other hospital administrators who've enabled the fraud. They make big money from this, courtesy of you--the American taxpayer. Paul Welday sat on the selection committee for U.S. Attorney and selected now-Judge Stephen Murphy III who repaid Welday by refusing to prosecute Welday's brother and hospital for the Muslim Medicaid scam, which is ongoing.

Read all about Paul Welday. Read even more on Paul Welday.


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October 31, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Dance Troupe @ Obama-Khalidi Dinner (of Secreted Tape Fame) Simulated Beheadings in Recent Past

By Debbie Schlussel

**** Copyright 2008. Must cite Debbie Schlussel and link to DebbieSchlussel.com ****

As you all know, the Los Angeles Times is holding hostage a tape of Barack Obama at a 2003 Arab American Action Network (AAAN) dinner at which his friends, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn were in attendance. It's the story I started when Los Angeles Times plagiarist/"reporter" Peter Wallsten ripped off my January column on Barack Obama's Nation of Islam staffers and friendship with AAAN founder Ali Abunimah.

But here's what you haven't yet heard: that a kids' dance troupe that appeared at the event has a history of simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags.

Sanabel AlQuds Dance Troupe with Sword Beheading Accessories

Reports of the partial guest list at the 2003 dinner include "the Sanabel Debka troupe", but the group's name is really "Sanabel AlQuds Dabka troupe." Sanabel means "grains" or "kernels" (of wheat or barley) in Arabic. AlQuds, or "The Holy", is the Muslim name for Jerusalem, which is ripped-off from the eternal Hebrew name for Jerusalem, "Ir Kadosh", or Holy City.

The Milwaukee-based Muslim kids dancing troupe purports to perform the debka, a Middle-Eastern step-dance. But this group, made up of mostly Palestinian Muslims and under the auspices of the Milwaukee Muslim American Society does far more in its "performance." And it's frightening.

In June 2004, I went undercover and attended a Dearborn fundraising dinner for Islamic Relief, the Muslim Brotherhood charity that is a front for HAMAS and Al-Qaeda. The event was MC'ed by Rayed Tayeh, who orchestrated the Starbucks Coffee boycott and who is believed to be a HAMAS operative.

Sanabel AlQuds performed to songs calling for martyrdom to "get back Palestine." The kids were young boys, some of them appearing to be no older than seven years old.

But they didn't just dance the debkah.

Suddenly the Sanabel AlQuds dancers pulled out fake swords and rifles and adorned three of their troupe respectively with an American, Isreaeli, and British flag. The others pretended to behead and/or shoot the boys wearing the flags. Then they put red scarves over the three boys heads, signifying blood and no head. Then, the flags were taken off, thrown to the ground, and trampled on by this young group of Milwaukee dancers.

This was on the Sunday that U.S. contractor Paul Johnson was found beheaded in Saudi Arabia and not long after Nicholas Berg and several other westerners were found beheaded in Iraq.

Once I saw this "performance" I realized why there were signs all over saying, "No video equipment or cameras allowed."

I wrote about this in 2004 in my review of "Fahrenheit 9/11", because it featured Obama surrogate John Conyers who was at the Sanabel AlQuds performance and just loved it:

Take the June 13 Muslim American Society fundraising dinner for Islamic Relief, a charity with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Conyers and his wife were the guests of honor. They watched and clapped as the Sanabel AlQuds "dancing" troop from Milwaukee--featuring boys as young as seven--sang in Arabic of martyrdom and jihad for Allah and Palestine. They didn't need to understand Arabic, as the young boys used a rifle to simulate killing and pistol-whipping, simulated throat-slittings and beheadings, and dishonored the American flag.

Some pictures of Sanabel AlQuds Dabka troupe hint at some of this and show the kids dancing with swords (see above).

I also wrote about it in August 2006, because I'm sick and tired of the tens of millions the Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, has been giving this group, Islamic Relief:

The evening's "entertainment" consisted of young boys--some apparently as young as seven--simulating beheadings and shootings of other young boys who donned the American, Israeli, and British flags. Then they put red scarves over their heads to symbolize blood . . . and no head.

While I do not know if Sanabel AlQuds performed this particular "dance" for Barack and Michelle Obama and other guests at this dinner, I know that this was their performance in the summer of 2004, just a year after the dinner that is the subject of the videotape the Los Angeles Times will not release. It may be that this same "act" was performed for the Obamas, but that it was not part of the tape, which would be why L.A. Times plagiarist/"reporter" Peter Wallsten did not write about it.

Still, why is Barack Obama hanging out with young kids who simulate beheadings of Americans and Jews on a regular basis?

Maybe they can perform their unique, halal version of the debka at an Inaugural Ball. I'm sure the Secret Service would make an allowance for the swords . . . for the sake of political correctness.

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October 30, 2008

When Your Democrat Elected Official Thinks She's a Stripper: Who is Carey Torrice?

By Debbie Schlussel

Meet Carey Torrice, who got giant breast implants and wants you to see them--and the rest of her exposed flesh--every chance she gets. That's not to mention the other plastic surgery enhancements she's reportedly had.

Did I mention she's a Democrat elected official in Michigan who is up for re-election on Tuesday and in a tight race? Celeb website TMZ named this Detroit-area queen of skankdom, "America's hottest politician." She is a County Commissioner in suburban Detroit's Macomb County.

But in the Reagan Democrat-dominated county, residents are tired of Torrice's embarrassing antics--wearing a band-aid bottom in a photo on a stripper website (blaming "the Republicans" for a photo she proudly posed for), bragging about having a stripper pole in her bedroom to all who will listen, and showing off so much of her chest even Anna Nicole Smith is blushing six feet under. And don't forget her appearances on "Maury", the daily TV sleaze-fest hosted by Mr. Connie Chung a/k/a Maury Povich.

Democrat Elected Official Carey Torrice:
She Paid Good Money For 'Em & Damn it, You're Gonna See 'Em

Voters don't like sluts, or women who desperately want to play one on TV, but have chosen political office, instead. Torrice may be one of the few Michigan Democrats who won't ride the Obama wave expected to sweep Michigan, next week. In fact, judging from her behavior and low-class couture, it might be one of the only things she hasn't, um, "ridden."

Torrice's constituents long ago tired of this peroxided ditz's wardrobe that's more suited for a stripper than an elected official. On her website, she features photos of herself with most of her fake boobage exposed. In fact, so much of her breasts were on display that even television tabloid show "Inside Edition" put a photoshopped ribbon over them for a report on this woman who declares, amidst giggles, on national TV, "Bikinis are my favorite thing to wear. Heeheehee."

Watch these VERY entertaining videos:

Torrice's website features a photo of something that looks like a cross between the parlor of a brothel or strip club lounge and a Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest, bearing the caption, "Carey as an official Hottie at the Hottiefest." She is in the center of the photo wearing stripper shoes. Then, there is the photo of Torrice standing in front of an antique shop with the caption, "Signing autographs is a great way to meet and greet with your fans." Problem is, the only person in sight is a mother with baby strollers sitting in the distance. Fans, indeed. Girl, you're a nobody.

And here's a basic tip for Carey Torrice:

When you're an elected official, they're not fans, they're constituents.

And your district doesn't include Bimbo-ville.

Democrat Carey Torrice in Bikini & Stripper Shoes @ "Hottiefest"

It's funny to hear Torrice compare herself to Sarah Palin. PUH-LEEZE. Say what you want about Sarah Palin, but she is a natural beauty without artificial enhancement. And despite her face being photoshopped onto bikini and stripper shots, Sarah Palin is always modestly and tastefully dressed, regardless of whether it was before or after the RNC paid $150,000 for clothes. Her skirt hemlines are attractive, appropriate, and never higher than just above the knee. That's the way it's done in politics. It's the very clear difference between sex appeal and skankiness.

No-one wants their elected official to dress like a stripper . . . or their stripper to pretend she's an elected official. Carey Torrice doesn't get that there's a difference between the two professions. You might not throw her out of bed for eating crackers, but you wouldn't want her making any policy or tax-spending decisions.

When Republicans recently sent out campaign literature showing a stripper pole and asking whether Torrice has caused enough embarrassment to Macomb County, she responded by saying:

It's disgusting and I think it shows very little class.

Tell it to your mirror, Carey.

But it's not just the way she dresses in photos on her website, her stripper pole and bikinis, and the usually exposed implanted melon patch below her neck. It's that Carey Torrice is more concerned with a showbiz career than with doing the job she was elected to do and earn the $30,000-plus in salary and benefits she is paid by taxpayers for that very part-time job. Torrice skipped showing up for work and important votes so she could go to photo shoots. That included a vote she missed on possible healthcare cuts, but she had a photo shoot in Ann Arbor. Priorities, Shmiorities.

If she really wanted to be a star, she'd move to Hollywood and become an actress-waitress. But in Hollywood, silicone-valleyed women with tons of plastic surgery, heavy make-up, and sleazy clothes are a dime a dozen. And she'd never make it. But for a narcissist who craves attention, she's getting what she wants and what she would never achieve in "the Big-time"--notoriety and Michigan taxpayers subsidizing her low-rate part-time exploits in B-movies and C-list "Hottiefests." She may be a skank, but in Macomb County, she's a skanky big fish in a small pond.

The contrast between Carey Torrice and Sarah Palin isn't the only stark one. There's the contrast between Torrice and her opponent, Bill Revoir, a part-time Christian minister and financial planner. Revoir is a conservative, who is a family man and not opting to become Michigan's version of Jenna Jameson. He was the incumbent Torrice beat in 2006.

And, although both MSM newspapers in Detroit endorsed the skank for re-election (it's not a stretch to say that sex-starved men in heat make the endorsements at both papers), I predict--and hope--that, next week, Revoir will win his seat back.

So, you see, in every dark cloud there is indeed a silver lining.

I believe that one of several silver linings to the Obama Michigan tidal wave, next week, will be the overdue retirement of elected Hooters Girl Carey Torrice from politics.

Oh, and Carey, I hear Jon-Jons is hiring.

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October 28, 2008

Meet the New York Times' New Political Columnist

By Debbie Schlussel

Remember Bono? He's the guy who paid $1,700 to fly his favorite hat--yes, really, his hat!--First Class to a concert he played in Iraq in 2003.

Now, the U2 lead singer has been hired by the New York Times to lecture us in op-ed columns on topics like Africa and poverty.

Yeah, we really need a guy who wears $5,000 Chanel sunglasses, lives high on the hog, and wastes money to fly his hat First Class to lecture us about poverty. Just like we needed him to tell us--along with his stooge, fellow hypocrite, Mr. Angelina Jolie a/k/a Brad Pitt--that we, the American taxpayers are stingy and don't give enough to charity.

Hypocrite Bono--with his His Jet-Setting Hat--Now New York Times Pundit

Just like we needed Bono to tell us that we Americans should forgive trillions of dollars in debt owed to us by countries like Terrorist State Sudan (which hosted Bin Laden for years while he planned our destruction and blew up our embassies). This is all despite the fact that financial statistics consistently show that America is the most generous country there is and that American citizens, on average are more generous than anyone in the world.

I've had more than enough of limousine, private jet liberals--especially wasteful celebrity hypocrites--telling hard-working Americans how their money must be spent.

Sadly, Bono was courted by not just the Clintons but every high-ranking member of the Bush Administration, including the star-struck President, himself. They, Jesse Helms, and pseudo-conservative Laura Ingraham--also star-struck--repeatedly slobbered and gushed over this fraud in rose-colored (in his case, literally) glasses.

Here's a quote Ingraham features on her website:

Ingraham is smart to see the value in talking about global and national issues with [U2's frontman Bono] who is, not only in the spotlight, but has the respect and admiration of so many listeners.

Bush, with Bono by his side, announced he was forgiving a good deal of American taxpayer money owed by Terrorist Sudan and other countries ruled by despots.

Yes, faux-conservatives like Bush and Ingraham--not liberals--legitimized left-wing phony Bono, which led him on the path to this new gig.

Would love to read an op-ed by Bono about how and why he doesn't pay a dime of taxes in his native Ireland (under a tax break for artists and entertainers), and why he feels people who actually do pay their share here in America should pay for him to feel good in his has-been days.

I'd love to hear in an op-ed why Bono employed a convicted IRA terrorist as his bodyguard, or why--if he's so concerned about the poor and downtrodden--right after the 9/11 attacks, he and U2 skipped a scheduled concert performance to raise money for the familes of fallen heroes' and victims' families, but then showed up to a paid gig at Madison Square Garden, lecturing concertgoers to have "empathy for Muslims. They go to church, too." Really? And I thought it was a mosque. But what do I know?

More recently, Bono shilled for Gitmo Islamic terrorist David Hicks who worked for the Taliban pleaded guilty to trying to murder American soldiers in Afghanistan.

I'd also like to know why he--if he's so concerned about the downtrodden--he pursued an extensive lawsuit against a destitute former assistant to get $5,000 in clothes he gave her twenty years ago.

Since his American concert tours are among the most successful in recent years, grossing upwards of $260 million, maybe he'll write about just how much of that he, himself, gives to charity, instead of constantly schnoring [Yiddish for "mooching"] from America and calling them "stingy" and "cheap".

Bono's "Red" campaign to raise money for debt forgiveness and AIDS relief in Africa--with all of its fanfare on Oprah, at The Gap, and elsewhere--was a huge failure, just like his wife's eco-friendly clothing line, Edun, is. I predict the third strike with his hypocrisy in print on the pages of the New York Fishwrap. Sadly, unlike in baseball, the three strikes won't mean he's out.

What's next--the New York Times inviting Elizabeth Taylor and Baba Wawa to give us tips on how to have a successful marriage? Maybe George Michael and Clay Aiken can write about what it's like to be a heterosexual on the pages of the "Newspaper of Record," too.

I have an even better idea: Jeffrey Dahmer can arise from the dead and write the New York Times food column.

I repeatedly come back to the one-time quote from Kiss' Gene Simmons a/k/a Chaim Witz, who unfortunately doesn't take his own advice:

We don't comment on whales and the rain forest. We don't try to be ambassadors to Bosnia. Duh. You need a rock star for that? Some idiot who couldn't tune a guitar six months ago is now an environmental specialist? I blame media for giving rock stars more credence than they deserve. Why don't they ask Al Gore how to play bass?


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October 24, 2008

Terry Bradshaw, "They Could Care Less", "He Do It Right" & The Liberal Media's Quote-"Polishing"

By Debbie Schlussel

Occasionally in the liberal mainstream media, you'll see a quote in which someone using ebonics or some other incorrect form of grammar and speech is quoted word for word.

It used to be a pet peeve of mine. I used to think that if a reporter quotes someone in a news story as saying, for example, "He do it," instead of "He did it", that showed that the reporter was racist and mocking the uneducated person he was quoting, usually a minority. I thought the only person who should be quoted that way is the guy from the ephemeral XFL, "He Hate Me", since it was on his jersey.

But I long ago changed my mind on this. Accuracy is important. And a reporter quoting improper English as it was uttered by the utterer is, in fact, accuracy. We get to read or hear what the person actually said in a news story and not what a liberal, agenda-laden reporter wants us to think they said.

What Do They Have in Common? . . .

Terry Bradshaw, He Hate Me & Michelle Hussein Obama

That brings me to Michael Hiestand, the "Sports on TV" columnist for USA Today. Last Sunday, I was watching "FOX NFL Sunday", and I heard Terry Bradshaw--whom I like, as I find him funny and entertaining--utter one of the sayings that is another thing that gets on my nerves. In talking about the NFL raising the face value of Superbowl tickets to $1,000, he said, "They could care less" about fans.

But that's improper. It's not good English. The correct phrase is, "They couldn't care less", or "they could NOT care less". If they could care less, that makes the opposite of your point. It means that they do care a little bit--that they care more than the least amount they could care.

But I didn't think anything of it because, hey, it's a football show AND it's Terry Bradshaw. We know he didn't get into college because of his Einsteinian mind. We know he's a football legend, not a rocket scientist (or as Terry might say, a "rocket surgeon"). And in any event, it's hardly his biggest offense--his biggest offense would likely be his naked butt on my movie screen in a really bad movie, "Failure to Launch", the awful vision of which I still can't erase from my mind.

But, then, Monday came around. And I read Michael Hiestand's "Keeping Score" column in USA Today. In it, he doctored, er . . . "polished" Terry Bradshaw's quote to read correctly: "They couldn't care less." But that's not what Terry said. He clearly said, "They could care less". Cleaning it up for Terry isn't journalism. It's changing what was actually said, and it isn't accurate reporting.

Yes, I know, it's only a football pre-game show, produced by the talented (and very nice) Scott Ackerson. But I'm not nitpicking here--the problem is that this doesn't just happen on the sports pages. It happens on your news pages. Liberal mainstream media reporters change what was said to make their favored candidates and other subjects of news stories look better. They "polish" the quotes. That's fraudulent journalism, and it's unethical. But it goes on all the time, and it's yet another reason you can't believe what you read and what's "reported."

They did this with Michelle Hussein Obama when she said she'd never been proud of America before her husband looked like he'd become President. Mainstream media accounts added the word "really," as in "I've never been really proud of my country before Barack . . . .", as if she'd been proud before but not "really" proud. But that's not what she said, just like we were given a sanitized, cleaned-up version of what Terry Bradshaw said. They--the mainstream media reporters--tried to doctor it for her, but fortunately, online video didn't lie like they did.

Michael Hiestand should have quoted Terry Bradshaw, thus:

"Do you think this league cares whether fans have to pay for something overpriced in a bad economy? They could care less [sic]."

The latin "sic" term is used--or, at least, used to be--by reporters to denote improper English or an error in speech.

Sadly, instead of that, these days, liberal reporters just change the quote to make their buddies and friends look better.

I e-mailed Hiestand, asking him about this. But, predictably, he didn't respond:


I have a question regarding your Sports on TV column, today. You quote Terry Bradshaw as saying "They couldn't care less," when actually he uttered the incorrect, "They could care less." Why did you correct his improper English and inaccurately quote him, instead of using his exact quote and the "[sic]" notation?

Debbie Schlussel

I like Michael Hiestand. His column and writing are always interesting and entertaining.

And he's not the first mainstream media journalist to doctor quotes for grammar, and in the case of far too many other reporters, an agenda.

That's the problem.

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October 23, 2008

25 Years Later, America Fails Lessons of Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing

By Debbie Schlussel

Twenty-five years ago, today, at 6:22 a.m., Hezbollah terrorists--with help from Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hafez El-Assad's Syria--murdered 241 U.S. Marines while they slept in barracks in Beirut. A bomb more powerful than 12,000 pounds of TNT was driven into the barracks and blew the Marines to bits.

They were there as peacekeepers--to protect Palestinian Sunni Muslims who invaded Lebanon from Israeli forces who were trying to clean up Lebanon from these Palestinian terrorists, who raped Shi'ite daughters and murdered Shi'ite sons in front of their parents. The mass-murdered Marines were there to protect Muslim barbarians from Maronite Christians who were trying to hold on to their fragile majority in the country and control of its government so their country wouldn't turn into the extremist hellhole it has now become.


It was a tragic event in U.S. and Marine Corps history. But even more tragic is that 25 years later, America hasn't learned any of the lessons loudly broadcast in that and related episodes for Americans in Lebanon and in other interactions with Muslims around the world bent on our destruction.

The most basic of lessons should have been learned before President Reagan sent the Marines on this failed mission: No good deed goes unpunished. Even more basic: Why do a good deed for barbarians? We shouldn't have been there. We should have let Israel and the Maronites finish the clean-up job they began, and things would have been different in Lebanon and the Mid-East today . . . for the better.

Instead, we sent our Marines there, and made them sitting duck targets, ordering them to sit with unloaded rifles and a weak barbed wire perimeter, lest we offend the Muslims. Our Marines were ordered to keep ammunition in their belts, not their guns.


Twenty-five years later, those barbarians are here and their punishment is only beginning. The real punishment will be felt not by us, but by several generations into the future.

The Shi'ite Hezbollah terrorists working in unison with their Sunni allies are not longer confined to the streets of Beirut and South Lebanon. They control the streets of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, Michigan and are growing like a virus in Southeastern Michigan.

Two key allies of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah--the man who issued the fatwah for the mass murder of those Marines--are now two of the most prominent Islamic clerics in America, being feted by American Presidents and Presidential contenders and being given regular columns in a major newspaper by an irresponsible, clueless, PC editor.

Not only did President Ronald Reagan--in the biggest misstep of his career--pull up stakes and surrender to Hezbollah after they attacked and murdered our troops in cold blood; but he and his successors surrendered portions of American soil to Hezbollah through lax immigration and rampant political correctness for two-and-a-half decades thereafter.

Where once they only marched in Lebanon's streets, now tens of thousands of Hezbollah's minions march on America's streets. Talk about reverse containment. Hezbollah is containing us, not the other way around. It is spreading.

Donald Rumsfeld, then a special envoy to Beirut, says the lesson he learned about terrorists was that we must

take the war to them, to go after them where they are, where they live.

But we did not do that to them. They did that to us. Over the last quarter-century since the attacks, that's what they did to us. Now, they live where we live. They took their war to us, where we are.


A quarter century later, Hezbollah has won and continues to spread its victories throughout the Western world. Here's the scorecard:

* In April, 1983, Hezbollah drove a van bomb into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 46, including 16 Americans. America was the intended target. But the U.S. did nothing in response.

* In October 22, 1983, the 241 U.S. Marines were murdered by Hezbollah, along with countless others injured. Consistent with the April attack, America not only did nothing to respond, but America packed up and left Lebanon. America's non-response--for which President Reagan was never called to talk--and its swift pullout were specifically cited by Osama Bin Laden as proof that America didn't have the will to make its enemies pay . . . or even to survive. He cited:

the decline of American power and the weakness of the American soldier, who is ready to wage cold wars but unprepared to fight long wars. This was proven in Beirut in 1983, when the Marines fled.

Bin Laden had the ethos right, but not the correct group. The brave American soldier did and still does have the preparation and will to fight this enemy. Sadly, the American soldier's commanders and politicians and law enforcement bureaucrats in America don't have the will. Their will is to engage in political correctness, allow Hezbollah on our shores through a "peaceful" slow invasion, and bend over backward, forward, and every which way for them.


* In 1985, Hezbollah hijacks TWA 847 and tramples and tortures to death U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem. His lifeless body is thrown off the plane for U.S. cameras to show nightly TV news audiences. America does nothing to respond.

Today, Hezbollah's chief negotiatiator, Nabih Berri of Deaborn, is speaker of the Lebanese Parliament and a figure honored with visits by and gushing from American Secretary of State Condoleeze Rice. Berri, who heads terrorist group Harakat Amal (the Shi'ite Amal Militia), brokered his alliance with Hezbollah through marriage, and is also constantly feted by top American Muslim leaders from Dearborn.

In December 2005, Germany released to freedom Mohammad Ali Hamadi, one of the Hezbollah hijackers who tortured and murdered Stethem--a story I broke on this site. Both German leader Angela Merkel and U.S. President George Bush allowed this to happen and neither did a thing to stop it.

* In 1992, Hezbollah and Iran bombed the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 22, and in 1994 Hezbollah and Iran blew up the Jewish Community Center of Buenos Aires, killing almost 100. The target was specific: Buenos Aires has the largest Jewish community in Latin America. Hezbollah was asserting its presence and establishing a base in South America. A decade-and-a-half later, America finally noticed . . . far too late. Hezbollah is already entrenched not only in U.S. soil, but elsewhere on our hemisphere. Hezbollah and Iran paid Argentinian President Carlos Menem, an Arab and "former" Muslim $5,000,000 to cover up their involvement and block any real investigation.

* In June 1998, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda worked together to bomb and blow up the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. The target was U.S. servicemen living there. 19 of them were murdered. America did nothing to avenge their blood. Once again, Bin Laden was right about America's will to fight this enemy.

* In 2000, a man named "W." from Texas runs for President and wins, making his pandering to Hezbollah's tens of thousands of Shi'ites from Dearborn a centerpiece of his campaign, and garnering their Islamic endorsement. He makes ending of both "profiling of Arabs" and the use of "secret evidence" against Islamic terrorists points in a Presidential debate against Al Gore.

For this, George W. Bush is hailed by Osama Siblani, editor of the Arab American News and brother of a top executive of Al-Manar a/k/a Hezbollah TV. Bush eagerly accepts this, making many trips to fete the Hezbollah crowd of Dearborn, despite the fact that Siblani's "newspaper" has been identified as Hezbollah's key publishing house organ and Siblani one of its top agents.

* In 2001, when Bush takes office, he makes Hezbollah's top friend in the U.S. Senate, Spencer Abraham, his Energy Secretary. No biggie that the defeated U.S. Senator from Michigan just sent $86 million in U.S. taxpayer money to Hezbollah in South Lebanon.

* Also in 2001, on September 11th, America is attacked. John Chipura, who barely survived the 1983 Marine barracks attack by Hezbollah, is a New York City fireman. He is last seen on September 11th running up into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. His scheduled October 2001 wedding would never take place.

Bush Faith-Based Funding Policy Advisor Hassan Qazwini
Hangs with Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Hezbollah's Spiritual Leader
Who Ordered Murder of 241 U.S. Marines

* Throughout his first term, George W. invites to his Crawford, Texas ranch, fetes at the White House, and visits in Dearborn, three of Hezbollah's top Iranian-backed imams--Hassan Qazwini, Mohammed Ali Elahi, and Husham Al-Hussainy. The President is photographedd kissing and hugging each of them at various times in his Presidency.

Despite Qazwini's frequent trips to Lebanon to hang with Hezbollah spiritual leader Fadlallah--the man who ordered the murders of the Marines 25 years ago today--Bush invites Qazwini to his ranch to help him design the American taxpayer giveaway to his mosque, via the "faith-based funding initiative."

* Also, in 2000, Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg, his then-chief of staff Paul Welday, and then-U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham sought almost $300 million dollars in U.S. aid to Hezbollah, at the request of their non-constituent, Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute. They got $86 million of that and sent it straight to the terrorists that murdered our Marines. Knollenberg is in a tough re-election fight and Welday is seeking a seat in the Michigan House. Remember this on election day.

* In 2002, a New York Times front page story floats the not-so-subrosa Condoleezza Rice-Colin Powell-George W. Bush plan to remove Hezbollah from the State Department Terrorist List and help aid the group in its plans to takeover Lebanon in its entirety politically. Who cares about 241 old blown up skeletons of Marines when we have a "Religion of Peace" to pander to and a Nobel Peace Prize to win?

* In 2003, Marine survivors and relatives prevail over a federal judge, who declares Iran liable for the Beirut bombing of the Marines, awarding $2.7 billion to them and against Iran.

Because of Bush Administration pandering to Iran and Bush Justice and State Department machinations, these survivors and family members have never seen a dime. The Bushies refuse to give them any Iranian assets. At the same time, the Bush Administration has increased supposedly embargoed trade with the Hezbollah patron-state from $8 million per year under the Clinton Administration to almost $150 million per year.

* Also in 2003, President Bush's hand-picked U.S. Attorney, Jeffrey Collins, discusses with the Detroit News and his friend, "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, their mutual support for the wearing of Hezbollah t-shirts in the Detroit area. Collins is Hamad's date to a Detroit News "Michiganians of the Year" banquet. The Detroit News refuses to answer questions regarding why it picked this Palestinian supporter of Islamic terrorism as a "Michiganian of the Year."

* In 2005, U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III joked at a Hezbollah mosque in Dearborn Heights that he doesn't know why Hezbollah is on the State Department terrorist list, that the group just does great "humanitarian work." Murphy allowed Hezbollah's top American financier, Talal Chahine, to flee the country and allowed him to run and collect profits from his American business, even after he was indicted for fleecing American taxpayers of $7 million and laundering $21 million to Hezbollah through that business. Today, Hezbollah praiser and enabler Murphy is a Bush-appointed federal judge whose major ruling has been to allow ineligible voters to cast their ballots in November.

* In 2006, during the Israel-Hezbollah war, tens of thousands of Hezbollah and HAMAS supporters march daily through the streets of Dearborn and Detroit with photos of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and swastikas. America pressures Israel to quickly end the war and give a de facto victory to the terrorist group, further strengthening it and its terrorist recruitment efforts.

* In 2007, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff visits Hezbollah's imams in Dearborn, feting them with his pate and blather. Not long after his protege, Julie L. Myers, fetes the rest of Hezbollah's key leaders at a banquet at Dearborn's Hezbollah Social Club, the Bint Jebail Cultural Center.

Their top official in Michigan and Ohio, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz transformed an office that went after Hezbollah financiers and smugglers into an office that panders to Hezbollah's top operatives here and refuses to get in the way of the terrorist group's Dearborn- and Dearborn Heights-based operations. He also holds regular "apology sessions" in the few cases that there are meaningless, toothless raids on Hezbollah charities that are then allowed to remain open for business.

* In 2008, John McCain invited Hezbollah agent, key financier, and open supporter Ali Jawad to sit atop his campaign finance committee. The McCain will to denounce Hezbollah terrorists who murdered our troops is so weak that McCain wouldn't release a statement stating why he dumped Jawad, despite Jawad's declared support for Hezbollah. "We don't care about the Hezbollah stuff," declares Ambassador Ron Weiser, who heads up McCain's finance efforts in Michigan and stands to garner yet another ambassadorship from McCain.

No big deal that Dearborn police caught Jawad selling smuggled cigarettes for Hezbollah, or that he gave about $200,000 in funds to Hezbollah-backed Lebanese Member of Parliament Ali Bazzi to get him elected.

Also in 2008, Jawad is invited to a pandering hour-long interview by airhead Detroit radio talk show host Frank Beckmann, on the station that hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Beckmann gushes over Jawad's fanciful stories and open support for Hezbollah, saying it isn't a big deal:

"So, you support Hezbollah. But anyway . . . ."

Beckmann even allows on the airwaves, unchallenged and undisputed, Jawad's claim that Hezbollah was not behind the Beirut Marine barracks bombing. Even Hezbollah admits--in fact, brags and celebrates--that it committed this dastardly act 25 years ago, today. Disgusting and irresponsible. But, today, Hezbollah gets positive play on our airwaves and even has in its corner so-called "conservative" talk show hosts like Beckmann.

Also this year, Arthur Horwitz, a far-leftist and self-hating Jew who owns the Detroit Jewish News, formed a partnership with Hezbollah's Siblani and his pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Arab American News.

Detroit News Columnist Mohammed Ali Elahi
Hangs with Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Hezbollah's Spiritual Leader
Who Ordered Murder of 241 U.S. Marines

* Today, Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi--open supporter of Hezbollah, crony of Hezbollah's Fadllalah who issued the order to blow up the barracks, and former spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini's Navy in Elahi's native Iran--has U.S. citizenship, despite the fact that he lied about his ties to Hezbollah on documents to get and remain here and garner citizenship. He was sent here by Iran and Hezbollah to further radicalize the Shi'ite Muslim community. He told The Washington Times that the Jews are behind the 9/11 attacks on America.

Also, today, Elahi is the only Hezbollah agent in America to have a regular column in a major newspaper for his anti-American, anti-Semitic ravings. He was given a regular column by irresponsible, pandering Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley, whose excuse is, "Well, he has a following." So did Hitler. So does David Duke.

Yes, Hezbollah has done quite well in taking its jihad against 241 U.S. Marines on Beirut soil in 1983 to 300 milllion Americans on U.S. soil over the two-and-a-half decades since. Their actions have been met with silence--and even reward--from a weak, pandering America, every single step of the way.

While America panders to a mass murdering terrorist group, Scherna Sutton lives alone. Her fiance, Cpl. Craig Wyche, was murdered 25 years ago in the Hezbollah attack. She has never found anyone else who measures up to him. All she has left is his letters.

All Cpl. Doug Held's family has left are audiotapes he sent his parents.

Sgt. Stephen Russell is alive. He sat at the guard booth powerless to respond as he watched the homicide bomber drive the truck through the barbed wire and toward the 1,600 sleeping Marines. As noted, he and other Marines were forced to keep their rifles unloaded.

But he blames himself for the attack and lives with the guilt and frequent nightmares. He told USA Today he can still h ear the voices of the wounded and dying in Beirut and sleeps alone on the floor at night. He hasn't spent the night in the same bed as his wife in many years.

Read this important piece from last week about what happened that morning of October 23, 1983, and what happened to some who were lucky enough to survive but unfortunate enough to suffer the consequences.

A quarter century later, America barely remembers the lives of 241 U.S. Marines murdered in cold blood by the terrorist group that now has a strong presence on U.S.

The remains of 241 brave U.S. souls are turning over in their forgotten graves.

"They Came in Peace": Memorial to Marines Slain in Beirut


From my October 23, 2006 post remembering this important anniversary:

A few of the Marines managed to escape. A trucker friend of mine from Michigan was among them. He told me that Palestinian and Syrian gunman with machine guns surrounded the perimeter of the Marine barracks, showering those few who managed to escape the fiery explosion with bullets. . . .

While I admire Ronald Reagan greatly, he made a great mistake after this attack. Not long after, he pulled up the stakes and sent our Marines home. There's an old saying from Stalin or Lenin:

And you shall probe with bayonets. If you find steel, retreat. But if you find mush, keep digging.

Islamists found mush in America, when they drove us out of Beirut. Then, in 1985, they murdered Navy Diver Robert Stethem and after him, there were the torture deaths of Colonel William R. "Rich" Higgins and CIA Attache William Buckley--actions they would not likely have perpetrated, had we shown the Hezbos who's boss. But we didn't. Then they found mush in Somalia, and a cornucopia of other places. Bin Laden and others saw this. And they don't forget. "The Marines fled after two explosions," Bin Laden once said of the U.S. in Lebanon. . . .


Read about Armando Ybarra, who lived but is seriously disabled in his right leg. He was awarded a Purple Heart.

Beirut Attack Survivor, Marine Armando Ybarra, Then . . .


Armando Ybarra, Now . . .


. . .

[On one of the memorials to the slain Marines,] "They Came in Peace" is carved on the wall--something you can never say about our Islamist enemies.

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October 22, 2008

Who is Cathy Shaughnessy?: Dem Far-Left Candidate's Bankruptcy Fraud Shows Blogs' Importance; End of MSM Investigative Journalism; Embodies Mortgage Bailout BS; UPDATE: Mortgage Fraud, Too?

By Debbie Schlussel

The story of Cathy Shaughnessy is important on many fronts. This far-left Democratic candidate for office demonstrates why blogs are important because some of them--like this one--actually do the investigative journalism the mainstream media won't. Shaughnessy is also Exhibit A of the kind of lowlife the mortgage bailout bill will help via your hard-earned tax money. And how far left liberals can often get away with murder. Or, at least, apparent bankruptcy fraud and/or campaign finance fraud.

Catherine Caya Shaughnessy is an unbalanced, liberal, part-time yoga teacher and Democratic Party candidate for Township Clerk in swanky, upscale Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield Township.

If elected in November--and she will be, because Republicans chose to consort with her and not to put up an opponent--Shaughnessy stands to earn over $106,000 in annual salary and $40,000-plus in benefits.

Problem is, in addition to her mental instability, it appears that Cathy Shaughnessy committed bankruptcy fraud in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Cathy Shaughnessy:
Democratic Candidate/Far-Left Lunatic Apparently Committed Bankruptcy Fraud

Shaughnessy and her husband Tom filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Michigan--Case No, 07-57455--and their bankruptcy continues. The case is not yet closed.

She and her husband claimed they couldn't pay their bills, including the $450,474 they owe to AMC Mortgage Services, while at the same time Shaughnessy donated over $16,000 to her campaign for office, money which she apparently concealed and secreted from her bankruptcy filing. Court filings don't show any report by Shaughnessy to the Bankruptcy Trustee of the possession and/or receipt of these funds.


That's generally called "bankruptcy fraud", and it's usually followed by fines of up to $500,000 and/or imprisonment for up to five years.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy means you have assets and earnings at or below the level of poverty and cannot pay your creditors back. You get to wipe the slate clean and avoid most obligations.

Cathy Shaughnessy and her husband claimed in bankruptcy filings that their only funds were $228.00 in a checking account and ZERO in savings. They also claimed that they had assets of only $0-$10,000. Yet, beginning in March, Ms. Shaughnessy began loaning a total of $16,360 to her campaign.


Where did she get the money? And why wasn't it listed in her bankruptcy filings and used to pay money to the many creditors she owed? In her campaign filings, Shaughnessy lists her "employment" as "Homemaker", so clearly she had no way of earning the mysterious money. Her bankruptcy filing also notes that she is not a wage earner.

And while her bankruptcy filing lists total household income of $24,609 in 2005, $13,159 in 2006, and $59,672 in 2007, Shaughnessy also lists monthly living expenses at $5,127. So how did she suddenly have over $16,000 to lend her campaign, unless she committed bankruptcy fraud, campaign finance fraud, or both? If the money was lent to or given to her by someone else, then that likely constitutes money laundering and campaign finance fraud, something for which attorney Geoffrey Fieger was prosecuted in federal court.

And the bankruptcy filing isn't the only apparent lie. During her primary campaign, Shaughnessy sent out a letter to West Bloomfield Township voters, claiming that her bankruptcy was due to the failure of the automotive industry and that before that her husband's defunct business was "thriving."

But Shaughnessy's bankruptcy filing tells a different story. She and her husband Tom list about $700,000 in unpaid debts, including tens of thousands of dollars in multiple credit card debts spanning almost three decades and dating back to 1980.

Yet, at the same time, while she and her husband did not pay their obligations, they owned a time share in Florida, a boat, and an expensive home in one of Michigan's most upscale suburbs. It's also well-known that their daughter was involved in very expensive dance lessons and competitions. They lived the high life. They owe almost $50,000 EACH to American Express and MBNA America for credit card bills, $5,300 in 2003 income taxes to the IRS, and $2,000 on a Macy's department store charge card, to name a few of their many debts completely blown off while Cathy Shaughnessy gave thousands to her own campaign for office.

Colleen, Tom, and Cathy Shaughnessy:
They Lived the High Life, Then Filed for Bankruptcy & Ran For Office

This is how Cathy Shaughnessy managed her own, um, "budget". Imagine how she will spend the taxpayers' money as Clerk.

Shaughnessy and her husband Tom had their home in swanky West Bloomfield foreclosed on, but they are the typical beneficiaries of the mortgage bailout bail. While you pay your federal income taxes, they lived the high life and didn't pay theirs. While you will pay for bailouts of irresponsible homeowners like them, she's spending thousands on her campaign for office . . . thousands that she didn't bother to declare to Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Both Shaughnessy's and her husband's signatures are all over bankruptcy filings declaring that they are telling the truth under severe penalty of law. But apparently, they think they can get away with it. And because of the failure of Detroit's mainstream media outlets to cover this very blatant, egregious behavior, they are, indeed, getting away with it.

And you are paying the price. You will pay for the increased prices for the items they bought and chose not to pay for. I can understand and feel for anyone who is stuck in unexpected hard times in a tough national and even tougher Michigan economy.

But that's not the case here. Most people who file for Chapter Seven Bankruptcy are legitimately down on their luck with no assets and barely able to survive. On the contrary, Cathy Shaughnessy suddenly had--as a homemaker with no income--over $16,000 to lend to her campaign.

Moreover, the Shaughnessys lived their entire marriage in debt, all the time living the high life while their creditors were holding the bag. They bought an expensive home in one of Detroit's wealthiest suburbs, spent thousands on clothes and vacation destinations, and other excesses for their luxe life. At the same time, Shaughnessy did not work to pay off her debts and stayed at home while teaching a yoga class here and there.

Oh, and she spent her other free time as an environmental extremist, trying to prevent people from building or expanding their homes and businesses, as a member of the West Bloomfield Township Board's Wetland Commission.

In 2006, Shaughnessy's outlandish and lunatic behavior and rudeness were the reasons Township Board Trustees removed her from the commission. The language used was:

APPROVED removal of Catherine Shaughnessy from the Wetland Review Board for reasons of insubordination to the Township Board, inappropriate behavior to fellow board members, petitioners, public and Township professionals.

I've been a target of the crazy Shaughnessy's nutjob antics. Although I don't know her, in 1998 I was campaigning outside a polling place when I was running for the Michigan House of Representatives. Shaughnessy was campaigning for her fellow liberal Democrat--my pro-choice, incompetent trial lawyer opponent Marc Shulman--who was posing as a Republican in what was then a Republican-dominated district. As I stood there trying to hand out my campaign literature to voters, Shaughnessy yelled loudly to her then eight-year-old daughter (and voters),

You see that C-nt, Debbie Schlussel. She's a F-cking Cunt and a B-tch.

This and other hysterically screamed obscenities and abuse from Catherine Shaughnessy went on for hours, outside a community center where people took their kids for after school classes and activities. It was so offensive that the police had to be called by passers-by, who unlike Cathy Shaughnessy, didn't want their young kids to hear this stuff.

But the ultimate chutzpah is not Cathy Shaughnessy's unhinged, wacko behavior. It's her own donation of thousands to her campaign at the same time that her Chapter Seven bankruptcy is ongoing. A March 31, 2008 asset and property report filed in her bankruptcy showed only $228.00 in a checking account and ZERO in savings, while two weeks earlier, on March 17, 2008, Shaughnessy lent $2,200 to her campaign, the first of thousands of dollars she would loan herself.

Not exactly the kind of integrity-endowed person with whom you want to entrust your election ballots, which is what she'll be overseeing and "counting" for the next four years. Don't bet that she'll be able to count ballots more accurately than she counts her own money in bankruptcy filings.

By the way, this summer, while Cathy Shaughnessy was loaning her campaign thousands of dollars, the Federal Bankruptcy Trustee in the case was forced to reduce his fees from almost $2,000 to about $300, because according to her bankruptcy, she didn't have the money to pay. Indeed.

This story should be all over the Detroit newspapers and television news, but it isn't. If Shaughnessy were an arch-conservative or even a centrist instead of a far-left loon with obvious mental health issues, it would dominate the headlines.

Instead, those much derided blogs and bloggers--like this site and me--must do the work (investigative journalism) that some Americans (the mainstream media) just won't do.


Predictably, Cathy Shaughnessy did not respond to questions regarding her apparent fraud. Someone who didn't do anything wrong would have responded and defended herself, but she did not answer this e-mail:

From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 4:50 PM

Subject: CATHY, PRESS Inquiry . . .

To: Cathy Shaughnessy

Hi, Cathy:
I have a few questions for a piece I'm writing:

You filed for bankruptcy, stating you had assets of $10,000 or less. Yet, while in bankruptcy, you suddenly had $16,000 to loan to your campaign. Where did the money come from, since you note that you are a homemaker and not employed--on your campaign forms? Also, did you report the $16,000 to the bankruptcy trustee and creditors in your case? How did you have $16,000 to give to your campaign, while the bankruptcy trustee had to waive most of his fees b/c you allegedly didn't have the money?

Please let me know the answers to these questions because I am writing about it and I want to give your side, too.
Debbie Schlussel


Will Cathy Shaughnessy be prosecuted for bankruptcy fraud by the Republican-dominated U.S. Attorney's office?

Don't hold your breath.

The Republicans chose not to even put up a candidate against her, insuring that she will sail into office in November. And the nutty Shaughnessy, sadly, has big government Republican supporters behind the puppet strings. Sharon Law, the Republican clerk she will be replacing, her husband, Republican officeholder Tom, and son, Republican officeholder David Law (a State Representative running for my county's prosecutor and who will probably win), are all backing this lunatic.

The Laws--career Republican politicians on the taxpayer dole--donated hundreds to Shaughnessy's campaign, out of anger against the Township, after Sharon Law cost the Township hundreds of thousands in tax money. The Township had to settle a defamation lawsuit for about $200,000 after Sharon Law defamed a person using Township e-mail, cost the person her job, and perjured herself on the stand in federal court.

Cathy Shaughnessy & Republican Crony Enabler Tom Law

Yes, clearly there's precedent for corruption in this Detroit suburb's Clerk position.

It's a great story, if only the Detroit media would bother to cover it. But their refusal to do so is why both the Detroit Newsistan and Free Press must layoff workers and are losing money, while this website's readership continues to grow.

**** UPDATE, 10/23/08: Did Far-Left Democratic candidate Cathy Shaughnessy commit Mortgage Fraud? Reader David, who is a mortgage lender, writes that it appears that Cathy Shaughnessy took out a "Liar's Loan" mortgage:

I notice that on your article dealing with Shaughnessy that the mortgage has a balance of $450,000.00, which in itself does not fit. Their [Cathy and Thomas Shaughnessy's] incomes do not support the balance of that loan.

Then, I noticed that their mortgage is with AMC as a mortgage holder. AMC took over portfolios for a lot of the subprime lenders, i.e. Indymac. The loans that AMC took over were almost only "Stated Income/Stated Asset" loans, what many are now calling "Liars Loans". It would be interesting to see the "Stated Income" that Shaughnessy "quoted" in order to get her loan, and if she committed fraud to do it.

This "Stated Income" would possibly be of interest to both the mortgage lender that granted the loan and the bankruptcy trustee in trying to substantiate what is true and what is not. If the loan was obtained under the use of fraud, then it would not be dischargable in the bankruptcy code and it will stick to her as a criminal offense. Bankruptcy chapter 7 then would "not erase" this debt.

Me being a mortgage lender, I recognize the flags.

Incredibly, one of Cathy Shaughnessy's campaign brochures bears this headline, "Who Will Protect Our Home Values in West Bloomfield?" Hmmm . . . not that a Township Clerk's job has anything to do with protecting home values, but clearly a candidate who engaged in apparent mortgage fraud and then blew off her mortgage and had her house foreclosed upon while she gave thousands to her campaign, ain't exactly the best choice to "Protect Our Home Values."

Yes, there are a lot of red flags in the Cathy Shaughnessy odyssey. Sadly, there is only one candidate running for the office she seeks: her.

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October 21, 2008

I Warned You About Judge Abu Porno: ACORN-Esque Bush Judge Enables Voter Fraud, Ineligible Voters

By Debbie Schlussel

Whenever a Bush voter cites "the judges" as the reason he/she is glad we've had eight years of the failed George W., they cite Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito.

Yes, those Justices are great, but remember that we were going to get Justice Miers--because she was a good Bush brown-noser and wrote him mash notes--and only got Alito because conservatives were furious and outspoken.

And, as I tell most people who cite the Bush Justices, most important decisions never even get to the Supreme Court. They're decided at the Federal District Court and Appeals levels. Remember, the Supreme Court accepts very few cases for consideration.

That takes us to the very liberal, very objectionable District Court judges Bush has appointed. Some of them are virtually indistinguishable from likely Kerry appointees.

Federal Judge Abu Porno a/k/a Stephen Murphy III:
Bush Slob Helps ACORN, ACLU, Obama

Take U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Murphy III a/k/a "Abu Porno" . . . now Judge Abu Porno (so nicknamed for his well-known penchant for looking at and sharing online porn with co-workers all day long at the U.S. Attorney's Office--so much for Bush family values; I'm sure this porn addiction didn't stop once he entered the Courthouse).

As you'll recall, I opposed the Bush nomination of Murphy--first to the U.S. Court of Appeals and later to U.S. District Court. Aside from being a complete dummy, Murphy was comfortably in bed with the most extremist Muslims in the Detroit area. This slob and porn addict praised Hezbollah and joked about its presence on the State Department Terrorist list, saying he had no idea why the group was on the list because it does "humanitarian work". He's the one who allowed Hezbollah gazillionaire financier and tax defrauder Talal Chahine to flee the country and keep operating his Michigan restaurant chain from Lebanon even after he became a fugitive.

Murphy praised Marxist Congressman John Conyers as one of the greatest jurists he's ever met (Conyers has a law degree but doesn't practice, except when he's holding Bush impeachment hearings). And he praised Ayatollah Khomeini's Navy spiritual leader, extremist Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, a man known for his anti-Semitic rantings and ravings and a friend of Hezbollah spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.

And Murphy was the one who made a sleazy deal for a guilty plea and light sentence for Hezbollah's FBI/CIA spy Nada Nadim Prouty, Talal Chahine's sister-inlaw. Murphy also refused to prosecute Muslim hate crimes against Jews, notably four Muslims who sent me rape, torture, and death threats, while he threw the book at non-Muslims who sent benign e-mails to Muslim extremists. Because of Murphy's refusal to prosecute those who threatened the lives of myself and my family, your tax dollars paid extra for Department of Justice prosecutors to fly in from Washington to do his job.

Murphy made racist comments against Black people, in front of multiple witnesses, and he allowed corrupt ICE official Roy Bailey to remain on the federal payroll for four years after it was discovered that Bailey was on the take from Hezbollah and Chahine, allowing Muslim illegal aliens into the country and helping them gain citizenship.

Murphy's relationship with FBI award revokee, marriage fraud perpetrator, and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad was so tight, many angry federal agents commented that this mancrush resembled an ambiguously gay relationship, with Murphy warning Hamad about all raids by federal agents and apologizing within hours for them.

Yes, this is one of those GUH-REAT "Bush judges" I keep hearing about.

Last week, we reaped the first of many rewards of this awesome Bush Judge, Abu Porno, with his pan-ACORNist ruling about voters who should be ineligible. His ruling is rife with fraud.

Thanks, George W., for this fine judicial specimen:

A federal judge in Detroit ordered state elections officials today to halt one of two methods for purging voters from Michigan's computerized voting rolls. Advertisement

U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy III told state officials to immediately stop canceling the registrations of newly registered voters whose voter identification cards are returned as undeliverable by the post office. Murphy said state officials must restore the names of 1,438 people who have been removed from the rolls under this method since Jan. 1.

Murphy said a second practice -- removing the names of people who apply for driver's licenses in other states -- also is illegal, but the prospects of restoring the names of about 200,000 people, only a few of whom were wrongly removed, "would risk grave harm to the public interest by permitting a large number of ineligible voters to vote."

The judge said the plaintiffs and defendants in a lawsuit must figure out how to deal with that problem as the lawsuit proceeds.

The ACLU of Michigan and a national student group sued Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land last month to halt both practices on the grounds that they violate the National Voting Rights Act.

Michael Steinberg, legal director of the Michigan ACLU, said he was pleased by the decision.

"We are thrilled that thousands of voters who were illegally removed from voter rolls will be able to vote in November's historic presidential election," Steinberg said.

Of course, the ACLU is thrilled. So is ACORN. And so is the Barack Obama team. Imagine the voter fraud Judge Abu Porno's ruling will engender.

Yes, the trial level is where most of the important decisions are made. And where Bush appointed many liberals and dummies, like Judge Abu Porno a/k/a Stephen Murphy III and Judge Marcia Cooke, a liberal public defender, whom Bush named to the federal bench because she's Black. She refused to give a tough sentence to Abdullah Al-Muhajir a/k/a Jose Padilla, the Al-Qaeda terrorist chieftain who tried to acquire and bring a dirty bomb into America. She opposed federal prosecutors in the case, every step of the way.

This is Bush's real legacy, where the difference between Bush and Kerry and Obama isn't clear at all. And it demonstrates all too clearly why it's important to have conservative candidates who are actually conservative, which Bush never was, and who aren't ignorant, like Bush and Sarah Palin. Otherwise, they are handled, managed, and molded by advisors who pick guys like Murphy and chicks like Cooke. Oh, and Secretaries of State like Powell and Rice.

Read all about Hizzoner Abu Porno a/k/a Stephen Murphy III.

The Company Stephen Murphy Keeps . . .
U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy w/Islamic Terrorism Supporters Osama Siblani, Shereef Akeel, Imad Hamad & Noel Saleh


Even More of the Company Stephen Murphy Keeps . . .
Stephen Murphy with Terrorist Charity Officials Khalil Jassem (left), Ihsan Al-Khatib (far right) & "Former" Terrorist Imad Hamad (Murphy's left)

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October 14, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Who is Majida Mourad? Muslim-Americans/Arab-Americans for McCain Chief Committed Federal Crimes, Lied on Top Secret Clearance Forms; Right-Hand (Wo)Man to Hezbollah Bud Abraham; Plus, Who is Randa Fahmy Hudome?

By Debbie Schlussel

You've heard of Mazen Asbahi, who resigned as head of Obama's Muslim campaign after news of his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood came to light (and who is reportedly still working with Obama, anyway). You've also heard of Minha Husaini, the current head of Obama's Muslim outreach, who attended a meeting with open anti-Semites and terrorism co-conspirators.

Now, meet Majida Mourad, the beauty school grad who falsified federal employment and top secret security clearance forms and gave details of security for our nuclear weapons to Muslim nations on the State Department terrorist list.

Majida Mourad heads both Muslim-Americans for McCain and Arab-Americans for McCain, and is a lobbyist for Arab and Muslim nations.

Majida Mourad (w/BoyToy Jim Kimsey):
Heads Up Muslim-Americans for McCain, Has One Up on "Grease"'s Frenchy

Mourad has many former top co-workers from the Department of Energy seeing red because it is well known that she lied on federal employment and top secret security clearance forms--a federal crime--and got away with it, with the help of her friend, then-Secretary of Energy, and now partner, fellow Lebanese Arab-American Spencer Abraham. Both Abraham and Mourad are partners in The Abraham Group, which represents Arab and Muslim nations lobbying America.

When Abraham became Secretary of Energy, he enlisted the White House to appoint Mourad as one of his top Energy advisors. But upon applying for the job, Mourad lied on both her SF-171 form for federal employment and her application for Top Secret security clearance--a federal crime--claiming she had a college degree from Indiana University. In fact, after several semesters at IU, Mourad barely completed enough credits equivalent to a year at college at the time.

The only degree Mourad did in fact have at the time was a diploma from a cosmetology school. So, as a beauty school graduate, she does have one up on Frenchy, the "Beauty School Drop-out" from "Grease." Oh, and the divorced Mourad (who also went by the married name Majida Dandy), was an uncredited extra in a pool party scene on the '90s TV series "Beverly Hills 90210".

Given this information, the use of Mourad in the McCain campaign--after John McCain had to dump federal insurance fraud convict and Hezbollah agent Ali Jawad in May--raises serious questions about the McCain campaign's vetting process when it comes to Middle Easterners and about which Arabs and Muslims would get hired in a McCain administration.

Mourad who worked for pro-Hezbollah/Arafat former U.S. Senator and Energy Secretary Abraham throughout his political career, is now Abraham's partner in lobbying on behalf of various Muslim and Arab nations seeking energy contracts with America. So much for John McCain's claim that he doesn't want lobbyists on his campaign.

Sources close to Abraham also say that Majida Mourad does not do anything without the tacit approval and involvement of Abraham--who sent $86 million of your tax money to Hezbollah in South Lebanon at the request of the Arab American Institute's Jim Zogby, who blocked federal tracking of alien visa holders entering America (also at Zogby's request), and who was one of two U.S. Senators who refused to sign a letter to Bill Clinton asking him to condemn Yasser Arafat at the height of homicide bombings in Israel in 1999 and 2000. Read the complete dossier on Spencer Abraham's pan-jihadist activities.

Last week, the Detroit Free Press disclosed that Abraham has been serving as a surrogate speaker to Michigan Arab voters on behalf of John McCain. Sources close to Abraham say that Abraham is heavily tied to and closely involved with the McCain campaign and that Mourad's involvement is proof of that. So much for John McCain's claim that we must fight the terrorists over there (Iraq) so we don't have to fight them over here. Now we know that the terrorists' Senator and Energy Secretary is squarely inside the McCain campaign.

Those familiar with Mourad are outraged and alarmed that John McCain has enlisted her for more than half a year to head up his outreach efforts to Muslims and Arabs. About a dozen individuals who worked with her confirmed that Ms. Mourad claimed repeatedly on applications for both federal employment and Top Secret security clearance that she was a graduate of Indiana University.

But, in fact, while Mourad went to the school part-time, at the time she had barely completed a full year of credits at the school. I checked with Indiana University's Registrar's Office, and the school confirmed that Majida Mourad attended University of Indian's Kokomo campus and finally graduated with a 2-year Associate's Degree (the equivalent of a Community College degree) in June 2004, after four semesters of correspondence courses and just a few months before she and Spencer Abraham were dumped from the Department of Energy by an angry Bush Administration and well after Ms. Mourad lied on her federal forms.

IU says Ms. Mourad attended the school for 12 semesters over 11 years from Fall 1993 through Summer 2004. The school also confirms that Mourad "attended" online/correspondence courses from 2002 to 2004, while she was supposed to be working full-time at the Department of Energy. Yes, you the American taxpayer paid her high salary at Energy not only after she had the chutzpah to lie on and falsify forms, but also while she was "attending school" full-time.

Her former colleagues are alarmed that not only did Ms. Mourad and Spencer Abraham cover up her federal crime of lying to get Top Secret security clearance and federal employment, but this beauty school grad also frequently toured high-security federal nuclear laboratories with high security nuclear energy, technology, and weaponry. Several published schedules of then-Energy Secretary Abraham's trips to nuclear facilities confirm that "90210" extra and senior Energy advisor Mourad was with him.

In December 2001, Paul Sperry--now an editorial writer at Investor's Business Daily--reported on then-Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham's pledge of $1.2 million in additional tax dollars to a United Nations program, in which Abraham gave tours of and a course about U.S. security measures for nuclear reactors to representatives from countries including then-Saddam-controlled Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Cuba, and Sudan, most of which were then on the State Department Terrorist list (and most of which remain on that list). Energy Department sources say that it was beauty school grad, federal employment/top secret security clearance form falsifier, and Abraham senior advisor Majida Mourad who allowed and oversaw this outrageous compromise of our national security.

So, how did Majida Mourad get away with lying on federal forms and not doing jailtime?

Here's how it went down, according to several Bush Administration sources. Abraham wanted the Bush Administration to appoint beauty school grad Mourad to the position of one of his top senior advisors at Energy, as a political appointee. After she filled out the forms and lied about having a degree from Indiana University, the White House did its due diligence and discovered that she, in fact, had no degree from Indiana University at the time. The White House told Abraham that Mourad was not to be hired and that she would get no political appointment. Abraham was told that Mourad had to go.

But the White House chose not to prosecute Mourad. Behind the White House's back, Abraham hired Mourad anyway. He got away with it by hiring Mourad as a contract employee and she continued to work as his senior advisor, accompanying him on all trips around the world.

When several Department of Energy employees objected to the continued employment of Mourad on the grounds that she committed a federal crime and falsified at least two federal applications, Abraham and then-Energy counsel Lee Otis (incredibly now a Justice Department attorney) fired several of them. They also required other Department of Energy employees to sign confidentiality agreements, promising not to disclose Mourad's crime, in order to retain their employment. And finally, Abraham and Otis threatened Energy employees with retaliation in the form of lawsuits and prosecution, were they to disclose Mourad's crime.

Yes, these are the people on "reformer" John McCain's campaign.

When the White House learned that Mourad remained atop Abraham's staff despite her falsification of federal forms, it was a source of anger, as was the knowledge that Abraham also covered up another crime committed by his senior staffers--an anthrax threat prank involving an envelope containing baby powder, which required the entire Department of Energy to be evacuated. Abraham also refused to fire or allow prosecution senior Energy employees involved in that crime.

Sources say that all of these things--his continued employment of application falsifier Majida Mourad and the anthrax prankers, coupled with Abraham's enormous incompetence during the 2003 Blackout (during which he refused to return to the U.S. from a tax-funded family jaunt to London) and failure to get an energy bill--were the reasons the Bush White House fired Abraham after the 2004 election.

I spoke with Congressman Tom Davis--who has held hearings on federal employees with falsified applications and fake degrees--in connection with this story. While he was not told the identity of the individual in question, he was told that it was a member of the McCain campaign team. "Anyone who lies on a federal application or form should not be hired for the job and should definitely be fired," he said.

So, why did Spencer Abraham risk his career and persecute whistleblower employees to protect fellow Lebanese Arab Majida Mourad and cover-up the federal crimes she committed?

Although there have been allegations of a personal relationship between the attractive Mourad and Spencer Abraham, sources say that is unlikely and that the more likely reason is that Abraham likes Mourad's access to celebrities and the wealthy. The 38-year-old Mourad has been squired around Washington by 69-year-old gazillionaire AOL founder Jim Kimsey. And she was rumored to have "dated" her former employer, Congressman Sonny Bono, which sources say was a likely reason she was not employed long by his successor, Congresswoman Mary Bono. Mourad bragged to third parties that Mrs. Bono gave Mourad a David Yurman bracelet with eyes on it as a parting gift, saying "No matter where you go, I will always have my eye on you." And Mourad told a Washington magazine that an ideal date of hers was when a boyfriend flew her to London to have dinner. (Very low maintenance woman.)

Mourad is also tight with pro-Hezbollah, pro-Syria, anti-Israel Republican Congressman Darrell Issa a/k/a Jihad Darrell, with whom she recently co-sponsored the showing of a Muslim movie at an Arab film festival in Washington.

Sources say that if John McCain is elected, Majida Mourad is in line for a top appointment in the McCain Administration. Question: What kind of job do you give to a beauty school grad and "90210" extra, who committed a federal crime falsifying applications, gave details of our nuclear weapon security to Muslim nations on the State Department Terrorist list, and likes to "date" rich men?

Well, maybe she could be the official consort of Guantanamo detention facility.

Not surprisingly, both Spencer Abraham and Majida Mourad refused to respond to repeated requests for interviews about Mourad's falsification of federal employment and security clearance forms and Abraham's orchestration of the ensuing cover-up.


Who Is Randa Fahmy Hudome?

Another one of Spencer Abraham's former top employees at the Department of Energy--with strong McCain campaign ties--is Randa Fahmy Hudome, a Muslim lawyer and anti-Israel lobbyist whom he hired to his Senate staff and then appointed to Associate Deputy Secretary of Energy. Ms. Fahmy, also now a lobbyist for Muslim and Arab nations, was tight with Yasser Arafat and famously posed with her daughter for a photo kissing Arafat on the cover of The Washington Times. Currently, a lobbyist for Libya, Fahmy brags on her bio that she was responsible for removing the country from the State Department Terrorist List.

Ms. Fahmy was also on the board of ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid), a "charity" under investigation for allegedly financing HAMAS and other similar Palestinian groups. And she's been on the board of the pan-Islamist, anti-Israel Arab-American National Museum and the Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights. And she's a frequent Mid-East policy analyst on Al-Jazeera, the Terrorist News Network.

Fahmy's husband, Mike Hudome (who is also the father of the kid who kissingly posed with Arafat), makes the McCain campaign commercials you see on television.

Randa Fahmy Hudome: Muslim Anti-Israel Activist w/McCain Ties

From Ms. Fahmy's own bio, there's a very clear picture of what she stands for:

Prior to her executive branch experience, Randa was Foreign Policy Counselor during Senator Spencer Abraham's (R-MI) tenure in the United States Senate. During the six years she spent in the legislative branch, she was credited with shaping many pieces of legislation that affected U.S. interests abroad.

From 1992-1994, she was the congressional liaison for the National Association of Arab Americans (NAAA), the premier lobbying organization of the Arab American community which is devoted to promoting peace and stability in the Middle East through a balanced U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Translation: Whenever anyone uses the term "balanced" U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, they don't mean balanced, at all. They mean anti-Israel.

What kind of influence will Randa Fahmy and her husband Mike have on John McCain's Mid-East policy?

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October 02, 2008

Despite Theatrics, Hezbollah Muslim Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison for Anti-Semitic Death Threats to Schlussel; Judge Gets It, Warns Against Muslim Community's Threats to Silence Free Speech; UPDATE: Detroit Free Press Story Spurs More Muslim Hate

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: Detroit Free Press star legal reporter David Ashenfelter does a nice write up.

Note that the Freep story is accompanied by dozens of anti-Semitic comments, many by Muslims (you know, the "tolerant" "Religion of Peace"). Note also that the Detroit Newsistan and its reporter Paul Egan, who knew about this, chose NOT to cover the story. ****


A few months ago, I told you about the guilty plea of Mohamad Fouad Abdallah, a Lebanese Shi'ite resident of Dearbornistan, who sent me two e-mails on behalf of Hezbollah, threatening to rape and kill me.

I asked readers to send letter to the Federal Judge, Marianne Battani, to urge a tough sentence on Mr. Abdallah. Thanks for all of your excellent letters. I am humbled and proud by your solid displays of patriotism. Your letters helped a lot, and I think the Judge took them to heart.

I just returned from the sentencing, this afternoon, in USA v. Mohamad Fouad Abdallah, Case Number 2:08-cr-20223, at which I spoke. Despite the theatrics and bad acting job by Abdallah, Judge Battani did not disappoint. She sentenced Abdallah to eight months in federal prison, a lot of community service and probation, and lectured him that "in America, we don't do this. We don't do this here. We have the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech.

Just a reminder of Mohamad Fouad Abdallah's e-mails to me:

--- michael b mikeb1968@hotmail.com wrote:

From: "michael b" mikeb1968@hotmail.com
To: dschlussel@yahoo.com
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 19:34:47 -0400



--- michael b mikeb1968@hotmail.com wrote:

From: "michael b" mikeb1968@hotmail.com
To: dschlussel@yahoo.com
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 19:35:33 -0400


While I'm disappointed that Judge Battani didn't give Abdallah the full 12-month sentence recommended under the federal sentencing guidelines (and which he solidly deserved), I'm pretty happy with this and was glad she told this proud Hezbollah Muslim off for trying to silence me and for sending me two violent rape and death threats. I was glad to hear Judge Battani repeatedly tell him how especially disturbed she was with his crime.

As I noted before, I have always thought that Judge Battani--a Clinton appointee--was one of the brighter judges on the federal bench, especially in Detroit. And today reinforced my view on that.

I also was impressed that the judge did not fall for the antics and tactics of Mr. Abdallah, who came to court with an oxygen tank and mask, stating that he needed it to breathe because of diabetes and claimed--through his sleazy attorney--that he needed to stay out of prison because of his health. I asked FBI Special Agent Mike Fitzgerald--a great, hard-working agent who worked on my case--if Abdallah had an oxygen tank when agents raided his home in 2006, after he sent me the e-mails. He said no. Clearly this was a prop.

Abdallah also talked about how he has a 9-year-old daughter and is ashamed of what he did and needs to be with her. The Judge threw that right back in his face saying that she's worried what the nine-year-old will learn from her father's e-mailing of death threats. And that she needs to see a lesson, as does the Islamic community, that this kind of threatening behavior cannot be tolerated. Right on and Bravo.

There was also the usual, "I am so remorseful" BS and "I'm sorry, I never felt that way and wouldn't do anything to her [me]" baloney. "It was totally out of character." Yeah, right. The guy, Abdallah, went to the University of Michigan-Dearborn computer center to send me these e-mails. It was planned, and he told the Federal Probation Officers he did it because he didn't like that I was exposing prominent imams and other figures in the Dearborn Muslim community regarding their illicit statements and actions during the Hezbollah-Israel war. Great justification for rape and death threats, habibi [buddy].

The only thing he was remorseful and sorry for was that he got caught and prosecuted. As for his threats to rape and kill me, he relishes the chance. And so do all those in the Dearborn Islamic community who've made Mohamad Fouad Abdallah a folk hero for his violent threats to me.

About his sleazy lawyer, Arthur Weiss. As I noted before, I've had my dealings with this scummy criminal defense attorney. But today took the cake. In his defense of his client and his attempt to get a lenient sentence, Weiss said that he's a Jew and that his religion has never been an issue with his client, and that he's always been nice. He also said that because he's Jewish, he doesn't have a problem with Mr. Abdallah, thinks he's a good guy, and doesn't think he's anti-Semitic (despite the fact that Abdallah's rape and murder threats pointed to me being a Jew).

As I noted to the Judge, Mr. Weiss doesn't care about whether his many Muslim terror-related criminal clients are anti-Semitic. He only cares if their checks clear.

And speaking of pimps, Mr. Weiss' ugly, clown-like tie looked suited for one. Very fitting.

Bottom line, there is justice in America, when you holler and scream like I did, and when you have a voice in the media, like I do. If you're just an average citizen, well then these Muslims get to prevail. And then there's Lola Elzein-Merhi, another Dearbornistan-area Muslim who sent me violent, anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying rape, torture, and death threats. The feds still won't prosecute her, even though her e-mails were as bad as Mr. Abdallah's and even though she tried to get me to meet her for a secluded lunch . . . er, funeral.

Thanks to reasonable and bright Judge Marianne O. Battani for justice meted out, and thanks, again, to the many of you readers who sent notes to the Judge urging a tough sentence.

One other thing: Mohamad Fouad Abdallah was allowed to "self-surrender" to federal authorities to begin his prison sentence. Let's hope he doesn't take a one-way trip to Lebanon, first.

After exposing these things--the fraudulent oxygen tank and that attorney Arthur Weiss cares about cha-ching to his bank account, not whether the paying criminal defense client is anti-Semitic, here's the rest of my statement to the Judge in Court today:

Victim Impact Statement of Deborah K. Schlussel

September 26, 2008

The Honorable Marianne O. Battani
United States District Court
for the Eastern District of Michigan
Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse
231 W. Lafayette Blvd, Room 277
Detroit, MI 48226

RE: Victim Impact Statement
United States of America v. Mohamad Fouad Abdallah
Case Number 2:08-cr-20223

Your Honor:

I am writing this in the hope that you will take this into account when you sentence Mohamad Fouad Abdallah for sending me death and rape threats to my e-mail address. I would like you to know how I have been negatively impacted and affected by Mr. Abadallah's actions. I am his victim and the object of his hate, Debbie Schlussel.

When I first opened the e-mail from Mr. Abdallah, I was shocked, outraged, and very afraid for my personal safety and that of my family members. That has not changed, to date. Mr. Abdallah's e-mail, in addition to featuring obscenities and vile language, threatened to rape me and blow me up and that I would soon die. He said he was doing this on behalf of Hezbollah, the terrorist group that murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians in Beirut in 1983 and a hundred at the Jewish Community Center and Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the mid-1990s. It is also the group that is part of the Al-Qaeda network and partnered with Al-Qaeda in the Khobar Towers bombing. As you may know, Your Honor, Hezbollah has a huge cheerleading squad in the Detroit area, centered in Dearborn's and Dearborn Heights' Shi'ite Community. They need to be sent a message that this kind of behavior--the death and rape threats sent to me on behalf of the terrorist group by Mr. Abdallah--is completely unacceptable in the United States of America.

For over two years since I received his two e-mails, I have had horrible nightmares of having my residence broken into by the likes of Mr. Abdallah. I have woken up just as my mind was dreaming of masked men pulling out swords and getting ready to behead me--just like on the Al-Qaeda video of Daniel Pearl's murder-- or blow me up, and just like in the threats Mr. Abdallah sent me. That is a dream that haunts me now, constantly, since I've received Mohamad Fouad Abdallah's e-mails.

I have never met with nor have I ever had any contact with Mr. Abdallah, other than being the victim and recipient of his anti-Semitic, bigoted death and rape threats and hate. I never asked him to contact me, and I most certainly wish he had not. It would have saved me almost two years--so far--of nightmares and distress. Two years of headaches and anguish.

I am in a constant state of fear. My residence, which has several windows, has the shades drawn, day and night. I never get to see the sun shine in because I am afraid of snipers shooting at me. I constantly leave through back and side doors and time-consuming alternate routes and am constantly looking all around me on the rare occasions that I travel in and out of my residence. It is, as I said, a constant state of fear and hyper-awareness. And I have to limit my trips outside because I never know when someone like Mr. Abdallah or one of his associates will be looking for me. Any noise, any slight abnormal sound in the middle of the night keeps me up indefinitely because I never know if it is Mr. Abdallah or one of his friends, relatives, or allies. This will never change. Mr. Abdallah changed my life forever, for the worst.

I have had to tell my parents, including my elderly father who had a heart condition about these threats, for their personal safety as they were frequently in my presence. My father has since died of cancer, which he developed within a year of Mr. Abdallah's e-mail threats. He was not in such a condition before I told him of Mr. Abdallah's threats to my life and limb. Although there are many causes of deadly illnesses like cancer, stress like that which Mr. Abdallah has caused my family certainly contributed to the health condition of my father.

My grandparents, survived the Holocaust and Nazi-occupied Europe. My mother is an immigrant from that life, who was born in Bergen Belsen Camp in Germany. My family thought they left that life of hatred and violence against Jews behind. But now, with Mr. Abdallah uninvitedly entering our lives, we see that Nazism didn't die. It just took a new form and a new geographic location.

My experience with this whole disturbing episode that never ends has been extremely negative on the so-called "Justice" side, as well.
It is bad enough that I was a victim of Mr. Abdallah, but I was also victimized by the Justice Department. After I received Mr. Abdallah's rape and death threats, I immediately called the Detroit office of the FBI. Although agents did a swift investigation over two years ago, I was stonewalled by the Justice Department Office of Civil Rights, who took almost two years to "investigate" further, what was plain as day.

And the reason the Justice Department in Washington had to send lawyers here today, at taxpayer expense, is because a politically correct U.S. Attorney, Stephen Murphy--now one of your colleagues--did not want to upset the Islamic community. Is this what our "Justice" Department has become--an instrument of political correctness at the hands of the religion of the hijackers, the religion of the murderous beheaders of Daniel Pearl, the religion of Hezbollah mass murderers? My case would have died in the great American abyss, but for the fact that I spoke out about it on my website and in media forums. If I did not have a voice, Mr. Abdallah would remain without a criminal indictment, without a criminal record. During the over two years that I have waited for justice against Mr. Abdallah, I've watched an extremist imam, Hassan Qazwini, who is an open supporter of terrorism and proud friend of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, get swift justice against two non-Muslim e-mailers who sent far more benign e-mails to him than that which Mr. Abdallah sent me. I read articles about how Mr. Qazwini's e-mailers had their homes raided by the FBI--one of them was a quadriplegic veteran--while Mr. Abdallah has been treated with kid gloves.

I watched and waited as the men who e-mailed extremist Imam Qazwini were swiftly indicted within weeks and pled guilty within months, while I had to whine and cajole and complain to deaf ears, finally getting justice years.

Mr. Abdallah, I am told, is Lebanese and I do not know of his citizenship or alien status. But I do know that he is Exhibit A that the so-called "Religion of Peace" is not so peaceful. We were told after the 9/11 attacks that those who committed them were "hijacking their religion," that this is not Islam. But, in my experience, based on Mr. Abdallah's actions, it seems that the religion is certainly populated by a disproportionate share of so-called "hijackers of a religion"--and far too many of them have one thing in common: their hatred for Jews and their desire to see them murdered--and first raped--by Hezbollah, as Mr. Abdallah quite expressly said he wants to see happen to me. He sent me that e-mail specifically because he is a Muslim and specifically because I am a Jew, as evidenced by his words in the e-mail, the reference to Hezbollah during the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006 in its subject line, and the content of the e-mail.

Mr. Abdallah got my e-mail address from my well-read website. It was my public address. He wrote me to silence me, to get me to stop writing about Islamic terrorists and thugs like himself, who want to take away our First Amendment rights. It will not work. But since he has certainly instilled fear in me for the safety of myself and my friends and family, he has achieved part of his goal. He may have never contributed to funds for terrorism or planned a bombing--though he says he will blow me up and that I will die, after first being raped--but his e-mails to me are a different kind of terrorism. And we cannot tolerate it here in the United States of America.

Your Honor, Mr. Abdallah is not the type of citizen we want or need in the United States. He needs to be sent a message, as do all Muslims in our country and around the world: Third World bigotry and anti-Semitism is not acceptable on American soil. Islamic barbarism, like Hezbollah's wholesale murder of Americans and Jews--human beings--is not something to be cheered on and celebrated in our country. It is something to be condemned and punished to the fullest extent of the law. The same goes for Mr. Abdallah's threats to rape and blow me up and kill me. It is bad enough that he was allowed to plead to only a Misdemeanor, while the benign e-mailers to the Detroit Muslim extremist leader I cited earlier are now convicted felons. I guess when you are a Jew--as I am--and the perpetrator is a Muslim--as Mr. Abdallah is, equal punishment does not exist for the same crime. Now that he has pleaded to a Misdemeanor, please don't let Mr. Abdallah get off completely without a harsh punishment to fit his crime and the harm it has caused me and my family.

Today, I hope you send a message to Mohamad Fouad Abdallah, to his co-religionists, to the murderers of Americans and Jews in Hezbollah, to all who will learn of this case, that you strongly condemn his actions by sending him to prison and, if he is not a U.S. citizen, doing whatever is necessary so that our authorities at Citizenship and Immigration Services, at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and at the Executive Office of Immigration Review will all know that Mr. Abdallah is not the type of potential citizen who should be welcomed and remain free on American soil. Mr. Abdallah's continued freedom makes the rest of America--especially his expressed target of rape, explosions, and murder--extremely unsafe. With me, it was two e-mails he sent, with someone else--and apparently me--he may carry out his threats.

Thank you for your time in reading this statement and considering my plight. I hope you will sentence Mohamad Fouad Abdallah to at least a year in prison per the minimum mandatory sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines, if not a much harsher punishment.


Deborah K. Schlussel


Posted by Debbie at 05:50 PM

September 26, 2008

Who Is Ali Taleb?: How a Hezbollah Terrorist Wanted in Lebanon Tried to Frame My Counterterrorist Client in Court. . . And LOST; No Thanks to ICE

By Debbie Schlussel

After 9/11, America asked its resident Muslims to help us fight Islamic terrorism on our soil, but--despite their repeated claims of loyalty to America--few answered the call.

One of those who did risk his life and started informing the U.S. government on terrorist-related criminal activities within the Islamic community was a client I've represented since May. For his good work for America, my client was outed, had a death fatwa (Islamic religious decree) put on his head, and was framed for a crime he did not commit.

Wayne County (Michigan) prosecutors, based in Detroit, continued to prosecute my client despite exculpatory evidence showing he was innocent and that his accuser was lying. And the U.S. government--eager to please the most extremist, pan-terrorist Muslims in America--turned its back on my client. His Immigration and Customs Enforcement handler also turned his back on my client.

On Hezbollah: Judge Thomas Jackson Doesn't Get it . . .
But the Jury Did
(Thanks to David Lunde/Lundesigns for Assistance w/Photo)

But I did not. In what would have easily been a $15,000-25,000 case, I chose to defend my indigent client--who lost everything because of the Hezbollah-backed false charges--pro bono (free of charge). I am not a wealthy person by any stretch of the imagination, but this is something I believe in. And I put my lack of money where my mouth is.

On Tuesday, after a day-and-a-half trial, my client--we'll call him "Haidar"--was acquitted in 25 minutes by a very bright and intuitive jury.

A man named Ali Taleb--a Hezbollah terrorist wanted in Lebanon for kidnapping and murder--and his fellow gang of Hezbollah thugs from and liars from Dearbornistan showed up in court to falsely accuse my client of Felony Illegal Possession of a Firearm and Felony Assault with a Firearm.

And, despite a stubborn and unprofessional judge--Judge Thomas Jackson--who did everything in his power to exclude evidence that would prove my client's innocence and who mocked, laughed at, and repeatedly ridiculed and belittled me and my client in front of the jury during the trial, we managed to overcome the frame-up job. It certainly restored my faith in our jury system. Thank G-d for it.

My client was falsely accused of driving his car by the complainant's business, pulling out a gun, and threatening to kill the complainant. A gun was never recovered because it never happened. It was all made up by a Hezbollah agent who didn't like my client's opposition to Hezbollah and the fact that my client's wife was Jewish and found out that my client was a confidential informant to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

About my client's accuser, Ali Taleb: He comes from South Lebanon, where his entire immediate family is deeply involved in Hezbollah. Ali Taleb made tapes of my client denouncing Hezbollah and Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and sent them to Hezbollah. Because of this, my client cannot return to Lebanon and has a death fatwa (Islamic religious decree) against him.

Taleb has repeatedly threatened to murder my client and still calls him and his wife at all hours of the night with threats and heavy breathing. Because of this and Taleb's death threats, my client had to quickly close up his successful body shop business, sell his expensive equipment worth thousands for pennies, and escape to another state. Taleb and his buddies are still trying to find out where that is.

Several years ago, before all of this, it began when Taleb found out my client's wife is a Jew (she is from an Arabic country and has an Arab Muslim father). Taleb was repairing my client's wife's Jeep Liberty and sabotaged the steering column, so that it wouldn't work when she drove it. When my client discovered this, he asked Ali Taleb why he did this. Ali Taleb, in an anti-Semitic tirade against Jews, asked my client how he could marry a "dirty Jew". He then said, "Come on, let's kill her and collect the insurance money. She's a Jew. We should kill her."

One of Ali Taleb's brothers, Hussein Taleb, was a top Hezbollah terrorist, who was killed in a Hezbollah terrorist operation by rival terrorists. Hussein Taleb was originally a terrorist for Harakat Amal (the Amal Militia) terrorist group, but then switched to Hezbollah--the terrorist group that murdered hundreds of Americans and Jews--where he became a top operative. To get back at him, Harakat Amal killed Hussein Taleb while he was committing a Hezbollah terrorist act. Today, though, Amal has merged into Hezbollah, and all of the Harakat Amal members are big-time Hezbollah supporters.

Another one of Ali Taleb's brothers, Faraj Taleb, was killed in 1992 as he tried to rob a business that conducts the exchange of foreign money. A female teller shot him.

Then, there is Ali Taleb, himself. Originally, he was involved in security for Nabih Berry, head of Harakat Amal and Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament. Berry--who is on America's no-fly list--is one of Hezbollah's key men in the Lebanese government, and he served as Hezbollah's spokesman/negotiator when it hijacked TWA Flight 847 and tortured Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem to death.

Taleb, himself, admits that he was a terrorist for Harakat Amal (now part of Hezbollah), and that there was a warrant issued for his arrest in Lebanon in 1983, for masterminding the kidnapping of Hassan Ezzedine, a top Hezbollah operative and right-hand man to Imad Mughnieh--the late chief of Hezbollah's terrorist operations.

On the second day of trial, as I was about to put my client on the stand before closing arguments, the prosecutor, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Raj Prasad, showed me a translated Lebanese newspaper article discussing the kidnapping and the warrant for Ali Taleb's arrest--a document never served on me as required by the discovery order in this case. Prosecutor Prasad said he was going to introduce it to "prove" that Ali Taleb was not a Hezbollah terrorist. I told him to go for it. The article proved Taleb was a member of a rival terrorist group, committed kidnappings for the group, and is now part of Hezbollah, since the rival terrorist group--Harakat Amal--is now part of Hezbollah. Sadly, he did not end up using the article, and Judge Jackson refused to allow me to call Taleb as a witness or introduce the article into evidence. Yup, the judge in a criminal case refused to allow the defense to call the complainant. It's simply unheard of.

Ali Taleb is also wanted in Lebanon for the 1989 robbery murder of two people, according to Lebanese intelligence sources. He shot and killed a man and his wife in Shayah, in the Hezbollah stronghold of South Beirut, while he was robbing them.

Ali Taleb worked with the CIA. Yes, this is the kind of scum with whom the CIA worked and continues to work. Since there were arrest warrants for him in Lebanon, he fled the country and went to Sierra Leone, where many Hezbollah-allied Lebanese Arabs live and have businesses. Lebanese intelligence sources say the late Jamil Said, a pro-Hezbollah multi-millionaire who liked Taleb, got Taleb a diplomatic visa from the government of Sierra Leone, from which he traveled to Canada. Taleb also worked with a shadowy figure, Jamal Hamdan, who now lives in the U.S. and is believed to be one of the Achille Lauro hijackers who murdered wheelchair-bound American citizen Leon Klinghoffer.

In Canada, Ali Taleb sought asylum. While waiting for the Canadian government to make its decision, Taleb lived in Montreal, from which he ran an alien smuggling business. He charged Arab Muslims and others $3,000 to smuggle them over the Northern New York border into the United States. (Among those he smuggled were my client, his wife, and two daughters. After being smuggled through a forest, finding themselves on a remote, empty, snowy road, my client and his wife were picked up by Border Patrol agents and soon sought asylum because they opposed Hezbollah and my clients' wife is Jewish.)

Eventually, the Canadian government rejected Ali Taleb's request for asylum and ordered him deported. Canada was aware of the warrants for Taleb's arrest, his involvement with Harakat Amal and Hezbollah, and the kidnapping and murder charges against him.

So guess who took Ali Taleb in, when even Canada dumped him like yesterday's garbage?

Yup, Ali Taleb has been living in the United States since 1992 with his family. Although he is apparently not a U.S. citizen, he's lived here freely, despite his criminal and Hezbollah past and present.

Aren't you glad that we allow this terrorist trash--trash rejected by Lebanon and Canada--to come live in our midst?

This was my client's accuser, but the jury didn't get to hear most of this, since Judge Thomas Jackson refused to let me bring it in.

I was lucky he even let me ask a few questions about Hezbollah. Barely. Thank Heaven for small favors. But it wasn't such a favor. Every time I mentioned Hezbollah, Judge Jackson rolled his eyes, laughed, sighed, or otherwise mocked me, in full view and hearing of the jury. I felt like George Bush debating Al Gore in 2000, where know-it-all Gore was doing the same thing. It was completely improper and prejudicial to my case.

(A sidenote: Judge Jackson is an audio-separated-at-birth voice double of actor Morgan Freeman. They sound exactly alike, except that Morgan Freeman--while not wearing a robe and without college and law degrees--can actually pronounce the word "ask". No, Judge Jackson, the word is not the same as the one for a wooden shaft with a giant sharp metal blade at the end.)

Judge Jackson kept lecturing me--both in front of the jury and away from them--that Hezbollah has nothing to do with the accusations in this case. But it had everything to do with it.

From his auto body shop in Detroit, Taleb has been engaged in mass cases of insurance fraud, and my client informed authorities about it (they did nothing). As my client testified on the stand, Taleb and his Hezbollah associates have been faking crashes of cars, so they can trump up alleged repairs and collect insurance money. Some of the profits apparently go to Hezbollah.

Ali Taleb has a long history of filing false police reports and making phony criminal accusations against those with whom he disagrees. In 2006, for instance, Ali Taleb made the exact same allegations against Zein El-Abidine Charaf-Eddine, one of Taleb's alleged partners in insurance fraud. (They had a falling out when Charaf-Eddine refused to share the insurance fraud check with Taleb.)

Taleb told police that Charaf-Eddine drove by Taleb's business in his car, pulled out a gun, and threatened to kill Taleb. Same exact fact pattern. Wayne County prosecutors charged Charaf-Eddine (in Case Number 06-1317), but eventually had to drop the charges because Taleb wasn't credible. Taleb also filed, but then withdrew, a police complaint in 2005, making the same allegations against my client.

But Judge Jackson refused to allow me to bring this evidence--about the same false accusation Taleb made against another of his enemies and how the case was dropped--before the jury. And he refused to let me call the prosecutor in that case, Thomas Beadle, to testify about why he dropped the case.

Judge Jackson also refused to allow me to bring up at trial another false police report Taleb filed against my client. The day my client's preliminary exam was supposed to be held, Ali Taleb saw his client had a tough Jewish lawyer (me) and was upset that I also obtained permission for my client to move out of the State of Michigan. So, he filed a phony complaint with police that my client located him in the middle of traffic and got out of his car and threatened him. One problem: My client was at a gas station all day long waiting to get paid for a car he sold the owner, and we had a witness--actually several witnesses--who were with him. Judge Jackson barred all of this from being presented in front of the jury.

But just in case he had, the prosecution suddenly brought a new witness to testify that he saw my client threaten Taleb in the middle of traffic. That witness was not in the police report, because he was never there. It was made up. That "witness", Hussein Barakat, was also the "witness" in the false Zein Charaf-Eddine case.

This is life in America's Hezbollah 'Hood. And that life spread to the courtroom. Just before the second day of trial began, Judge Jackson informed us that one of the jurors reported that he/she had been approached by one of the witnesses regarding the case. It was apparently Ali Taleb or one of his thugs, trying to persuade them to find my client guilty.

On the stand, Ali Taleb lied through his teeth--the usual Muslim "taqiyyah" (permitted Islamic deception of infidels). He said, "I hate Hezbollah," when we know that he's one of Hezbollah's most vocal cheerleaders on the streets of Dearbornistan. He also said about Jews, "I love them. They're wonderful people."

Oh, and by the way, he had a translator, even though he spoke perfect English.

Taleb's friend, and apparent partner in insurance fraud, Ali Abdel Sater--who spells his surname in a gazillion different ways to confuse law enforcement and other authorities--was his only corroborating witness. He claimed he saw the events in question. He also claimed, under oath, that he spoke with police as Taleb's translator. But when I questioned the police who responded to the complaint and went to the scene of the alleged incident, they testified that Ali Taleb spoke to them in English and that they never spoke with anyone else or had a translator.

A little about Ali Abdel Sater: My client testified on the stand that Abdel Sater not only engages in insurance fraud with Ali Taleb, but that he helps "steal" people's leased cars so they can get out of leases. My Lebanese intelligence sources tell me that he owns a restaurant/cafeteria/ice cream parlor in the Bekaa Valley, a Hezbollah stronghold. All of the employees are Hezbollah members, and all of the profits from the eatery go straight to Hezbollah. Abdel Sater is not U.S. Citizen, and sources say he does not even have a Green Card. He did marry an American woman to try to get a Green Card.

As I said, Taleb's false police complaints and similar charges against others were barred by Judge Jackson. I was able to get some of the insurance fraud stuff in, but only because I put my client on the stand--and even then, Judge Jackson stopped me in the middle of that line of questioning.

Putting a defendant on the stand is not usually done in criminal defense cases, and it's generally a mistake. But in this case, my client was so credible, so courageous in his willingness to denounce Hezbollah and terrorism, and had so many death threats and so much persecution from Taleb, I felt his testimony would help seal the deal on my case.

Fortunately it did. Like I said, the jury took only 25 minutes after a day-and-a-half case to acquit my client. Thank G-d for this intelligent and sagacious jury. I had tears in my eyes when the jury read the verdict.

After the trial, I wanted to go outside the courtroom with my client and his family and thank the jury and ask them what sealed the acquittal. But I didn't get that chance because the smug Judge Jackson chose to keep us in the courtroom and lecture me. He was upset that we won this case. It was clear he wanted us to lose. And he was upset that in my closing argument, I shoved one of his many denigrating comments about me in his face.

During the trial, when the Judge cut off my examination of my witnesses and barely allowed me to put on a case, he said, "This is NOT the trial of the century!" in front of jurors. So, in my closing argument, I began by saying:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, you heard a comment from the bench that this is not the trial of the century. But for my client, who has already lost everything because of these politically-motivated and ethnically-bigoted false charges and who stands to lose his freedom, this IS the trial of the century. For his family, who stand to lose their father and husband of four kids and one on the way, this IS the trial of the century. And if you or I were up there on the stand or at the defense table, defending ourselves against these false charges, this would be the trial of the century.

(I also asked jurors not to let Middle Eastern, old world values and thuggish charges and persecution of moderate Muslims take over America's courtrooms. And they didn't disappoint.)

Judge Jackson apparently didn't like that, and he didn't like that I tried to get the Hezbollah stuff in--and, above all, that it resulted in a win. Instead of thanking the jurors and speaking with them, I and my client were treated to a post-trial, on-the-record lecture from the Judge about how he was correct in making his inappropriate "trial of the century" comment and how I didn't try the case properly (hmmm . . . the jurors found my client not guilty of two charges in 25 minutes of deliberations; yet I didn't "try the case the right way"?!) and how "six years from now when you get more trial experience, you'll thank me." I have plenty of trial experience, and I won't be thanking you, Judge Jackson. Bet on it.

I sat there with a blank stare instead of responding with the groveling "thank you, Your Honor" that he wanted and expected. I was not going to thank this guy who sneered at and mocked me for the entire trial and did everything in his power to try to make me lose this case and make my client lose his freedom.

A few words about other goings on at the trial:

One of the biggest hindrances in this case was my client's ICE handler, Special Agent Jason Brumley. Despite my client's hard work for ICE at risk to his life and family members' lives, ICE gave "Haidar" and me the shaft. My client enabled Brumley and other ICE agents to seize hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal drugs and break a giant international auto theft ring tied to Hezbollah.

For all of that, "Haidar" was repaid by ICE with Special Agent Brumley lying to prosecutors and dissing my client. Oh, and refusing to testify in court--ICE opposed my subpoena at the last possible minute and refused to allow Brumley to testify.

Based on my client's treatment by ICE and the rest of the U.S. government, I would advise all future Arab Muslim clients not to work with the agency as informants . . . unless they're prepared to be jammed up, lose their freedom, and have thousands for a lawyer. They treat good, decent informants (like my client) like criminals and terrorists, while top ICE officials repeatedly fete Muslims and Arabs who are terrorists and/or support them like good, decent people.

When I first called Special Agent Jason Brumley, he informed me that he knew Ali Taleb to be a bad guy and a criminal involved in insurance fraud and all kinds of other illegal activity. Brumley told me that his office knew that Taleb had been an illegal alien smuggler and that they once worked with Taleb as an informant. He said it was very brief because his office learned "how dirty" (his words) Ali Taleb was and knew he was continuing to be involved in criminal enterprises.

Agent Brumley also told me that my client, "Haidar", was a good informant and gave him information that led to ICE seizing huge illegal drug shipments. He told me he would vouch for my client and certainly wouldn't vouch for Ali Taleb. But when I relayed this to prosecutors and they called Agent Brumley, he changed his tune entirely. Brumley claimed he never said anything bad about Ali Taleb and told prosecutors that he didn't trust my client.

I told my client never to work with ICE again and certainly not Brumley. It simply wasn't worth it. Brumley called me and was very angry and changed his story yet again, saying he would call prosecutors and "repair" what he said. But it was too late. He jammed up my client, his informant, and I hope the few other Arabs and Muslims considering working with him read this and reconsider. You'll be betrayed. The guy--ICE Agent Jason Brumley--cannot be trusted. How many other ICE agents treat their informants this way? How many times does ICE fight subpoenas, preventing its agents from answering questions that would bolster their informants against trumped up charges and leaving them to fight the case alone? Meanwhile, Brumley's boss, Julie L. Myers, fetes top Hezbollah and HAMAS agents--including "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad--over plates of falafel.

This is how we treat the Muslims and Arabs that help us--let their whole lives be trashed--versus our kowtowing to and Ramadan Iftar dinners for the most extremist Muslims we can find in America. It's sickening. And it's why we're losing the domestic fight against Islamic terrorism.

Outside of the courtroom, Ali Taleb, his gang of lying Hezbollah thugs, and other Muslims called me "Sharmoutah Yehudiah" (Jewish whore) and "Wooskhah" (filth). Ali Taleb shouted, "How does she know about Hezbollah?" And his lying Hezbo buddy, Ali Abdel Sater declared, "If he's acquitted, I'm leaving the country."

To that, I say, "Yaala, Zbali"--Get going, garbage. And don't let the door hit your Hezbollah-infected butt on the way out.

Then, there were the prosecutors on the case. At the several hearings before the trial, the original prosecutor was a young woman named Andrea Hutting. Even though she has been a lawyer for only three years, she treated me with extreme disdain and like I was a total dummy. I was repeatedly bitched out by this arrogant, insubstantial person, who refused to drop the case even though she was made aware of the evidence that Ali Taleb had made the same phony accusations against others, including in the Charaf-Eddine case that her own office dismissed. She also bitched me out because I didn't know the name of the secretary in the prosecutor's office. I'm supposed to know the name of someone's secretary, with whom I've never dealt? And for this, I should be repeatedly chewed out by a 20-something dummy-ette? It was absurd. Who wants to deal with a woman who consistently acts like she has an extreme case of perpetual PMS?

She apparently couldn't handle me anymore because she gave the case to another young prosecutor, Raj Prasad, also only a lawyer for about three years. He, too, treated me like a total dummy. But that worked for me, so I went with it. His opening and closing statements were so slick, glib, smug, and arrogant, along with his behavior, that the jury wasn't buying. My style in court is direct and blunt. I get to the point. I don't talk about science fiction and "CSI", like the prosecutor did. Jurors don't want to feel like they're being treated as naive rubes.

Prosecutor Prasad apologized to jurors for me putting my client's 13-year-old daughter on the stand. But he should have apologized to her for putting her father in jail for three days on false accusations, and for putting him in the position where we had to have her testify as a witness. It was chutzpah. But what really bothered him was that she was a great witness--very sincere and very credible, and she had an impact on the jury.

"Haidar" is one of the lucky ones. Lucky to keep his freedom and be there for his four children and the upcoming birth of his fifth. But not so lucky, since the death fatwa (Islamic religious decree) over his head remains. He cannot return to Lebanon to see his mother. Some of his brothers and one of his sisters told him they want to slit his throat.

And he's lost everything. Under the stress, "Haidar's" wife miscarried the child to which she was about to give birth. He had to shut down his successful auto body shop and sell thousands of dollars of equipment for pennies on the dollar, so he and his family could pick up and move to another state, while the complainant in this case, Ali Taleb, tried to continue to carry out his threats to kill my client.

For several weeks, my client and his four kids lived in a homeless shelter. Now, he and his pregnant wife work at a fast-food restaurant chain franchise for a tiny fraction of what he used to earn.

We won my client's freedom, but what we didn't win in court was the deportation of this terrorist thug and his gang. They continue to rule the roost in Dearborn and the Detroit area . . . because incompetent prosecutors and judges and federal agents continue to let them.

"Haidar's" victory in court on Tuesday is a tiny drop in a sea of poisonous waters.

We need a sea change. And, sadly, it doesn't appear in the cards.

Ali Taleb, Ali Abdel Sater, and their gang remain free in our midst--on America's streets--to make more of these charges against innocent people. And to make more inroads for Hezbollah.

I'm told that Ali Taleb and Ali Abdel Sater are now worried that, because of the trial, federal and state authorities know about their terrorist activities. They're worried and are talking of leaving the country.

Unfortunately, they have no reason to be worried. We know the feds--who've long known about them and have done nothing--will continue to do nothing.

But It would be great if they started packing. Up next, my client is considering suing them.


Even though I tried this case entirely on my own, I want to thank two great criminal defense attorneys whom I consulted and who gave me great advice that I used at trial: Rick Convertino/strong> and Michael Alan Schwartz.


Here's a special salute to Ali Taleb, Ali Abdel Sater, and all the Hezbollah thugs who showed up in court--Imad Beydoun, Hassan Barakat, etc.--to frame my client:

Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns

You are all girlie men. Oh, and you're mnyook, too.

Posted by Debbie at 04:52 AM

September 16, 2008

Enough, Walid Shoebat: Why is Sean Hannity's Fake Terrorist Harassing Me?

By Debbie Schlussel

[TO MY READERS: I originally wrote the column below in February. But I sat on it and didn't publish it because I feel bad about exposing even this fraud and creep, Walid Shoebat, despite the fact that he's plagiarized from me and harassed me under a fake name using his own e-mail address, and despite the fact that his equally shady manager, Keith Davies, fits a similar bill and has--along with Shoebat--taken to trashing me.

But now that The Jerusalem Post has also exposed the fraudulence and fakery of Mr. Shoebat, I've decided I cannot remain silent on who he really is and his behavior, any longer. After harassing me, he tried to appear with me at a 9/11 event in Dearborn, and I realized I can no longer hold back. I've thought long and hard about it, but it must be done. The record must be set straight.]

Years ago, when I first heard of Walid Shoebat--the man who claims to have been a Palestinian Islamic terrorist--I liked his story. Since then, I praised him in more than one entry on this site. That was a mistake.

Walid Shoebat: Serial Harasser, Plagiarist, Fake Terrorist

In the back of my mind, I always doubted his story. It's not that I don't believe Muslim terrorists can convert to Christianity and see the error of their ways. I personally know of a scant few who have, indeed, done that. And there are several former Muslims--Ayan Hirsi Ali (never a terrorist) comes to mind--and enlightened Arabs who are great orators with an important message so many more need to hear.

It's that I simply didn't find Shoebat credible. And his behavior toward me is that of an unstable, insecure man who is upset that his shaky claims are being doubted. It's a case of trusting my instincts, and my instincts told me this man oozing arrogance, bravado, swagger, and not much else was a fraud--that this was a business for him, showmanship. And he never provided a shred of proof that he did what he said he did in his former life.

Still, I kept my doubts to myself, lest I be accused of enabling the Islamists, and because I had no beef with his message, a good one. My inclination was to ignore him and not waste my time or effort on this man. Sadly, though, that's not the way he sees things. For some reason, Walid Shoebat won't stop harassing me, despite my requests. He's annoying me and wasting my time. And he won't go away. So I can no longer look the other way.

Mr. Shoebat took it upon himself--despite my praise of him on this site--to engage in a pattern of behavior that spanned plagiarism and obscene verbal abuse to the non-stop barrage of harassing messages he sent me over the last two days under a fake name, "Sandra Medina." That's what I get for being nice and charitable to a snake. I got bitten.

All along, I figured the e-mails I got yesterday were coming from Shoebat or one of his blind believers. And, sadly, I was right. It's those instincts--when you trust them, you are right; When you don't, you regret it.

Shoebat made the mistake of e-mailing me using an e-mail he and his son had used to e-mail me before with their real names. While some real terrorists are stupid and inept (like Richard Reid, "The Shoe Bomber), most aren't--not that stupid.

And after I asked Shoebat not to e-mail me again, he did anyway--three times, so far--including a fake letter to himself, his equally unhinged chief of staff, and his friend--who else but another phony?--Sean Hannity. Shoebat and Hannity have a lot in common, including that, in addition to not selfishly plagiarizing others' words for personal gain, neither were ever Islamic terrorists.

In all of his e-mail exchanges with me as "Sandra Medina," Mr. Shoebat never once provided any proof of his "terrorist" story, which I now believe with certainty is carefully crafted fiction. His position as "Sandra" is that since there is no proof that he isn't a terrorist, he can get away with it.

And he might have, had he not stolen a column of mine, told me, "F-ck You, Bitch" (isn't he supposed to be a born-again Christian?), and--now--sent me this series of whacked-out e-mails, because he's upset over a comment I made on my site to one of my readers about Shoebat's behavior toward me. He's like a jilted lover who can't take no for an answer and move on.

It all started a couple of years ago, when Shoebat was scheduled to speak at my alma mater, The University of Michigan. He was attacked by "former" Islamic terrorist and current ADC-Midwest chief Imad Hamad in a newspaper article, in which Hamad doubted Walid's claim to having been a terrorist. Interesting couple: Hamad--a "former" Islamic terrorist who claims he never was one. Shoebat--who claims to be a "former" Islamic terrorist, but apparently never was. Each is using these charades for their own self-aggrandizement (though Hamad is also an extremist ideologue, too), and each has many dupes.

In response to Hamad's claims, Shoebat put out a press release, which plagiarized--word for word--my column on Hamad. I contacted Shoebat's PR person, Maria Sliwa (interestingly, she's also plagiarist Aaron Klein's publicist and helped him rip me off), asking why my work was ripped off. Sliwa told me that Walid Shoebat insisted my name be removed because he didn't want to be associated with "the Zionists." She agreed to change the press release and give me credit, but did not, after several phone calls. The next day, after complaining to her again, I got a call from Shoebat, after I told Sliwa I was going to write about this and Shoebat on this site.

Shoebat told me a million different stories. First, he told me he was a fan of my work and that he's upset that Ms. Sliwa took my name out of the press release and ripped off my work--that it was her decision. Then, he admitted he lied about that and that he, himself, made the decision to steal my work because "I don't want to be associated with the Right" (Hello . . . ? "The Right" is his entire audience of blind supporters). He agreed to correct the press release, but never did. Then, his chief of staff, a shady character named Keith Davies (who claims to be an Irish Jew), called to tell me that since they have been ripped off by others, it's okay to rip me off. Later in the day, Shoebat called me back and told me, "You know, I called a lawyer. And you can't sue me [DS: I never said I would], so I don't have to give you credit for your work. I can take it and use it however I want. Fuck You, Bitch!" Then, he hung up. (A tiny correction mentioning that it was my work was finally issued and appeared elsewhere, where no-one would see it. They refused to correct the actual press release.)

I thought that was the end of the abuse at the hands of this con man, Shoebat. But I was wrong. He's not only a fake terrorist and a con artist, he's nuts. Here is the e-mail exchange this egomaniac engaged me in, yesterday, pretending to be a woman named, "Sandra Medina." Mr. Shoebat, er . . . "Sandra Medina" asked me to sue him (her?) and to post these. I can't oblige the first, but since I'm tired of this--I just got another e-mail from him/her/it--I'll happily oblige the second request. Does this sound like a real "former terrorist" to you?:

From: Aga Tangola aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Date: Feb 18, 2008 7:20 PM

Subject: Walid Shoebat

To: writedebbie@gmail.com


Below, are you saying that Walid Shoebat is a "fraud"? Are all his claims false? He was never a terrorist? This whole time we trusted this man as he spoke in our church and he was lying to us? . . .

Can you please clarify this issue?

Sandra Medina



From: Aga Tangola

Date: Feb 19, 2008 1:16 AM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: Debbie Schlussel


I so much appreciate you responding so quickly. You are prompt.

I need to talk to my pastor about this. One more clarification if you can help me with. Daniel Pipes seem to have vouched for this "creep":

Daniel Pipes replies:

May 18, 2006 response: Walid Shoebat took the time to visit me in my office today and to show me proofs that his life story is a true one. I accept that it is.

Much appreciated for your help. Why would FOX news put this guy on their program? You need to let them know NOT to hire him any longer as an expert. You should be on yourself. Walid has 188 hits on Youtube and 108,000 hits on Google. I can't believe why he is getting all this attention. We need to stop this guy.

By the way, I was watching you on YOUTUBE and you are GREAT.

Great to hear from you.



From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 1:01 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: aga_tangola@yahoo.com

I can't answer for Daniel Pipes' statement. He is his own person. Walid Shoebat is a fraud.



From: Aga Tangola aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 1:54 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com


I see what you are saying, but there must be evidence that this man is a fraud. He seems to have provided evidence to Daniel Pipes.

What is the evidence? Is there any? Just because you say he is a fraud is not enough to accuse him. I need evidence.



From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 2:10 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Um, where is the evidence that he was a former terrorist. Did you tell him, "I need evidence"? Did you ask Pipes what evidence he showed him? It is not my task to prove that he isn't something he never proved that he was.


From: Aga Tangola aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 2:46 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com


That's fine. So there is no evidence that he WAS a terrorist and there is no evidence that he WAS NOT (although Pipes examined some evidence), so then this does not substantiate that he is a fraud. One can simply state that he "claims" to have been a terrorist.

Here is the summary:

No evidence that he is

No evidence that he is not.

That in itself does not constitute fraud. Does it?

You stated that he is a "fraud" and you know best since yourself are an attorney.

Is that your position?

Sandra Medina


From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 3:05 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: aga_tangola@yahoo.com

He lied to me several times. He is a fraud. It appears to me that you are probably working for him and sending me these e-mails on his behalf. He is a fraud, and Pipes has provided you no evidence of anything, only that the believes the guy. It is Shoebat's responsibility to provide proof, and in the many media stories and appearances, he has never once provided any because he cannot. The end. I really don't have time to engage in this with you any more. Bye.



From: Aga Tangola aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 6:01 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

You must be a few french fries short of a happy meal.

Yup. Walid Shoebat: "Former terrorist" AND psychiatrist. Multi-talented.


From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 6:23 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: aga_tangola@yahoo.com


You really need to look in the mirror. I just figured out that this is you. A real "former terrorist" would be smarter than this. Please do not e-mail me again.



From: Aga Tangola aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 8:44 PM

Subject: Re: Walid Shoebat

To: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com


>You really need to look in the mirror. I just figured out that this is you.

So anyone who writes you is "Walid"? You really must be having a nightmare.

>Please do not e-mail me again.


I did, and I can't wait till you sue. Please sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue me.

Oh, on second thought, please publish this email so people can see just how stupid your reasoning is. Or better then that, send me some legal action.

Would you like my name and address to serve me?



Next, Walid Shoebat writes an e-mail to himself as "Sandra Medina." It's like a bad Adam Sandler movie (sorry, Adam):

From: Aga Tangola aga_tangola@yahoo.com

Date: Feb 19, 2008 9:41 PM

Subject: Debbie does smear

To: Walid@shoebat.com

To the Shoebat Foundation

Searching Walid Shoebat on the web yielded this Debbie Schlussel who posted smear were she has accused you of being a fraud. See below if you care to respond. I wrote her. Probing into her evidence I came out empty handed with nothing but circular reasoning. She not only smeared you but Sean Hannity and an array of others who wanted nothing better then to get rid of her. Maybe you would enjoy posting or circulating this around for a laugh at her logic. I will send this to Sean as well. See below.

Sandra Medina

After that, Shoebat forwarded me his nutty chief of staff's response (trashing me, of course) to his boss, Shoebat, posing as "Sandra" about me. It doesn't bear repeating here. But you get the point. The guy is harassing me and needs to get a life.

So how do I know that "Sandra Medina" a/k/a "Aga Tangola" is Walid Shoebat? Well, he and his son sent me e-mails, under their real names when they wanted me to post a well-written letter the son wrote, using the exact obscure screen name and an almost identical e-mail address three years ago. I feel bad about involving his son, who seems genuine and like a good kid (so I am redacting his first name), but enough is enough:

-----Original Message-----

From: Aga Tangola mailto:agatangola@yahoo.com

Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 12:50 PM

To: Rachel Neuwirth; debbieschlussel@worldnet.att.net

Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: My son's email


I am 15 years old. I am not Muslim, I am Christian.

Also use [REDACTED] for my first name instead of [REDACTED].

If you also can take out my teacher's name and instead say "Dear teacher".

Also change "Yet it wasn't the students response that hurt" and add "hurt the most", so the statement will say "Yet it wasn't the students response that hurt the most".

Thank you for publishing my letter.

Wow, my first article

[REDACTED] Shoebat

Rachel Neuwirth wrote:

Walid, can you answer the following questions by Debbie. thanks,


----- Original Message -----

From: Debbie Schlussel

To: Rachel Neuwirth

Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 7:43 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: My son's email

Also, how old is he and in what grade?

So his name is [REDACTED] Shoebat? Is he Muslim also? I am curious.

----- Original Message -----

From: Rachel Neuwirth

To: Debbie Schlussel

Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 2:27 AM

Subject: Fw: Fw: My son's email

Debbie, See below. Also, go to Walid's web site http://www.shoebat.com/ you may want to refer to his site as well. thx


----- Original Message -----

From: Aga Tangola AgaTangola@yahoo.com

To: Rachel Neuwirth

Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2006 10:53 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: My son's email


Sure, you can put his name and last name as well.

This will encourrage him greatly.

Thanks Rachel


Recently, Shoebat spoke at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Supposedly, they did a background check on him. But what they should have done was a psychiatric evaluation. Vouching for him was Steven Emerson, who is another similar story and a phony, sad to say (but that's a topic for another day). Birds of a feather.

Again, before all of this, my only connection with Walid Shoebat was to write a positive post about him. I didn't ask him to rip off my work, to then lie to me about it and tell a million different stories, to call me and say, "F-ck You, Bitch!" or to harass me via e-mail for the last two days posing as a woman named "Sandra."

If he had not done these things, I would likely have remained an ally and not looked further into his claims or voice my concerns.

If only this unhinged alleged "former terrorist" had left me alone.

But unlike a real terrorist, he's simply not wise enough to do so.

Enough, Walid Shoebat. ENOUGH!

Posted by Debbie at 11:34 AM

September 11, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Who is Sandy Dubner Todaro?: On 9/11's 7th Anniversary, Top Immigration Official Connected w/Hezbollah Scam Continues Meteoric Rise

By Debbie Schlussel

At a press conference yesterday, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff warned that Americans have become too complacent about the terrorist threat.

Tell it to your mirror, Mike.

Today, on the Seventh Anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks that murdered 3,000 Americans, Chertoff's department continues to promote people connected with those who would kill us and have already murdered plenty of Americans.

That includes Sandy Dubner Todaro, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for Michigan and Ohio.

The House That Hezbollah Built . . .

ICE Officials Roy Bailey's and Sandy Dubner's
Former Alleged Joint Residence

If you're like me, you know that the most important national security issue is immigration. Today, we have 12-20 million illegal aliens in our midst. Many of them are Muslim aliens who do not wish us well.

And, sadly, ICE has done nothing to round up Muslim student, tourist, agricultural worker, and religious worker visa violators and overstayers. Some estimates say there are over 500,000 of these, but we don't know how many for sure.

And that's where Mrs. Todaro comes in. You see, before she married her current husband, she was Sandy Dubner, and her fellow ICE agents say she was living with Roy M. Bailey in a romantic relationship in the house pictured above on Willow Court in Romulus, Michigan. Bailey was Assistant District Director/Supervisory Deportation Officer for the INS and then Field Office Director for ICE. That means he was in charge of sending out agents to arrest illegal aliens, detain them, and then carry out the actual deportation.

I've been following the case of Roy Bailey for some time and reported when he was indicted almost a year ago. He is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from illegal aliens and their representatives and $300,000 in property he stole from illegal aliens while they were being held in INS and ICE detention facilities. Bailey has received thousands of dollars in free meals and free landscaping and construction work around his house.

Todaro was around when her cohabitating boytoy Bailey was taking all kinds of pay-offs from Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine to stop deportations of his chosen Muslim illegal aliens. Chahine paid off Bailey to adjust the immigration status of Chahine's cousin and fellow Hezbollah agent, Mohammad Bazzi, and his employee, Mohamad Arzouni, based on sham marriages to American women.

Bailey and Chahine also worked together in some very disturbing and extensive bribery, blackmail, and extortion schemes. Chahine sent Bailey to extort several hundred thousand dollars and Lebanese property from several Muslim Arabs who were lawful permanent residents in Dearborn. And both Chahine and Bailey had all angles covered, since Chahine had his sister-in-law, Nada Nadim Prouty--an FBI and, later, CIA agent--scanning FBI computer files to see if the feds were investigating this and Chahine's $21 million Hezbollah financing scheme.

At the time Bailey also took pay-offs from several other Muslims and Arabs in town, not to deport their clients and employees.

In addition to Chahine, there was Samir Leon, a Christian Lebanese Arab who own's "Leon's"--a Detroit area chain of eateries. He paid off Bailey not to deport his illegal alien Muslim and Arab restaurant workers. And for some odd reason, the Justice Department only names him as an unindicted co-conspirator in Bailey's indictment, refusing to prosecute Mr. Leon.

That's even though Leon bribed Roy Bailey to knowingly allow "Hanadi H." to enter the U.S. from Syria on a false and fraudulent non-immigrant visa application and then permanently adjusted this Syrian national's status to "lawful resident" (ie., in this case, green card holder). And Bailey also transported a gun from Windsor, Canada to Detroit for Leon. When someone from Lebanon goes to that much trouble to smuggle a gun into the U.S., it might be a hint.

Then, there is Namir Daman, a Detroit area immigration lawyer of Iraqi descent. In July, he pleaded guilty in federal court to immigration fraud, admitting to setting up a sham marriage for one of his clients.

But the Roy Bailey indictment names several other illegal alien clients of his--all of them Arabs, many of them Muslims--whom Roy Bailey declined to deport and whom he released from INS/ICE custody. Who knows how many of Daman's clients are now here illegally and roaming the great Ameican abyss because Bailey looked the other way for some cool cash and gifts while he was with Sandy Dubner?

All of these individuals paid off Bailey while Todaro, then a low-level INS employee, lived with Bailey as he lived ostentatiously far beyond his means.

While many of her agents say she was well aware of Bailey's pay-off schemes, it's hard to see how she could be ignorant of it, since she vacantly looked on as her boyfriend reportedly bought and drove a Dodge Viper, a Jaguar, and several other cars and luxury accoutrements well beyond $139,900, the top salary he could earn in his position. The cars were reportedly kept at the house.

Despite the fact that Todaro had to know of all of this and was around when her boyfriend was livin' large taking bribes not to enforce immigration laws, Todaro was repeatedly promoted by ICE Michigan/Ohio Special Agent In Charge Brian Moskowitz, who promoted Todaro to the position of Assistant Special Agent in Charge--one of the top three positions overseeing investigations in ICE for all of Ohio and Michigan. Like the title of the '80s TV show, "That's Incredible."

I e-mailed Moskowitz and his spokesperson, Greg Palmore, for comments about Dubner Todaro. Neither responded. I also called Mrs. Todaro. I asked her about her relationship with Bailey and how she could get promoted when she quite apparently knew of her boyfriend's serious bribery crimes and border violations on behalf of Hezbollah's top American financier and, it seems, did nothing about it.

"I'm gonna have to say, 'No Comment!" she angrily shouted. I told her that I would write that down, and she hung up.

Surely, Todaro knew in what her boyfriend, Bailey--whose trial is scheduled to begin on October 28th--was involved. Where did she think his high-life bankroll was coming from?

But even on the odd chance she was oblivious to the whole thing--the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the free meals at Leon's and La Shish, and thousands in free landscaping and construction around the house in which she reportedly lived; If Sandy Todaro doesn't even notice hundreds of thousands of dollars in immigration fraud, right under her own nose and around the house in which she is reportedly living, how the heck can she oversee immigration fraud investigations throughout two U.S. states that cover the heart of Islamic America? And what the heck is the eternally Islamo-pandering Brian Moskowitz doing promoting her to one of his top deputies?

And Chertoff says it's Americans--not his own Department of Homeland Security minions--who are "complacent"? Looks like there's plenty of complacency to go around.

Chertoff also said yesterday that Americans are "starting to be unwilling" to make the sacrifices necessary to prevent terrorism.


It's actually the utterer of those words and his top minions who can't even bring themselves to give up a politically correct shawarmeh dinner at Ahmed's falafel hut with top supporters of Islam terrorism on our soil.

Don't tell us about sacrifices. And don't talk to us about complacency.

A fish rots from the head down, and that's where complacency and lack of sacrifice start, too.

Because of the selfishness of Chertoff and his minions--because they refused to give up incompetent pet appointments like Valley Girl Julie L. Myers as Sandy Todaro's approving ultimate boss--we are not safer than we were before 9/11.

We are far less so.

The whole reason the Department of Homeland Security was established was to fix the immigration mess. But instead, the immigration mess (along with a lot of PC pandering to Islamists) has put the Department of Homeland Security in a fix.

Seven years later, America is still . . .

Desperate But Not Serious about terrorism.

Posted by Debbie at 01:55 AM

September 08, 2008

The US Magazine Article: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Palin Bandwagon

By Debbie Schlussel

I will never vote for Obama/Biden. And I plan to hold my nose and vote for McCain/Palin in November. And while I like Sarah Palin and initially cheered the pick, I'm not the over-the-top "St. Sarah the Messiah" type so many in the lumpenconservatariat seem to be. It's the same halo the left and the media are giving the other Messiah, Barack Obama--and which the St. Sarah the Messiah crowd rightfully complains about. I'm always skeptical of hype and extreme gushing, even when it's by those on my side. And that's the case here.

Why? Well, when you closely examine her record, she ain't the conservative she's made out to be. On some things, like the Second Amendment, yes. But on many others, like taxing and spending, she's a taxer and a spender, not a cutter of either. We need only look to the giant sports center boondoggle she pushed on Wasilla, Alaska as Mayor. She raised sales taxes on everything (even food) to build it. That's regressive. And isn't a giant sports facility--especially in a city of then just over 5,000 people--something for the private sector? Isn't that what conservatives believe?

"Not Flat Busted": Sarah Palin's Family Released This Photo to AP

The project was a disaster and money pit, and I'll post more about it separately. It was such a bomb and was so screwed-up that Palin was forced to spend more tax money to hire a City Administrator to run the city for her. Yes, she sold the private plane and fired the cook when she became Alaska's Governor, but that's not the whole picture.

Then, there is the US Magazine cover story. Yes, I am a subscriber to US and received my copy of the controversial Palin issue on Friday. Yes, the cover and the story are very negative and biased against Palin and unfair, given the gushing way the magazine has and continues to cover the Obamas.

However, there are several things in the US Magazine piece, which we know are true and are important: She was NOT--contrary to her Republican National Convention speech--against the wasteful "Bridge to Nowhere." She first supported it, later got on the bandwagon and opposed it in response to the public outrage over it. And the piece raises questions about why a "reformer" is so closely tied to corrupt, indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. That's important, just as we would question the same if Stevens was a Democrat tied to Barack Obama, just as we've asked about Obama's involvement with Tony Rezko. She hasn't addressed the issue.

Then, there's the constant mantra of "the Palins are working class" that we keep hearing. Really? The US story reports that, last year, Palin earned $125,000 and Todd Palin took in $93,000. I wouldn't exactly call $218,000, "working class." It's middle class--some would say it might even be "upper middle-class." Yes, in Alaska, things are more expensive, and yes, Todd Palin's job is "working-class." But their income isn't. And while they are entitled to every penny of it, it's somewhat inaccurate to describe them as "working class."

Before she was Governor, Palin reportedly earned more $140,000 or more as an Energy Commissioner. This isn't working class income. It's rich Congressman-level income.

It reminds me of when Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm ran campaign ads saying she "worked to put herself through college" and that she was "an immigrant," as if she was one of the Boat People. Granholm's father was the President of a Bank in Canada.

Not in the US article, but profiled last Friday in USA Today are Palin's $700 designer Kazuo Kawasaki glasses. Working class? That's one month's rent or other utilities for many working class people. Again, I don't begrudge her nice things. But they are the accoutrements of the middle and upper middle-class, not working class.

The US article repeats other reports I've already cited here about Todd Palin being Mr. Mom:

Todd . . . frequently fills in as Mr. Mom: caring for the kids, cooking dinner, paying bills. (He took a brief leave of absence last year citing family.)

And finally, I was disappointed in the picture of Sarah Palin wearing a sleazy T-shirt (pictured above), saying,

I may be broke but I'm not flat busted.

It's low-class and looks like something more suited to a character in "Porky's" or better used as a "cover up" for a Hawaiian Tropic Bikini contestant. Yes, I know it was from 20 years ago (when she was in college at the University of Idaho), and I can't hold her tasteless manner then against her now.

But what's surprising is that the photo wasn't from some old friend telling tales out of school. Palin's own parents, the Heaths, gave Associated Press this photo of her in this unclassy t-shirt, apparently to show that Sarah Palin has a sense of humor. Haha, funny. You gotta wonder about the common sense of any family that would think this t-shirt pic helps their daughter. What were they thinking? If my dad ever caught me in a t-shirt with a slogan like that, he'd have been extremely angry and embarrassed.

It's bad enough that TMZ made the completely unfair and inane comparison between Sarah Palin and porn star Linda Lovelace. So one wonders why the family members who like her (we've heard from at least one who doesn't--in the US Magazine and elsewhere) would submit this dumb photo. The word "sexist" has been bandied about a lot in the last week or so by conservatives and the Palin Team. But if anything is sexist, it's this stupid, trashy t-shirt.

Again, yes, I will vote for McCain-Palin, but it's better to use a little critical thinking skills instead of unbridled gushing when you look at even the conservatives on the Republican ticket. Best to do it now than after November.


Before I get the angry e-mails, NO, I never wore any t-shirts with sleazy slogans like that while I was in college or at any other time in my entire life. It's called judgment. The closest in I got in "tasteless Ts" was a t-shirt that said, "Harvard, the Michigan of the East."

And then, there was that t-shirt with a picture of Yasser Arafat with a circle/slash on him and the slogan, "Fatah Busters." My dad told me not to wear it on campus because he felt it would incite Arab students. But I wore it, anyway. Back then as now, I wasn't going to limit my free speech so as not to offend those who would kill me.

Posted by Debbie at 03:09 PM

September 04, 2008

With Nomination of Mr. Mom as Second Lady, GOP Throws Traditional Family, Values, Masculinity Out the Window

By Debbie Schlussel


Last night, John McCain's VP choice Sarah Palin hit it out of the ballpark with her speech at the Republican National Convention. She was tough, charming, and effective. It was a great speech.

But that's not the point.

When Palin was initially announced, last Friday, as the McCain choice, I cheered her on. What I didn't realize is that she had five kids, some of them very young. What I also didn't realize was that, for all the talk by the GOP about this "hockey mom," the real hockey mom in this picture--for the last two years, at least--has been Mr. Mom, Todd Palin.

Todd Palin: The Real Hockey Mom in This Story

And for the last several days, my jaw dropped to note the partisan pandering on both sides of the aisle, first as prominent liberal feminist women suddenly discover that a woman actually should stay home and raise a family, but second--and far more disappointing to me--as conservatives and Republicans suddenly endorse the fictional notions that 1) a woman can do it all and working women are good at raising a family--nix on both; and 2) it's not a problem that a man quit his job and subvert his life to raise the family in submission to the ambitions of his wife.

It's odd--and, frankly, jarring--to hear formerly traditional family values conservatives throw it all former principle out the window to adopt the lingua franca of what was once the exclusive domain of the Gloria Steinems and Betty Friedans of the world, to call "sexist," those who raise the issue of Sarah Palin's ability to mother her family and be a full-time working woman at the same time.

What is, since Friday, now "sexist" to these many conservatives-cum-lemmings, was yesterday "traditional family values."

Ditto for the issue of unwed teen mothers. While many conservatives cheer on and have adopted serial-adulterer and sexual-harasser Bill Cosby as their voice to the Black community to denounce "kids having kids", a future Vice Presidential kid having a kid is no longer objectionable to them.

I'm pro-life and glad this kid isn't having an abortion, but come on. You can't spend decades--as many conservatives, including myself, have--denouncing the ever younger age at which kids are having sex and babies, and then sweep it under the rug on a Vice Presidential nomination dime. Period. There wasn't a single word to the girls of the country--who are looking at Bristol Palin--that maybe they should wait to have sex, that maybe they're too young to conceive babies. Why not?

I criticized Nickelodeon for cheering on Jamie Lynn Spears' unwed teen pregnancy and had similar comments for another undue darling of conservatives and lefties, the movie "Juno". And the GOP and conservative movement deserve the same jeers for cheering on Bristol Palin. Cheer on the decision not to have an abortion--that's great. But remain silent on her trashy, irresponsible behavior--hell no.

If Bristol Palin had a full-time mother at home, would she be in this situation now? We'll never know.

Back to Todd Palin. The man has youthful, sexy, masculine looks, engages in masculine sports, and had physical, masculine, working-class jobs, until he gave them up to become Mr. Mom.

After the Palin pick was announced on Friday, I'd planned to compare his masculinity and manliness as Alaska's "First Dude" to the femininity of Michigan First Lady Daniel Granholm Mulhern, the girly husband of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who has an effeminate voice, adopted her surname, was planning to join the priesthood, and was an AIDS fundraiser.

When Granholm was first elected, I used to mock her husband, er . . . male wife on my Detroit-based radio show. Most hilarious was a much publicized Inauguration weekend ceremony Mr. Granholm Mulhern hosted, featuring ten other men who were proud to stay home and play mommy, while their wives had careers. One man bragged how proud he was to change diapers and see the kids off to school--while his wife worked in politics (they're now divorced). Mr. Granholm also proudly attended a tea for gubernatorial first ladies, where he and the chicks were given a seminar in picking out new china, linens, and curtains for their husbands' gubernatorial mansions.

Like I said, I planned to contrast the real-man quality of Todd Palin to this woman in a man's body, who--we don't know for sure--shares the Michigan Governor's bed and the wife role in the marriage.

But that was before I learned that Todd Palin, too, assumed the position--the wife and mother role that social conservatives have long decried as an unnatural subversion and denial of the male hunter-gatherer wiring and a disastrous, feminist-imposed blurring of gender roles, which they've adopted in all the most socialist European countries with horrible results and the further degradation of the family unit.

All reports say that Todd Palin took many months leave from his job to cook, change diapers, and ferry the kids around.

An oil-field production operator on Alaska's North Slope, Mr. Palin has taken months off work to help manage a household of five children. . . .

When a Wall Street Journal reporter spent two days following Gov. Palin in June, Mr. Palin kept a low profile, mostly tending to his youngest son, Trig, as the governor attended events in the Anchorage area. Often, female bystanders asked him to pose for photos.

Is that really the new GOP archetype for a man--loyal wife, mom, and supermodel? Last night, Rudy Giuliani--never a social conservative--asked why they never ask if a man will have enough time to raise his family and be Vice President.

Well, we never asked that before in the GOP because many of us are conservatives who believe (at least, pre-Palin) that it's a mom's job--the wife's job--to do that. We didn't buy into the Michael Keaton-Teri Garr comedy template.

It's funny to hear airheaded pseudo-conservative peroxide-heads, like "The View" moron Elisabeth Hasselbeck and FOX News' Megyn Kelly attack as "sexist" anyone who challenges the idea that Sarah Palin can't raise her kids and be VP at the same time. She can't. Period.

Hasselbeck cites her job on the vapid anti-male yenta-fest as a hint that you can do it all. Sorry, but she's an airhead who spends an hour in make-up and wardrobe and another hour making a fool of herself on national TV pretending to be a conservative and exuding idiocy, and maybe another hour at the gym. Three hours of easy work a monkey could do. That's not being VP or even any sort of real career woman, which is far more demanding. Like I said, these blonde airheads are channeling the ghost of Friedan and the soon-to-be-ghost of Steinem, not conservatism.

When Dan Quayle--speaking for most social conservatives--dissed TV's "Murphy Brown" for having a kid as a single mom and raising it without a dad, that wasn't the only issue. The issue was also that she was a full-time TV reporter and anchor on the show, and the kid was going to be raised by a nanny. A kid needs not just a father in its life, but a mother. And they need a father who wears the pants and mother who figuratively wears the skirt.

That's what traditional conservatives believed . . . until Friday. It's what the left and the feminists did not . . . until Friday.

While I'm glad that the Sally Quinns and Joy Behars and Baba Wawas of the world are suddenly on our side, when did we decide we needed to start scoring in their endzone, once they start to conveniently come around to our position in this one instance?

And I ask you, do you think that even Mr. Giuliani--one of the more liberal Republicans (a man whose counterterror positions earned my support in the GOP primaries)--would give up his career to stay home and raise kids, while wife Judy Nathan earned and brought home the bacon? Not a chance. So his comments last night, eschewing those who criticize that unconventional lifestyle, are bunk. Phony.

When Dan Granholm Mulhern became Michigan's First Lady, I asked my mostly-male radio listeners if they'd give it all up to stay home and have their wife provide for the family. A few jokers called in and said they'd love to be kept men. But people who are kept don't change diapers or drive carpool. The vast majority of my listeners wouldn't hear of it. It's not natural. It's for wimps and men who, at their peril, ignore their natural instinct to be men, which in their DNA means to be the breadwinner.

At that time, in early 2003, Newsweek ran a story about men who stayed home while their wives worked. It wasn't a choice--many were laid off. Most found it degrading. And moreover, they knew they didn't have control. Their wives had suddenly become the men in their households.

And pretty soon, that reverse in gender roles may be in the Vice Presidential mansion.

Social conservatives (until Friday) lamented working women who have latchkey kids home alone, warehouse their kids in daycare, or assign motherly duties to a nanny. What exactly do they think will happen in the Palin family if she becomes Vice President and he becomes Second Lady?

I like Sarah Palin, and I will be voting for her, more than John McCain.

But is her Mr. Mom marital employment and child-rearing dynamic a good example for the boys of America? Is it a good example for the girls of America?

Only if you want your men--no matter how studly and masculine--to be women, and your women--no matter how good-looking and feminine, as Mrs. Palin is--to be men.

For conservatives to sweep these issues under the rug now that "one of ours" is doing it, is to say that for all these years, our movement was a fraud.

**** UPDATE: Reader Barbara shares my perspective on this and the whole McCain "package":

Just finished reading your article about Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and her husband Todd and honestly, Debbie, this is why I read your column on a regular basis.

You are one of the greatest conservative voices in this country (right up there with Rush in my opinion). I too have a hard time accepting that all of a sudden being a Mr. Mom is o.k. and having children out of wedlock and at 17 is o.k.

I am having a hard time looking the other way, but I'm having an even harder time listening to hypocrite Republicans who now believe it's o.k. to accept this when we have the possibility of getting votes because of it. I intend to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin because I don't want an "Obamanation" among other reasons, however, one of the main reasons I stopped donating as frequently to the RNC was because I believed they were too busy trying to coddle to the Democrats. They believed that would help and all it got us was, among other things, a bloated farm bill, an expensive and useless education bill (coordinated with Ted Kennedy of all people), no resolution to illegal immigration , no oil drilling in the US, etc.

Keep up the great work, Debbie, you are truly a voice in the wilderness for us.


P.S. Driving home the other night during the Democrat Convention I was waiting for the traffic report on the radio station that carries Sean Hannity and that was when I found out that Elizabeth Hasselbeck (?!) was reporting for Fox from the convention??? That vapid airhead??? What the hell does she know about politics or about anything for that matter-what an insult! Now she's at the Republican convention reporting? Just FYI, she doesn't come close to representing me or any of my Republican friends/family.

Well, she knows about eating enough bugs to come in fourth on a bad "reality" show. That's about it.

*** Reader, er, "ex-reader" Bruce is so upset by this column, he claims he won't read me anymore:

You recent comments regarding Todd Palin are why I won't read or pay attention to your opinions anymore. You are obviously a very smart, intelligent woman, but it's obvious you are not married and certainly do not have kids. As one who does, and owns a business with my wife, and raised a few kids, your comments are way over the top. I'll bet I am not the only one who will "take a pass" on your blog from now on.

Actually, my readership is growing every day (except in the Mr. Mom demo), but it looks like I hit a raw nerve with Bruce, from whom I've never heard before (so I can't tell if he's actually a reader or a seminar e-mailer). He sounds very defensive, and I think we know why. I also think we know who wears the pants in his family. I doubt he's a conservative.

Hmmm . . . this classy "reader" Bruce just e-mailed again:

Tell me when you have your sex change.

**** Reader Scott, who makes clear that he is not loyal to either major political party and has not yet made his decision:

Just read your most recent column 'With Nomination of Mr. Mom as Second Lady....' and I commend you for staying true to your conservative beliefs while the majority of Republicans at this time are suckling at the teat of Sarah. I read your opinions because I find it necessary to hear what people are saying, not Republicans, or Democrats, but people with regard to the state of our world.

Posted by Debbie at 05:28 AM

September 03, 2008

Those Palin Kids' Names

By Debbie Schlussel

I know I'm likely to offend a lot of readers (depending on your or your kids' first names) with this post, but I'm writing it anyway.

Unlike a lot of liberals--and contrary the constant accusations against me by liberals--I don't apply a double standard to conservatives and my side of the aisle.

In the past, I've mocked the absurd names with which vapid celebs afflict their kids for life. For instance, Penn Jillette named his first kid, Moxie Crimefighter. Jason Lee's first-born is Pilot Inspektor. And then, there's Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple. I've dissed them all.

But I'm fair.

And that's why I have to say that Sarah Palin's choices in names for her kids are just annoying as all get out. Whacked out and pretentious. And frankly, stupid.

The Palins: Normally-Named Sarah and Todd
w/ Kids Track, Willow, Piper, Bristol (Trig Not Shown)

When Jillette named his daughter, I was quoted in the Las Vegas Weekly:

To further show us how much he "values" free speech--or wants to push its limits beyond acceptability and normalcy, Jillette recently named his new daughter Moxie CrimeFighter. She will be tortured all her life with this absurd name. No problem since her father's house resembles a bizarre sado-masochism den mixed with macabre death penalty implements.

And I don't feel differently about the Palin's choices. Five choices. (Minus the bizarre, macabre stuff, which Jillette really does display all over his home.)

As I noted on Friday, her oldest kid, son Track, is named that because she likes to run. One story goes that the pregnant teen daughter, Bristol, is name after the city in Connecticut where ESPN is located (Sarah Palin was once a sportscaster who longed to make it in the biz). Though, the Palins are now saying it's not true and that she's named for Alaska's Bristol Bay. And then there are Willow, Piper, and Trig.

When I heard names like this, I think: "hippy parents" or "very plastic".

Um, whatever happened to names like John, Sam, Sarah, Rachel, Jim, and Bill? Not one of her kids has a conventional, normal name. Ditto for the Hussein Obama kids, Sasha and Malia. Funny, Sasha doesn't like like a Russian male. Not impressed with Hunter Biden, either.

Whenever I hear of parents who name their kids with these pretentious and bizarre names off the beaten track, I feel these parents are saying: look at me, I'm special, I'm fancy, I'm different, and, oh yeah, did I mention, look at me? It's annoying.

And the same goes for Governor Sarah Palin. If you name your kid after something you run on or a city where you longed to work (though, again, they're now saying Bristol is named for the well-known Alaskan bay), I have to question your judgment. I wonder where the Miss America pageant was held the year she became runner up for Miss Alaska. If memory serves me correctly, perhaps she should have named one of her kids Atlantic or Boardwalk. Or Talent.

In the past, WASPy upper class women gave their children--particularly their male children--their maiden surnames as first names. Soon, though, those names became adopted by the aspiring middle class and, finally, the aspiring working class, from which they ultimately became stripper names. Tiffany, Taylor, Hunter, Carter, Cullen, Spencer, Lyon, Logan, Sterling, Walker, Tucker, Prescott, Grayson, Brittany-cum-Britney were all last names of some rich guy's clan. Why would you name your kid after some old, fat, inbred rich guy you've never met? Trust me, he's not reciprocating the favor. (Would you name your firstborn son, "Bush"? He fits the same bill.)

People who do this--who choose these fancy-sounding or obscure name--really strike me as ignorant and common. Some of them are immigrants, who want their kids to sound upper crust. Others are native born. They want to sound classy, but their choice of names for their kids betrays from where they really come. I knew someone whose parents named her Remy after a bottle of Remy Martin. Dumb (and she changed her name). Giving your kid a name like this is akin to a nouveau riche lottery winner buying a bright yellow Ferrari. Look at me--I'm fancy, I have class; Really, I do. No, really.

Logan, Ryan, Reagan (unless the kid is named after the great President Ronald Reagan--then it's okay), Murphy, Kennedy, Campbell, and Reilly (in various spellings) all began as Irish surnames, which they still are. But I've seen a lot of Jews--especially those who don't keep much of the religion and seem embarrassed by it--name their kids with these as a first name. I always think: Funny, you don't look Irish. I can't imagine any Irish person naming his/her kid Cohen or Feldman. Horowitz O'Houlihan doesn't exactly have a great ring to it (though it makes for a great tongue-twister). Katz Flannagan is an improvement, but not by much--don't look for that to happen.

I also laugh when I see offspring of my fellow co-religionists with the names Hunter and Fisher. Like they or their parents ever did either. Hunting for sport and for food is prohibited in Jewish law (because of Jewish law requiring animals to be slaughtered in captivity, not shot. And even though most Jews are not religious, they just are not sportsmen in general. I know, I know--it's a stereotype, but largely true. You don't see a lot of Jews at Gander Mountain or Cabela's looking for gear.

That said, my father and I loved the great outdoors and he took us whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, to see the rocks of Sedona, Arizona, in and around the Florida Everglades, on regular hikes, and encouraged us to learn how to identify different birds and animals in a field near our house. He was very much into nature and wildlife and taught it to me--subscribing me to "Ranger Rick" Magazine. And, yes, a few times my dad took me fishing. None of this inspired him to give me a pretentious name, though, and it doesn't inspire me to have kids and name them thusly, either. Thank G-d, I'm not Ranger Schlussel. Or Sparrow.

My dad longed to see Montana (which he eventually did and was disappointed). Thankfully, that didn't inspire my parents to name any of us after the state. I think the same thing about people who name their kids, "Dakota"--North or South? Isn't that an American Indian name?

My own siblings are guilty of this phenomenon, sort of. One of my sisters named her kid, Bella (like an old lady or the guy who played Dracula--though he used one "L"). My other sister named one of her kids, Isabelle (that mistaken old-lady-name-as-chic thing, again) and another, Elliot. Why must everything be so fancy and pretentious? My father and I used to mock these haughty names, as we did someone at our synagogue who named his daughter Brittany Erin, which struck us as the name of someone more familiar with a pole and six-inch platforms.

Simple, Biblical, average names are where it's at. They do well, when you're applying for and interviewing for a job. Unusual names don't.

Problem is, no one in America wants to be average. Sadly, they express their "aspirations" with their kids' names, only to have themselves and their kids be average--frankly, below mediocre--anyway, in the way they live their lives. Better to have an average, plain name, and to achieve greatness in your accomplishments and deeds. But everyone wants their kids' names to sound like they walked off the set of a soap opera.

It's fraud, really. People who give their kids these kinds of names want to pretend they're something they're not.

Here's a good rule of thumb. Don't name your kids after any of these:

* fruits, vegetables, spices, drinks, or other foods (no Apple, Cherry, Pepper, not to mention Lasagna, Pizza, Lutefisk, Gefilte Fish, Jambalaya,Salsa, Shawarmeh, or CousCous);

* jobs, especially when you misspell them with a "k" (Hunter, Fisher, Pilot Inspektor, Moxie Crimefighter, Poet, Carnie Wilson);

* colors (Amber, Blue, Azure, Turquoise, Teal, Silver, Grey, Gray);

* places (Bryce Dallas Howard--Ron Howard's daughter, named after the city in which her parents conceived her (real classy--well, at least she wasn't named, "Buick Backseat Howard"), Bristol Palin, Paris Hilton, Paris Jackson (one of Michael's other pseudo-kids) Tehran, Karachi, Dearborn, Walla Walla);

* natural phenomena (Leaf, Twig, Willow, Flower, Sierra, River, Lake, Sunshine, Sunset, Sky, Dawn, Tornado, Earthquake, Mudslide)--these names are the domain of American Indians;

* household items (Michael Jackson's pseudo-kid, Blanket);

* fake royalty and weird perversions of real words (Jermajesty Jackson--Germaine Jackson's kid, Prince Jackson--another of Michael Jackson's pseudo-kids, Star Jones--real name, Starlet Jones);

And now a new one:

* sports equipment (Track Palin, Mitt Romney (to be fair, his is a middle name--real first name is Willard), Baseball, Jock.

(I won't even go into the inner city, urban names that have nothing to do with Africa, despite the belief that they do. LaDainian, Condoleezza (supposed to be based on a musical term)? Who names their kid that?)

I'm sure you can add some other rules.

The bottom line is that a name is like a tattoo. Sure you can have it lasered off (or go to court to get your name legally changed), but the scars and a hint of it remain, and in general, this is a permanent, lifelong decision. If you treat it lightly or absurdly, I wonder how you make other decisions.

And I conclude that you don't really think too much or too hard. It may sound trivial or old fashioned to you, but her choice of kids' names makes me wonder all of these things about the woman who may be our next Vice President.

Even though I like Sarah Palin and I'm still voting for her, I wonder.


Reader Sean and his wife Rebecca put this list of naming rules together over the years. Some are the same as my own (great minds think alike!) and others are great additions:

1. Don't name your kid after a season. That includes, Summer, Autumn, Spring, and especially any FRENCH versions of the same.

2. Don't name your kid after a city/place. That rules out Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, America, etc.

3. Don't name your kid after an occupation/pastime. No Hunter, Tanner, etc.

4. Don't name your kid after a spice. No Cinnamon, Saffron, Sage, etc.

5. Don't name your kid after a fruit. Sorry Gwyneth, that means Apple, too.

6. Don't give your kid a normal name with a weird spelling. For example, Aymie, Ondray, Alyce, etc.

7. Don't name your kid to show how artistic and/or freaky you are. So Moxie Crimefighter, Rumer, Scout, Moon Unit and the rest are pretty much headed for therapy at some point.

7. Finally, the "Boy Named Sue" test. This is named after the song sung by Johnny Cash in which a man leaves his family after naming his new son Sue. Needless to say, the kid's life was hard. So while babies may seem cute when you name them Percival, Sidney, Gertrude, etc, you have to picture what life will be like when they go through middle school with that name. It's a VERY different experience.

Here's another way of looking at it. How would your child do if he/she was left stranded on the island from "Lord of the Flies" with that name?

Great advice. Too bad the Palins didn't get the memo.

*** UPDATE: Reader Breda, a loyal reader in Ireland, writes:

My name in english means Brigid (St. Brigid of Ireland) When I lived in the U.S., I knew many Jewish people and they always loved my name, but when they asked what it meant and I explained, they would say it is a very obviously Christian name and we can't use it. We use to have a great laugh.

I always said to them why do you want unusual names? We were brought up to use Biblical or Saint names which have great histories.

There is nothing more inspiring than having a name which has historical or religious connotions. [DS: Amen, Breda!]

God Bless you and your common sense which unfortunately is now an endangered species.

Posted by Debbie at 09:30 AM

August 28, 2008

Midweek Box Office: "The Jerk" Makes Boring, Moral Equivalency Terrorism Flick "Traitor"

By Debbie Schlussel

Leave it to Steve Martin--yup, that Steve Martin--and a liberal Jew, Jerry Nachmanoff--to make yet another insipid, "they hijacked my religion"/"Christians are terrorists just like Muslims" movie in the mold of Rosie O'Donnell's ideology.

Now, I know why Steve Martin--who wrote and executive produced this movie--played "The Jerk." He wasn't really acting, apparently. His boring Bin Laden cinema, "Traitor", debuted in theaters, yesterday.

Posters for this awful movie say, "The truth is complicated." But, more accurately, the truth is actually very simple . . . and it's not in this movie. Silver screen sleeping pills are, though.

When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I thought it looked like a "blame-America-for-creating-the-Islamic-terrorists" flick.

Real-Life Traitor Steve Martin:
The Jerk Wants You To Know America's Just Like Islamic Terrorists

It's that and more. Worse is the highly objectionable moral equivalency that swaths itself throughout this boring, sleep-inducing movie that's a bad rip off of what was a great Showtime miniseries, "Sleeper Cell."

The plot is similar: A Black undercover operative who is a devout Muslim goes deep undercover to infiltrate a terrorist cell planning an attack on America. (In this one, the Muslim is Don Cheadle.)

But that's where the similarities ends.

Whereas "Sleeper Cell" was exciting and mostly accurate from beginning to end, "Traitor" manages to make even explosions, bombs, and terrorist plots extremely dull amidst the non-stop pan-Islamist propaganda pimping throughout. I literally fell asleep several times, desperately trying to stay awake through this almost two hours of drivel.

Cheadle plays Samir Horn, a Sudanese-born son of a man mixed up in the Muslim Brotherhood. His father is blown up when he's young, and Horn is raised in Chicago by his Muslim mother who dons a hijab and looks like she walked out of Farrakhan-casting central. And yet, somehow, Horn is a moderate helping America fight terrorists? (In real life, not on this planet.) FBI agents don't know Samir is really a CIA operative on our side.

This movie is peppered with the same old, hackneyed, false narrative about Islam, which we heard from everyone including President Bush right after 9/11.

Here's a sampling of some of the moral equivalence dialogue peppered throughout this 2-hour ordeal in ennui:

A terrorist says to Samir:

They forget that the Americans were once terrorists to the British.

Funny, this is almost an exact quotation from real-life CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) chief Nihad Awad and MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) chief, Salam Al-Marayati.

When FBI agents visit Samir in a Yemeni jail, one of them tells him that he's selling weapons to terrorists to kill innocent people. He responds:

America uses bombs on innocent people, too. They just have darker skin.

The FBI agents don't disagree. And in real life, that's often the FBI view.

When an investigation is done into Samir's background, his former employer says they fired him because he's a Muslim and that their clients don't like Muslims. That's the justification--we're hit over the head with it in this movie--for getting involved with terrorism: because America treats Muslims so badly and discriminates against them at every turn (which is why they flock to live here in the tens of thousands, every year). We're the real bad guys, we drive them into this life.

When America makes Samir a high-value terrorist target, the terrorists with whom he's working tell him:

America put a fatwah on you.

Get it?--America puts fatwas on people just like Muslims do. We're all terrorists. We're all the same. We're no better.

We repeatedly hear the hero of the movie and assorted Muslims say the same old BS--"They betrayed Islam"--about terrorists. That's interesting, because when I watched 10,000 Muslims in Dearbornistan marching daily on the streets to show their support for Hezbollah in 2006, I didn't hear a single one of 'em say, "They betrayed Islam," amidst their cheering for "the martyrs." Not one lamented how Hezbollah murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians in Lebanon and countless other innocent civilians at the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires.

And there are plenty of quotes about how Americans, especially Christians, are just like Islamic terrorists. More on that, below.

Some of the movie is actually reflective of reality, but it's juxtaposed with constructs that Muslims and Hollywood liberals want you to believe:

* Guy Pearce--an actor I used to like (until this movie)--plays the lead FBI counterterrorism agent on the case.

Bad suit--check, awfully-played accent (with Southern comments about "mah deddy, the Baptist minister")--check, and horribly out-of-date goatee and haircut--check.

Pearce, like many clueless FBI counterterrorism agents I know, thinks he knows everything and is the "expert" on Arabic and Islam. He lets us know that he fell in love with the world's ugliest language, Arabic. And being the "expert", he, of course, notes the repeated far-left lie that Christians are terrorists as much as Muslims.

The Klan burns crosses and calls it Christianity. It seems every religion has two faces.

(Yup, remember when Christians blew up the Empire State Building and the Jefferson Memorial on 9/11 and murdered 3,000 Americans? I remember it well, as much as I remember all those embassies in Africa those awful Christians blew up in 1998. And that cruise ship, on which the evil Christians shot and killed a Jewish man in a wheelchair. And then there's my fave terrorist group, "Christian Jihad." Etc., Etc., Etc.)

Just to make the point, this stupid moral equivalency dialogue is uttered in response to statements made by his "ignorant", violent sidekick/partner, FBI agent Neal McDonough (THE Jump the Shark actor for the 2000s--everything he's in stinks and fails), who swears a lot and really doesn't understand those peaceful Muslims, what with him uttering things like:

That's some crazy sh-t, Muslims blowing themselves up for the 72 virgins.

He, of course, beats up Muslim terror suspects like Horn and has a thing or two to learn from the FBI agent who loves Arabic, respects Muslims, and thinks all Christians are Klan terrorists and just as bad as Muslims.

* Islamic terrorists in a terror cell get into the U.S. on student visas, and guess what? Only one of 'em is actually going to college. That's often true in real life.

But the movie departs reality, when authorities find that out: ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) makes every single Muslim on a visa stand in line at federal buildings and go to intense questioning sessions. Yeah, like that would happen. In my dreams.

As I've repeatedly noted on this site, the FBI never pursued a planned program to look into just a few hundred student visas after 9/11, and ICE--for PC reasons--ignores Muslims on student visas and rarely investigates those who violate them and/or overstay. This remains the case, even after it was learned that British Muslim doctor terrorists tried to get medical internships and residencies here.

And, of course, this was used as a construct in the movie for the FBI agent to denounce profiling and comment on how it never works in finding terrorists. Uh, sorry, but it does work. That's why we don't do it. That--and political correctness.

* The Islamic terrorists have moles inside the FBI, including an Arabic translator who leaks everything to the terrorists.

That part is, sadly, very true to reality.

But, in this movie, it's balanced out by very loyal-to-America counterterrorist Muslim Arab FBI agents, like a woman named "Layla." That part isn't true. Many Arab and Muslim FBI agents--like Nada Nadim Prouty (a Druze Arab who worked for Hezbollah), Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, and Wilfred Rattigan--have tipped off terrorists and refused to investigate Muslims. Sorry, there ain't no Special Agent Laylas in real life.

Oh, and by the way, I learned something else Islamic terrorists and we, Americans, have in common. We both "dream in English." Awww, I knew we were the same.

The most disturbing thing about "Traitor" is not its awful messages of moral equivalency, it's the movie's target audience. Because Cheadle is Black, the movie has been promoted ad nauseam in Black America. At a screening I attended, the packed audience received free passes from Detroit Black radio stations. Sadly, they clapped for the movie at the end. Even more tragic, they laughed with and cheered the various anti-American dialogue in the movie, including the line about how America is just like the terrorists because we allegedly bomb innocent victims who "have darker skin."

Do these people who are voting for Barack Obama really hate America this much? Do these Americans really think America's that bad? Yes, they do, if this is any indication.

But their reactions reflected naivete and ignorance. The audience, for instance, reacted with shock and laughter to the part of the movie in which Yemeni police help Islamic terrorists break out of prison. But this has happened in real-life in Yemen many times over the last several years. Yes, only a clueless crowd that doesn't read a paper would like and ignorantly buy into the PR BS put forth in this failed flick.

And Islam is heavily pushed as a respectable, superior religion in this movie, with Cheadle being peaceful, devout, and the movie's hero at the end. I guess we don't have enough Black Americans converting to Islam. So, Steve Martin and Jerry Nachmanoff took it upon themselves to help in the proselytizing department. Louis Farrakhan and Ibrahim Hooper thank you, "The Jerk."

The end of the movie is another rip-off--this time, not from "Sleeper Cell," but from Judaism. Samir and FBI agent Pearce quote from the Koran about how if you save or take a life, it's respectively like saving or killing a whole world. But, like much of the Koran, that's a well-known precept stolen from Judaism. (The parts of the Koran and Islam not stolen from Judaism, are shoplifted from Christianity.)

The only briefly laudable part of this movie is when an FBI agent (Pearce) asks Samir's mother whether or not her son is a very devout or extremist Muslim. She responds:

He's a Muslim. I don't believe there's a sliding scale.

And this movie is extremely bad. I don't believe there's a sliding scale.


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August 20, 2008

Why is the Media Making Such a Big Deal Out of the Anchor Baby Gold Medalist?

By Debbie Schlussel

Is it just me . . . or are you also bothered by the mainstream liberal media's heavy coverage of Henry Cejudo's Olympic gold medal win in wrestling?

Usually, no-one cares who won the gold medal in wrestling, whether it's an American or not. Unless you are a big wrestling devotee or fan, I doubt you can name a single American medalist in wrestling from any Olympic Games.

But Cejudo is different. Why? Not because he won the 55-kilogram men's freestyle event in Beijing. But because his parents are illegal aliens from Mexico--ahem, "undocumented aliens", as AP and NBC News' Brian Williams all called them in their PC coverage of Cejudo. And Cejudo is an anchor baby. (At least The New York Times had the guts to call his mother an "illegal immigrant." That's progress.)

Henry Cejudo: Proud American Gold Medalist is Also Proud Anchor Baby

Kudos to him that he won an Olympic gold medal, but he's an anomaly--the exception, NOT the rule. His story is great. His mother worked hard as a janitor and construction worker, and he's clearly proud to be an American. But she took jobs from and lowered wages for American citizens. And she was breaking the law by being here. Whether or not her son won a sporting event on behalf of America does not excuse that, nor is it anything other than an anomaly from the usual illegal alien "contribution" to America.

We see these stories occasionally--about the high school valedictorian going to Harvard who is an anchor baby or an illegal alien that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) seeks to deport. And now, there's this touting of Cejudo.

But most illegal aliens and their birthright citizenship-endowed kids--anchor babies--are not Olympic gold medalists or Harvard-bound valedictorians. They are leeches on the system, at the very least. And often, criminals. Or worse--if you go to Dearbornistan or Brooklyn or other Islamic centers around America--they are America-hating, Medicaid-abusing, terrorist-supporting burdens (and possibly terrorists themselves).

So while the mainstream media wants to impress upon us that illegal aliens are the producers of Olympic gold medalists for America and that anchor babies are the Olympic gold medalists themselves, that's a nice fairy tale which the odds don't support.

Henry Cejudo is the aberration, not the usual manifestation of the mass problem of 12-20 million illegal aliens and many more anchor babies in our midst.

And was Cejudo's Olympic gold medal worth anything to American taxpayers versus the cost of services his parents likely took from American tax-funded coffers? Does his Olympic gold medal win give you, the American taxpayer, anything of value other than a fleeting, ephemeral sense of pride (if that)?

Exit Question for the mainstream media touting Cejudo's gold medal win:

How many kids of illegal aliens, how many anchor babies have won Olympic gold medals for America? Versus how many continue to take American jobs, leech American tax-funded services and benefits, commit crimes against Americans within America?

One (and possibly up to a handful) versus millions?

Sorry, but those stats don't back up the singular and rarely duplicated Henry Cejudo narrative.

You know the old saying about how if you work hard in America, you can do anything? Now, the media is changing the trite adage:

If your parents sneak into America, evade immigration authorities, and cheat the system, you can do anything.

Not that Henry Cejudo didn't work hard. But his parents worked harder . . . at piercing America's borders and breaking the law.

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August 14, 2008

The FBI v. The Unabomber: More Bloviating and Waste From a Useless Bureaucratic Whale

By Debbie Schlussel

As I noted recently, the FBI just celebrated its 100th anniversary. But, as I also noted, it was a quiet celebration and few were celebrating.

That's because the FBI has become a bloated bureaucratic whale, with few important cases actually cracked by the agency and a whole lot of butt-kissing to the most extreme of Muslims.

Now, the agency is fighting with the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, because he's angry they are using his tiny cabin--from which he plotted his 18 years of bombings--in an exhibit of undeserved self-congratulation at the Newseum in Washington.

NON-FBI Special Agent David Kaczynski Cracked Unabomber Case;
Big Lie: Unabomber Shack is Not Badge of FBI Success

It's rare that I side with serial killers, but I find it odd that the FBI is using Kaczynski's 10-foot by 12-foot cabin as the largest display in its "G-Men and Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI's First Century." In fact, but for Kaczynski's own brother, David Kaczynski, coming forward at his wife, Linda Kaczynski's urging and noting that the wording on the Unabomber's notes matched his brother's, the FBI would likely never have caught Ted Kaczynski.

Given the way the FBI does business, I'm betting people would still be getting mail bombs from the Unabomber today, but for his brother's help.

That's why the FBI has no business using the Unabomber's hut in its exhibit. The agency did NOT crack the case. And to include this psycho-shack in its PR exhibit is a giant lie.

And not only is the Unabomber's shack one of the exhibits at the FBI braggadocio-fest at the Newseum, it's the CENTRAL exhibit and is the star of ads in the Washington Post pushing the FBI centennial exhibit.

Since, again, the FBI did NOT crack this case, that's chutzpah. And it's emblematic of the agency's ever-decreasing utility. I'd love to know how much the FBI spent on helping Newseum put together this phony tribute to incompetence.

Continue reading "The FBI v. The Unabomber: More Bloviating and Waste From a Useless Bureaucratic Whale"

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August 01, 2008

Weekend Box Office: Don't Choose "Swing Vote" - Anti-Semitic GOP, "Typical" White Male Redneck Loser

By Debbie Schlussel

Is Kelsey Grammar really a Republican?

Hard to tell, since he chose to be in "Swing Vote" and portray Republicans as anti-Semites and White men as rednecks, idiots, and incompetent fathers.

You know when a movie about a Presidential election begins with an anti-Semitic Republican President scheming on how to keep Jews away from the polls, it's not going to be even-handed or good. Or funny.

You also know that when the star of a movie--Kevin Costner--is forced to invest $20 million of his own money in an August movie release in order to get it on-screen, it's not a good flick.


At the beginning of this overly dramatic silver-screen annoyance, it's election day, and we see Republican President Kelsey Grammar with his evil, scheming political advisor in the Oval Office. While Grammar listens, the advisor (Stanley Tucci) tells the Republican Party of Florida to round up as many tall, blonde, Arian-looking guys they can and send them to the West Palm Beach polling places to keep Jews from voting.

Apparently, Kelsey Grammar didn't have a problem portraying the GOP as a party of anti-Semites. And it's downhill from there. This movie is sappy and banal beyond belief. Didn't care for the term, "right wing blogosmear," either.

Kevin Costner plays "Bud," the working-class New Mexico screw-up at the center of a tied Presidential election. He promises his young daughter he'll vote in the Presidential election, but when he doesn't show up, she sneaks in and votes for him. An electrical malfunction prevents the vote from registering, and Costner gets to recast his vote later, since it will decide the White House race--the State of New Mexico will decide the race, and it's tied.

To win his vote, both President Kelsey Grammar and Democratic candidate Dennis Hopper pander to him. When Bud says he thinks gays should get married, Republican Grammar shoots an ad endorsing it. When he says he's pro-life (he doesn't know what it means), the liberal Democrat makes a pro-life ad.

Bud is your typical Hollywood version of the middle-American White male: stupid, a drunk, immature, irresponsible, a bad parent, a poor employee, etc. Is there any other kind of White male in America, according to Hollywood (and apparently investor Costner)?

And, of course, like most of these movies, along with the dumb-dopey-working-class-immature-trailer-park-failure-father, there's a very smart daughter, who is the adult in the movie. Are you as sick of this as I am--that, in Hollywood, the kid is often the adult and vice versa? It gets old. Madeline Carroll, the young actress who plays her, and Paula Patton, the actress who plays an aggressive, scheming local news reporter are so saccharine and phony, it's unbearable. There is more crying, yelling, screaming, and melodrama in this supposed comedy than five decades of "All My Children." I couldn't take much more of this.

But, wait, it gets worse. The most annoying political commentators pollute the screen throughout: Chris Matthews, Arianna Huffington, Larry King, Tucker Carlson. They're embarrassing, but, sadly, not embarrassed. The only one missing is Keith Olbermann. Thank Heaven for small favors.

If there was one good thing about this movie--aside from the fact that it actually ended--it was that the movie made a point against illegal aliens taking American jobs, but it didn't make the point very well.

While Costner works at an egg-processing plant that employs a lot of illegal aliens and makes company announcements in Spanish, he loses his job because he's a screw-up. While he complains about the problem of "insourcing"--importing illegal aliens into America to take away Americans' jobs--he is repeatedly late to work, destroys a lot of eggs, and is just a bad employee.

If "Bud"/Costner worked for you, you'd probably be tempted to replace him with an illegal alien, too. But, then again, that's Hollywood: They can't even tell the truth about "insourcing"--and that it's taking jobs from good, hard-working employees.

Worst line in the movie (uttered by campaign manager Nathan Lane to his liberal Democrat Presidential candidate Dennis Hopper):

You wanna win? Go and rip the Statue of Liberty a new one.

Bottom line: This movie stank. It was long, boring, not funny, and not exciting. I laughed like maybe once at the dopey "jokes." So uninteresting I briefly fell asleep. But don't worry--the non-stop cloying, maudlin and pseudo-patriotic muzak throughout the movie kept me awake, annoyed, and mostly distracted from trying to hear the dialogue.

If Kevin Costner's "Bud" is the kind of voter that elects Presidents, perhaps we should become a dictatorship. On the other hand, we already have this system in place, because all of the Presidential candidates go on Oprah. But you'd never see a movie like this, where the one vote is cast by a typically stupid female Oprah worshipper.

The motto of this movie should be, "One man. One vote. No clue."

SPOILER: After sitting through this horrid film for two hours, there's no "pay-off," even if you could legitimately call the end of this movie a pay-off. We're not shown for whom Bud casts his vote. He goes into the polling booth, and the movie ends. Not that I really cared who he voted for. I just wanted him and his movie to go away.


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July 31, 2008

Yeah, So . . .?: Olmert's Impending Departure Will Bring New Cockroach

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: Read my late Dad's 2006 column on Ehud Olmert--Right on the Money ****

Many right-minded thinking people are happy that corrupt, left-wing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced yesterday he'll soon be gone.

I applaud it too, since Olmert, his left-wing hag wife, lesbian activist daughter, and draft-dodging expatriate artist son who lives in France, are the kinds of Israelis who will bring and are bringing Israel's destruction. (His bitchy wife and daughter made a career in "Machshon Watch," a group which harasses Israeli soldiers at checkpoints, so they can't adequately do their job in searching and catching Islamic terrorists trying to enter the country.)

On the other hand, the reason Olmert is going is not the right reason. And that's why I'm not celebrating too loudly.

Yes, he's corrupt and he took money and bribes and did other improper things. But those are like a technicality, compared to the horrid things he's done to his own country and its people.

Ehud Olmert, Almost Gone:
Israel's Visionless Prime Minister Attacked his Own Citizens
(Amona Attack Photo Courtesy of Sultan Knish)

Olmert supported the Gaza giveaway and with Ariel Sharon, helped the Palestinians set up a HAMAS terrorist state to Israel's west. Olmert sent armed police on horses to brutally beat up the people of Amona and two Israeli Members of Parliament, including a Brigadier General (vivid pics of which were taken and posted to the world by Sultan Knish)--all to remove Israelis from their homes to give it to Islamic terrorists.

Then, he started the ball rolling on giving up the Jewish capitol, Jerusalem, to Islamic terrorists. And he started the ball rolling on giving up Israel's Golan Heights to Islamic terrorists. (Yes, the Jerusalem and Golan Heights deals were always whispered about, but Olmert pushed them into real play.) Then, he released a child-killer terrorist (Samir Kuntar) and four other terrorists for two Israeli soldiers mutilated bones from Hezbollah. That was after a few other outrageous, lopsided terrorist trades he made with the Palestinian terrorists.

And how can we forget the failed war against Hezbollah, in which Olmert went to war to fail and to strengthen its most fierce Islamic terrorist enemy to its north? Olmert--the first Israeli Prime Minister without a serious military background--could have won had he taken the proper steps to win the ground war, steps his Generals all urged him to take but he ignored. He could have defeated Hezbollah once and for all. Instead, he turned it into Israel's Vietnam, giving up right after he started, losing a lot of Israeli lives, and leaving in defeat and embarrassment with a UN agreement that wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

None of these things was bad enough for the Israeli people to dump this guy. None of it--none of the systematic self-amputation and self-suffocation of Israel by its own leader was enough to get Israel to throw him out of office. Instead, it took a minor bribery case to make him go. How likely is it that the next sado-masochist, self-mutillating left-wing Israeli Prime Minister will have a bribery scandal sufficient to get him to resign?

Not very likely. Meanwhile, whoever is at the top will be systematically destroying Israel, because not enough Israelis have the guts to say, "NO, We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!" They will elect another Israeli Jimmy Carter.

I hope I'm wrong. But sadly, right now, I know I'm right.

The problem is Olmert--and the rest of the Israeli leftists of his ilk--are like cockroaches and Muslims bent on our destruction. You get rid of one, there are gazillions in waiting to take over. People like Tzipi Livni--who was mentored and brought up through the ranks of Israeli politics--will replace him. Livni is what we call a "doompa", a/k/a dumbass. She's as left as Olmert, and a whole lot more stupid. Golda Meir she ain't. The chick is truly vapid. She's Olmert in a skirt with slightly better hair. Yes, she turned on him, but not over policy. That was a bitch power grab move.

So, am I glad to see Olmert go? Hell, yeah. But I know it's just an ephemeral personnel change, with little substance or policy change at the top of the Israeli government.

Shalom, Ehud. Hello, next Israeli Jimmy Carter.

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July 30, 2008

Sleeping With the Enemy: The Retirement of Special Agent Bill Kowalski

By Debbie Schlussel

This past Friday, the FBI celebrated its 100th birthday. As I noted then, it's not cause for celebration. This once great law enforcement agency is now a shell of what it once was and is composed mostly of politically-correct Islamopandering bureaucrats.

One of those Islamopanderers, Michigan FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge William Kowalski, is retiring on Friday. But it's long overdue. I've followed Kowalski since 9/11, and the brown on the tip of his nose is mixed with falafel and shawarmeh. Instead of investigating Muslims involved in the funding and material support of terrorism, he hung out with and pandered to them.

I last saw Special Agent Kowalski exercising his lip-to-butt press at a Dearborn Heights mosque, where he applauded enthusiastically as the imam, the former spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini's navy, told the many feds in attendance that "what goes on in the South of Lebanon [Hezbollah] is not terrorism. It's legitimate resistance."

FBI Michigan's Top IslamoButtKisser Bill Kowalski

At the time, I was dressed as a Muslim woman, and Special Agent Bill Kowalski must have felt warm all over for smiling at me and trying to let my car leave the mosque before his. Oh, the charming noblesse of FBI agents for smiling at and being nice to Muslim woman (or who they thought was a Muslima)--makes them feel sooooo good about themselves.

Here's a tad more from that experience at the mosque, from my July 2006 recounting of it:

At the Town Hall meeting, a crying woman asked the federal officials why her husband was in jail because of "credit card problems." She said he was arrested after FBI agents raided her home and found a poster on the wall of "our leader, Hassan Nasrallah" [head of Hezbollah]. FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge William Kowalski ran to her side, gave her his business card and patted her on the back.

The woman, Rania Rahal, and her husband, Ali Nemr Rahal--both Elahi congregants--were later indicted for credit card, bank, and mortgage fraud in a scheme to obtain $500,000. When agents raided their home, they found a video of a 2002 Hezbollah rally attended by Rahal, a video entitled, "A Martyr Speaks About Martyrs," and a Hezbollah recruitment video, in addition to a photo of Rahal tearing and burning the American flag. In February, Customs agents at the Detroit U.S.-Canada border found "military-quality" explosives on Rahal's and his sons' passports. The Rahals have since pled guilty. At Mr. Rahal's sentencing, instead of being contrite, he apologized for ruining his credit record.

After that, Kowalski bragged to a news anchor in north central Michigan about sending his "B-Team" of FBI counterterrorist agents in a deliberate attempt to crush the case a local prosecutor brought against Palestinian multiple disposable cellphone buyers who took photos of grates and the support structure of Michigan's Mackinac Bridge.

While the prosecutor had strong evidence the Palestinians who drove to Michigan's north were sending the phones for use as IEDs in terrorist attacks and that their photos were meant to plan an attack on the bridge, Kowalski quickly swooped in with his "B-Team" and declared the photos of grates "tourist photos." Hmmm . . . when I'm a tourist, that ain't the kinda photos I'm taking. After that, Kowalski's B-Team and his fellow pan-Islamist U.S. Attorney (now a Bush federal judge) Stephen Murphy managed to usurp and destroy the local prosecutor's case against the terrorists. They wanted the case to go away, and Bill Kowalski helped make it go away.

After all, that was good for bid'ness--at least the kind of business in which the FBI is involved in today, with the number one goal being having a good relationship with the local extremist Muslim community. And the utter pandering of the FBI's Michigan office to the most extreme Muslims possible was the baby of FBI Special Agent William Kowalski.

He orchestrated, for example, a pander-fest at an extremist Sunni mosque in Warren, Michigan, where several FBI agents sucked up to Pakistani mosque members tied to Tanzeem-e-Islami, an anti-Semitic, pan-terrorist group. All in the name of "outreach," this mythical holy grail with zero benefit to America's national security.

And when, in March, federal prosecutors indicted Muthanna Al-Hanooti--a man Kowalski and other high-ranking FBI agents constantly feted--for being a spy for Saddam Hussein (after knowing about it for several years and doing nothing while his charity laundered money to HAMAS and Al-Qaeda for mass murder), Kowalski organized an apology session in which the feds told Muslims they were sorry for enforcing the law and going after terrorists:

About 50 people attended the meeting Thursday; half were federal officials from the FBI, U.S. Attorney's Office, Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies; the others were Arab-American and Muslim leaders.

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Bill Kowalski said the meeting was "part of our efforts to continue an open dialogue with the community."

But no worries. When real terrorist threats arose, he also rose to the occasion . . . like when he sent FBI counter-terrorism agents to investigate the League of Women Voters. (Not kidding.)

There's a reason FBI award revokee, marriage fraud perpetrator, and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad is sorry to see Bill Kowalski go:

Kowalski earned the respect of Arab-American and Muslim leaders. . . . "We are going to miss his smile," said Imad Hamad, regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. "There's a personal aspect that attests to his leadership. He's always been a true professional."

Yeah, that "personal aspect" is ass-kissing the enemy.

Make no mistake, the retirement of FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Bill Kowalski won't end the pandering to Islamofascists and the compromising and quashing of necessary investigations and arrests of Islamic terrorists and their enablers. He'll be replaced by another shishka-brownnoser. Kowalski is just one of many FBI agent bureaucrats around the country who'd rather sup on shish tawook and break pita with terrorists than do the hard work of investigating and arresting them and PO'ing them.

"When I think about an FBI guy, that's him," said Walter Reynolds, an assistant special agent in charge in Detroit who works closely with Kowalski as the official in charge of intelligence operations.

Yup, sadly, Kowalski's Islamopander M.O. is now S.O.P. for "an FBI guy." And with a guy like Reynolds, in charge of intelligence operations at the Michigan FBI, it's no wonder they never discovered who double agent Nada Nadim Prouty and what she was doing. They simply didn't want to see it, even though they knew better.

"It's tough to leave the FBI," he said. "I bleed bureau blue."

And HAMAS and Hezbollah green, too. Kowalski told the Detroit Newsistan that

he believes enhanced training and recruitment standards make today's agents better-suited to meet the [terrorism] threat.

Wrong. Enhanced tabouli-eating skills make them better suited to pander and enhance the threat. Not beat or even "meet" it.

Kowalski will now join The Rehmann Group, a Detroit area business consulting firm that helps corporations with fraud investigations. Interesting, a fraud helps investigate fraud. Well, you know what they say: takes one to know one.

Let's hope for his clients' sake that William Kowalski investigates fraud a little differently than he "investigates" Islamic terrorism.

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July 22, 2008

Tom Campbell: Will Republicans Stop a Pan-Jihadist from Becoming California's Next Governor?

By Debbie Schlussel

Republicans always claim the mantle of the anti-Jihadists. And for the most part, they are.

But when a supporter of jihad and terrorism comes to the midst of the G.O.P., that anti-jihadist/counterterrorist mantle comes crashing down. The Republican Party simply refuses to denounce pan-Islamists in its midst I've detailed that repeatedly on this site, from Michigan and Ohio GOP officials hanging out with and praising CAIR to pan-Islamist Grover Norquist's puppetmaster machinations at the Bush White House.

Now, the G.O.P. has an interesting opportunity to finally show it means business against terrorism . . . in the California gubernatorial race. Since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is term-limited and elections for the new guy are being held in November 2010, some candidates are already setting up shop.

Jihad-enabling GOPer Tom Campbell Wants to be California Gov.

On the G.O.P. side, one of those is the notorious former Congressman Tom Campbell. Saturday's Wall Street Journal reports that Campbell stepped down as Dean of the business school at U.C.-Berkeley and launched an exploratory committee. Sadly, this will go beyond mere "exploration." Campbell is running for Governor of California.

Campbell, a liberal Republican, is well known for his support for Islamic terrorists. He made the cause of Islamic Jihad founder and U.S. frontman Sami Al-Arian his cause. And he made extremist Muslims whose families were active in Al-Qaeda his key policy advisors.

From my September 2005 column about how Jewish Republicans were set to host Campbell (they replaced him as a result of my column):

When [Sami] Al-Arian was fired from the University of South Florida, from which he ran his terrorist network, Campbell wrote a letter of support praising Al-Arian and asking the University president to reconsider her decision. In the letter, Campbell noted that Al-Arian helped him raise money for his failed U.S. Senate bid.

[Campbell's] donors have included Nihad Awad, executive director of the anti-Israel Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) . . . .

Other Campbell donors, besides Al-Arian, included Muthanna Al-Hanooti, an official of an Islamic charity that is a major donor to what the FBI identified as HAMAS' Jordanian operation [DS: Since I wrote this, Al-Hanooti was indicted as a spy for Saddam Hussein]; and Tariq Hamdi, an Al-Arian associate, who was indicted last month on immigration and mortgage fraud charges and has fled the country. According to testimony in the trials of perpetrators of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings, Hamdi provided the satellite phone battery to Osama Bin Laden that was instrumental in those bombings.

Another donor, Abdurahman Alamoudi, was captured on video in front of the White House announcing his support for HAMAS and Hezbollah. . . . His indictment connected him with assorted Islamic terrorist groups and activities.

Those are Campbell's donors. Then, there are Campbell's former employees.

Suhail Khan held several key positions for Campbell, including Press Secretary and Policy Director.

But Khan is an Islamist who invited terror supporters and anti-Semites to the Bush White House (where he once worked) and whose father brought Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri into the United States to raise money for Al-Qaeda. His father, Mahboob Khan, late founder and head of the Santa Clara Mosque, brought Zawahiri into the U.S. twice on a fake passport in the mid-'90s to raise money for Al-Qaeda. . . .

With a policy director like Suhail Khan, it's no surprise that Campbell consistently voted against Israel while in Congress.

That's the shortened version of what I wrote about Tom Campbell in 2005. Read the whole thing.

Sadly, Tom Campbell is still around. Not only is his political career very viable. He could very likely be California's next Republican Governor. Unless Republicans stop him.

So, is the Republican party really the anti-jihadist party? Will Republicans pressure him to drop out of the race and tell him that supporters of Islamic Jihad frontmen and employers of Al-Qaeda family members are not welcome in the G.O.P.? Will Republicans finally decide that their mythical "big tent" is not so big that it includes every nut and fruitcake willing to vote their way and show America that there are limits?

We shall see, but I'm not holding my breath. As I've written, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), which touts itself as representing Jewish and pro-Israel concerns to the G.O.P. (but which actually just pimps the GOP on the Jews), invited Tom Campbell to be its featured speaker at a California event. When I wrote about it, they received an avalanche of angry calls and were forced to replace him. But they knew who Tom Campbell was, and they've never denounced him. Will Matt Brooks, who heads the RJC, oppose Tom Campbell's candidacy for California Governor? Don't bet on it.

What if Tom Campbell becomes the Republican nominee for Governor of California in 2010? Will a "counter-terrorism" President McCain and his Vice President (which sadly might be phony "anti-jihadist" Mitt Romney) campaign for this Republican enabler of the Islamic terrorists on our soil? Yes, they will.

Will Jewish Republicans at the RJC do a thing to stop Campbell? No, they won't.

Don't bet on Republicans breaking a fingernail over pan-jihadism in their midst. It's only when it's on the other side of the aisle that they give a damn. And always bet against the empty slogans of Republicans who claim to be against terrorism, but do nothing to excommunicate--and everything to enable and promote--the pan-jihadists on their side of the aisle.

Is the GOP really the party of counterterrorism? With Tom Campbell still comfortably in its fold and boldly planning to run for Governor on the elephant party's ticket, not really.

And, with a record like his, if I were the California Democrats, I'd pray that Tom Campbell becomes the GOP nominee.

Posted by Debbie at 09:35 AM

July 18, 2008

Do They Wear Obamakas, Too?: The Rabbis @ the "Saudi" "Interfaith" "Tolerance" Confab

By Debbie Schlussel

You've heard of football great Dick Butkus. Now, meet the Rabbis Butt-Kiss.

While a picture speaks 1,000 words, sometimes a geographic location speaks 1,000,000 words.

In this case, the location is Madrid, Spain--scene of the interfaith faux-tolerance conference fraud put on by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. I mean, seriously, is it just me, or is there something funny about a King who can't hold his phony interfaith conference in his own country, because it's illegal there? And is it also just me, or does it speak volumes that a Saudi-ass-kissing rabbi--one of several Jewish "religious figures" who attended this joke of a conference--cannot be listed as an Israeli, which he is?

Rabbis Kiss Butts of Saudi King Abdullah
& Campbell Brown's Ex-Boyfriend Adel Al-Jubeir

Rabbi David Rosen, head of inter-religious relations for the Islamist-butt-kissing American Jewish Committee (which, in Detroit, Lewinskyizes the most extremist, Jew-hating, Hezbollah-and-HAMAS-supporting Islamic leaders and imams it can find), is an Irish-Israeli rabbi, whose presence at this fraud is being hailed by idiots as "a sign the Saudis are reaching out." But he--strangely--isn't listed as an Israeli in conference literature. Gee, I wonder why.

Yup, geography speaks a million words for an "interfaith tolerance" conference that cannot be held in Saudi Arabia and cannot acknowledge Israeli participants.

Oh, and another thing, while the conference is going on in Madrid and Rabbi Rosen is kissing his rear, here's what's still being taught (and nicely summarized by Radar Magazine, frequently a critic of mine) in "tolerant" and "interfaith"ful King Abdullah's country:

1st Grade

"Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words-(Islam, hellfire)
'Every religion other than ____ is false. Whoever dies outside of Islam enters ____.'"

5th Grade
"Just as Muslims were successful in the past when they came together in a sincere effort to evict the Christian crusaders from Palestine, so will Muslims and Arabs emerge victorious, God willing, against the Jews and their allies if they stand together and fight a true jihad for God...."

8th Grade
"Lesson Goals: 1) The student notes some of the Jews condemnable qualities...."

"God told his Prophet, Mohammed, about the Jews, who learned from part of God's book that God alone is worthy of worship. Despite this, they espouse falsehood through idol worship, soothsaying and sorcery. In doing so, they obey the devil..."

"God told his Prophet Mohammed: say to those who cast aspersions on your religion: has anyone told you who will receive the harshest punishment from God on the Day of Resurrection? They are the Jews, whom God has cursed and with whom he is so angry that he will never again be satisfied. Some of the people of the Sabbath were punished by being turned into apes and swine. Some of them were made to worship the devil..."

"God punished the Jews in several ways for their unbelief and error. Explain the ways...."

9th Grade
"The prophet said, 'The hour [of judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, until the Jew hides behind rocks and trees, until the rocks or the trees say, 'O Muslim! O servant of God! There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him'...."

11th Grade
"The Prophet said, 'Do not greet Jews and Christians with the words 'Peace be upon you.' If you come upon one of them on the road, force him to the narrower part.'"

Any so-called rabbi that hangs out with the purveyors of this nauseating, deathly propaganda is working with the Nazis and doing his best to send us all--regardless of religion--to the ovens.

Saudi "Interfaith"--my butt. Saudi "Tolerance"--what comes out of my butt.

Sounds like these rabbis are prime candidates for the Obamaka of the Month Club . . .

Sgt. Schultz & Dhimmi Obamakas by David Lunde/Lundesigns

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"Mamma Mia!"? More like Homo Mia: Former James Bond Falls Far in Painful Movie Aimed at Gays, Women; Feminist Attack on Batman

By Debbie Schlussel

Did you know that feminists are trying to turn this weekend's box office take into a battle of the sexes? They are, and in this "Mamma Mia!" versus "The Dark Knight" contest, it's really no contest. They're gonna lose.

When the "Sex and the City" movie came out earlier this year, I wrote that it was a national IQ test for women. If you liked it, you failed. What I didn't realize is that it was a two-part test.

The second part debuted at Midnight, last night. It's "Mamma Mia!" More like Homo Mia! This dopey, annoying musical set to the songs of '70s pop group, "ABBA," is an ode to slutdom and what gay men want to project onto straight women and their relationships.


And it's painful. The three middle-aged, haggish, oversexed women at the center of it all--Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, and some chick with a butch haircut and an English accent, whose name I don't care to know--are the "Sex and the City" women in ten years. Blechhhh! Who wants to see and hear three dirty old women simultaneously having hot flashes and yearning for orgasms, set to music now played only in gay dance clubs?

Middle-aged women and gay men. That's who. Yesterday, I arrived late to the screening of the movie, and I went to a midnight showing to see the beginning that I missed. Amidst a cinema multiplex filled with males attending several sold-out showings of the excellent-but-violent Batman flick, "The Dark Knight," the theater also had the midnight showing of "MM!" thinking that women would flock to see it, while their husbands and boyfriends saw Batman. No such "luck." In the empty theater along with me were three middle-aged women and a gay guy. In his effeminate voice, he said to me, "I'm not a Batman guy, I'm a Mamma Mia guy." No kidding. (Except maybe about the "guy" part.)

There's some sort of weird feminist anti-Batman backlash hype the press is trying to generate against "The Dark Knight" and in favor of "MM!" USA Today did a whole piece on this movie as "The Dark Knight" for women and a sign of grrrrlpower at the movies. And this weekend, NOW--the National Organization for (Ugly) Women--is billing its three-day annual conference in Bethesda, Maryland, with this theme:

No Capes, No Masks, No Boundaries: Feminist Super-Women Unite!

Uh, no thanks. "Super-Women"? There's a reason no-one uses "Wonder Woman" and "NOW" together in the same sentence.

Since it's a musical, you have to wonder why they cast Pierce Brosnan as one of the male co-stars. Hearing him attempt to sing is like hearing the sound of animals being beheaded. Truly distressing and excruciatingly painful. I searched in vain for the industrial strength earplugs I keep in my purse.

It's truly embarrassing and pathetic to see the fall of this formerly suave James Bond now forced into singing, karaoke-style, the playlist of an Elton John-George Michael soiree, while wearing--as he does at the movie's conclusion--a fluorescent, tight jumpsuit and platform high-heeled boots. How do you say "007" in fruity-speak?

Then, there's the plot of this thing: Meryl Streep plays a single mother hippie whose daughter is getting married. The daughter doesn't know who her real dad is and surreptitiously read mom's diary to find out. During the time she was conceived her mother slept with three different men, so she invites all of them to her wedding. The tripartite family values of being a slut, I guess.

In the meantime, Streep is trying to dissuade her daughter from getting married and push her toward pursuing her career instead, which (this isn't a spoiler because you really don't care anyway) is what she ultimately does. And all the while, Streep's two slutty, middle-aged friends in heat are desperately hitting on anything in pants. Embarrassing and classless.

The message of the movie: marriage is bad, and ho-dom and sluttery ain't no big thang. Everything all works out in happiness at the end of such a lifestyle. At least, on-screen.

Most of the movie is women crying, weeping, or shrieking hysterically. Who needs it? The "jokes" in this movie are so bad, it's not funny. I didn't laugh once. Listening to the throngs of mindless women who crowded the evening screening cackling loudly and non-stop at the most lame of lines and scenes drove me crazy. It was unbearable. As was their applause and standing ovation at the end for this unworthy, substandard, mindless waste. Oy vey.

If there's one thing that's good about this movie, it's Meryl Streep's surprisingly decent singing voice. But it's not enough to justify wasting ten bucks and two hours.

It's not that I don't like musicals--one of my favorite movies is the classic, "Showboat." And last year's "Sweeney Todd" was cool. It's that I don't like dumb movies that waste two hours of my life I'll never get back.

And I don't dislike some of ABBA's hits either. It's just that in this movie, the '70s called, and they want their songs back. The members of the now defunct ABBA are not complaining, of course, because this is a new and expanding revenue source for them. And I can't blame them.

But if you're a guy whose wife or girlfriend wants to drag you to see "Mamma Mia," take it from me, kill yourself first. You'll thank me from your man cave in Heaven.

Keep your manhood--and sanity--intact, and go see "The Dark Knight," instead.

The only ABBA song that truly fits here is "S.O.S." But this ship is beyond saving.


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July 17, 2008

Do You Wear an "Obamaka"?: Fashion Tips for Liberal Jews Who Support Barack Hussein

By Debbie Schlussel



Some months ago, I witnessed a disturbing fashion trend. No, not "Obama" tattoo tramp stamps, but something almost as bad . . . and perhaps worse: the B. Hussein O. campaign has been producing and selling "Obamakas"--yarmulkes with the Barack Obama Presidential campaign logo on them.

I cannot imagine a more silly and ironic fashion idea.


For those of you who don't know, a yarmulke--pronounced "Yah-Muh-Kuh," thus the Obamaka moniker--is a Jewish religious skullcap that looks like a beanie and which is worn by men (though some annoying liberal women wear them--and they look like outer space lesbians when they put them on). It is supposed to symbolize modesty--and that there is something higher (G-d) above you.

My brother wears one, my late father wore one, and many religious Jews wear them. Most Orthodox Jews wear them always, except to bed. Others wear the yarmulke only when they are in synagogue their once or twice a year--they're the ones who wear the tacky, blindingly shiny faux-satin yarmulkes that they then force all the Presidential candidates to temporarily don when they make the obligatory synagogue campaign stop.

For the record, wearing a yarmulke is not a commandment or requirement under Jewish law or from the Torah. It is a custom and probably the among the least important and least required Jewish religious observances there are.

**** UPDATE: Reader David disagrees with me on this point and cites Jewish oral Torah:

I didn't want to post this on your site because it gets too technical for your average reader unfamiliar with Jewish Law. I don't know the exact citation, however, I know that in the Shulchon Oruch as well as the Mishnoh B'ruroh [DS: Two sources of Jewish law], it states that it is forbidden to walk four cubits or to recite any holy words such as blessings, words of Torah, etc., while one's head is uncovered. This is why even little children are made to wear a Kippa [DS: Yarmulke], to develop a fear of Heaven. Thanks.


I always marvel at Conservative and Reform Jews, who force non-Jewish visitors to their synagogues and temples to wear the ugly satin yarmulkes when these same Jews drive on the Jewish Sabbath and violate all of the other Jewish precepts and tenets. But wearing that ugly satin beanie, that's important to them as an ultimately powerless Jew power symbol. I remember when I was at a conservative synagogue in the '80s and they made Gary Hart wear a shiny satin yarmulke. It was funny.

So, it's in light of all of that that I find it kind of annoying--no, nauseating--to watch the Jewish hypocrites now wearing the Obamaka, who keep none of the Jewish laws, know little about Judaism except for getting Chanukah presents and ingesting matzoh ball soup, and who--far more disturbing to me--look the other way on Barack Hussein Obama's recent past activities with Palestinian terrorism supporters Edward Said, Ali Abunimah, and Jeremiah Wright, Obama's friendship with blatant anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Wright and membership in an anti-Semitic church, Obama's eagerness to hang with Iran, and Obama's current Nation of Islam employees who will certainly head to the White House with him.

I really wish these Obamaka-donning Jews would take the beanies off. It's not that I judge their lack of religiosity, just their overabundance of stupidity and sheepleness and despise when they use Judaism as a cover and/or excuse for it. We don't need them identifying our religious garb with the Obama campaign. It's bad enough already that 2/3 of my fellow co-religionists will be voting for this fraud for President.

The Jews who wear the Obamaka will be wearing a yarmulke--if you can call this that--for the first and last time with this chapeau charade. It's all an act. They're the Jews who, through assimilation and intermarriage, will die out and be lost to the Jewish community in a generation or two, if not quicker. A vote for Obama is just a rite of passage in hastening their departure.

The Obamaka fashion victims remind me of this joke about the Rabbi who ate a bacon and cheese sandwich on Yom Kippur, with a side dish of shrimp, then allowed his richest donor's dog to have a bar mitzvah (all of which is proscribed in Judaism for various reasons). They're hypocrites. And the Obamaka is the symbol of their hypocrisy.

These are the Jews who brag on the far-left, anti-Israel, pan-terrorist Daily Kos that they're proud to wear the Obamaka or proud to have seen one of their fellow moron-owitzes wearing one. These are the same people who were and would be "capos"--Jews who worked for the Nazis and turned in other Jews so they could eat better or get better treatment--at the camps in Nazi Europe.

But, it's a free country. And people are free to dress poorly and be the fashion victims of stupid accessories.

And since I do believe in freedom of choice and the freedom of people to look stupid and advertise their hypocrisy, I've decided to give the Obamaka masses some more choices for yarmulkes. I've asked DebbieSchlussel.com Jedi Master of PhotoShop David Lunde of Lundesigns to make me these yarmulke choices for the sheep-owitzes and sheep-steins that support Obama.

As a member of the Obamaka-of-the-Month club, you, too, can wear one of these highly fashionable (for idiots) Obamakas:


If you take offense to these Obamaka fashion choices, please realize that a Jew wearing a yarmulke featuring the Obama emblem is as absurd as a Jew wearing a yarmulke featuring any of these designs. And on that note, a special shout out to my vegan-trisexual-multi-racial-PETA-anti-nuke-communist-raw-foodist-9/11-trutherist-Brangelina-fan "friends" at the Nazi-funded Media Matters for America, who are monitoring this site, and who I'm sure will whine and over-react on their site about these Obamaka choices, the way they did with my Valentine's Day candy hearts.

We're crafting more Obamaka styles since, again, we're "pro-choice" when it comes to this particular liberal obsession. Please comment below with your suggested Obamaka styles.

For the record, I'm not exactly endorsing a McCainaka, either. But it's a far smarter choice than the deathly Obamaka, which is basically announcing to the world, "Suicide '08."

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July 16, 2008

Another Terrorist Giveaway: Sad Day in Israel is Just Another in Recent History of Terrorist Capitulation ; Hezbollah Strengthened

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: Carl in Jerusalem has multiple important entries and video on Samir Kuntar and how Al-Jazeera and Hezbollah savages are celebrating the release of this murderer. All of it is must-read/must-view stuff. ****

As you probably know, today, Israel releases five Hezbollah terrorists--including Samir Kuntar, who brutally murdered a family--in exchange for the bodies of two dead Israeli soldier, who were certainly brutally and savagely tortured by Hezbollah, before their ultimate murder. A look at banners Hezbollah posted in English--for the world to read--tells us how nauseating this deal is, and how empowering it is to our enemies. And the deal does not even include the body or known location of Ron Arad--an Israeli soldier missing for decades (it includes a "report" on his past--big deal).

These Hezbo Banners Are All Over South Lebanon--There's a Reason They're In English . . .


Kuntar is most significant because in 1979, as a Druze terrorist for both the Shi'ite Muslim Hezbollah and the Sunni Palestinian terrorists, Kuntar shot an innocent Israeli father, Danny Haran, in front of his two daughters and wife. Then, Kuntar took Haran's 4-year-old daughter, Einat, and smashed her skull with his rifle. Haran's wife hid in a crawl space and accidentally suffocated their two-year-old daughter, Yael, to silence her cries, so Kuntar wouldn't find and kill them, too.


Three innocent lives snuffed out for no legitimate reason and a family destroyed. An Israeli policeman was also killed.

It's nauseating that Israel is doing this, but, as I've noted extensively on this site, it is, sadly, not the first such lopsided and ill-advised Israeli deal with terrorists. It is just the latest of many. Compared to those, this "deal" for dead bodies is actually "conservative". In the past, Israel has exchanged hundreds and even thousands of terrorists for a few dead bodies and a live traitor/drug dealer Jew, who was working for Hezbollah, but was a buddy of Ariel Sharon.

If Israel were smart--if it was not suffocated by the wimpitude and appeasement of Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and the others who've engaged in these disgusting fool's exchanges--the country would never have engaged in such trades over the years. And they'd stop doing them now.

But, instead, today, Israel trades a brutal, vicious murderer of a young family for dead bodies, something America hasn't done yet--and I hope we never do.

Today, Israel strengthens Hezbollah tremendously. The terrorist group has a week of celebrations planned, and they will be welcoming this savage as a hero. Today's Wall Street Journal details Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's personal involvement in the deal. I can't imagine America on the phone with Bin Laden negotiating the release of Byron Fouty's body or Nick Berg's in exchange for the release of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to a hero's welcome.

That's exactly what releasing Kuntar is. As I noted recently, the Achille Lauro cruise ship was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in the '80s for Kuntar's release. Leon Klinghoffer was murdered in his wheelchair and sent overboard to an unceremonious, brutal burial at see for the release of Kuntar. Neither Israel nor America budged at that time. We had heroes running things then--Ronald Reagan and people like Menachem Begin and Yitzchak Shamir.

I feel sorry for the families of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, the Israeli soldiers Hezbollah kidnapped and whose bodies will be returned. But their sons are dead, and bringing back their bodies does not in any way justify the release of this inhuman pan-Islamic terrorist. And wasn't their release a condition of Israel ending its war with Hezbollah in 2006? It was, so why add this murderer and 4 others to "sweeten" this devil's trade?

Trades like this, coupled with the capitulation of Olmert, will be Isreal's death. Where once a country said no to terrorists, it had relative, de facto peace and far fewer deaths. Where it began to appease and self-amputate, mass murder became rampant, and its ultimate total destruction drew closer and more assured.

That's why they are partying in South Lebanon, this week and thereafter. Samir Kuntar is not just the face of evil. His release is the face of Israel's decline and withering.

My late father was especially disturbed about discussions surrounding the release of Kuntar. I am glad he is not around to see this despicable day in Israeli "history." What a strange way to mark 60 years of survival.

* Read my commentary on past Israeli prisoner exchanges with Hezbollah and the Palestinians--includes details of previous terrorist prisoner trades.

*** From the commentary of Nina Keren, mother of released terrorist Samir Kuntar's victim Danny Haran and grandmother of the two young children he murdered:

When I close my eyes at night, I see Einati's black eyes, wide open in fear, not understand why her hero of a father was not saving her the rifle hitting her on the head.

For more than 29 years, I have sentenced myself to silence. The difficult incident, in which I lost my son, Danny, and my two granddaughters, Einat and Yael, in such indescribably cruel circumstances.

But today, just before you cut the sentence of this despicable murderer, I can no longer smother my screams.

Five life sentences were given to this same beastly person. In a few days, he will be freed, before even one life sentence has run out? How will I bear the moment when he crosses the borders and turns from a despicable monster to the new hero of Lebanon.

* Shmuel Rosner on "Live Terrorists for Dead Bodies: Why Does Israel Keep Agreeing to Prisoner Exchanges?"

Posted by Debbie at 11:11 AM

July 15, 2008

"Our People": FOX News Anchor Used Morning Show for Farrakhan Infomercial, Per Boyfriend's Directive; May Have Been Paid by Nation of Islam--VIDEO Included

By Debbie Schlussel


A prominent FOX News/NewsCorp Anchor used her network's Detroit morning show, which she hosted, to promote Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan in a 20-minute infomercial. Sources say then-anchor, Fanchon Stinger (now fired), did this at the behest of her boyfriend, Rayford Jackson a/k/a Rayford Jackson Muhammad, who was identified by the Nation of Islam's Final Call newspaper as one of the top national leaders of its "Millions More Movement," the movement Stinger and Farrakhan were promoting on the air. The FOX 2 News Morning Show, which Stinger hosted, was and remains Detroit's top rated morning news show. It's a sad lesson in what is happening in all newsrooms around America. You, the viewer, are being pimped.

"Our People":
FOX Anchor Fanchon Stinger and Married Nation of Islam Boyfriend Rayford Jackson Used Morning News Show for Louis Farrakhan Infomercial

Sources also say boyfriend Jackson directed the FOX anchor's softball interview, which mentioned not a single iota about Farrakhan's many racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted statements against every ethnic group imaginable. Instead, Stinger instructed the FOX 2 News audience that they "misunderstand" the Farrakhan message and thanked Farrakhan "for your commitment to Our People." The sources also say they believe Stinger may have received payment from the Nation of Islam or the Millions More Movement, through her Stinger Strategies, Inc. company. The interview was so gushing, the Nation of Islam's Millions More Movement posted it on its website, which it does not do with most other interviews, which frequently ask Farrakhan about his statements calling Judaism "a gutter religion," Jews "wicked" and "a synagogue of Satan," and Hitler "a great man."

Here is the video of Fanchon Stinger's nauseating "interview" (pander-view) of Louis Farrakhan, broken into two parts. In the first video, she tells us how we "misunderstand" Farrakhan's "message" and "vision" and in the second part, she says to Farrakhan, "Thank you for your commitment to Our People." Even Al-Jazeera's been tougher on Farrakhan. Watch the whole thing (the videos are about 6 minutes each), and you won't need ipecac:

THANKS to Fred Taub of Boycott Watch for technical help with these videos

Now, here are a couple of brief refreshers on Farrakhan's message, which Fanchon Stinger thinks you and I "misunderstand":

Stinger's interview with Farrakhan was so drooling and pandering, the only thing missing was her asking Farrakhan to unzip his pants so she could Lewinskyize him. And perhaps that happened during the commercial break. Based on the "interview," I wouldn't count that out.

Stinger told the FOX 2 News audience that they must "hear Farrakhan for yourself." Well, I heard Louis Farrakhan for myself at a Detroit-area mosque, the Islamic Center of America, in November 1998. And for the first time in my life, I understood how my grandparents felt as Jews in Nazi Europe. I heard him call Jews "forces of evil" and "forces of Satan," in addition to calling for Jihad against them, Whites, and Christians--to the fevered, rabid applause and standing ovations of Black and White Muslim men and women. I wrote about this frightening experience in The Detroit News before it became the Detroit Newsistan. That Stinger used her valuable position of influence as host of Detroit's top news show to promote this vile man is beyond disgusting. That FOX 2 News--owned and operated by FOX News/Newscorp allowed her to is an untenable outrage.

Yes, the issue is not just that Stinger unethically and uncritically pimped FOX News' Detroit audience for her boyfriend and his man Farrakhan, without her noting that she was sleeping with at least one of 'em. It's that FOX 2 News management, News Director Dana Hahn and General Manager Jeff Murri, knew of Stinger's relationship with Jackson at the time and knew of his high stature in the Nation of Islam. But they allowed her to utilize their airwaves to conduct this sickening interview over a large portion of their morning show. Farrakhan was on for several segments, which ran from 7:50 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. Stinger repeatedly urged viewers to go to the Farrakhan event she was promoting. THIS IS NOT JOURNALISM. This is advertising and advocacy. Murri and Hahn sat by while it happened. They need to go.

I cannot imagine Monica Gayle or Ron Savage, who are White anchors on FOX 2 News, being allowed to have David Duke on the show for a single minute, much less what amounted to over 12 minutes of gushing airtime for Farrakhan. I cannot imagine them saying to Duke on the air: "Thank you for your commitment to 'Our People.'" But FOX 2 management allowed Stinger to do so with his Black counterpart Farrakhan. I thought the station's slogan was "FOX 2 News, Working For You." NOT "FOX 2 News, Working for 'Our People.'" I left messages with both Hahn and Murri over this interview back in 2005, but they never returned my calls. They did not care that it is a blatant conflict of interest that Stinger was sleeping with the man who was a key national figure in Farrakhan's "Millions More Effort." As pseudonymmed FOX 2 News reporter "Scott Lewis" noted last week, Stinger's relationship with Rayford Jackson was "considered her personal business."

After I started the ball rolling, FOX News/NewsCorp finally fired Stinger, the face of its Detroit operation, on Thursday. But after FOX 2 News announced the departure of Stinger--a Muslim convert who had a multi-year relationship with the Rayford Jackson, the man at the center of an FBI investigation into bribery of the Detroit City Council over a sludge contract--I wondered how long it would take before the many Detroit media figures who overlooked her transgressions would start the sympathy train over her and try to rehabilitate her.

Well, the rehabilitation campaign started swiftly. On Saturday, The Detroit Newsistan ran a sob story article on Stinger--who accepted countless money from both Syanagro (the sludge contractor) and her married boyfriend Jackson (for whom she hid hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets in her name). The article, entitled "Unlikely Stumble" (when what Stinger did wasn't a stumble and it wasn't unlikely--it was a pattern of deliberate, dishonest behavior) quoted colleagues and friends lamenting how "hurt" this unethical journalist is, and quoted a Jewish man, Mort Meisner (whom I know), saying Stinger is of "sterling integrity." Apparently, Meisner has never seen this Farrakhan interview. If Stinger's buddy Farrakhan had his way, Mort would be in line behind me for the ovens.

Then, on Sunday, Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson praised Stinger for her beauty and for exiting FOX 2 "gracefully." Um, Brian, I don't think she had a choice. And it was hardly what anyone--except the beauty-struck Dickerson--would call, "graceful."

As for the beauty thing, that--in addition to her race, gender, and religion--are part of why she got away with the multiple journalistic transgressions she openly committed, for so long. Everyone who knew better and was in a position to do something looked the other way, dismissing this blatant conflict of interest the way her colleague, pseudonymmed "Scott Lewis" did, as "her personal business."

FOX 2 News, Working for Farrakhan. Not for you.


Stinger is scheduled to address the media today in her first PR move to get back on the air as a reporter. But don't bet on her addressing why she put Louis Farrakhan, one of the top racists in America, on the air and drooled over him, literally ad nauseam.

Also don't expect her to address why she set up a company, which she claims was to do media buys for Synagro, the company her Nation of Islam boyfriend was involved with and in connection with which, he is now at the center of an FBI bribery investigation of the Detroit City Council.

More about Fanchon Stinger's "sterling integrity": My sources say there is no record of Synagro ever doing any media buys, and that this was only the "cover story" for the real purpose of her then newly-formed company, Stinger Strategies, LLC. My sources say Stinger was going to use the company to launder money and hide assets for Rayford Jackson Muhammad, just like she did with the almost $1,000,000 in cars he registered in her name, with her acquiescence.

Fanchon Stinger should be ashamed, but she isn't. She will be lucky not to be indicted. But the whole thing is an indictment of FOX 2, its news operation, and its parent company FOX News/NewsCorp.

**** UPDATE: Fanchon Stinger released a carefully crafted (by her lawyers) BS statement about how she's innocent. Yeah, innocent of putting people with whom she has illicit relationships on the air and gushing over them, and innocent of taking money from a company she covers and laundering assets for others? I don't think so. She's definitely got chutzpah, though--having the gall to call those, including me, who exposed her dishonesty, "malicious." The only thing malicious was her pimping of her Detroit audience. Malicious AND negligent. She's now claiming she "can't" talk until the federal investigation is over, which is interesting, since everyone else involved in the Synagro scandal--everyone who is innocent--is, indeed, talking.

**** UPDATE #2: Hey, Fanchon Stinger. I DID hear Farrakhan for myself. Here's what I wrote about it, in the Detroit News (the grammatical error within it--in the sentence about my grandparents--was inserted by incompetent DNews op-ed page editor Richard Burr, not me) on November 20, 1998:


**** UPDATE #3: They don't exactly work too quickly at FOX 2 News. The video bio of Fanchon Stinger is still up at the station's site as of 12:20 p.m. Eastern Time.

Posted by Debbie at 09:47 AM

July 09, 2008

Conservative?: Sean Vannity Promotes Leftist Ted Koppel's "Insights," Anti-Semite Buchanan . . . Again!

By Debbie Schlussel

As much as he wishes he were Rush Limbaugh, yesterday offered us yet another insight to why Sean Hannity will never even come close. He's simply a clueless individual who doesn't know much about being conservative unless he's mimicking what he just hear on Rush's show or repeating some talking points the FOX News producers provided him.

Yesterday, on his nationally syndicated radio show and on his FOX News TV show, Vannity not only featured, but gushed over, both left-wing "journalist" Ted Koppel and anti-Semite Pat Buchanan.

On his radio show, Vannity gushed to Koppel. "Don't be a stranger. We love having you on, and we love hearing your insights." Perhaps one of Hannity's tutors needs a refresher on just who Koppel is. For over two decades, Ted Koppel hosted a nightly late-night news show in which he repeatedly took up the mantle of left-wing causes. In the few occasions when "both side" of an issue were provided, he was condescending and rude to the conservative and helped the liberal along with friendly, softball questions. "Nightline" would have been more appropriately called "Leftline."

Sean Vannity & "Great Americans":
Let Freedom Ring for Leftists & Anti-Semites

Now, with a gazillion cable channels and the internet, Koppel has basically disappeared from the scene. He was ousted by ABC from "Nightline," the ratings of which sagged tremendously in his last years at the helm. And he considered taking a job at Al-Jazeera's English language network. That's how anti-American and left-wing Ted Koppel is. But, instead, Koppel took a job doing documentaries for the Discovery Channel. Still, he is basically out of the limelight.

So, who swoops in to rescue and promote Koppel and his documentary glorifying the Chi-Comms? None other than Sean Vannity. You'd never see this from Rush Limbaugh. Rush regularly and rightfully lambasted Koppel and his one-sided nightly "news" show. It's simply nauseating to see, now that Koppel has fallen into relative obscurity, to see a so-called conservative--Sean Hannity--promote him and push him back into the mainstream.

Then, there's Sean's other friend, Pat Buchanan. As I recently told you, Vannity promoted Buchanan and praised and gushed over him and his new pro-Hitler book. But once wasn't enough. Vannity promoted this draft-dodger--whom he calls "a great American"--on his radio and TV show again, last night.

Nauseating. And it should put the lie to Sean Vannity's claimed pro-Israel positions. Sure, Vannity spouts the pro-Israel line. But it's not heart-felt. He does it because he knows that, today, you really can't be a star in the conservative movement if you're not pro-Israel. It's all an act for him. Otherwise, why would he promote this blatant anti-Semite Buchanan, the left-wing/anti-Israel Ted Koppel's "insights," and have been friends with neo-Nazi Hal Turner?

A refresher on some of the things Sean Vannity's "Great American" Pat Buchanan said about Jews:

* Read Meryl Yourish's "Pat Buchanan: Hitler's Willing Prevaricator".

Reader Thee Bruno:

William Buckley, years ago, said that Pat Buchanan was an anti-Semite and wrote a very long article in his National Review magazine supporting his charges.

Pat Buchanan said that Desert Storm was a war started by G.H.W. Bush at the behest of Israel.

Pat Buchanan engaged in Holocaust revisionism as to his defense of John Demjanjuk, the notorious SS guard at the Treblinka death camp during WWII, saying that its gas chambers could not have inflicted so many deaths.

Pat Buchanan & Sean Hannity: Perfect for each other.

Reader Charles:

I don't know if you read his recent insane article, "Was the Holocaust Inevitable?" As I read it I knew the man had finally lost his mind. He first says Germany did not want any of it's land back from the Versailles treaty!? Are you kidding me, that is how Hitler rose to power. He preached it! He sent troops into the Rhine to take it back! Those territories were where its' industrial heartland! Second Hitler did take some of the French fleet when they surrendered. When we began our landings of North Africa they were firing on us! Second, Hitler was building a fleet, but rushed ahead with war. There were plans for a German aircraft carrier but they were scrapped. Hitler's problem was he was impatient. He built defenses in the Rhine because if his invasion failed he needed defenses to bring troops back from the east! Brittan only lost her empire because of FDR. Churchill never wanted to give it up, but FDR forced him to. Too many conservatives still let him on the air. Another one of them is Laura Ingraham. She is another one who needs to be told to keep this jackass off the airwaves. When he is finally marginalized in the conservative movement I am throwing a big party.

Bottom line on Sean Vannity: When he's not plagiarizing the work of others, the man is completely clueless and promotes the likes of Buchanan and Koppel.

If you promote the views of anti-Semites and leftists, you are no different than they are.

Posted by Debbie at 11:09 AM

July 08, 2008

On Terrorists w/ U.S. Criminal Records: The Stunning News is That Top Terrorism Officials are "Stunned"

By Debbie Schlussel

I'm not sure why everyone--including FOX News' "terrorist fist jab" chick, E.D. Hill--is so shocked that many of the Islamic terrorists we catch in the Middle East have criminal records and arrest warrants here in the U.S.

We've long known that we've made it easy for Islamic terrorists to get into the U.S. undetected, very easy for them to stay here and commit crimes, and very difficult to get rid of them. That's only changed for the worse under George W. Bush, and will be his Presidency's historical legacy many years into the future when its wreckage becomes painful enough for us to feel.

Islamic Terrorists in Our Midst Give America The Finger
Before They Give Us the Fingerprint

That's why unlike many "stunned" people--including so-called terrorism experts who don't actually know much--I wasn't surprised by the Washington Post's front-pager about this. Take special note of Frances Townsend--Bush's clueless, incompetent national security "expert" and her reaction. That reaction alone should tell you how dimwitted and unqualified she was for the job. I pity the companies that now hire her as a "security consultant," since they're pouring their money down an empty pit, in her case:

In the six-and-a-half years that the U.S. government has been fingerprinting insurgents, detainees and ordinary people in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa, hundreds have turned out to share an unexpected background, FBI and military officials said. They have criminal arrest records in the United States.

There was the suspected militant fleeing Somalia who had been arrested on a drug charge in New Jersey. And the man stopped at a checkpoint in Tikrit who claimed to be a dirt farmer but had 11 felony charges in the United States, including assault with a deadly weapon.

The records suggest that potential enemies abroad know a great deal about the United States because many of them have lived here, officials said. The matches also reflect the power of sharing data across agencies and even countries, data that links an identity to a distinguishing human characteristic such as a fingerprint.

"I found the number stunning," said Frances Fragos Townsend, a security consultant and former assistant to the president for homeland security. "It suggested to me that this was going to give us far greater insight into the relationships between individuals fighting against U.S. forces in the theater and potential U.S. cells or support networks here in the United States."

"Stunning"?! Where the heck has Fran Townsend been for the last decade? Well, sadly, for a significant chunk of it, she's been at the White House, which should explain our porous borders and limitless Islamic immigration. Oh, and by the way, Townsend was responsible for the government NOT pursuing various top HAMAS and Al-Qaeda terrorists uncovered by FBI counterterrorism agent Robert Wright. She put the kabosh on it, until it was too late. When a few--like HAMAS operative Mohammed Salah--were finally pursued, it was too late. (Salah beat the terrorism charges.)

Wow, was she ever an affirmative action hire! [For those about to call me racist, the chick is White. But she clearly only got her job because she has a uterus, not because she has a brain.] For the record, Townsend's hubby was a classmate and friend of Bush at Andover and Yale (gee, I wonder how she got the job--I'm sure cronyism had nooooothing to do with it).

And to be fair, we must forgive Townsend for not recognizing that terrorists were entering our country, committing crimes, and then leaving--all with ease. After all, Townsend was too busy wearing hijabs and hanging at mosques and pretending to be a supermodel, to actually concern herself with national security (see pics herein). She was also a self-anointed White House Sexpert, declaring "Bin Laden is impotent" (I think a gazillion terrorists are proof positive to the contrary).

Fran Townsend: "Stunned" Former Bush National Security Sexpert
@ Mosque & Pretending to be a Supermodel
As they analyzed the results, they were surprised to learn that one out of every 100 detainees was already in the FBI's database for arrests. Many arrests were for drunken driving, passing bad checks and traffic violations, FBI officials said.

"Frankly I was surprised that we were getting those kind of hits at all," recalled Townsend, who left government in January. They identified "a potential vulnerability" to national security the government had not fully appreciated, she said.

Ya think? Only an idiot like Fran Townsend wouldn't have recognized this actual (not "potential") vulnerability to national security in the last seven years.

The people being fingerprinted had come from the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.


So, now--and actually for many years--we know that we are letting these dangerous Islamic terrorist criminals into our midst with ease. It's not that we know about it. It's, what the heck are we gonna finally do about it?

And that's where the true malpractice and negligence is, because our government won't do a thing to crack down on these people. Yes, they are refusing entry to those whose fingerprints they have, who h ave already committed crimes on our soil. But they're doing nothing to stop the ones with clean records, who will soon commit the same crimes.

Do we really think Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah send people into America with dirty records? They're far smarter than that. But we will do nothing, in the name of showing Muslim countries how open and tolerant we are. And that's why more and more Islamic terrorists will come and go from America and commit crimes. And our borders will get easier and easier to traverse.

That's why the article is not what's disturbing. What's disturbing is that those who should know better are "stunned" by this info, and that those who DO know better, won't do a damned thing to change the system.

And part of the problem is ICE--Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Blackface expert and incompetent ICE chieftess, Julie L. Myers told USA Today that her main priority is the ICE show raids on employers and workplaces. She doesn't care about visa overstays and violators--the category rampant with terrorists and criminals. That's why these terrorists got in, obtained criminal records, and mostly never faced trial. They weren't properly located, detained, tried, and jailed.

Myers is more concerned with the benign Latino plucking chicken feathers from kosher poultry, so she can get on TV. Islamic terrorists? Myers is too busy having dinner with them at the Hezbollah Social Club to deport 'em.

America . . . Desperate But Not Serious.

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July 07, 2008

Fanchon Stinger: Muslim FOX Anchor/Reporter's Bribery-Embroiled Boyfriend is Top Farrakhan/Nation of Islam Figure; FOX Station Slanted Coverage in Favor of Farrakhan; FOX Anchor's Involvement w/Bribery Figure Monica Conyers

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE #4, 07/15/08: FOX News/NewsCorp's Fanchon Stinger used Morning News Show as 20-minute Farrakhan Infomercial; did Pandering interview with Farrakhan at behest of Nation of Islam boyfriend, a key Farrakhan associate ****

**** UPDATE #3, 07/11/08: FOX 2 News Dumps Fanchon Stinger, But Refuses to Clean House or Change Cancerous Newsroom Policies ****

**** UPDATE #2, 07/10/08: FOX News/NewsCorp Does CYA-story on Muslim Anchor Fanchon Stinger; Covers Up Important Info ****

**** UPDATE, 07/08/08: Fanchon Stinger Removed from FOX's "Problem Solver" Investigative Reporting Unit ****

A suspended Muslim FOX/NewsCorp anchor and reporter's boyfriend is a top lieutenant in the Nation of Islam and a close associate of Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. Sources say this resulted in the gushing FOX 2 News coverage of NoI and Farrakhan during his 2007 visit to Detroit. Sources also say that the anchor's co-mingled assets with that boyfriend resulted in biased coverage of the apparent target of bribery by her boyfriend, a Detroit City Councilwoman (Monica Conyers).

Last week, I told you about Fanchon Stinger, the face of FOX News/NewsCorp's owned-and-operated affiliate, whose Muslim religion affected her reporting and activism on behalf of an anti-Israel, pro-HAMAS/Hezbollah organization.

FOX Anchor Fanchon Stinger Keeping Farrakhan First: Her Boyfriend
Rayford Jackson is Top Farrakhan/Nation of Islam Leader

I also told you how Stinger's married Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson a/k/a Rayford Jackson Muhammad, is at the center of a bribery scandal involving the Detroit City Council and a sludge contract, and how Stinger is involved. Sources say that the reason Stinger was sued, along with Jackson, in 2007 is that he apparently put some of this assets and/or business interests in Stinger's name. She may even be named in a possible upcoming indictment and is on paid suspension from FOX 2 News and NewsCorp.

I also told you how Stinger's large campaign contribution to the Bush-Cheney '04 re-election effort, within days of an identical contribution by boyfriend Rayford Jackson, not only apparently violates FOX 2 and NewsCorp policies against campaign contributions by anchors and reporters, but appears to be a possible money-laundering situation for Jackson via Stinger.

Now, new information on Stinger and her boyfriend, Jackson, has come to light that indicates that FOX 2 News coverage on many topics was slanted according to Stinger's blatant conflict of interest.

* FOX Anchor's Married Muslim Boyfriend is Key Farrakhan Figure

Rayford Jackson is a top figure in the Nation of Islam. In fact, he is so important that in October 2006, Jackson was invited to Chicago to sit on the Nation of Islam dias for the 11th anniversary of the Million Man March Holy Day of Atonement. While Farrakhan did not attend--he was recovering from cancer treatment at the time--Nation of Islam newspaper "The Final Call" billed the event as a "major address in his rebuilding of the Nation of Islam" and identified Jackson as one of NoI's top "leaders." Along with Stinger's boyfriend Jackson, W. Deen Muhammad (son of Elijah Muhammad), Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, and the Venezuelan government were all represented on the dias. A typo identifies Jackson as "Rayford Johnson," but Jackson is the one who heads RAS Developers:

The spectrum of leadership that lies at the core of the Millions More Movement was reflected on the dais and in the audience, with a diverse group of leaders standing in continued support of the aims of the Movement, such as Indianapolis Imam Mohammed Sadiq representing Imam Warith Deen Muhammad and the Muslim American Society; . . . Rayford Johnson [sic] of RAS Developers.

Sources say that Stinger interfered in FOX 2 News coverage, not only of her long-time boyfriend Jackson, but also in the coverage of the Detroit Arab and Muslim communities and the coverage of Farrakhan's February 2007 appearance in Detroit, at which Stinger's boyfriend, Rayford Jackson, apparently sat on the dias behind Farrakhan while he spoke.

Stinger's colleague and friend, Charles Pugh hosted a representative of the Nation of Islam on the FOX 2 Morning Show (which Stinger hosts during the week). Pugh gushed all over the Farrakhan and his flack, without a single notation of Farrakhan's history of hatred against Whites, Jews, and virtually every non-Black ethnic group in America:

Predictably, there was more gushing Louis Farrakhan coverage in the last two days. (I wrote about this absurd gushing on Friday.)

That included openly gay Charles Pugh, Anchor of the FOX News owned-and-operated FOX 2 News gushing over Farrakhan along with Louis X's Detroit area chief. I guess Pugh conveniently forgot about how Farrakhan openly hates gays like him. Since Pugh apparently doesn't care about Farrakhan's bigotry against Jews and Whites, he could at least care about himself.

Coverage before and after the Farrakhan event on the FOX 2 Morning Show, which Stinger hosts, was replete with praise for Farrakhan, and again, not a single hint of Farrakhan's lifetime of bigoted statements and incitement to violence.

And FOX 2 News, during its gushing coverage, ignored racist statements that Farrakhan made during his Detroit visit, as well as a racist, anti-White/pro-Islam speech at the event by Malik Shabazz, and a speech by Omar Al-Bashir, the Muslim President of Sudan who is ethnically cleansing the Blacks from his country. FOX 2 also did not mention Farrakhan's defense of Iran and its "right" to have nuclear weapons or the singing of the "Black national anthem" instead of the American one.

Even though Stinger's married boyfriend, Rayford Jackson, was involved in the event and a top leader the NoI organization, Stinger never noted it a single time on the Morning Show. But, then again, she also didn't mention--nor did her news operation--the anti-Semitic books Farrakhan urged Detroiters to read during his visit.

* FOX Anchor's Conflict of Interest on Monica Conyers

And there's more about Stinger. Below is a photo--taken from Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers' personal website--of Fanchon Stinger interviewing Conyers on the FOX 2 Morning Show Stinger hosted until her current paid suspension. But Conyers is apparently a key target of the FBI probe into bribery of the Detroit City Council.

FOX "Journalist" Fanchon Stinger "Interviews"
Her Apparent Partner in Bribery, Monica Conyers

Conyers is under investigation in connection with bribes from members of the Synagro company--including Stinger's boyfriend Rayford Jackson--trying to secure a multi-million dollar sludge contract. Stinger accompanied Rayford Jackson and Monica Conyers to a meeting at a Detroit church, attempting to convince area residents to accept a sludge treatment plant in their neighborhood. And it appears Stinger had some sort of interest in the deal, since sources say some of Jackson's assets were put in her name.

Why is Fanchon Stinger still being paid by FOX News/NewsCorp? Why hasn't she been fired? Why hasn't the station and its parent company come clean? And when will FOX 2 have a house-cleaning--including firing the people at the top who knew for years of the illicit Stinger-Jackson relationship, ie., News Director Dana Hahn and Station Manager Jeff Murri? Both of them knew about Stinger's relationship with Jackson for years and did nothing to keep this blatant conflict of interest out of their newsroom.

Clearly, you can't trust what you see on FOX 2 News. It's compromised and tainted by the religion and "dating" (euphemism) habits of its staff. The whole news department needs to be overhauled and its editorial policies tightened.

For now, FOX 2 News--regardless of Fanchon Stinger's suspension--is the PR outfit for Farrakhan, Islamists, and Detroit bribery figures. And since this is all overseen by the top News executives at NewsCorp, you can assume the same thing about cable's FOX News Channel. Both are run and owned by the same people.

Don't expect to see or hear about any of this on FOX 2 News' "Hall of Shame" or "Problem Solvers."

The Station's slogan is "FOX 2 News, Working For You." Reality Check: "FOX 2 News, Working for Farrakhan."

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July 04, 2008

What is Patriotism?: Is Buying American Patriotic?

By Debbie Schlussel

Yesterday, I told you about Presidential candidates John McCain's and Barack Obama's definitions of "patriotism." How do you define it? Do you include buying American-made products as part of patriotism?

Living in Michigan, where our economy has collapsed because of its incongruous dependence on the American auto industry, many people believe it is unAmerican to buy a foreign made car.

In my family, my paternal grandfather, my father, and I have always owned or leased American-made cars. It wasn't just a sign that we believed in America and American workers, but also supporting our local community, of which we are not only a part, but from which we benefited (in the '70s and '80s, many of my father's patients were auto workers and execs, but that quickly changed with the advent of HMOs).


But we also believed in (and I continue to believe in) the free market. Competition is always good. The Japanese auto industry, in the 1980s, forced America's auto industry to catch up and make better products. Today, America has fallen behind again, and that would be the case even without gas prices approaching $5.00.

Some of that is because of gargantuan retiree health plans (absurdly covering Viagra and costing $1,500 of every new GM car) and union demands and wages. But many auto workers have lost their jobs and many of those who did not have made considerable wage concessions. While I support competition, I also believe we can't exist as merely a consumer society. If we don't keep some production here, we'll continue to fail economically. And while auto workers' salad days are over, they shouldn't be paid sweatshop or slave wages, either. That will be bad for America's economy, too.

Today, there's another issue, too: What does "Made in America" mean? Does it mean the parts were made here and assembled elsewhere? Does it mean the parts were made there, but assembled here? That's the mix of many cars (and other products) today, and "Made in the U.S.A." doesn't really entirely mean it was made here, anymore.

If I had the money to buy a new car today, I'd stay in the tradition of my father and his father. I would NOT buy a foreign model. Never. I do believe that's part of supporting America and being patriotic.

On the other hand, my late maternal grandfather--who came here with nothing and built a multi-million dollar business--bought Japanese cars after his American ones were in the shop so much. He felt it was American to buy the most competitive, well-built product. When my grandfather bought a Japanese car for my little brother, my father was sort of embarrassed that one of his kids would be seen in a non-American car. It was almost sacrilege.

So, what do you think? Is patriotism not just sacrificing for our country, but also "buying American"? Even though I'm a free marketeer--in this age of America shipping many of its manufacturing jobs away to foreign markets--I believe that it is.

We have to support our country's economy, or pretty soon, we will be China's China or China's El Salvador or Bangladesh. In the past, we developed the great new inventions, like the automobile. And we built them for us. I'm afraid that if we don't support our own economy, other markets will create the next big things. And we'll be building it . . . for their consumers.

Something to think about on this 232nd Independence Day: How independent will we continue to be if we produce nothing and buy their products?

In the late '70s and '80s, our gasoline supply and auto industry crises were bad, but they were tempered by the strong American dollar.

Now, our dollar is weak, coupled with incarnations of both of those problems. So, we are in a worse Catch 22 than ever.

Would producing and buying more American products fix that? I'm not advocating protectionism (the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act in the early 1900s "protected" our economy out of existence and into a steep depression), but part of my freedom--part of my independence--is to choose to buy American, whenever I can (which is, sadly, rarer and rarer an available choice, these days).

Does you patriotism include this view?


Posted by Debbie at 10:39 AM

July 02, 2008

Who is Fanchon Stinger?: FOX's Biased Muslim Reporter Involved in Detroit Bribery Scandal With Married Muslim BoyToy, Friend of Mayor Kwame; FBI Sting

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE #6, 07/15/08: FOX News/NewsCorp's Fanchon Stinger used Morning News Show as 20-minute Farrakhan Infomercial; did Pandering interview with Farrakhan at behest of Nation of Islam boyfriend, a key Farrakhan associate ****

**** UPDATE #5, 07/11/08: FOX 2 News Dumps Fanchon Stinger, But Refuses to Clean House or Change Cancerous Newsroom Policies ****

**** UPDATE #4, 07/10/08: FOX News/NewsCorp Does CYA-story on Muslim Anchor Fanchon Stinger; Covers Up Important Info ****

**** UPDATE #3, 07/08/08: Fanchon Stinger Removed from FOX's "Problem Solver" Investigative Reporting Unit ****

**** UPDATE #2, 07/07/08: Fanchon Stinger's Boyfriend Rayford Jackson is Top Nation of Islam Lieutenant, FOX 2 Slanted Farrakhan Coverage; Fanchon Stinger Gushed Over Monica Conyers on Air, While Boyfriend May Have Been Bribing Her ****

**** UPDATE, 07/03/08: Fanchon Stinger's Boyfriend, Rayford Jackson's Campaign Contributions Raise Serious Questions ****

You've heard of Wolf Blitzer. Now, meet Fanchon Stinger.

Stinger--the face of FOX/NewsCorp's Detroit owned-and-operated Detroit TV station--is embroiled in an FBI sting regarding bribery of the Detroit City Council for a multi-million dollar sludge operation. It involves Stinger's Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson. Stinger, who hosts the station's top-rated morning show, is also Muslim and an activist for Islamic causes.

Though FOX 2 management--including Station Manager Jeff Murri and News Director Dana Hahn--were aware of Stinger's multi-year relationship with Jackson, the man at the center of the case, they said and did nothing, until now, even though FOX 2 News reported on Jackson and even put him in their "Hall of Shame" during the Stinger-Jackson romance.

Fanchon Stinger: Keeping Islamofascism and Biased "News" First on FOX

Stinger's involvement with Jackson and her embrace of Islam have tinged FOX 2's news operation and reporting on this and many other stories. In other words, you're not getting the whole story, and in many cases, not even part of it.

Stinger--a convert to Islam whose reporting involves biased activist reporting in favor of Islamic and anti-Israel causes--and her married Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson, are involved with Synagro, which sought to place a sludge treatment plant in Detroit. Jackson--who told friends before 9/11 of his plan to change his name to Rayford Muhammad, and whose brother is in prison for his leadership of the Murder, Inc. gang--stood to own about a third of the project, as the minority contractor, hired by Synagro to comply with affirmative action requirements and expectations.

Stinger accompanied Jackson to a meeting with Detroit City Council Member Monica Conyers (wife/apparent beard to Congressman John Conyers) at a Detroit Church to convince residents of the area near the proposed sludge plant not to oppose the sought after approval of the deal. Stinger was also sued along with Jackson in a 2007 lawsuit regarding Jackson's business dealings because she was apparently involved in them and may have put some of his assets in her name.

Those who sought the Synagro deal were apparently involved in bribing four members of the Detroit City Council, who are under investigation by the FBI. Rayford Jackson and another man, both apparently implicated in the bribery, were asked by the FBI to wear wires to get the City Council members on tape. But Jackson declined. Sources say this is because if he did so, his life would be in danger. At least two strippers who performed at a party at Detroit Mayor Kwame "The Kingpin" Kilpatrick's Manoogian Mayoral Mansion were assassinated, apparently to keep them quiet about a crime involving the Mayor and his wife.

Jackson is a tight friend of indicted Detroit Pimp Daddy Mayor Kwame "The Kingpin" Kilpatrick (most of whose family is also Muslim). Check out the video of Kwame's Mommy, Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, screaming at the top of her lungs, below. Rayford Jackson is the man in the gold-rimmed sunglasses with the shaved head, to the right of the screen of Mrs. Kilpatrick and the other speakers. I've posted a few other great videos of Jackson and Kilpatrick, in case Jeff Murri gets YouTube to take one of them down (as he's done before).

(Also of note is that, of the few federal campaign contributions Jackson made, he gave $1,000 to Congressman Joe Knollenberg a/k/a "Hezbollah Joe" and $2,000 to the Bush 2004 re-election bid. (Back in 2000, he also gave $1,000 each to U.S. Senate bids by Hillary Clinton and Debbie Stabenow.)

Jackson doesn't give out money unless he gets something--usually something illicit--in return. What did Knollenberg give him? For a few thousands in campaign contributions from Hezbollah agents Ali Jawad and Nijad Fares, Knollenberg sent almost $100 million of your tax money to Hezbollah.)

Jackson was not answering calls and his voicemail inbox was filled, late yesterday.

Jackson's girlfriend, Fanchon Stinger, has set herself up as a "role model" for girls and a purveyor of "family values." The graduate of Detroit-area Catholic Mercy High School (again, remember that Stinger converted to Islam) makes frequent speeches to girls at Mercy and other organizations about self-esteem (like Girls Matter and Girls Empowered) and gave this interview with "Keeping Family First," a Christian magazine, in which she talks about "family values" and how "G-d sent me" to do certain things. I wonder what Rayford Jackson's wife (a doctor) and his kids think about that.

G-d apparently sent Stinger to a lot of places. This woman gets around. And her paramours get positive, conflict-of-interest-laced coverage on FOX 2 News. When she was still married and involved in a relationship with her personal trainer, that trainer regularly appeared on FOX 2's Morning Show, which she hosts.

For many years, I've complained to the management at FOX/NewsCorp's owned-and-operated Detroit station about Anchor/Reporter Fanchon Stinger's and other reporter's biased and false reporting on Islamic and terrorism issues and about Ms. Stinger's hosting of events by the pro-HAMAS/Hezbollah American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). And they did nothing.

The news outlet's relationship, via the Islamic Ms. Stinger and Station Manager Jeff Murri, is so tight that in 2006, FOX 2 News reported as news, a false e-mail sent to them by ADC chief and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, as fact. The e-mail claimed that LIFE for Relief and Development, an Al-Qaeda/HAMAS charity raided by the FBI, had been cleared of all charges, when, in fact, the agency had only just been raided and was very much under investigation. FBI agents were pissed.

News Director Dana Hahn told me at the time that this would never happen again and that next time, they'd actually check out and investigate the story before they reported it. But it DID happen again, repeatedly.

And then, there is Stinger's hosting of events for the pan-terrorist ADC. I complained to FOX 2's Hahn and Murri about her and other FOX 2 news anchors and reporters hosting events for an organization which openly supports Hezbollah and HAMAS and their homicide bombings and which was boycotting Detroit area banks over their sponsorship of a pro-Israel event. I asked Murri if a FOX 2 reporter would host a Zionist Organization of America event, and he said, "No. ADC is different." Yes, it is "different," because ADC supports mass murder.

I even had to call then-FOX News Station honcho, Lachlan Murdoch. When I told him about Stinger's hosting of ADC events, he was angry and called FOX 2 News Director Hahn, demanding that no FOX 2 News personalities host ADC events again. Sadly, Lachlan Murdoch is gone from NewsCorp, and Stinger hosted ADC's annual banquet, last year.

More on how jihadism has wormed its way into reporting at FOX's Detroit News operation via Stinger and others, from my 2006 coverage of "Jihad's Media Suckers: The Morons That Run Local News":

Imad Hamad and his buddies at the ADC (falsely named American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) sent out an e-mail citing the fake story they created as confirmation of their fake story, sending out the MSNBC link to other news outlets.

That night, Detroit's FOX News owned and operated WJBK/FOX 2 News ran with the story toward the beginning of its primetime newscast, with Anchor Monica Gayle telling viewers that LIFE was cleared of all ties to terrorists by the FBI, "who concluded their investigation" (the same investigation that actually has just begun). I called FOX 2 News, where Executive Producer Debra Dubicki stated that she put the story on the news, "because ADC sent us an e-mail." I asked this moron if she believes everything she gets in an e-mail. She claimed she did not. But the proof is in the pudding . . . and the newscast containing a fake story.

The problem with FOX 2 News is the news operation's cozy and inappropriate relationship with Hamad and ADC. Two anchors, Lee Thomas and Fanchon Stinger, hosted awards ceremonies for ADC. Ironically, Stinger hosted an ADC Martin Luther King, Jr. essay contest, for which Blacks were not eligible. When I spoke with Stinger, a complete airhead, she didn't seem to think there was a problem that, at the time, Hamad and ADC were boycotting banks that sponsored a pro-Israel event. Even though it was a headline all over Detroit papers, she denied it was happening. And she wasn't bothered by ADC's support for Hezbollah and HAMAS. She enjoyed being the token Black hosting an event for a group that supports the Arab oppression of Black Muslims and Christians in the Sudan (now, all of those Christians are dead).

The day after Hamad's phony story ran on FOX 2 News, News Director Dana Hahn, claimed that she was going to hold a meeting to find out why the fake story ran, and that "we never run e-mails as news when they weren't verified." Uh-huh. She also claimed that her anchors would no longer host events with ADC. We'll see.

In 2002, FOX 2 News reporter Amy Lang did an in-depth report in which she interviewed Imad Hamad on the Palestinian Authority TV broadcast of a "Sesame Street"-style "Kids Club" program, on which 3-year-old kids were taught to become martyrs to murder Jews and Christians. On the report, Hamad said he didn't see anything wrong with teaching this to kids and described it as "patriotic."

When an FBI award to Hamad was revoked because of a 2003 column I wrote in the New York Post, I asked FOX 2 News Director Dana Hahn and reporter Amy Lang for a copy of the videotape. They both denied that FOX 2 News had ever done such a story, when it was a heavily promoted lead story on the newscast. A friend obtained a video copy of the story for me--the story they said "never existed." But Hahn's, Lang's, and other top FOX 2 News members' lie-filled denials that there ever was such a story is emblematic of the lengths that Stinger and the others at this FOX/Newscorp "newsroom" will go to protect Islamic malefactors in our community and their extremist views.

I've contacted both FOX 2 Station Manager Jeff Murri and News Director Dana Hahn about this latest scandal involving FOX 2 News "coverage" of Rayford Jackson and Fanchon Stinger. Neither would talk, and I was immediately contacted by a FOX/NewsCorp spokeswoman, who read me a statement claiming that Stinger was suspended and put on paid leave, "pending an investigation into allegations of a potential conflict of interest."

"Potential"? Everyone on FOX 2 News stories and features seems to be someone with whom Fanchon Stinger is sleeping or who's tied to her new "Religion of Peace."

And it's been going on for years with the full knowledge of FOX 2's "leadership."

Their slogan is "FOX 2 News: Working for You." More Like: FOX 2 News. Working for the Jihad and Sleeping With Corruptocrats.

**** WHAT YOU CAN DO: E-mail FOX News Senior Vice President Bill Shine (who is also Sean Vannity's boss) and ask him why he allows Unfair and Unbalanced to dominate his Detroit News Operation.

FOX 2 News. Literally Sleeping With the Enemy.

Posted by Debbie at 11:49 AM

June 30, 2008

For Steven Hatfill, Govt's $5.8 Million Is Chump Change

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: Read ABC News Exclusive on How the FBI Botched the Anthrax Case ****

Where do you go to get your reputation back?

That's a question Ronald Reagan's Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan asked when he was acquitted of larceny and fraud charges and repeated allegations that he had ties to the mob. The feds prosecuted him, despite a lengthy investigation by a special prosecutor who said there was "insufficient credible evidence" to indict Donovan for anything. He beat the charges, after a nine-month trial, the jurors of which swiftly voted to acquit as the U.S. had no case.

Now, there is Dr. Steven Hatfill. On Friday, the government settled a lawsuit filed by Hatfill, after almost seven years of ruining his life and reputation. As you'll recall, not long after 9/11, then-Attorney General John Ashcroft announced to the public that Hatfill was a "person of interest" in the anthrax poisonings that murdered Americans. It was part of a concerted campaign by the United States of America against Hatfill.

Dr. Steven Hatfill

Despite the fact that all evidence pointed to a Muslim terrorist plot against Americans--a Muslim was convicted of sending a letter threatening anthrax poisonong to then Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland--the feds drained a giant swamp behind Hatfill's apartment complex.

And since Hatfill was fired by the feds from his job studying anthrax and other toxins at a Maryland Army bioresearch lab, he had no way to earn a living. He had to move in with his girlfriend, and when he finally got a job offer from a university, the feds convinced the school to rescind the offer.

Far-left New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof--who also wrote columns defending the "innocence" of Islamic Jihad terrorist Sami Al-Arian--wrote a scathing, extensive article declaring Hatfill's guilt in a newsmagazine. FBI agents engaged in an organized whispering campaign against Hatfill to all the media bloodsuckers, like Kristof, who would listen.

And conservatives aren't blameless. The Bush Administration is the apparatus that ruined and basically robbed Hatfill of his life. Moreover, my friend, Pat Clawson--a former reporter, who for years served as a voluntary spokesman for Dr. Hatfill--was pressured, then removed by a conservative radio syndication network, for daring to defend Hatfill.

So, for almost seven years, Dr. Hatfill has been without a way to earn a living, his lifelong research (in which his work for America was and could have continued to be valuable) forever out of his grasp, and his reputation completely sullied as the government continued to accuse him of what they'll never accuse extremist Muslims of: being a terrorist.

Now, the government is walking away with its tail between its legs, but getting away from this travesty it committed by paying a mere pittance. The government will never admit it was at fault. It won't officially clear Dr. Hatfill or give him his job back. And not a single FBI agent--from the very many who trashed him in the media--will lose his or her job or get demoted.

John Ashcroft, who publicly started this fiery ball rolling against Hatfill, is counting his pennies (though he earned very few of them from his phony book, "Never Again"--it warmed my heart to see it at the local Dollar Store) and enjoying consulting, speaking, and lobbying deals.

And the government chose a Friday to announce the deal--deliberately designed to bury the story in the Saturday editions of the paper and TV news, where few will see it.

While some may say, "He's getting big bucks--$5.82 million," he's really not getting much. There is no way Hatfill will ever be able to get a job in his chosen field--the only decent-paying one for which he's trained and qualified. He's destitute and a broken man and, to some, will forever remain under suspicion as a murderous terrorist.

The way the deal is structured, Hatfill won't get rich. An initial government payment of $2.82 million will be severely whittled down, once Hatfill gets it. He has to pay his attorney fees of years and years of subpoenas, depositions, transcripts and other costly legal minutiae. Plus, his attorney, Thomas G. Connolly--who did G-d's work in representing Hatfill--will get his percentage or hourly fees (depending upon what their agreement was). And Uncle Sam may get its tax cut, depending upon how the settlement was structured--many lawsuit settlements like this are immune from taxation. My guess is that out of that Hatfill will end up with about a million dollars. And much of that will probably have to go to pay back debts and loans he got from friends and good samaritans to sustain himself over the years of government persecution.

After the lump sum, the government will pay Hatfill an annuity of $150,000 per year for the next 20 years. He may have to pay half of that in taxes, as income (again, depending upon whether or not it's considered a settlement immune from taxes). Regardless, with inflation, $150,000 won't be worth much in terms of real dollars as the years go by.

With no government admission of wrongdoing and almost seven years of his life robbed and spent in destitution and isolation, Steven Hatfill is not a rich man, today. In fact, he's very poor. He's not only been robbed of his career, but of the one thing that holds most value to him: his good name--his reputation. And while many of us did not believe in the government vilification of him from the very beginning, many others will always suspect him.

For him, the $5.8 million is chump change. Where does Steven Hatfill go to get his reputation back?

There is no bank account big enough to cover that loss. And $5.8 million is the equivalent of tiny thong underwear on a very large rear end, caught with its pants down.

That rear end is our government.

As we celebrate our freedoms, this week, on the Fourth of July, I wonder if Steven Hatfill will be celebrating. Our government did not take away Steven Hatfill's freedom absolutely by throwing him in prison.

But it took away his life's work and his reputation. And he will never be truly free, regardless of $5.8 million.


This isn't the first time our government has done this. And it won't be the last. Justice--and even settlements like this--are rare.

In the past, I wrote about my friend, James Van de Velde. As a professor at Yale, Van de Velde was ahead of his time, teaching his students about terrorist groups and plots in international affairs.

But one of his students was murdered almost a decade ago. And--as in Hatfill's case--without a shred of evidence, New Haven, Connecticut police and Yale authorities publicly singled out Van de Velde as one of 10 or eleven "persons of interest."

Barbara Pinto--then a local reporter who is now with ABC News--was apparently upset that Van de Velde dumped her. And she told authorities she suspected him. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The preposterous theory posited by those who accused Van de Velde: That he was under pressure to grade the student's thesis and that he killed her for it (he didn't--it should be noted--kill any of the other multiple students whose theses he graded during his career at Yale).

Van de Velde--also in the U.S. Navy--continued to maintain top secret security clearances (renewed every six months) because no-one in the U.S. Navy believed he had anything to do with the murder. Yet, it was hard for him to maintain a job because Yale and New Haven authorities engaged in the same whispering campaign against him that they engaged in against Hatfill.

But unlike Hatfill, Van de Velde--without a shred of evidence against him--has never gotten justice. He unfairly remains under suspicion, after lawsuits that he and his lawyers have filed to clear his name.

And then, there is my friend, Rick Convertino. As I've told you, he was a dedicated federal prosecutor--one of our nation's best. And he made the mistake of going after terrorists and actually getting them convicted, unlike the rest of the incompetent U.S. Department of Justice. For that--for protecting America's national security--Rick's reputation was dragged through the mud, and the government indicted him. He beat the charges and is now suing the feds. But it is a tough route and rarely successful.

Dr. Steven Hatfill is one of the lucky ones. Relatively "lucky."

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June 24, 2008

Convicted Hezbo: Judge Shouldn't Sentence Me 'Cuz He's a JOOOOO; Assi Case is Illicit U.S. Deal with Hezbollah

By Debbie Schlussel

Sadly, the four federal judges in U.S. District Court in Detroit who've been the softest on Islamic terrorists are all my fellow co-religionists, all Jews. I hate to point it out because I believe it breeds anti-Semitism. And because three of the tougher and most fair judges in federal court in Detroit are also Jewish--Judges Lawrence Zatkoff, Bernard Friedman, and Paul Borman. They're also three of the smartest jurists in the nation.

But I point out the extreme liberalism of Judges Avern Cohn, Arthur Tarnow, Nancy Edmunds, and Gerald Rosen, in juxtaposition to regard to the allegations made by convicted Hezbollah arms smuggler Fawzi Mustapha Assi against Judge Rosen.

Assi claims that Judge Rosen won't be fair in sentencing him because Rosen is a Jew and, therefore, allegedly "a Zionist." He made a motion to that effect, and Rosen denied the motion.

JOOO Judge Gerald Rosen
& Hezbollah Weapons Supplier Fawzi Mustapha Assi

This is the first time I've seen Judge Rosen conduct himself honestly in his courtroom (in saying he's not a Zionist and that he's bent over backward to help Assi, which he has). As I've written on this site, Judge Rosen--a George H.W. Bush appointee--is a despicable judge who admittedly engaged in extrajudicial investigations into the Detroit Terror Cell case (including a trip to Virginia to meet with CIA officials) and apparently repeatedly leaked evidence and information about the case to Detroit Newsistan fabricator David Shepardson and spoke with myriad other reporters, while the case was still before him.

You know there's something wrong when a judge presiding over a case has to get an attorney, as Rosen did. The man should be behind bars, not presiding on the federal bench. Sadly, short of Senate impeachment, incapacitation, or death, he's there for life.

In addition to all of this, ultimately Rosen massaged the U.S. government into asking for the Detroit Terror Cell convictions to be overturned, which he happily granted. And yet he issued the toughest sentence possible to the U.S. government's informant in the case--a great message to other Muslims who are considering helping the U.S. He also gave extremely soft sentences to the Detroit Terror Cell Muslims who were, indeed, convicted on lesser charges of insurance fraud.

Oh, and Judge Rosen also apologized on behalf of America to the Detroit Terror Cell men who planned to blow up U.S. tourist sites and a U.S. air base in Incirlik, Turkey, where American and Israeli military planes take off.

Rosen also allowed one of the Detroit Terror Cell members release from detention to attend an National Lawyers Guild dinner. He also allowed a Detroit Terror Cell member to get a commercial driver's license (CDL) and get a job driving a truck--just the vocation we want hardened Al-Qaeda terrorists.

During the whole fiasco, I spoke with Rosen for an on-the-record interview for a New York Post column. I was shocked Rosen returned my call and spoke with me, because that's highly improper. A judge is not supposed to speak in any sort of ex-parte manner with a media outlet about a case pending before him. When Rosen figured out that I was not on his side, he suddenly insisted that the entire interview was off the record and threatened me. Read the details.

Incredibly, Judge Rosen teaches a continuing legal education course, "In Trial With Judge Rosen," and will be a lecturer, this fall, at The University of Michigan Law School. Both his courses should be subtitled, "Do as I say, Not as I do."

So, it is in light of all this, that I laugh at the allegation of Fawzi Mustapha Assi that Rosen won't be fair to him because Rosen is a Jew. Assi knows he hit the jackpot in drawing Rosen as his judge. Rosen will bend over backward for Assi. And, even if he hadn't planned to, this motion will succeed in getting him to bend over, as it was designed to do. In fact, I predict Assi will be released by Rosen for time served.

And that's another issue. A few words about Fawzi Mustapha Assi. In 1998, the then-Ford Motor Company engineer was charged with smuggling weaponry to Hezbollah. He was stopped by U.S. Customs agents (when Customs was a great agency before it was ICEd down) at Detroit's Metro Airport about to fly to Lebanon, with global positioning equipment, night vision goggles, and a thermal imaging camera. He admitted the items were for Hezbollah use.

Assi was indicted, but against federal official's wishes Judge Denise Page Hood--an uber-liberal--released Assi on an electronic tether. He dressed up as an Islamic woman in a hijab and thobe and escaped out of the country to Canada, from where he flew to Lebanon.

In 2004, Assi suddenly decided to return to the U.S. and face charges. And many people have questioned why he'd do that. My sources tell me that this was part of an illicit deal the Justice Department made with Hezbollah go-betweens in exchange for the freedom of a much bigger fish, Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine.

Not long after Assi returned to U.S. custody, Talal Chahine was allowed by U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy a/k/a "Abu Porno"--a Bush nominee for the federal bench--to flee the country. Despite at least three federal raids on Chahine's homes and businesses and the Justice Department's full knowledge that Chahine not only defrauded the government of $7 million in taxes on $21 million dollars he illegally laundered to Hezbollah, but also paid off ICE officials to allow illegal aliens into the country and to look the other way on sham marriages, Chahine was not stopped by federal agents as he took off to Lebanon and never returned.

My sources tell me that Stephen Murphy and others in the Justice Department and U.S. government made a deal: We'll accept smaller fish Assi back from the Lebanon pond, and we'll allow a far more important Hezbollah fish--Talal Chahine--to flee the country.

Just as outrageous, as part of the deal, Assi would not be charged nor would he get any more jailtime for fleeing the country and becoming a fugitive. And that's exactly what happened. Assi was not indicted for his flight from justice. And Justice Department officials, like Stephen Murphy, get to look like they're tough on terrorism and going after Hezbollah, when they aren't.

That's why Assi surrendered and came back, and that's why he won't do any more jailtime than what he's already served in detention since his surrender in 2004.

Nice deal for Hezbollah. Terrible deal for America.

America . . . Desperate But Not Serious.

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June 23, 2008

New Websites Needed: Fight the Smears by Obama, Fight the Smears by Muslims, Fight the Smears by MSM

By Debbie Schlussel

Two mainstream media "journalists" whose work you should stop reading and, if you do read it, don't believe it: Wall Street Journal "reporter" Amy Chozick and Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley. They don't check facts. Their output is pure fertilizer.

Both of them are spouting the same lie that Muslims who support Barack Obama are feeding them about John McCain's dumping of a Hezbollah supporter and federal insurance fraud convict, Ali Jawad.

In the wake of Obama excluding two women in hijabs from a Michigan rally podium, Barack Obama's campaign and the organized community of Muslims--who don't want John McCain to win--are attempting to use Jawad's deposal from a McCain Michigan finance committee as a way of saying, "See, John McCain did it, too." And they're succeeding because stupid and agenda-driven journalists are eagerly biting and repeating this lie.

Useful Idiot Nolan Finley: The Jihad's Fave Editor

John McCain did not "do it, too."

As you'll recall, back in April, I brought to the McCain camp's attention that Ali Jawad was an open supporter of Hezbollah--he praised the group in The Detroit News in 2002--and was convicted of insurance fraud in federal court. I broke the story on this site that because of this, John McCain's campaign dumped Jawad. On a Detroit radio station interview, Jawad also admitted what I had reported: that he was related by marriage to the current chairman of Hezbollah's governing council, the Shurah Al-Karar, and the man designated to be the next head of Hezbollah, Hachem Safieddine.

The Muslim community tried in vain to rehabilitate Mr. Jawad and obfuscate the facts about who he is and what he does. They failed. Now they are trying again, and this time, they are using the story about Barack Obama's exclusion of two Muslim women from a rally podium, as their opportunity.

It started on Thursday, when Detroit News "reporter" Gregg Krupa--whom many believe is on the take, and his writing reflects that--reported, in a story on the two Muslim women, that McCain did the same thing--with Jawad. Krupa alleged that Jawad had been dumped from the campaign because of allegations he was a Hezbollah agent, which have never been proven. Actually, he was dumped because he is a federally convicted insurance defrauder who openly praises Hezbollah. But why confuse readers with the facts?

I spoke with Krupa's editor, Keisha Dunn. Ms. Dunn promised his article would be corrected. It was not. Today, Ms. Dunn claims that this allegation, which is false, must be disproven--even though it was never proven--before they will correct it. Yup, this is the new "reporting" at the Newsistan. Don't prove what you report. Report something false and make readers prove it ain't true. Dunn also declined to correct an earlier story--despite promises on Thursday that she would--by Muslim reporter Tanveer Ali that regurgitated word for word Ali Jawad's empty denials and didn't include the info Ali was aware of about the federal insurance fraud convictions. This is the new "news": Muslim press conferences repeated verbatim.

Then comes Finley. He has a one-sided obsession with me. He's jealous of me because I quit a PBS TV show, and he got my leftovers. He's written juvenile editorials about me calling me names and baselessly attacking my appearance. He's bald, by the way, but I would never attack him for that--only for the fact that he's the first case where the brain cells quickly exited out of the empty follicules along with the strands. He's also written editorials jealously describing how upset he is that I get national cable TV appearances, and here he is the talentless editorial page editor of a major newspaper in a major market, and can't get arrested. What's worse--for him--is that my site is the #2 result under his name on google, and it describes how he's turned his editorial page into the playground of Iran and Hezbollah.

With all of this as the backdrop, on Friday, he went on a major Detroit radio station and falsely claimed the same BS put out by the Islamic community and the McCain campaign: that Ali Jawad, "a respected businessman in the Arab Community," was dumped by the McCain campaign based on "information that was never proven and was false" that he was associated with terrorists.

All bunk, and he knows it. 1) That has been proven. Jawad openly praised Hezbollah in Finley's newspaper in 2002. Doesn't Finley read his own newspaper or do an iota of research? NO, he doesn't. Jawad admitted on a Detroit radio station that he's related to Hezbollah's top leadership. 2)Jawad is a federally convicted insurance defrauder who has a pages and pages of lawsuits against him in Wayne County Circuit Court, many of them by other Arabs. That and his open support for Hezbollah--as announced in Finley's newspaper in 2002--is why he was dumped from the campaign.

I know Nolan Finley is insanely jealous and hateful of me. But that doesn't give him the justification to lie about the facts, which he did. And therefore, you simply can't believe anything you read from his pen or hear from his mouth. All of it is compromised by his insane jealousies and hatreds for being an inconsequential voice in the Detroit wilderness.

Then, there is Amy Chozick. Ms.Chozick repeated the lie in her article, "Obama Walks a Fine Line With Muslims," in today's paper. The section in her article containing the Ali Jawad misinformation reads like recent statements by Muslim Public Affairs Council propagandist Salam Al-Marayati. I contacted Ms. Chozick, and she admitted that she merely repeated what "sources" told her and didn't look into the story. GUH-REAT Wall Street Journal "investigative reporting." She sounds young and inexperienced, and one wonders how such an inept "reporter," er . . . regurgitator, could get a job with such a major newspaper. It's the basic rule of reporting I learned in high school journalism class, and she never learned: verify, check the facts.

So, from now on, when you read the writing of Amy Chozick in the Wall Street Journal (or whereever she ends up), you'll know you can't believe a word of it. She doesn't verify what Muslim propagandists and the Obama camp feed her. She just runs with it. And it turns out to be bogus. Had she bothered to do even the tiniest bit of verification--which she admits she did not--she'd have seen the AP, ABC News, and Detroit Free Press stories, all of which reported on Jawad's insurance fraud convictions. But why do research when you're a Wall Street Journal reporter?

This isn't the first time in recent months that the Wall Street Journal has tried to rehabilitate a Muslim extremist dumped by a Presidential campaign. In March, the Hillary Clinton campaign dumped Muslim Hillraiser Mehmet Celebi, after I and Gateway Pundit reported that he produced the vile, anti-Semitic blood libel movie, "Kurtlar Vadisi - Irak." Wall Street Journal reporter Christopher Cooper admitted he lifted most of his story from my website and didn't give me credit because he said he didn't want to give the true story and my site any publicity.

But the real reason is that he set out to rehabilitate Celebi. Cooper wrote an inaccurate, gushing, empathetic article about Celebi, claiming he didn't know what the movie was about even though he executive produced it, acted in it, and recruited the two leads in the movie, sending them the scripts that he read. And Celebi's claims, in Cooper's story, that he didn't know what the movie was about were belied by an interview he gave in a Turkish magazine the year before.

It's sad that journalists in major newspapers lie to you and don't do their homework. And that's why the mainstream media is losing its grip on America. Websites like this one are the ones that break stories. We're the ones who do our homework and do the research.

So much for the MSM's claim that you can't believe what you read on the internet. The true place you can't believe what you read is in places like the Wall Street Journal, The Detroit News, and out of the mouths of jealous, talentless hacks, like Nolan Finley.

They've gone the way of 8-track tapes and the BetaMax.

Bottom line: We don't need an Obama "Fight the Smears" site. Websites like this are the true "Fight the Smears" sites against the BS served up by the Obama campaign, Muslim propagandists, and bitter hacks who are the last ones left at mainstream newspapers.

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June 20, 2008

BrownShirt Sean Vannity Congratulates a Fellow Comrade, Praises Anti-WWII Book

By Debbie Schlussel


A few months ago, I told you about Sean the Plagiarist Hannity's tight friendship with Neo-Nazi Hal Turner. The friendship was so tight that they spoke together from home, Turner had Vannity's cell number, and he visited Sean at the FOX News "Hannity and Colmes" set with his son. Now, Sean Vannity is simultaneously denying ever knowing Turner and claiming he wasn't his close friend. Both are lies.

But, last night, on "Vannity & Colmes," Hannity welcomed yet another fellow brownshirt--anti-Semite Pat Buchanan, and congratulated Buchanan on the success of his new book, "Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War," which essentially argues that we should have let more Jews cook and be transformed into lampshades, that we made a mistake fighting the Nazis in World War II. I guess he forgot that we won.

"Great Americans": Let Freedom Ring for Nazis

As reader Joel writes:

I tuned in and the opening segment was Sean Hannity fawning over the jowly neo-fascist anti-Semite Pat Buchanan. I immediately turned it off. He made congratulatory reference to Buchanan's revisionist book being on the Times bestseller list. When Hannity refers to Buchanan as "my friend" - I want to retch.

That Vannity would let Buchanan on his show with such a warm welcome is bad enough. But to congratulate Buchanan on his book's success--a book that urinates on all the heroic American soldiers who gave their lives in what was ultimately a valiant triumph over Nazi evil--is sickening.

It's doubly sickening when you consider that Pat Buchanan got out of serving in Vietnam because of an allegedly bad knee . . . so bad that after that, he regularly ran on the treadmill at very high speeds. He's really not one to comment on WWII or anything related to war, since he's basically a draft dodger.

I like some of Pat Buchanan's views on domestic policy, but they are stained with the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic dye in which he has chosen to cast the world. Sorta like a delicious lollipop unfortunately forever coated in dung.

Sorry, Pat, but there's a reason you failed three times to become President. And it's not just that the only people who'd vote for you were old Jews in West Palm Beach who couldn't figure out a butterfly ballot. Winston Churchill will always be one of history's great Western statesmen for fighting the Nazis. And you will be forgotten.

In full disclosure, when Pat Buchanan had an MSNBC cable show, "Buchanan and Press," I was booked frequently until the show was ultimately canceled. His liberal co-host, Bill Press, is a gem of a man, even though we disagree on most things.

When I was first scheduled to go on "B&P," I told my father that I was going to make a comment about Buchanan's anti-Semitism. We were scheduled to discuss Martha Burk's obnoxious insistence that Augusta National, a private club, admit female members. I was going to say that I believe private clubs should admit whomever they choose and that I have no prob, for example, when golf clubs admit anti-Semites like Pat Buchanan. But my dad told me not to, that it wouldn't be classy, and I obliged.

Sadly, that didn't stop Pat Buchanan from showing his Jew-hatred right off the bat. He introduced me as "Debbie Schlussel, a conservative . . . I mean, NEO-CON . . . NEO-Conservative." In case you don't know, that's code for "She's a JOOOOOOOOO." I was pissed. But I could hear my Dad's admonishments in the back of my mind and didn't respond to that, to my continued regret.

I'd had my previous experiences with Pat Buchanan. In college, when I interned for Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, then both on "The McLaughlin Group," Buchanan was also on (as he still is). He would constantly attack Israel whenever I was in the Green Room, trying to start up with me. When my late father and my then-little brother (he was nine years old at the time) came to the set on a tourist visit to Washington, Pat Buchanan asked them how their "money is doing in the Bank . . . the WEST Bank." Haha, funny. Did you see that?--Pat Buchanan simultaneously did a double entendre and an anti-Semitic reference about Jews' alleged obsession with money. Whatta talent. A regular fascist Don Rickles (just kidding, Don).

It was an interesting juxtaposition: My dad and brother making an innocent introduction to Buchanan and getting chided about Jews, Israel, and money, especially since Buchanan--in one of his many rants against American Jews and Israel--made the argument that "guys named Leroy Brown" fought and died in Vietnam and not Jews. Here was my Dad who, when he was drafted during the Vietnam War, not only served in the Army, but was very proud of it. And Pat Buchanan--well, you know, it's that bad knee. Guys named Leroy Brown, but not Pat Buchanan.

This is Sean Hannity's good friend. This is the man who thinks America should have let another 6 million Jews disintegrate up through the smokestacks and another 5 million gentiles, too--which is basically the heavily implied if unsaid thesis of Buchanan's book. Even Neville Chamberlain wasn't this outrageous. He tried to appease the Nazis. Buchanan writes a revisionist "The Way We Were" tome against our defeat of them.

And all of this got gushing global TV exposure on FOX News, last night, thanks to fellow Brownshirt Sean Hannity. Even Eva Braun is laughing in hell. Or drooling. And Hitler is now wishing the half-German Buchanan was born much earlier.

Vannity, You're a "Great American." [High on the sarcasm meter, folks.] Heil Hitler. And Herr Buchanan, too.


I'm no fan of anti-Israel scumbag Christopher Hitchens, but like the broken clock that he is, one of his two times right per day is this Newsweek article he wrote against Buchanan's new book.

**** UPDATE, 06/22/08: Reader Joel has some great criticisms of the Buchanan book and demonstrates Buchanan's absolute ignorance and naivete about history. And this is just based on a glance of the book, not a complete reading:

The man is totally ignorant of History. The Holocaust began on Kristallnacht (you can make a case that it began on April 1, 1933 with the German boycott of Jewish stores). By the time of the Wannsee conference in Jan. 1942, there were already around a million dead Jews thanks to the Einsatzgruppen and the ghettoization in Poland. Buchanan wrote that had Britain not gone to war that only the Jews of Poland and the USSR would have been killed and that the rest of the Jews of Western Europe would have been spared. That is an absurd statement.

He also claims that the Holocaust could be dated to Jan. 20, 1942 (the Wansee conference) neglecting the fact that the extermination of the Jews began with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 with the mobile killing squads and that by the time of the Wansee conference Jews had already been gassed by mobile killing vans at Chelmno in December 1941 and that the Einsatzgruppen had murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews in the USSR.

He sees the Holocaust as being a result of the declaration of war by Britain and France not as a Nazi goal in and of itself. The commitment the Nazis had to exterminate the Jews of Europe, no matter what the military cost, would be evident in the Spring of 1944 during the deportation of the Jews of Hungary to Auschitz-Birkenau - the Germans used rolling stock and transportation systems that were desperately needed to supply their armies on the Eastern Front - but genocide came first.

Buchanan is not a historian - he is dangerous because he has a little bit of knowledge and is talented (but wicked) polemicist. I suppose that he concedes that the Holocaust took place is a sign of some advancement for him because he once wrote of "Holocaust fantasies of group martyrdom" and that "the diesel fuel at Treblinka could not have killed anyone." (His fellow paleocon [DS: and Jew-hater], Joseph Sobran has spoken at the revisionist Institute for Historical Review as well as former Congressman Pete McCloskey.)

Buchanan views--in his book and in his writings--Adolf Hitler essentially the same way that Obamaites such as Brzezinski, Scowcroft, James Baker, Condi Rice, Samantha Power, McPeak view Hamas and Hezbollah - as a hard headed realist. In his book he makes great play of the fact that Hitler did not demand the return of the territories Germany lost to the West in 1918 to France and Denmark.

In Buchanan's world, Hitler is a rational Anglophile whom Churchill foolishly scorned.

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June 12, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Who is Mohammed Al-Churbaji?: Key Al-Qaeda Terrorist "Abu Salim's" Son is Barack Obama Fundraiser; Islamic Terrorist "Mr. Mom"

By Debbie Schlussel, Copyright 2008

**** Must Cite Debbie Schlussel and link to DebbieSchlussel.com; Not for Use by Aaron Klein, WorldNutDaily ****

One of Al-Qaeda's top terrorists still in America was recently on trial for deportation. And almost no-one noticed.

I was the only journalist to cover the April/May trial of Mohammed Al-Churbaji a/k/a "Abu Salim," a/k/a "Abu Mohammed Salim," at Immigration Court in Detroit.

And the Al-Churbaji trial was illustrative of the multiple Achilles heels of American counterterrorism and immigration policies:

Mohammed Al-Churbaji, Dad of Obama Fundraiser
Worked for Azzam, Bin Laden

* How hard it is to get rid of known terrorists in our midst and how easy it is for a deported Al-Qaeda terrorist to return to America;

* How corrupt U.S. embassy officials get away with re-admitting terrorists into the U.S.;

* How easily terrorists and their families gain acceptance by our society, including the Barack Obama Presidential campaign;

* How America's universities are not tools of moderation for Muslim foreigners, but breeding grounds for terrorist fraternization and conception for international terrorist plots; and

* How terrorist anchor babies take root, even if we succeed in deporting their parents.

Mohammed Imad Al-Churbaji is one of Al-Qaeda's top terrorists in America. His connections at the top of Al-Qaeda are tight and span the global Al-Qaeda network, from Syria to Hamburg to Spain to Afghanistan to Peshawar to Ein El-Hilweh and Dunniyeh, Lebanon, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to HAMAS operations in Richardson, Texas.

In between a sham marriage to an American and stints in the U.S., Al-Churbaji lived with top Al-Qaeda martyrs and figures and worked for the co-founder of Al-Qaeda and its spiritual leader. And he helped organize, fundraise for, and transport arms (claiming it's "humanitarian aid") to Al-Qaeda jihadists around the Muslim world. Al-Churbaji made a career of working for organizations known as Al-Qaeda fronts.

Al Churbaji is a Syrian national currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from where he is fighting the Department of Homeland Security's endeavors to deport him. If successful, this will be the second deportation for Al-Churbaji, after a return to the U.S. that violated federal immigration and deportation policies. More on that later.

But even if Al-Churbaji is deported, at least two of his six children, a son and a daughter, were both born here and are by law U.S. citizens. These terrorist anchor babies can carry on what he started.

One of them is his son, Mohamed Salim Al-Churbaji a/k/a Salim Alchurbaji (heretofore referred to as, "Salim"). He is a student at the University of Michigan and serves as a Barack Obama fundraiser and organizer, according to Salim's own testimony. He testified that he, Salim, has made at least one recent trip to terrorist host state Syria, their father's native country, but his brother testified that it was actually at least two trips, including one in the last year-and-a-half.

What were they doing in Syria--a country where they could be tortured due to their father's memberships in the Muslim Brotherhood? We may never find out. A College Democrats activist and political chairman of the U-M Muslim Students Association, Salim also done some modeling and fancies himself as something of a male supermodel. But you can bet, he wasn't posing or exploring fashion in Syria.

Mohammed Salim Al-Churbaji:
Top Al-Qaeda Terrorist's Son is Obama Fundraiser

Mohamed Imad Al-Churbaji, also known as "Abu Salim" [Father of Salim], rose from "grocery store clerk" to Regional Director and, later global spokesman for the Global Relief Foundation (GRF), shut down by the U.S. government for being a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity and funding Al-Qaeda. That is, if you can believe Al-Churbaji was ever a grocery store clerk. At the time he and his current wife claim he was Mr. Bagger Boy, he was actually an organizer for Al-Qaeda.

Al-Churbaji first came to the United States in the mid-1980s from Damascus. He married a woman named Pamela Shepherd in what was a sham marriage. Then, when he was in the process of being deported, he married an American convert to Islam, Denise. It is unclear whether Al-Churbaji was legally divorced from his first "wife" when he married Denise. From the stand, Denise Al-Churbaji a/k/a "Um Salim," an employee of the University of Michigan--who wears a hijab and a long thobe--made a statement about not realizing at the time that "2nd" wives had no legal rights. Actually a current wife has plenty of legal rights, if her husband is legally divorced from his first wife and legally married to her.

Al-Churbaji's second marriage didn't succeed in stopping the then-INS from deporting him, but the Al-Churbajis managed to squeeze out an American born son, Salim, just before they fled to Pakistan in January of 1988.

In Pakistan, Al-Churbaji, claims he was an employee of Muslim Aid and then the Saudi Red Crescent, then Regional Director for Global Relief Foundation for Pakistan. But he was actually working for the "Godfather of Jihad," the late Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, who co-founded Al-Qaeda with Osama Bin Laden and was Bin Laden's spiritual guru, and for Bin Laden himself, in Maktab Al-Khidamat (MAK), the forerunner to Al-Qaeda.

In Pakistan, the Al-Churbajis had four more kids, while they lived at a house in Peshawar, Pakistan, where their roommates are a "Who's Who" of international Sunni jihad. FBI agent Rob Miranda--the case agent in the government's case against the HAMAS front-group, Holy Land Foundation--testified that while in Pakistan, Al-Churbaji and his wife shared a Peshawar house with:

* Abu Rawdha, a leading mujahideen fighter killed fighting in Afghanistan in 1991 or '92;

* Bassam Ahmad Kanj a/k/a "Abu A'isha," a mujahideen fighter who fought for Bin Laden and his mentor, Sheikh Azzam, in Afghanistan, and later, became a leading member of Lebanese Al-Qaeda terrorist group, "Usbat Al-Ansar" [The League of Supporters/Helpers]. With financing from Bin Laden, Kanj, founded Takfir wa al-Hijra, a splinter group of Usbat Al-Ansar, and he was killed in Lebanon in January 2000, in a terrorist attack on the Lebanese government.

Kanj was an important figure because, at the time, he was one of the few Lebanese mujahideen who'd also fought in Afghanistan and was an important figure in linking Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to Al-Qaeda in Lebanon.

Bassam Kanj a/k/a "Abu Aisha":
Mohammed Al-Churbaji's Terrorist Martyr Roommate
(Photos From Martyr Websites)

Kanj's wife, Marlene Earl Kanj Al-Mirabi, an American convert to Islam, told the FBI she met and married him when they were students at Boston University. She also said he met and consorted with another Boston University Muslim, Mohammed Chehade, who also worked for the terrorist entity for which Al-Churbaji worked, Global Relief Foundation.

* Rabih Haddad a/k/a "Abu Abdullah," who was deported from the U.S. in 2003. Haddad, who also lived in Ann Arbor with his wife and family, was the founder and chief of Global Relief Foundation (and was also a fundraiser for HAMAS-front group, CAIR--the Council on American-Islamic Relations). The government also said he is an Al-Qaeda terrorist.

Rabih Haddad: Another Terrorist Roomie of Mohammed Al-Churbaji

* "Abu Amatallah," another terrorist.

Special Agent Miranda testified that at the time, all of these roomies, including Al-Churbaji, worked for Bin Laden mentor, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, at his Makhtab Al-Khidamat (MAK), Azzam's and Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda forerunner. Marlene Kanj, wife of the late Al-Qaeda terrorist Bassam Kanj, gave this information in an FBI interview. Her latest husband, Anwar Al-Mirabi, a Saudi Al-Qaeda terror suspect arrested here after 9/11, was reportedly deported and left with his wife and family.

All of these terrorist roommates--top operatives in the original Al-Qaeda--attended the same mosque in Peshawar. Even Al-Churbaji admitted on the stand that both Sheikh Azzam and Bin Laden attended the mosque and that he saw them there. All of these terrorist roommates also attended the Center Street Mosque in Arlington, Texas. Coincidence? Nope. It's an Al-Qaeda "family" reunion. They don't call it Al-Ikhwan--"The Brotherhood"--for nothin'.

Al-Churbaji's wife claimed that he worked for Muslim Aid and then Saudi Red Crescent. But this line of "employment" was the exact one claimed by Rabih Haddad, his future boss in America. Again, in actuality, they were both working for MAK, Bin Laden's and Azzam's precursor to Al-Qaeda.

Ultimately, Al-Churbaji held the position of "Regional Director" for Global Relief Foundation in Pakistan , though he didn't really cover any region. But other "Regional Directors" were in fact terrorist leaders and coordinated GRF's terrorist weapons and money-laundering operations. And evidence and documents provided by the government show that Al-Churbaji did the same.

Al Churbaji repeatedly lied on the stand, claiming that he didn't know his roommate, terrorist martyr Abu Rawdha, and that Faisalabad--to where he claimed he went to distribute "food to refugees"--was right next to Islamabad. In fact, Faisalabad is nowhere near Islamabad and is far northeast of it. But it is near the border of Kashmir, where he and his roommates--at the direction of Bin Laden and Azzam--were supplying weapons and other support to jihadists. (Not only was GRF fomenting jihad against the Indian government in Kashmir, but its newsletters quoted Azzam and called for a Taliban against Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.)

So, how did the Al-Churbaji family make it back into the U.S.? Well, that's interesting. Since Al-Churbaji was already deported once and engaged in a sham marriage, he was not eligible to come back at the time. But his wife, Denise, claims that she was directed to contact a U.S. Embassy employee, Sam Libby, to get her and her husband visas. Magically, Sam Libby, broke the rules and--voila!--the visas, golden tickets into America, were issued.

Just how much money did Sam Libby get from Al-Qaeda for issuing visas to operatives, like Mohammed Al-Churbaji, prohibited from entry into the U.S.? And is the U.S. government looking into all of the visas issued by or connected to him? While such an investigation should be a no-brainer, don't bet on it. There is no evidence that Libby was ever investigated or disciplined. We're from the government, and we're here to help you, er . . . the terrorists.

And once the previously deported Al-Churbaji got his illegal re-entry back into America, did he take advantage of this fresh opportunity and go legit? Well, yes and no. Yes, he took advantage of this fresh opportunity . . . engaging in new terrorist financing, money-laundering, and weapons supply.

Al-Churbaji testified that he served in America as a fundraising aid and publicist to GRF founder and chief (and his former Pakistan roommate) Rabih Haddad, accompanying him to speaking events and passing out fliers about GRF. But, in fact, Al-Churbaji's position was listed as "Regional Director" a/k/a terrorist helper, until after 9/11, when his wife filled out yet another application for citizenship for her husband. Then, she changed his position to "PR," trying to place him in a lower rank and not in a position of policy-making for this terrorist front group.

Of note is the fact that Hazem Raghab, the man Al-Churbaji replaced as U.S. Regional Director for GRF, was an associate of Wadih El-Hage, Osama Bin Laden's secretary, now in prison for the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa. At the time, El-Hage made frequent contact with GRF. Al-Churbaji, himself, had contacts with El-Hage.

But Agent Miranda testified that, while Al-Churbaji was the number two man in GRF, pictures found at Illinois headquarters showed twelve boxes of hand-held digital radios, base stations, sandbagged bunker tents, long range aerials/antennae, hand-held power packs, and other similar sophisticated equipment.

He testified that the 200 radios GRF had was a larger stock of equipment than many police departments have. GRF materials and newsletters showed pictures of dead, mutilated mujahideen with radios from the Kashmir press. Other pictures showed dead men with the caption "Hizbul Mujahideen," a Kashmiri terrorist group. The picture bore Arabic handwriting with the notation, "two martyrs killed by the Indian government."

Page 91 of the 9/11 Commission staff report cites Chicago FBI counterterrorism investigations and notes that GRF sent a significant amount of money to extremist causes and freelances to support jihadists around the world. That's in addition to Agent Miranda's testimony that GRF and the HAMAS-front group, Holy Land Foundation, co-mingled and gave each other funds. (GRF also transferred funds to Al-Qaeda financier Mohammed Zouaydi.) Again, Miranda is the FBI case agent in the HLF matter.

Now that Al-Churbaji is unemployed, his wife, Denise, testified that she is the breadwinner, as a pharmacy technician at the tax-funded University of Michigan, where she earns about $36,000 annually on your dime. After all, it's imperative that American taxpayers finance Al-Qaeda operatives' families while they fight deportation.

But not to worry. Mrs. Al-Churbaji told the courtroom that she is emotionally and physically unable to care for her 5 or 6 children. And Mr. Al-Churbaji does it for her, while she goes into her room and sleeps after work every day. The First Islamic Terrorist "Mr. Mom." Yes, there is "diversity" in every realm in America.

While attempting to stay here and get U.S. citizenship, Al-Churbaji has had a steady supply of liberal democrat helpers who've written the government on this Al-Qaeda terrorist's behalf, including the late Senator Paul Simon, former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, and Congressman-For-Life from Dearbornistan, John Dingell. What's disturbing is that--even though Al-Churbaji was already deported and should never have been given a second visa and readmitted--America must go through the long deportation process to get rid of him. And the U.S. government and FBI--unwilling to produce important classified evidence against Al-Churbaji to public scrutiny--won't prosecute him in the criminal courts. It must rely on the less stringent Immigration Court to get rid of him.

If it's this difficult to get rid of a key Al-Qaeda terrorist on our soil--and it is--we will never beat them.

HAMAS' Mohammed Abu Tir, Qaeda's Ahmed Rafiki
Sport Jihadist Red Henna

A few things were notable about Mr. Al-Churbaji's performance on the witness stand in Immigration Court in Detroit. He sports tacky bright red henna dye on his hair and beard--the "Jeri Curl" of jihadists, similar to that sported by Moroccan Al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Rafiki and HAMAS terrorist leader Mohammed Abu Tir. And he pretended to speak broken English with a heavy accent. This act was in stark contrast to the far-less-pronounced accent and well-spoken English we heard him speak in the Immigration Court waiting room. His repeated denials of knowing the top Al-Qaeda figures with whom he shared a home were so phony, I thought I was listening to Sgt. Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes."

Also notable is Al-Churbaji's lawyer, Noel Saleh, about whom I've written a great deal over the last decade. The thrice-disciplined Palestinian attorney who was President of ACCESS, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, a tax funded organization that helps Muslim illegal aliens and openly supports HAMAS and Hezbollah. Saleh is still the attorney for this Islamist agency that continues to defraud Medicaid by helping pregnant Muslim aliens come here to give birth, get citizenship, and have your tax dollars pay for it.

Saleh announced at a public forum that he gave money to Hezbollah. And he was also the lawyer for Al-Churbaji's co-conspirator, Global Relief Foundation founder and chief, Rabih Haddad. Saleh proudly sported an ACCESS lapel pin at trial.

Saleh was no match for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deputy Chief Counsel Mark Jebson. That was despite the illegal coaching from the courtroom that Al-Churbaji's wife, Denise, gave Mr. Al-Churbaji while he was under oath (despite the fact that she was supposed to be sequestered and out of the courtroom at the time).

A ruling by Immigration Judge Elizabeth Hacker--whom this site has praised in the past for her insightful decisions deporting Islamic terrorists--is expected to issue a decision on Al-Churbaji, late this summer. Hopefully, she will make a similarly wise decision here. But even if she rules he must be deported (for the second time), he can still appeal the decision all the way up to the Supreme Court, which could take years, while he remains on our soil and fathers more American citizen terrorist anchor babies.

In the meantime, this hardened Al-Qaeda terrorist--Mohammed Al-Churbaji--is free as a bird on American soil. And his son continues to be a fixture of the Barack Obama campaign . . . when he's not making mysterious trips to Syria.

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June 11, 2008

My Grandma, the Seamstress Who Lived the American Dream, Blessed Be Her Memory--Insight From Whence I Came

By Debbie Schlussel

I'm sorry that my promised piece on a Al-Qaeda terrorist on our shores--whose son fundraises for Barack Obama--is not yet up. But I just returned from my grandmother's funeral (and to make a bad day worse, I returned to find my tire flat as a pancake). That piece will wait for tonight or tomorrow.

For security reasons, I will not note my grandmother's name here, especially since she is now, escorted by relatives, on her way to burial in Israel, next to my grandfather in Jerusalem. If--and probably, when--the spineless Israeli government, along with pressure from the equally spineless U.S.--the Muslims are bequeathed Jerusalem, I do not want some of the many Muslim haters who read this site, to find my grandparents' graves and do what they did to other Jewish graves under their control (they drilled holes and urinated in them and used their tombstones to make a Nazi-esque sidewalk).

My Grandmother (2nd Row, Third From Left)
& Her Fellow Yellow Star Wearing Seamstresses

And now more about my grandmother, whom I briefly mentioned, last night:

Although my grandmother had been ill for some time, stricken with Alzheimer's-esque dementia, I remember her fondly as a dedicated wife, homemaker, and mother. In listening to my mother's eulogy, I learned things about my grandmother I never knew before. Here is some of what I remember and know, and some of what I learned:

From the time I was little and too young to understand the Holocaust, I knew that both of my grandparents had no teeth, a result of extreme malnutrition and no dental care in the Nazi concentration camps. Both wore a full set of dentures. But it, like losing most of her family to the Nazi ovens and bullets, did not stop her from making it.

She was a survivor.

My grandmother was born the sixth child of seven children, five boys, two girls in Olkusz, a small Polish town near the border of Germany. At a young age, she showed strong sewing skills, which saved her life. Because she was a talented seamstress, she was sent to work and learn from her uncle--my great-great-uncle--a well-known tailor in the Champs-Elysees in Paris. I still have relatives, the descendants of the tailor, who live in France. She was also sent to a special school for seamstresses.

When the Nazis invaded, my grandmother was allowed to live because she sewed. While most of her family was sent to their deaths in Auschwitz, my grandmother worked in Sosnowicz, Poland in a workshop, where she was ordered to make Nazi Wehrmacht uniforms. Yes, my grandmother helped make brown shirts for the brown shirts. And that's how she survived.

Later, she was sent to a camp, where every day the Nazis marched her into a workshop where she mended uniforms and sewed, sort of like the sewing workshop in the movie, "Escape From Sobibor." There were Czechoslavakians in and around the camp, and many of them were good to the Jews. They gave them bits of their stale food and old cake and helped them. That's why my grandmother always saved a picture of a Czech woman and her son, who helped her survive.

Compared to my grandfather--who survived hard labor and near death in many camps--my grandmother had it easier. Maybe that's why, when most Jewish Sabbaths--after we walked to my grandparents to visit, my grandmother would leave the room, when my grandfather talked about the experiences in the concentration camps. She didn't want to hear about it. She wanted to forget and move on.

When the Holocaust was over, my grandmother learned that her sister, my late Aunt Esther, and two brothers survived. Her brother was in Bergen Belsen camp. And when my grandmother reunited with him, she met his friend, my grandfather, and they got married. They lived in Bergen Belsen, which became a displaced persons camp, for 3 years. That's where my mother was born. My grandfather planned to leave it all behind and move to Israel, but at the last minute, he chose America instead. He heard that so many survivors were flooding Israel that people lived in tents on the streets of Jerusalem.

When my grandparents moved to America, they had nothing--no bilingual education, no government aid and welfare. They had the shirts on their backs. They and my mother lived in a single room in a house of a Jewish woman in Detroit. My grandfather found it hard to find a job because he refused to work on the Jewish Sabbath.

(Incidentally, my grandfather was descended from the Amshinover Chassidic Rebbe, the Peshischa Chassidic Rebbe, and the Afstrafser Chassidic rabbi--a heritage of which he was always very proud.)

Finally, he learned that Detroit needed a "shoichet"--a kosher slaughterer. He trained himself and ultimately opened his own kosher slaughterhouse. He and my grandmother got up at 3:00 a.m and took three buses from 12th Street in Detroit (where they lived) to Morris Kosher poultry, my grandfather's business, in Hazel Park--a Detroit suburb. My grandfather would do the slaughtering, and my grandmother would pluck the feathers and put together the orders for meat and poultry. It was the last kosher slaughterhouse in Detroit (and it was never raided by ICE on a $10 million boondoggle).

When my grandfather finally closed up his slaughterhouse--because of government over-regulation and racist state inspectors harassing his Black employees--he turned the business into a giant kosher poultry, meat, and food distributorship, which my uncle now owns and runs. My grandmother helped him--not only in the business as his first employee/partner--but also at home as a homemaker--cooking, cleaning, sewing with pride.

Because sewing saved my grandmother's life, I remember her constantly urging my mother to take me and my sisters to sewing lessons, thinking maybe it would someday save our lives, too. I took the lessons, and although I can't make anything or make major alterations the way my grandmother--the skilled seamstress could--I can sew some pretty cool things. And I do sew some cool embellishments and designs on clothes as a hobby. In the future, I'll put up pics of some of the things I've created. It's really more art than anything else.

My grandmother made the greatest costumes. I could show her a picture of anything, and she could make it from scratch, without a pattern or anything. When I was a kid, my favorite thing was "Little Orphan Annie," the musical. I showed my grandmother a picture, and she made me a satin red dress with the white collar, just like Annie. With my red, curly wig, I looked just like her for a costume party. So many people complimented her skilled craftsmanship and offered my grandmother money to make them things for them. But she wouldn't do it. She made stuff for us out of love.

I won't forget my grandmother's "Bubbelehs"--giant matzoh-meal and egg pancakes, with tons of sugar on top. Those were good. And even though I'm not a fan of the dish, no matter who makes it, my grandmother's gefilte fish was very popular in the Detroit Jewish community.

As I noted last night, because of the Holocaust and poor record availability, we don't know exactly how old my grandmother was. But we know she was into her 90s and probably 94.

She lived a long life and after a lot of sorrow, lived the American dream, building a family, home, and a business with my grandfather in the only country on earth where they were free to do it.

My Grandma, Zichronah LiVrachah--Blessed Be Her Memory. May she rest in peace in her final resting place of Jerusalem, the eternal Jewish Capital.

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June 09, 2008

Whitewashing Chante Mallard

By Debbie Schlussel

Maybe you remember the story. If you don't, political correctness is to blame.

The mainstream media simply didn't give this racially-charged horror story the attention it deserved because the races of perpetrator and victim were inconvenient to the usual Jim Crow America narrative.

In 2001, just weeks after the 9/11 attacks--which the media told us would unite Americans of all colors against a common Islamist enemy--Chante Jawan Mallard murdered a homeless man in Texas.

The Real Chante Mallard v. Hollywood's Whitewashed Version

Mallard, a young Black woman in her twenties, embodied everything wrong with the sleazy hip-hop, gangsta lifestyle--especially its inhumanity and insensitivity to the value of all human life. She was high on gin and Ecstasy--not Snoop Dogg's proverbial "Gin & Juice," but close enough--while driving home in the middle of the night after partying a club. Gregory Biggs, the homeless man she hit and ultimately murdered, was White.

Mallard drove home with Biggs' body stuck half through her windshield. He was alive, but injured and bleeding to death from the injuries and shattered glass sticking into his body. Mallard, a nurse's aide, knew how to administer first aid, and she certainly knew--like the rest of us without that training--how to drive to a hospital.

But she did neither.

Instead, Chante Mallard drove her car, with Bigg's body writhing in agony and dripping blood, into her garage and shut the door behind her. Despite a promise to Biggs to call for help--the first of several such empty promises--she went inside her house and had sex with her boyfriend, while Biggs lay suffering and dying. Biggs returned to the garage several times to check on Biggs, each time promising help . . . and each time doing nothing. Finally, Biggs died.

After Biggs' death, Mallard called two friends of hers, also Black, to help her dispose of Biggs' body in a park. Mallard got away with it, until months later she bragged at a party, "I killed a White man," and repeatedly laughed about it. Uh-huh, that's "hilarious." Yes, the life of a cracker or honky simply wasn't worth that much to Chante Jawan Mallard. Neither was the fact that he suffered and died a slow, painful, bloody death at her hands.

And Mallard would have gotten away with it. But an enemy of hers was at the party and informed police. In 2003, a guilty verdict resulted in Texas v. Mallard, and she was sentenced to 50-years in prison for second degree murder. She stood to do life, but now she will be eligible for parole 25 years after she began serving her sentence. While Mallard's victim, Gregory Biggs, died a cruel, cold-hearted death at her hands, she could be out of jail in her mid-50s.

Chante Mallard Murdered "This White Man," Gregory Biggs

But now a second injustice has been done. It's "Stuck," a major motion picture just released in theaters. It is almost 7 years after the murder. Yet, 7 years later, Hollywood still cannot face facts when the race narrative is not the one they want it to be. If the evil White man convention doesn't fit, we must acquit, er . . . lie in the script?

While the movie is almost completely faithful to the story, Chante Jawan Mallard--a racist Black murderer--is now Brandi Boski, a White chick played by the fair-skinned Mena Suvari. There is no racism in the on-screen story, no comments about "I killed a cracker. Hahahahaha." But most other things are the same, from the nurse's aide job of the perpetrator to the Ecstasy pills to the lengthy sex scene, while a homeless man is dying in her garage. Even the look of the house on set is virtually identical to Mallard's.


Ironically, the few who object to the racial make-over sound like they are on the same Ecstasy pills Mallard was on the night of the murder. An idiotic, uber-liberal White reviewer writes that he is upset that make-up artists styled the obviously White Suvari with cornrows and made her look and sound "African-American," which he found "insulting and completely racist." Um . . . Hello? Several Black bloggers lamented that "yet another Black role goes to a White woman." From White, guilt-ridden liberals to Blacks lamenting they don't get to play murderers, these card-carrying members of DENSA would be hilarious . . . if they weren't so sad.

Yes, there are a few other differences in this well-done horror thriller. But they are minor in comparison to the Mallard White-wash and help bring the story along.

Gregory Biggs is now Tom Pardo, a 50-something homeless man who has the day from hell, which begins with being thrown out of his dumpy flophouse efficiency to being given the runaround by government employment agency bureaucrats, and being roused from sleep on a park bench by police, to the horror of being hit and left to suffer by the newly-White version of Chante Mallard.

One appropriate embellishment is the scene in which an illegal alien mother and son find the dying man in the garage and endeavor to save him. But when they reach their home, the husband tells them to ignore him and let him die because, "it's not our business. Beside that, do you want to be deported?" While it's not the intended sympathetic-to-aliens sentiment, so much for the public image of illegal aliens as "loyal citizens" who just want to "do the work Americans won't do."

And the ending to the Hollywood version of this movie is far more satisfying than the sad, real-life ending to Biggs' life, making it worth seeing.

But while "Stuck" is a great--though depraved--movie, and well done from almost every standpoint of suspense, misery, and just revenge, one giant injustice rings through:

Bleaching the perpetrator of this horrible murder doesn't just bleach the truth. It adds insult to injury of the memory of murder victim, Gregory Biggs. If he were a Black man, his life might have been worth more to his racist Black murderess.

May he rest in peace, instead of turning over in his grave.

Posted by Debbie at 05:28 AM

June 06, 2008

Don't Mess with "Zohan": Adam Sandler Joins Ranks of Islamic Terrorism Propagandists

By Debbie Schlussel

A year ago, one of my readers told me about "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," Adam Sandler's movie, in theaters today. In it, Sandler is "Zohan," an Israeli Mossad agent who fakes his death to realize his dream of becoming a hairdresser in New York.

I figured it would be yet another peacenik, moral equivalency movie--as all movies emanating out of liberal LaLaLand always are. And that's exactly what it turned out to be. That, coupled with anti-Israel, anti-Semitic stereotypes, and bad, vulgar, disgusting jokes.


But along the way, while remaining skeptical, I fell for the usual tricks: misleading, carefully edited Sandler movie trailers that include the only good jokes in the movie, Sandler's donation of 400 video games to Israeli victims of Hezbollah bombings, and his contributions to the Presidential candidate who best understood the Islamic terrorism threat to America, Rudolph Giuliani.

While I gushed over the hype and the funny trailer and was looking forward to it, I forgot the oft-told parable about the turtle and the scorpion:

A scorpion finds himself in the middle of a lake, when he realizes he can't swim and begins to drown. A turtle passes by and the scorpion begs the turtle to allow him to ride on his back until they both reach shore. "But you will bite me, and we will both drown," says the turtle. "No," the scorpion assures him, "I won't because I want to live and if I bite you, we will both drown."

The turtle buys his story and allows the scorpion aboard. But when they come close to shore, the scorpion bites the turtle and he begins to die. "Why did you bite me, when I've saved your life?" asks the turtle. "Because I'm a scorpion. That's my nature."

The story's usually told to describe Jews and Israelis who believe they'll finally get peace by trusting and giving the store away to Palestinians. But it's also a good parable for me, regarding my hope that this very bad movie--which Bin Laden and Nasrallah couldn't have made more to their liking--would finally be the exciting movie that makes fun of Islamic terrorists and shows Jews and Israelis in a positive light, rather than as weak, venal oppressors of primitive peoples.

In that hope, I was the turtle. I expected Sandler--who is, after all, just another fixture of Hollywood and puts out more than his own fair share of its garbage--to act contrary to Hollywood's and his nature.

"You Don't Mess with the Zohan" is hardly contrary. It's a disgusting display of the same old, same old. And it's stupid. In fact, it's one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. I took a pro-Israel Arab friend of mine who did undercover work against terrorists to see it, and he said it was the worst movie he'd ever seen in his life. He put his head in his hands for most of the movie and wanted to leave. I did, too.

Zohan is tired of fighting terrorists. "When will it end?" he asks. Sadly, that's the same attitude and professed sentiment of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is using it as an excuse to negotiate away Israel's national security. Tragically, it is only Mossad agent Zohan--not Olmert--who fakes his death, in a fight against Arab terrorist, "The Phantom," and moves to New York.

The Phantom is both Hezbollah and Palestinian in this movie (his sister is Palestinian and yet he maintains the "Hezbollah Terrorist Hotline"), which gets even the most obvious details wrong. Why worry about accuracy on the basics, when you're so busy making the "dick jokes" (which just aren't funny) and making fun of the Jews?

So while Phantom is hailed throughout the Lebanese or Palestinian world (we're not sure which) and owns a chain of MuchenTuchen fast food restaurants (this is funny? Arab restaurants with German sounding gibberish names? Believe me, it sounds funnier here than it is in the movie), Sandler/Zohan is busy trying to get a job at Paul Mitchell and other salons in New York.

But, of course, the only one who will hire him is--shocker!--the friendly, generous Palestinian woman salon owner, played by peacenik Moroccan Jew Emanuelle Chriqui (who calls her Israeli relatives and being pro-Israel, very "negative"). Oh, and--another shocker!--they fall in love. This is after Sandler has sex with about 100 grannies whose hair he's cut.

Meanwhile a [insert Palestinian or Lebanese here] cab driver recognizes Zohan and informs the Phantom via the Hezbollah Hotline. They plan to capture Zohan and kill him. But in the end, it's all Rodney King "can't we all just get along?" crap.

Sound entertaining to you? It isn't. This movie's a mess, and I'm being generous.

Instead of being funny and exploring the contradictions of Islamic terrorists who won't make peace and would rather send their own children to their deaths, we're given a steady supply of very graphic penis jokes (including a vulgar discussion of Sandler/Zohan's pubic hair enhancement strategy) which aren't funny and scenes in which Adam Sandler is having sex with old ladies. We see lots of unnecessary shots of Sandler's (or a body double's) naked butt, and every other comment is about "making the big bang boom."

Yup, those randy, Israeli sex fiends. To enhance the "point," Sandler wears a sock or some other artificial enhancement under tight bike shorts throughout the movie to make his groin region look big.

Haha, funny. You know the depraved, slutty life that Bin Laden likes to say America is living? That's this movie. And I question how such a filthy movie--with no less nudity and frank talk than the deservedly R-rated "Sex and the City"--managed to snag a PG-13 rating.

Then, there are the running Israeli stereotypes. Throughout the movie, we're hit over the head with Sandler's sleazy Israeli friends who cheat people with bad merchandise at electronics stores. They all wear shirts unbottoned down to there and look like they're just off the "Saturday Night Fever" set. The stereotype was bad enough when it was a short skit on "Saturday Night Live," over a decade ago, when Sandler and guest host Tom Hanks used bad Israeli accents and blasphemed my religion, citing the Jewish sabbath as some reason to defraud customers. But in this movie, it's non-stop. In fact, the whole movie is like a bad SNL skit that shouldn't have gone on past the first minute when the joke got old.

And, yes, Israelis, like Americans, wore jean shorts when they were in style. But Sandler wears them like that's the Israeli uniform. It ain't. You think Israelis are cheesy dolts, Adam. We get it.

The hummus joke wasn't funny when he brushed his teeth with it. Even less funny when he uses it as hair mousse and to put out a fire.

Oh, and by the way, the fire was set by his evil whitebread landlord who is the common enemy of the Israelis and the Muslims in this movie. Oh, now I get it--the American Muslims who repeatedly send me rape, torture, and death threats are not my real enemy. It's corporate America and evil developers--who make my life far more civilized than the Greater Barbaria that is the Muslim world--whom I should despise.

Yes, the message in this movie is that, Muslims and Jews, Palestinians/Lebanese and Israelis all get along here in America and don't hate each other in the least. Sad that the 10,000 Muslim Lebanese and Palestinians who marched daily--and made anti-Semitic slogans de riguer in their speeches and signage--in Dearborn, during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, didn't get the Sandler memo.

Our real enemy is not each other, goes the Sandler didactic. It's Whitey and corporate America. Gee, and I thought that was Michelle Obama's enemy, not mine. Silly me.

A few celebs have cameos in this movie--Henry Winkler, Mariah Carey, and Chris Rock, to name a few. But their brief appearances are like attending an Adam Sandler PC beach party, of which this silly movie is the onscreen equivalent.

Do yourself a favor and watch the 2-minute trailers for this movie. You'll see most of what's funny in this movie and save yourself ten bucks.

Other than what's in the trailer for this movie, there's very little that made me chuckle and a lot that made me groan. An Arab terrorist training Rocky-style to fight Zohan, made me laugh. He runs up a desert sand dune to the tune of "Gonna Fly Now," the Rocky theme song, played by the Mid-Eastern Oud instrument. Then, there was an Arab Sheik's request that Mariah Carey sign a photo, "All I Want for Ramadan is You."

But other than that, this movie does to Israel and the Jews what Bin Laden, Hezbollah, and HAMAS could not, in defaming them on the silver screen in wide release in theaters across America and around the world.

Israeli newspaper Ha'Aretz reported that Sandler sought to fend off Hollywood criticism of his movie as "The Israeli Movie." Well, he succeeded in spades.

This movie is high quality Bin Laden Cinema. Allahu Shampoo & Conditioner.

Take Adam Sandler's advice: Don't Mess with "Zohan." Stay home.

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June 05, 2008

ICE the Movie Defames ICE the Agents: Lying Hollywood Director Provides More Proof He Committed Immigration Fraud

By Debbie Schlussel

For well over a year, I've been writing about what I call, "ICE, The Movie." (See the movie's and director's lawyers' threatening letters and my responses.)

The actual title is "Crossing Over," but it's ostensibly about the immigration process in America. And the film's central character is an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent, Max Brogan, played by Harrison Ford. As I previously wrote, under pressure from angry Muslims, the filmmakers removed an honor-killing scene in which a Muslim woman is murdered by her brother (with her other brother, an ICE agent's knowledge) for having an affair with a non-Muslim.


Originally, this movie was set to debut during the 2008 Christmas season. Then, it was pushed to April, then to June, and now, it's set for the movie hell of August, where many horrid movies are sent for burial. This one is most deserving of a quick funeral.

As I've noted, my spies in Hollywood sent me the script of this boring, fraudulent movie. The only thing accurate in it is a Citizenship and Immigration Services official sleeping with a wannabe immigrant (Ray Liotta) in exchange for getting a green card. Sadly, there have been several documented cases like that. The scene in which a Muslim ICE agent defrauds police and allows a Korean gang member to get away with murder and armed robbery, just before Asian teen's citizenship ceremony, is one of the only other scenes that's believable.

But the movie's portrayal of ICE Agents is mostly negative, defamatory, and not based on fact. The most basic of details were clearly not researched by writer/director Wayne Kramer, himself an immigrant whose statements, actions, and behavior indicate that he committed immigration fraud to get U.S. citizenship.

While I've been quite critical of ICE, my criticism has been restricted to the incompetent management and bloated, aimless, conflicting missions of this dysfunctional agency. The many ICE agents who read this site know that I respect their mission and hard work, which is mostly thankless, underappreciated, and negatively represented in the mainstream media.

This movie is a different story, however. Kramer could have taken a critical look at what's really wrong with immigration enforcement in America, how we don't go after employers, how we don't really crackdown on borders, and how a high school graduate who gives promotions to cronies and extramarital bed partners is basically running ICE, while a valley girl with a well-connected uncle and spouse is the public face of the agency charged with enforcing our nation's immigration laws and investigating those who break them.

And he could have shown how ICE wastes money on stupid things, while agents beg for funds to get oil changes and open new files, how they're hamstrung from doing their jobs and rounding up aliens en masse, and how ICE and its parent Department of Homeland Security have been given strict instructions from the PC Police on how not to talk to terrorism-supporting Muslims.

Instead, Wayne Kramer chose to defame ICE agents as aging, cold-hearted men who don't care. And he got it wrong. Harrison Ford's Max Brogan is identified as being in his "late 50's." Reality check: ICE agents--especially field agents like Ford's character--are required to retire by their 57th birthday. There's no way the 65-year-old Harrison Ford (who looks every bit his age in this movie) would be working for ICE in any capacity other than as a consultant contractor at that age. And he wouldn't be raiding illegal aliens.


Check out this scene, below, in which Ford arrests a Latina, Mireya, and refuses to let her call those who are taking care of her young son. He coldly discards the phone number she gives him . . . under the disapproving gaze of a Muslim ICE agent, who is far more moral, now that his honor-killing scene has been deleted from the movie.




(Note the script's use of the politically correct phrase "undocumented workers," instead of what they are: illegal aliens.)

The Muslim agent indicates that Agent Brogan/Harrison Ford frequently hits on the attractive illegal aliens, and that those are the ones who get released on an "Order of Recognizance" (which comes with what's called a "Notice to (Dis)Appear."

Because Special Agent Harrison Ford refuses to allow this woman to contact her son, she is murdered trying to get back to the States to find her son.


But that would never happen. As I've noted repeatedly on this site, instead of being cold and harsh, ICE is often too soft--repeatedly releasing alien single parents and often giving them humanitarian waivers. That ICE would deport Mireya without her son--as it does in this movie--is preposterous. It's simply against ICE policy to raid a place, detain the single mother, and instantly deport her, without allowing her to reconnect and leave with her son.

As one high-ranking, career ICE agent, previously with the INS, told me:

ICE has very strict guidance about not taking mothers from children if they're the sole caregiver, breastfeeding, etc. We go out of our way to process and release (such as an Alternative to Detention Program such as the Intensive Supervision and Appearance Program (ISAP)) on an Order of Recognizance. Where there is a U.S. citizen child in her immediate care and no one to watch the child, we would give her a G-56 order to appear at a later date to be processed (Notice To Appear, Voluntary Return, Stipulated Removal, etc.).

In the scenario in the movie, we would find out who had the child at that time. If the kid was not on the street or somewhere in danger, we would tell the mother she would be able to call when we arrived at the office. At that time, we would determine what to do. If [unlike in the movie] the child was safe with a family member, especially the father, we would detain and deport the woman. She would be able to send the money to them.

For any worksite enforcement these days, we have child welfare agencies on stand-by, if needed. I'm sure the movie doesn't go into that kind of detail.

No, it doesn't. The truth would be inconvenient to its agenda. To wit, that ICE Special Agent Harrison Ford is responsible for the ultimate death--alone and in the desert, after what is suspected is a rape--of an attractive, hard-working Latina because he refused to help her make arrangements for her son. Yup, ICE agents are the ultimately responsible murderers of innocent people who make our clothes, because they separate them from their children while separating them from out country. That's the fraudulent message--or one of them--in this movie.

Another message is also very stark and equally as phony: A Muslim teenager reads an essay in school, saying that we need to understand the 9/11 hijackers and their justification for the attacks. And because of her essay, the FBI raids her home, says she is a terrorist associate, and ICE deports her.

Like that would ever happen.

Here's what would happen in real-life to Taslima: Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz and his head boss, Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess," who heads ICE, would host a dinner in Taslima's honor for her "diverse" essay.

That's essentially what they did when, last year, Myers hosted a dinner for marriage and immigration fraud perpetrator, FBI award revokee, and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, as he and his pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS American Araba Anti-Discrimination Committee handed out awards to judges who throw out the hard work of ICE agents and free illegal aliens and those engaged in immigration fraud. Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena attended the dinner, too, and both Moskowitz and Arena attended an ADC essay contest awards dinner.

If only real-life students and teachers would react to Taslima's anti-American essay the way they do in this movie. Instead, Taslima's understand-the-terrorists point of view is the one our nation's teachers are frequently pushing on their emptily receptive classes.

And finally there's writer/director Wayne Kramer's shoddy script details on Judaism, which convince me now more than ever of my belief--previously noted on this site--that Kramer committed immigration fraud to become a citizen, like the character "Gavin" in the movie. Like Gavin, Kramer is a South African immigrant and a Jew. And I believe, like Gavin, that Kramer is an atheist who lied about his Hebrew and Judaic knowledge so that he could receive immigration benefits to stay in this country as a Hebrew teacher.

In the script, Gavin is asked by a Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudicator to prove he knows Hebrew Jewish prayer songs by singing them for an "Orthodox rabbi in full regalia" with an "Israeli accent." But the rabbi--who lies for Gavin (yes, our borders are over-run not with Latinos and Islamic terrorists, but fake Hebrew teachers with rabbis lying for them)--invites Gavin to come to "Temple Beth Shalom."






Any Jew with even the tiniest inkling about his faith knows that an "Orthodox rabbi in full regalia" wouldn't have anything to do with a "Temple." Most Orthodox rabbis won't set foot in one because they consider it "Avodah Zarah," or "strange work" (like idol worship, and contrary to Judaism). Orthodox and Conservative Jewish houses of worship are "synagogues" or "shuls" (Yiddish for synagogue). Only Reform Jewish houses of worship are "temples."

If he knew anything about Judaism, Kramer would know this. And since Kramer told an interviewer that he "lived every step" of this movie and that to get U.S. citizenship, immigrants "are forced to do fraudulent things", I have to conclude that since he shares every other "Gavin" characteristic that he, too, lied about his Hebrew and Judaic knowledge to gain U.S. citizenship.

When Kramer's lawyer demanded I take down my previous post, which surmised that Kramer is an immigration fraud criminal, I asked her to send me a complete copy of Kramer's immigration file and also asked where he worked when he first came to this country (ie., was it at a Jewish school, as it is for "Gavin"?). I never heard back from her, and she dropped the matter. Wonder why?

I think we know the answer. And if I were an enterprising ICE investigator, I'd be poring through "Gavin," er . . . Wayne Kramer's immigration file.

Not because he completely lied about ICE agents and the hard work that they do. But because he defrauded America then . . . years before his latest fraud that takes place at theaters in August.

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June 03, 2008

Don't Believe the Hype: DHS NOT Clamping Down on Visa Waiver Immigrants; Chertoff Makes it Even Easier for Terrorists to Get to U.S.

By Debbie Schlussel

When you hear news of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael "Serpenthead" Chertoff's announcement, today, that he's getting tough on those for whom he got limp--millions of wannabe travelers to the U.S., including Islamic terrorists from all over--don't believe him. It's more BS from the Department that's made you less safe, not more so.

For a few years now, on this site and elsewhere, I've repeatedly decried the absurd Visa Waiver program, which allows residents of allied countries--27 of them, so far--to avoid obtaining a visa to get into the U.S.

Muslim Thanks America For Visa Waiver Program's "Toughness"

As I've frequently noted, the Visa Waiver program allows, for instance, extremist British Muslims--because they are residents of our "Western" ally, Great Britain--to travel into the U.S. without undergoing the usual strict background check and in-person questioning process with a U.S. official, required to get a visa. This makes it very easy for terrorists to get into our country from any of the 27 nations thus far admitted into the Visa Waiver program. Even as he repeatedly claims he's concerned about European Muslims, rife with terrorists, Michael "Serpenthead" Chertoff continues to expand the Visa Waiver program.

And several members of Congress have also complained about this, too.

So, to "address" our concerns about Chertoff's ridiculous program, the Department of Homeland Security announces, today, that it's about to "get tough" and "clamp down" on visa-free visitors from foreign nations.

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. In fact, not only is DHS NOT clamping down, it has introduced a new, expensive bureaucracy, which won't make you any safer.

DHS' new "strict" program is the mere requirement that visitors from Visa Waiver countries "register" online with the Department of Homeland Security at least three days before their arrival.

We already know how backlogged all sub-agencies within DHS are. Do you think that within three days, anyone from Homeland Security will actually do a rigorous or even basic background check? The thousands of aliens--many with terrorist ties--whose applications for citizenship are quickly rubberstamped every day, after an average combined background check and application scrutiny of less than six minutes. Do you think DHS will be more efficient with a three-day deadline and hundreds of thousands of requests in queu? Dream on.

That was the reason we had the visa process in the first place. Those requesting to visit this country went through the more strict State Department background check--which has access to far more terrorist databases and is far more thorough than the checks currently done at DHS' Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. And visa applicants had to go to a U.S. Embassy and have a personal interview with a U.S. official.

Thanks to Chertoff, for 27 nations--from which you can be sure terrorists will choose to travel to the U.S.--that's no longer the case. No interview, no strict, timely background check.

Now, that will be replaced by an online "registration" three days before Mohammed comes from London to Dearbornistan to plot with his Hezbo buddies, or Ahmed comes from Birmingham to New York to meet up with his Al-Muhajiroun co-conspirators.

Oh, and here's what this "registration" includes: name, date of birth, passport number. As you can see, it's hardly "getting tough." It's the same info now required from passengers on a form upon their arrival in the country. So, how, exactly, is this "stricter" than what is already in place with these Visa Waiver "visitors"? Filling out a few basic pieces of info three days before is "tightening" the Visa Waiver program?

Not exactly.

Then, there is the scary part of this new measure that not only doesn't "tighten" the Visa Waiver program, but makes it even MORE LENIENT.

The online "registration" will be valid for two years. That means that if Mustapha registers to come to the U.S. on June 3, 2008, but gets involved with an Al-Qaeda offshoot in leeds the following month, and then decides to come to the U.S. in January 2009, he won't have to re-register or be subject to any new scrutiny for the entire two years. And he can come and go to and from America multiple times during that two-year period, without a second look from American authorities. Absurd. Why are we giving aliens from Islamic terror-hotbeds a two-year window to come to our country, with virtually no scrutiny?

And finally, even the three-day advance registration requirement is a sham. If necessary, a Visa Waiver country resident who needs to come to America at the last minute can also register at the last minute, according to DHS officials. Think they'll be doing a background check at the last minute when Hamida says she must come to Tampa for her cousin's funeral? Think again.

All of this is rife for exploitation from people like Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber, who came here from Britain, a Visa Waiver country, and who had no criminal record. He'd have escaped scrutiny under this new phony "tightening," which is actually a loosening.

Get this straight: The Visa Waiver program is not being tightened. It's being loosened. We are not getting tough on who is coming into our country.

And that's why they are here. And their ranks continue to grow unchecked. George Bush had 6.5 years after 9/11 to get tough, and Michael Chertoff had a lot of those years, too.

And they failed. Our borders are more wide open than they've ever been.

Thanks, guys. Heckuva job.

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May 29, 2008

"Hags and the City": My Review of Trashy, Anti-Male "Sex & The City" Movie

By Debbie Schlussel

A national IQ test for women takes place starting tonight. It's called, "Sex and the City," the movie (SATC).

If you like this TV-show-turned-feature-length-film and you're female, you failed. If you like it, and you're a guy, you threw away your man card long ago. You're not a failure. Just gay (like the people who created this show) . . . not to mention, completely bereft of testosterone.

When, early in his Presidency, George Bush had never heard of the TV show, he was attacked in New York Times reporter Frank Bruni's book for that. But, au contraire, it was a badge of honor for him and one of the few things that marked his intelligence and good taste.


A close-up shot of a woman's pubic hair sticking out of her bathing suit, and another woman defecating in her pants--both are, um, "highlights" of the SATC movie. GUH-ROSS. I thought I was watching a bad, juvenile frat boy movie. This is what substitutes for haute culture for women in America, these days. Very sad. But not as sad and miserable as these four haggish women, who like their former TV show, can't be called "past their prime" because they never were "prime." Just primitive . . . and reliably sleazy and low-class.

Unfortunately, they're Delphic oracles to far too many American women, if the long lines of drooling women who packed four large theaters at a promotional screening I attended were any indication.

And the diarrhea accident and unsightly giant vaginal hirsute protrusion shot are just the bathroom "humor" in "SATC," in which three 40-somethings and one 50-something make up a foursome of bawdy, aging women who wasted their lives sleeping around, cackling about it, and acting like immature, 20-something sex-crazed male dogs in heat. Because they dined in glamorous places, wore trapezoid shaped clothes and $1,000 fancy high heels, this somehow made their low-brow, savage behavior, "classy."

With their conduct and bitterness in addition to their age, if these women were even a day older, they'd have to change the title to "Sex and the Cat Ladies."

Disgusting and vulgar, and coupled with so much angst, screaming, shrieking and crying, watching this movie I thought I was caught in the middle of the Spitzer marriage on the day Client-9 was unveiled. Painful to sit through, not to mention for about 2.5 hours. Peppering it with way too many gratuitous shots of sky-high-priced stiletto heels (which, in the case of SATC, are the real "axis of evil") and bizarre fashion--far more than the TV show ever did--doesn't make it any more bearable. If I wanted to look at the Nieman Marcus catalog, I'd stay home and read it on the couch (and see the merchandise on real, glamorous models, not women who look like male transvestites). Equine star Sarah Jessica Parker, looking particular male-with-makeup on in one scene, dons an ugly turquoise bird in her hair. Blech!

For the record, I was never a fan of SATC, the HBO TV series, which takes place in New York . . . or at least the New York in Gloria Steinem's own special torture chamber fantasies. Four women--at least, we think they're women--who look like female impersonators in drag think and act like they're supermodels.

The star, Parker, who looks the most drag-ful, plays a loser sex and dating columnist Carrie Bradshaw, who constantly gives herself over to use and abuse by a series of dysfunctional and/or philandering men who are cold and can't love. Is there any other kind of men in SATC? Uh, no. (The occasional exceptions are men who are so horribly naive and innocent as to be childlike.) The love of her life--"Big," whom we learn is named John James Preston, as if we care--is the worst of them. And he does it even worse in the movie, something we thought was resolved at the end of the TV series.

There's Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, the lesbian-esque lawyer with shocking red hair who plays man to the chickish male bartender she uses and abuses and whose kid she fathers, er . . . gives birth to. Wasn't Miranda the name of one of one of the elderly witch aunts on "Bewitched"? Very apropos. She's more butch than ever in her behavior in this movie. In real life, Nixon left the fiance-father of her two kids for a lesbian relationship. Shockingly, she's the "female" in the relationship. Think she's happy?

"Sex and the City's" Cynthia Nixon (Right) w/Lesbian Partner

Kim Cattrall is Samantha Jones, the oldest of the bunch and most vain. She consumes her life with skin treatments, sex toys, and sex acts with near strangers and total strangers. In real life, we call that a "sex addict" or "the most used piece of equipment in the gym." In SATC's alternative hate-men-iverse, it's called "empowerment." Or is that . . . empowerwomynt?

She's lucky SATC came along to rescue her from her previous Shakespearian reputation as the mannequin in "Mannequin," as a slut in the raunchy "Porky's," and as a character in a movie called, "Live Nude Girls." Now, Catrall's a much hipper, wealthier, more "respectable" brand of slut in SATC, and she has nicer clothes. In real life, Catrall--who wrote an explicit sex book with her much younger husband and then divorced him--is living out her character's life and not seeming to enjoy it much. Despite her self-proclaimed expertise on sex (she's written two books on it), she's had three failed marriages. So much for alter egos in the world of glorified on-screen sluttery.

And finally, there's Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, who also has been, ahem, "victimized" by rich men who date and marry her. No biggie that she's a gold-digging idiot who got what she deserved and is more annoying and naive than words.

The movie version rehashes the same old stories that were put to bed four years ago when the show mercifully ended. It's like exhuming the rotted corpses of unworthy people you could barely stand, and for no apparent reason you must look in vain for a gold tooth among the worms and porous bone. You never find the gold, though.

Is there a point to this movie--other than to make money for the Hollywood figures involved and rehash and reinforce man-hating and miserable, sex-crazed attitudes and lives? Oh, I guess there's one point, which is the soft-core porn element of this flick. These aging actresses gotta show us they're still in shape and flash their breasts onscreen--in one case sprinkled with sushi. That, and way too many explicit sex scenes and close-ups of men's naked butts en flagrante delicto.

Why watch sleazy porn and be labeled a perv, when you can watch this garbage and have the kosher seal of approval from America's feminists and the phony mainstream media, all gushing over SATC phony "kitsch"?

The only classy thing in this entire movie is the presence of the talented Jennifer Hudson, the Academy Award winning actress and former "American Idol" contestant. And that's why her character doesn't belong anywhere near these walking disease incubators.

I suppose Hudson was inserted into the movie--as Parker's assistant--to answer the complaints over the years by Black America, that there were no Black women in this fashionable pay cable TV gang of hos. See Ebony and Jet, now your prayers about the ultimate in civil rights--close to equal homie billing with the most haggard foursome of whores--have been answered.

Filth and male emasculation--the staples of the TV show--are even more plentiful and pungently rancid in the onscreen version. Shocker.

Is this really what women want? Forget all the raunchy guy movies that have come out in recent years. None have anything on this grotesque celluloid piece of trash. If you've ever called men pigs or chauvinists or decried their alleged collective behavior toward women, but yet you like this movie, you're a hypocrite. The men in our world have nothing on these pigs in skirts.

Men are from Mars. Women are from . . . aging slut hell. But, hey, their jewel-encrusted stiletto Manolo Blahnik satin pumps cost a fortune.

And that's all that matters.

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May 28, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts Spokesmodel Rachael Ray and the Keffiyeh

By Debbie Schlussel

Recently, Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs broke the story of how Rachael Ray wore a keffiyeh--the jihadist's fave accessory--in a Dunkin' Donuts online ad. As a result of the uproar in the blogosphere, Dunkin' Donuts apologized, saying it was a stylist's mistake and that the ad would no longer run. Pam should be very proud of her excellent work.

I've written a lot about the keffiyeh and why it is offensive, violent garb, including a recent February column on First Daughter wanna-be Meghan McCain's engagement in that "fashion" offense. The message in that column is not just for Juniorette McCain, but for all of the celebs and pop culturists who adorn themselves with the scarf of death. Because neither Rachael Ray, nor the Dunkin' stylist, nor many others get it, and because several portions of that column have been appropriated (without credit) and repackaged by other parties in the wake of the Dunkin' controversy, I'm reprinting my February 25, 2008 column, "Fashion Tips by Meghan McCain: The Garb of Jihad," below. As I wrote then (and someone else has now reconstituted my statements), it's not just a scarf, just as a white hood is not just a hood.

*** February 25, 2008

Fashion Tips by Meghan McCain: The Garb of Jihad

By Debbie Schlussel

Almost two months ago, NBC Nightly News ran a silly story about the Presidential candidates' daughters. The female offspring of John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain were interviewed by former "Entertainment Tonight" reporter Maria Menounos.

All of the daughters sounded polished, well-coached by campaign superiors, and professional. All, that is, except Meghan McCain, the bleach-blonde daughter of John McCain. While Huckabee's and Edwards' daughters spoke of their pride in their fathers and their enthusiasm on the campaign trail, Meghan McCain whined about criticism she faced over her make-up and fashion tips on her campaign blog. She said that it's important to be a girl and that her tips were good ones. Judging from the gobs of make-up she wears, that's debatable.

And judging by her latest choice in fashions, it's beyond debatable. The case is closed. Liberal site Gawker reports (and shows pics, posted below) of Meghan McCain's jihadist choice of accessories. She's taken to sporting a keffiyeh, the Arabic male headscarf around her neck.


Although throughout Mid-East history Jews and Christians have also at times sported that scarf, that's no longer the case. In the Hebrew picture book, "Ani Kurdi [I Am a Kurd]" (part of my late father's book collection), there are many charming photos of Kurdish Jews (who later emigrated to Israel), wearing keffiyehs. But even as they wore those, others who wore them oppressed them and their fellow Kurds. They gave up that "accessory" of oppression as they were thrown out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein and made a new life in Israel. But their oppressors continue to wear it as part of the uniform of terror.

The keffiyeh has become the symbol of jihad, and it's no coincidence that in many beheading videos or other fierce displays of Islamic murder and violence, the warriors hide behind the keffiyeh. This isn't "just clothing." Wearing a keffiyeh is really no different than sporting a swastika or a white hood. The media would have a fit if a prospective First daughter wore those.

It's a disgusting display that Ms. McCain would sport this garb of torture and murder and death and inhumanity. She shouldn't be giving out fashion tips, when it's quite clear she needs some, herself. Either she is extremely ignorant or she is deliberately donning this (less likely of the two). Either way, it's disturbing. And it's a far cry from even the partying, drunken Bush twins. Meghan McCain says on her site that she worked for Newsweek and "Saturday Night Live." So she doesn't know what news or humor is. But this fully grown adult should know better than to don a keffiyeh.

Even from a fashion perspective, these jihadi keffiyeh scarves are out. They were in in the mid-to-late '80s, when I was in college. Since then, they're really only worn by drug users, homeless people, and other parties who still wear acid-washed jeans. Although stores like "Urban Outfitters" and magazines like the now-defunct "JANE" have tried to push the keffiyehs as a rebounding trend, they're still not in. And they're not in despite the fact that a few misguided male foreign celebs have donned them, including--on several occasions!--Colin Farrell.

Again, the keffiyeh is the garb of death and destruction and emptiness. And that's never hip.

Meghan McCain . . . badly in need of a fashion makeover. The Islamic Terror Scarf . . . badly in need of torching, along with everything it has come to represent.

Fatah Terrorist, HAMAS Terrorists in Meghan McCain's Jihad Scarf

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May 22, 2008

Beware of the RINO-JINOs: The Republican "Jewish" Coalition Panders to Islamists, Israel's (& America's) Enemies

By Debbie Schlussel

It's no surprise that--even with his gargantuan record of pandering to Islamists, terrorists, anti-Semites, and America-haters--Barack Obama is leading John McCain by at least 2-1 in poll after poll of Jewish voters in America.

That's because the GOP has had--for over a decade--people like Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the so-called Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), running their lackluster campaign. Instead of speaking on behalf of Jewish interests--like Israel and terrorism (which are, frankly, American interests, not just Jewish ones)--Brooks and his RJC pander to anti-Israel, pan-Islamist Republican politicians.

My friend, the great Yehudah of New York, has a name for the Jews Jews like Matt, who claim to represent Jewish interests to the Republican party, but actually do vice versa: RINO-JINOs ("Rhyno-Gynos"), which stands for

Republicans In Name Only, Jews In Name Only.

You know the type. They are the typical "congenital GOP," Republican for business or family reasons and zero conservative reasons. The same goes for their connection to organized Judaism or any sort of Jewish interests.

In over a decade at the helm of the RJC, Brooks never did increase the Jewish Republican vote much beyond 25%. In most national elections, even Blacks vote Republican in higher percentages than Jews (though with Obama atop the ticket, that'll likely be different, this year). That's a pretty sad performance, considering that the Democratic party is full of anti-Semites who hate Israel. While the party is rife with Jacksons, Sharptons, Farrakhans, McKinneys, and the like and has been for years, the only things that have increased under Brooks' Republican Jewish "leadership" have been his rotundity and his salary.

In 2005, the last year for which RJC taxes were filed, Brooks made about $350,000 in salary and benefits, a large chunk of RJC's total budget. That includes the salary and benefits he earns from the RJC front-group posing as a Jewish think tank, the National Jewish Policy Center, a quarter of whose budget goes to Brooks' salary. In contrast, Ira Forman, Brooks' counterpart at the National Jewish Democratic Council, made less than $122,000 in salary and benefits, according to the group's 2006 taxes. Also in contrast, Brooks makes more than Wayne LaPierre, who heads the far bigger NRA, and Howard Kohr, who heads the much larger American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

And while Brooks' salary has grown, the list of anti-Israel speakers and guests he's featured at RJC events has grown, too:

* In 2003, after I wrote a scathing piece against anti-Israel, pro-Hezbollah Republican Congressman Darrell Issa a/k/a "Jihad Darrell" in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, the RJC hosted an even with Issa to "answer Debbie Schlussel." (Debbie Schlussel was not invited, FYI.)

This was after RJC's then-California chief, Bruce Bialosky (a wealthy Beverly Hills accountant), called me and insisted to me that, despite Issa's open support for Hezbollah and hatred of Israel, I "need to sit down to lunch with Darrell Issa," and that he would "facilitate" the "peace conference."

Issa has consistently supported Syria and feted father and son Assad, called Israel "an apartheid" state, Hezbollah a "group of farmers" who "do humanitarian things," and Yasser Arafat a kind man with small hands who lets you eat the food off his plate and has a good sense of humor. In 2002, at the height of homicide bombings against Israelis, Issa went to do some Arafat food-tasting by hanging with him during the Ramallah siege. Read more about RJC poster boy, Issa a/k/a "Jihad Darrell," here.

Despite the fact that RJC's Bialosky knew Issa's record well, he told me, "He is a Congressman, and he might be California Governor. And we need to be nice to him." Issa would pay for my trip and meal, he told me. I don't do peace conferences, I oppose them, and I told him I would not even accept one greasy falafel ball from Jihad Darrell.

* In 2005, the RJC was set to host Tom Campbell, one of the most anti-Israel members of Congress, and one of two Congressmen who marched in Florida to protest the jailing of Islamic Jihad chief Sami Al-Arian and his brother-in-law. (The other Congresman was David Bonior.) Campbell's Chief of Staff, Suhail Khan, was the son of a top Al-Qaeda fundraiser and brought Islamists and anti-Semites into the Bush White House (in his next job). After I wrote about it and the RJC got tons of angry phone calls (and dissed me in reponse--kill the messenger), they were forced to "replace" Campbell as the speaker.

* In 2006, the RJC was set to host Christopher Hitchens, whose comments about Israel are consistently disgusting. They "postponed" it indefinitely, after the Washington Jewish Week's astute reporter Eric Fingerhut covered it and reported on my and other Jewish leaders' rightful outrage.

* In 2006, when a new Texas chapter of the RJC was set to kick-off in Austin, they invited me as their speaker. Just prior to the event, RJC demanded that their name be taken off the event, even though it was a packed house. Sadly, I helped good Jewish conservatives get involved in RINO-JINO, Inc.

* At a 1999 or 2000 National Jewish Policy Center (which Matt Brooks also heads as RJC chief) in Arizona, all of the speakers (except the great Ruth Wisse) called for Jonathon Pollard to rot in jail for life. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Mel Gibson's rabbi and a rabbi with zero congregation or pulpit, made the outrageous statement that Congressmen know American Jews are loyal, but they just don't know which country (Israel or America) they are loyal to. Way to go, RJC, questioning Jews' loyalty to America. I question RJC's loyalty to America.

Given all this, it's rather hilarious that RJC claims this--on its tax returns--as its "mission":


And the RJC has lofty, right-wing sounding official positions. But who cares? It's all bunk, when you see who they're supporting and breaking bread with.

Today in RJC history is more of the same.

This afternoon, in Michigan, the RINO-JINOs are holding a kick-off event. And their choice of guest of honor is most interesting, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, who badly wants to be Governor.

But Cox has a history of pandering to Islamists and refusing to prosecute them for serious crimes such as mass Medicaid fraud. His schedule features regular appearances at openly pro-HAMAS and pro-Hezbollah organizations, where he offers his help to extremists. Here's a brief summary of Cox's achievements, from my column about federal insurance fraud convict Ali Jawad, an open supporter of Hezbollah and one of its most important agents in America. Jawad was kicked off the McCain campaign. But Cox was a major recipient of Ali Jawad's campaign contributions and hasn't returned them. And Jawad has a habit of only giving to pro-Hezbollah Republicans:

So, how did Jawad formerly come to be one of six members of John McCain's Michigan campaign finance committee in the first place? . . .

[P]erhaps he was tapped because he was a major donor to Michigan Attorney General Cox. Cox was McCain's Michigan campaign chairman, but resigned last summer, when it looked like McCain's campaign wasn't going to succeed. Now that McCain is the presumptive nominee, though, fair-weather friend Cox is back on board and has his name on the invitation. As a Jawad donee, Cox--who is running for Michigan Governor--played both sides of the war on terrorism.

After he appeared and spoke at a pro-Israel rally, during the 2006 war with Hezbollah, Cox then campaigned at the dinner of the extremist, openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan dinner. [The keynote speaker at the event was a man who said Israel comitted the 9/11 attacks.] And he visited the offices of Jawad's friend [FBI award revokee, "former" Islamic terrorist, and marriage fraud perpetrator] Imad Hamad--the openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Michigan ADC--asking what he could do for them. That's not to mention that he lied about and refused to pursue millions of dollars in Medicaid fraud by pregnant foreign alien Muslims perpetrated by the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS).

Cox waited for the last of the Medicaid defrauders to leave the country before he filed a few toothless, token warrants for their arrest, sending out press releases and going on national TV to brag about it. When Cox was contacted by Michigan Republican legislators, upon ACCESS chief Ismael Ahmed's nomination to head the Michigan Department of Human Sevices (overseeing billions in Medicaid), Cox declined to give them any information and was suddenly mum, unlike his effusive "O'Reilly Factor" appearance regarding the topic.

And last, but not least, Mike Cox allowed illegal aliens to drive from all over America to get driver's licenses here in Michigan. He sat by for five years, despite complaints from many Michiganians. Once he decided he was running for governor, he suddenly changed course and cited 9/11 and how the hijacker's easily got IDs. Well, guess what? 9/11 happened before Cox was ever elected Attorney General in 2002, but he looked the other way for over five years.

Ironically, Mike Cox will speak to Michigan's RINO-JINOs about "The Importance of the Jewish Vote in 2008." But a better topic might be "The Importance of the Jewish Vote in 2010," when Jews can exercise their importance and vote against Cox's bid for Governor.

So, why is Cox the "main event" for Michigan RINO-JINOs? Well, Matt Brooks told me the obvious. His new, Deputy Chief of Staff at RJC, Stu Sandler, organized the event.

Who is Stu Sandler? Well, until this year, he was Mike Cox's Girl Friday and "cleaner." The unimpressive Sandler's official title was "Assistant Michigan Attorney General for Foreign Affairs." And since Michigan doesn't have foreign diplomacy to speak of (especially from the Attorney General's office), it can only mean one or all of three things, since he really hasn't practiced law to speak of. He's not even a licensed member of the State Bar of Michigan, so one wonders how he could parade around as an "Assistant Attorney General" of anything in Michigan.

Sandler's name and testimony are all over a Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission case involving an attorney who was involved in Cox's attempts to keep his extramarital affairs secret and to keep Geoffrey Fieger from talking about it during a failed Cox investigation of Fieger. Yup, Foreign "Affairs" of the heart and the libido. Michigan taxpayer dollars at work.

Then, there's Sandler's involvement in stopping the prosecution of the Medicaid fraud by the foreign Muslim aliens. He was intimately involved in that, and he contacted me regarding it. The Medicaid fraud continues to this day, thanks to Sandler and Cox. Oh, and Sandler was in charge of sending Cox to both the pro-Israel rally and then the HAMAS/Hezbollah Islamic dinner. He sent me a curt e-mail because I dared write about Cox's sickening attendance at the Islamo-confab.

Uh-huh, the guy who is 2nd in command of the Jewish campaign for McCain and against Obama only recently was answering to "Slut clean-up in Aisle Eight!" and "Hezbo Falafel-Fest Aisle Five!" That's why McCain is losing the Jews to Obama.

RJC's Matt Brooks constantly complains that I don't go to him first with complaints about his constant parade of anti-Israel, pan-terrorist speakers and guests of honor. That's not a valid complaint, but I called him a couple of weeks ago. First, he pawned off my call on the "Cleaner"/"Assistant Attorney General for Foreign Affairs" Sandler. Then, he called. When I told him about Cox and that there were many Jewish high-dollar Republican McCain donor friends of mine who were disgusted by Cox as the guest, he responded:

But are they high dollar donors to the RJC? Are they on our national board? If not, then we don't care.

Translation: "No Dollah, No Hollah." [For you RINO-JINOS, that's, "No Dollar, No Holler."]

That's your Republican ambassador to Jewish America . . . and actually, all of America.

Mazel Tov: RINO-JINO-in-Chief Matt Brooks
Fetes Michigan's Top GOP Pan-Islamist Mike Cox

And finally, there is the other name on the invitation for the Michigan RJC RINO-JINO event, Ambassador Ron Weiser--the King of RINO-JINOs.

When I first learned that federal convict and Hezbo was on the invitation to a John McCain fundraiser that took place two weeks ago, I contacted Weiser, as his name appeared atop the invitation. I noted that he had zero involvement in any Jewish organizations whatsoever (google him and you'll see). He's simply out of touch with our community. When I told Weiser about Jawad's federal conviction and open support for Hezbollah, the shocking conversation went like this:

Ron Weiser: Well, we don't care about the Hezbollah stuff.

Debbie Schlussel: What?! John McCain doesn't care about Hezbollah, while he's saying we're fighting terrorists over there in Iraq, so we don't have to fight them here?!

Ron Weiser: Well, what I mean is that everyone in America has a First Amendment Right to support whatever group they want, even Hezbollah terrorists.

Debbie Schlussel: Yes, but they don't have a right to be atop the McCain campaign in Michigan. If that's the case, why not invite Jimmy Carter to host the event? And one of Ali Jawad's convicted co-defendants in the insurance fraud is from the Makki family that sold and were convicted of Hezbollah cigarette smuggling.

Ron Weiser: Look, just give me the case numbers of his insurance fraud convictions.

Yes, this is the RINO-JINO who is king of Michigan RINO-JINOs and on the national board of RINO-JINO, Inc. a/k/a the Republican Jewish Coalition. And he's also a big Bush donor, the reason he was rewarded by the Bush campaign with ambassadorships. He's also the guy McCain would pick as an ambassador. Great to hear, "We don't care about the Hezbollah stuff," from a U.S. diplomat. Well, at least he's saying publicly what they all think privately. Thank heaven for small favors.

This isn't a new phenomenon regarding RINO-JINOs in Michigan, the heart of Islamist America and the heart of Hezbollah, USA. The woman organizing and helping fundraise for this RJC Michigan event is the daughter of a high-dollar Mike Cox donor. She's also the former fundraiser for indicted, corrupt liberal Democrat Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. When I once confronted her on this, this daughter of multi-millionaires said she had no allegiances. "I made money. That's what I do." So did the woman who serviced "Client 9."

This woman was also the organizer of a "Jewish Republican" event hosted at the home of Orthodox Rabbi with no pulpit or congregation, E.B. "Bunni" Friedman, pimping pan-Arabist, failed Michigan Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Dick DeVos. Despite advertising the event as a question-and-answer event, she and Rabbi Friedman tried to keep me from asking questions of DeVos, regarding his relationship with ACCESS, the anti-Israel, pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS welfare agency that got millions in Federal and Michigan tax funds and which is engaged in ongoing Medicaid fraud.

Normally, an Orthodox rabbi believes in "Negiyah," the Jewish concept of not touching a woman who is not his wife or immediate family member. But in grabbing me and in pulling me away from DeVos (to keep me from asking questions), he suddenly forgot about that. Rabbi Friedman and his son, Mo, ran the "Jews for George (Bush)" '04 campaign. More RINO-JINO-ism.

And RJC's forever chief, Brooks, surrounds himself with similar minds. He's tight with Dan Senor and has been friends with him since Senor shilled as press secretary for Hezbollah-financier, Arafat-supporting then-U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham. Senor--another prominent RINO-JINO (whose family is extremely liberal)--is responsible, with Paul Bremer, for the failed de-Ba'athification of Iraq, which has lead to a Shi'ite government that puts in place the full pan-Hezbollah Shi'ite crescent in the Mid-East. Senor is now married to Campbell Brown, who as an NBC reporter gave a gushing interview to then HAMAS leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi. (She was the girlfriend of Saudi spokesman and Ambassador to the U.S. Adel Al-Jubeir.) Senor recently wrote a clueless (or deliberately false, not sure which) Wall Street Journal article praising former Argentinian President Carlos Memem as anti-Iran. But Menem was not only pro-Iran, he halted the investigation into and covered up the Hezbollah's and Iran's involvement in the bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center and Israeli Embassy in the mid-'90s. Menem covered it up because his family is Muslim and because he was paid $5 million, the New York Times reported.

That's the RINO-JINO movement for you.

Once headed by conservative columnist Linda Chavez's husband, Chris Gersten (and at that time called the National Jewish Coalition), the RJC was then a force for the interests of the Jewish people. Its newsletter was regularly critical of Republican President George H.W. Bush and his man James Baker for pressuring Israel and Yitzchak Shamir. It stood up for the Jewish community of Nicaragua, which was under attack by Daniel Ortega's Sandinistas.

Sadly, it's no longer a Jewish organization or an American one. It's just a well-funded PR machine with a giant prostitution dynamic going on.

As my friend Yehudah says,


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Immigration Boondoggle: Where's My Kosher Meat? . . . Or How ICE Agents Played Ed McMahon in $10 Million Julie Myers Alien Clearinghouse Sweepstakes

By Debbie Schlussel

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents first told me about their raid on the Agriprocessors plant, early last week, I asked them whether they'd ever raid the country's largest Halal slaughterhouse or meat-packing plant.

"Hell, no!" replied one. "These raids have to be approved by the White House, and they'd never go for that."

So, why exactly did the White House go for the extremely wasteful "raid" of the world's largest kosher meat processing plant in Iowa? And why was $10 million spent to capture 349 illegal aliens?


ICE initially arrested a total of 389 aliens working at the plant, but let 50 of them go back into the great American abyss for so-called "humanitarian" reasons (meaning we'll never catch them again), giving them Notices to (Dis)Appear. Many of those were prior deportees or those with Deportation Orders against them, and the release of aliens with these records for any reason--"humanitarian" or otherwise--is unprecedented. Not to mention, absurd ad infinitem.

Do the math. That means that ICE spent about $30,000 to catch each illegal alien in this raid.

The operation is being billed as "the largest single worksite enforcement arrest operation in U.S. history," but it's a distinction without a difference, since more aliens at multiple worksites have been arrested in one day. And almost all of those arrested in this case--even though many used fake IDs and social security numbers and others were repeat deportees--were given "time served" for the so-called criminal charges filed against them.

In this case, "time served" meant from a few hours to a couple of days on a cot in Waterloo, Iowa's National Cattle Congress exhibition facility, before being deported back to Guatemala, where most of them were from. And the deportation cost goes beyond the $10,000,000 initial expense. Instead of chartering planes to fly the aliens back, each will be flown separately on a commercial flight at top last-minute-ticket dollar.

Oh, and not a single employer was arrested for harboring and employing these aliens. Not one. Another experienced ICE agent at the raid tells me:

We charge the workers and then try to spin it like we are making "criminal" arrests of the company officials. The number 90 officials arrested, is ALL low level employees, not even mid or high level officials.

The former INS would CIVILLY fine these corps for violations. ICE is NOT doing this. ICE puts this criminal spin BS out there and that is only lowly workers. NO CIVIL fines. ICE doesn't want to hurt the real criminal, the employers. This is all POLITICAL Bush BS.

ICE could actually get much higher civil fines, since the amounts have been raised since we became ICE. But ICE does not levy ANY civil fines or penalties against Swift, Pilgrim or Agriprocessors. ICE does these BS "criminal" arrests which are really just laborers who are being deported and being used by ICE for phony criminal statistics. These are administrative arrests, being dressed up as criminal arrests for show only. No fines are being levied against the employers which could be done by ICE, using the administrative fines and penalties just like Customs and now CBP does in FP&F (Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures). These Immigration civil penalties (fines) are a powerful tool that ICE is not using to pop the corporations. Instead Myers lies and spins about criminal arrests (lowly Hispanic laborers) which she wants the media to believe are against the company and are in fact real criminal investigations. NOT.

As one high-level ICE agent with decades of immigration experience told me, this huge amount of spending on deporting a few harmless Guatemalans--none of whose countrymen or co-religionists were among those 19 guys hijacking those four planes--is laughable, especially if you're aware that ICE is struggling for money and agents are begging for funds for oil changes and opening up new case files for dangerous criminals and visa overstays from the Mid-East.

That this was allegedly the "largest" ICE number of worksite arrests on a single site at one time is not the important distinction here. The ICE Agent correctly points out that this is the "distinction":

The most expensive immigration case ever wrapped up. ICE spent $10 million on the Agriprocessors case. How outrageous is that? As if the Pilgrim's Pride case [similar joke of a raid from April] weren't bad enough at around $3,000,000, this one takes the cake. There were 700 ICE agents there plus Detention and Removal Operations and Federal Protective Service staff. If you total it up, the agents outnumbered the aliens 2 to 1 and each arrest cost $25K. [DS: More like 3 to 1, and $30K.] They could have sent my office $100K and not only could we have arrested over 1,000 illegal aliens in the course of a month, but we would have actually prosecuted 20+ employers by making good criminal cases.

This case is so much fluff. It will pad the criminal worksite numbers for the year and boost the administrative arrests to ICE's all time high. Although I believe in doing worksite enforcement, which is rare in this agency, the cost of this one operation is obscene. That money could have funded hundreds of cases which could have REALLY made a difference around the country.

From the e-mails that I see Jules [ICE Chieftess Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess"] is starting to try to justify this massive joke. There have been at least 3 e-mails that I've seen asking offices to update worksite stats, etc. I even heard she's making calls out to offices to berate them on why certain cases were coded as immigration fraud or alien smuggling and not worksite enforcement. I guess she's getting ready to pull another smoke screen when Congress or the OIG [Office of the Inspector General] comes knocking. Unfortunately, by the time that happens she'll be long gone and some poor career puke will have to take the beating.

The election can't come fast enough.

Hope we have money to gas up our cars the rest of the year.

The 1,000 or so ICE agents and Detention and Removal Operations officials present for this mass boondoggle, themselves, knew this whole operation was a joke. Another agent on the scene:

There appeared to be 100% agreement among the "street agents" (and I talked to many) from all over the country assigned to the Operation CVJ (Cedar Valley Junction) circus and at least 2 group supervisors that this was one mucked up, unorganized goat rope! BIG waste of money, no bang for the buck!

That's why many of them were seen surfing on this site from the National Cattle Congress, looking for my take. After all, far too many of them were ordered not to use their cell phones or Blackberries in this very poorly planned, mass-waste operation. Their boss--ICE Director of Investigations, Marcy Forman-Friedman, who couldn't be bothered to locate herself in podunk Iowa for this "operation"--was livid that because of the strain on the single satellite ICE put into operation in Waterloo, Iowa, she couldn't get minute by minute stats of aliens arrested.

Computers used to enter aliens' information and agents' cells in use for the purpose of conducting the operation, used up most of the energy and bandwidth available for the one satellite ICE used in the middle of Podunkville. Because of this, the signal was poor and struggled. Forman, therefore, ordered that some agents stop using their phones and computers--necessary to smoothly conduct and complete the operation--so that the most important part of the raid--sending her the minute-by-minute figures, so she could brag about the "success" of the operation to the press and her teenaged Valley Girl boss, Myers, "The ICE Princess."

Then, there's the issue of whether any of these aliens, on whom we've now spent $30K apiece will actually be sent packing. Myers pushed ICE agents to make sure that they don't actually leave the country but, instead, overclog the already overclogged immigration courts.

Said a high-ranking ICE agent:

Jules [Myers, The ICE Princess] was screaming at the SAC [Special Agent in Charge] of Minneapolis/St. Paul, whose operation the Agriprocessors raid was. Seems Jules was playing case agent and over-ruling the SACs decisions on an hourly basis.

One stark instance of that related to a civil libretarian attorney who claimed he represented 140 of the aliens arrested. He filled out G-28 (Notice of Legal Representative Forms). The SAC looked at them and they were not signed by the detainees. We usually tell the attorney to pound sand as the policy has always been a "completed" G-28. This prevents attorneys from soliceiting clients, and it keeps the attorneys for alien smugglers from representing their victims. And in many cases, it keeps corporate counsel from the illegal alien employer from representing the illegal employees and coaching tjhem on statements. Despite decades of precedent, Jules overruled the SAC and demanded that any attorney could have access if they "claimed" they "represented" (claimed to represent) a detainee.

Reminds me of when the former Soviet consulate representatives would demand to interview detainees to threaten the crap out of them so they wouldn't claim asylum and spill their guts to us.

And then, there's the raid itself. Agents told me they were never shown the arrest warrant or search warrant. That's a basic absolute requirement in police work. Some agents, who are former cops, told me they were shocked they were sent in to storm a business and arrest people, when they were never shown the basic paperwork authorizing them to do so. It puts their careers and lives at risk.

When the got to the Agriprocessors plant, it was mass chaos. The raid was not planned well, and doors and points of entry and escape were not immediately secured--again, basic police work. Many aliens tried to flee. And several of the Chassidic Jews who run the plant wanted to enter the facilities. One agent:

I can't remember ANY government operation being more disorganized and rudderless. NO ONE was in charge. They are all too busy seeking camera time and telling lies about the size and scope of this operation.

ICE superiors who ran the several days of seminars regarding the raid, the week before didn't make a basic, orderly plan for the operation. Instead, they held an hour-long seminar on meth labs for the 1,000 or so ICE personnel amassed in Waterloo. This was based on the false allegation made by an Agriprocessor informant that a meth lab was present in the middle of this kosher meat slaughtering and packing plant. Absurd.

It's been said that--since Agriprocessors is the major kosher meat processor in North America (and, frankly, the world)--that this will cause a shortage in the kosher meat supply, something I surmised when I learned about the raid. In my book collection is the very interesting Stephen G. Bloom book, "Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America," which tells how founder Aaron Rubashkin and his throngs of Chassidic Jews operating the Agriprocessors plant initially clashed with the smalltown Iowa culture, but became much beloved when it revived the dying rural American town. Agriprocessors is a mostly "Glatt" kosher meat plant. While animals with any visible defects or tumors are not kosher, Glatt goes an extra step: once the animal is slaughtered, per kosher requirements, a rabbi examines the lungs of the animal to make sure there are no tumors or abrasions inside them. If there are, the meat is discarded or sold as non-kosher meat.

And while I've eaten meat from that plant, which processes the Aaron's bison pastrami that I like, I don't have a problem with them going after illegal aliens who work there.

But, again, I wonder, why the kosher plant? And why never a Halal plant, where we know a lot more is going on? (The Mar-Jac poultry plant raided by customs agents just after 9/11 was a multi-million dollar money-laundering front for Al-Qaeda, for example.) Actually, I don't wonder, because we know the answer. Islam is off-limits at ICE, the entire Department of Homeland Security, and the whole Bush Administration. If only Chassidic Orthodox Jews or Guatemalan meatpackers had hijacked those plans on 9/11, they'd be set.

In case you wondered, Agriprocessors and the illegal aliens knew ahead of time about the "secret" raid. That's why ICE's Myers originally bragged to others that she'd bring in 700 illegal alien arrests, but instead only 349 were actually arrested and kept in custody. Like I always say, the only party that doesn't know ICE is coming is the public which watches the show raids on TV and doesn't know better.

Oh, and the two rabbis with "expired" visas from Israel didn't know either. One of them actually had a valid visa and was mistakenly arrested. The other, was told by his employer that the paperwork had been renewed. Accidentally, it hadn't been. I'm sure these rabbis, who examine the lungs of dead animals for a living, are a huge, dangerous threat to America's national security. Unlike, say, the thousands of "peaceful" Muslims here on phony religious worker visas (some of whom have been involved in terrorist operations). They pose "zero" threat, right?

Agents told me that one of the Israeli rabbis was asked why he was working here and not in Israel. "Because bombs are falling on my house, there," he told them. Yup, bombs from Gaza . . . you know, the place that other failed American national security policies forced Israel to give up to the "peaceful" HAMAS Muslims who won Bush-sanctioned "democratic" elections.

While many agents sent to Podunkville to conduct the Agriprocessors raid in Postville, Iowa were experienced senior ICE agents, some were far too new. Some agents, I'm told, had only a few months experience in the agency.

And the reason they were sent--and why neither Julie Myers nor John Torres (ICE second in command) nor Marcy Forman were there to pose for cameras--is because they knew the operation was a bust and a joke before it even started.

Just like ICE, itself. One ICE agent at the Postville raid summed it up:

All this--and $10 million--for what amounts to NOTHING except, "I love me" press coverage and spin for those atop ICE.

Just one question: Where do we go to get our $10 million back?

Don't ask ICE Princess Julie Myers. She's busy spending your dimes on her tax-funded vacay to Argentina.

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May 20, 2008

Holiday Weekend Box Office: "Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" Review

By Debbie Schlussel

Let me start by saying that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is my favorite movie (tied with "Blade Runner," another Harrison Ford vehicle). And I didn't think any of its sequels came close. That includes this latest one--27 years later. Too late. It debuts in theaters, Thursday.

When I wasn't dozing off during yesterday's Detroit movie critics screening of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull," I couldn't help but notice that many of the plot points are similar to those in the two "National Treasure" films.

The myth of the lost, underground city made of gold and covered with water, the hidden tomb of treasures, even a giant round levered, pivoting floor that must be balanced by the person standing on it--all of these were in the "National Treasure" original and its sequel. Yet, those films were far more exciting and interesting than the new Indiana Jones sequel, though they pale in comparison to the original "Raiders" movie.


Stodgy and gerontological Indiana Jones is now dull. His long-abandoned void has largely been replaced on the silver screen by Nicholas Cage's starring role in the National Treasure movies. It's true that those movies take place in present, which is not as exciting as World War II and--now, in this Indie Jones flick--the early years of the Cold War. True, Cage doesn't have the level of good looks and machismo that Harrison Ford had in the early Indiana Jones movies. And instead of suavity and brilliance, he's kind of a screwball.

But the 65-year-old Indie didn't do it for me. Neither did the equally stodgy George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and, yes, Karen Allen, brought back--from her new, post-Hollywood life of knitting and selling Indian sweaters in Massachusetts--to co-star in this tired film.

And it wasn't the title character's chronological age that soured me. It was the old, tired, completely absurd quality of this latest script. There was no magic. It all just seemed manufactured. While this movie might have been great and novel in the '80s, in 2008, it's kind of old hat. And there were no cool scenes of Nazis faces melting because they took a prohibited look at the Ark--still a classic scene that stands the test of time from the original "Raiders." There's just no there, there.

The story starts out well enough. Indiana Jones is kidnapped by Russian soldiers who've snuck into America. They're led by Russian agent Cate Blanchett, who does a terrible Russian accent that switches veers too many times back to an English accent. They've gone to the legendary Area 51 military base in Nevada. There they find a crystal skull they've been searching for. It's the skull of an alien being. Legend has it that there's a lost city of gold in Latin America, where other alien crystal skulls are located. Whoever unites all the skulls can possess magical powers, the story goes. When we see this 65-year-old swinging and climbing and jumping--all to thwart Russian commies, it's almost believable.

My favorite scene in the whole movie comes next, when Indie escapes the Russians and finds himself in the middle of a nuclear testing site. The homes and the streets are populated by mannequins, and he saves himself from a nuclear bomb by packing himself inside a refrigerator. That was cool, but even that scene seems borrowed from the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes." And it was all downhill from there, and that was like only 10 or 15 minutes into the movie. And at 2 hours, 4 minutes, the movie seemed to me like 4 hours, 2 minutes. I found it kind of slow.

We find out that Indie has a son with Karen Allen, his old girlfriend from the original Indie flick. Shia LeBeouf plays greaser Mutt (remember, it's 1957, so the "Happy Days" dynamic abounds), but he's kind of boring and too cutesy. If he's being groomed to be "The Next Indiana Jones," fuhgedaboutit. Harrison Ford, in his day, had a certain dynamic in playing the swashbuckling and appealing Indie. Women wanted to "date" him and men wanted to be him. Not even close with the geeky LeBeouf, who's good in other movies, but seemed out of place and a formulaic insert here.

Don't attack me for disclosing this non-spoiler about Indie's son. It's kinda obvious that he's Indie's son from when we first meet him. You don't need to be Einstein or even Professor I. Jones, though everyone seems to get it but this archeological genius that this is his son. We see this "son he didn't know about" gimmick in a lot of the lackluster tired franchises trying to make a comeback. Remember the awful "Superman Returns"?

The rest of the movie is a preposterous mishmash plot involving Indiana Jones, his ex-girlfriend, and their son, trying to thwart the Russians in their race to find the golden underground city in South America. There, amidst Mayan tribesmen, we also meet one of Indie's old mentors who has gone nuts and who is the key to finding the gold city.

I don't want to give any more away about this slow-moving, non-plot of a plot. But I will say this: the scene with the spaceship and the aliens was simply absurd. I was waiting for Richard Dreyfuss and his mashed potatoes (from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") to make an appearance. It was that bizarre. It's simply not a good idea to throw lucite outer space aliens into the mix of something that's supposed to be a believable movie about history and an archeological adventurer.

And one of the last lines of dialogue about how the aliens are going to "the space between spaces" was just too much New-Age BS to keep me from bursting out in laughter.

As for the snakes (there is one prominently placed on the movie poster), you'll only see one in this flick, and it's hardly scary.

There's nothing offensive or objectionable about this latest "Indiana Jones" installment. And the negative portrayal of Russian communists as thugs was accurate and welcome, coming from liberal Hollywood (waiting for a similar treatment on Islamic terrorists). It's fine family viewing.

But it just wasn't a great movie. And given how it started, with "Raiders of the Lost Ark," they don't have much to show for the 19 years they waited since the last sequel.

I liked the ending of the movie. It's what was in between that and the strong start that didn't impress me. "Crystall Skull" simply wasn't even as good as the previous, inferior sequels to "Raiders."

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May 15, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: When Your Public High School is Run by Hezbollah: The Imad Fadlallah Saga Continues - Hezbo Principal Hits Students, Bans Christians

By Debbie Schlussel

In 2006, I wrote about Fordson High School a/k/a "Hezbollah High." The Dearborn high school is the first majority Muslim public high school in America.

And it foreshadows what's to come in America's future as we allow more and more Muslims to immigrate here and refuse to absorb into America and mainstream American culture.

As I noted then, the principal of Fordson Hezbollah High, Imad Fadlallah, is a cousin of Hezbollah spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah--who is on the State Department Terrorist List and who issued the fatwa to Hezbollah terrorists to murder over 300 U.S. Marines and U.S. Embassy officials (among countless other terrorist acts he's okayed).

Hezbollah High: Violent, Bigoted Fordson Principal Imad Fadlallah is Hezbollah Spiritual Leader/Terrorist Mohammed Fadlallah's Cousin

Imad Fadlallah's wife, Susan, is the daughter of Hezbollah-backed Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who was Hezbollah's negotiator during the 1985 TWA flight 847 hijacking during which Hezbollah tortured to death Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem. Before that, he was the head of the Shi'ite Amal Militia, which has been absorbed into Hezbollah.

As I also noted, Fadlallah--a supporter of Hezbollah, like many in his student body--gave students the day off in 2005 and "extra credit" if they campaigned at the polls on election day for candidates endorsed by the extremist Muslim group, Arab American Political Action Committee (AAPAC). AAPAC is headed by Hezbollah agent Osama Siblani, whose brother works for Al-Manara (Hezbollah TV) in Lebanon. Students from Fordson who took the deal were seen campaigning against Christian candidates at the polls, including Christian Arabs.

And then, there's Fadlallah's many extended trips to Lebanon on school time, with the Dearborn school district's full knowledge and approval--including the one close to the time of the Hezbollah-Israel War. Just who was he visiting and what was he doing there?

Well, the Imad Fadlallah saga continues. And it gets worse.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Dearborn School Board meeting. Not much happened, but at the beginning of the meeting, board members were given what was described as "a confidential investigation of a complaint by a Fordson student."

I knew what the complaint was about. It was the reason I was at the meeting. But the complaint wasn't discussed. That might have something to do with the fact that the man who handed out confidential copies of the complaint is John Artis, the man who is retiring as Dearborn Schools Superintendent and who has made a career out of being beholden to extremist Muslims.

The complaint is that Fordson Principal Fadlallah hit one of his students. And it's reportedly not the first time. Apparently, corporal punishment at Hezbollah High is a common behavior. Like the last time he allegedly hit a student, Fadlallah might have gotten away with it. But there was a witness in the room--reportedly another student--and a teacher walking buy his office heard the smack of his hand at the point of contact with the student body. The teacher is not backing down, despite pressure from the Dearborn Schools administration.

And Fadlallah and members of the Islamic community are pressuring the student who was hit and his family. Sources say Fadlallah sent four employees, including allegedly an Arabic translator, to tell the parents to keep quiet or bad things would happen to them and it "wouldn't be good for the (Arab Muslim) Community."

Despite repeated behavior like this and an alleged grade-altering scam, which Fadlallah reportedly oversaw in order to inflate his school's performance), Fadlallah was allowed to keep his job. Dearborn is little Bint Jbeil (the Hezbollah stronghold in South Lebanon), after all.

But that's not the whole story. Fadlallah has replaced a number of employees at Hezbollah High with his hand-picked cronies. His cousin, Majed Fadlallah, is a Vice Principal. A number of Christians have been fired and replaced by Muslims. And it's not a coincidence. He's a religious bigot.

Trey Hancock was an assistant wrestling coach at Fordson for five years. It was a volunteer position, and he enjoyed it as his son--a Fordson junior--is a successful wrestler on the Fordson Wrestling Team. But in his spare time, Hancock--a descendant of great American John Hancock--is a Christian minister. And principal Imad Fadlallah didn't like that, so he fired Hancock in violation of civil rights laws barring discrimination based on religion.

Moreover, Fadlallah made the unconstitutional, illegal fiat that neither Hancock nor his wife were allowed to take part in or assist the team in any way except watching wrestling matches in which their son participated. And they were harassed over that, too.

Hancock has never mixed religion with his wrestling coach position, and there is no evidence to the contrary. But what makes Fadlallah mad is that at least one Muslim wrestler--who was friend's with Hancock's son--on the Fordson team converted to Christianity before he even reached high school. The church, at which the Hancocks minister, helps abused Muslim women who are trying to escape violent husbands and seeking divorces. In short, what he does in his private life--and because what he does involves Christianity--Hancock's civil rights are non-existent at the tax-funded, public school run by relatives of Hezbollah's spiritual leader.

At a recent Dearborn School Board meeting, PTA member and Fordson parent Hussein Berry--also a relative of the Hezbollah-backed Shi'ite Amal Lebanese Parliament speaker Nabbih Berri--objected to Hancock's private website, saying that because he has pictures of himself with the Fordson wrestlers he used to coach, that this is an improper mix of church and state. That's absolute bunk.

ACLU Hassle Free @ Hezbollah High (Fordson High School):
Football Players Say Islamic Prayers @ Tax-Funded Public High School

But it goes on in Dearborn because people do nothing. And because people do nothing, it is spreading to your neck of the woods.

Because Trey Hancock and his wife continued--as is their right--to attend their son's wrestling matches, Fadlallah summarily fired the wrestling coach who was set to retire in another year after 36 years of coaching. We can't have openly Christian parents attending their kids wrestling matches at tax-funded, public venues. Can we? Not at Hezbollah High, apparently.

But, without ACLU lawsuits or interference, we can have illegal, organized Muslim prayer by the Hezbollah High football team. Don't you know?--Under principal Fadlallah, the Constitutional separation is only between church and state, NOT mosque and state.

Next week, Hancock and others from Dearborn will be in Lansing at a meeting with State Representative Fulton Sheen (who represents a distant part of Michigan nowhere close to Dearborn--they have to go outside to get help) and a representative from the Michigan Attorney General's Office. But don't expect the pan-Islamist Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox to do a thing about it. As I've repeatedly detailed, he's in bed with the Imad Fadlallah crowd in Dearborn and helped them cover up and get away with Medicaid fraud for pregnant Muslim illegal aliens.

Fordson High School a/k/a Hezbollah High . . . just a hint of what's to come in America. Imad Fadlallah is the principal of the future because nobody in America is doing anything to stop him.

Remember, in America, violence and religious discrimination cannot and will not be tolerated . . . unless the perpetrators are Muslim.

In that case, anything goes. Sadly, the only thing not going is Hezbollah High principal Imad Fadlallah, who is sitting pretty.

To date, no charges have been filed against him. Predictably, no ACLU lawsuits, either.

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May 09, 2008

What is George Bush Doing in Lebanon? ZILCH to Stop Hezbollahstan

By Debbie Schlussel

This morning, former Bush campaign spokesman, John Truscott, went on a major Detroit radio station to flack and shill for Hezbollah agent and federally convicted insurance fraud perpetrator Ali Jawad, whom the John McCain campaign wisely and swiftly dumped as soon as they learned of his identity.

And it made me wonder on which parallel planet they were living. While this Hezbollah agent and Bush operative together told the pandering, ignorant radio host that Lebanon is controlled by many peoples of many religions who are living together in peace, Lebanon was actually being taken over by Hezbollah through blood, guns, and violence.

Yesterday, Hezbollah captured Beirut. And George Bush did nothing. They will soon have control of the whole country, and Bush will do nothing. In many ways, Bush is to blame for this fiasco, as is Israel.


By invading Iraq and handing it over to Shi'ites, Bush completed the mission that neither Khomeini, nor Ahmadinejad never could. By removing Saddam Hussein and the entire Sunni government structure from Iraq and giving it to Shi'ites who won't hire Sunnis for any government and law enforcement positions, Bush ignited a Shi'ite revival--an extremist revival throughout not just the Middle East, but throughout the world. He created a contiguous, non-stop crescent-shaped Shi'ite region, ruled by Iran and its partner Syria--two terrorist states. And he did nothing to buffer or hinder it.

In one of its darkest days, when Israel wantonly pulled out of South Lebanon in 2000--in just an hour--it started the Shi'ite revival and began the handover of Lebanon, once a Christian Phoenician country, over to Hezbollah. Shi'ite moderates and others who helped Israel keep the peace in South Lebanon feared for their lives. Many left, many others were murdered, and still others were persecuted or had to move away from the South. It taught those peaceful forces of moderation and western influence a lesson: Don't trust Israel, at least not the Israel of Ehud Barak, and since, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert. They threw the good Lebanese to the wolves of Nasrallah and Iran and Syria.

Then, Israel did it again, in the summer of 2006, when the country haphazardly invaded Lebanon, under Olmert--the first Israeli Prime Minister with no real military experience. When a lawyer runs a war, you know you're not in it to win. Olmert could have defeated Hezbollah, had he known how to conduct a ground and air campaign. Or had he even wanted to win.

But, tragically, none of those necessities of war applied to Olmert's malpractice-ridden war. Instead of defeating Hezbollah soundly, which he could have done had he wanted to, he wasted Israeli lives--especially the lives of poor, religious settlers (the ones whose families' homes he took away and continues to). And he emboldened and strengthened Hezbollah for decades and for its current successful bid in finally taking over Lebanon completely, once and for all.

Even under Ronald Reagan, who is given far too much credit for "fighting" terrorism, we were attacked--300 U.S. Marines and civilians murdered while they slept--by Hezbollah, and we did nothing . . . except pull out and run away from the country. We should have decimated Hezbollah then and allowed Israel to clean house.

But instead we ran, and we pressured Israel to do the same, which they ultimately did with the 2000 cut-and-run, now celebrated annually by Hezbollah over there and Hezbollah agents, Osama Siblani, Ali Jawad, and others here in Little Hezbollahstan a/k/a Dearborn, Michigan. The same goes for the Hezbollah torture-murder of Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem on the plane it hijacked, TWA 847, in 1985. He was murdered. We did little or nothing in response.

When Bush pressured Lebanon for more free elections, just as he did in Gazastan, he got the mirror image of the resulting HAMASastan . . . Hezbollahstan. More Hezbollah Members of the Lebanese Parliament were elected where before there was just one, and Hezbollah literally married its alliance with the Shi'ite Amal militia, headed by Lebanese Parliament speaker Nabih Berri. Berri's immediate family is married into Hezbollah. As a result of Bush-Rice engineered elections, Hezbollah gained control of most of the major government ministries, several seats in Parliament, and essentially the slow, complete emasculation of the Fouad Siniora Lebanese government that we now see essentially toppled this week, with the loss of Beirut.

So, now, will George Bush enter Lebanon to end the Shi'ite Hezbollah/Iran Revolution he started? With only 7.5 months left of his administration, not a chance. He blew his capital in Iraq, starting up the revolution that he now can neither stop or even put partially back into the bottle. For all the claimed "Texas swagger," wimpitude and dhimmitude to the Shia Revival is all he shows the scared Cedars Revolution democrats in Lebanon who want to be free of Hezbollah.

While meeting with Assad of Syria and pressuring Israel to give in to terrorists and give them half the state, Bush and Condi Clueless missed the opportunity of a lifetime to finally free Lebanon of Iran and Syria by annihilating Hezbollah. He'd have enjoyed the support in such an effort from Lebanese Christians all over America--the largest and most patriotic group of Arabs in the U.S.--and from his Sunni, Gulf State oil buddies the Saudis and their neighbors, all of whom badly fear and want to put down this Shia rebellion and swath of takeover that now spans the Mid-East.

So, now, Beirut has fallen. And it's long been only a matter of time until the entire Lebanon becomes Hezbollahstan.

But instead of fixing the problem he helped create and expand geometrically, Bush is coasting to retirement and high-paid speeches. And Lebanon is burning.

But this Hezbollah takeover, as I said, is not confined to the Mid-East. I see it on the streets of the Detroit area, where Shi'ite Hezbollah agents like Ali Jawad are neither embarrassed of their criminal records, nor do they shy away from their open support of Hezbollah--a group that willingly killed 300 U.S. Marines and embassy staff and blew up the Jewish Community Center and Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires.

And such is their power that a spineless radio talk show host sees no problem in that. Nor does he see a problem in Jawad's claim that Hezbollah didn't commit the Beirut bombings of Americans. That's a settled question.

But the Shi'ite Revolution that Bush jump-started and which has reached its latest pinnacle, this week, with the takeover of Beirut, has unsettled all established fact.

And it will be a problem for America in the near future that we created and now ignore.

But we will soon learn that was a huge mistake.

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May 08, 2008

ACTION ALERT: When the Guy Running for State Rep. Funded Hezbollah, Took Money From Iran, Helped Enable Medicaid Fraud

By Debbie Schlussel

Many people have asked me about Paul Welday, a Republican primary candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives from the Detroit suburbs of Farmington and Farmington Hills. They know I own the websites PaulWelday.com, .net, and .org.

Knowing his disturbing record, I bought those domain names for the day when Paul Welday ultimately fulfilled his dark dream to run for public office. Now, sadly, that day has arrived.

I have known Paul Welday for over two decades, and he is a political hack who is in the back pocket of Islamists in CAIR (HAMAS front-group, Council on American-Islamic Relations) and an Iranian terrorist group. He's a well-paid lobbyist for a number of organizations that don't have America's best interests at heart (and he's played the other side, trying to get Jewish lobbying money, too).

Paul Welday, Hack: The Islamists' Candidate for the Michigan Legislature

* Paul Welday & Muslim Alien Medicaid Fraud/Islamic Anchor Babies

Welday's brother, Doug Welday, is the Chief Financial Officer of Oakwood Hospital, the hospital raided in 2002 by the FBI for knowingly engaging in Medicare fraud, helping Muslim aliens deliver their children here courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Surprise!--Welday's the lobbyist for Oakwood.

That Medicaid fraud continues to this day, and thanks to Paul's brother (and Paul's lobbying), you continue to pay for this, and these Muslim aliens get American birth certificates and citizenship for their children, which they can sell on the open market. Doug Welday has performed well in conducting Oakwood's "finances" because he continues to perpetrate Medicaid fraud for pregnant Islamic alien women at his hospital and to cheat you, the American taxpayers. Millions and possibly billions of dollars involved.

Oakwood Hospital was never prosecuted for this continuing crime, of which Welday's brother is well aware (in a court, he'd be called a "co-conspirator"). And, sources say, that has something to do with the fact that Paul Welday sat on the Republican selection committee that helped recommend to President Bush candidates for U.S. Attorney and the Federal Bench (Welday raised over $100,000 for Bush). A man Welday helped recommend, U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III, is the only man who can prosecute Oakwood Hospital. And--shocker!--so far Murphy has declined to do so. Yesterday, Murphy had his U.S. Senate Confirmation hearings for the Federal Judge nomination Bush gave him.

You know how political hacks operate: You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. In Welday's case, it's kept his brother in the cushy life and out of prison and lined Welday's pockets with hefty Oakwood "lobbying" fees.

* How Paul Welday Got Millions in Tax $$$ for Hezbollah

Welday has a long past of pan-Islamism. In 2000, I asked him why he got his then-boss, pan-Islamist Congressman Joe Knollenberg--for whom Welday was Chief of Staff--to introduce a bill seeking $268 million for "South Lebanon" a/k/a Hezbollah. He told me, and The Detroit News, that he was doing it at the behest of the openly pro-HAMAS/pro-Hezbollah Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute.

In the end, Welday and Knollenberg succeeded in getting $86 million. All of it went to Hezbollah, and Welday never conducted any oversight. Why would he? His boss received thousands of dollars from Hezbollah agent Nijad Fares (whose father was the Hezbollah-backed Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon) and from the Hezbollah-allied American Task Force For Lebanon, Fares' PAC.

* Paul Welday & His CAIR Buddies

In 2004, I went undercover to a CAIR-Michigan election event. It was open to the public, and I went to see who in Michigan would be appearing and what they would say to get extremist Muslims to vote for them. I was "outed" at the event, but not before most people--including Paul Welday--spoke. For the most part, I wasn't surprised by who appeared and what they said.

I wasn't even mildly surprised when I saw and heard Welday speak on behalf of the Bush re-election effort and told the CAIR crowd that they were the most democratic group of people he's ever seen. And when he morally equated Israelis victims of terrorist attacks with Yasser Arafat, I can't say I'm surprised that this two-faced well-paid lobbyist did so. He thought he was "among (Muslim) friends."

On that day, I decided to buy PaulWelday.com, .net, and .org, because I knew of Welday's dream--and America's nightmare--of his running for Congress, where he still ultimately wants to end up. And, on those site, I wrote up my little "experience" hearing the real Paul, or at least seeing yet another of his many faces. Here's a little taste:

Is President Bush really the anti-terror President?

Then, why was his campaign honcho, Oakland County, Michigan Republican Chairman Paul Welday, praising a HAMAS front-group as having "shown the most commitment to democracy of any group I've ever known"?

And why did Welday (pfw@renaissancestrategies.us) equate Israeli efforts to eliminate terrorists with mass homicide bombings in pizza shops and coffee houses?

Welday isn't just anybody. He was one of the few Bush "Pioneers" in 2000, raising over $100,000 for the campaign. In the important swing State of Michigan, Welday, a lobbyist, regularly appears on Michigan television on behalf of Bush and the GOP.

On Sunday, Welday, appeared on behalf of President Bush (at the White House's and Congressman Joe Knollenberg's request) at the Michigan candidate forum held by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

"Appeared" is a loose term. "Pandered" is more accurate. . . .

In his remarks, Welday, told the CAIR-Michigan audience:

This group - many of you - friends of mine - does a great job of showing the balance of the Muslim community as committed Americans . . . . You have shown the most commitment to democracy of any group I've ever known.

Even more nauseating, Welday went on to equate efforts to fight terrorism with the terrorism attacks themselves. "We need to stop the [Israeli's] sending of missiles into the Gaza Strip. We need to stop the violence on both sides."

Israeli missiles in Gaza were directed specifically--and successfully--at HAMAS and other terrorist leaders. The latest was in response to Palestinian terrorists' murder of two young Ethiopian Israeli boys while they were playing outside.

Paul Welday apparently thinks those leaders deserve to live to continue masterminding their mass murders of women and children eating pizza, drinking coffee, and playing ball. In Welday's world, terrorists and their victims are morally equivalent. . . .


Welday, who hopes to run for Congress, isn't new to the terror-pander industry. As chief of staff to Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R-Michigan), he sought $268 million in tax-funds for Hezbollah-controlled Southern Lebanon, at the request of Jim Zogby of the Arab-American Institute (who also heads up Arab-American Democrats and was a Gore campaign senior advisor). That's almost a million for every U.S. Marine Hezbollah murdered. Welday's boss, Knollenberg, was repaid for this effort, receiving big campaign dollars from Nijad Fares, son of Hezbollah-backed Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares.

Read the whole thing.

* Paul Welday Paid Off by Iranian Terrorist Group That Held Americans Hostage

In September of last year (2007), Welday wrote a guest opinion column in the Detroit Free Press, asking for America to take Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) off the State Department Terrorist List. According to the column, he is a paid lobbyist for MEK's American front group, Iran Policy Committee. But MEK was not only part of Khomeini's Iranian revolution, it took part in the 1979 seizure the U.S. embassy in Tehran and the 444-day kidnapping of U.S. hostages. And in 1991, MEK helped Saddam Hussein murder Shi'ites and Kurds who rebelled.

This is who is lining Paul Welday's pockets.

* How Paul Welday Spent Your Tax $$ . . . @ the Gym

I saw first-hand what kind of "public servant" Paul Welday will be. When he was on the taxpayer dole, as Chief of Staff for Congressman Knollenberg, we worked out at the same gym. I kept track of how I regularly saw him there, working out for hours during the business day on the almost $150,000 per year salary paid for by American taxpayers. Yup, you paid for him to work out. Predictably, when he left Knollenberg to make even more money as a lobbyist, he stopped spending the workday at the gym and got back to his old, corpulent self. Because he was no longer on your dime.



Richard Lerner, a longtime Republican and a strong candidate, is running against Paul Welday in the Republican primary. Unlike Paul Welday, he has spent his life in the private sector as an economist and businessman. Also, unlike Welday, Mr. Lerner is endorsed by local and community leaders and residents, whereas Welday is endorsed by the same old, tired, career hacks, including the anti-Semitic, drunk Brooks Patterson, the "county executive" who has taxed and increased my county government spending geometrically.

I urge you to help him and to donate to his campaign.

Regardless of where you live, if you are a U.S. citizen, you can donate to Richard Lerner's campaign and can give up to $500, the Michigan campaign finance limit. Again, you do not need to be a Michigan resident to donate. This race has important implications for our entire nation.

And, of course, if you live or know anyone who lives in the Detroit suburbs of Farmington or Farmington Hills, Michigan, please tell them to vote for Richard Lerner in the August 5th Republican primary. And tell anyone who lives nearby to volunteer and help out in his campaign.

This is so very important.

We cannot afford for Paul Welday--enabler of Medicaid fraud and friend of CAIR, Hezbollah, and Iranian terrorist group MEK--to get elected to the Michigan Legislature . . . or any legislature.


Posted by Debbie at 12:48 PM

May 06, 2008

How Not to Disprove Your Support for Hezbollah & Other Mistakes by Ali Jawad

By Debbie Schlussel

I've been writing in major newspapers for over two decades. And in that time and the several years that I've maintained this site, I've never once been sued for defamation. That's because I check and double- and triple-check everything I wrote that I independently report. I'm an attorney, and I know what defamation is. I don't engage in it. And my credibility is important. If I don't have solid proof and reliable sources to back up my information, I don't run it.

Over the last 24 hours-plus, I've been inundated by inquiries from reporters and readers regarding my column on Ali Jawad, the Hezbollah agent and federally convicted insurance defrauder who was dumped by the John McCain campaign almost two weeks ago.

It's the usual M.O. from the extremist Islamic community, and I was prepared.

Hezbollah Agents Osama Siblani and Ali Jawad
Whine & Obfuscate Ad Absurdum

In 2003, when--in response to a New York Post column I wrote--the FBI revoked a planned national award to "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, a man who engaged in marriage fraud to stay in the U.S., Hamad and his friend Osama Silbani had a whining press conference. They threatened to sue me--even though they knew they had no grounds, nor plans to actually follow through on what was an empty threat.

Yesterday, Ali Jawad and his close friend, Osama Siblani, Editor and Publisher of the Arab American News held a press conference to claim that everything I've written about Jawad is "untrue" and "rumor and innuendo" and that he doesn't support Hezbollah. But Jawad would not specifically denounce or condemn Hezbollah at his press conference. And having Siblani--who repeatedly, openly praises Hezbollah in mainstream media sources--as the host of the event, doesn't exactly help Jawad's case. It just bolsters the very strong and iron-clad case I've made.

Here are some of Osama Siblani's comments on Hezbollah and HAMAS, which he's repeated on Detroit radio station WJR and on National Public Radio, as well as at multiple Hezbollah rallies at which he's been a featured speaker:

When asked if Hezbollah is a terrorist group, Siblani replies, "No, They are not terrorists. Absolutely not. No. They are freedom fighters."

And what about Hamas? "Freedom fighters as well," Siblani said.

Moreover, Siblani attended a Dearborn meeting described in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah as a meeting of American Hezbollah operatives.


That Siblani hosted and conducted the press conference for Ali Jawad, who is now, suddenly, trying to distance himself from Hezbollah--the group he previously praised--should tell you something.

At yesterday's press conference, neither Jawad nor Siblani would respond to any of the specific charges I've made about Jawad. That's because everything I've written about Jawad is absolutely solid, and he knows it. He can't refute it, so that's why he issued a general, false "It's not true" claim.

I didn't make up the 2002 Detroit News article, in which Jawad praised Hezbollah and said it wasn't a terrorist group. Funny now how he's trying to pretend he didn't say those things. Interesting that he didn't protest this quote attributed to him, when the story ran back in 2002. That's because he said it--that he supports Hezbollah--and he meant it.

And I didn't make up his federal conviction for insurance fraud and the fact that he and his company, Armada Oil Company had to pay over $250,000 in fines and restitution for it. That's not "rumor and innuendo," nor is it "untrue," as Jawad claimed at yesterday's dysfunctional, yet predictable whine-fest.

Also not a rumor is the fact that his co-convict in USA v. Makki et al, Michael Mustapha Makki, is from the Hezbollah Makki family, many of whose members were convicted of smuggling cigarettes for Hezbollah--the same cigarettes he is accused of selling in his gas stations. Makki went to prison for his part in Jawad's insurance fraud scheme. Why him and not Jawad? Draw your own conclusions.

Nor did I make up his two 2003 trips to Lebanon to meet up with his Hezbollah official buddies. I didn't make up the fact that in 2003, Jawad accompanied indicted Hezbollah financier and fugitive Talal Chahine to Lebanon and that they visited Hezbollah strongholds. He told that to the local papers. Was he lying then? I don't think so. But he is lying now by denying his previous descriptions of the trip.

Nor did I make up the fact that in another trip that year, Jawad traveled to Hezbollah strongholds to meet with key Hezbollah officials, accompanied by indicted Saddam Hussein spy Muthanna Al-Hanooti. That was published in a newsletter by Jawad's buddy, the FBI award revokee and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, who orchestrated the trip with him. Did Hamad lie to his own newsletter? I don't think so.

And I didn't photoshop the photo of Jawad with his good buddy, Abed "Abboudi" Bazzi, brother of his other good friend, Hezbollah-backed Lebanese Member of Parliament Ali Bazzi. That's one of the people he's repeatedly met with in Lebanon. This is one of the Lebanese "government officials" he keeps talking about. Indeed.

Also not made up: Jawad's brother's marriage into the Safieddine family, closely related to both the current and heir apparent leaders of Hezbollah. Is he now denying this? No.

So why, after declining to comment, and accepting his fate from the McCain campaign, are Ali Jawad and his band of the usual suspect extremist Muslims who openly support Hezbollah and HAMAS suddenly whining?

Jawad knew for almost two weeks that he was dumped from--or in one of his latest, ever-changing versions of events, quit--serving on the Michigan Finance Committee for John McCain in connection with a Michigan fundraiser. Yet, he waited silently (and declined comment to the Detroit Free Press) for almost two weeks, planning this last-minute phony indignation ambush on John McCain, claiming that what I wrote--all of which he knows to be absolutely true--isn't.

If Jawad was so insulted by the McCain campaign, where was he for the last two weeks? And why did he "quit" on his own, as he claims? If I were unfairly or falsely accused of something, I certainly wouldn't admit it and "quit" (he was summarily cut from the campaign).

Because he knew then I caught him with his pants down (and with his yellow/green Hezbollah underwear showing) and this is just a tactic to hurt John McCain in Michigan. Sour lemons.

Despite his blowhard-fest yesterday,Jawad knows he is guilty as charged of everything I've written about him, just as he was guilty as charged--and pleaded to it--in a federal indictment for insurance fraud. Anybody else would have been ashamed of that. But not Jawad. He's trying to be the Tony Rezko of the McCain campaign. But it won't work. Jawad was cut loose. And John McCain isn't dumb enough to invite him back aboard to sink the ship . . . I hope.

One media report quotes CAIR-Michigan executive director Dawud Walid--another guy who won't condemn Hezbollah or HAMAS and says they aren't terrorist groups--as urging Jawad to sue me. (You know when an organization, CAIR, which the government has identified as an unindicted co-conspirator, attacks you, you're on the right side. CAIR's not in a position to distinguish between terrorists and non-terrorists.)

And Jawad was asked about, but declined to say, yesterday, whether he would file suit. I'm not worried because everything I wrote is true, and, again, he knows it, too. But he also knows, in the event he does file suit against me, I will countersue him for such a frivolous action, and I'll subpoena and discover the heck out of him. I've only written about the tip of his iceberg. He doesn't want to provide me with fodder for more and even more evidence on top of what I already have. Does he?

Most Muslims are not supporting John McCain, anyway. It's common knowledge they are vastly behind Barack Obama. This posturing by Siblani and Jawad and the usual extremist shakedown suspects that McCain will "lose" the Muslim vote over dumping a federally convicted insurance defrauder is not only phony, it's illuminating. It shows their community--or at least the ones who purport to speak for them--not only have no shame, but they openly support Hezbollah (as I've been saying all along) and demand that a Presidential candidate see their way on Hezbollah and look the other way on major federal convictions and insurance fraud.

Guys, thanks for informing us about your community. Nothing I didn't already know. But now the rest of Michigan and the McCain campaign knows.

And just so you know, there are plenty of Arabs and Muslims who've contacted me--who are very happy I enlightened the McCain campaign and got them to dump Jawad.

I received several letters such as this one, from a patriotic Lebanese Arab-American, who read about Jawad being dumped on the Lebanese site, Naharnet. This is the kind of Arab-American we need far more of, as much as we need far fewer Ali Jawads and Osama Siblanis:

I didn't know about your blog until today after I read a Lebanese news website (Naharnet.com) where you were mentioned. I am an American (Lebanese-American), who immigrated (legally) to the USA in 1987.

I was pleasantly surprised to read your blog and noticed that your news about Lebanon are accurate; as well as names and their difficult spelling and pronunciation.

I hope the present US government and future ones keep supporting the pro-western government of Lebanon. That's the only way to stop the wave of Iranian extremism ad their allies.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks. I will. And whining by Ali Jawad and his friends won't stop me. They will only bring me more new readers, like you. Unlike Hezbollah-occupied Lebanon, this is a free country. . . for now.


Reader Bob writes:

They play the martyr card with the best--they whine with their accent, "I love this country. I am an American citizen. This is outrageous how we are treated...." blah blah barf!!!

That's it in a nutshell.

Posted by Debbie at 02:42 PM

The Real Ali Jawad: Meet the Chutzpah-dik Hezbollah Agent John McCain Dumped, Who Now Wants an Apology

By Debbie Schlussel

Over the last two days, Ali Jawad--an open supporter of Hezbollah and a federally convicted insurance defrauder--has been holding press conferences demanding that John McCain apologize to him and invite him back to his campaign. He claims that everything I wrote about him isn't true, but won't refute a single thing I've written because it's all true. I'm writing a longer response to his hilarious, sudden demands, which he waited on for two weeks and is doing now to embarrass and hurt John McCain. But for now, I'm reposting what I wrote last week about who Ali Jawad is. Note that I haven't retracted or changed a single word because it's all true, and you need to know about this chutzpah-dik man with no shame.


EXCLUSIVE: Who is Ali Jawad?: McCain Campaign Dumps Key Hezbollah Agent, Convicted Insurance Defrauder; Feds, MI GOP Should Follow Suit

By Debbie Schlussel

Over the past week, I spent far less time writing for this website than planned. Instead, I spent hours on the phone with John McCain staffers and key supporters in Michigan to right a mistake.

And, unlike the Barack Obama who clings to anti-Semites and terrorism supporters, John McCain did the right thing: He dumped Ali Jawad--an open Hezbollah supporter and key agent of the terrorist group in the Detroit area. Jawad is also a federal insurance fraud convict.


On Friday, I received this written confirmation that Jawad was cut:

From: Danny Diaz - Communications

Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 6:14 PM

Subject: RNC Response

To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Ali Jawad is no longer participating in efforts - whether fundraising or otherwise - on behalf of McCain Victory 2008.

-Danny Diaz, RNC Spokesperson

Danny Diaz

Republican National Committee (RNC)

(Emphasis added.)

Ali Jawad (Standing), Treasury Dept. Terrorism Official Michael Rosen (to Jawad's Right), Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena (Smiling, to Rosen's Right)
"Former" Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad, Ali Jawad, Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for ICE Julie L. Myers, Abed "Aboudi" Bazzi (Brother of Hezbo-Allied Member of Lebanese Parliament Ali Bazzi)

I congratulate John McCain and his campaign because they proved that McCain truly is a maverick and independent of the Republican establishment who brought Mr. Jawad to his campaign. McCain's Michigan and national staff have shown courage in bucking what is a sad trend on the part of the Michigan Republican Party: going for pro-Hezbollah Shiite cash and support. Michigan GOPers took lots of money from Jawad.

Last week, several high-dollar Michigan Republican donors received an invitation to a May 6th $2,300 per head campaign fundraiser. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney are scheduled to attend. The donors noticed the name, "Ali Jawad," prominently listed on the Finance Committee and contacted me, knowing I had mentioned and written about him in the past.

Here are the specifics on Ali Jawad:

Ali Jawad and his company, Armada Oil, were convicted of insurance and mail fraud in federal court and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution and fines. Michael Mustapha Makki, Jawad's co-defendant--also convicted--in the case, USA v. Makki et al, is a member of the Makki family, many members of which were convicted of cigarette smuggling for Hezbollah.

Several sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirm that Jawad sold cigarettes obtained from out of state and avoided paying the exorbitant Michigan cigarette tax he collected, pursuant to the scam. Although key members of law enforcement were aware of this, they were ordered by late, then-Dearborn Mayor Michael Guido not to pursue the matter and to call off their investigation. Mr. Jawad was a major donor to Guido, as was indicted Hezbollah financier and fugitive, Talal Chahine. In 2003, Jawad--originally from the Hezbollah stronghold of Nabatiya--and Chahine, together, accompanied Mayor Guido on a trip to Lebanon, for which they raised thousands of dollars. They visited the Hezbollah-controlled cities of Bint Jbeil and Qana.

Jawad is known as one of the most important agents of Hezbollah in the U.S. He is related (through his brother's marriage into the Safieddine family) to Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and the man Iran has designated as Nasrallah's heir apparent, Hachem Safieddine (currently a member of the 7-member Hezbollah ruling council, the Shurah Al-Karar). The Jawad and Safieddine families have many business dealings together. Both Ali Jawad and the Safieddines own many gas stations throughout the Detroit area. Armada Oil--of which Jawad is CEO--also distributes gas to gas stations throughout the Detroit area.

Jawad isn't shy about his support for Hezbollah. He defended Ali and Mohamed "Mike" Boumelhem, when they were caught by U.S. Customs agents trying to smuggle weapons to Canada and ultimately to Hezbollah. And he told The Detroit News that the terrorist group, which murdered more Americans than any other besides Al-Qaeda, isn't a terrorist group:

Killing innocent people -- we reject that. Hezbollah does not fit this category. It has protected its people.

Translation: The hundreds of Americans and Jews Hezbollah murdered are not "innocent people." Hezbollah protects Shi'ite Muslims, and they're the only ones worth protecting.

In May 2003, Jawad again traveled to Lebanon--this time, with his close friend, FBI award revokee and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, a man who engaged in marriage fraud. Also with them was Muthanna Al-Hanooti, a Ba'ath Party member recently indicted for being a Saddam Hussein spy. Hanooti was a key official of LIFE for Relief and Development, an Al-Qaeda and HAMAS charity raided by the FBI and the U.S. Army.

During that trip, they met with Nabih Berri, head of the Hezbollah-backed Shi'ite Amal militia, who also heads the Lebanese Parliament. Berry was Hezbollah's negotiator for the Hezbollah hijacking of TWA Flight 847 in 1985, during which Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem was trampled to death. Federal agents have long told me that they believe Hamad's annual trips to Lebanon with these malefactors--often including visits to Bashar Assad of Syria--are terror-related trips with money-laundering as a likely purpose.

The alleged purpose of the May 2003 trip was to introduce Berri and other Hezbollah members of the Lebanese parliament to Bachar Sbeiti Kachkouche, then a 3-year-old Lebanese Canadian "child prodigy," who lived in Windsor, Canada, just over the border from Detroit. Hamad and company were purportedly raising money for Kachkouche, allegedly so he could attend Roeper, an expensive Detroit-area private school, college, and ultimately medical school. When you think about it, this is a brilliant scheme. No-one is looking at donations allegedly for the schooling of a gifted and talented toddler, nor at the ultimate destination of the money. And the toddler then gets to traverse the international borders daily. Do you think they'd search this cute, smiling boy or the vehicle in which he was riding on a daily basis? Detroit FBI agents told me they notified Canadian authorities about this scheme.

Roeper School would not confirm whether Bachar Sbeiti is currently or has ever been a student, or whether he is or was ever a scholarship recipient from the school, which would negate the need for private fundraising. Alleged "scholarship" money for Sbeiti was being raised by LIFE for Relief and Development, which was raided by FBI agents in the Detroit-area and the U.S. Army in Iraq. LIFE is believed to fund Al-Qaeda and was openly funding HAMAS' Jordanian operation for several years. Muthanna Al-Hanooti, a top LIFE official was recently indicted as a Saddam spy, and the charity's founder was identified as an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Alleged "scholarship" money for Sbeiti was also being raised by Hamad's ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee). "Donors" were instructed to make checks payable directly to LIFE and ADC. An examination of the federal tax filings for both organizations indicates no outlays for Sbeiti's education or any indication of the ultimate use of monies raised in Sbeiti's name.

But, despite all this, Ali Jawad remains "untouchable," say concerned citizens.

That might have something to do with the tight relationship both Jawad and his friend, the "former" Islamic terrorist Hamad, have with key feds. The photo above shows Ali Jawad at a recent banquet held by Hamad and a Nabih Ayad, a lawyer for Islamic terrorists. Jawad is shown sitting at the head table next to Michael Rosen, a lawyer and policy advisor with the U.S. Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes of the U.S. Treasury Department. To Rosen's right, the man who is laughing is Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena. Previous to his Michigan assignment, Arena was in charge of Counterterrorism for the New York FBI and told the Christian Science Monitor that, in that capacity, his job was to set the public--and agents--straight, after a poll showed 50% of Americans had a negative view of Islam.

Also sitting at the table and shown in the next picture with Jawad and Hamad, are Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Julie L. Myers and Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz. On the far right of the photo, next to Myers, is Abed "Aboudi" Bazzi, a close friend of Jawad. Bazzi is the brother of Ali Bazzi, a Hezbollah-allied Member of the Lebanese Parliament, who is from the Shi'ite Amal militia.

Oh, the company they keep.

Fortunately, John McCain is not also keeping company with Ali Jawad. Unlike these feds, he did the right thing. But several Michigan Republicans haven't.

The list of Michigan Republicans who've taken money from Ali Jawad includes Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, Congresswoman Candice Miller, and Congressman Joe Knollenberg a/k/a "Hezbollah Joe" (who sent $86 million in US money back to Jawad's Hezbo buddies in South Lebanon, to return the favor), U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham (who sponsored the $86 Mill Hezbo giveaway with Knollenberg), Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Cliff Taylor, and former State Rep. and failed Supreme Court nominee Marc Shulman.

On the Democratic side, Jawad gave to reliable pan-Islamist Congressmen John Conyers, David Bonior, John Dingell, and Cynthia McKinney. But as you can see, he's given primarily to Michigan Republicans. And it's a trend Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis shows no willingness to stop. After I pointed out that he tried to recruit pro-Hezbollah Shi'ite Nasser Beydoun to run in 2002 as a Republican for Michigan's U.S. Senate seat, I asked Anuzis whether he would decline in the future to "outreach" to Shi'ite Muslims who support Hezbollah. He would only answer that he would appeal to whomever will vote Republican. And campaign finance reports show he's not turning away this poisonous money, either.

Other than that, Jawad is a major donor to the Dearborn-based, Islamist-dominated Arab American Political Action Committee (AAPAC), run by Osama Siblani--who was identified in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah as an agent of Hezbollah--and Abed Hammoud. Both have compared Israel to Nazis and openly praised "the Hezbollah martyrs" as "freedom fighters." Imad Hamad is also active with the group, as is Nael AbuNab, who was convicted of several felonies for selling cars with fraudulent speedometers. AAPAC's Secretary, Lola Elzein, was removed after I sent a demand letter to Siblani, noting Elzein's multiple, written, obscene, Holocaust-denial death, rape, and torture threats to me, my parents, and grandparents.

So, how did Jawad formerly come to be one of six members of John McCain's Michigan campaign finance committee in the first place? Neither the McCain campaign nor the RNC is saying. Federal campaign finance reports show he hasn't donated a penny to the McCain. Privately, though, some people listed on the invitation are saying Jawad "came over from the Romney campaign." This is interesting, since Jawad also hasn't donated a penny to Mitt Romney, either. Perhaps he was picked because he's a Muslim name.

Or perhaps he was tapped because he was a major donor to Michigan Attorney General Cox. Cox was McCain's Michigan campaign chairman, but resigned last summer, when it looked like McCain's campaign wasn't going to succeed. Now that McCain is the presumptive nominee, though, fair-weather friend Cox is back on board and has his name on the invitation. As a Jawad donee, Cox--who is running for Michigan Governor--played both sides of the war on terrorism.

After he appeared and spoke at a pro-Israel rally, during the 2006 war with Hezbollah, Cox then campaigned at the dinner of the extremist, openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan dinner. And he visited the offices of Jawad's friend Imad Hamad--the openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Michigan ADC--asking what he could do for them. That's not to mention that he lied about and refused to pursue millions of dollars in Medicaid fraud by pregnant foreign alien Muslims perpetrated by the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS).

Cox waited for the last of the Medicaid defrauders to leave the country before he filed a few toothless, token warrants for their arrest, sending out press releases and going on national TV to brag about it. When Cox was contacted by Michigan Republican legislators, upon ACCESS chief Ismael Ahmed's nomination to head the Michigan Department of Human Sevices (overseeing billions in Medicaid), Cox declined to give them any information and was suddenly mum, unlike his effusive "O'Reilly Factor" appearance regarding the topic.

And finally, there is Jim Nicholson, a millionaire Michigan businessman and Michigan Finance Chairman of the McCain campaign. Jawad donated heavily to liberal Republican Nicholson's failed 1996 U.S. Senate bid, and Nicholson's name appears atop the McCain invitation.

Regardless of how Ali Jawad came to the John McCain campaign, John McCain and his people did the right thing and immediately dumped this malefactor, once they learned who he is. When will the feds and the Michigan Republican Party do the same?

And when will Barack Obama follow suit by dumping his many anti-Semitic, anti-Israel foreign policy advisors and supporters?

We know who the real counterterrorism candidate is. And that's why I plan to vote for John McCain. He won't be bought by campaign money. And, in this case, he's saying no to the forces of political correctness and Islamofascism.


Posted by Debbie at 10:44 AM

May 05, 2008

Barbara Walters: The Selfish, Sleeping Dog Who Won't "Lie"

By Debbie Schlussel

This is one of those rare cases where "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" isn't just a figure of speech.

In this case, the female dog who was sleeping around and won't stop talking about with whom she allegedly slept, has the surname of Walters, the first name of Barbara. And she has the very sad, insatiable need at her twilight age of 78 to get more attention.

Walters, in a bid to sell her new 612-page book, "Audition," is pimping out former U.S. Senator Ed Brooke . . . telling the world that she had a long-term sexual affair with him, while he was married to another woman.

Barbara Walters And the Euthanasia of Decency

But the man she's throwing under the bus is 88 years old. He only recently fought off breast cancer and had a mastectomy. He is on the edge of his grave and certainly toward the end of his life. Why is she doing this now . . . or ever? Why is she doing this, other than to sell books and earn for her publishers the $4 million advance she received for this $30 tome of drivel?

And why does a woman, who's made millions each year and is in the wealthiest 1% of Americans, need to ruin this man's life at the end of it--just to sell books and make a few more dollars she doesn't need? Are the millions not enough? Are her inane celeb-filled specials and daily stupid daytime yenta-fest on ABC not enough?


Edward Brooke is a private citizen who has been out of politics and public life for three decades. He has three children and countless grandchildren. They are the ones who will be hurt and embarrassed by Walters' unnecessary TMI (Too Much Information) revelations. The only ones who will benefit from this gossip are Walters, her publisher, and her book agent.

This happened over three decades ago. Why bring it up now?

Other than gossip and selling books, it also appears that Walters wants to show us how "hip" she was because she slept with a Black man. But it doesn't show us her hipness or racial diversity of bed partners. Instead, it shows us what bad taste and poor judgment of character Brooke had because he made the huge mistake of sleeping with this yenta with extremely loose lips and zero sense of decency.

These days, interracial relationships aren't a big deal, and we really don't care about the "implications" the revelation might have had then for their respective careers. Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, Roxie Roker (Helen Willis of the interracial couple on "The Jeffersons") and Sy Kravitz (parents of Lenny Kravitz), and a host of others had relationships. But they didn't pimp each other out for a few million dollars the way Walters has.

Brooke is a fiercely private man. After a divorce in 1978, he publicly decried his dirty laundry being aired in public. Surely, Walters knows that. You'd think that after recently battling serious cancer and moving on from Walters and public life for over three decades, Brooke would enjoy a right to privacy and a right to live his last years in peace. But those two things are now null and void because Barbara Walters, yet again, is showing the world her vulgar personality, he utter lack of class and dignity, and--frankly--her despair that she and the details of her life are no longer important, nor are they interesting.

So, to make them seem interesting, to sell books, Walters is provocatively dishing on this poor octegenarian/soon-to-be-nonagenarian on--where else?--"The Oprah Winfrey Show" (airing Tuesday). It's sickening. One woman of questionable high regard ruining a man's life on the salacious, patronizing show of another woman of even more questionable high regard. This is the double-team nightmare no red-blooded American male ever fantasized about, surely not the classy Ed Brooke.

Walters writes that if her father and sister were still alive, she couldn't have written the book: "It'd be too painful for them, too personal." How exactly does she think it is for Brooke, who is very much alive? Walters writes that she was "embarrassed" and "ashamed" of her mentally-disabled sister. It should have been vice versa.

In news reports of Walters' revelations, Brooke is being called "the Barack Obama of that day." Puh-leeze. Obama doesn't even come close. The only thing they share is skin color. Brooke was a class act--a brilliant liberal Republican whose foreign policy positions, unlike Obama's, were actually pro-American. He didn't hang out with people who bomb the Pentagon and the Capitol, and he didn't hang with supporters of Islamic terrorism or Nation of Islam loons. Or preachers who print the HAMAS charter and hang with Farrakhan and Qaddafi. Unlike Obama, Brooke is a man I'd gladly have voted into the White House.

And for that--and sleeping with a tasteless big-mouth, long past her expiration date--he must now pay.

While the thrice-divorced Walters may think she's revealing something here, the only thing revealed is solely about Walters: that she was a skank before the slang term was born, that she continues to have no class, and that the level of respect and gushing traditionally showered upon her is vastly over-rated and always has been. Nothing new in any of these revelations.

I've never understood the conventional torrent of respect showered on this woman by the world that calls her "a great journalist." This is journalism? We're told she "paved the way." As far as I can tell, yes, she did pave the way for journalists with thick Boston accents and heavy lisps, all one of them. For the rest of us, she paved nothing but Monica Lewinsky interviews and stupid questions about trees. Well, she's tight-lipped about at least one thing: We don't yet know what kind of tree Senator Brooke would have aspired to. Thank Heaven for small favors from this extremely selfish woman.

"Don't kiss and tell" is sage advice, clearly never taught to Ms. Walters. What a shame that in all those hours in "The View" dressing room--while a skilled hairdresser manicly teases the seven hairs left into a faux mass of volume atop her still-scheming scalp--no-one thought to teach Walters that a woman of any substance never tells.

Yes, "never kiss and tell" would have been great advice for Walters. But even more sage advice for prominent men in America would have been, "Don't sleep with Barbara Walters."

At this stage of the game--and, likely, many decades before it--that's a warning most straight American men with eyesight don't need to hear, anyway.

Most of them, except, sadly, then-Senator Brooke.

At age 78, Barbara Walters has shown us that she's shown common sense and dignity the door.

If only she'd gone quietly into the good night. But since she won't--and she's trying to take down a man who deserves to be left alone--it's just time, well past time, for her to go.

Her decency--if she ever had a shred of it--already left long ago.

Posted by Debbie at 11:00 AM

May 02, 2008

About That Op-Ed in Today's Detroit Free Press: WITHOUT My Permission, Detroit Paper Guts My Op-Ed To Remove All Terrorism References to Protect "Former" Islamic Terrorist, U.S. Attorney

By Debbie Schlussel

**** SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE #2 - Free Press Editor Stephen Henderson displays more ignorance and shows more true colors; Now, Islam is a "race." ****

**** SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE - Free Press Editor Stephen Henderson shows his true colors ****

Some of you may have seen "my" Op-Ed column in today's Detroit Free Press. I say "my" in quotation marks because it is NOT MY WORK. I DID NOT WRITE IT. Had I seen the draft of what ran, I'd have said, "DON'T run it." But I did not get that chance.

This whole experience has been very enlightening to me, because it shows me just how much the Freep sees itself as the protector of Islamic terrorists and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad. It's eye-opening. I also shows me the extent to which Free Press editors will go--they lied and made up allegations about me--to keep my opinion from getting exposure. Sorry, guys (and gals), but the Internet isn't owned by you, and you can't stop me.

Detroit "Free" Press: On Guard For Islamic Terrorists, Imad Hamad, & U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy for 100-Odd Years

I can say, without qualification, that I've never ever submitted a comment to the Free Press website. I don't do that. I comment on THIS website. But many of my Detroit-area readers have posted my work or links to it in the comments section of the Free Press site. I have nothing to do with that, and it's beyond my control. The pan-Islamist Free Press news editors don't like that. You can't have another point of view than the one they express that "Islam is peace," etc. But the reason my many Detroit readers--without my involvement or encouragement--post my work or links to it on the Freep site is that they're sick of the Islam co-opted "news" they get from most Free Press reporters.

I feel bad for Stephen Henderson, because I believe he's a good guy who tried to do the right thing. He does try to put in all points of view on his op-ed page. But the PC forces at his paper over-ruled him and put him between a rock and a hard place in running my work. That's standard practice, apparently at the Free Press, and for the Mainstream Media, and why I've had to have my work on what's going on in Detroit run in other papers, like the far more read/far more prestigious Wall Street Journal and New York Post--both more open to many points of view.

And then, there's the standard practice at the Free Press. In February, for example, Detroit Free Press Reporter Dan Cortez initially reported on the Freep website that Michigan State Police detectives and federal agents said that a giant food stamp fraud ring they foiled was likely tied to Hezbollah and that they were investigating that. Those two paragraphs were removed from the story by Detroit Free Press editors Theresa Mask and Ritu Sehgal to protect to the Detroit Muslim community and hide this from readers. And not a single name, of the 18-21 Muslim food stamp fraud ring members, was mentioned in the story.

When I asked Mask and Sehgal why they did this, both responded, "I don't have to answer that. I'm an editor for the Free Press. I don't have to tell you why we removed it." Both hung up. Complaints to their boss, Detroit Free Press Editor Jeff Taylor, their boss, were dismissed. He said the issue "is far more complicated than you think." Um, not really. Whenever they tell you it's "complicated," that's an elitist exercise in camouflaging something that's actually very simple. They just want the protesting "little people" to forget about it and go away.

Henderson says that Detroit Free Press editors tell him that Hamad says I've been "stalking" him. That's interesting to me, since I've never in my life contacted the guy, yet I have many unanswered, creepy e-mails sent to me from Imad Hamad, in which he begs me to meet with him and/or have a "dialogue" with him. While I never responded, he didn't get the message and kept sending 'em. Someone at the Freep desperately needs to consult a dictionary on the definition of stalking. I've been stalked by Hamad, NOT the other way around. Writing about and exposing an Islamic terrorist, which is not stalking. If reporting the facts is "stalking," the Freep editors can rest assured that they are NOT "stalkers," especially not editors Mask, Sehgal, and Taylor.

Here's the e-mail sent to me by Stephen Henderson, Deputy Editorial Editor of the Free Press explaining the PC-whitewash of Islamic terrorism from my piece:

From: Henderson, Stephen shenderson600@freepress.com

Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 5:19 PM

To: Debbie Schlussel

Subject: edited column.

Hey Debbie, there have been some late changes to your column that I need to explain.

We think that, given your recent rather personal run-ins with Imad Hamad on our forums [DS: Again, this never happened. I DON'T comment on Free Press forums. I comment HERE on MY site. But, now, it's official--the Freep is the official guard for Imad Hamad.], it's probably not a great idea to have you commenting on "Islamic terrorists" in your Fieger piece. Frankly, it will only cause you grief and detract from the excellent point you're making about the frivolity of campaign finance laws. Without those comments, you can't even rationally be accused of being anti-Arab or anti-Muslim; any detractors will have to focus on your arguments alone.

I'm sorry for that, and sorry for the late notice, but it's better, in our judgment, to have you avoid commenting on that issue for us.

So I had to do a little surgery with your piece . . . I think it hardly reads any different..

Um, "a little surgery"? More like a heart transplant. No, make that a mastectomy.

To say I'm PO'd is an understatement. But it is instructive, just how occupied by PC and Pan-Islamism the Detroit Free Press pages and leadership is. I abided by the 650-word limit and sent the piece in, early Monday Morning. Then, at 5:19 p.m. yesterday, I was sent a completely different version, which I never saw or approved. I first read it, along with you, this morning.

Compare what I sent the Free Press, with the completely terrorism-whitewashed BS they ran. Here's what I, in fact, wrote, which was set to run until 5:19 p.m. The deleted parts are in bold:

By Debbie Schlussel

Who is a bigger threat to America--Geoffrey Fieger or Islamic terrorists?

If you listen to the feds downtown, the answer is the former.

While soldiers are dying overseas and crime is at its highest levels in Detroit, we are focusing on the extremely dangerous . . . sub-rosa campaign contributions by Fieger to a failed Democratic Presidential candidate?

When FBI agents raided Fieger's offices and his employees' homes, they outnumbered FBI agents who searched for Osama Bin Laden in the caves of Tora Bora. While the U.S. Attorney's Office has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting Fieger, Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse finds that U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III--a Bush nominee to the federal Bench--has one of the country's lowest rates of pursuing terrorist cases referred to him by federal law enforcement agencies, and an even more paltry rate of convictions in the few cases pursued.

Yet, confidential informants and furtively taped conversations at the Fieger law offices surpass the energies in any local federal terrorism case pursued to date. Fieger was pursued with far more vigor and faces far more time in prison than Nada Nadim Prouty, a Hezbollah spy in both the FBI and CIA.

As a conservative, I could not disagree more with Fieger's politics and career achievements--representing Dr. Death and expanding America's litigation explosion. But I appreciate the trial going on at the federal court building as a waste of federal firepower--a politically--motivated burn of resources that won't achieve much for the citizens of the Eastern District of Michigan, regardless of outcome.

Fieger and law partner Ven Johnson are accused of violating federal campaign finance laws and the $2,300 limits they impose on donations per Presidential candidate per cycle. The Justice Department claims that Fieger illegally reimbursed employees for donations to John Edwards to get around the limits.

It's not the first time U.S. Attorney Murphy squandered federal tax dollars on this kind of prosecution. Amongst the accusations leveled at Carl Marlinga--who was ultimately acquitted--were allegations that Marlinga induced some contributors to launder campaign contributions through family members to get around federal limits for his Congressional run.

But these laws are inconsistently applied and anachronistic. That's why Fieger's donations aren't a hot-button issue. Talk radio is not exploding with callers angry about what Fieger and Johnson allegedly did. Wealthy Americans routinely skirt campaign finance limits by legally donating thousands more through their under-aged children. Also legal are the myriad independent expenditure campaigns, which spend millions for and against candidates, whose donors' identities are often murky and unknown until after the election. The same goes for millions of dollars in free campaign publicity Oprah Winfrey gave Barack Obama on the campaign trail, in her magazine, and on her daytime talk show--worth well over the $2,300 limit.

No-one's indicting Winfrey. So, why is the government going after Fieger? Wouldn't it be better if we did away with campaign finance limits? Not that I will ever be able to give anything approaching $2,300 to a candidate. But campaign finance limits drive wealthy donors underground, encouraging them to hide donations through third parties. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Now, more than a decade into the internet age, with instant candidate campaign finance reporting, it's time to do away with Byzantine, anachronistic campaign finance limits and equally backward prosecutions. If Geoffrey Fieger wants to donate over $100,000 to a candidate, let him. So long as there's full reporting, campaign opponents can always use that information against the willing recipient.

Campaign finance rules began after insurance executive W. Clement Stone donated $2 million to Richard Nixon's re-election effort in 1972. Jealous politicians and the loyal opposition balked. And now here we are.

I'm not sure it's so bad if a candidate is "bought," so long as there's full disclosure of who's doing the buying.

Prosecuting Fieger is just "bad priorities." It's the litigation equivalent of digging for Jimmy Hoffa.

That this version didn't run is absurd. But, sadly, I couldn't avoid the PC-police at the Detroit Free Press. And, as I noted, it's not the first time the Detroit Free Press has whitewashed Islamic terrorism out of what you read.

The Detroit Free Press' slogan is "On Guard for [100-odd] Years." Needs to be changed to:

On Guard for Islamic Terrorists and Imad Hamad.

**** UPDATE: Earlier today, above, I wrote that Detroit Free Press Stephen Henderson was a good guy, but based on his responses to some of my readers, I've re-evaluated that assessment. While he was nice to me and told me he wanted to write the piece as is, it appears that he was either not telling me the truth or has changed his story as a stuck response to readers. Either way, instead of defending his paper's absurd PC, pan-Islamist editorial censorship policies, he's attacking me.

Here's an exchange between Henderson and a righteously disappointed reader:

Stephen Henderson:
Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Detroit Free Press
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 2:06 PM

To: Henderson, Stephen shenderson600@freepress.com

Subject: Gutting D. Schlussel op/ed

I didn't think papers changed writers op/ed's anymore.
It's why your industry is a slowly dying one. Too bad, papers used to be about getting information out without bias.
Not anymore!
Good day!


From: "Henderson, Stephen" shenderson600@freepress.com

Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 14:12:13

Subject: RE: Gutting D. Schlussel op/ed

Are you joking? You obviously know nothing about the newspaper business.

EVERY op/ed is subject to editing. Every one. Debbie's was changed less so than any I've touched in the past three weeks.

She is whining about three grafs that were excised, essentially to protect HER from charges that she has some wanton anti-Arab bias that infects everything she writes.

That's what editors DO, my friend, always have, and always will.

Nice elitist, patronizing response. Very defensive, too. Interesting way of elevating a profession that ain't rocket science and telling my readers they "just don't understand."

Um, no, Stephen, editors EDIT. They don't editorialize, unless they, themselves, are writing an editorial or commentary. What Henderson and his editors above did was change the point of view of what I wrote. That's NOT editing. That's writing, in my name, something I didn't say, because they don't want people to read what I really wrote.

Hey, Stephen, whatever happened to those "Sunshine Week" editorials you wrote about the public's right to know everything? As we now know, they were total BS and complete hypocrisy.

One other thing, my writing is NOT anti-Arab. I've praised many Arabs on this site. I write about Islamists, something Henderson would know if he had even the slightest interest in accuracy, which he apparently does not.

Hilarious that a guy who is the deputy editorial page editor of a major newspaper in the heart of Islamic America, still--6.5 years after 9/11--doesn't know that there is a difference between Arabs and Muslims. Hello . . . ?

Still, good to know that he and the Freep see themselves as the guardians of all things Arab. Best to see anything they "report" in that vein, ie., propaganda and advocacy, NOT journalism.

**** UPDATE #2: Hmmm . . . getting more and more examples of responses to readers from an angry Stephen Henderson, op-ed page editor for the Detroit Counterterrorism-Free Press. Boy, was I ever wrong in my assessment that he was a good guy. Thought I was a good judge of character, but you know what they say about exceptions to every rule.

Now, I'm a "racist." Islamic terrorism is a race? Since when? What color are they? Playing the race card--the 2nd to last refuge of a scoundrel; the first refuge of Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson . . . and Detroit Free Press op-ed page editor Stephen Henderson.

Oh, and now Henderson is saying that all terrorists are Arabs. I wrote in the piece about Islamic terrorists. Again, the dude needs a clue on the diff between Arabs and Muslims, which living in the Detroit area is really like knowing how to read at a first-grade level. And again, Arabs--whom I do NOT attack on my site and whom I've praised (Michael Monsoor, Mayor Allan Monsour, Brigitte Gabriel, Edward Masry, etc., etc., etc.)--are a "race"? What an ignoramus.

It's all in this exchange yet another reader, Joe, had with Henderson. Joe says, "Debbie, he claims to be saving you from yourself. Helluva nice guy." Yup, Joe has him pegged. I love his face, all two of them:

From: Joe

Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 4:45 PM

To: Henderson, Stephen

Subject: Debbie Schlussel

Mr. Henderson,

Nice two face you have there, sir. Shmooz Ms. Schlussel, hijack her story and mold it to fit your taste. That should sell papers. You are a discredit to the paper you for. Guys like you are murdering a dying industry.


From: Henderson, Stephen shenderson600@freepress.com

Subject: RE: Debbie Schlussel

To: Joe

Date: Friday, May 2, 2008, 4:48 PM


We excised THREE grafs on a topic that, frankly, she has NO credibility on. [DS: Um, he wishes I had no credibility.]

Her piece got the lightest editing of ANY I've touched in the last three weeks. What a whiner.

Everyone knows she's anti-Arab. . . they would simply have disregarded her very, very strong points about the First Amendment and political prosecution if that other stuff had stayed in.

That is one of the paramount roles of an editor: to save authors from themselves, when necessary. [DS: I don't need saving, but when I do, I'll ask for Prince Charming, not Prince of PC.]

Sorry you think that is "murdering" a "dying" industry. You're just wrong.

As a point of example, take a look at the comments underneath her piece on our website:


No one is trashing Debbie for her well-known racist rants; they're arguing the merits of her argument in the piece. That's not an accident, and owes entirely to the editing we did.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Stephen Henderson
Deputy Editorial Page Editor
Detroit Free Press

So much for Henderson's dumb "We Changed Debbie's Opinion Column to Save Her From Her Opinion on Islamic Terrorists, So No-One Would Attack Her On That" Defense. Check out the Free Report From Thursday, which reported on what I wrote about Ali Jawad's ties to Hezbollah. No comments there attacking me in the way he claims (not that I can't handle it if they did--what am I, a powder puff?):


From: Joe

Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 5:31 PM

To: Henderson, Stephen

Subject: RE: Debbie Schlussel

Maybe the readers that take exception to what she writes about are from the vast Islamic extremist bastion of Dearborn. Maybe they are too blind to assess the threat around them and the importance of the case for our national security. I guess if a lot of people that want more lenient sentences for guilty helpers of terrorist write enough comments in your paper, it just shows the clientele that has become your audience. I'm not one of them. I'm not a sheeple. Your credibility with your extremist supporters is obviously intact. She has gone undercover into mosques and community centers, risking her life for her country. That is credibility.

Her work is on display everyday and credits sources. Just because she's Jewish doesn't mean she's without credibility.


From: Henderson, Stephen shenderson600@freepress.com

Subject: RE: Debbie Schlussel

To: Joe

Date: Friday, May 2, 2008, 5:32 PM

HA! Debbie's detractors are the extremists???? Best laugh I've had all week.

And being Jewish has nothing to do with her credibility. Being a bigot does.

Stephen Henderson
Deputy Editorial Page Editor
Detroit Free Press


Joe's last e-mail to Stephen Henderson sums it up for me:

From: Joe

Date: Fri, May 2, 2008 at 5:38 PM

Subject: RE: Debbie Schlussel

To: "Henderson, Stephen" shenderson600@freepress.com

Boy your living up to the 2 face nick name. On her site she claimed, at first that you were probably not the one to carve up her work because you seemed like a nice guy. Slow day at the dying paper today, huh? You got right back to me in like 95 seconds. There has to be more important anti terror stories out there to expose. Guess that's not your main priority these days. Good job.

Although I did not ask Joe or the other reader who wrote Henderson to write, I think the letters and the responses they got are enlightening, especially to me. Henderson was dishonest with me and played good cop/bad cop, claiming that he did not agree with the views of his fellow liberal Freep editors about my writing. But, with the plethora of immature, baseless name-calling about me, which he's very unprofessionally engaged in with my readers, he's betrayed that claim. And I just have one name to call him: liar.

Joe got the better of this guy and pointed out why the Freep and other mainstream newspapers are losing their appeal and their circulation is nosediving.

Posted by Debbie at 10:09 AM

May 01, 2008

On Holocaust Remembrance Day: "My Father, Of Blessed Memory"

By Mayer Busak/ Translated from Hebrew by H.L. Schlussel, MD, Z"L

[Note From Debbie: Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. This article, "My Father, Of Blessed Memory," originally written in Hebrew by Holocaust survivor Mayer Busak in Israeli newspaper HaZofe in 1991, was translated into English by my own father, of blessed memory, H.L. Schlussel, MD. With the permission of Mr. Busak, my father translated this very moving, sad article about the days in the camps and submitted it for publication to a few different Jewish magazines. He was, sadly, rejected. After my father passed away in September, I was cleaning out his office and found the article, along with a 1991 rejection letter from Commentary Magazine. Silly them.

Although my father was a religious man and Torah scholar, he recognized--and lamented--that the horrors of the Holocaust caused some to lose their faith (though many others survived because of their faith). My father wanted more than anything for the world to read this article, as did its author, Mr. Busak. And I know of no better way to both honor that wish and remember the millions of victims of the Nazis than to print this exclusive English language translation of the article, herein.]


My father, of blessed memory, owned a large metal tool store in the city of Krakow, in Poland. But every day, before he opened his store, he would go, in the early hours of the morning, his Tallis [Jewish prayer shawl] and Tfillin [leather Jewish prayer item] sack under his arm, for morning prayers at his house of study.

And when my father, of penetrating eyes, wrapped himself in his Tallis, his pale, Nazarite face wreathed in his black, brown beard beamed with joy at Dvekus [Jewish concept of clinging to G-d].

I will not dwell here on the great suffering and travail that came to my father during the time of the German conquest, about the loss of my brother and sisters, on my mother being sent off to a factory for the manufacture of chemical weapons. I just want to present a few episodes from my father's last days in the Plashov concentration camp in which we were together.

My father worked in the metal shop in the camp and I in the carpentry shop. We lived in separate cabins. These were the type of large, wooden building that is always enveloped with darkness and mist. In every cabin, there lived about 500 men, that slept in four-tiered bunks made from boards. Between the rows of scaffolding supporting the bunks, there was a narrow passage way.

Every morning before I went out to formation that took place in the central square of the camp, in which the prisoners stood to be counted with their blocks, I would come to my father's cabin to see how he was. I also did this in the evening after work. My father spoke little during the days of the war. From the time that my mother was sent off from the Plashov camp, he actually became mute. Then, one evening, I noticed that for the last few days, my father had been humming and singing a melody that I remembered from the old days, from that distant house of prayer. But the words of the melody were hidden from me, as if they had sunk into the depths of the dark mist. I asked him what this melody was. Instead of an answer, he just waved his hand.

One evening, when I was standing next to his bunk, somebody approached and told the following:

"This morning after the night shift came back from work, the SS man, Green, came into the cabin. He saw Shlomo [Solomon] Goldblatt standing wrapped in his Tallis next to his bed on the end of the row of bunks. The German drew his pistol, he took Goldblatt to a pit near the cabin and shot him . . . It's anarchy . . ." finished the narrator. "I tell you, it is all anarchy." When he finished, the person that had told us of the incident stood quietly in his place, as if waiting for my father's response. But my father did not say a word.

The next morning when I came, as was usual, to my father's bed, the cabin was still enveloped in mist and silence. My father stood next to his wooden bad wrapped in his Tallis and sang and hummed his melody. Suddenly, I remembered. This was the melody from the Yom Kippur prayer that tells about the angels singing praise and asking each other, "Who dwells on high?"

One day, to my astonishment, it was as if my father smashed his silence, and he said:

Among the salesmen from the factories that used to come to my office, at the store, there was one that would always bring up matters of religion in the conversation. During the last period before the war broke out, he would tell about the atrocities in the German concentration camps. In general, he would then add, "and you are a religious man, a believer. Tell me, if He [G-d] exists, why does He permit it. Why doesn't He become involved?" . . . And there were arguments. Yes there was a world of arguments, he in his world and I in mine. . . Yes, it was a world of arguments . . .

And again, my father sank into the silence. Finally, I dared and I asked, "What are you thinking about?"

He answered, "The question of our first father [Abraham] gnaws at me . . ."

I did not know which question he meant.

This happened the night of the Seder of 1943. It was clear that for the Jews of the camp, this was just a date only for recalling memories. It was impossible even to dream about the Passover Seder feast. As usual, I approached the bunk of my father. And behold, from a bundle of old clothes that was sitting on the boards of the head of his "bed," my father took out matzoh [unleavened cracker traditionally eaten on Passover in lieu of bread, which is forbidden during the holiday] wrapped in a white shirt, which he had washed in the wash cabin of the camp. He gave it to me and he said, "East and recite the blessing, 'who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to eat matzoh.'"


I was astonished. - Where did he get matzoh? Then I noticed that the one gold tooth that he had in his mouth was missing.

I asked, "What happened?"

I was afraid that one of the SS men had knocked his tooth out with a blow.

I pulled it out, I sold it. I had the opportunity to send some money with one of the gentiles, to mother. From the rest, I bought a little flour from the camp bakery. I baked a few matzohs on the range in the metal shop and divided them among a few people.

He did not taste the bread ration that was distributed to the Jews every day in camp. He traded them for a few pieces of potato, and he lived on them all the days of Passover. [DS: Jewish law prohibits eating bread on Passover.]

On the 15th of Iyar [month on the Jewish/Hebrew calendar], a "selection" took place among the prisoners of the camp. In the central square of the camp, twenty thousand Jews were stood in their block - men, women, old people, and children. They were commanded to undress and to pass, one by one, by the tables that were set up in the corner of the square. Next to the tables stood the SS men. As each of the naked prisoners passed next to the tables, they stated their number. The SS man took out a card from one of the boxes that were sitting on the table, and cast a glance at the passing individual. With his pen, he made a mark on the card and returned it to the box.

In camp, there was talk that those who had been marked would be sent away soon.

A week after this, the prisoners of camp were called early one morning to formation in the central square. Nobody knew for sure what the reason for the formation was at such an early hour. Just about all of them took with them their bowl and plate in which they received their daily ration of thin soup. Who knew! Perhaps, they would be sent to another camp, and there they would need them. This time, the Jews did not have to undress. With an announcement of the names and numbers, people were separated from their blocks. About 2,000 men and women, young and old, were separated and marched in lines to the freight cars of the train that waited near the camp. That very day, the train arrived at the crematoria in Auschwitz.

The next day, my father's "bed" was empty. Only the bundle of his few clothes were left in its place and next to it, his spoon and bowl. But the Tallis in which he wrapped himself every morning was not there. It appeared he had taken it with him.*

Suddenly, there flashed within me the question of Abraham:

"Can the Judge of the Whole World not do justice?"

[* Jewish males are buried in their Tallis (prayer shawl).]

Posted by Debbie at 02:48 AM

April 29, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Who is Ali Jawad?: McCain Campaign Dumps Key Hezbollah Agent, Convicted Insurance Defrauder; Feds, MI GOP Should Follow Suit

By Debbie Schlussel

Over the past week, I spent far less time writing for this website than planned. Instead, I spent hours on the phone with John McCain staffers and key supporters in Michigan to right a mistake.

And, unlike the Barack Obama who clings to anti-Semites and terrorism supporters, John McCain did the right thing: He dumped Ali Jawad--an open Hezbollah supporter and key agent of the terrorist group in the Detroit area. Jawad is also a federal insurance fraud convict.


On Friday, I received this written confirmation that Jawad was cut:

From: Danny Diaz - Communications

Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 6:14 PM

Subject: RNC Response

To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Ali Jawad is no longer participating in efforts - whether fundraising or otherwise - on behalf of McCain Victory 2008.

-Danny Diaz, RNC Spokesperson

Danny Diaz

Republican National Committee (RNC)

(Emphasis added.)

Ali Jawad (Standing), Treasury Dept. Terrorism Official Michael Rosen (to Jawad's Right), Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena (Smiling, to Rosen's Right)
"Former" Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad, Ali Jawad, Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for ICE Julie L. Myers, Abed "Aboudi" Bazzi (Brother of Hezbo-Allied Member of Lebanese Parliament Ali Bazzi)

I congratulate John McCain and his campaign because they proved that McCain truly is a maverick and independent of the Republican establishment who brought Mr. Jawad to his campaign. McCain's Michigan and national staff have shown courage in bucking what is a sad trend on the part of the Michigan Republican Party: going for pro-Hezbollah Shiite cash and support. Michigan GOPers took lots of money from Jawad.

Last week, several high-dollar Michigan Republican donors received an invitation to a May 6th $2,300 per head campaign fundraiser. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney are scheduled to attend. The donors noticed the name, "Ali Jawad," prominently listed on the Finance Committee and contacted me, knowing I had mentioned and written about him in the past.

Here are the specifics on Ali Jawad:

Ali Jawad and his company, Armada Oil, were convicted of insurance and mail fraud in federal court and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution and fines. Michael Mustapha Makki, Jawad's co-defendant--also convicted--in the case, USA v. Makki et al, is a member of the Makki family, many members of which were convicted of cigarette smuggling for Hezbollah.

Several sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirm that Jawad sold cigarettes obtained from out of state and avoided paying the exorbitant Michigan cigarette tax he collected, pursuant to the scam. Although key members of law enforcement were aware of this, they were ordered by late, then-Dearborn Mayor Michael Guido not to pursue the matter and to call off their investigation. Mr. Jawad was a major donor to Guido, as was indicted Hezbollah financier and fugitive, Talal Chahine. In 2003, Jawad--originally from the Hezbollah stronghold of Nabatiya--and Chahine, together, accompanied Mayor Guido on a trip to Lebanon, for which they raised thousands of dollars. They visited the Hezbollah-controlled cities of Bint Jbeil and Qana.

Jawad is known as one of the most important agents of Hezbollah in the U.S. He is related (through his brother's marriage into the Safieddine family) to Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and the man Iran has designated as Nasrallah's heir apparent, Hachem Safieddine (currently a member of the 7-member Hezbollah ruling council, the Shurah Al-Karar). The Jawad and Safieddine families have many business dealings together. Both Ali Jawad and the Safieddines own many gas stations throughout the Detroit area. Armada Oil--of which Jawad is CEO--also distributes gas to gas stations throughout the Detroit area.

Jawad isn't shy about his support for Hezbollah. He defended Ali and Mohamed "Mike" Boumelhem, when they were caught by U.S. Customs agents trying to smuggle weapons to Canada and ultimately to Hezbollah. And he told The Detroit News that the terrorist group, which murdered more Americans than any other besides Al-Qaeda, isn't a terrorist group:

Killing innocent people -- we reject that. Hezbollah does not fit this category. It has protected its people.

Translation: The hundreds of Americans and Jews Hezbollah murdered are not "innocent people." Hezbollah protects Shi'ite Muslims, and they're the only ones worth protecting.

In May 2003, Jawad again traveled to Lebanon--this time, with his close friend, FBI award revokee and "former" Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, a man who engaged in marriage fraud. Also with them was Muthanna Al-Hanooti, a Ba'ath Party member recently indicted for being a Saddam Hussein spy. Hanooti was a key official of LIFE for Relief and Development, an Al-Qaeda and HAMAS charity raided by the FBI and the U.S. Army.

During that trip, they met with Nabih Berri, head of the Hezbollah-backed Shi'ite Amal militia, who also heads the Lebanese Parliament. Berry was Hezbollah's negotiator for the Hezbollah hijacking of TWA Flight 847 in 1985, during which Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem was trampled to death. Federal agents have long told me that they believe Hamad's annual trips to Lebanon with these malefactors--often including visits to Bashar Assad of Syria--are terror-related trips with money-laundering as a likely purpose.

The alleged purpose of the May 2003 trip was to introduce Berri and other Hezbollah members of the Lebanese parliament to Bachar Sbeiti Kachkouche, then a 3-year-old Lebanese Canadian "child prodigy," who lived in Windsor, Canada, just over the border from Detroit. Hamad and company were purportedly raising money for Kachkouche, allegedly so he could attend Roeper, an expensive Detroit-area private school, college, and ultimately medical school. When you think about it, this is a brilliant scheme. No-one is looking at donations allegedly for the schooling of a gifted and talented toddler, nor at the ultimate destination of the money. And the toddler then gets to traverse the international borders daily. Do you think they'd search this cute, smiling boy or the vehicle in which he was riding on a daily basis? Detroit FBI agents told me they notified Canadian authorities about this scheme.

Roeper School would not confirm whether Bachar Sbeiti is currently or has ever been a student, or whether he is or was ever a scholarship recipient from the school, which would negate the need for private fundraising. Alleged "scholarship" money for Sbeiti was being raised by LIFE for Relief and Development, which was raided by FBI agents in the Detroit-area and the U.S. Army in Iraq. LIFE is believed to fund Al-Qaeda and was openly funding HAMAS' Jordanian operation for several years. Muthanna Al-Hanooti, a top LIFE official was recently indicted as a Saddam spy, and the charity's founder was identified as an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Alleged "scholarship" money for Sbeiti was also being raised by Hamad's ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee). "Donors" were instructed to make checks payable directly to LIFE and ADC. An examination of the federal tax filings for both organizations indicates no outlays for Sbeiti's education or any indication of the ultimate use of monies raised in Sbeiti's name.

But, despite all this, Ali Jawad remains "untouchable," say concerned citizens.

That might have something to do with the tight relationship both Jawad and his friend, the "former" Islamic terrorist Hamad, have with key feds. The photo above shows Ali Jawad at a recent banquet held by Hamad and a Nabih Ayad, a lawyer for Islamic terrorists. Jawad is shown sitting at the head table next to Michael Rosen, a lawyer and policy advisor with the U.S. Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes of the U.S. Treasury Department. To Rosen's right, the man who is laughing is Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena. Previous to his Michigan assignment, Arena was in charge of Counterterrorism for the New York FBI and told the Christian Science Monitor that, in that capacity, his job was to set the public--and agents--straight, after a poll showed 50% of Americans had a negative view of Islam.

Also sitting at the table and shown in the next picture with Jawad and Hamad, are Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Julie L. Myers and Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz. On the far right of the photo, next to Myers, is Abed "Aboudi" Bazzi, a close friend of Jawad. Bazzi is the brother of Ali Bazzi, a Hezbollah-allied Member of the Lebanese Parliament, who is from the Shi'ite Amal militia.

Oh, the company they keep.

Fortunately, John McCain is not also keeping company with Ali Jawad. Unlike these feds, he did the right thing. But several Michigan Republicans haven't.

The list of Michigan Republicans who've taken money from Ali Jawad includes Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, Congresswoman Candice Miller, and Congressman Joe Knollenberg a/k/a "Hezbollah Joe" (who sent $86 million in US money back to Jawad's Hezbo buddies in South Lebanon, to return the favor), U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham (who sponsored the $86 Mill Hezbo giveaway with Knollenberg), Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Cliff Taylor, and former State Rep. and failed Supreme Court nominee Marc Shulman.

On the Democratic side, Jawad gave to reliable pan-Islamist Congressmen John Conyers, David Bonior, John Dingell, and Cynthia McKinney. But as you can see, he's given primarily to Michigan Republicans. And it's a trend Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis shows no willingness to stop. After I pointed out that he tried to recruit pro-Hezbollah Shi'ite Nasser Beydoun to run in 2002 as a Republican for Michigan's U.S. Senate seat, I asked Anuzis whether he would decline in the future to "outreach" to Shi'ite Muslims who support Hezbollah. He would only answer that he would appeal to whomever will vote Republican. And campaign finance reports show he's not turning away this poisonous money, either.

Other than that, Jawad is a major donor to the Dearborn-based, Islamist-dominated Arab American Political Action Committee (AAPAC), run by Osama Siblani--who was identified in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah as an agent of Hezbollah--and Abed Hammoud. Both have compared Israel to Nazis and openly praised "the Hezbollah martyrs" as "freedom fighters." Imad Hamad is also active with the group, as is Nael AbuNab, who was convicted of several felonies for selling cars with fraudulent speedometers. AAPAC's Secretary, Lola Elzein, was removed after I sent a demand letter to Siblani, noting Elzein's multiple, written, obscene, Holocaust-denial death, rape, and torture threats to me, my parents, and grandparents.

So, how did Jawad formerly come to be one of six members of John McCain's Michigan campaign finance committee in the first place? Neither the McCain campaign nor the RNC is saying. Federal campaign finance reports show he hasn't donated a penny to the McCain. Privately, though, some people listed on the invitation are saying Jawad "came over from the Romney campaign." This is interesting, since Jawad also hasn't donated a penny to Mitt Romney, either. Perhaps he was picked because he's a Muslim name.

Or perhaps he was tapped because he was a major donor to Michigan Attorney General Cox. Cox was McCain's Michigan campaign chairman, but resigned last summer, when it looked like McCain's campaign wasn't going to succeed. Now that McCain is the presumptive nominee, though, fair-weather friend Cox is back on board and has his name on the invitation. As a Jawad donee, Cox--who is running for Michigan Governor--played both sides of the war on terrorism.

After he appeared and spoke at a pro-Israel rally, during the 2006 war with Hezbollah, Cox then campaigned at the dinner of the extremist, openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan dinner. And he visited the offices of Jawad's friend Imad Hamad--the openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Michigan ADC--asking what he could do for them. That's not to mention that he lied about and refused to pursue millions of dollars in Medicaid fraud by pregnant foreign alien Muslims perpetrated by the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS).

Cox waited for the last of the Medicaid defrauders to leave the country before he filed a few toothless, token warrants for their arrest, sending out press releases and going on national TV to brag about it. When Cox was contacted by Michigan Republican legislators, upon ACCESS chief Ismael Ahmed's nomination to head the Michigan Department of Human Sevices (overseeing billions in Medicaid), Cox declined to give them any information and was suddenly mum, unlike his effusive "O'Reilly Factor" appearance regarding the topic.

And finally, there is Jim Nicholson, a millionaire Michigan businessman and Michigan Finance Chairman of the McCain campaign. Jawad donated heavily to liberal Republican Nicholson's failed 1996 U.S. Senate bid, and Nicholson's name appears atop the McCain invitation.

Regardless of how Ali Jawad came to the John McCain campaign, John McCain and his people did the right thing and immediately dumped this malefactor, once they learned who he is. When will the feds and the Michigan Republican Party do the same?

And when will Barack Obama follow suit by dumping his many anti-Semitic, anti-Israel foreign policy advisors and supporters?

We know who the real counterterrorism candidate is. And that's why I plan to vote for John McCain. He won't be bought by campaign money. And, in this case, he's saying no to the forces of political correctness and Islamofascism.


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April 24, 2008

Racist Sharia Bankrupts Black Maryland Couple, Shuts Down Their Restaurant

By Debbie Schlussel

I've been following First Islamic Investment Bank a/k/a Arcapita (it's new and sanitized name to hide its Islamic goals) ever since I wrote about its anti-American, pro-HAMAS corporate executive, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi. The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, oversaw the Sharia compliance for the company, specifically the halal nature of food products sold at the Islamic Bank's coffee chain, Caribou Coffee.

After I wrote about Qaradawi's oversight of the Caribou Coffee chain in the New York Post and discussed it on FOX News' "O'Reilly Factor" and MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," Caribou had its worst sales quarter ever and fired its then-CEO Donald Dempsey.

Arcapita Imposes Sharia Racism on America

To combat the bad publicity about this sharia-led company's coffee chain, the Islamic bank hired a Jewish CEO for Caribou, Michael Coles, who gave pay-off donations to buy off Jewish Federations in markets where it had Caribou Coffee stores (including the Detroit and Chicago Jewish Federations). That worked. Soon, rabbis like Rabbi Paul Yedwab of Michigan, and other unelected community leaders like Jay Tcath, who heads the Jewish Community Relations Council of Chicago and Don Cohen, a sleazy then-reporter for the Detroit Jewish News, were giving the "kosher" seal of approval to Caribou in newspaper stories. (Cohen even accepted free coupons from Caribou and served as a marketer for the chain by sending out the coupons in e-mails, urging Jews to patronize the chain.)

The thing is, Arcapita/First Islamic Investment Bank, is owned by Saudi and other Gulf state sheiks, some of whom are believed to have donated to homicide bomber telethons, and one of whom is from the family that owns Al-Jazeera. And Arcapita/First Islamic still employs another Islamic sharia authority with ties to Al-Qaeda.

Now, fast forward a few years, over which I've been following Arcapita. The company threatened to sue a friend of mine for writing about Caribou and repeating what I wrote about its extremist Islamic ties. As his attorney, I wrote a long letter back to Arcapita's lawyer about records and individuals we'd depose if sued. Needless to say, Arcapita's lawyers sent us a quick letter of contrition and went away.

Still, Arcapita has acquired businesses and important installations all over America for its wealthy Islamic sheikh owners. As I've noted, Arcapita recently acquired an energy plant in Texas. And, as I've noted over the years, they continue to own Church's Fried Chicken.

And that's where our story begins. A few months ago, Fred Taub of Boycott Watch, brought to my attention an ongoing federal lawsuit between Marcus and Denise Beasley, an entrepreneurial Black couple, and Arcapita. Their race is important to the story.

I wanted to write about it then, but the Beasleys told Fred they wanted to wait. I deferred to them. Apparently, they've since talked to other parties, because the story is now out.

The Beasleys owned a Church's Fried Chicken franchise. They planned to offer breakfeast dishes, including pork and bacon. But, once Arcapita acquired Church's, Arcapita's strict sharia compliance requirements were foisted upon the Beasley's and they were restricted from selling the breakfast items. They say this is the reason their business failed and that they were driven to bankruptcy. They lost everything, including their home, as a result. In their lawsuit, the Beasleys claim that Arcapita allowed White-owned franchisees to continue to sell the non-halal offerings in their stores.

If this is true--and I imagine they must have some proof of White-owned Church's that sell non-halal meat and poultry--then it is emblematic of a part of Islam that is rarely broached in America: Islam's racist attitude against Black people. We all know what happened in Sudan, and I've written many times over the last decade about how Blacks are called "Abed" (slave, in Arabic) or "Abeed" (slaves) throughout the Muslim world. This worldview is now, apparently, the basis for doing business at Arcapita/First Islamic-owned businesses.

Here are excerpts from the Beasley's story of how Sharia put them into bankruptcy from Black Enterprise/The Baltimore Daily Record:

A Baltimore couple has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Islamic investment bank that owns the Church's Chicken fast-food chain, alleging their franchise failed because the bank's strict adherence to the religious code of Shari'ah prohibited the couple from selling pork.

Marcus and Denise Beasley, who are black, claimed they were treated differently by the bank, now known as Atlanta-based Arcapita Inc., than non-black franchisees who were allowed to continue serving breakfast dishes containing pork after the chain was acquired by the bank in December 2004.

The couple did not benefit from the grandfather policy allowing the sale of pork even though their contract with the chain's former owners, AFC Enterprises Inc., to open a location in Baltimore/ Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport's new terminal predated the takeover and policy change, according to the suit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.

In the lawsuit, which seeks $5 million in actual damages, $5 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages, the Beasleys contend the bank's "stated reason" for disallowing the sale of pork in their case -- they had not yet opened for business - - was "pretextual."

"Arcapita permitted all of the other breakfast franchisees, which were approximately 30 Church's Chicken restaurants, to do so, all of which were owned by persons who are non-African American or Caucasian," the complaint states. "Of the Church's Chicken breakfast franchises that existed when Arcapita acquired the chain, plaintiffs are the only ones who are African American." . . .

Church's Chicken, which serves American Southern comfort food, was founded in San Antonio in 1952 and has approximately 1,500 franchises worldwide, some of which trade as Texas Chicken, according to the company's Web site.

On Dec. 26, Crescent Capital Investments Inc., the U.S. affiliate of Bahrain-based First Islamic Investment Bank BSC, bought Church's, according to the suit. First Islamic changed its name to Arcapita in March 2005, the compliant states.

In April 2005, the Beasleys entered into a sublease with BAA Maryland Inc., the developer of retail and concession space in the airport, to operate their restaurant in the Pier A/B Core Food Court, according to the suit. The franchise's menu, which included pork items, had to be submitted for approval and became part of the sublease, the suit states.

According to the complaint, the Beasleys had been assured they would be receiving the same letter Arcapita had sent to other existing franchisees, which said the parent company would not be collecting royalties on pork products.

But "approximately one week before" the Beasleys' May 18 opening, the suit states, Arcapita informed them that, as new franchisees who had not yet opened, they may not serve pork, which Islam considers unclean.

The restaurant opened on schedule -- but never served pork -- and closed in late July 2006.

Part of the "substantial economic losses" the Beasleys suffered was the loss of their house, according to their attorney, Paul M. Vettori of Kenny & Vettori LLP in Towson.

"As the result of the failure of their business at the BWI airport, they were unable to repay the bank for the loan they took out and the [home] was sold at foreclosure," Vettori said.

I have looked at the pleadings in this case, and based on what I've read, I believe the Beasley's version of events and case against Arcapita is solid. I hope they are victorious.

But, whatever happens in this case, it is an important example of the harms that come from forced sharia imposed upon America: racism, bankruptcy, and extreme financial difficulties.

The Beasley case is only the beginning. Expect much more of this to come as more and more Muslims insert themselves and their mores upon America, because President Bush and future presidents and politicians allowed it to happen.

America, still asleep at the wheel.

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April 22, 2008

The Strange Case of the Alleged Israeli Spy

By Debbie Schlussel

I begin this by saying I am absolutely against spying on America. It's against the law and a betrayal. We are supposed to be loyal American citizens and support our country. We do not spy on it for third parties.

But America, sadly, has a very spotty--and biased--record with regard to whom we prosecute for spying and how tough a sentence we seek in relation to the damage to America's national security.

Jonathan Pollard--a man in very poor health--has been in prison for over two decades for spying for an ally, Israel. Much of the information he gave Israel was info America pledged to give Israel per treaties both countries signed, but which America didn't give. He also was accused at trial of disclosing information to the then-Soviet Union, which we now know was the work of Aldrich Ames. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison.

Accused Spy Ben Ami Kadish
(Photo Tip: Carl in Jerusalem)

Contrast that with Chinese and Muslim spies--including the glaring case of Hezbollah spy Nada Nadim Al-Aouar Deladurantaye Valley Prouty. They spied for America's enemies and, despite the irreparable national security havoc they wreaked, they received light sentences.

Prouty (who was technically not Muslim, but spied for them) will do less than six months in jail, if that, despite giving sensitive info to terrorist groups. Another man, a U.S. citizen with several aliases including Noureddine Malki and Almaliki Nour, served as a translator for our troops in Iraq and tipped off Al-Qaeda insurgents to our troop movements. This resulted in many IED explosion murders of our troops. The man was to be sentenced recently, and prosecutors were only seeking ten years in prison for him.

Now comes the case of Ben-Ami Kadish. Today, this 84-year-old man was indicted and arrested for allegedly spying for Israel . . . over 20 years ago, in 1985. Apparently, he had the same Israeli handler as Pollard, Yosef Yagur.

Kadish, it is claimed, shared nuclear secrets with Israel. (That's strange, since by that time, Israel already had fully developed nuclear weapons.) Also alleged is that he shared info on F-15 fighter jets (which Israel has long since had) and the Patriot Missile (which America gave to Israel during the first Gulf War). In related news, Kadish has also been charged with industrial espionage for sharing Atari and BetaMax technology with Israel in the late '70s/early '80s.

There's the obvious question: Why now? If authorities really believed Kadish was a spy for Israel, why didn't America indict him then--when they went after Jonathan Pollard?

The conventional story is that America always believed there was a second Israeli mole, other than Pollard, and that the key to finding out his/her identity was the handler, Yagur. But Yagur left for Israel when Pollard was caught. If he was going to talk--which he wasn't--he'd have talked then. I find it hard to believe that he, suddenly, went to American authorities and spilled "the goods" on Kadish.

And that's not the case. The indictment details recent surveillance on Kadish and Yagur. So, it's quite obvious the government knew about Kadish for years and has been watching him . . . and doing nothing until now, more than two decades later.

Frankly, I find the case very odd and absurd. If you knew a man spied in 1985, why are you suddenly indicting him now, when he's barely alive?

I'll tell you why.

We are, thankfully, in the last throes of the Bush Administration. After 6.5 years of failing to be the counter-terrorism President and--instead--wasting it on pressuring Israel, Bush and Condi Clueless want to give it one last, brute-force, old school try.

Making Israel look bad--and like it's just another "enemy" that spies on America--is a brilliant PR move. It's a great way to pressure Israel into giving up the store to the Islamic world's favorite football, the Palestinians.

Using a doddering, ailing 84-year-old widower--not so brilliant. Just a shame.

If Ben-Ami Kadish was truly a spy against America--and perhaps he was, he should have been prosecuted . . . in 1985.

Now, it's just ridiculous and reminds me of the FBI digging up a farm to find Jimmy Hoffa (when the oldest available suspect was 93). I can't wait to see the forthcoming excuses about why they waited 23 years.

The government has been pursuing a trumped-up "espionage" case against two pro-Israel lobbyists who worked for the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), for several years now. The case--which has dragged on and on--even has the judge publicly doubting the case.

My view is that, since that case failed to adequately demonize Israel into capitulation, this is the next best thing that's been waiting in the hopper.

And I believe it will go nowhere.

Much worse, the PR campaign for the "Get Israel" crowd is failing in this case on the first day. Carl in Jerusalem has a video report on the indictment. Where's the video of this frail old man being arrested? That is must-see viewing and surely tells all about the validity of bringing this case, so many years later.

It's embarrassing. Which is probably the word that encapsulates this entire non-sensical case.

If he is found guilty, I wonder if he will get the six-months-or-less sentence that Hezbollah spy Prouty will get.

And I'd love to see how much money and resources are being spent on this versus current cases of Muslim spying. We are in the fight of our lives against Islam, and instead, we are using our energies to fight an ally who did something wrong 23 years ago.

What a waste of firepower.


FYI, in case you were wondering about the photo above, Kadish fought for the U.S. and Britain in World War II and that pic is from the Jewish War Veterans, his local post of which, he was the commander. He also fought with the Haganah to help in Israel's founding.

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April 21, 2008

Meet "Qaeda Morgan": Where in this Fantasy is Osama Bin Laden?

By Debbie Schlussel

You've heard of Tokyo Rose. You've seen Hanoi Jane. You've joked about Baghdad Bob.

Now meet Qaeda Morgan.

Osama Bin Laden has found in Morgan Spurlock the embodiment of all the previous enemy propagandists. Except this one has a major film production deal.

The fake-umentary maker who lied about McDonald's in "Supersize Me," lies about Islam, America, Israel, and Jews in "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?" in theaters, this past weekend.


In 2005, Spurlock made a pro-Muslim episode of his F/X series, "30 Days" for which he won predictable awards and accolades from the pan-terrorist Muslim Public Affairs Council and CAIR. I was asked by Spurlock's people to be in it, but I refused and wrote about it in the Wall Street Journal. Carefully orchestrated, Spurlock already decided his favorable conclusion about American Muslims, before he even began filming. He's making the same case for extremist Muslims worldwide in this deceptive movie and working with the same crew of propagandist filmmakers.

In this silver screen version of slant, Spurlock presents Osama Bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda terrorists as animated baseball players on cards and in music videos, and terrorism as some sort of video game. And it is, indeed, all a game to him. His fellow left-winger, vegan chef girlfriend is pregnant with his kid, and he's worried about his kid being born into an "unsafe world." Therefore, feels the need to track down Bin Laden. Whatever. For the first ten minutes of the movie it's all "me, me, me." We watch Spurlock go through myriad stupid counterterrorism training and exercises while donning a wife-beater tank top.

And it's all downhill from there.

In this so-called documentary, the most hostile people are not Muslims, but Israeli Orthodox Jews. The most menacing terrorist threat in Israel is . . . a bikini. Almost all Muslims love America and Americans. They only dislike our foreign policy. They are just like us with the same hopes and dreams for their children, and they almost universally deplore Bin Laden. Terrorists and terrorism are created not by Islam or Bin Laden, but by America propping up pro-American dictators, instead of letting, say, the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt democratically to become the latest Al-Qaeda state. Christians are not persecuted in the least in any Islamic country (except Saudi Arabia).

Oh, and America must force Israel to acquiesce to the Palestinians and give them a state (which they de facto already have) to "take away an argument" from Al-Qaeda. Plus, HAMAS doesn't really have anything against Jews, per se, just Israel. And terrorism--as we were also told by everyone else after 9/11--that's not Islam.


These and other fantasies and Brothers Grimm material make up the crux of Morgan Spurlock's foray into high quality Bin Laden cinema. And although Spurlock's deliberate selectivity and prompting of Muslims to say what they think will please Americans on film, a minor detail he forgot to edit out was very telling and subtly betrayed his message to the few who know better.

In denouncing the fence that Israel has been forced to erect to try to keep Islamic terrorists out, Spurlock shows carefully edited shots of graffiti on the fence that make the Palestinians look sympathetic. The irony of part of the graffiti he showed was lost on him. It was a picture of a young, beautiful Muslim woman in a kheffiyeh with the quote underneath: "I Am Not a Terrorist."

Problem is, that picture, near the Ramallah checkpoint, is a photo of Leila Khaled, a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group. The famous picture of her doesn't include the AK-47 she actually held in the real-life portrait. Khaled, carrying grenades, hijacked TWA Flight 840 in 1969 and tried unsuccessfully to hijack El-Al Flight 219 in 1970 (also with grenades). Even though she failed to hijack the El-Al flight, her hijacking partner shot El-Al flight crew member Shlomo Vider at least five times, seriously wounding him.

As I've noted on this site, Khaled planned the hijacking operation in 1970, which included the successful hijacking of three other planes, and she uttered the code "go" phrase, "Labnah Sandwich," which set off the attack. Details of the hijacking operation are well laid out in the book, "Terror in Black September," by David Raab, which I am currently reading and which will be reviewed soon on this site. Raab was a hostage on one of the flights that was successfully hijacked by Khaled's gant.

One of the reasons Khaled was so attractive was that she had massive plastic surgery to conceal her identity in order to carry out more Palestinian terrorist attacks. Her face has graced pro-Hezbollah rallies in Dearbornistan, and she has the dubious distinction of being the first known female Islamic terrorist.

Now, she's "Not a Terrorist"?

That's symbolic of the lies and fraud throughout this movie. Everywhere Spurlock goes--whether it's Egypt or Jordan or Gaza or the Palestinian Authority or Afghanistan or Morocco or Pakistan, everyone is nice and friendly, hates Bin Laden, and loves Americans . . . again, just not our foreign policy. We are shown a HAMAS city councilman from Gaza, who apparently never read the HAMAS Charter calling for the elimination of all Jews. He claims that he and the rest of HAMAS aren't against Jews. They just don't like Israel. Riiiight.

The only bad places in this movie are Saudi Arabia . . . and Israel. The most hostile people Spurlock encounters in the entire Middle East are ultra-Orthodox Jews in the religious Meah Shearim section of Israel. Unlike the friendly hijab-encrusted Palestinian Muslim women and HAMASniks and even extremist Saudi Arabians (the only Muslims Spurlock portrays accurately), these men won't talk to Spurlock. And he shows endless footage of them refusing his inquiries. Smart men. But, of course, as we know, there are plenty of Israelis who would talk to him. They just didn't make it on film because that wouldn't serve Spurlock's propaganda purposes (but for an anti-Israel far left Israeli journalist, Yair Lapid, whom he briefly interviews). One of the Orthodox men shouts

Get out of here, you filth.

My sentiments on Spurlock, exactly. Great minds think alike.

Oh, and that's after he shows a "frightening" bomb scare in Israel. After showing us the alleged damage Israelis did to Gaza and denouncing the fence bordering it, Spurlock shows us scared Israelis and a robotic team out to defuse a bomb. The "bomb" turns out to be a bikini in a plastic box. Spurlock shows lots of Israelis laughing at the "over-reaction" (to what is often actually a bomb, not a bikini, in Israel), and then starts talking to the robot, inserting C3PO sound effects. Haha, funny.

You get the point. Terrorist "attacks" against Israel are just bikinis and comedy. In contrast, the poor "Jew-loving" Palestinians are prisoners of these bikini-blower-uppers. And then, we are told by Spurlock that, even though giving the Palestinians a state won't end terrorism, we should do it, anyway to "take away an argument" from Bin Laden. Hokay.

And in case you didn't know--just as the Muslim propagandists and Bin Laden say--so does Spurlock. He wants you to know that Israel built the fence between it and the Palestinians, not to protect against terrorists. Nope. He wants you to know that it was

built to expand the Jewish presence in the region.

Hmmm . . . giving up the Sinai, Gaza, many Jewish settlements from which Jews were evicted from their homes in the West Bank. If that's "expanding the Jewish presence," someone got their addition and subtraction confused.

And don't forget: Palestinians hate Bin Laden. Forget about the hundreds of them you saw dancing in the street on 9/11, including that lady passing out candy on the streets of Ramallah and the rest of them honking their horns in celebration of the extermination of 3,000 Americans. That wasn't real. Because Morgan Spurlock, er . . . Qaeda Morgan, says so.

But these poor, peaceful Palestinians, despite their support for terrorism--which we don't see a lick of in Spurlock's whitewash, are "terrorized" by Israeli tanks patrolling the perimeter of Gaza. He implores us:

Imagine living like that and having that come near your house every day.

Um, imagine the tanks not being there and those people rushing through the fence from Gaza to brutally attack and murder Israelis. That's what would happen. He shows a bombed out classroom in Sderot, but doesn't seem to have a clue that the missiles that constantly hit the poor, working class Jewish suburb come from Gaza where those "awful" tanks are patrolling. Hello . . .?

Spurlock interviews Father Nabil Haddad of the pan-Islamist Greek Orthodox Church, who says, "I have no problem [being a Christian] in Jordan. We all worship Allah." That should tell you all you need to know. Christians are particularly oppressed in Jordan, our "moderate" ally. Anyone who says otherwise on camera is living a fairy tale (or worried about living another day if he says the wrong thing). Ditto for Christians, who've been mass murdered and forced to flee their homes throughout the Islamic world. Figures that Spurlock chose not to interview the few Chaldeans left in Iraq, or the few remaining Christians in Afghanistan, Gaza, etc.--all of whom live in fear for their lives.

America is evil, Mid-East Scholar Spurlock tells us, because we propped up the Shah and didn't give the Iranians democracy. Aren't you glad they have democracy now? Spurlock doesn't address the splendid post-Shah, Khomeini-esque consequences. And he interviews many Egyptians who are mad that we support Hosni Mubarak. Because a terrorist-ruled state would be so much better there, right? Spurlock forgot to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood--out of which HAMAS, Al-Qaeda, and Arafat all emerged--is the most popular political group there. Just as he declines to mention and inclines to gloss over so much else. That's what a propagandist does.

This movie--1.5 hours of Al-Jazeera lite--is old hat. We've heard and debunked the myths that dominate this movie, for the last 6.5 years. Ditto for Spurlock's claim that economics drives Muslims to become terrorists. How many times must we point out the rich families from which Mohammed Atta and his 18 colleagues, many Palestinian homicide bombers, and assorted others of the 72-virgin-obsessed club, emanate?

And how many times will our military contine to participate in helping anti-American propaganda films like this. It was bad enough when then-Marine Josh Rushing (who now works for Al-Jazeera) sympathized with the enemy in "Control Room" (the pro-Al-Jazeera documentary). But our soldiers in Afghanistan hang with Morgan Spurlock, risk their lives to take him on interviews with Muslims, and even let him waste a rocket-propelled grenade to see what it's like to shoot one. Why are American tax dollars helping this guy make an anti-American movie?

In the end, Spurlock tells us his pre-conceived conclusion to which he carefully tailors this movie:

We want the same things for our family [as Muslims do]. We [America] create these demons, and we create these visions [of Islamic terrorists] that, you know, are so beyond reality. What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of world do we want it to be?

I want it to be a world where propagandists like Qaeda Morgan aren't funded by Hollywood film producers, and where America stops patronizing celluloid BS like his.

Ironically, Spurlock ends the movie with the Elvis Costello song, "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?"

Unfortunately, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic propaganda isn't funny at all.

It's an outrage.

One more thing: Spurlock doesn't find Bin Laden. Shocker.

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April 14, 2008

So That's Why His Pro Football Career Tanked: Herschel Walker Claims He's the New "Sybil," Even Has "White" Personality

By Debbie Schlussel

I used to think the reason Herschel Walker's NFL career didn't work out was the Heisman curse.

In my view, if you win the Heisman (as Walker did), the odds are your pro football career will be a relative bust. Remember Heisman winner Charlie Ward from Florida State University? His NFL career worked out real well . . . on the hardwood of the NBA. Not shabby, but not football either. Ron Dayne (whom I once tutored when I was a grad student at the University of Wisconsin) was a great running back in college, but in the NFL, he's not as big a star and has been a relative disappointment (though he's fared better than other recent Heismen).

Multiple Heisman Disorder: Herschel Walker is This Century's "Sybil"?

He was possibly the greatest colleged football running back ever. But, now, ten years after a failed NFL career, Walker is telling us that it's not the Schlussel Heisman Curse Theory in action. Instead, it's that he has multiple split personalities. And we're not talking his previous split personality as both an NFL and USFL player (which probably contributed greatly to his failure on the pro grid-iron, just as Doug Flutie's tri-partite career in the USFL, CFL, and NFL did him in).

Nope. Walker is claiming that he has many personalities, including a White guy. His bizarre therapist, Jerry Mungadze (who is Black), claims he can tell the personality is White because of the way he brushes his fingers through his hair, "which only White people do," he told ABC News' "Nightline," tonight.

Sorry, but I'm not buying it. And neither are Walker's former teammates and coaches, none of whom ever saw the White dude or any of Walker's other alleged personalities manifest themselves. It's a convenient excuse, though: I didn't catch that touchdown because that wasn't me. It was that unathletic White guy personality, Al the Cracker. Or: I dropped the ball because that was my stripper personality, Amber, who was looking for a pole, not pigskin.

So, why--after he's disappeared into American obscurity and is only a multiple choice answer to a question in Trivial Pursuit, Sports Disappointment Edition--is Herschel Walker coming out with the Sybill theory?

Well, it might have something to do with that book--out today--that he's pushing. We're in the post-Paris (Hilton) era. People--especially people like Herschel Walker who see in it a second chance at faded stardom--want attention. And bizarre sells. Terry Bradshaw crying and talking about depression? Ho hum. But multiple personalities? Now we're talking. It's hip to be afflicted. And what could be more bizarre than a failed sports star who claims he is many people including a White guy? Well, it doesn't beat the pregnant man story, but it's close enough. Plus, it satisfies the PC "White Men Can't Jump" allegation. A-ha: Herschel Walker stank because he was part White--at least, mentally, he claims.

Even the Farrelly Brothers couldn't dream up this absurd script. And if they did, we'd say it wasn't believable in the least.

And it isn't in real life, either. The only one who seems to believe it--or at least participate in the hoax--is Walker's ex-wife, Cindy Grossman, (does she get larger child support and/or alimony payments if the book does well?) and his "therapist" who sees a bizarre White guy personality behind every visage. Watching Herschel Walker in the ABC interviews, I have to say he's as good an actor as he was a pro NFL player. No Oscars coming anytime soon.

Dr. Mark Levy, a distinguished life fellow at the American Psychiatric Association and assistant clinical professor psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco, says the whole multiple personality diagnosis--now called by the PC-term, "Dissociative Identity Disorder"--is bunk:

"It probably isn't real," Levy said. "Dissociation is real. It occurs after trauma in some people and in psychosis, like schizophrenia. However, I've never seen a so-called multiple personality in 35 years of practice."

It seems the only multiple personalities in Herschel Walker are the split between the fantastic athlete who won the Heisman in college and the one who--while still head and shoulders above the common man in athletic prowess--couldn't get it done once he hit the pros.

It happens.

But "Sybil"--and an alleged White personality who brushes his fingers through his hair--has nothing to do with the lack of touchdowns and rushing yards.

That's the whole nine yards. And that's about as far as this farce will go. For this weird fib, the endzone is nowhere in sight.

This past week, Walker was scheduled to run with the Olympic torch. Question is: Which personality was running with it? Hopefully, not the Tibetan Monk, the slave laborer, or the Darfur victim.

If it was the "White guy," I hope he didn't burn his hair.

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How "Jews" "Celebrate" Israel's 60th in the Obama Era

By Debbie Schlussel

Exactly a month from today, it will be Israel's 60th anniversary of official Statehood, although there has been a Jewish state in Israel for thousands of years. The day is known in Hebrew as "Yom Ha'Atzmaut"--Independence Day. Jews all over the world will be celebrating, even in this day of Obamacide and Jhimmi Cartertude and Olmert "Apartheid" pronouncements.

Or will they? Not exactly the case in Detroitistan. "Jews"--or is that JOOOOS? (hard to tell, in this case)--don't want to upset the Muslims in Islamerica's Ground Zero. So the "celebration" won't exactly be a celebration.

Detroit Jewish "Leaders" Like Robert Cohen Are Embarrassed by Israel's Battle Victories, Find Them "Stressful"
6 Day War:
Israeli Soldiers Recapture the Western Wall/Liberate Jerusalem

A couple of years ago, I told you about Robert Cohen. He's the paid mouthpiece no-one elected to speak for me, and yet he's the "spokesman" for the Detroit Jewish Community. He's also the surrender monkey who sent out a letter "explaining" why he'd continue to pander to the most extremist of Muslims on behalf of me (again, he was on no ballot that I ever cast), just after the same ones marched on Dearbornistan, calling Jews and Israel, "Nazis," and praising their mass murderers--Nasralleh, Fadlallah, Hezbollah, and HAMAS. Cohen's also the guy who attended Hezbollah trainee, Houssein Zorkot's preliminary hearing in Dearbornistan and urged a Dearbornistan rag's reporter to be lenient in its coverage of the guy.

Well, today, it's more of the same. He sent out an article from today's Detroit Newsistan (written by resident pan-Islamist fellatio organ, Gregg Krupa) to his list of fellow Jewish surrender monkey liberals and wimp-owitzes, bragging:

Council worked with [Jewish Welfare] Federation's Marketing Department to place the story below in today's Detroit News.

But here's what's in the article about his Israel's 60th "celebration":

"We are embarking on a yearlong celebration . . .," said Howard Dembs, director of marketing for the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.

"We are also very cognizant of trying to stay away from political angles, the wars and fighting -- all of the things that are so stressful and controversial."

Hmmm . . . why not just forget about celebrating Israel's anniversary at all--you know, to avoid "all of the things that are so stressful and controversial," like the idea of a Jewish state or the State of Israel?

It's BS statements like this that are the reason many of us Jews in North America feel more connected to Israel and America than ever, and more alienated from the organized, self-anointed, self-hating Jewish Community bureaucracy than ever.

We are proud to be Jews. We are proud to be Americans. And we are proud of Israel. These bureaucrats who collect their bloated paychecks from the contributions of Grandma Sadie or Grandpa Moses, are none of the above. And it is, frankly, extremely disgusting.

They used a "marketing" department for this? What were they marketing--Greater Palestine 2008?

I'm not quite sure how Robert Cohen and the Detroit Jewish Federation (the organized self-proclaimed bureaucracy of the Jewish Community) believe Israel was established or how it remained a country. But guess what? No-one said, "Hey, Jews, after killing and progromming and Auschwitz-cooking and Inquisitioning you for centuries, we're finally going to allow you to stay in the country, where you've had a strong presence for thousands of years, so here's the keys."

Israel was established, it was sustained, through not just sweat and tears, but lots of blood. That's right. Israel's existence--its survival--was made possible through wars and fighting and politics, and controversy. To forget the wars and the soldiers who died--who gave their lives for Israel--is to deny Israel's very existence. And to be ashamed of those soldiers and those wars they won--in which they regained Jerusalem and liberated it for 41 years and counting--is to say, we are ashamed to be Jews.

Israel's wars--most of them, anyway--were a source of pride for Jews around the world. They were mostly proud victories. And they told the world, we Jews are not wimps. And we won't be bullied or attacked without a strong, swift response. My late father used to tell me how when he was a kid, gangs stopped attacking Jewish kids on the streets and sidewalks, when Israel won its War of Independence in 1948; how the world respected the Jews, after the victories of the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War. It made him prouder to be a Jew.

Now, these fools--who resemble the Kapos of Treblinka and Bergen Belsen in their pandering to the Muslims of Dearbornistan--are embarrassed by the great Israeli victories that made it a state? They find it "stressful"?


Let's face it, these people like Robert Cohen and the organized Jewish community are ashamed to be Jews . . . even though--through this wimpy attitude--they are the walking worst stereotypes put forth by anti-Semitism.

E-mail Mr. Cohen and ask him why he's so embarrassed about Israel, and why he continues to enable the enemies of not just the Jews, but the enemies of ALL Americans.

People have been saying since 9/11, that the Jews are the canary in the mine. But if Robert Cohen is your canary, he's the one who willingly flies into the cat's mouth . . . and chops himself up first to make for easy consumption and digestion. He is nothing but the malodorous fart that comes out the cat's backside. And the same goes for Howard Dembs and the others who find Israel and its history so "stressful."

Needless to say, I will be absent from Detroit's organized-and-unrepresentative Jewish Community's embarrassed-of-Israel 60th anniversary fest. (But I will be celebrating here with a much larger, more thoughtful audience.)

For me, May 14th will be a bittersweet day. While I know that Israel has 60 official years behind her, you have to wonder with "leadership" like Robert Cohen's and Howard Dembs' mirroring the Olmert "leadership" in Israel, how much longer the Jewish state will survive thereafter.

Welcome to the Obama era, where empty, anti-Semitic, pan-Islamist personalities are more embraced by the Jewish establishment than "stressful" things like Israel's tremendous victories in battle. That's because they're more comfortable in their starring roles as the Captains of Capitulation at a time when America, the Jews, and Israel can least afford it.

Who needs Jimmy "Jimmuh" Carter . . . with Jewish "leaders" like these?

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So, Two Polygamists Walk Into a Bar . . .

By Debbie Schlussel

Well, in this case, neither polygamist walks into a bar (or isn't supposed to, anyway), because their respective religions proscribe alcohol consumption.

But the two polygamists are treated quite differently. And it's all about PC.

I'm talking about the Texas compound that, last week, was raided by authorities, and over 400 kids seized and put in foster homes or shelters with the women from the compound. The area--populated by followers of Warren Jeffs' extremist Mormon splinter group, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--was said to be dominated by men with multiple wives, men who are age 50 and older having sex with teen girls.

Whose "Reprogramming" is Vital to Our National Security: Theirs . . .


Or Theirs? . . .


Press accounts have said that the kids, particularly the girls, need to be "deprogrammed" from this religion, and that it is abusive, polygamist, and unconscionable in its "rapist" behavior toward young teens. Oh, and they dress in quaint, modest clothing. Can you imagine hearing representatives from the state saying this about say, a certain religion whose name begins with an "I" and ends with an "M", with an "S-L-A" in the middle?:

Now, if the state gets its way, hundreds of children could be put in foster homes, in what could be a wrenching cultural adjustment that may require intensive counseling.

"What they are up against is having to deprogram an entire community."

The story is dominating the news, unlike another religion that regularly does the same thing in far greater numbers all over America, and all over the world.

While I agree with all of that--that the behavior and conduct is wrong, you could say the exact same thing about another compound dominated by an extremist religion whose middle-aged men have multiple wives, have sex and kids with underaged women, and are "programmed" to be abused. The compound is called "Dearbornistan" and the religion is Islam.

The only difference: While the behavior of the Jeffs'-associated polygamists is abhorrent, 19 of their fellow co-religionists didn't slaughter 3,000 Americans, and thousands more haven't tried and/or succeeded at other attacks. And millions of their fellow co-religionists haven't professed their love of those who vow destruction of America.

So, tell me, where should the FBI and the federal government be focusing its attention . . . Islamic America or the far minor and less threatening Warren Jeffs' America? They haven't even found the alleged 16-year-old who tipped off law enforcement and made the alleged complaint.

When Muslim women in Dearbornistan, some aged 12 and younger, have kids with 50-year-olds with several wives, authorities look the other way and say "it's okay because they're married 'in the eyes of the mosque,' and this is how it's done in their religion." There was once a statutory rape case involving an underaged Muslim girl who gave birth in Dearborn to the child of a Muslim man decades her senior. But that was the result--the case was dropped because "the mosque says it's okay." And there have been no other cases like it prosecuted in Dearborn.

Two very similar religions . . . two very different treatments by legions of federal agents and the law enforcement policy-makers from above.

I know who needs to be de-programmed and reprogrammed. And it's not just women in bonnets, gingham dresses, and braided, long hair in Texas.

So, how to get the government off the Jeffs' cult followers' backs?

Well, they need to hijack some planes with box-cutters for starters . . . .

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April 07, 2008

More Immigration BS: The ICE Princess Cometh; Intro'd By Illegal Alien ID Proponent; Detroit Chief Hangs With Terrorists

By Debbie Schlussel

Today, at Noon, Julie L. Myers a/k/a "The ICE Princess"--the incompetent chieftess of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)--is speaking to the prestigious Detroit Economic Club.

Oh, and she's speaking in an interesting location, Dearbornistan. Normally, the DEC meets in a large venue in Downtown Detroit. But since Myers has shown a predilection for hanging with "former" Islamic terrorists and assorted terrorism supporters in Dearbornistan--the occasion of her last visit was to fete PFLP terrorist and immigration law breaker Imad Hamad and Hezbollah lawyer Nabih Ayad who sues to stop ICE deportations--the location is appropriate.

It's also appropriate because there simply isn't any interest in hearing Myers speak. Normally, Detroit Economic Club speeches are sold out months in advance to standing room only crowds. But, even in a much smaller venue in Dearborn, hundreds of tickets are still available just under two hours before her "big event."

The ICE Princess (& Mich. Sec. of State Terry Lynn Land):
Comedy Circuit Returns Comes to Dearbornistan
(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

In an extremely symbolic development, Myers will be introduced, today, by Michigan Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land, illegal aliens' best friend in America. Though Myers' agency is charged with stopping illegal aliens from obtaining fake IDs, aliens from all over America traveled to Michigan, where Land insisted on giving illegal aliens valid Michigan Driver's Licenses. For the last five years, despite protests, Land--a Republican who wants to run for Governor--insisted that those who are here illegally have the same right to a Michigan Driver's License as you and me. She was finally forced to stop issuing the driver's licenses to illegal aliens under an opinion issued by the Attorney General's office.

Yup, this is the person that the woman who is supposed to be enforcing our nation's immigration laws is using to introduce her--the woman who made it much easier for illegal aliens to live free and unfettered in our midst.

The phony topic of The ICE Princess' speech:

Enforcement of our Immigration and Customs Laws: Leveling the Playing Field for Law-Abiding Companies

The problem is she's doing none of that. There's very little to none of the "leveling of the playing field." And there isn't a desire to, as her Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz a/k/a "Abu Moskowitz" has done very few raids on employers of illegal aliens. And those that he's done have resulted in the release of many illegal aliens back into the great abyss. A raid in the last two years, for instance, found hundreds of Muslim Fillipino illegal aliens working as contract employees for some of Detroit's largest corporations, including General Motors. Have you seen any indictments of GM or any deportations en masse of these people? No, because many of them were set free, back into the great American abyss. And nothing was done after the raids. It was a waste of time.

And as for many of the other Muslim illegal aliens working in town, especially at Middle Eastern restaurants and other business throughout Dearbornistan, they're off limits. The only restaurants Moskowitz will raid are Asian restaurants in remote parts of the State of Michigan.

That's because he's hanging with these agents of Islamic terrorism in the pic, below. So much for "leveling the playing field," when the man in charge of Immigration enforcement in Michigan and Ohio--the gateways into America for Islamic terrorists and other malefactors--has his enforcement policies co-opted by the company he keeps. Don't expect The ICE Princess to speak to this in her phony utterances at today's Detroit Economic Club speech.

The Company He Keeps: ICE Michigan/Ohio Chief Brian Moskowitz's Buds
(Thanks to David Lunde for Technical Assistance w/This Photo)

In the photo with Moskowitz (far right) are from left, M. Kay Siblani (the former head of CAIR-Michigan, who husband Osama Siblani was identified in Arab newspapers as a Hezbollah agent), Khalil Jassemm (head of terrorist charity LIFE for Relief and Development, which funds HAMAS and Al-Qaeda, and which worked with Saddam Hussein to send Congressman to Iraq), Mohammed Alomari (Executive of LIFE For Relief and Development and partner of Muthanna Al-Hanooti, who was recently indicted for spying for Saddam Hussein), Chip Poncy (a U.S. Treasury Dept. lackey), and "former" Islamic terrorist/FBI award revokee/marriage fraud perpetrator Imad Hamad.

Wonder why the entire U.S. Attorney's Office in Detroit had to recuse itself from the prosecution of LIFE official Muthanna Al-Hanooti for spying for Saddam Hussein and running an oil-for-food scam? It's because people like Moskowitz hang with LIFE's top officials and look the other way as they funnel money to Islamic terrorists targeting our troops and as they fight his own agents and prevent them from doing their jobs in enforcing immigration laws.

Unwelcome to Detroit, ICE Princess. Now, go home.

Until you have officials in the Detroit area who actually care more about enforcing immigration and customs laws than they do about buttering their pita bread, your speech is a joke. And your appearance in Dearbornistan, a comedy of errors.

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April 04, 2008

Jihad Darrell, Hezbo's Fave GOP Congressman: 9/11 "Simply" a Plane Crash

By Debbie Schlussel

I've been on the case of gazillionaire GOP Congressman Darrell Issa a/k/a "Jihad Darrell", since just after 9/11, when he praised Hezbollah as a "humanitarian" group of "farmers" and went to Ramallah to become Yasser Arafat's personal taste tester (not kidding). Since then, Issa's continued to fete the Assads of Syria, the Hezbos of Lebanon, the Fatah-niks of the so-called Palestinian authority, and has called Israel an "apartheid" state a la Jimmy "Jimmuh" Carter. Nancy Pelosi's got nothin' on Jihad Darrell.

That's not to mention Issa's lengthy criminal and marred military record, and the sickening way Issa stole a company out from under his boss and went on to make millions by stealing patents and litigating everyone out of business.

Darrell Issa, Prez of the Bashar Assad Fan Club, American Auxiliary

As readers know, I've repeatedly written about Issa in the New York Post and elsewhere, and the thing that most galls me is the way the GOP gloms onto this guy, rather than disowning him the way they did David Duke in the Reagan days.

But things are changing, and I hope it's a trend.

Last year, after I wrote a NYPost column about the San Diego Republican's bid to become House Republican Policy chief and about his record of pandering to America's Islamic terrorist enemies, the article was circulated among House Republicans. And Issa was defeated by a more than 2-1 margin. Since then, though, top Republicans--like the retiring Rep. Tom Davis--have been pushing Issa for key Republican posts, like budget czar and procurement chief.

But Issa's antics, this week, may finally shut the lid on his ambitions. On Wednesday, Issa called the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America "'simply' a plane crash." He made comments like this in House hearings regarding continuing federal assistance to 9/11 first responders, many of whom are stricken with life-threatening ailments because they inhaled the fumes of the attacks or were otherwise seriously injured.

The New York Daily News reports that Issa

suggest[ed] the federal government had already done enough to help New York cope with "a fire" that "simply was an aircraft" hitting the World Trade Center.

That any American Congressman--no less, a so-called conservative Republican--would say such a thing about the largest, most outrageous attack on American soil, is disgusting.

It's frankly time for Issa to go. Several years ago, Issa--who has ambitions of running for the U.S. Senate and Governor of California--bankrolled the recall petitions against then-Governor Grey Davis. He planned to run for Governor in the recall election, and with his deep pockets, he might have won. But Karl Rove and other Republican bigwigs pushed him aside in favor of Schwarzenegger. And that's because Democrats have been watching what I've written about Issa's support for Islamic terrorists, and they were planning to use it against him. The GOP couldn't afford to blow the golden opportunity of running California, so they demanded he bow out, which he reluctantly did (in a tear-filled speech).

Since the GOP has had several years and ample opportunity to learn Issa's pan-jihadist views, it's about time they asked him to step aside and resign from office, altogether.

They did so with David Duke. And Issa is far scarier, since he has mainstream respect and a following that the fringe-character Duke never had.

If the GOP wants to continue to legitimately attack Congressmen like Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and other far-left Democrats who kowtow to our Islamist enemies on American soil, the party needs to nip their own similar problem child--Darrell Issa--in the bud, once and for all.

I hope Republicans will take the words of two of Issa's GOP colleagues to heart:

"It seems that with the passage of time, something happened along the way where the scope of the problem and the real extent of the problem has not drifted out to California," fumed Staten Island GOP Rep. Vito Fossella. . . .

"New York was attacked by Al Qaeda. It doesn't have to be attacked by Congress," added Long Island Rep. Pete King, a Republican.

"I'm really surprised by Darrell Issa," King added. "It showed such a cavalier dismissal of what happened to New York. It's wrong and inexcusable."

But, since his pan-Islamist antics have been legion since 9/11, none of Issa's actions should surprise these men.


The California congressman who called the Sept. 11 attacks "simply" a plane crash ran for cover Wednesday under a barrage of ridicule from fellow Republicans, first responders and victims' families.

San Diego GOP Rep. Darrell Issa was under siege for suggesting the federal government had already done enough to help New York cope with "a fire" that "simply was an aircraft" hitting the World Trade Center.

"That is a pretty distorted view of things," said Frank Fraone, a Menlo Park, Calif., fire chief who led a 67-man crew at Ground Zero. "Whether they're a couple of planes or a couple of missiles, they still did the same damage." . . .

Lorie Van Aucken, who lost her husband, Kenneth, in the attacks, slammed Issa's "cruel and heartless" comments.

"It's really discouraging. People stepped up and did the right thing. They sacrificed themselves and now a lot of people are getting really horrible illnesses," she added.

Under pressure from all sides, the Golden State pol - who got rich selling car alarms after getting busted for car theft as a teen - pulled a partial U-turn. He issued a statement but cowered from the press. . . .

But he didn't retract his wacked-out rhetoric claiming the feds "just threw" buckets of cash at New York for an attack "that had no dirty bomb in it, it had no chemical munitions in it." . . .

"The sound I'm hearing is him slamming the brakes and going in reverse," crowed Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn-Queens). Issa also belatedly admitted 9/11 was "an attack on America" in his statement.

Thank G-d there wasn't a dirty bomb or chemical munitions on 9/11. The toxic fumes American victims breathed there were harmful enough.

But what's also harmful is that we continue to tolerate outrageous men like Darrell Issa in leadership positions in our government.

Like I said, time for the GOP to tell him where to go.

Thanks to the many outraged readers who sent me tips on this latest deranged behavior by Jihad Darrell.