April 18, 2008, - 11:23 am

Hypocrite, Fraud: Hezbollah’s Congressman Now Claims He’ll Defund Carter on HAMAS

By Debbie Schlussel
Many readers and bloggers have sent me articles about Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg’s bill to defund the Carter Center because of Jimmy Carter’s meeting with HAMAS leaders.
But, dear readers, you must read very closely between the lines on this one and look at the background info. Because it’s not what meets the eye.
First, the bill won’t take a single dollar–not even a penny–away from Jimmy Carter. It’s just a “sense of Congress” resolution and is non-binding. Meaningless. So, it’s no biggie–and a complete waste of time.
Moreover, Knollenberg is the one who should be defunded, as he is far more dangerous than the powerless former Peanut Farmer Prez.




Hezbollah Joe Knollenberg Wants to Get Tough on HAMAS Jimmy Carter

As long-time readers know, Knollenberg, who was my Congressman and whom I’ve known for many years, has a record of sending millions of your tax dollars to Hezbollah, and–in exchange–taking thousands of dollars from American Hezbollah frontman Nijad Fares and his pan-Hezbollah front, the American Task Force for Lebanon PAC. Fares’ father, Issam Fares, was the Hezbollah-installed Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon, a perch from which he did Syria’s bidding.
Moreover, Knollenberg takes orders from Jim Zogby, head of the Arab American Institute, which successfully got Knollenberg to get $86 million in U.S. Aid for Southern Lebanon, all of which went to Hezbollah. Knollenberg also obtained millions of dollars in federal earmarks for the anti-Israel Arab American National Museum, which is not in his Congressional district. And he got millions in federal funding for the deceptively-named Seeds of Peace camp, founded by Yasser Arafat’s favorite biographer.
So why is Knollenberg now seeking to defund Carter for meeting with HAMAS?
Politics, my friends. Knollenberg is in the race of his life. His once-safely-Republican seat is now trending Democratic. His 2006 Dem opponent, Nancy Skinner, lost by a few hundred votes, even though she barely put on a campaign. His current Dem opponent–Gary Peters, whom I am endorsing, because he has not shown a penchant for Hezbollah–has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and the Democratic Party, nationally, has targeted Knollenberg’s seat, which he’d hoped to hand over to his State Rep. son, Marty Knollenberg (who also got campaign cash from Hezbollah’s Nijad Fares and Abdullah Bouhabib, another pan-Hezbo guy).
My past writing on Knollenberg’s Hezbollah funding, etc. has been making the rounds. A lot of conservatives want to sit this out (Knollenberg is not a conservative and supports gay marriage, gay rights, etc.). And Knollenberg, previously a recipient of a lot of Jewish campaign donations in this district with a significant Jewish population, are now supporting his opponent, Peters.
So, now, Joe Knollenberg is pretending to be tough-on-Islamic-terrorism with his fake bill to defund Jimmy Carter. It’s a win-win for him. He knows the non-binding bill will not do what he’s saying and that it will go absolutely nowhere in a Dem-controlled Congress, and he gets to go all over Detroit radio and TV–as he did yesterday on the Mitch Albom show–to sound like he’s against the same type of Islamic terrorism he’s been funding with your tax dollars for his entire career in Congress.
Don’t believe the hype. Joe Knollenberg is still Hezbollah’s Congressman and his sympathies against HAMAS are as phony as a $3 bill.
If you live in Joe Knollenberg’s suburban Detroit Congressional District, I urge you to vote for Gary Peters in November. A Congressman who supports Hezbollah with your tax dollars (and lies about it) is far worse than a liberal Democrat who has a blank record on the matter. Plus, it sends a message that support for Hezbollah in the Republican Party–a growing problem–will not be tolerated. The Democratic Party already supports terrorists and is beyond repair. Only the Republican Party can be saved . . . through tough love.
Joe Knollenberg is telling the media:

America must speak with one voice against our terrorist enemies.

Tell it to the mirror, Joe.

It sends a fundamentally troubling message when an American dignitary is engaged in dialogue with terrorists. My legislation will make sure that taxpayer dollars are not being used to support discussions or negotiations with terrorist groups.

Again, no it won’t. It’s a non-binding resolution, and you know it, Joe. Quit lying. And what about the fundamentally troubling message when an American Congressman send millions of tax dollars–not for dialogue with terrorists–but right to the terrorists’ coffers? When will we see Congressman Knollenberg’s binding resolution to make sure taxpayer dollars are not being used to fund the Hezbollah terrorist group?
Don’t hold your breath.
Not Paid For By Any Candidate or Candidate Committee.

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April 18, 2008, - 10:09 am

Ex-Cuban Political Prisoner: Pope, Vatican Enabling Cuban Totalitarianism

By Debbie Schlussel
Although I am not Catholic, one of my heroes–Armando Valladares–is. Valladares, author of the moving, must-read “Against All Hope: A Memoir of Life in Castro’s Gulag,” has in important piece in today’s Wall Street Journal.
He writes about the Vatican’s decades-long enabling of Castro’s torture and oppression of Catholics (and other Cubans). Sadly, under Pope Benedict XVI, that repression and enabling continues.


Armando Valladares on Vatican’s Enabling of Cuban Oppression

In the late ’80s, when I worked on Capitol Hill during college, I had the memorable opportunity to hear this very inspirational, brave, heroic man–Valladares–speak and to meet him. The unspeakable torture he endured for over two decades in Cuban prison, merely for expressing mild distaste with Communism, gives him an important–but, sadly, not unique–platform from which to criticize the Vatican’s blind eye to repression and persecution of Catholics (and so many others) in Cuba. In his book, Valladares wrote of how his Christian faith enabled him to survive and get through it all.
Today he is shocked that such prominent Christian leaders turn the other cheek while their followers are oppressed in Cuba:

The Catholic Church has taken a hardline position against right-wing dictatorships. But in Cuba, the Church has been silent – or worse – ever since 1960, when Fidel Castro expelled hundreds of Catholic priests because they alerted their parishioners of the communist danger surfacing in government circles.
In one especially shameful episode in the 1980s, Ventura, Cipriano and Eugenio Garc??a Marin and their mother entered the nunciature in Havana to ask for political asylum. Two days later they saw several priests get out of a black limousine. They were special troops from Castro’s political police who entered the Holy See’s diplomatic mission with the authorization and complicity of the pope’s diplomats in Havana. The three brothers were executed, and their mother was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Cardinal Tarsicio Bertone’s visit to Cuba this February was a different kind of outrage. In statements by the Vatican secretary of state, published by L’Osservatore Romano shortly after the cardinal’s visit, the cardinal is quoted saying, contrary to historical fact, that Cuba’s Catholic Church is not a “persecuted Church.” He also described Cuba’s universities as “renowned centers of higher education.” In reality, they are sophisticated factories of atheism and apostasy. . . .
The Vatican’s diplomatic behavior helps prolong the agony of my sisters and brothers in Cuba, and creates a grave problem of conscience for loyal Cuban Catholics who expect better from the pope. It in no way diminishes their veneration to express respectful disappointment and even disagreement with the Vatican. . . .
Both the pope and President Bush have immense responsibilities before God and the Cuban people.

Read the whole thing.
**** UPDATE: Reader Louis, a Cuban-American, writes:

Great article about the Vatican’s blind eye to Cuba. My parents are from Cuba, and my Father told me how JESUITS helped the revolution! Castro was trained by Jesuit priests when he was younger I believe. . . . So that could be why Rome is silent. If they speak up the truth will come out of yet another travesty they helped. The Jesuits, in general, were so bad in Cuba that my father nearly lost his faith in God.

Definitely a tragedy.

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April 18, 2008, - 6:22 am

Bush’s Giant Mortgage Bail-Out Program . . . FOR PALESTINIANS!

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember George W. Bush’s big lie in a 2000 debate against Al Gore, when he said he opposed “nation-building”?
Well, as we know, while oil gushes daily in Iraq, WE–not the Iraqi oil profits–continue to pay for the Iraqi welfare state. Now, this ethos has extended to propping up the de facto Palestinian terrorist state.
With Americans hurting all over, getting evicted from their homes, and struggling in a recessed economy, President Bush has decided to form and bankroll a corporation to fund mortgages for new homes . . . for PALESTINIANS. Even worse, it’s in addition to hundreds of millions which American taxpayers already sent to pay for new businesses for Palestinians:


Father AND Funder of Palestinian Terrorist Welfare State

The Palestinian West Bank . . . got a boost on Monday: the announcement of a plan, led by the American government, to help tens of thousands of people buy homes.
The plan, which establishes a $500 million mortgage company, aims to build 10 new neighborhoods over the next five years and, in the process, create thousands of jobs in construction and real estate. In doing so, it could improve the depressed local economy and the political prospects of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, of the relatively pro-West Fatah party. . . .
A secondary aim of the housing program is to send a message to the Gaza Strip, run by the Islamist party Hamas, that its citizens, too, could benefit from international generosity and economic progress if they restore Fatah’s authority, overturned by Hamas forces in a battle last June.
The new company’s name, Affordable Mortgage and Loan Company, yields the acronym AMAL, an Arabic word meaning hope. . . . The new plan will make mortgages available for about 30,000 apartments. . . .
Half of the money for the new mortgage company, $250 million, will come from the United States through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. . . . . At a ceremony in Ramallah, Tony Blair, the former British prime minister who is representing the international community in helping the Palestinian Authority build institutions, called the plan “a major step forward for ordinary Palestinians.”
This is the second major international initiative of its kind in the West Bank. Last summer, $230 million was pledged for a similar program for small- and medium-size businesses in the area.
Robert Mosbacher Jr. [DS: Another rich, preppy Bush friend of Daddy], the president of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which was also involved in that endeavor, said about half a dozen loans had been made so far in that program. He said he hoped that the first construction in the housing plan would start this year.
“Our role is to deploy private capital as a soft power tool,” Mr. Mosbacher, a businessman from Texas, said after the ceremony held to announce the program.

Nauseating. Not only are you financing new homes for terrorists and their supporters in the Palestinian population, but the whole aim of this absurd program will fail. HAMAS is already in control of significant parts of the so-called West Bank, and it will take over, probably sooner than later.
Yup, American taxpayers financing homes and businesses for “poor” Palestinians who now support Fatah terrorists against Israel and will soon support HAMAS terrorists against Israel.
Your tax dollars “at work” for terrorism.
Well, I guess, technically, Bush didn’t lie when he said he opposed “nation-building.” He’s actually more into Terrorist State Building.
Would John Kerry and Al Gore have been any different on this issue? Would they really have been worse? Or just the same.

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April 18, 2008, - 6:12 am

Video of the Day: Is it Halal? Where’s PETA?

By Debbie Schlussel
When you watch this short, disturbing video, put yourself in the place of the being they are attacking. It’s not a stretch, because this is the same way they treat Christians, Jews, Westerners . . . when given the chance.

Islamic Elixir.

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April 17, 2008, - 7:51 pm

Hilarious Video of the Day: Congresswoman Gets Down to the Really Important Business of the Day

By Debbie Schlussel
Congresswoman Sue Myrick really knows what’s important in this day and age of Islamic terrorism, 20 million illegal aliens, mass home foreclosures, etc. Watch this really short video (1 minute, 20 secs) of her tribute to an important “statesman” constituent of hers. You have to watch until the very end to hear her very stateswomanlike special effect sound.
Oh, and one other thing: She’s honoring this guy for his gazillion championships in an industry that is, well, . . . doesn’t she know that it’s fixed?:

Nature Boy.
UPDATE: To be fair to Sue Myrick, she is one of the few Congresspeople who truly gets it on radical Islam. Still this video is inane.

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April 17, 2008, - 4:00 pm

These Navy Sailors Sold Out America For a Few Thousand Bucks

By Debbie Schlussel
While most Navy men–and most members of any branch of the U.S. military–are serving our country for lower salaries and benefits than the average American, some are apparently not so “civic-minded”.
Navy personnel in at least eight states were indicted for sham marriages to illegal aliens. Not exactly patriotic and anything but the oath they gave to “serve and protect” our country:

Federal authorities have combed through eight states since early Wednesday morning, arresting suspects in a sweeping investigation into fraudulent marriages between Navy sailors and illegal immigrants.
Three indictments unsealed Wednesday afternoon charge 33 people – current and former sailors and their brides. Thirteen defendants appeared in U.S. District Court as federal agents searched seven other states for the remaining suspects.


Federal authorities have been targeting bogus marriages and Navy housing fraud for at least two years, having already arrested at least 40 other individuals here and in New York.
This is the largest one-time sweep, and Navy officials said they hope this puts an end to the practice. More than 73 people have been arrested so far, with dozens convicted, jailed or deported. . . .
The arrangement benefits both bride and groom. The brides, here illegally, get the fast track to green cards and, possibly, citizenship. The sailors get an increase in their housing allowances, plus payments ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 from their brides.
Authorities say they also have national-security concerns: The illegal immigrant could be seeking to cause harm. . . .
Word of the scheme spread through Norfolk Naval Station over the past several years. Sailors learned they could take home thousands more a year in housing allowances if they married, according to court papers. The Navy said the scheme has cost taxpayers more than $225,000. . . .
Most of the brides . . . came here on short-term student or visitor visas. The court papers say the marriages were never consummated. . . .
Other arrests were being made in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and California.
One attorney representing a defendant in a related marriage fraud case questioned the government’s methods in tackling the problem.
Stephen P. Patrizio, a Philadelphia attorney . . . said he doesn’t understand all the effort being put into jailing illegal immigrants in marriage fraud cases when they will end up being deported anyway.
“I think there’s a whole lot of other things that need more attention.”

Such as . . . ?
Some of the soldiers in the case are stationed aboard the Iwo Jima, another amphibious assault ship.
Talk about serving with dishonor. These Navy men need to be court-martialed.

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April 17, 2008, - 1:33 pm

No Swimming for Dhimmis: How Will the Left Excuse This Latest Western Muslim “Tolerance”?

By Debbie Schlussel
Unless you say the Shehada (the Islamic oath of martyrdom that is the key act of conversion to Islam), you might want to avoid public facilities in the UK . . . especially swimming pools.
This latest example of the Muslim tolerance we’re always being told about is emblematic of the religious apartheid they want to–and will, if given the chance–impose upon us.
If you want the definition of the word “dhimmi” (status of a non-Muslim in a Muslim society), this is the epitome:

A stunned dad and his little boy were banned from swimming at a popular public sports centre – because they are not Muslims.


Welcome to Islamic Apartheid

The man, known only as David T, and his 10-year-old son were stopped from going into the pool at Clissold Leisure Centre in Stoke Newington, east London.
Last night embarrassed management at the complex said staff were wrong to turn customers away from the designated ‘men-only modesty session’ on Sunday morning.
The council says the special early-morning get-togethers are aimed at community groups who have strict rules on segregation.
But the dad and his lad were prevented from swimming when they turned up at 9am on Sunday.
David T said: “I arrived at the pool to discover that they were holding what staff described to me as ‘Muslim men-only swimming’.
“I asked whether my son and I could go as we were both male. I was told that the session was for Muslims only and that we could not be admitted.

“I asked to speak to the duty manager, who confirmed that this was the case.”
He added: “I asked what would happen if I turned up and insisted I was Muslim.
“The manager suggested that they might ask the Muslims swimming if they minded my son and I swimming with them.
“If they didn’t object, we might be allowed in.”
The men-only modesty swimming sessions take place every Sunday from 8am to 9.30am.
Two websites have been advertising the sessions for Muslim men only.
But a leisure centre spokesman said staff were out of order to refuse people entry for being non-Muslim.
He said: “The member of staff the user spoke with at the time was mistaken when referring to the session as Muslim only. [DS: Mark my word. There was NO mistake. This is policy.] . . .
A spokesman for Hackney Council said: “None of Hackney’s leisure centres have religiously segregated swimming sessions in their public timetables. [DS: Uh-huh.]
“In common with most public swimming facilities, there are single sex sessions, and this session was men only.

Correction: MUSLIM men only.
We’ve seen the left and U.S. Muslims reactively defend separate hours for sexes and walls in privately-owned gyms, so that Muslimas can work out in immodest, scanty clothing without “turning you on.”
But this one is blatant discrimination, blatant elevation of Muslims and simultaneous lowering of non-Muslims to non-human status. I can’t wait to hear their excuses for this one.
Religion of Peace and No Dipping w/”Dirty” Infidels. Britain, the latest caliphate.
Time to get that yellow star out from my grandmother’s early 1940 “accessories” collection.

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April 17, 2008, - 1:06 pm

Annoying Lawsuit of the Day: Pro Hockey Player’s McDonald’s-esque Money Grab

By Debbie Schlussel
This absurd lawsuit isn’t new. I’ve written about it before. But this month, it’s coming to trial.
While there are many valid claims and disputes that go to court, there are also far too many that are like this one.
A former Detroit Red Wing hockey player and a team masseur (and their wives) are suing a car dealer who sold a limo to a limo company, whose unlicensed driver then crashed it. They’re suing because they were injured and disabled in the accident. But the lawsuit is preposterous. Vladimir Konstantinov and Sergei Mnatsakanov are saying it was too hard to find their seatbelts, and so they didn’t wear any. Therefore, it’s the car dealer’s fault when they got injured.
You follow? Me, neither. At least, not logically. But in most lawsuits, it’s not about logic or the actual blameworthy party. It’s about following the money and who has the deepest pockets. This is the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit all over again, in even less sensical terms:

The men weren’t wearing belts because they were tucked under the seats, the suit said.
Findlay Ford Lincoln Mercury has denied the charges, saying it didn’t design or make the Lincoln Town Car — only sent it to a now-defunct Ford-approved Michigan company to be stretched into a limousine by Ford standards.
The three-week trial before U.S. District Judge George Steeh could include testimony from at least two dozen witnesses, including Wings owner Mike Ilitch, executive Steve Yzerman and the limo driver who walked away from the crash, Richard Gnida, who worked for a Belleville firm.
The vehicle hit a tree on Woodward in Birmingham after Gnida fell asleep at the wheel on the way back from a golf outing. Defenseman Slava Fetisov also was in the limo but wasn’t seriously injured.

The two former Red Wing employees also sued Ford Motor Company.
I feel sorry for the injured men. One was paralyzed from the waist-down and the other has serious head injuries, which require 24-hour care. Their careers with the pro hockey team ended with that fateful accident.
But the accident is the dual fault of the unlicensed negligent limo driver and the limo company, which didn’t do an adequate background check on the driver.
And neither of those parties has any money.
So, what do greedy lawyers do in a case like this? They sue the innocent business that sold the perfectly fine automobile . . . the business that did nothing wrong and had no connection with the accident. Soak the rich.
And you wonder why cars and insurance are so expensive these days. The $10 billion litigation tax from unworthy suits like these are a significant portion of the reason.

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April 17, 2008, - 11:53 am

Revenge of the Cross-Dresser

By Debbie Schlussel
So, what were they saying about transvestitism and transsexualism not being mental illnesses?:

A man in a flowery blouse and makeup deliberately slammed his vehicle into a lingerie shop because they wouldn’t give him a job, police said.
Jeremy Paul McIntosh, 27, who calls himself a cross-dresser and often wears women’s clothing, is in the Oakland County Jail and facing charges. He had applied for a job at the Intimate Ideas shop on Union Lake Road in January and became upset when he wasn’t hired, according to a police report of the incident.


Jeremy Paul McIntosh: Would You Buy Lingerie From Him?

Police say McIntosh showed up at the store about 9 p.m. Saturday and told a female employee he was going to run his Geo Tracker into the store because the company refused to hire him. Shortly after he left, the employee heard a vehicle hit the building seven times, causing merchandise to fall off of shelves and doing about $3,000 in damage.
“When the employee went outside to see what happened, (McIntosh) told her his Tracker was totaled but the building was really tough,” said Undersheriff Michael McCabe.
McIntosh, who was wearing women’s makeup, blue capri pants, red flip-flops and a flowery blouse, and a matching bra, told deputies he was homeless and wanted a job.
“He said he was homeless and was sick of freezing in his car at night,” McCabe said.
McIntosh was checked for injuries by the Commerce Fire Department but refused medical treatment and was taken into custody.

Not only does this guy need psychiatric help, but so do so many others like him who cross-dress and/or get sex “re-assignment” surgery. If only gay and lesbian rights groups stopped saying this isn’t a mental issue.
This guy is Exhibit A that it is.
On the other hand, maybe they should have hired him–it would open up a whole new “market” of customers in a rough Michigan economy.

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April 17, 2008, - 1:22 am

Paging Dr. Jenny McCarthy: More Bimbo Science

By Debbie Schlussel
Last year, I told you about self-anointed medical “expert,” Jenny McCarthy.
Yup, the same Jenny McCarthy who has a medical degree from the Hugh Hefner School of Advanced Silicone Medicine and Porn Sciences. And don’t forget her valuable medical expertise gleaned from her days hosting MTV’s “Singled Out” and her current scientific gig “dating” (euphemism) Jim Carrey.
Because her son is autistic, she looked for something to blame it on, and . . . voila, “child vaccines cause autism.” At least, that’s her theory and that held by a growing group of alarmists with the same medical “expertise” as McCarthy.


Bimbo Science: Jenny McCarthy’s Strange New Respect

Bodes a Bad Prognosis For America

And it’s frightening parents from giving their kids necessary vaccines against diseases that are now making a comeback because of Jenny’s Bimbo Science. McCarthy and her ilk have succeeded in persuading otherwise responsible parents to retreat back to the Stone Age when it comes to their children’s health and available preventative medical treatments. Who knew that taking off your pants for the world (that’s how McCarthy reached the D-list) would cause modern pediatric medicine to regress decades?
It’s like a scene from the movie, “Idiocracy.”
Sadly, giant medical institutions are also buying into this chic, hip new fad of Bimbo Science. Yesterday, Henry Ford Health Systems–one of the largest chains of hospitals and health care centers–hosted former Playboy centerfold McCarthy at a large banquet to address its physicians and medical staff and impart upon them her B-movie and Playboy naked video medical theories.
A local TV station ran a clip of Henry Ford’s chief of pediatrics praising McCarthy’s bizarre views on vaccines. I thought I was daydreaming. But then it got worse. On video, McCarthy told the audience that her son is no longer autistic because she’s giving him certain vitamins and a gluten-free diet. She said she can take her son “on” and “off” autism in a three-month span, based on diet, exercise, and vitamin supplements. Hmmm . . . has she been channeling Tom Cruise? Autism is a mostly permanent condition that isn’t shed by a summer of workouts and cuisine at the spa.
But don’t tell that to Dr. Bimbette or the actual physicians at Henry Ford Healthcare.
Ironically, on the same day that McCarthy was on her Bimbo Junk Science tour of Detroit, a real-life brain scientist, Sam Wang, had a great op-ed against Dr. Jenny. Wang–whose sister is autistic and who is associate professor of molecular biology and neuroscience at Princeton University–is co-author of Welcome to Your Brain: Why You Lose Your Car Keys But Never Forget How to Drive and Other Puzzles of Everyday Life. That means he might know just a tad more about what causes autism than Jenny McCarthy, BD (Doctor of Bim).
Says Wang:

I am angry that this coverage is spreading dangerous myths. My sister, Karen, is autistic. In the 1970s, my parents wondered why she behaved so differently. . . .
Autism is a neurological disorder, and its signs appear by the age of 1 or even earlier. It is highly inheritable. In identical twins where one is autistic, the chance that both are autistic is greater than 50-50. Even non-identical twins and siblings are at increased risk. . . .
Recently, celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and other activists have taken to the airwaves to repeat the myth that autism is linked to vaccination. Although peer-reviewed scientific evidence overwhelmingly opposes their views, they have attracted attention. In a recent discussion on Larry King Live, three pediatricians invited to make the case for science were no match for McCarthy’s star power. Situations like this could mistakenly persuade parents to leave their children unvaccinated and vulnerable to contagious diseases. . . .
What are McCarthy’s credentials? She is an actress and comedienne[DS: not sure she’s either of those] – with an autistic son. Her career took on new life after she wrote a best-selling pregnancy guide. Like all parents of autistic children, she wrestled with the question of what caused his disorder. She recalled that her son was vaccinated about the time his symptoms first appeared. Aha! That’s it. Here is an example of her reasoning: “I believe that parents’ anecdotal information is science-based information.” . . .
She concluded that two events happening around the same time must be linked. They used the principle that coincidence implies a causal link. [DS: Wang describes how a rescinded, mistaken study finding blamed autism on thimerosal, but McCarthy’s son] was born in 2002, after thimerosal was removed from vaccines.
The problem is compounded by “source amnesia,” in which people are prone to remember a statement without recalling where they heard it or whether the source was reliable. . . . Such errors of reasoning hinder us from distinguishing real causes from coincidences. . . .
I wish that preventing autism were as simple as withholding a few injections. . . . I understand the vital importance of vaccination, not only for maintaining our baby’s health but also protecting our community from infectious diseases. Our daughter’s next shots are in two months.

Sadly, the people who buy into Jenny McCarthy’s Silicone Bimbo Science aren’t the kind blessed with critical thinking skills or the kind to read an op-ed like this . . . even in McPaper (USA Today).
And that’s why McCarthy’s “scientific lectures” to Medical Doctors and personnel of a major hospital in a major city will continue . . . and will harm American children’s health.
Perhaps those parents who listen to McCarthy and risk their children to diseases thought to be a thing of the past are the latest form of Darwin’s “natural selection.”
You wouldn’t trust this peroxide blonde with built-in floatation devices to treat you for cancer. Why would anyone consult her for advice on their own developing kids’ health?
Don’t embrace this new “McCarthyism.” Skank “science” is bunk.

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