February 12, 2008, - 1:53 pm

Serpenthead Should Be Jailed for This Malpractice: Welcome to America, 47,000 Potential Terrorists – Feds Bow to Muslim Aliens’ Lawsuit Demands

By Debbie Schlussel
So, what was it that “genius” lawyer/incompetent Homeland Security chief Michael “Serpenthead” Chertoff was saying about finally getting serious on national security in his last months in office?
More BS, as he’s now decided that 47,000 applicants will get green cards without even a basic FBI background check. As I’ve noted before, Michael Maxwell, whistleblower and former Director of Security at Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has testified about this numerous times, and former CIS employees complained about it to me. And they’ve testified that USCIS officials currently spend less than 6 minutes per green card applicant as it is–yup, very thorough.
But this is really getting ridiculous. Why have we taken measure like this 6.5 years after 9/11? Why?:


Then-Homeland Security Official Michael Jackson (left) & Serpenthead (right) Give Self-Chosen Award to Incompetent USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez(center)

Facing a rapidly growing backlog of immigration cases, the Bush administration will grant permanent residency to tens of thousands of legal U.S. immigrants without first completing required background checks against the FBI’s investigative files.
The change affects a large but unknown number of about 47,000 permanent residency, or green-card, applicants whose cases are otherwise complete but whose FBI checks have been pending for more than six months, U.S. officials said. Overall, about 44 percent of the 320,000 pending immigration name checks before the FBI — including citizenship as well as green-card requests — have waited more than six months.
The delays have been called “the most pervasive” processing problem in the U.S. immigration system, according to Prakash Khatri, the ombudsman of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
The change, announced in an internal agency memorandum Feb. 4, follows years of criticism by Khatri, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general, lawmakers and federal judges, who say that lengthy delays in FBI name checks serve neither national security nor immigrants, who in any case have been living in the United States for years while awaiting a decision.

Um, why the heck are they living here BEFORE the background checks? Hello . . . ?
Oh, and by the way, not noted in the article, this GUH-REAT new DHS greencard policy is in response to a lawsuit filed by Muslim Arab aliens who want their citizenship rubberstamped faster than it already is. The Washington Post merely calls them the non-descript “immigrants.”

The USCIS memo and Smith’s e-mail were filed by the government last Wednesday in a pending case brought by immigrants before U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The memo was first reported Sunday by McClatchy Newspapers.

ADC, the deceptively-named American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee–brought the suit on behalf of Muslim Arabs, many of whom came here on visas, violated them by overstaying, then applied for citizenship. Strangely, Spencer S. Hsu of the Washington Post doesn’t want you to know that. Now, they will be rewarded without even a basic FBI background check.
Conservatives whining about McCain, where the heck were your whines about GEORGE W. BUSH? HUH?

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February 12, 2008, - 12:28 pm

“Definitely, Maybe”: Hollywood’s Valentine’s Day Wet Kiss . . . Or Kiss-Off for Clinton

By Debbie Schlussel
Dear readers, please help me figure something out.
I’m prohibited from reviewing the very cheesy Valentine’s Day movie, “Definitely, Maybe,” before it debuts on Thursday, though here’s a goth candy heart hint:


Yet, I can tell you this: The movie is heavily laden with stuff about Bill Clinton and his philandering.
The main character in the movie works for Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign. So does a key co-star. We see all the Clintonian paramour thorns on-screen. We’re shown footage of Gennifer Flowers’ press conference about her affair with Slick Willie, footage of Monica Lewinsky, footage of Bill Clinton wagging his finger at the screen and declaring, “Now, I want you to listen to me. I DID. NOT. HAVE. SEX. with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” We’re even shown footage of Clinton and his word parsing, “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” It is referenced in the dialogue.
This movie was shot well before Barack Obama was ever regarded as a legitimate candidate or threat to Hillary Clinton. But coming out this Valentine’s Day, with the race neck and neck between her and Obama and about 20 or so states left to go, it’s an incredibly timed coincidence. And readers know I don’t believe in coincidences.
So, is this movie a big wet kiss to Hillary, reminding us of her husband doing her wrong and trying to evoke sympathy for her (she’s not mentioned or shown in the movie)? Or is it a reminder of what we’ll get more of from wanna-be First Lady Bill Clinton in a future Hillary Rodham Cankles White House?
I’m scratching my head, but I think Hillary benefits marginally from this movie. This is a chick flick in a big way. Those who go see it will largely be women (the boyfriends and husbands who get dragged along). They’ll probably see this, feel bad for Hillary and pull the lever for her in the ballot box in the states whose primaries are coming up in the next few days.
In any event, it’s really jarring to have the whole Clinton thing play so heavily in a cheesy “romance” movie. But, as I always say, reliance on politics in a movie–although this one takes no particular political position–is always a sign of weakness.
No exception here. Stay tuned for my review of this movie on Thursday.
In the meantime, here are a few of my own “Valentines” for the Dem Presidential contenders (the black hearts are goth and are considered signs of hate, not love). . .





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February 12, 2008, - 11:42 am

Obama: “Our Man in Damascus”

By Debbie Schlussel
Looking for a repeat of the Jimmy Carter days and more?
Well, you just might get your wish, with Barack Hussein Obama. Today, his–and Jimmuh’s–foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski sets foot on Syrian soil to hail the terror-wreaking dictator Assad and his fellow torturers and murderers. Don’t kid yourself into thinking this is anything other than a major preview of an Obama administration.


Flashback: Carl in Jerusalem, who calls Obama “The Black Jimmy Carter,” fills the world in on Obama’s scary foreign policy advisors. If you liked Madeleine Albright, you’ll LUUUUV these dudes. Bonus: Carl on Obama and the Jews.
But this isn’t just a warning for Jews. It’s a warning for ALL freedom-loving Americans.
Carter Nostalgia–it’s WAAAAY over-rated.

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February 12, 2008, - 10:42 am

Republican “Valentines”: GOP Needs New Comedy Writers

By Debbie Schlussel
GROAN. That’s my response to the cheesy humor on equally cheesy Valentine’s Day e-cards the Republican Party’s putting out for the big “romantic” holiday.
Don’t get me wrong. I agree with the message. It’s the delivery that needs help. The GOP needs waaaay better comedy writers than this. It’s like some lounge act wrote them. A lounge act from 1962:

The RNC circulated an email this morning featuring six different e-cards featuring the Democratic presidential hopefuls that you can send to the special Republican in your life this Thursday.


The three Clinton cards depict the New York senator as a tax-hiker with inscriptions that say, “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put T and AX together,” and “On this Valentine‚Äôs Day . . . may higher taxes come your way!,” and “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’ll raise your taxes and there is nothing you can do.”
The Obama cards focus on his record in both the U.S. Senate and the Illinois state senate. “Three years in the U.S. Senate qualifies me to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day,” says one, “Will you be my Valentine? Yes . . . No . . . Present?” says the other. The third card offers a simple, “My liberal heart bleeds for you.”
The RNC folks aren’t alone in using politicians on their Valentine’s cards. Hallmark released a first-ever four-card series earlier this year featuring President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Al Gore, and Clinton as cupids. “Is it global warming in here, or is it just you?” says the Gore card. Obama didn’t make the cut for the Hallmark series.

Here’s the Valentine’s Day cards I’d send out:

Roses Are Red,
Clintons Are Blue,
They’re Pimping Chelsea,
Don’t Dare Mention That, You!

And this:

Some states are Red,
Too many others are Blue,
If B. Hussein O. Reaches the White House,
The Nation of Islam will, too.

Or this:

Roses are red,
The Clintons are blue,
Obama may take the White House,
Then, Beware if you’re a Jew


Roses are red,
Tony Rezko’s prison blue,
Obama’s a radical phony,
Hilllary’s a shrew.
Roses are red,
Monica’s dress was blue,
Bill’s sizing up new interns,
Obama’s NOI staffers are, too.

Okay, so mine aren’t too good, either. But I’m not trying to compete in the humor–or Valentine–biz.
Hey, GOP, get some real comedy writers. STAT.


Can you dream up some new Valentine’s Day comedy for the humor-starved GOP fuddy-duddies? Post in the comments section.
One last one, this one for McCain:

Roses are red,
John McCain is blue,
Radio talk show host Mark Levin’s in love with his late dog Sprite,
And attacking McCain like a shrew.

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February 11, 2008, - 4:09 pm

Me in New York Post’s PAGE SIX – Why Are Hillary, Lib Jews Lying About Anti-Semitic Filmmaker, Hillary Fundraiser?

By Debbie Schlussel
I’m quoted in today’s New York Post on the PAGE SIX, regarding Turkish Muslim Mehmet Celebi, Hillary Rodham Cankles Clinton’s anti-Semitic filmmaking fundraiser and delegate. Gateway Pundit Broke the story that Celebi was a key figure in the Hillary campaign and designated as a Hillraiser. I had written a lot about the film Celebi helped make, the anti-Semitic, anti-American “Kurtlar Vadisi-Irak,” which rehearses old blood libels against Jews (which in the past have been used as an excuse to murder Jews en masse). Here’s the NYPost/PAGE SIX quote:

February 11, 2008 — SEN. Hillary Clinton has gotten cozy with a Turkish-born businessman whom some have described as anti-Semitic. Clinton’s campaign Web site identifies Mehmet Celebi as one of her “HillRaisers” – someone who has raised at least $100,000 for her presidential bid. This despite Celebi’s controversial producing credit on “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq” – a 2006 movie that depicted a Jewish doctor removing the vital organs of civilian prisoners to sell to wealthy transplant patients overseas. “In accordance with the old anti-Semitic canard, the movie portrays Jewish-American doctors as forcibly harvesting organs from Muslims to give them to Jews,” noted Detroit lawyer and columnist Debbie Schlussel observes on her blog. Clinton spokesman Jay Carson didn’t get back to us for comment.


Mehmet Celebi: Anti-Semitic Filmmaker, Top Hillary Fundraiser/Delegate, and Object of Jewish Apologism

Now, though, some Hillary and Jewish Celebi supporters are sending me absolute BS claiming that Celebi only provided extras to the movie and had no idea what it was about. That would be more believable if Celebi hadn’t himself acted in the movie (hello . . . didn’t he read the script?) and hadn’t Executive Produced FOUR episodes of “Kurtlar Vadisi” when it was a TV show. I really wish Jewish and Hillary apologists would stop lying. One of them, today, e-mailed me that he used to be a top official of the ADL and the Jewish Community Relations Council. Readers of my site know that both these organizations are pan-Islamists who fall all over themselves to kiss the butts of the most extremist Muslim anti-Semites.Clearly, there’s no exception to that rule when it comes to Celebi.
Below is a Jewish Celebi apologist’s attempt to spin this–that Celebi “had no idea” what the movie he starred in and produced was about–just like the publishers of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” “had no idea.” Uh-huh. (He sends me a copy of what he sent to Pan-Islamist National Review Online.) My response to the Celebi apologist follows his e-mail:

From: Sprayregen, Joel J.
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 8:54 AM
To: writedebbie@gmail.com
Subject: PLEASE remove lies about Mehmet Celebi from your website

DEBBIE, I am ordinarily an admirer of your work. This time I am not. You can verify with me on my mobile [DS: Number Redacted]. Sincerely, Joel Sprayregen
From: Sprayregen, Joel J.
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2008 7:44 PM
To: kwilliamson@nationalreview.com
Subject: PLEASE remove lies about Mehmet Celebi from your website

Sirs: As a reader with high regard for NR, please let me assure you that Mehmet Celebi is most definitively neither an anti-Semite nor an ulta-nationalist. Nor was he a producer of the vile “Valley of the Wolves.” A company of which he is co-owner supplied actors without knowing in advance of the movie’s ugly slant. Mr. Celebi–a respected young entrepreneur–is in the vanguard of fruitful co-operation between Chicago’s Jewish and Turkish communities. The future of harmony with moderate Muslims lies with people like Mr. Celebi.
Believe me, I know. I am chair emeritus of our city’s Jewish Community Relations Council as well as ex-National Vice-Chair of ADL and am deeply involved with Turkey and its Jewish community. If you want further proof, check with Chicago’s Jewish Federation and ADL. The fact that this story originated with Kurdish sources should have put you on guard. As a lawyer and writer, I am appalled that you didn’t check with Mr. Celebi and people who know him. I don’t mind your opposition to the Clinton campaign, I am supporting a Republican, and I recently published a denunciation of the Clinton-Sandy Berger machinations to hide the truth that Bill once passed an opportunity to nab Osama and then lied about it. But please make some effort to check your facts. Elementary decency should impel you to remove these lies from your website and apologize to Mr.Celebi and the Clinton campaign. Thanks for listening. Joel J. Sprayregen, Esq., Chicago IL.

Here is my response to this bunk about “elementary decency” etc. The lies are not on my site. They are in this propagandists’ e-mails:

From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com
Date: Feb 11, 2008 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: FW: PLEASE remove lies about Mehmet Celebi from your website
To: Sprayregen, Joel J.

That’s interesting since IMDB has him [Mehmet Celebi] listed as an actor in the movie. You’re telling me you’re that naive that you believe he didn’t know what the show was about. Hilarious. You think he didn’t read the script? You’re telling me that after serving as Exec Producer of five episodes [DS: actually, it's four]of this crap, he was “not a producer” and didn’t know what it was about? HELLOOOOOOOO . . .?! I have absolutely ZERO respect for JCRC or ADL. That you were involved in both and that you like this scumbag tells me even more that I am right on this. I’m well aware of JCRC’s and ADL’s “outreach” to exremist Muslims. G-d this makes me sick. Get a conscience.

And beyond that, the Chicago Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) has shown a great capacity for being bought off by anti-Semites. In the past, they (and Detroit’s similar body) suddenly embraced the Islamist-owned Caribou Coffee, after Caribou donated thousands to their coffers.
Hookers, at least, are more honest and open about what they do for a living. Some of them even get tested for diseases.


“Kurtlar Vadisi – Irak”: Turkey’s Anti-Semitic, Anti-American Hit Film . . . Produced by Hillraiser/Hillary Delegate

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February 11, 2008, - 3:16 pm

It Gets Worse: More on ADL’s Hezbollah Speaker – Ties to Syria, More Terrorists, Etc.

By Debbie Schlussel
As I wrote earlier today, the Michigan Region of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its executive director, the self-hating Betsy Kellman, are sponsoring an event, tomorrow night, featuring Hezbollah lawyer and supporter Nabih Ayad.
But it gets worse. I’ve already told you that Ayad’s family is heavily involved in Hezbollah and that he openly supports the organization. Now, I’ve learned from intelligence sources that they are also involved with the Syrian National Socialist Party (SNSP)–a Syrian-controlled Hezbollah party inside Lebanon. Here is the counter-terrorism intelligence on the family of ADL speaker Nabih Ayad:



All in the ADL Family – Nabih & Mohammed Ayad:

Hezbollah Lawyer, Hezbollah Doctor on U.S. Soil

Originally they are from the area of Tyre in South Lebanon. [DS: Tyre has become a Hezbollah stronghold, and is where Nabih Ayad's Hezbollah terrorist client, Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, was conducting Hezbollah recruiting.] One of Nabih’s relatives was married to the late Ali Al-Khalil, who was a member of the Shi’ite Amal Militia block in the Lebanese Parliament and representative of Lebanon in the patriotic command of the Syrian Ba’ath party. Ali and his wife Latifa were killed in a car accident in 2005.
They have an official relative in the SNSP by the name of Hasan Ayad which is as you know 3yad in Arabic. Some other relatives are in other terror groups like Hezbollah, Amal, and the Communist party.
Nabih Ayad’s brother, Mohamed, was practicing medicine in Michigan on 2547 Monroe St., Dearborn. His clinic’s name was Quality Compassionate Care. Suddenly four or five years ago he moved to Florida using his wife as an excuse. He was tight with Imad Hamad and an attorney by the name of Ihsan Alkhatib whose office was inside the clinic. [DS: I've written about Alkhatib and how he was the lawyer for Hamad's ADC and for terrorist money-laundering charity, LIFE For Relief and Development, which funded HAMAS and Al-Qaeda to the tune of millions. Why would he have an office inside a doctor's clinic?]
Why did the doctor had to move out of Michigan? [DS: What was he involved with? Several Muslim doctors in Dearbornistan were involved in Medicaid fraud, etc. Was he?] His clinic is taken over by Dr. Lobna Fakih (Lebanese Shi’a with hijab of-course), who is treating children and babies with a sign in her office saying “Looking After Future Leaders”. What leaders? [DS: Of Hezbollah in America.]

As I’ve told you before–and in a New York Post column–member of the family of Nada Nadim Al-Aouar Deladurantaye Valley Prouty, the FBI and CIA agent mole for Hezbollah, were and are in the SNSP, including a terrorist who blew up cars in Lebanon in the 1980s and trained in Syria and North Korea.
Now, we have Nabih Ayad, a supporter of Hezbollah with family members in it and in the Syrian National Socialist Party, speaking to the ADL.
There is a giant ring of Hezbollah supporters and operatives who’ve successfully infiltrated our country and even tricked the easily tricked panderers in the organized Jewish community. What a country.
I said it before, and I’ll say it again:
ADL chieftess Betsy Kellman has the numbers right, the message wrong. Ms. Kellman, you are NOT “the 9-1-1 of the Jewish Community,” but you are, indeed, the woman who is helping facilitate yet another 9/11.
With friends–and “9-1-1″–like you, who needs enemies?

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February 11, 2008, - 11:46 am

OUTRAGE!!!!: ADL Hosts Terror Lawyer/ Hezbollah Supporter as Speaker on “Tolerance”; Filed Anti-Israel Lawsuit

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Read More on ADL’s Hezbollah Speaker’s Ties to Syria, Terrorism ****
At one time, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was a proud Jewish and proud American organization. At that time, run by national director Nathan Perlmutter, the ADL was not afraid to side with Ronald Reagan on the issue of the Contras and issued a report on Daniel Ortega’s and Sandinista anti-Semitism. Now, the organization has become little more than a shrill, anti-Christian, anti-American twin of the ACLU.
The ADL–no longer worthy of the name for which its initials stand–long ago dropped its B’nai Brith and Jewish affiliation. Yet, Betsy Kellman–the former cable marketer who runs the Michigan chapter of this organization–calls it “the 9-1-1 for the Jewish Community.” That wasn’t my experience when I had four anti-Semitic hate-mail death threats from members of the Islamic community and she looked the other way.
But you have to wonder why the self-proclaimed “9-1-1 for the Jewish Community” is hosting a lawyer whose family is heavily involved in Hezbollah and who has represented a cavalcade of Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens as a speaker in their tolerance series. In a series of speeches entitled, “Weaving Our Community,” the Michigan Region of the ADL is, Tuesday Night, hosting Nabih H. Ayad, an open supporter of Hezbollah.



Terrorist Lawyer Nabih Ayad

With “Former” Terrorist Imad Hamad, Client Ginnah Muhammad

In a bait and switch trick typical of Kellman and the local ADL, the event was for weeks advertised as featuring another allegedly more moderate Muslim speaker, but then, over the weekend, the ADL announced the real speaker, Ayad. His topic is “Dispelling Myths of Muslim and Arab Communities.”
I’ve written a great deal about Mr. Ayad, who was a plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit against the NSA wiretaps and has represented convicted Hezbollah terrorist Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, Al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Abdel-Fattah Al-Shishani, and over 100 Muslim illegal aliens who paid off a then-INS official to get citizenship. (Ayad is also representing a woman suing a Hamtramck, Michigan judge because he will not allow her to wear a niqab (a full Islamic face-covering) while testifying in court.) The national ADL spotlighted Kourani on its website, decrying the man’s crimes to fundraise, money launder, and recruit in America and Tyre, Lebanon for Hezbollah. Perhaps they’ve changed their tune.
Ayad also sued the U.S. government to try to stop it from deporting any Lebanese or Palestinian illegal aliens during the Hezbollah-Israel war. As I wrote previously, in his suit, Ayad asked the U.S. to end all aid with Israel. The suit

asks the Federal Court to issue an order compelling the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense to . . . stop any shipments of weapons or any other military support to Israel.

Most of these suits–especially the two regarding illegal aliens–were done at the behest of Ayad’s buddy, “former” Islamic terrorist and FBI award revokee Imad Hamad, who heads the Midwest ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee). Ayad is ADC’s attorney and sits on its board and terrorist/Ayad client Shishani told me Hamad refers him cases and gets kickbacks from them, a huge illegal no-no.
Ayad is named for and related to Nabih Berri, the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, who was Hezbollah’s spokesman and negotiator for the hijackers of the TWA 847 flight in which they tortured and trampled to death American Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem. I have seen Ayad attend and speak at several pro-Hezbollah rallies, and he refers to them as “martyrs” and “freedom fighters.” And Ayad’s relatives back in Lebanon are not only involved in Hezbollah, they are in its leadership.
Well, I guess he is “tolerant” . . . of Hezbollah and terrorists. Just not of Jews or Israel. That the ADL would host any event featuring Nabih Ayad is beyond disgusting. On the other hand, I doubt he will dispel any alleged “Myths of Muslim and Arab Communities.”
It’s not surprising that Betsy Kellman, the cable-marketer-cum-“9-1-1-for-the-Jewish-community” would invite Ayad as a featured speaker. Kellman is famous for kowtowing and pandering to the most extreme elements of the Islamic community. On the other hand, when it comes to Jews, if you are an Orthodox Jew, you are a potential terrorist in her eyes.
In a phone conversation with an attorney I know, she told him that she was afraid that violence would erupt against Muslims in the Detroit area because Orthodox Jews would physically attack them. When my friend asked why, she responded, “Well, you know how they [Orthodox Jews] are.” The attorney responded, that no, he didn’t know what she meant and asked her to explain. She told him Orthodox Jews are extremist and violent, whereas the Hezbollah-supporting Muslims in town are “peaceful.”
So much for the “ANTI”-Defamation of the ADL.
In an interesting twist, the “United Against Terrorism Task Force” of a local Reform synagogue, Temple Israel, is sending out notices promoting this event. Next, the Pope will be telling people I’m Catholic, too.
Memo to ADL Director Betsy Kellman:
You have the digits right, but the wrong message. Madam, you are not in any way shape or form “the 9-1-1 for the Jewish community.” But you are, indeed, a prelude to its–and America’s–next 9/11.
Before Ayad’s former Al-Qaeda client, Omar Shishani’s sentencing, I met with Shishani under the ruse that I was the girlfriend of a member of law enforcement. Shishani told me he hated Ayad, that Ayad had ripped him off of $25,000 and had to be fired because he would not properly represent Shishani. Shishani maintains that’s because he is only a Chechnyan Muslim, not an Arab one, and that Ayad is intolerant of non-Arab Muslims.
Yup, more of the ADL’s idea of “tolerance.”

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February 11, 2008, - 10:36 am

Tom Lantos, Z”L*: Rare Democrat Who Understood Islamic Terror Will Be Missed

By Debbie Schlussel
Very sad news. The longtime California Democratic Congressman and Holocaust survivor Tom Lantos has died of cancer, AP reports. He was Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
I was not a fan of the Congressman Lantos’ recent doings–his trip to fete Syrian leader Assad, his excuses for it, and the like (he also recently joined the pressuring-Israel mob, after decades of standing against them). And I didn’t agree with him much on domestic policy.
But until recently–ie., the Syrian trip et al.–I was a fan of his foreign policy views, particularly in the Middle East, until recently. After he announced, in January, that he would not run for re-election and had cancer, I chalked up to his suddenly changing views on these issues to his illness.


Tom Lantos: Blessed Be His Memory

Among the files from my late father are many reports of hearings Lantos held against dividing Jerusalem and exposing Islamic terrorist groups in our midst and around the world. He was ahead of his time on these things, recognizing the Islamic threat decades before 9/11–and holding steadfast to those views for most of his Congressional career while the rest of his party moved farther left and marched more in step with embracing Islamism.
It is because of Lantos’ right-thinking on issues of terrorism and foreign policy that earned him a great deal of respect from those on the other side of the aisle. No less than Tom Delay, as then-Republican Majority Leader, said on the floor of the House:

No man knows the battle between good and evil like Tom Lantos. It’s an honor to once again have worked with him on this resolution, and I am proud to call Tom Lantos my colleague and my friend.

Among the many causes Lantos championed (until the Assad trip, last year):
* Sanctions on Syria and demanding its ouster from Lebanon. He put holds on aid to Lebanon because of Syrian hegemony over the country.
* Reforming the anti-American, anti-Israel United Nations or withholding U.S. funds from it
* Tough sanctions on Iran
* An undivided Jerusalem
Tom Lantos never missed an opportunity to rightfully blast the PLO and point out its actions to the world.
It is scary to note that someone far to the left of him on foreign policy will likely assume his chair atop the House Foreign Affairs Comittee.
Like most of those of my family who survived, Lantos came here from Europe for a new life away from Hitler’s savaging:

Lantos, who referred to himself as “an American by choice,” was born to Jewish parents in Budapest, Hungary, and was 16 when Adolf Hitler occupied Hungary in 1944. He survived by escaping twice from a forced labor camp and coming under the protection of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who used his official status and visa-issuing powers to save thousands of Hungarian Jews.

Like I said, I did not agree with Lantos on a lot of things. But on enough of them to respect him a great deal and note that he will be greatly missed, especially in a party where his kind is as rarer than a Faberge egg.
Tom Lantos, *Zichrono LiVrachah [Blessed Be His Memory].
Tom Lantos trivia: His wife, Annette, is a cousin of Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor. (She and Lantos’ two daughters converted to Mormonism.)

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February 11, 2008, - 9:58 am

Meet the Black Hillary

By Debbie Schlussel
We’ve already had one husband-wife lawyer co-President team in the White House. Now, if either of the Democrat frontrunners wins in November, we will have another.
But the latest lawyer wife running the show and stage-managing every move isn’t Hillary. It’s a woman who will more likely get away with it because she is 1) a minority, and 2) way better looking than Hillary (and good-looking women get away with far more bossiness than the Cankles Class).
Meet the Black Hillary–Michelle Hussein Obama:

On a conference call to prepare for a recent debate, Barack Obama brainstormed with his top advisers on the fine points of his positions. Michelle Obama had dialed in to listen, but finally couldn’t stay silent any longer.


“Barack,” she interjected, “Feel — don’t think!” Telling her husband his “over-thinking” during past debates had tripped him up with rival Hillary Clinton, she said: “Don’t get caught in the weeds. Be visceral. Use your heart — and your head.”
The campaign veterans shut up. They knew that Mrs. Obama’s opinion and advice mattered more to their candidate than anything they could say.
With the Democratic presidential race wide open, Mrs. Obama, a 44-year-old Princeton- and Harvard Law-educated hospital executive, is assuming the same dominant role in Sen. Obama’s public life that she has in his private life. At home, she expects a lot of every family member, from having her 6- and 9-year-old daughters set their own alarm clocks to insisting her husband pick up his dirty socks. Her most recent directive to him: Stop smoking.
On the campaign trail, she has emerged as an influential adviser whom aides watch as a barometer for how both they and the candidate are doing. They watch for “the look” between her and Mr. Obama, on stage or in private moments, as an indication of his mood.
Inside the campaign, she’s been dubbed “the closer” because she often pushes harder to seal the deal with voters than he does. But worries about her sarcastic humor being taken the wrong way have forced her to cut back some of her public candor. . . .
“We’re two well-versed lawyers who know each other really well,” Mrs. Obama says in an interview.” . . .
She has met with every department in the campaign from the new-media unit to the ground organization, and she got the campaign to form a women’s outreach initiative. . . .
Sometimes her approach can backfire. When she told audiences that her husband is “snore-y and stinky” in the morning, doesn’t put the butter back in the fridge and one morning “put on his clothes and left” while she juggled her own schedule to deal with an overflowing toilet, some voters and observers cringed that she was emasculating her husband. . . .
In her senior thesis in 1985, Mrs. Obama wrote that her college experience “made me far more aware of my ‘Blackness’ ” than ever before, adding, “I will always be Black first and a student second” on campus. At Harvard Law, Mrs. Obama, involved in the Black Law Students Association, pushed hard to improve the low numbers of African-American faculty and students.
“We got into big debates on the condition of black folks in America,” says Harvard classmate Verna Williams. “She’s got a temper.” . . .
She says when her husband makes it home — for only 10 days in the last year — he assumes his usual household tasks. “When Barack’s home he’s going to be part of this life,” Mrs. Obama says. “He doesn’t come home as the grand poobah.”
Her all-female staff works hard to protect her on the stump and she’s protective of her aides as well. Last week when a TV reporter physically moved Mrs. Obama’s press secretary out of his way, she stopped him cold: “Did you place your hand on my staff?” Mrs. Obama demanded. “You do not touch my team.”

OUCH! And you thought Hillary wore the pants in the family. Methinks Michelle Rodham Hussein Obama may be even scarier . . . wile far more stealthy.
I love how Mrs. Obama also whines, in this article, and to women on the campaign trail about struggling with family finances and to pay off students loans, but then this:

A striking woman who’s as tall as her husband when she wears her Jimmy Choo heels

Um, Jimmy Choo shoes cost, on average, $900 per pair. PUH-LEEZE . . . . If this woman can afford those, she ain’t strugglin’ at all. And can hardly relate to the average working women for whom that pair of shoes is the monthly rent.
Spare us the “I’m Every Woman” crap. It’s even far less believable than when Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston sang it.

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February 8, 2008, - 4:21 pm

Shut Up & Act, #5,839,739: Annoying “Hero” Demands Audience with Cankles, McCain

By Debbie Schlussel
How totally annoying is this? “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere–who plays a cheerleader on the NBC hit show–tells Us Weekly that she’s already been personally courted by Barack Hussein Obama and told Chelsea Clinton she expects the same from her mother. Oh, and she already has a scheduled meeting with the McCainiacs. Even more nauseating is that she says she will support whoever will save the whales:

“I had a conversation with Barack Obama. I’m waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton.” . . . When she attended a February 1 dinner with Chelsea Clinton, 27, at West Hollywood eatery Ago, “Hayden made it clear to Chelsea she’ll vote for whoever will help save the whales.”

What’s More Disgusting?:

Actress Hayden Panettiere Licking the Stanley Cup, or . . .


. . . Presidential Candidates Kissing Her Butt?

Then there’s this:

Hopefully later on, [I'm] having a phone call with the McCain party and also in the midst of contacting the Clinton party. I’ll hopefully be hearing from them on the whole situation and what they’re willing to do to stop it.

What’s next Paris Hilton for Supreme Court Chief Justice?

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