July 11, 2014, - 8:59 am

Weekend Box Office: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Hellion

By Debbie Schlussel

Nothing worth paying to see among the new offerings at the movies, this weekend:


* “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes“: With a human male and an ape male nearly kissing toward the end of this movie, methinks the only thing the next sequel can do to top the absurdity of this one is interspecies erotica followed by an interspecies baby who faces extreme prejudice from humans. You know that’s coming soon.

The message of this PETA-esque movie is: apes are people, too. Humans and apes are morally equivalent in this movie, and, actually, the apes are maybe better, since the humans interrupt and partially destroy the apes’ peaceful way of life. The late Charlton Heston can rest easy: his original “Planet of the Apes” movie still reigns supreme. Not that this is a surprise. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 9, 2014, - 9:26 am

Don’t Get Too Excited: Despite HAMAS Rockets, Israel Won’t Flatten Gaza, Problems Will Grow

By Debbie Schlussel


I feel like Yogi Berra when it comes to what’s going on in Israel today. It’s deja vu all over again. During the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006, or when Israel was forced to fight HAMAS in 2007 and again in 2008, 2009 and 2010, many friends and readers cheered Israel’s response, saying, “This time, Israel will finally crush them.” Um, no, this time and the next time and the next time after that, Israel will do no such thing. And so HAMAS (and in several cases Hezbollah) will use it as a victory to regroup, refresh, recruit, and re-arm. That’s what will happen this time, too. And that’s exactly the problem.



Hundreds of HAMAS Missiles Like This Over Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Rocket missiles are falling all over Israel and its citizens are in bomb shelters. But tomorrow or in a week, they will be out of them, and Gaza will still be around with HAMAS still running the show, bragging about still being around and plotting the next such set of attacks on Israel. That’s how it always goes. Israel won’t flatten Gaza. Israel willingly, under non-stop pressure from George W. Bush, gave Gaza to HAMAS. And then, under the non-stop pressure from the father of Arab Spring and free elections for barbarians (George W. Bush, again), allowed Gaza to elect HAMAS. And, so, this problem will never go away. These Palestinians support HAMAS, which they proudly elected. They now occupy Gaza. And unless, Israel has the guts to flatten Gaza, this problem will keep festering, recurring, and will only get worse over time.

Remember when Israel went into Gaza over the HAMAS kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit? Everyone told me I should cheer because Israel was finally going to defeat HAMAS. Really? It’s still here, and as I warned on this site then, the cheers are misplaced. I predicted that eventually Israel would pull out of Gaza, after several Israeli soldiers’ lives were lost, and HAMAS would declare victory. That’s exactly what happened, and Israel traded over a thousand Islamic terrorists for Shalit in the end. Read my 2008 column, “Don’t Get Too Excited About the Phony Baloney Israeli “War” v. HAMAS.” Everything I said would happen did, and nearly everything I said would happen with that “war” v. HAMAS will happen with this “war” v. HAMAS. Different Israeli Prime Minister, same deal. I’ve written so many columns like this over the years because Israel v. HAMAS is “Groundhog Day.” Same thing over and over again, same bad results. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 8, 2014, - 5:20 pm

Obamaconomy Cupcake Indicator: Chain’s Shuttering is Sign of Cratering Economy, Decline of Fad

By Debbie Schlussel

Crumbs Bake Shop, a national chain across 12 states, shuttered all 65 locations, yesterday. And I seem to the the only one saying it, but it’s another indicator of how bad the Obamaconomy is: people can’t afford to throw away money on pricey cupcakes, as they have less money. It’s also a sign that the cupcake trend may finally be ending.



Obama & the Ghost of Helen tHAMAS: Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

Cupcakes at Crumbs went for as high as $4.50 a pop, and as I’ve noted on this site over the Obama years, families and individuals have less disposable income to spend on stuff like that because things are so bad. They are buying fewer things viewed as unnecessaries–dollar store splurges and toys–and even fewer necessaries, with families purchasing fewer diapers, waiting longer to change those diapers, and a rise in rashes on babies because of it. And don’t forget the rise in Spam sales. Now, there is the Obamaconomy Cupcake indicator. Obama might say, “Let them eat cupcakes.” But fewer can afford to because of him. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 7, 2014, - 8:56 am

EXCLUSIVE: Dearbornistan Muslim Who Murdered Soccer Ref Was Illegal Alien, Sham Marriage, Domestic Violence

By Debbie Schlussel

Bassel Abdul-Amir Saad, the Dearbornistan Muslim who murdered a Detroit-area soccer referee last week, was an illegal alien with a long rap sheet, DebbieSchlussel.com has exclusively learned. And he was accused of domestic violence.



Dearbornistan Muslim Bassel Abdul-Amir Saad, Who Murdered Infidel Soccer Ref John Bieniewicz (Pictured w/ His Now Fatherless Young Sons), Was Illegal Alien

Just as I suspected and implied in my post about the tragedy, last week. Another murder that could have been prevented if this country actually enforced immigration laws and didn’t allow illegal aliens to repeatedly game the system.

Last week, when I recounted the horrible murder committed by a Muslim man, Saad, snuffing out the life of John Bieniewicz (because Saad didn’t like Bieniewicz’s call at an adult soccer game), I ended the account by asking what Saad’s immigration status was. Well, it’s interesting because I was right on the money in asking.

DebbieSchlussel.com has exclusively learned that Saad, a Shi’ite Muslim from Lebanon, was an illegal alien who came to the United States on a visitor visa. In 2007, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested Saad and placed him into removal proceedings in order to deport him (he apparently challenged the deportation and didn’t voluntarily leave after being arrested). Read the rest of this entry »

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July 5, 2014, - 10:22 pm

Holiday Box Office: Tammy, Earth to Echo, Begin Again, Deliver Us From Evil, Ida, Snowpiercer

By Debbie Schlussel

Most of these movies opened on Wednesday, earlier than usual because of the Independence Day holiday, but I was exhausted and didn’t get these up in time before now, so my apologies (if you already wasted valuable time/dollars on the crappy stuff because you didn’t get to read my reviews first, my bad). I’ve already posted my review of “America.” Here are my reviews of the others (only two of which I liked):




* “Tammy“: Have you ever been to a “Lesbian Fourth of July” party? That’s the “highlight”–or rather, lowlight–of this on-screen piece of bleep. In fact, the only decent, normal, wise people in this movie are lesbians. Happy Birthday, America! More on that later. But suffice it to say, this movie is clearly the fantasy of either an uber-hater of America or an extreme chubby chaser.

Um, I’m confused. Whenever I mock the morbidly obese and how society pimps on these “plus sized” women as “beautiful,” I’m roundly attacked. And, yet, I’m supposed to laugh at a talentless hack–Melissa McCarthy–whose entire act is: “Look at me, I’m huge. Now, Laugh!” Here’s a tip: being morbidly obese isn’t funny. It’s just disgusting. And not fun to watch. Yes, there are actors and comedians who are both fat and funny, such as the late John Candy to whom McCarthy has been compared recently. But I could watch his movies over and over because he was actually funny and a good actor. McCarthy is neither. Candy’s hefty weight was merely an accessory the way blonde hair was Marilyn Monroe’s accessory (or an adopted Black baby is Charlize Theron’s, Sandra Bullock’s, Angelina Jolie’s, and Madonna’s accessory). And let’s get something straight: McCarthy is no John Candy. Not even close. He was entertaining, campy, and funny. She’s annoying, schlubby, and groanworthy I laughed maybe five times at the most while watching this dreck. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 4, 2014, - 3:05 pm

Happy 238th Birthday, America! Reagan’s Speech – Are America’s Best Days Still Ahead?

By Debbie Schlussel

Happy 238th Birthday, America! May there be hundreds more years to come. But will there be?

If you are reading this and are an American, I assume (and hope) that you love our great country, the United States of America, as much as I do. Those “evil, dead White males” did a pretty good job of founding it, didn’t they?



Independence Day Fireworks @ Mount Rushmore. 2008

Great National Anthem Video Sung by Jewish Choir, “Kol Ish” . . .

Like many Americans, I am here because my grandparents–all of them immigrants who came here legally–had the good sense to come here and worked hard to make it. I am here because my maternal grandparents–Isaac and Adela Engel beat tremendous odds and survived the Holocaust and the Nazi camps, while most of their families did not. So, I am very lucky. I am here because my maternal grandparents–Irving and Marilyn Schlussel–were fortunate also to get here, even though most of their families were also wiped out by the Holocaust. My grandfather and grandmother came here before that, so they escaped it, but their relatives did not. Grandma Marilyn’s poor farmer family sent her here in the early 1900s to be raised by relatives who could not have children. But of her 11 siblings who remained in Poland, only one survived the Holocaust. So, again, I am tremendously lucky to be an American.

And if you are an American and reading this, I’m sure you are as proud as I am to be an American. I certainly hope so. This is the best country on Earth. Bar none. The entrepreneurial spirit, the liberties and freedoms that we have, the will to survive–those are the things that made and still make America great. They are the things that may save this country from the path on which it is now going. And we wouldn’t have any of those things if several “dead old White men” hadn’t spent time, effort, and blood over decades figuring this all out and having the bravery to declare independence from England. That didn’t just take courage, it took sacrifice. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 3, 2014, - 1:39 pm

FOX News’ Priest/SiriusXM Catholic Channel Chief Attacks Israel Re 3 Israeli Teens on Twitter

By Debbie Schlussel

If you are on Twitter, time to unleash a can of tweet whoopass on anti-Israel Father Jonathan Morris, FOX News Contributor and Program Director of SiriusXM’s “The Catholic Channel.” He is also a “Campus Religious Life Adviser” at Columbia University where his views on Israel, sadly, fit right in.


While Morris barely let out a peep on the Palestinian Muslim murder of three Israeli Jewish teens, the prominent Catholic priest–brought to stardom by FOX News where he has been reportedly paid well over a hundred thousand dollars to appear since 2005–is attacking Israel for responding (and yet there hasn’t even been much of an Israeli response). This schmuck thinks Israel should just sit there and take more killings because “violence begets violence.” Yaaawn. This guy has watched the moral equivalency movie “Munich” by Abu Spielberg (read my review) too many times. Oh, and this FOX News putz also enjoys retweeting with approval the anti-Israel tweets of CNN’s Syrian anti-Israel anchor Hala Gorani. Here are some of his tweets on Twitter (follow me on Twitter):


Hmmmm . . . I wonder what his response would be if three altar boys were kidnapped from the Church of the Nativity and found shot up, bloodied, and murdered under a pile of rocks. I guess this guy forgot about that Catholic thing known as “the Crusades.”

ISIS/ISIL/The Islamic State says it will conquer Rome next. I think the Islamic terrorists should head for the Vatican first because, after all, the Vatican will just sit there and take it and let the priests get kidnapped and murdered without response. After all, as Fr. Morris says, “violence begets violence.” Right? Somebody get this guy an exorcism, STAT. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 3, 2014, - 12:54 pm

Happy Ramadan: Algeria Team Donates World Cup Money to HAMAS

By Debbie Schlussel

Hey, another reason to hate soccer and the hyperbolic World Cup tripe. The Algerian Team is donating its World Cupbonus money to HAMAS.



Algerian FIFA World Cup Soccer Team Donates Its Winnings to HAMAS

One of the requirements on Ramadan is to give “zakat” or “charity,” especially to Muslims “back home.” And since the Algerian team got a phony exemption from Ramadan fasting, I suppose it’s only “fair” that the team sends its winnings to Gaza, which means the money goes to HAMAS, period. Yay, more money for jihadists who kidnap and murder Israeli teenagers. Fabulous that soccer funds this. And if you watched the FIFA World Cup, you indirectly helped give them that money (FIFA makes its money through television broadcast rights, licensing, and tickets).

While Ghana and Cameroon were embroiled in disputes over World Cup bonus pay, the Algerian squad has decided to donate its bonus to the people of Gaza Strip. Islam Slimani, who scored a crucial header against Russia to ensure Algeria’s first ever qualification to the World Cup knock-out stage, said: “They need it more than us,” referring to those in the Palestinian city, according to journalist Waleed Abu Nada. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 3, 2014, - 8:47 am

Shannon Maureen Conley: ‘Nother Loser American Chick Converts to Islam, Helps ISIS, Scopes Out US Church for Attack

By Debbie Schlussel

Hey, it’s time for another edition of “Looks-Challenged Loser American Chick Converts to Islam for Love & Sharia Adventure” a/k/a “Always Gotta Put My Vagina First.” You knew this was coming: an American chick donating her living body and non-working brain to jihad science.


How many posts like this about loser chicks desperate for male attention who “revert” to Islam have I written over the years? Too many and not enough. As all of these lonely, selfish, stupid American women always put their desperate need for sex first before basic common sense and definitely before their country. Shannon Maureen Conley is just the latest. And she definitely won’t be the last. Far from it, sadly. As I’ve written, they have many websites full of sorry-assed women ripe for the ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State pickins in the name of jihad.

I guess it’s fitting that on the eve of America’s Independence Day, another American chick thinks “independence” means liberating her American body to Islam and helping Islamic terrorists infiltrate and bomb a church. And she was only caught because observant churchgoers paid attention and put their concerns for their lives first before worries about being “tolerant,” “sensitive,” and politically correct. I wonder if this chick was visibly Arabic or Middle-Eastern-looking if they’d have done that, or if the FBI would have paid attention. As we all know, in this era of “If You See Something, Say Something,” when you say what you see, you are mercilessly ridiculed by everyone and everything as a bigot who commits those cardinal sins: reason an logic in the face of the obvious. Don’t judge!

Oh, and by the way, she had CDs of Anwar Al-Awlaki–you know, the American citizen whose “Constitutional rights” Rand Paul (Dinesh D’Souza’s movie hero) says we violated because Rand wanted him to have the ability to kill yet more American citizens. Yup, datz da ticket! Well, the Paulistinians can rest easy because Awlaki’s First Amendment rights (you can’t yell “fire!” in a crowded theater, but you can call for the murder of thousands of Americans?) continue to be exercised long after his death.

A Colorado woman has been arrested for allegedly providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, the FBI said in documents unsealed on Wednesday. Shannon Maureen Conley, 19, is accused of attempting to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, aka ISIL or ISIS, the terrorist organization currently taking control over parts of Iraq and Syria. The FBI says she was trying to travel to Syria to marry an ISIS member she met online. Once there, she intended to wage jihad — but if not allowed to fight because she is a woman, she intended to use her skills as a nurse’s aid to help Islamist fighters, the agency said in an affidavit cited by the Denver Channel. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 2, 2014, - 3:59 pm

“America”: Dinesh D’Souza Ego Trip Gushes Over Al-Qaeda Lawyer, Rand Paul, Whitewashes Bono – Edward Snowden Costumed in Patriotism

By Debbie Schlussel

Many on the right, including Rush Limbaugh (who clearly hasn’t seen it yet), are hyping Dinesh D’Souza’s latest ego trip movie, “America,” which opens in theaters today. Don’t believe the hype. It’s a vanity project all about Dinesh and his Edward Snowden-esque, Rand Paulistinian views costumed in patriotism and pretend conservatism. About 30 minutes of the movie are actually good and patriotic. The rest? Hype, junk, and the gushing and whitewashing of Al-Qaeda lawyers, anti-American rock stars, and Edward Snowden baloney attacking America’s necessary counter-terrorism intelligence gathering. Oh, and there’s also that attempt to whitewash a “mistake” D’Souza made when he deliberately broke campaign finance laws (and pleaded guilty to it)–more on that later.


I won’t go into the long wild goose chase I had to go through to review this movie after an unsolicited, teasing invite to a non-existent screening. But I finally saw it, and I kept an open mind, despite the fact that D’Souza is a well-known Islamopanderer (he wrote a whole book defending Muslim hate of America and implying we deserved 9/11), who is a darling of the HAMAS CAIR crowd. (He also ran Hitler quotes for the Yom Kippur edition of the Dartmouth Review.)

Maybe that’s why one of the “heroes” of this movie is Harvey Silverglate, a leftist ACLU lawyer who is a non-stop champion of Islamic Jihad founder and terrorist Sami Al-Arian and who represented (among others) Al-Qaeda terrorists from a defunct Islamic charity that was funding the jihad of Osama Bin Laden’s mentor/guru, Abdullah Azzam.

To give you an idea of who D’Souza’s hero, Silverglate, is, he and the organization he founded and runs named me one of the “Top Ten Enemies of Academic Freedom” on college campuses in America because I represented University of Michigan students who wanted to keep Islamic terrorist Al-Arian from speaking on campus after he’d already been banned by his own campus–the University of South Florida–as a security threat and had financed and orchestrated the bombing of a bus in Israel, killing many including American college student, Alisa Flatow. Al-Arian masterminded the bus bombing as a joint operation with HAMAS, with which he was merging his organization. Yup, that’s “free speech” on college campi according to Silverglate (and apparently D’Souza). Read the rest of this entry »

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