February 22, 2008, - 11:58 am

Schlussel-conomics: A New Way To Save on Food, Products

By Debbie Schlussel
If your budget is tight, as it is with me and so many other Americans, you might find this interesting. Maybe you already knew about it, but it’s new to me: “Salvage Grocers.”
We all know that there are dollar stores with closeouts, but that’s not what this is about. Apparently, there are many new chains popping up which sell goods that have just recently expired in terms of the “sell by” date, or which have a dent or slight damage to packaging. The foods are still good–we’re not talking about perishables like meat and dairy products–and the bargains sound incredible. It’s like a better, expanded version of the “day old bread” prices at the bakery. But there are some drawbacks, and you have to be a vigilant shopper:


When food prices began to jump last year, Dan McCauley started making weekly trips to SharpShopper, a no-frills discount store here that sells food makers’ surplus goods. On a recent weekday afternoon, the 50-year-old’s haul included two bags of Archway cookies for just $1 and two cases of Vitamin Water made by Kraft Foods Inc. for 25 cents a bottle.
Mr. McCauley didn’t mind that the “best if eaten by” date on the cookies was two weeks old. “A cookie is a cookie to me,” said the vocational-school teacher and married father of two. He says he has slashed his family’s grocery bill by 25% since he began buying more food at SharpShopper and less at Giant, a conventional grocer. . . .
Shoppers like Mr. McCauley are boosting sales at surplus or “salvage” grocers, a little-noticed segment of the food industry, at a time when U.S. consumers face the highest rate of food inflation in almost two decades, along with steep gasoline prices and a sputtering economy. . . .
Surplus grocers sell “closeouts,” which include products that manufacturers have discontinued, seasonal items that are outdated and goods that are near the date when manufacturers expect freshness to wane. Many such grocers also sell products that were damaged in transit but remain edible, such as a dented box of Cheerios. Prices tend to be significantly lower than those at conventional stores and big discounters like Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Amelia’s, a chain with 11 surplus stores in eastern Pennsylvania, saw its sales jump 17% last year from a year earlier, says Mike Mitchell, president of the company. . . . “When the economy gets tight, we tend to attract new customers,” says Mr. Mitchell. “Groceries are one place where people can do things to save a lot of money.” . . .
Similar grocers in other parts of the U.S. report sales increases. Scott Godes, co-owner of So Low Grocery Outlet, a store in a low-income neighborhood in Minneapolis, says sales jumped 30% last year.
Grocery Outlet Inc., a Berkeley, Calif., operator of 131 surplus stores in the western U.S., has seen a steady increase in same-store sales since last fall, says Melissa Porter, vice president of marketing. Annual sales exceed $600 million at the closely held company. “We see a lot of new faces we haven’t seen before,” Ms. Porter says. “People are feeling poorer right now.” . . .
Surplus stores mainly draw middle- and lower-income shoppers, and many accept food stamps. They also attract people who just like to find good deals.
Take Joanna Stein, a 54-year-old retiree. On a February afternoon, she drove about 12 miles from her home in Exton, Pa., to an Amelia’s in Coatesville, hunting for bargains. Among her finds: four bottles of organic balsamic vinaigrette made by Kraft, all for $1. The bottles had a best-if-used-by date of Dec. 21.
Ms. Stein used to work in the food industry and says that products generally taste fine well beyond such dates. . . . Ms. Stein says she likes shopping at stores like Amelia’s because “you never know what you’re going to get.” . . . The chain is an authorized dealer for such food giants as Kraft, Kellogg Co. and Tyson Foods Inc. The stores also carry store brands made for retailers in other regions of the country. Amelia’s, for example, carries ice-cream bars made for Publix, a chain in the Southeast.
Shopping in salvage stores can carry risks. In 1999, Alabama’s agriculture commissioner found persistent problems with outdated baby food and formula sold at some salvage stores.
Shelley Hoober, a 56-year-old shopper at the Leola, Pa., SharpShopper, says she exercises caution when selecting products, noting that she bought a box of surplus cereal that turned out to be infested with bugs. “You have to really watch the dates,” she says. . . .
[On the other hand,] “It’s like Christmas every time,” says Leanne Silber, owner of Discount Food & More, a small . . . store in Pownal, Vt. . . .
Ms. Silber says her store is attracting more residents of her town of 3,400 since food prices surged. “I think people are becoming less worried about a crushed box and more about their bottom line,” she says.

With our abysmal economy in Michigan, the time is ripe for these stores here in the Detroit area. And sadly, the time is right for the rest of the country, too.
The TJMaxx of food.

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February 22, 2008, - 10:17 am

Go to Hell, Bitches: Two American Hags Testify to UN that America is Racist

By Debbie Schlussel
This story disgusts me to no end. Sadly it was hidden at the back of the local section of today’s Detroit Free Press, where few will see it.
It should be front page news all over the country that two American women who’ve had great lives are traveling to Switzerland to testify before a United Nations commission on racism that America is racist. Everyone should feel the contempt that I feel for these two ungrateful hags who are planning to dispute the Bush report submitted to the United Nations’ Commitee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. They’re going to tell representatives of Commie Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua (the same Nicaragua, where Ortega’s Sandinistas set fire to the Managua Synagogue, then seized it for a Palestinian youth club; the same Nicaragua where there is now a heavy Iranian presence that he’s welcomed) that America is racist?! Sickening.


The Anti-American Givens Twin Bitches

The women say that America discriminates against American Indians and Arabs and Muslims. American Indian tribes have millions. Much of it is misspent by corrupt tribal and reservation authorities. Remember how Jack Abramoff got his millions, which he laundered through the pan-Islamist Grover Norquist? It came from Indian Tribes. Hello . . . ?
Arabs and Muslims are among the highest income groups in America; despite open support for terrorism, their most radical leaders are regularly invited to the White House for Presidential Falafel; they have a special department of the Justice Department Office of Civil Rights just for them, while I can’t get the DoJ to prosecute Hezbollah death threats against me.
This story about twin traitors, who have it way too good, will nauseate you, as it does me:

As Fay Givens and Kay Givens McGowan packed their suitcases this week, the twins looked like any other business travelers setting off for Detroit Metro Airport. But the richly beaded and woven colors of the vests they wore belied the true purpose of their trip.
The Downriver sisters, who are part Cherokee and Choctaw, arrived in Switzerland this week where they are to address the United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. As representatives of the National Indian Youth Council, the pair plans to dispute a U.S. report about prejudice in the United States declining.
“Let’s start with equality. Let’s start with when you have power and prejudice combined, it often results in racism. We can talk about equality, but we have to make it real. … It’s time to end the lip service,” McGowan said. “We have institutionalized racism in this country” that must end.
At the committee’s three-week session in Geneva, government representatives from Fiji, Italy, the United States, Belgium, Nicaragua, Moldova and the Dominican Republic will present reports about their antidiscrimination initiatives, as the 1969 International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination requires.
UN-recognized organizations such as the National Indian Youth Council will be allowed to give their own analyses of particular countries’ efforts.
The sisters were scheduled to speak Thursday and today.
“Indians are at the bottom of every social-economic indicator in America — lowest education attainment, highest poverty rate, highest high school dropouts, a suicide rate four times the national indicator,” McGowan said.
McGowan of Grosse Ile [DS: Grosse Ile is an exclusive island city on the Detroit River, with several multi-million dollar homes] is a cultural anthropologist and a professor at Marygrove College in Detroit. Givens of Trenton serves as executive director of American Indian Services, a Lincoln Park social services agency.
“The United States will be saying one thing under the Bush administration,” McGowan said. “It’s a shadow report on all racial discrimination — racial profiling, health care disparity … the treatment of Arabs and Muslims in this country.”

Hmmm . . . America is so racist that this pair of hags lives the good life, travels the world, and chooses to stay in this country. Just one thing to say to this twin pair of walking treason:
Go To Hell, Bitches. Oh, and leave “racist” America. Please.
As my friend, Sirius Patriot Channel 144’s Mike Church (on whose show I do movie reviews every Friday at 10:30 a.m. ET) said, “Maybe they’re speechwriters for Michelle Obama.”

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February 22, 2008, - 12:22 am

Quick Quiz: Which SpyGate is More Important?

By Debbie Schlussel
Both of these sinister-looking individuals have admitted to spying in America.
One is a coach in a private sport. The other was a CIA and FBI agent in our government with the highest security clearance.
One spied for his team to win in private competitions between millionaires owned by billionaires, involving men in colorful outfits and tight, short pants who throw and catch an oblong ball covered in (synthetic) pigskin. Not a single person has ever been murdered by the organization on whose behalf he was spying.
The other spied on behalf of an Islamic terrorist group that has killed more Americans than any other terrorist group, save Al-Qaeda. (Oh, and that group is willing to kill if you put pigskin anywhere near it).


Nada Nadim Prouty:

Spied on FBI/CIA on Behalf of Hezbollah Terrorist Group


Bill Belichick:

Spied on NFL Teams on Behalf of New England Patriots Terrorist Group

Guess which of these SpyGates is the subject of an extensive, ongoing investigation by at least one U.S. Senator?
Guess which one of these SpyGates has not been investigated by any member of Congress or the U.S. Senate?
This is your brain. This is your brain in the United States Government. Any questions?

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February 21, 2008, - 2:56 pm

Good to Be Wrong – “Vantage Point”: FINALLY, a Movie with Accurate Terrorists – Muslims are Unsympathetic Terrorists in Great Dennis Quaid Flick

By Debbie Schlussel
Mazel Tov [Congrats], America. Hollywood is finally giving us true terrorists who are unsympathetic. Hollywood is finally giving us good guys who are good and bad guys who are Islamic terrorists without an excuse or any redeeming value.
In “Vantage Point,” out Friday, the terrorists are Islamic, and they are evil, cold-blooded killers. I like (almost) any movie that stars the sexy and talented Dennis Quaid (except the two he did with global warming and counter-counter-terrorist agendas), but this movie has the complete package. Finally, Hollywood is giving us “truth-in-terrorism.” And it’s an exciting thriller.


That’s Hot

Boy was I ever wrong about “Vantage Point.” And boy am I glad I was. As readers will recall, I wrote on this site that the trailer for this movie made it look like this was, yet again, another movie in which Muslims were not actually the terrorists, but good and victimized people mistaken for terrorists–yet another movie in which the Westerners are the bad guys.
But it was the exact opposite. The President (William Hurt) and the U.S. Secret Service Agent (Quaid) who is the hero in this movie are, without reservation, the good guys. The terrorists are Muslim and they are the bad guys. There is nothing presented in this movie to justify the mass carnage they produce.
While the presentation that the terrorists are Muslim is somewhat subtle (the hotel locker of a homicide bomber is opened to show us his wife in a hijab–CAIR will love that!) and we are told at the beginning that they are a Moroccan terrorist group, it’s quite obvious who they are. And the head terrorist is played by a real-life Arab Muslim.
The plot: The President is in Spain with world leaders at a counterterrorism summit. They are there to announce a new initiative against terrorism. The President’s veteran Secret Service agent (Dennis Quaid) who took two bullets for him and saved his life, is finally rehabilitated and returns to the President’s Protective Detail for the first time. He is a little unsure.
He sees what he thinks is a man in a window at the event where he is guarding the President. Suddenly, the President is shot. But who did it? That depends on your vantage point. We watch as Secret Service agents led by Quaid chase after suspects and watch video through exciting chases and action.
There are a lot of cool twists in this movie, which I can’t disclose because I don’t want to spoil it. But lets just say this, I wrote a column against the Arab Secret Service agent who caused problems on a plane just after 9/11. He’d been picked through Bush’s “Islam is Peace” affirmative action program to serve on his detail. I warned about that. That’s not what happens in this film. But after you see the movie, you will know what I’m talking about, and why it’s a concern.
At first, you will probably find “Vantage Point” annoying. We see the exact same several minutes played over and over several times from the vantage point of each of the characters. That part is like “Groundhog Day,” and it’s really annoying. People at the screening heard me ask, “Where’s Bill Murray?” and laughed. Yes, at first, this movie is slow and boring and seems repetitive. But it quickly picks up and turns into a great movie after all. Definitely worth seeing. I liked it a lot.
This is vintage Quaid. He is hot, sharp, and heroic in this flick–although there is a chase scene that is kind of unbelievable. And it’s hard to see anyone–let alone a guy in his fifties–withstand so many bombings and crashes and still walk away so easily.
But I like Quaid. He’s a great actor, and somewhat of a relative conservative in Hollywood. The native Texan told USA Today that he’s torn between voting for John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama (while most of Hollywood is solidly pro-Obama). And in 2003, in an appearance on “The View,” he defended Augusta National’s all-male membership against Martha Burk’s protests. I’ve met him (my friend Tom is the drummer for his band, “Dennis Quaid & The Sharks), and he’s a great singer, piano player, songwriter, avid golfer, and a nice guy (if a bit on the manorexically-thin side).
Definitely go see this heart-pounding thriller. It’s good. Here’s the trailer:

**** UPDATE: The one really inaccurate part of this movie is at the beginning, in which the producer of GNN (the CNN proxy in this movie) news coverage of the counterterrorism conference gets mad, when her reporter tries to insert leftist spin about those who hate America and why we deserve terrorist attacks. Like they ever get upset about that!–as we know, they encourage it. In this movie, the producer censors it out. Yeah, right.

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February 21, 2008, - 2:00 pm

Et Tu, Rick Springfield?: ’80s Pop Star’s “CoExisting” Dearbornistan Visit; Does “Jesse’s Girl” Wear a Hijab?

By Debbie Schlussel
Ever since 9/11, I’ve been annoyed by airhead celebs wearing those “CoExist” t-shirts with the Cross, Jewish Star/Star of David, and Islamic Crescent on them. They don’t want to “CoExist” with us as evidenced by their planes in buildings, their flying Imams, their women who want walls dividing men and women at gyms, etc., etc., etc.
Well, this weekend, ’80s pop star Rick Springfield performs in Dearbornistan. To advertise his appearance, he donned one of those dumb t-shirts. He thinks that’s a way to please the Islamofascists that increasingly populate the correspondingly-declining city. The problem is, he doesn’t understand that Muslims–when they reach critical mass, as they have in Dearbornistan–don’t believe in “coexistence.”
Springfield’s “coexistence” t-shirt didn’t go over too well, and the facility in which he’s performing this weekend–the Henry Ford Community & Performing Arts Center–had to resort to using a new photo of him in a suit jacket, this week, to advertise his performance there.



I admit that I was one of those swooning girls who loved Springfield in the ’80s. He was hot. I had his posters on my wall and still work out to the tune the great Sammy Hagar wrote for him, “I’ve Done Everything For You” (and some of Springfield’s other ’80s hits, which have a good tempo and pace for my workout routine). And I met (and found him to be very nice and charming, if somewhat gaunt) and interviewed Springfield for an article I wrote for The Detroit Newsistan before one of his Detroit-area concerts about a decade ago.
But I think he should stick to what all professional vocalists should do, “SHUT UP AND SING.” Stay out of politics. Muslims couldn’t care less about your “coexistence” message. They laugh at it.
But one thing is certain: Hagar’s “I’ve Done Everything For You” song sung by Springfield should be America’s anthem about Islam and Muslims.
We’ve done everything for them. They’ve done nothing for us.
Hey, Rick Springfield, Here’s How Dearbornistan “CoExists”:



Rick Springfield: That Was Then . . .

This is Now . . .

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February 21, 2008, - 1:00 pm

Video of the Day: Obama Theme Song? – The Cult of Hussein-ality, er . . .Personality; Plus Other Videos of the Day

By Debbie Schlussel
Reader “samurai” suggested that one of my favorite rock songs, Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality,” describes Obama. He’s right on target. Read the lyrics, below, from Lyrics Mania–it’s Barack Hussein Obama in a nutshell.
Love the vocals (by Corey Glover), guitar, and drums on the song. I work out to that song, and that of another of rock’s talented Black lead rock singers, LaJon Witherspoon of Sevendust, whose “Black” is below (the live video–which is one of the best live videos I’ve seen–the studio version which sounds better, the very cool unplugged version, and the great cover by the Disturbed and its awesome Israeli lead singer, David Draiman). I used to use that as bumper music for my Detroit-based then-radio show. I saw Sevendust in concert in Detroit and met LaJon and the gang–nice guys.

I know your anger, I know your dreams
I’ve been everything you want to be

I’m the Cult of Personality
Like Mussolini and Kennedy
I’m the Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Neon lights, A Nobel Price
The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You don’t have to follow me
Only you can set me free
I sell the things you need to be
I’m the smiling face on your T.V.
I’m the Cult of Personality
I exploit, you still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three
I’m the Cult of Personality
Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
I’m the Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Neon lights a Nobel Prize
A leader speaks, that leader dies
You don’t have to follow me
Only you can set you free
You gave me fortune
You gave me fame
You gave me power in your God’s name
I’m every person you need to be
I’m the Cult of Personality

Sevendust’s “Black,” Studio Version:

Sevendust’s “Black,” Live Version:

“Black,” Unplugged:

“Angel’s Son,” a great, softer selection from Sevendust’s LaJon Witherspoon in Straight Up (also part of my workout routine). You might recognize the lead singer from Sugar Ray in this vid:

Disturbed Covers “Black” (NOT safe for work):

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February 21, 2008, - 11:35 am

NIGHTMARE: ICE Agents Worry McCain Will Keep ICE Mob Princess; Many Will Vote 4 Dem Nominee to Rid Her

By Debbie Schlussel
Uh-oh. Will incompetent, Islamo-pandering, Blackface-loving chieftess of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess,” stay on in a John McCain Presidency?
That’s the fear of–and rumor circulating among–several thousand agents and other employeed of ICE, who near-unanimously despise the ICE Mafia Princess from the Myers-Wood-Chertoff “Gambino” family of DHS Nostra.
Many ICE agents are telling me that they’ll be voting for the Democratic nominee–no matter whether it’s Hillary Rodham Cankles Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama–so that they can finally get rid of this woman. They say that no matter whom a Democrat President appoints to run their currenty-rudderless agency, it will be better than The ICE Princess, Myers. This is especially significant because ICE agents tend to be conservative and more likely to vote Republican.



Do Not Want From MGroves.com

(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

And John McCain has done little to dispel this myth. He shares the same “comprehensive immigration reform” views as Myers and Bush. Sources say there are few takers to head up ICE in a future McCain Administration because things are so bad there now and hard to change. They say that they hear McCain may be inclined to keep The ICE Princess on.
I hope John McCain will address this and let us know who would head of the Department of Homeland Security and some of its sub-agencies, like ICE, in a McCain White House. He could assuage the concerns of many dedicated federal agents who do important work and are extremely demoralized, by saying he will let go of Ms. Blackface, come January of next year.
McCain would also go far by saying he intends to appoint strictly those with long careers in law enforcement to head up DHS, ICE, CBP, etc.
Stay tuned. Let’s hope that in 2009, I won’t have to say again, “She’s BAAAACK.” Let’s also hope that B(Hussein)O and Cankles aren’t Prez. OY.

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February 21, 2008, - 10:11 am

NIU Killer Liked HAMAS, Spoke Arabic, Says Extremist Muslim Friend; Was He a Muslim Convert?

By Debbie Schlussel
**** SCROLL DOWN FOR IMPORTANT UPDATE: Kazmierczak’s Muslim friend and other Scary Islamist Ties****
After my crime of posting anti-Cankles and anti-B(Hussein)O candy hearts on this site, I’m sure this, too, will attract the ire of my friends at the Nazi-funded Media Matters for America gang.
After all, how dare I repeat the words of a Muslim reporter in the Chicago Sun-Times who was friends with Northern Illinois University killer Steven Kazmierczak, and said he was a good guy because he spoke Muslim phrases in Arabic with a phony Arabic accent and liked HAMAS? The nerve of me to report that Muslim former Northern Star reporter Rasmieyh Abdelnabi says Kazmierczak was “nice, smart” because he liked HAMAS.
I mean, I’m sure this is just a coincidence–him liking HAMAS and then rampaging HAMAS-style, murdering multiple innocent people on the NIU campus:


NIU Killer Steven Kazmierczak:

Was Arabic-Speaking, HAMAS-fan a Muslim Convert?

I met Steve Kazmierczak in an introductory political science class in 2002 as a freshman in college. He was inquisitive, smart, respectful and nice. . . . We would also see each other on campus during the semesters we didn’t have any classes together and catch up.
Our topics of choice: foreign policy and the Middle East. He would especially enjoy practicing his Arabic on me. In 2004, NIU decided to offer a year’s worth of Arabic classes. Steve took both classes without hesitation, excited as could be.
“Assalamo Alikum,” he would say to me, which means “peace be with you” in Arabic. [DS: That is a Muslim greeting. Christians, generally, do not use it.] He would proceed to ask me how I was doing and what I was up to, all in Arabic with a thick accent and a huge, excited smile.
Sometimes I was his walking dictionary and he would ask me, “What does this word mean in English?” or “What is this word in Arabic?” . . .
Once we took a course called “The Politics of the Middle East.” At the beginning of the course, our instructor informed us a research paper would be due by the end of the semester. Steve decided on Hamas, which is known mainly to the world as being a Palestinian terrorist group, which was the first thing that interested Steve about the group. But he also heard Hamas funded many social services, which also interested him. How could one group be put into two completely different categories, Steve would ask.
Unlike most of us, Steve started his research from day one, reading every book he could find on Hamas. He’d give me a status report when we saw each other in class. Steve said that his perception of Hamas changed with all the research he did.
Aside from politics, we sometimes touched on personal discussions about our lives. His was not an easy one. We connected over our difficult upbringings.
Steve told me after high school he left home and had to fend for himself.
Before coming to NIU, Steve was homeless. It was through a great deal of effort that Steve came to NIU because he had to do it all on his own, he said.
He was proud of getting into NIU, excited to learn and do something with his life. At first he was interested in international affairs, but then developed a serious and deep longing to study criminal justice. Steve told me he would need to stay longer in school to get his degree in criminal justice, but it was worth it.
I don’t know the Steve who killed five innocent students who were doing precisely what he valued: learning.

Yup, this guy spoke Muslim phrases in Arabic with an accent and liked HAMAS. Therefore, he could nevah evah be a killer of innocent people. Capiche?
Good thing he’s gone. Very sad he took five innocent people with him and injured countless others. But, hey, he liked HAMAS. So he had “redeeming” qualities.
Exit question: Since it has all the hallmarks–a loser and loner who felt worthless until college, who was taking Arabic and speaking in an Arabic accent uttering Muslim phrases, who learned to love HAMAS–was NIU killer Steven Kazmierczak converting to Islam or did he already? Just a coinky-dink, right? Or as the French would say, “Quelle Coincidence.” Whatta coincidence!
Just asking.
Thanks to reader Brian for the tip.
**** UPDATE: The plot thickens. Brian Keegan of Muslim Watcher writes:

Debbie. The Muslim woman reporter that the NIU shooter talked Arabic to, about Hamas, is a radical Muslim. Just take a look at my blog where she, Rasmieyh Abdelnabi, is mentioned a lot. She wrote radical Muslim pro-Palestinian articles at NIU, and she spearheaded the wearing of the hijab at NIU. She was a leader in the Muslim Student Union, a Saudi Wahabi outfit.
Interestingly, Derrick Shareef, the would-be Cherry Valley terrorist lived in Rockford but went to mosque in DeKalb, just down the block from where the shooting occurred. Shareef also, according to court documents, said he contemplated shooting Jews at the synagogue just down the block from the NIU masjid (mosque). All that’s at my blog.
Ironically, Rasmieyh did a story on Shareef’s plot, and she attended the same NIU mosque as he did, probably in the same time period. Shareef and she probably met, just like the NIU shooter and her met.

He’s definitely on to something very scary. A shame that the MSM doesn’t take his lead.

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February 20, 2008, - 10:28 pm

Obamboozled: Did B Hussein O Steal Speeches From Racist Spike Lee Movies?

By Debbie Schlussel
It sure looks like it. Do you really want a Prez whose ideas for this country are stolen from racist, anti-Semitic Spike Lee’s movies glorifying Nation of Islam leaders? (Thanks to reader David for the tip!)

Watch the whole video. It’s well done to the end. Do you really want this apparent imitator of Denzel Washington imitating Malcolm X?
So let me get this straight, the man who wants to be leader of the free world claims he doesn’t like the Nation of Islam. But he likes to imitate its leaders as portrayed in movies?!
G-d help us.
Can you really afford to have this phony as the next President of the United States?
Ya been Bamboozled. Ya been hoodwinked.
–“Barack Hussein Obama: There Will Be Bamboozling.”


Barack Hussein Obama Playing Denzel Washington Playing Malcolm X:

Is This the Next Prez?

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February 20, 2008, - 4:37 pm

Yet Another Muslim with a Knife Hidden in Book Tries to Board Plane

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember Mohammed Ghanem, the Muslim man who tried to get through security at Detroit Metro Airport with a knife hidden inside a Koran? Well, as Gomer Pyle would say, Surprahz! Surprahz! Yet another Muslim was caught with a knife (technically, a boxcutter) hidden inside a book, while trying to get through Tampa International Airport security (thanks to South Florida investigator Bill Warner for the tip):

TAMPA — A 21-year-old Clearwater man was arrested at Tampa International Airport this weekend after security personnel found a box cutter in a hollowed-out book, authorities said.


About 7:30 a.m. Sunday, airport security ran Benjamin Baines Jr.’s backpack through an X-ray machine and saw the image of a box cutter, according to a report from the Transportation Security Administration.
When searching the backpack, a security officer found a book titled “Fear Itself.” The book was hollowed out, and the box cutter was inside.
After Baines was read his rights, he said his cousin had cut away the pages to make the hollow section in the book. Later, reports state, he said he had hollowed it out himself to hide money and marijuana from his roommates.
Baines told officers he was moving to Las Vegas and forgot the cutter was in the book.
Officers found books in the backpack titled “Muhammad in the Bible,” “The Prophet’s Prayer” and “The Noble Qur’an.” He also had a copy of the Quran and the Bible.
Several sheets of paper in the backpack included rap lyrics that referred to police, narcotics, weapons and killing. Baines told officers he is a rapper who writes his own lyrics and that rap music writers need to “play the part,” the report states.
Officers performed a background check and found no record of crimes or active warrants.
He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a misdemeanor, and booked into Orient Road Jail. At his first appearance in court Monday, Baines pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, according to an employee with the Hillsborough County clerk of court. He is in Orient Road Jail today.

“Religion of Pieces.”

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