June 26, 2008, - 11:25 am

Absurd Lawsuits of the Year: U.S. Citizens Sue Govt Over Children Seeing ICE Arrests, Other Stupid Stuff

By Debbie Schlussel
This is WAAAAAY more annoying than the woman who sued Victoria’s Secret over hitting herself in the eye with thong underwear.
Several U.S. citizens are suing the government over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, in lawsuits that go far beyond absurd.
One woman, Denise Shippy, is suing because ICE Agents arrested illegal aliens in front of her young kids whom she brought to work and she thinks the government should pay for her kids seeing the handcuffs and her having to explain to them that these people were here illegally and broke the law.


Denise Shippy, Her Kids, Nitin Dhopade: “Traumatized” By ICE Doing Its Job

Um, do her kids know about criminals and bad people? Do they know that there are police in this country who arrest them? Better not break the traumatic news to them. Wow, how unprepared these kiddies of hers will be as adults. If only my parents knew of this new type of litigation. They could have sued Channel 7 News for reporting on the “Oakland County Killer,” who kidnapped, molested, and killed children. We could have made a mint.
Then there’s Nitin Dhopade, Chief Financial Officer of Micro Solutions Enterprises. Being in charge of saving money and managing finances for his company, he was probably well aware of the 138 illegal aliens his small company employed and which ICE arrested. But rather than thank his lucky stars that ICE and the U.S. government have no cojones to go after him and his company, he’s suing America for detaining him for AN HOUR! What’s worse, agents told him he couldn’t use his cellphones. So sad, too bad.
So, he’s suing. Absurd. The fact is that members of law enforcement have the right to arrest, detain, and even jail material witnesses. In this case, that didn’t happen. He was just sent to a room for an hour so that ICE agents could conduct their raid and arrest illegal aliens in an orderly manner. This is standard ICE procedure. They don’t want angry employers in the way, and they don’t want them tipping off other illegal alien employees not to come to work because there’s a raid in progress.
114 U.S. citizens have filed these frivolous lawsuits against the Department of Homeland Security over such brief ICE detentions and “trauma.”
If suits like this are victorious, perhaps ICE should just disband (which wouldn’t be such a bad idea, anyway). More about these people “scarred for life” because law enforcement did their job:

Nitin Dhopade, the chief financial officer for Micro Solutions Enterprises, was headed toward the accounting department on the afternoon of Feb. 7 to deliver checks he had just signed. Suddenly, he says, he encountered armed men and women wearing bulletproof vests and uniforms branded with “ICE,” which stands for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Dhopade, 47, says he and 30 other administrative workers for the Van Nuys, Calif., company, which recycles used toner and ink cartridges, were marched down a stairwell lined by officers. The workers were ordered against a wall and told not to touch anything or use their cellphones. “There was no way you could leave. You were definitely detained,” he says. “None of us were in handcuffs, but there was no way you could say ‘I’m leaving.'”
That marked the beginning of a surprise raid that would result in the arrests of 138 suspected illegal immigrants, about one-fifth of MSE’s workforce. Also swept up in the same raid were more than 100 U.S. citizens and legal residents, including Dhopade, a naturalized U.S. citizen from India. They say they were illegally detained at the factory for an hour when ICE agents blocked the doors and interrogated them, forbidding them to leave or go to the bathroom without an escort.
Whether their brief detention was a mere inconvenience or a flagrant violation of their constitutional rights is the subject of a growing debate that seems likely to be resolved in federal court. . . . Increasingly, U.S. citizens and legal residents who work alongside illegal immigrants are being detained and interrogated, too. And some, such as Dhopade, are filing claims or lawsuits against the government.
Dhopade says he was a victim of racial profiling by ICE. An ICE agent questioned him about his immigration status and his ability to speak English “because of my skin color,” he says. “None of the white folks in the office ‚Ķ that I know of were asked for proof of citizenship. To be asked for proof of citizenship, in this country, it’s an insult. This is the United States of America. This country does not require that.”

Um, actually, it does require that, if a member of law enforcement asks you to produce it–especially a member of ICE.

In April, the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law, a public interest law firm here, filed claims for damages on behalf of 114 MSE employees, all citizens or legal permanent residents, also called green-card holders. The claims allege that they were subjected to “false imprisonment” and “detention without justification” and seek $5,000 each in damages from the federal government.
The lawsuits and claims against the government are part of a strategy by immigration lawyers to halt or change workplace raids. Peter Schey, president and executive director of the center, acknowledges that “we’re hoping the prospect of thousands of U.S. citizens over time filing claims for damages against the United States government might cause (ICE) to reconsider how these raids are conducted.” . . .
Denise Shippy, nine months pregnant the day of the MSE raid, says it was more than an inconvenience.
She had planned to take off that afternoon for parent-teacher conferences and a doctor’s appointment. But Shippy, 30, needed to train a receptionist to fill in for her while she was on maternity leave, so she took her two children to the office with her. The raid occurred as she settled Cassidy, 7, and Ricky, 9, into the mailroom for lunch.
As she left the mailroom, Shippy found the lobby filled with ICE agents, and she, the children and co-workers were herded in there. When Shippy tried to respond to an e-mail, she says, one ICE agent said, “Stop typing.”
“My rights were violated,” Shippy says. “I am a citizen of this United States. I was born here. I’m not who they’re looking for. I wasn’t allowed to leave. . . . I couldn’t go anywhere and couldn’t do anything. Neither could my children.”
Although she was upset, she tried to calm her kids, she says. She needed to use the restroom, but held off because she didn’t want an agent to accompany her.
“I didn’t want to scare the heck out of my kids,” she says. “I was trying to be cool and calm for my children. My heart was racing.”
At one point, agents started escorting handcuffed workers – suspected illegal immigrants – from the factory floor out the front door. Her children asked why the workers were handcuffed, what they had done wrong and what would happen to them, she says.
“That was when I started getting angry,” she says. “My kids should not have had to watch these things. They saw people being led out in handcuffs. These are people who are recognizable to my children.”
Shippy, who gave birth to a boy on Feb. 19, returned to work June 9 and says she still feels justified in filing a claim.
“I’m not some money-hungry person,” she says. “This is something I’m pretty passionate about. It shouldn’t have happened the way it did.”

PUH-LEEZE. If the people recognizable to her kids are the ones being handcuffed, that means this woman knew her company employed illegal aliens and did nothing about it. That’s the lesson she should be worried that he kids are observing.
Another conundrum: ICE agents are damned because they allegedly didn’t ask the White people for their proof of citizenship and detained the Indian guy. Yet, on the other hand, ICE agents are damned because they, in fact, did detain a White chick.
Hmmm . . . same lawyer, same lawsuit against ICE. Looks like these immigration and “civil liberties” lawyers need to get their stories and arguments straight. Or do they?
As they noted, the whole reason they’re filing this frivolous lawsuit is to stop ICE raids. The lawyers should be sanctioned and their resource-wasting, court-clogging lawsuit thrown out.

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June 25, 2008, - 5:35 pm

Memo to Desperately-Trying-to-Look-Hip-But-Failing World: Gangsta “Greeting” Out

By Debbie Schlussel
Here’s a tip. When a 78-year-old with not-so-early-onset-dementia and an angry bitch who’s never before been proud of America do something, it’s no longer hip. It’s out. When the angry bitch who’s never before been proud of America does it multiple times, it’s just ugly.
Time to get rid of the fist-bump, or as FOX News Channel’s E.D. Hill calls it, “the terrorist fist jab.” Either way when these people do it, it ain’t cool (not that it ever was). Oh, and memo to US Magazine: It’s not cute. It’s just stupid grown adults trying to look like hip-hop gangstas. Just laughable and embarrassing. Duly so, when the people doing it want to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Or already have.



How very “Presidential” . . . if you’re President Camacho at the House of Representin’ (Strong Language Alert):

As reader Robert wrote:

This fist bump thing is the most ridiculous worn out fad I’ve ever seen in my life. Do any women realize how silly this looks? Is this the new (old for most) greeting for girl power? You’ve come along way baby, but I would much rather kiss a woman’s hand than try to bruise her.

Please, Make It Stop!:





Bottom line: Stop trying to look hip. Try looking dignified for a change. GROW UP.
Exit Question: What ever happened to the High Five?

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June 25, 2008, - 5:06 pm

Armed and Dangerous

By Debbie Schlussel
I was away for an afternoon of lunch and shooting at a gun range with a friend. It was fun, and I hit the target exactly where I was supposed to. The only thing I didn’t like: they make you wait a second or two between shots.
In case you were wondering, I used a 9mm Glock 19 model. Read analysis of the Glock 19. Also see GlockTalk, TheFiringLine, and The High Road.


Glock 19

It works well underwater:


(From the Schlussel Charlie’s Angels card collection)

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June 25, 2008, - 11:25 am

And The All-Important “The Hills” Endorsement Goes Too . . .

By Debbie Schlussel
. . . Barack Obama. “Reality TV Airheads For Obama ’08.” Has a nice ring to it. In case you don’t know, M-TV’s “The Hills” is the hippest TV show for anyone under 30 (and too many over 30) that follows beautiful, rich airheads in the L.A. area in scripted situations. (It’s gotta be scripted if it’s “reality.”) Even the normally vapid Elle magazine isn’t impressed:


No word on who will get the all-important I-Was-A-Hot-Masculine-Olympic-Gold-Medalist-Decathlete-Who-Got-So-Much-Plastic-Surgery-That-I-Now- Look-Like-A-Post-Op-Transsexual Presidential Endorsement.

Bruce Jenner, Before & After

But I’d guess that it will go “Like airhead father, like airhead son.” Brody Jenner of “The Hills” is Bruce Jenner’s son. Bruce Jenner is on his own obnoxious reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” He’s pro-ho Kim Kardashian’s stepdad.

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June 25, 2008, - 10:56 am

Non-ICE Feds: Law Firm Encouraged, Helped 1/2 Fortune 500 Avoid Hiring Americans

By Debbie Schlussel
Yet another story that puts the lie to the claims about the “work Americans won’t do” and the Wall Street Journal’s whines that we need for H1-B visas for “skilled” foreigners.
It’s not news that law firms across America are specializing in advising and helping U.S. corporations to avoid hiring qualified Americans. Last year, I told you about a seminar hosted by the law firm of Cohen and Grigsby, in which they shamelessly engaged in exactly that. (Video reposted below.)
What is news is that the government–it appears–is finally doing something about it. Not Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but the Department of Labor.
It is now investigating the nation’s largest immigration law firm over allegations that it helped major U.S. corporations disqualify American job applicants and give thousands of high-paying positions to immigrants. (Obviously, the jobs become far less “high-paying” when they don’t go to Americans.)


The unprecedented Labor Department inquiry centers on Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy – a New York firm at the forefront of a political effort to ease hiring of skilled foreign workers.
The Labor Department is auditing all pending applications for legal immigrant workers the firm has filed on behalf of its corporate clients.
Fragomen’s prestigious client roster includes General Electric Co., IBM Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corp. and Bank of America Corp., according to company publications and trade journals. The firm also represents The Associated Press on immigration issues.
The inquiry focuses on what advice the law firm gave its corporate clients. There was no indication the companies themselves are under scrutiny. [DS: Gee, why not?]
The Labor Department said that Fragomen may have improperly advised clients to contact a Fragomen attorney before hiring “apparently qualified” U.S. workers. The agency said lawyers can advise employers on how to follow the law in hiring immigrants but can’t dissuade them from deciding a U.S. worker is qualified.
The audit focuses on what is known as the permanent foreign labor certification, or PERM, process. Companies normally use it to permanently hire legal immigrants who have been working for them on temporary visas. It essentially allows companies to sponsor workers for green cards, the first step to U.S. citizenship.
Before applying, companies must recruit and try to find a qualified U.S. worker for the same job. If they do, they can’t hire the foreigner. . . .
With more than 200 attorneys, Fragomen is overwhelmingly the biggest player in an industry where firms with several dozen immigration attorneys are considered large firms.
In 2004, the last year the Labor Department made such information about law firms public, Fragomen lawyers filed more than 3,600 labor certifications – more than twice as many as its largest competitor.
The firm’s managing director has also said Fragomen represents about half of the Fortune 100 companies. Last year, Fortune 100 companies submitted more than 5,300 applications. The jobs listed in the applications pay an average of $80,000. And the largest group of applicants were from India.

Sadly, many law firms are engaging in this illicit advice and helping businesses take jobs away from Americans. Unless the government goes after both this law firm and all of the companies engaging in these practices, they will continue.
Video: The Law Firm of Cohen and Grigsby a/k/a “Dewey, ScrewAmerica, and Howe”:

Our goal is clearly not to find a qualified and interested U.S. worker. And in a sense that sounds funny. But it’s, uh, what were trying to do here.

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June 24, 2008, - 4:02 pm

The ICE – Muslim Ambiguously Gay Duo Travel to England – Taxpayer Subsidized Confab w/ Extremists

By Debbie Schlussel
The ambiguously gay duo of immigration official Brian Moskowitz and “former” Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad just got back from a honeymoon in London where they hung and partied with a confab of extremist Muslims. And for Moskowitz, you paid the bill.
Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz” is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio. Hamad, a “former” Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist, is Midwest Regional Director of the Muslim-dominated American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. He engaged in a sham marriage to stay in this country and fought deportation for two decades. In 2003, a column I wrote in the New York Post resulted in the FBI revoking a planned award to him.


(left) and Brian’s (right) Excellent Adventure

“Former” Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad, Federally Convicted Insurance Defrauder Ali Jawad, Michigan/Ohio ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for ICE Julie L. Myers, Abed “Aboudi” Bazzi (Brother of Hezbo-Allied Member of Lebanese Parliament Ali Bazzi)

Moskowitz and his wife, Julee, have had Hamad and his second wife/first-non-sham-wife, Arwa, over to their swanky Bloomfield Hills, Michigan home for some of his wife’s bad cooking (he married her for her father’s money). I’ve detailed–over the last few years–Moskowitz’s absurd pandering to Hamad, including tip-offs of raids, apologies for raids and arrests, an interview for Hamad’s unqualified nephew to become and ICE agent, Hamad recruiting Muslim ICE agents for Moskowitz, etc.
And now the this ambiguously gay duo traveled–Moskowitz, on your dime–to discuss with Muslims in Britain how to get the government to pander more. What’s worse is that ICE paid for not one, but TWO ICE officials to party hearty with the Brits. Arab ICE official, George Selim, was on the trip, courtesy of your tax dollars. And that should have been enough.
Since we know that ICE is short on funds and bedspace for immigration enforcement, why the heck are your tax dollars being spent to help Muslims in Britain take over more quickly? What the heck does that have to do with enforcing immigration and customs laws here?
Answer: Nothing. But, hey, it’s a free three-day junket (plus days for flying) for Moskowitz (paid for by you) and a chance for him to hang with his BFF (Best Friend Forever) Imad Hamad alone and away from American scrutiny. Oh, and FYI, joining them was David Cole, an attorney for the Sami Al-Arian family, who has been a constant thorn in the side of counterterrorism efforts in America.
Further, given the way Islamofascists are dominating Britain, it’s surprising they’d need American tax-funded lessons from ICE’s Abu Moskowitz on how to get government officials like Moskowitz to kiss butt even more. But here’s what happened at the meeting:

From June 5-7, ADC Michigan’s Regional Director, Imad Hamad, participated in the University of London conference on “Muslim-Government Relations” in London. This conference was held as a follow up to the “National Security and Civil Rights: Best Practices in Government Community Cooperation” conference held in Chicago in January of this year. Other participants included: Special Agent in Charge of ICE, Brian Moskowitz; Baroness Kishwer Falkner, member of the UK Parliament-House Lords; Eric Battesti from the French Embassy; US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, George Selim from the Department of Homeland Security; David Cole of Georgetown University; Barbara John of Humboldt University; Mohammad Abdul Bari from the Muslim Council of Britain; and Mark Bodenstein from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.
Numerous scholars, government officials and influential leaders involved in Arab and Muslim issues were among the participants. The scholars in attendance had written on various topics related to Arabs and Muslims in the West, which were discussed during the forum. Government officials shared their perspectives on both establishing and maintaining community-government dialogue. Among the participants who discussed their experience and involvement in government dialogue, ADC’s Imad Hamad spoke about the group entitled BRIDGES.

BRIDGES is Hamad’s bimonthly panderfest by the feds to Muslims. Every two months, the PC top federal officials in Detroit listen to Hamad and Hezbollah agent Osama Siblani (whose brother works for Al-Manar) whine and bitch and moan, and then the feds ask how far to bend over. They need less of this in Britain (not to mention, here), not more.
This is what your tax dollars paid to spread in Britain, while Abu M yukked it up.

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June 24, 2008, - 2:50 pm

Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey . . .

By Debbie Schlussel
. . . Good-Bye:

The Detroit Media Partnership, which oversees business operations for the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, announced a voluntary buyout program Monday in response to declining advertising revenue and a challenging economy.
“The environment in which newspapers operate continues to worsen rapidly,” Free Press Publisher Dave Hunke, also CEO of the partnership, said in a note to employees. “The Detroit Media Partnership faces unique challenges because of the state’s business and economic climate. We must take several actions immediately.”
The company is aiming to reduce the total workforce by about 150 positions.


Also, in early August, the Free Press will cease publication of Twist magazine, distributed on weekends, and the Sunday Community Free Press sections. Key elements of Twist will be incorporated into the Sunday features sections.

Twist was a dumb magazine aimed at women, featuring women’s lib mixed with stupid pics of their parties and get-togethers. Reading it, I thought I was kidnapped and taken at gunpoint to a scrapbooking weekend. Hey Freep, your experiment in feminism died.
Hmmm . . . whatta shocker that the very paper–whose op-ed page editor censored out my comments about terrorism from a recent column and which panders to Islamists en mass–is going kaput fast. People are tired of reading propaganda and PC-censored news.
Pity, The Detroit Newsistan–which is the more Islamist occupied, inaccurate, and stale of the two major Detroit papers–isn’t laying more people off, too. But mark my word, that too shall soon come.

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June 24, 2008, - 1:19 pm

HOprah Watch: Your Day in Oprah “Spirituality” and “Beauty” Wisdom

By Debbie Schlussel
I debated whether or not to post this on my site, since I find it disgusting and utterly tasteless and low-class.
But after opening my copy of USA Today, this morning, and reading a repeat of what I’ve been saying for years–ie., that, unfortunately, Oprah has replaced organized religion in America, and is the most influential woman in America–I decided to show you the “ultimate” in class and high-brow stuff that our national Jim Jones of daytime talk is purveying to America in her magazine, “O”‘s July 2008 issue.
In the latest Pew survey of Americans’ religiosity, Oprah is not mentioned once, yet USA Today finds it necessary to bring her into the mix:

“Americans believe in everything. It’s a spiritual salad bar,” says Rice University sociologist Michael Lindsay. Rather than religious leaders setting the cultural agenda, today, it’s Oprah Winfrey, he says.
“After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the national memorial service was at Washington’s National Cathedral, conducted by Episcopal clergy. After the 9/11 attack, Oprah organized the official memorial service at Yankee Stadium, and while clergy participated, she was the master of ceremonies.
“The impact of Oprah is seen throughout this survey. She uses the language of Bible and Christian traditions and yet includes other traditions to create a hodgepodge personalized faith.”

Well, America, here is a taste of your new spiritual salad bar, your “cultural” agenda setter. Don’t forget she’s supporting Barack Obama. Oh, and here’s a tip: If you’re embarrassed your son will read it, don’t write it.
Oprah TMI (Too MUUUUUCH Information)–it’s the new “Spirituality”:

In case you were wondering, this is the face–or is that, “Assistant High Priestess”?–that goes with this Oprah “Beauty” tip “Spirituality”:
Richly pigmented, a shock of mahogany mink. GUH-ROSS. If this is the “spiritual salad bar” of America, I’m sticking to meat and potatoes.
Ain’t Oprah “spirituality” great, America? Blecccch.

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June 24, 2008, - 12:37 pm

My Solution: Make Illegal Aliens Eligible for America’s Mayorships

By Debbie Schlussel
I would like to change the national landscape by giving illegal aliens special amnesty to do “the work Americans just won’t do”–serving as mayors for America’s cities.
With Mayors from across the U.S.–via a resolution passed at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Miami–coming out against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids of workplaces and arrests of illegal aliens, I think it’s obvious why they don’t understand what it’s like to lose your job or have your wages lowered due to illegal alien labor. The reason is that illegal aliens–thus far–are ineligible to vote and thus hold office. Mayors need not worry about their jobs being taken by illegals. They don’t need to worry about their benefits and public services being stolen by them, as most U.S. mayors have cushy benefits packages, courtesy of local taxpayers.


Illegal Aliens: Make Them Eligible to Run for Mayor

And we need to change that. We also need to change it for Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate and maybe even El Presidente. I propose special visas for the purpose of candidacy for public office in any position of policymaking in America.
Of course, I’m just kidding. But the fact is, these Mayors–and most full-time elected officials–are not doing their jobs when they oppose immigration enforcement measures. They’re not concerned about their LEGAL citizens. They’re not concerned about the loss of jobs, lower wages, and overtaxed public services, because they don’t feel the pinch.
I do agree with one statement coming out of the Mayors conference. Miami Mayor Manny Diaz says of ICE that mayors

hope to send a message to Washington that this [ICE workplace raids] is a smokescreen and it should stop taking these Band-Aid approaches.

Sadly, the he and the others mayors mostly support amnesty as their catch-all approach. The real solution is tough, mass deportation and prosecution of employers. And our nation doesn’t have the guts to do it.

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June 24, 2008, - 10:31 am

Convicted Hezbo: Judge Shouldn’t Sentence Me ‘Cuz He’s a JOOOOO; Assi Case is Illicit U.S. Deal with Hezbollah

By Debbie Schlussel
Sadly, the four federal judges in U.S. District Court in Detroit who’ve been the softest on Islamic terrorists are all my fellow co-religionists, all Jews. I hate to point it out because I believe it breeds anti-Semitism. And because three of the tougher and most fair judges in federal court in Detroit are also Jewish–Judges Lawrence Zatkoff, Bernard Friedman, and Paul Borman. They’re also three of the smartest jurists in the nation.
But I point out the extreme liberalism of Judges Avern Cohn, Arthur Tarnow, Nancy Edmunds, and Gerald Rosen, in juxtaposition to regard to the allegations made by convicted Hezbollah arms smuggler Fawzi Mustapha Assi against Judge Rosen.
Assi claims that Judge Rosen won’t be fair in sentencing him because Rosen is a Jew and, therefore, allegedly “a Zionist.” He made a motion to that effect, and Rosen denied the motion.



JOOO Judge Gerald Rosen

& Hezbollah Weapons Supplier Fawzi Mustapha Assi

This is the first time I’ve seen Judge Rosen conduct himself honestly in his courtroom (in saying he’s not a Zionist and that he’s bent over backward to help Assi, which he has). As I’ve written on this site, Judge Rosen–a George H.W. Bush appointee–is a despicable judge who admittedly engaged in extrajudicial investigations into the Detroit Terror Cell case (including a trip to Virginia to meet with CIA officials) and apparently repeatedly leaked evidence and information about the case to Detroit Newsistan fabricator David Shepardson and spoke with myriad other reporters, while the case was still before him.
You know there’s something wrong when a judge presiding over a case has to get an attorney, as Rosen did. The man should be behind bars, not presiding on the federal bench. Sadly, short of Senate impeachment, incapacitation, or death, he’s there for life.
In addition to all of this, ultimately Rosen massaged the U.S. government into asking for the Detroit Terror Cell convictions to be overturned, which he happily granted. And yet he issued the toughest sentence possible to the U.S. government’s informant in the case–a great message to other Muslims who are considering helping the U.S. He also gave extremely soft sentences to the Detroit Terror Cell Muslims who were, indeed, convicted on lesser charges of insurance fraud.
Oh, and Judge Rosen also apologized on behalf of America to the Detroit Terror Cell men who planned to blow up U.S. tourist sites and a U.S. air base in Incirlik, Turkey, where American and Israeli military planes take off.
Rosen also allowed one of the Detroit Terror Cell members release from detention to attend an National Lawyers Guild dinner. He also allowed a Detroit Terror Cell member to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and get a job driving a truck–just the vocation we want hardened Al-Qaeda terrorists.
During the whole fiasco, I spoke with Rosen for an on-the-record interview for a New York Post column. I was shocked Rosen returned my call and spoke with me, because that’s highly improper. A judge is not supposed to speak in any sort of ex-parte manner with a media outlet about a case pending before him. When Rosen figured out that I was not on his side, he suddenly insisted that the entire interview was off the record and threatened me. Read the details.
Incredibly, Judge Rosen teaches a continuing legal education course, “In Trial With Judge Rosen,” and will be a lecturer, this fall, at The University of Michigan Law School. Both his courses should be subtitled, “Do as I say, Not as I do.”
So, it is in light of all this, that I laugh at the allegation of Fawzi Mustapha Assi that Rosen won’t be fair to him because Rosen is a Jew. Assi knows he hit the jackpot in drawing Rosen as his judge. Rosen will bend over backward for Assi. And, even if he hadn’t planned to, this motion will succeed in getting him to bend over, as it was designed to do. In fact, I predict Assi will be released by Rosen for time served.
And that’s another issue. A few words about Fawzi Mustapha Assi. In 1998, the then-Ford Motor Company engineer was charged with smuggling weaponry to Hezbollah. He was stopped by U.S. Customs agents (when Customs was a great agency before it was ICEd down) at Detroit’s Metro Airport about to fly to Lebanon, with global positioning equipment, night vision goggles, and a thermal imaging camera. He admitted the items were for Hezbollah use.
Assi was indicted, but against federal official’s wishes Judge Denise Page Hood–an uber-liberal–released Assi on an electronic tether. He dressed up as an Islamic woman in a hijab and thobe and escaped out of the country to Canada, from where he flew to Lebanon.
In 2004, Assi suddenly decided to return to the U.S. and face charges. And many people have questioned why he’d do that. My sources tell me that this was part of an illicit deal the Justice Department made with Hezbollah go-betweens in exchange for the freedom of a much bigger fish, Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine.
Not long after Assi returned to U.S. custody, Talal Chahine was allowed by U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy a/k/a “Abu Porno”–a Bush nominee for the federal bench–to flee the country. Despite at least three federal raids on Chahine’s homes and businesses and the Justice Department’s full knowledge that Chahine not only defrauded the government of $7 million in taxes on $21 million dollars he illegally laundered to Hezbollah, but also paid off ICE officials to allow illegal aliens into the country and to look the other way on sham marriages, Chahine was not stopped by federal agents as he took off to Lebanon and never returned.
My sources tell me that Stephen Murphy and others in the Justice Department and U.S. government made a deal: We’ll accept smaller fish Assi back from the Lebanon pond, and we’ll allow a far more important Hezbollah fish–Talal Chahine–to flee the country.
Just as outrageous, as part of the deal, Assi would not be charged nor would he get any more jailtime for fleeing the country and becoming a fugitive. And that’s exactly what happened. Assi was not indicted for his flight from justice. And Justice Department officials, like Stephen Murphy, get to look like they’re tough on terrorism and going after Hezbollah, when they aren’t.
That’s why Assi surrendered and came back, and that’s why he won’t do any more jailtime than what he’s already served in detention since his surrender in 2004.
Nice deal for Hezbollah. Terrible deal for America.
America . . . Desperate But Not Serious.

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