July 1, 2008, - 6:16 pm

Maybe She Didn’t Pay the “White Tax”

By Debbie Schlussel
Yet another hate crime (watch both consecutive video news reports) that gets very little reporting because the roles of perpetrator and victim don’t follow the Jim Crow America image the media loves to portray. The graffiti scrawled all over this South Florida woman’s walls included “White Bread” and “FTW,” which I presume stands for “F-ck The White(s).”

A Ft. Lauderdale woman’s home was ransacked and vandalized with messages of hate, now police are hoping fingerprints left behind by those responsible will lead to their arrest.
Brandy Cochran believes her home was targeted because she is one of the few white people living in the predominantly African American neighborhood in the 23-hundred block of Northwest 26th Street. She said when she arrived home on Monday she found her home had been ransacked, robbed and racially hateful messages had been spray painted on every wall of her home. Cochran said her television was stolen as were her clothes.


Cochran said she’s glad her family wasn’t hurt. . . .
Cochran said she’s going to move because she no longer feels safe in the neighborhood.

Remember the “White Tax“? That took place in South Florida, too. Maybe she didn’t pay her share.

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July 1, 2008, - 12:29 pm

Looking More & More Like Dole-Clinton ’96 Replay: Wall Street Addresses “President” Obama

By Debbie Schlussel
While I will reluctantly vote for John McCain in November, it sadly seems that the conventional wisdom–even among normally Republican constituencies–is that Barack Obama will be President and that John McCain is a weak, lackluster, Bob Dole-esque, throwaway candidate.
It’s looking more and more like everyone assumes he will lose. A look at the Wall Street Journal’s financial pages, today, will show you that. The paper’s “Marketbeat: Market Insight from WSJ.com” has an article about a letter of financial advice written to Barack Obama by highly influential Bond-fund king Bill Gross. Gross manages $128.8 billion in assets as head of Pimco Total Return.


He’s Not Bob Dole . . . Yet.

Gross’ letter is addressed to “President” Obama (that’s a scary thought) and is posted on the Pimco site. He advises Prez Hussein Obama to double the deficit to stimulate the economy (I think that’s a cheap rip-off of “Reaganomics”–though Reagan also tried to cut spending while stimulating the economy with tax cuts).

Bond king Bill Gross called on presidential nominee Barack Obama to double the federal budget deficit to $1 trillion by fiscal 2011 if he became president.
“The economy will need an additional jolt of $500 billion or so of government spending real quick,” said Gross in a letter to “President” Obama posted on Pimco’s Web site. “It must replace both reduced residential investment and consumption whose decline has placed the U.S. economy near, if not in a recession.”
Gross noted that this year’s budget deficit should be about $500 billion. By doubling that to $1 trillion in three years, that would put the deficit at about 6% of gross domestic product, “a mere pittance by Japanese standards.” He said its deficit exceeded 10% at its peak a decade ago.
In taking shots at President Bush and the “mess” Obama would inherit as chief executive, Gross – a registered Republican – said, “Although your campaign slogan says, ‘Yes we can,’ I have my doubts.” While saying increased income taxes under an Obama administration would end “an eight-year lease extension on the ‘high life,'” he called on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to drop pretenses of Obama’s plans not adding to the budget deficit.
“While the Republicans will blame you for years and label you ‘Trillion Dollar Obama’ in future campaigns, there is in fact not much that you or any other President can do,” said Gross. “You’ve inherited an asset-based economy whose well has been pumped nearly dry with lower and lower interest rates and lender of last resort liquidity provisions that have managed to support Ponzi-style prosperity in recent years.”

Partially true, because we don’t produce anything. We are a consumer-based society that has shipped all of our jobs, companies, and products oversears. That’s the Ponzi scheme part of it.

As a result, “What you need now is fiscal spending and lots of it. No ordinary Starbucks will do, Mr. President, you need to step up for a six-pack of Red Bull.”
Gross noted that the spending will help push inflation higher still early next decade, with Treasury yields likely to continue rising into a potential second Obama term. “Your term will not go down in history as investor friendly,” he said.

If Obama is elected, that last part will be true. But Obama will be spending like a drunken sailor on the wrong things–more government social services, which will take away from (not contribute to) the economy, while contributing to the deficit and crushing the economy. And he’ll probably be a one-termer, things will be so bad.
But I don’t count McCain out . . . yet. He’s not Bob Dole. He’s more charismatic, though maybe not enough.

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July 1, 2008, - 12:15 pm

John McCain Versus the Crowd: Town Hall Mtg’s Crowd Wants Tougher Immigration Enforcement, English

By Debbie Schlussel
Hmmm . . . it sounds to me like any one of these people at a John McCain campaign event (but for John McCain) would make a much greater President than the two main choices we’ve got:

PIPERSVILLE, Pa. — Sen. John McCain has tilted his position on immigration to the right, but he continues to be greeted by supporters who want him to take an even tougher line.
At a town-hall meeting at Worth & Company Inc., a woman asked: “Why as an American do I have to push a button to speak English?” The crowd roared with applause.
“I think you struck a nerve,” Sen. McCain said.


“I’ll tell you, I really get ticked,” the woman continued. “You go into Lowe’s and it says ‘Entrada,’ ” or entrance. [DS: Wait ’til they check out Dearbornistan.]
Sen. McCain gave his standard reply that comprehensive immigration reform, which he pushed for, can’t happen until the borders are secure. After that, he said, the nation needs a temporary-worker program “that’s truly temporary,” and must address the 12 million people in the U.S. illegally.
But he also said that the U.S. should be a welcoming place. “There’s a great thing about America and that is that we welcome all cultures from all over the world,” he said. “And we love the Hispanic heritage. We love the Irish heritage.”
Sen. McCain quickly added: “But English must be learned by everybody.” Applause followed.

Exit Question: Will he have the guts to utter that last line at the La Raza convention?
[That’s a rhetorical question.]

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July 1, 2008, - 11:38 am

OUTRAGE: Baba Wawa Spending 4th of July Hanging with Syria’s Assads (For Fun, Not Interviews)

By Debbie Schlussel
Barbara Walters isn’t satisfied with the damage she’s done, this year. Her outing of an extramarital affair with Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts wasn’t enough classlessness to satisfy the low-class, over-rated “journalist.”
So, now, she’s spending the week off she has from ABC’s “The View” by cozying up with her friends, the terrorist-sheltering and -sponsoring Assads of Syria. As I’ve noted before, Western journalists are taken with the beauty and English skills of Asma Assad (just as they are with Jordanian Queen Rania), which goes to show that if you put lipstick on a pig, the mainstream media won’t notice the porcine image, just the lipstick.
If only Eva Braun had done the media circuit. . . .
Here’s a transcript of Baba Wawa’s discussion of her upcoming trip to hang with Mr. and Mrs. Bashar Al-Assad (Prez of Syria), on her Sirius Satellite Radio show, with her co-host and producing partner, Bill Geddie:


If Only . . .


Terrorist-in-Chief & The Missus:

Baba Wawa’s Buds Vote in Fake Syrian Election

BILL GEDDIE: You’re going to Syria.
GEDDIE: Why are you going to Syria? I mean … I hear … Turks and Caicos is nice this time of year. Why Syria?
WALTERS: I grant you, it’s a rather odd place to be going … and especially because it is considered by the United States to be a terrorist country. I’ve been there before. I was invited several years ago by the wife of the president of Syria, President Assad. His wife, by the way, was raised in England and speaks better English than I do.
The president of Syria invited me. I know the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations. The president does not want to do an interview, but he would like a private meeting. I’m not sure I know why…
GEDDIE: It’s like you’re going there … you don’t know what he wants to talk to you about?
WALTERS: Well, I will find out. I went to meet his wife. I didn’t know what she wanted to talk about. I will pay my respects. I’m going with a friend and I want to see some of the wonderful Roman ruins because Syria has some of the great ruins in the world.

Pay her “respects”?! Why the heck does she want to show respect to Mr. and Mrs. Scumbag?
Respect for sheltering Jamil Al-Gashey, the only surviving terrorist who perpetrated the Munich Olympic massacre? Respect for allowing his country to be real estate central to the headquarters of HAMAS, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, and pretty much ever other murderous Islamic terrorist group in existence? Respect for sheltering Nazi murderer Alois Brunner? Respect for brutally torturing and dismembering democratic activists? Respect for allying with Iran and Hezbollah and destroying Lebanon, murdering thousands of its citizens?
But, hey, his wife has a high-brow English accent, so I guess that means it’s all okay.
For someone who hosts a show called “The View,” Barbara Walters is incredibly blind.
If only Eva Braun and her boytoy Hitler were still around. Then, Walters could spend Christmas in Germany. You know–to pay her “respects.”
Maybe next year, she can vacation and pay her “respects” to Kim Jong-Il. I hear he’s “so ronery.”
Let’s hear it for Baba Wawa’s Unindependence Day celebration.

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July 1, 2008, - 10:37 am

Mid-Week Box Office: “Hancock”

By Debbie Schlussel
I have mixed feelings about “Hancock,” the only new release at theaters, this week. The big-budget Will Smith movie that begins at 12:01 a.m., Tonight, begins strong, but finishes “eh.” It’s no “Independence Day.” Not even close.
We see action, literally, from the opening sequence. It’s exciting and funny to see John Hancock (Smith), a bungling, loser superhero built in the Dennis Rodman mode. Yes, he saves people. But Los Angelenos aren’t appreciative, because in the course of events, he destroys buildings, ruins property, and costs the city millions in collapsed highways and infrastructure. And he’s an unkempt drunk.
Even L.A.’s police chief wants Hancock out. He tells the media it would be better if the destructive superhero went to New York to do his bid’ness. It’s far more entertaining than a similar storyline in “Superman III,” when Superman becomes a bad, bumbling, drunk and screw-up.


That’s the funny part. It’s an interesting angle to see a housewife opposed to the idea of her husband bringing a superhero home for dinner. Can you imagine anyone turning down a dinner date with Superman?
In this case, the husband in question is a smarmy, annoying PR man, Ray (Jason Bateman). We see him BS-ing corporate America, trying to force them to adopt his stupid “All Heart” emblem–a throwback to Bono’s failed “Red” campaign. No-one’s buying.
So when Ray’s car is stuck on a railroad track, and Hancock saves him, Ray wants to return the favor by remaking the image of this Bad-Boy superhero, having this superhero take anger management and counseling. At first, that’s entertaining, too. For a second.
Then, it gets dull. A clean-cut Hancock in a gay-looking black superhero outfit is boring. So, the movie begins other stories, and it becomes a mishmash. There’s the dynamic between Smith and Ray’s wife, Charlize Theron (the real-life pro-Castro bitch). We learn big news about her that changes everything into literally a second, separate movie and completely different storyline.
Then, after that, there’s a sudden emergence of a substandard criminal Hancock put away. The guy–without any character development–suddenly pops up out of nowhere as Hancock’s chief nemesis. Suddenly, Hancock’s now vulnerable to human harm. Not believable, since Hancock was immune from bullets and pain. And he conveniently switches back and forth on that.
At an hour-and-a-half, this movie is the perfect length. Not too long, and a lot packed in. It’s not that I’m against this movie or was bothered by it. It’s quite entertaining. It’s just that it’s not a great movie. It’s okay. Not July-4th-Big-Holiday-Weekend-Box-Office-Worthy.
While there’s nothing extremely objectionable, I gotta object to the fact this movie is being marketed to kids as a superhero movie, when it’s full of four-letter words, including several where little kids utter them. Aww, isn’t that cute. At least, that’s what we’re supposed to think. And toward the end, it’s a little too bloody and violent for kids. I could have also done without the disgusting vision of a man’s head literally up the butt of another man’s. Was this really necessary? That goes in the category of TMV (Too Much Visual). Ditto for the constant panning of the camera over a Woodstock poster. Gag.
I also need to remind readers of the fact that Will Smith recently praised Hitler. Then, last week, Smith pulled a Michelle Hussein Obama, telling NBC’s Matt Lauer, on the “Today” show, that now that Barack Obama looks like he’s going to be President, it’s a good thing to be an American abroad, whereas before, it wasn’t. Then, there is that tax-funded Scientology charter school he and the wife founded. More on that later.
Frankly, I prefer the Bad Boy Bungling Superhero, “Hancock,” to the real-life Will Smith. Hancock destroys buildings. Smith destroys brain cells. Shut up and act.

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July 1, 2008, - 9:44 am

BARF to the Nth!: PA Gov. Ed Rendell Gushes Over Farrakhan, NOI Loonies

By Debbie Schlussel
This jaw-dropping, nauseating video of high-ranking Democrat/Pennsylvania Governor (then-Philly Mayor) Ed Rendell heaping praise on Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam needs no commentary, other than to say that if this were the 1940s, the Jewish Rendell would be praising Hitler for making the trains run on time:

Taking the next step on the long road to ending bigotry and racism in America.
When Rendell was elected Guv of Pennsylvania, I told a Philly radio show that Pennsylvania should be called the Hirsute State. But I was wrong. It should be called Pander-vania.
Just a brief reminder–since Ed Rendell needs it–about who Farrakhan is:

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July 1, 2008, - 9:21 am

Democrats’ Family Values: Satanic Rapists for Obama

By Debbie Schlussel
In this rare case, Republicans can’t complain that party affiliation of those involved hasn’t been front and center.
Here’s yet another taste of the anything-goes Democratic family values. And I love the herbal, New Age angle of these creatures. Satanic stuff, dog cages, rape. This story’s got everything. Everything you’d expect from liberals who are “tolerant” ad absurdum of just about everything. The only things missing are Hannibal Lecter and Jodie Foster.
The party of Barack, Baby! Yeah!:

Stunning new details in a story Eyewitness News broke Friday involving a local leader in the Democratic Party charged in a bizarre sex crime.


Joy Johnson, Joseph Craig: The Dems’ Michael Vick

Prosecutors say it was satanic and even involved dog cages.
Joy Johnson, a former-vice chairwoman of the Durham Democratic Party, and her husband, Rev. Joseph Craig are accused of kidnapping, abusing, and sexually assaulting at least two victims in their Durham home.
Monday in court, more disturbing details; prosecutors alleged Craig shackled his victims to beds, kept them in dog cages and starved them.
Arrest warrants allege Johnson watched as her husband beat and raped a female victim then kidnapped and beat another male victim with a wooden cane and a cable cord.
“There are allegations that at least one of the victims was chained to the bed and at least one of the victims was kept in a dog cage, we don’t know what specific period of time. Also they were deprived of food and water for some time,” Durham Assistant DA Mark McCullough said.
McCullough told a judge the couple appears to be involved in a satanic cult and that is how they came in contact with their victims.
Eyewitness News did some research and found a Satanist who says he was once associated with the group ‘Order of the Morning Star.’
In an E-mail to Eyewitness News he says the couple leads the organization under fake names and that the group worships the devil.
The former member alleges he left the OMS because it felt like a cult and they were starting to promote a herd mentality.
Worldwide he says the OMS has more than 80 followers.
A Web site also shows Johnson and her husband as the leaders of Indigo Dawn.
A private Web site on spiritual growth –the couple sells anointing oils and herbal balms– on the website the couple also talks about magic and the occult. . . .
Craig faces charges of second degree rape and kidnapping– Johnson is charged with aiding and abetting, but more charges could be filed.

And the story involves another Democratic party official:

During her time as a party official, Johnson was interested in trying to attract more young Democrats and get them involved in the political process, acquaintances say.
Floyd McKissick, a state senator and a Democrat from Durham, said Monday he had been told Johnson had resigned her posts with the party. He, too, reserved judgment.
“I was absolutely shocked and flabbergasted,” McKissick said. “You never would have suspected allegations that she would have had any participation in these rituals.”
Johnson and Craig, along with Diana Palmer, first vice chairwoman for the local Democrats, are partners in a company called Indigo Dawn. The company’s Web site says Indigo Dawn offers products and services “to promote enlightenment and assist in the development and self-empowerment and divine potential.”
Among the services offered, according to the Web site, are “intuitive guidance, past-life regression, spirit guide communication and healing and cleansing.”

Hmmm . . . it’s like Michael Moore was prescient about something in his movie, “The Big One.” In it, he forms “Satanists for Buchanan,” which gives a donation to Pat Buchanan’s Presidential campaign (he cashes the check).
Well, even though he got the party and the candidate wrong, life does imitate art.
Satanists for Obama.

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June 30, 2008, - 4:52 pm

Schlussel TV Guide: Dung-ed Down History

By Debbie Schlussel
Even though mine is a cable-free household, when I see it I like the History Channel a lot. I love history and I (usually) like the way it’s presented on the network. But there are times–excuse me for this sexist comment–when I understand why it’s a channel targeted to and watched mostly by men (in terms of advertisers).
One of those times is tonight, when, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the cable channel premieres “All About Dung,” a two-hour “exhaustive” (I’d call it “excretive”) look at the history and social, political, and economic realities of excrement. I guess they couldn’t call it, “I don’t give a [W]hit.”
Perhaps this is a clever way to get young boys–who might not watch the History channel, but like “gross-out” stuff–to become interested in history. It does sound interesting. But, seriously, is there such a dearth of real, exciting history that they need this two hour, um, crappy show about bowel movements (and related topics, like the dung beetle)?:


Clearly, there are enough references to this bodily excretion to make preteen boys double over with laughter, including repeated references to poop, feces and more – not to mention toilets being blown up, dung beetles, a fecal-matter spitting game popular in South Africa, and several partakings of food and drink laced with the unusual spice of human and animal waste.
Still, this exhaustive but entertaining two-hour look at the social, political and economic realities of dung probably will sniff out a broader audience with information and anecdotes that many viewers may find, as the Simpsons would say, “craptastic.”
“Of course, you blush and you think this is a schoolboy joke, but dung has such a rich history, and there’s a lot of information and a lot of ‘did you knows?’ here,” says Dung producer and History Channel programming executive Susan Werbe.
Tasked with the odorific assignment of hosting All About Dung is Monty Halls, narrator of several British documentaries and adventure shows who handled his Dung duty with alternate senses of wonderment, disgust and gusto.
Halls visits eastern Oregon’s Paisley Caves, where DNA from fossilized human excrement uncovered by University of Oregon archaeologist Dennis Jenkins eventually pushed estimates of humans’ presence in North American back to 14,300 years, 12 centuries earlier than previously thought.
Halls and his production crew spent 34 days tracking down dung stories and anecdotes elsewhere in the USA and as far as Borneo, London and India.
In Arizona, Halls sips a brew unlikely to appear on Starbucks’ menu anytime soon. It’s Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee at about $575 a pound, largely because its beans are harvested from forest floors, processed after passing through the digestive tracts of wild civet cats for a purportedly unique “flavor.”
A visit to Borneo showcases the massive source of bat guano that provided the nitrates for early gunpowder and fertilizers – enriching those able to exploit the harvest.
Dung also focuses on efforts to install low-cost flush toilets in India as part of the Liberation of Scavengers Movement, which has hastened an end to the country’s caste system while improving the lives of “untouchables” who have cleaned pit latrines by hand for centuries.
Sensitive to potential fallout, History Channel programming chief David McKillop says several titles were considered before settling on All About Dung.
“It’s fun and a bit of a taboo subject. But we didn’t want to treat this as a joke. This is a fascinating story. Truly, the wow factor is across the board.”

No Sh-t.
Too bad they skipped the three biggest sources of dung: The State Department, Congress, and the U.N. (Wait, make that four–the Obama campaign, too.)
[Stuff] Happens.

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June 30, 2008, - 4:26 pm

Barack Hussein Obama v. John McCain, Hummus Death Match

By Debbie Schlussel
Today at the 54th Annual Summer Fancy Food Show in Manhattan, my friends at Sabra hired “sand sculpture” artist Kirk Rademaker to craft busts of the American Presidential contenders. He used 100 pounds of hummus, and my friends at Sabra sent me this photo of Obama and McCain, hummus editions.
As readers of this site know, I’m a fan of Sabra because, despite Arab and Muslim boycotts of Israel, Sabra–a joint venture of Pepsi and Israel’s Strauss-Elite–is the most popular maker of hummus in the world, including in the Arab and Muslim worlds, where it is, ironically, more popular per capita, than in Israel (where it sells far less hummus). So whenever anyone calls it, “Arabic food,” you should correct them. It is Middle Eastern food eaten by plenty of Jews in the region, including the 1 million Jews expelled from their homes in Arab countries around the world, who’ve been eating it for centuries before the creation of Islam.


Hummus, or “Chummus” (in Hebrew),is the dip made from chickpeas, sesame butter (tahini or “techina” in Hebrew), olive oil, lemon, garlic, etc. Sabra Hummus dominates the hummus market.
As I previously noted:

It is an important statement that the company with the biggest market share of a food consumed mostly by anti-Semites residing largely in anti-Israel, anti-American Muslim Arab nations is a company in the country they most hate and wish to wipe off the map.
The dominance by Sabra is also yet another symbol of the backward nature of the oil-rich, idea-barren Arab world.

The word, “Sabra,” in Hebrew is a cactus. It is also used as slang to describe a native Israeli–prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside.


Read more on Sabra and how Jews created hummus. Visit Sabra.
**** UPDATE, 07/01/08: Sabra in America and Sabra in Israel are separate companies, but the American one is half-owned by Israel’s Strauss-Elite. Sabra sent me this pic, too, from yesterday’s hummus Presidential sculpturing, including Hummus Hillary:


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June 30, 2008, - 4:04 pm

TMI: Unwanted Male Beauty Tips From the Obama Camp

By Debbie Schlussel
File this in the Too Much Info from Obamaniacs category:
Thank goodness John McCain doesn’t have anyone endorsing him or making “Yes, We Can” videos who gives out disgusting, graphic manscaping beauty tips.
Remember, both these guys–Diddy and Jay-Z–are solidly in the Obama camp and have appeared at Obama events, rallies, and in videos for him. I guess we can expect this advice at the table at Obama State Dinners at the White House. Or from the Lincoln Bedroom.
Yes we can, but no, we don’t want to know (from US Mag). As Ron Burgundy would say, “You Stay Classy, Obama Manscaping Team”:



Yes. We. Can. Be. Guh-Ross.

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