August 7, 2014, - 2:33 pm

How FOX News & Megyn Kelly Got Duped by a Fake “Human Shield” Muslim

By Debbie Schlussel

If you watched Megyn Kelly’s FOX News show last week or many of the posts and coverage across the net, you probably saw video of a woman who Megyn Kelly told you was used as a human shield by the Palestinians. The thing is, the story is fake and the woman, Hanan Qahwaji Tudor a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel,” is a fraud who is really a Palestinian Muslim (with a lot of disturbing things in her past and present). She was NEVER a human shield for the Palestinians and, in fact, she IS a Palestinian Muslim who has for many years paraded as an oppressed Maronite Christian, a very lucrative business (Cha-ching!).


Megyn Kelly Duped by Hanan Qahwaji Tudor a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel,” Palestinian Muslim Con Artist Who Fabricated Claims About Being a “Human Shield”

If FOX News or Kelly had done even the most basic research or fact-checking (and this blatantly shows that they don’t), they’d have known that 1) the Palestinians did not use human shields at the time that Tudor/”Gabriel” claimed to have been used as a human shield (1975-76) and they did not fire rockets or other weapons from populated areas (including where Gabriel lived) at that time; and 2) the Palestinians were nowhere in the area of Lebanon where she lived–Marjayoun and Qlaya’a–at that time. Further, Tudor/”Gabriel” claimed she was in a bomb shelter at the time. But there weren’t even any shelters in the area at the time. Major Saad Haddad started his movement (the Free Lebanon Army) in 1975 (it became the SLA or South Lebanon Army in 1983), and there was Israeli presence in the area. The Palestinians and other terrorists were far, far away on the outskirts of the security zone during that time. But Kelly declared, “You were a human shield,” anyway. A complete lie without a single shred of evidence because there isn’t any. It’s a total fabrication. In fact, in Lebanon, it was Hezbollah that first began using human shields (at the U.N. school in Qana in 1996) during the Israeli operation “Grapes of Wrath,” well after the phony, Tudor/”Gabriel” was gone from the country. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 7, 2014, - 10:55 am

Top ABC Execs Contacted Schlussel for “The View” Co-Host Position; NY Daily News Blurb

By Debbie Schlussel


You may have seen this blurb, below, in the New York Daily News a couple of weeks ago about ABC, “The View,” and me. (I didn’t see it until a few days ago, so I’m late to my own story.)




Conservative columnist and talk-radio host Debbie Schlussel says she’s in the running to join Whoopi Goldberg on “The View.” “I would challenge a lot of the people on the show,” she tells The News’ Reuven Blau. “Whoopi always tells people that the Redskins name offends a lot of people. I would tell her that as a Jewish-American, (her) using the last name ‘Goldberg’ mocks Jews. I would ask her if she’s going to change her stage name.” Schlussel says a producer contacted her about the job on July 2. “It was really out of the blue,” she adds.

Yes, it is all true (and the fact that Whoopi Goldberg insists the Washington Redskins team must change its name “because it offends people,” yet she won’t change her offensive stage name–I’ve written about this on this site several times). Late on July 2nd, top ABC executives contacted me for consideration for “The View,” the morning yenta-hag-fest of which I’ve been critical many times over the years. As you may have heard, the show is in the ratings dumps, and the network is looking to revive it with new “conservative” and Latina co-hosts to debate issues with Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell. I am not going to give the names of those who contacted me and with whom I spoke because I don’t need to 1) help the competition and the professionally jealous; 2) help my enemies and naysayers; and 3) make these people hate me because of unwanted contact from others. Here is the e-mail they sent me:

Date: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 9:23 PM
Subject: Re: Meeting with ABC
To: “” Read the rest of this entry »

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August 6, 2014, - 8:59 am

Pro Tennis Screws Israel Again: Cancels Israel Open – Tennis Apartheid Reigns

By Debbie Schlussel

The people who run the major pro-tennis groups never miss an opportunity to screw Israel, and now they’ve canceled the Israel Open tennis tournament set to take place in late September in Tel Aviv. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) claims this is about safety and security, when we all know that a tennis tournament held in Israel would be the safest and most secure tournament in history. You are far more likely to be killed or subject to a terrorist attack at Wimbledon or the U.S. Open than in Israel. 9/11 didn’t happen there nor did the Tube bombing.


Over the years, I’ve told you of many instances of Tennis Apartheid against Jews and Israel (see here, also). And this is just the latest instance because Jews all over the world continue to tolerate it and patronize pro tennis anyway.

As I’ve told you before, ATP would not allow an audience when the Israeli team played Sweden in the Davis Cup in Malmo. That’s because they couldn’t guarantee security from the Muslim mobs in the city, but they didn’t cancel the competition, as they are doing with the far safer Tel Aviv. And, as I noted, ATP refused to cancel tournaments in Qatar, Dubai, and other countries that discriminate against Israeli Jews and Jews with Israeli stamps in their passports, refusing to allow them to play in their Open tournaments (see the links above). The only player with any balls to refuse to play in protest was the great Andy Roddick, who pulled out of the 2009 Dubai Tennis Championships over its apartheid policy against Israeli Jews, and he’s now retired. The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, refused to do anything with regard to the women’s tournaments in those countries and continued to play, even though Venus sits on the board of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and could have done something.

Pro Tennis is very political, and its politics are anti-Semitic. It’s just that simple.

The ATP regrets to announce that the inaugural Negev Israel Open in Tel Aviv, Israel, will not take place in 2014 due to security concerns arising from the military conflict in the region. The Negev Israel Open had been set to become the first ATP World Tour event in Israel since 1996. The tournament, previously hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia, had been due to take place from 15-21 September. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 5, 2014, - 4:06 pm

Muslims Did WHAT During Ramadan? The Only Job Available to Christians in Iraq Now

By Debbie Schlussel

While American military personnel sent back to Iraq to protect the U.S. Embassy and officials from ISIS were ordered not to drink alcohol or to eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan, the Muslims don’t exactly observe their religious traditions the way our Armed Forces were forced to. In fact, Muslims snuck around during Ramadan to get a taste of their beloved, forbidden alcohol (which is forbidden always in Islam, not just during Ramadan). Yup, they are phonies, but preach against us and our decadence. They like their Johnnie Walker even more than they like their Johnnie Walker Lindh. And if you are Christian, selling alcohol is the only job available to you, even though it can be deadly. (Hey, aren’t you glad Bush “liberated” Iraq from one group of Muslims who hate us to another who hate us and persecute Christians more?) Check out this report that ran last night on National Palestinian Radio a/k/a NPR:


Listen to the report:

Or read it:

After a long, hot month of fasting, Baghdad is springing back to life now that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is over. But that doesn’t mean it’s just restaurants and shops that are reopening: Baghdad’s liquor stores are also back in business. Along Saadoun Street, the sidewalk in front of a strip of liquor stores looks like a big block party — lots of young men decked out in new clothes, buying booze. It can get pretty rowdy here. There’s not a woman in sight, and a lot of the men are drunk. In one dark corner, someone’s passed out on the pavement. Soheil, who owns one of the stores, says he had to close early on the first night of Eid — the celebration marking the end of the Ramadan — because it got so crowded. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 5, 2014, - 2:06 pm

9th of Av: Jewish Fast Day Marks Day of Many Tragedies from the Temple to the Holocaust & Hezbollah

By Debbie Schlussel

Today is Tisha B’Av, meaning the Ninth of Av, a Jewish fast day which marks tragedies that happened on this day throughout Jewish history, primarily the day of the destruction of both of the Jewish Temples in Jerusalem, the eternal Jewish capital.


To my fellow Jewish friends and readers who are fasting today as I am, I wish you an easy fast. To my gentile readers, Jewish fasts are not the wimpy Ramadan BS. We do not eat or drink for 25 hours, and it’s harder on hotter summer days (and I’m thankful the temperature is only in the mid-to-high 70s here in Detroit, today–during past fasts, it’s been in the 90s). But unlike Muslims, we don’t whine about it or complain or demand that you stop eating and drinking and shove our religion in your face like the religion of ISIS and the 9/11 hijackers does (U.S. military–as with every year we’ve been in Afghanistan and Iraq–was ordered not to eat in front of Muslims, many of whom cheat and eat and drink, themselves). We chose this, so it’s on us and we don’t seek to impose this on anyone else or demand special treatment. We also don’t ask the TSA to send out special messages to the world demanding they acquiesce to our every demand (the way the TSA did for Muslims during last year’s and probably this year’s Ramadan festival of increased terrorism).

Tisha B’Av marks the end of three weeks (and nine days within those three weeks) of deprivation, sacrifice, and mourning in the Jewish religion (though, since most Jews are JINOs–Jews In Name Only–few Jews observe that). The fast began at sundown last night and ends tonight at nightfall. Jewish fasts also mean absolutely no eating, drinking, bathing (no showers), shaving, haircuts, laundry, washing, swimming, make-up wearing, sex, wearing of leather shoes (which were considered a luxury back in the day and, with PETA winning, may be again soon in the future), music, or entertainment. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 4, 2014, - 5:38 pm

HUH?! Obama Cedes U.S. Military to German Commanding Officer to Get “Multi-National Flavor”

By Debbie Schlussel

Little attention is being given to a story of the utmost importance to American sovereignty: Barack Obama ceded command of the U.S. Armed Forces to foreigners. He hired foreign soldiers who are not Americans and not in the American military chain of command to command our soldiers.



Hitler Has the Last Laugh: Barack Obama Installed Panzer Officer Markus Laubenthal to Command U.S. Troops

This isn’t a joint training operation or a unified command. This is Obama’s Pentagon installing foreign military officers to command OUR military troops. This cannot be good for America. By the way, is it just me . . . or do you also think our American military dead from World War II are turning over in their graves to know that while they won the war, a guy from the Panzer Brigade is commanding our soldiers? Didn’t we fight the Panzers? Now, we are taking commands from them, under the guise of the American Flag? Wasn’t that Hitler’s wet dream?

A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position. Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, will be stationed at USAREUR headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany. He could report to duty as early as Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 4, 2014, - 3:18 pm

Tweet of the Week: The Ebola President – The Walking Dead Prez Brings You the Deadly Walking

By Debbie Schlussel

The Walking Dead President brings the deadly walking to America. And we’re told it’s all good.

On Friday, I tweeted against Barack Obama’s latest brilliant idea of bringing two people infected with the Ebola Virus onto American soil. (Follow me on Twitter.) And I didn’t get any pushback because anyone with a brain knows it’s moronic to bring people with deadly diseases into the country. And, as I noted, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) doesn’t exactly have the world’s greatest track record on this stuff. Back in the day, the then-INS and other government agencies quarantined people with such diseases (and those far less deadly) and didn’t let them into the country. They were deported. That these are Americans shouldn’t matter in this case. But don’t reason with Obama.



I mean, didn’t Barack Obama see “The Walking Dead”? Yes, I say that a little facetiously and, of course, know that Ebola doesn’t turn people into zombies. But Ebola is deadly and easily spread. And it’s not a stretch seeing this spread beyond the two patients.

It’s nice that these two Americans chose–of their own volition–to go on their own and do charity work and attempt to cure others of Ebola. But they chose that. They knew the risks. This isn’t like men who served America in the military. These are private citizens who made choices and knew what could happen. And just because they chose to risk their lives, doesn’t mean America needs to subject itself to fatal diseases of this kind. It’s simply irresponsible and extremely risky to bring them here. It symbolizes a lack of compassion for everyone else who will now be put at risk.

People who enter a hospital in a HazMat suit because of what is contained in their bodies aren’t in those HazMat suits “just ‘cuz.” It’s because anyone who comes into contact with them–into contact with a single one of their germs (and hospitals are notorious for spreading those)–is at risk of contracting this disease and dying from it if it isn’t treated in time. One of the victims is an American doctor who was an expert in treating this virus, and look what happened. HazMat suits aren’t perfect, and eventually they have to be removed. Germs travel.

Would you want to be one of the medical professionals treating this guy–knowing that this expert couldn’t stop himself from being infected, and you yourself are at the same risk? Or a relative living with those medical professionals? Read the rest of this entry »

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August 1, 2014, - 8:14 pm

Wknd Box Office: Guardians of the Galaxy, Get On Up, Magic in the Moonlight, Boyhood, Third Person

By Debbie Schlussel

One movie I really enjoyed and another that was okay among this weekend’s new movie releases at theaters:




* “Guardians of the Galaxy“: I enjoyed this funny, light, fast-paced, futuristic science fiction movie that reminds you of a ragtag version of “Star Wars.” Star Chris Pratt’s lead role character, Peter Quill, is no Han Solo, but I like him. He’s funny, dopey, and self-deprecating. And a swash-buckler of his own sort . . . with a six-pack of the non-beer kind. The cast of characters also reminds of the “Star Wars” bar scene with the various aliens and monsters.

Pratt’s Quill is an American pilot and “junker”–a guy who ravages distant planets to find junk to sell. After his mother died from cancer in the ’70s, Quill was kidnapped from Earth by a group of junkers who raised him. The only reminder of and connection to his late mother that he has is a casette tape mix of ’70s tunes that she made for him. The ’70s soundtrack plays throughout the movie and is part of the story. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 1, 2014, - 6:03 pm

UPDATE: Obama Postal Service Embargo of Israel Continues Nationwide; Woman Couldn’t Send B-Day Card to Granddaughter; Schlussel on the Case

By Debbie Schlussel

Earlier today, I told you that U.S. Postal Services locations in the Detroit area were refusing to deliver mail to Israel. I thought the problem had been fixed. But apparently the problem persists and is nationwide, as I had earlier diagnosed, now in New Jersey. I just received this e-mail message from a woman who was refused service when she wanted to mail something to Israel:



Date: Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 5:27 PM
Subject: No postal service to Israel

I tried to send a birthday card to my granddaughter in Israel today and the post office refused to accept the letter. What steps can I take to notify the public about this outrageous but subtle form of anti-semitism this administration partakes in.
I live in Springfield NJ. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 1, 2014, - 8:59 am

OUTRAGE: Obama Postal Service Stopped Mail Delivery to Israel

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: Obama Postal Service Embargo of Israel Continues Nationwide; Woman Couldn’t Send B-Day Card to Granddaughter; Schlussel on the Case ****

Barack Obama didn’t just temporarily stop American planes from landing in Israel. He stopped American mail from being sent there, too. And the problem may still persist, as it did at several Michigan post offices.



I received reports as recently as yesterday that various Detroit-area U.S. Postal Service locations were refusing to accept packages sent to Israel. And I confirmed that this was true. Hopefully, the problem is now fixed, but you should immediately file a complaint and contact the U.S. Postal Service (or me), if your local Postal Service location refuses to send mail for delivery to Israel. Read the rest of this entry »

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