October 9, 2014, - 12:00 pm

Told Ya So: Conservative S. Ct Justice Said WHAT?! About Muslim Beards

By Debbie Schlussel

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito believes that not only should Muslims be allowed to grow beards in prison, but that jail guards should be required to “comb through them” if they are concerned about security. HUH? When even Alito subscribes to this absurdity, you know we’ve lost the Court–and America–irreparably. And that’s exactly the situation in the case of Gregory Holt a/k/a Abdul Maalik Muhammad, a convert to Islam who trained in Yemeni terrorist camps, who is in prison for life.



Don’t Worry, Be ISIS: Justice Alito Sides with Islam, Terrorists & Abdul Maalik Muhammad Against Prison Security

Several months ago, I warned conservatives not to cheer the Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby, contraception, and ObamaCare. I said it would be used in favor of Muslims to our detriment. And I was right. Holt a/k/a Muhammad used the language of the decision and its expansion of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to his advantage at the U.S. Supreme Court, this week. And ALL of the Justices seemed to be on his side, so I predict they will be unanimous in allowing this dangerous cretin to grow his beard in prison and hide who-knows-what in it.

Yes, this Muslim prisoner’s beard is only a half-inch in length. But tomorrow, another Muslim will argue for an inch in length or three-quarters of an inch, long enough in which to hide a razor blade. In fact, a blade can be fashioned that is less than half an inch.

And what does Justice Alito say about that? Well, he’s got a “fabulous” solution: prison guards will have to comb through the beards to find out if there is anything in them. He says that the prisons can force the inmates to do the combing, but you know they won’t be thorough, just like we know O.J. Simpson faked that the gloves didn’t fit. So, the guards will end up being the ones doing the combing . . . if they want the prisons to remain secure. Yeah, that’s the ticket: force guards to become at once cosmetology school interns and put themselves in unnecessary proximity to dangerous Muslim prisoners in the process.

The justices turned to the question of whether Muslim prisoner Gregory Holt’s half-inch beard could threaten the security of the Arkansas prison system. No, most of the justices appeared to conclude — but they worried that the next cases might involve longer beards or other religious demands, with no end in sight. At what point, several of them said, should a state’s security interests surmount a prisoner’s religious rights? . . . Read the rest of this entry »

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October 8, 2014, - 6:37 pm

Stephen Collins: Molestation Charges End Acting Career, But Now He Can Start a Religion of 1.8 Billion

By Debbie Schlussel

Stephen Collins’ acting career may be over, but now he can start a religion. A child molester is worshiped by billions. And if you dare talk about him, you could face death.

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Attn, Stephen Collins, Time To “Revert”: Mohammed Took a Child Bride & Many Muslims Like Faiz Mohammed, Above, Emulate Him (w/ 11-Yr-Old Ghulam Haider)

The whole pop culture world is abuzz over an audio tape released by TMZ in which Collins allegedly admits to a therapist that he exposed himself, molested young girls, and had them touch his penis. But I don’t understand why America is so intolerant of this pedophilia. After all, weren’t we told we are not allowed to “judge” a religion of 1.8 billion followers, Islam, founded by a violent guy who, at age 50, took a six-year-old and had sex with her just a few years later? (They argue that Mohammed didn’t have sex with Aisha until she was age nine, which makes that just soooo much more appropriate, right?) I mean, you can’t even draw cartoons about that child molester and live to tell about it.

I think it’s time for Collins to make a career shift . . . or convert to the Religion of Peace, Bacha Bazi Boys, and Child Brides. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 8, 2014, - 6:01 pm

Sukkot 2014: To My Friends & Readers . . .

By Debbie Schlussel

Tonight at sundown, the Jewish holiday of Sukkot begins (and ends next week–it lasts seven days, and then there are a couple of one-day holidays tacked on after the end). I’ll be posting one or two more things tonight, and I have several newsworthy things I’ve written in advance, which will be posted during my absence on Thursday and Friday. Per usual, it’s stuff you won’t read anywhere else, including my movie reviews (“The Judge,” “The Green Prince,” etc.). So stay tuned.


Various Versions of Sukkahs/Sukkot

To my Jewish friends and readers, I wish you a “Chag Sukkot Kasher v’Sameach”–a Kosher and Happy Sukkot Holiday. For my gentile readers, here’s an explanation of the holiday:

Sukkot is one of my favorite Jewish holidays because it’s a cool fall, outdoorsy holiday. Here’s some information about Sukkot, from a previous post:

Sukkot (also called Sukkos, Succos, or Succot) is called Tabernacles in English. It is one of the three Jewish harvest festival holidays, and we commemorate the Jews’ temporary existence (and temporary dwellings), while wandering in the Sinai desert [and subject to the will of G-d and the weather conditions imposed by Him].

To do so, Jews build temporary huts (called “Sukkot” for plural) outside their homes. They decorate the Sukkah (singular of the word) and eat all meals there during the holiday. (My father used to sleep in it, too, occasionally. Said it was very refreshing.) It is very fun for kids because they help decorate the sukkah, and also visit other Sukkot in the neighborhood, eating candy and other treats there, sort of like on Halloween (but no tricks or treats, and it’s way more spiritual). My late father used to make his special drink for visiting kids, Vernor’s Ginger Ale, mixed with powdered Nestle’s quick and a generous splash of Rich’s Coffee Rich (sometimes he substituted Faygo Rock & Rye soda (we call it “pop” in Michigan) for the ginger ale). Read the rest of this entry »

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October 8, 2014, - 4:18 pm

Famous But Incompetent: FBI Needs Your Help Identifying ISIS b/c They’ve Got Nothin’

By Debbie Schlussel

So, now, the FBI is asking your help in identifying the American-sounding ISIS beheader in videos. You know why this is happening, don’t you? The agency’s got nothing. They know nothing. They are clueless. Just as they were with the Unabomber’s identity. That’s why I and many others call them Famous But Incompetent. If the shoe fits . . . .



In fact, the Unabomber murders and acts of terrorism are exactly like the situation here: an embarrassing expose on how useless, and incompetent the FBI is. The only reason we know today that the Unabomber is Ted Kaczynski is that his brother turned him in for the reward money. Otherwise, the Unabomber, today, would continue his murderous, enviro-crazy acts of terrorism. Yet, the FBI considers “identifying” the Unabomber as one of its great achievements in the last 100 years of its existence, and put items from the “investigation” in its museum and exhibits elsewhere.

Do you really think some Muslim terrorist’s family is going to turn him in to the FBI for $10,000? Think again. (Even Ted Kaczynski’s bro got more.) They support what he did and what he does. They are committed Muslims. That’s what they do. They won’t turn him in.

And don’t look to the FBI’s recent “gets” of an upstate New York convenience store Muslim and a Chicago Muslim teen as any sign of achievement or law enforcement glory. Both of those suspects who sought to join ISIS were idiots who were set up by FBI informants. They were entrapped (though legally so), lured into it because they had the America-hating Islamic mind to do so. (The FBI does this because it wants to stand on the “lone wolves” BS theory on Islamic terrorists and avoid looking into the wolf pack and its leaders in mosques and Islamic schools and institutions all over America.) The real ISIS terrorists in and from America are not that stupid, and they go about their jihad business undetected until it’s too late. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 7, 2014, - 5:57 pm

DUMB: Michigan Man Prosecuted for Hugging Customers (But It IS Inappropriate)

By Debbie Schlussel

I don’t like when people I barely know try to hug me instead of a handshake. It violates my space and it’s creepy to me, but I know that most of them mean no harm. I certainly wouldn’t file a police report over it. But that’s what happened to Fred Civis. And I feel for the guy. He’s a cashier at a grocery store who has worked there for 39 years. Or was. He was fired AND charged with assault and battery for hugging a customer.


I agree with the choice to fire him, although I feel for anyone who loses his/her job, especially a cashier for 39 years who is age 57 and is faced with a tough situation economically. But he was warned several times by the employer not to hug customers, and he persisted. This is bad for business. On the other hand, it is a small town area where everyone knows everyone, so perhaps he felt too comfortably familiar with customers. Still, the man should not be prosecuted for assault and battery. Really? From a hug?

In August, supermarket clerk Fred Civis was arrested and fired from his job of 39 years after a customer he hugged reported him to the store and police. Many in town have rallied behind the popular cashier, launching a boycott that has slowed business at Plumb’s Valu-Rite Foods. . . . Read the rest of this entry »

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October 6, 2014, - 5:54 pm

Michael Savage Attacks Jews, Yom Kippur, Israel; Praises Islam, Muslims

By Debbie Schlussel

Why is Michael Savage attacking Judaism and religious Jews and praising Islam and Muslims?



Last week, on the eve of Yom Kippur, Savage attacked Judaism, mocked the Jewish fast day, and made fun of Jewish prayers. At the same time, he continued his phony tune that he’s had for at least a month, in which he continues to call Islam “one of the world’s great religions” and insists that ISIS isn’t Islamic and is just a perversion of Islam and not anything like what most Muslims believe, when it is exactly that. He’s also said that Israel is behind ISIS, and in that he thinks just like the conspiracy theorist Jew-haters that populate the Islamic world.

When I was on Michael Savage’s nationally syndicated radio show a few times, several years ago, my late father was dismayed. He warned me that Savage was a self-serving, egomaniacal nut who was all over the map and didn’t make sense. Well, per usual, father knows best. As I told you a while ago, Savage went off the deep end, long ago. He turned into nutty Alex Jones with a New York accent. He’s frequently had on openly anti-Semitic commentators, such as Paul Craig Roberts, who insisted–without disagreement from Savage–that Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton are “neocons, who all have dual Israeli citizenship.” Roberts also blamed all of America’s foreign policy problems on the Jews, with no disagreement from Savage. Do I need to tell you that is absolutely false? Do I need to tell you that this is the same kind of hokum you’ll hear at the David Duke Fan Club Klan Kostume Kontest? Who needs Mel Gibson, when you have the “Savage Nation”? Read the rest of this entry »

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October 6, 2014, - 8:59 am

Gone Brain: VIDEO – Moron Ben Affleck vs. Bill Maher on Islam

By Debbie Schlussel


None of the things argued in this video by Bill Maher or Sam Harris are news to us. I’ve been saying those things on Islam for decades, well before 9/11. But it’s great to see more of the real Ben Affleck, who doesn’t get it on Islam. His new hit movie, “Gone Girl,” should probably be called, “Gone Brain,” in honor of him. I guess he forgot those Marathon bombers in his native Boston (or that some 9/11 hijackers flew from there)–hmmm . . . what religion were they? The fact that Affleck directed the movie about the American hostages in Iran (who were imprisoned for 444 days by MUSLIMS), for which he won an Academy Award, is disgusting. The guy doesn’t get it.



If there is any justice, Ben Affleck’s two daughters and son will convert to Islam and the daughters will wear burqas or niqabs.

Complete bleepin’ idiot. If he were captured by Islamic terrorists, they’d take great relish in beheading this idiot. And the world wouldn’t be worse off.


By the way, note the Black guy–former GOP national chairman Michael Steele–serving as an apologist for Islam along with Affleck, pretending that somehow the “moderates” in Islam are some silent majority who “don’t get the [press] coverage” that the terrorists do. Another complete bleepin’ idiot. And, yes, this hip-hop-lovin’, Islamo-pandering moron was running the national Republican party. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 3, 2014, - 4:27 pm

Yom Kippur Holiday/Fast: To My Readers & Friends . . .

By Debbie Schlussel

Tonight, the Jewish fast day of Yom Kippur begins at sundown (and ends at nightfall on Saturday Night). It’s a day of atonement for our sins and a day full of prayer to G-d*, asking for forgiveness and a good year.


Israeli Soldiers & Other Jews Praying @ Israel’s Kotel (Western Wall)

Yom Kippur is one of the holiest Jewish holidays, at the end of which we believe our fate for the next year is “sealed” by G-d. We believe that on Rosh HaShanah, that fate is written by Him, and on Yom Kippur, He issues His final Judgment. This is Judgment Day.

On Yom Kippur, we fast and pray for about 25 hours to ask G-d for a good year. Before the fast, we eat a big, sumptuous meal, which expands the stomach and makes the fast more difficult. During the holiday, there are strict prohibitions: no food, drink, shower, sex, TV/radio, phone, etc. the whole day, which is mostly spent at synagogue. The idea is that you are removing yourself from worldly and material concerns and focusing on deeper, far more important, spiritual ones, the most important of which is repentance for your sins. We also don’t wear leather shoes, as back in the day, those were a luxury of the wealthy, and the holiday is not about ostentatious or material displays, but about humble requests before G-d. My comfy ASICS GT-2000s await my feet.

I am going to faster services tonight and tomorrow (no sermon or fundraising for Jewish causes, as is the usual), and so in the little free time that I have, I plan to read some books on Jewish American history, including some books written by Jewish American soldiers serving in World War II and Vietnam and how they observed Judaism while fighting for America. While we “deprive” ourselves of food and drink for just over 25 hours on this Jewish holy day, I’m sure I’ll read of real deprivation in the books I’m going to try to read.

Last year, on this holiday, I read part of a book I got on the life of an American Jewish soldier who was captured and spent time as a prisoner in a Nazi internment camp during World War II. It’s called, “A European Sojourn 1943-1945 An Autobiography Pvt. Frederick O. Scheer Serial No. 14118781: As Recounted to Rear Admiral William O. Miller J A G C USN (Ret.).” From Eatonton, Georgia, Pvt. Scheer was captured shortly after the D-Day invasion, and he spent the rest of WW2 as a Prisoner of War in Germany. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 3, 2014, - 3:21 pm

Wknd Box Office: Gone Girl, Equalizer, Annabelle, Boxtrolls, Hector & the Search for Happiness, Skeleton Twins, Kelly & Cal

By Debbie Schlussel

Because of the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShanah, I didn’t get to my movie reviews last week–my apologies–so some of the movies I’m reviewing today are from last week, including “The Equalizer” (which I wasn’t able to see until after the holiday).





* “Gone Girl“: This is based on the very popular, New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. And even though the book is primarily popular among women, don’t fool yourself into thinking this is a chick flick. It’s anything but. It’s a thriller full of twists and turns even a jaded veteran might not predict. And I credit author Gillian Flynn–who wrote both this script and the original novel–for showing that women can be just as evil and cretinous as the men that anti-male Hollywood and the chick lit cabal portray. I’m not a fan of far-left, elitist Ben Affleck, who stars as Nick, the husband accused of murdering his wife. But he is probably perfect for this role as your run-of-the-mill jerk now fighting criminal accusations.

This thriller is quite faithful to the book, but per usual, the book is far better than what nearly 2.5 hours can show on film. Also, don’t believe the hype that the ending of the movie is different from that of the book. It isn’t. If you read the book, the movie won’t be much of a surprise for you. But if you didn’t, it’s very entertaining, if a little more graphic sexually and bloodwise than I recall from the book (which I read a long while ago). There is a lot of press about Ben Affleck in brief full-frontal nudity, but thankfully I don’t recall that unwelcome image–probably another “pearl” of BS to feed the hype over this. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 2, 2014, - 5:23 pm

MUST READ: Obama’s America Deliberately Glib, Naively “Optimistic” on Ebola

By Debbie Schlussel

Obama and the rest of our LINOs (Leaders In Name Only) are wildly, recklessly “positive” and glib on the potential for destruction by Ebola in America.

While I don’t agree with this guy that America doesn’t spend enough on public health (we spend way too much and it’s wasted) or that we need to send more money and troops to Africa (no, we need to spend more energy and deliberate action on tightening our borders and slowing immigration–but we’ll never do either), everything else in this excellent op-ed in today’s USA Today by David J. Dausey is SPOT ON regarding Ebola and other similar disease. “Think positive” is NOT a solution and won’t keep us safe. Dausey is dean of the School of Health Professions and Public Health at Mercyhurst University. Much of this won’t be new to those of us paying attention, including the facts about mutation, etc. (Ebola may have already mutated on U.S. soil. We’ll never know until it is too late.) But this is a cogent, comprehensive, and concise statement of the incompetence of the Obamaniks on this problem. The headline of this piece in the print editions of the paper was better: “Naive Optimism Won’t Protect You From Ebola: Politicians Downplay the Real Risks.”

Same as It Ever Was (Follow Me on Twitter) . . .


Even after the arrival of Ebola in Texas, the national dialogue in the United States remains naive, overly optimistic and full of misleading assurances from elected officials and public health experts. What the public needs to know and understand is this: Ebola is a deadly virus and like all viruses it can and will mutate and change.

Right now the disease only spreads from person to person by bodily fluids but there is a possibility that could change and the disease could become airborne. If it does, we could face a public health challenge like we haven’t seen in this country since smallpox or polio. Worse yet: even if Ebola doesn’t mutate, there is a good chance that some other novel infectious disease that we know about now (or will find out about in the future) will cause a pandemic and result in a significant loss of life. The public needs to be cognizant of these real and present dangers to calibrate their expectations about the limited capabilities of our health care and public health systems and to increase our community resilience to deal with these threats. Read the rest of this entry »

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