January 29, 2008, - 1:33 pm

John Grisham’s Uber-Liberalism Gets Worse in Latest Diatribe, er . . . “Novel”

By Debbie Schlussel
On this site, I’ve repeatedly written about mystery and thriller novelists who couch their apologist views for Islamic terrorism and hatred of Israel and America in the midst of their books. Le Carre is one, Baldacci is another. Then, there’s North Patterson.
Then, there are the other liberal novelists who use their novels as trojan horses for other far-left views. The lastest is John Grisham. It’s well known that Grisham is a liberal and his views are evident in his novels. But his latest book–in stores, today–”The Appeal,” is nothing more than an anti-capitalist, anti-American diatribe, based on a review in today’s USA Today:


Money can’t buy love, but it can buy everything else, including a victory at the polls. That’s the compelling, if hardly unique, backdrop for The Appeal, John Grisham’s rant-against-dirty-politics legal thriller, on sale Tuesday. . . .
Not for the first time, Grisham uses his fiction to lambaste the amorality and greed of corporate America and the consequences suffered by its unwitting victims, mainly the defenseless poor. He has taken on the pharmaceutical, tobacco and insurance industries. This time it’s a fictional chemical company.
The Appeal begins with the shocking conclusion to a lawsuit filed against Krane Chemical by Jeannette Baker, a young woman who lost her son and husband to cancer within eight months. The $41 million settlement is unprecedented, and Krane isn’t taking it lightly. Jeannette is only one of hundreds of people in fictional Bowmore, Miss., who have been affected by Krane’s decades of dumping toxic waste in what has come to be known as Cancer County USA.
If the chemical company doesn’t get a reversal on appeal, future lawsuits on behalf of more than 160 cancer victims will drain its deep pockets, especially the gold-lined wallet of owner Carl Trudeau. He has vowed those “ignorant people” won’t get a dime of his money.
Meanwhile, he’s spending millions of his billions on his vapid trophy wife, junk art and most important, electing a limited-liability justice to the Mississippi Supreme Court who will deny Jeannette’s monetary award on appeal.
As always, Grisham’s depiction of the victims, their dedicated, flat-broke attorneys and the forces trying to erase Krane’s liability are poignant and dead-on. The novel’s conclusion is satisfying, somewhat grim, but nevertheless believable.
More than a novel, The Appeal is an expose of how highly organized special-interest groups, loaded with cash, can manipulate the judicial system. It’s Grisham’s bully pulpit for reform.
“There’s a lot of truth in this story,” Grisham writes in an author’s note. “As long as private money is allowed in judicial elections we will see competing interests fight for seats on the bench.”

It should be noted that former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who was a liberal and has turned into something of a communist bizarro in her post-Supe days, agrees with Grisham. She doesn’t want elections of judges. She wants them to be appointed and sit for life on the bench, without any accountability. Sorry, but that ain’t the way for justice.
And while it is naive to insist that there are no “bought” judges, elections, and verdicts in America, it is another thing to imply that this is the general case in America. I don’t think highly of most judges. They are generally lazy, of mediocre or lesser intelligence, and people who couldn’t or wouldn’t make it as a lawyer in the private sector. That said, while some are dishonest, Grisham’s wholesale indictment is absurd and harmful.
Are there corrupt CEOs in America and poor victims? Yes, there are plenty. But the vast majority of companies provide jobs and products that help American lives. And not all of the alleged victims’ lawyers are poor lawyers sacrificing for the good. Many are like John Edwards and Trent Lott’s brother-in-law Dickie Scruggs, suing the heck out of corporate America on behalf of questionable victims, in order to make their Bentley payments. Don’t look for that, though, in a Grisham novel. It gets in the way of his black-and-white views on corporate America.
One wonders whether Mr. Grisham will now open up his investment portfolio to America to show us in which of these evil titans he’s invested his book and movie fortunes. He’s not one of the little people he claims to be championing. In fact, he’s probably enabling their “evil” corporate oppressors.
Strong political views in a work of fiction are a strong indication. They are indicative of weak writers who don’t have any ideas or, in Grisham’s case, who’ve run out of ideas and must lean against a political construct to support the weak plot.
If only Grisham would read the words of his colleague, novlist Linda Grant, in her article, “The Pricks of Conscience,” in the January issue of Prospect Magazine.
In it, Grant quotes W. H. Auden, when asked his views on Vietnam:

Why writers should be canvassed for their opinions on political issues, I cannot imagine.

My, how times have changed. Today, writers cannot imagine why not. When people buy a legal thriller, that’s what they want to read. Not the author’s political agenda.

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January 29, 2008, - 12:51 pm

This is the Kind of Thing You’ll See a Lot of in an Obama White House

By Debbie Schlussel
I don’t like Hillary Rodham Cankles Clinton much. But I recognize that Barack Obama ain’t no saint, either.
Sadly, many conservatives do not. In their zeal to “defeat the Clintons,” you can almost hear them experiencing orgasms in their gushing over the very radical and extremely sleazy Barack Hussein Obama. It’s nauseating.
Among those is well-known plagiarist, intellectual phony, and pseudo-conservative “Dr.” Monica Crowley (she has a Ph.D. and insists on being called “Dr.” but her Ph.D. thesis is now thought to be plagiarized and fabricated). Her gushing on a PBS political show about what “a class act” Obama is, reminded me of the female reporters who openly talked about how they wished they could perform a “Lewinsky” on Bill Clinton. Then, there was Bill Kristol. On FOX News Sunday, he was effusively praising and defending Obama against the comments of Juan Williams (who is Black) that Obama, too, is playing the race card (which he, indeed, is).


Tony Rezko, Obama’s Middle-Eastern Entanglement

Well, I’ve tried to tell you about the real Barack Hussein Obama and his sleazy backer, Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a Syrian-born Arab with many “interesting” Middle East connections. Obama claims he’s now cut ties with the federal indictee, Rezko, but even so, here’s the kind of thing you’ll see more of in an Obama White House:

Antoin Rezko, a Chicago developer and a longtime contributor of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, was jailed yesterday in Chicago after a judge decided he posed a flight risk and revoked his $2 million bond.
At a hearing in federal court, prosecutors said Mr. Rezko, who is under indictment for extortion, had received almost $3.5 million in secret payments from an Iraqi-born British billionaire.
Mr. Obama is facing mounting questions about having received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Mr. Rezko even as he gains momentum from a fresh primary win and a string of high-profile endorsements.
Mr. Rezko, a key figure in the Illinois political establishment, faces a two-month trial beginning Feb. 25 that is expected to plumb his dealings with various state politicians as the final Democratic primary contests play out.
The case took a twist yesterday with allegations by prosecutors that the Syrian-born Mr. Rezko might be preparing to flee and had received $3.5 million from a Lebanese bank account held by General Mediterranean Holding SA, a Luxembourg-registered vehicle for billionaire London investor Nadhmi Auchi.
Mr. Auchi was convicted in France of fraud in 2003. Efforts to reach Mr. Auchi for comment were unsuccessful.
Prosecutors also alleged Mr. Rezko in 2005 asked unnamed Illinois politicians to lobby the State Department to grant a visa to Mr. Auchi. [DS: Don't fool yourself into thinking he didn't ask Obama, and that Obama didn't try to help. It's fair to say, he was probably involved.]
Bill Burton, spokesman for the Obama presidential campaign, said the senator didn’t ask the State Department to provide Mr. Auchi with a visa. [DS: Uh-huh. Riiiight.]
Mr. Obama received more than $150,000 in contributions donated or raised by Mr. Rezko during his political career. The senator also purchased property from the developer’s wife. While federal prosecutors in Chicago are mainly focused on Mr. Rezko’s ties to the governor of Illinois, they claim in court papers that Mr. Rezko illegally reimbursed another donor for a $10,000 contribution to Mr. Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign. Mr. Rezko has denied any wrongdoing.
The Obama campaign had no comment yesterday on the latest developments in the Rezko investigation. The senator has denied any impropriety in his dealings with the developer. The Obama campaign has said it would return any contributions raised by Mr. Rezko because they might be deemed inappropriate. . . .
Mr. Obama has returned more than $85,000 in contributions associated with Mr. Rezko, including $40,000 earlier this month. [DS: Did Obama return his Chicago house, too? NOPE.]
State and federal campaign records indicate Mr. Rezko may have helped raise an additional $80,000 or more. Among the contributions Mr. Obama hasn’t returned, for example, is $4,500 from Mr. Rezko’s real-estate attorney, Michael Sreenan. Mr. Sreenan didn’t return calls yesterday.
The Obama campaign says it is still trying to determine which contributions came from Mr. Rezko. “We are constantly reviewing our donations and we are sure we will have an even more full review done by the end of the month,” Mr. Burton said. [DS: BS . . . Barbra Streisand.]
In U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois yesterday, prosecutors said Mr. Rezko had claimed “he had no access to significant sums of money,” a Justice Department brief states.
In April 2007, the Federal Bureau of Investigation now says, a firm controlled by Mr. Rezko received the $3.5 million from General Mediterranean, an investor in one of the developer’s Chicago real-estate projects. The funds were allegedly used by Mr. Rezko to pay his lawyers and for various debts.
Mr. Rezko is under indictment for fraud, extortion and money laundering related to an alleged scheme to pressure businesses for payments in exchange for contracts managing funds from the state Teachers’ Retirement System and Health Facilities Planning Board. He has pleaded not guilty.
Prosecutors also alleged that Mr. Rezko has provided more than $500,000 to federal fugitive Alber Najjar, who is believed to be hiding in Lebanon since his 2004 indictment in Chicago on gambling charges.

Clearly, Barack Obama was very comfortable in doing business with a man who brings Middle Eastern values to the Middle West and not in a good way. Believe me, there isn’t just one Tony Rezko in the Obama stable. There are many. . . many who will have influence on him in an Obama White House.
I have a blockbuster piece coming out, which briefly discusses more of the Obama-Rezko sleaze. But for now, this should suffice. Stay tuned.

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January 28, 2008, - 5:28 pm

Happy 50th, Lego . . . With Reservations

By Debbie Schlussel
Since I liked to build things and make sculptures, one of my favorite toys, growing up, was Lego (other faves were Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and Sticky Wickies).
Today, Lego turns 50 years old. Congratulations . . . with reservations.
Why reservations? Well, Lego is a Danish company. And unlike the vast majority of the sheep in the conservative blogosphere, I did not ignorantly gush over Denmark’s various products in the wake of the Danish Mohammed cartoon riots. That’s because I remember well how the Danish government dealt with Israel and pandered to the Palestinians and a letter written by the President of Denmark’s biggest union to an Israeli company about how they would now boycott Israel because of the “treatment” of the Palestinians. (More on that here.)


I viewed the Muslim riots in Denmark as, what comes around goes around. And Karma is always a bitch, but sometimes a sweet bitch, when the victim is getting a taste of what they condemn Israel for responding to. Yet, despite this experience, Denmark still treats Israel the way the rest of the Islamo-dominated Madonnastan a/k/a Europe treats Israel.
For not supporting the Danish, I got a lot of hate-filled, obscene posts written about me by conservative–not liberal or Muslim–websites. And those same unworthy sites continue to attack me. Because blind support of the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Danes is their Orthodox litmus test for opposing Islamofascism. Sorry, but I don’t buy my wood or paper warped. And I don’t subscribe to views in the same condition.
So, it is in this vein–my recognition that Denmark remains anti-Israel, and dare I say it, anti-Semitic–that while I like Lego and it was a great toy for me as a kid, I’m not the biggest proponent of it or any product of Denmark and probably never will be. You will never see an “I Support Denmark” banner on my site. My sentiment was “So Denmark, How Do You Like It?”
And, aside from that, as I’ve previously written, Lego is not the same Lego I played with as a kid. Many Lego toys now have electronics and computerized components, which take away from the creativity, logic, and problem-solving the original lego promoted.
So, Happy 50th Lego. But to my readers: Buy a used set of Lego for your kids, rather than reward the Danish who didn’t learn from the Islamofascist invasion of their sorry country and who didn’t get the message of the riots and the cartoon jihad. Until they do, they don’t deserve a penny from you.

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January 28, 2008, - 5:09 pm

“First Black President” Utterer Won’t Vote for His “Bony-Assed White Bitch” Wife

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember Toni Morrison? She’s the best-selling author who said that Bill Clinton was America’s “First Black President.” She said it during the whole Monica hubbub and Slick Willie’s Impeachment trial. And Clinton played the “Black guy” and the race card through the whole impeachment process, using a Black woman as his lawyer, having her argue that his grandfather sold hardware to Black people (as if that somehow made it that he didn’t lie under oath), etc.
At the time, I was on “Politically Incorrect” with Clinton impeachment defense team member Alan Dershowitz (whom Joan Rivers and I kicked to the curb, thank you very much). The topic at hand was Dershowitz’s book about how America was assimilating and that pretty soon, there would be no ethnic culture left (anyone see a danger of that happening?–go to your local mosque or barrio). I said that would be a great thing, since then we could end affirmative action and race/ethnic preferences and quotas and we could see an end to sleazy defense attorneys playing the race card in O.J. and Bill Clinton trials. (Dershowitz was on both “teams.”)


What–No Monica?:

Toni Morrison Now Bestows “First Black President” Title on Obama

Dershowitz went ballistic, claiming they never played the race card in either trial. Joan Rivers shrieked and moved her chair away, and I cited all the things I cited above on Clinton’s impeachment. Bill Maher said I was full of it, that Morrison didn’t say that Clinton is the “First Black President” (she, in fact, did) and that no-one believed Clinton played the race card in the Impeachment hearings. He asked members of the audience to clap if they agreed with “her [my] insanity.” Many audience members clapped, so he told them they were insane, too.
Well, apparently, the clock has struck Midnight, and Bill Clinton has turned back into an evil, old, fat White man. Because, today, Toni Morrison, endorsed the opponent of “The First Black President’s” wife. Morrison endorsed Barack Hussein Obama.
And, no, she didn’t say, “I ain’t gonna vote for the First Black President’s Bony-Assed White Bitch.” But that’s basically what she was saying. She’s not goin’ for the Interracial Presidential Marriage thing. The “bony-assed White bitch” part is the racial epithet I’ve not too infrequently been called in certain stores and areas in and around Detroit. And I figure that’s what she’s thinking, as are a lot of Black women who are turning away in droves from the woman they’d previously supported with no other choice. And I think that’s how they look at her.
They just won’t be honest about it, the way far too many have deigned to be so honest about it with me.
So, sorry, First Black Prez, you almost have to get impeached again and find another Monica, or you can kiss the Sistas good-bye.
Well, maybe they can look for another Black authoress to hail the Clintons. I hear the author “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” is available. But, then, she has an illegal alien gay hubby problem . . . which could work out for the Clintons, since that actually captures a lot of Democratic constituencies.
Yes, the Clintons are now playing the race card, but so is Obama, although in a much more subtle and polished way than the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world. His talk about “overcoming all boundaries” and the like is quite clear in its meaning.

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January 28, 2008, - 4:19 pm

And My Lipgloss And Orange Juice Get Thrown Out Because . . .?

By Debbie Schlussel
Feel safe? You shouldn’t. Yet another TSA undercover operative gets yet another bomb through security at Tampa’s airport.
CNN tails “Jason,” the middle-aged 40-year law enforcement veteran and TSA “covert tester,” while he gets the small explosive device through. It’s an interesting read. But it begs the question, one I repeatedly ask on this site:
If they can’t catch the bombs, why do they keep making me throw out my lipgloss and orange juice? Why do they make a guy with a 4-oz tube of toothpaste throw that out?
Priorities, priorities. Or more accurately: Incompetence, incompetence:


In Tampa, everything goes smoothly as Jason steps through the metal detector portal. The detector alarm goes off, as Jason expects it to, not because of the nonmetallic device strapped to his back but due to his metal knee.
It’s the perfect tool for ensuring he gets to “secondary,” where more extensive searches are conducted.
Soon Jason is in a posture familiar to air travelers. He is standing, legs apart, with his arms extended. A screener “wands” him with a hand-held metal detector, and it beeps as it passes his metal knee, his necklace and the rivets on his bluejeans.
The screener then pats him down, running latex-gloved hands over Jason’s legs, arms and torso. And he pats down Jason’s back, including the lower part where the device is concealed.
But Jason explains away the back support. He tells the screener that he has a bum back in addition to having a metal knee.
With the patdown over, the screener releases Jason. He picks up his belongings and walks freely into the airport, the fake bomb still fastened to his back.
TSA officials say the Tampa test demonstrates the type of systemic vulnerability that the agency is working to expose and address.
Screeners have cultural sensitivities toward travelers’ handicaps, and they are sometimes hesitant to perform intrusive searches, officials said. Terrorists could exploit that reluctance, they said.

Naw, they’d never do that. Pretending to be handicapped is not nice. And Muslims–especially the terrorists–are very nice. At least, that’s what they taught TSA screeners in sensitivity training seminars.
“Jason” could be at your airport and get through with his fake bomb. But one day soon, it could be Ahmed or Mohammed or Tom the Muslim convert. And then, the only thing that will be fake is the President’s repeated claim that America is safe. That, and the full name of the TSA–Transportation Security Administration. Security has nothing to do with it.
Good luck, America. The reason there hasn’t been another successful attack on U.S. soil–and that fact is debatable: Trolley Square Massacre, Shooting at the Seattle Jewish Community Center, Reza Taheri-Azar driving into students at UNC–has nothing to do with George W. Bush . . . or Michael “Serpenthead” Chertoff.

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January 28, 2008, - 3:15 pm

Hillary & Obama: Who is the Real Tony Rezko Bud?

By Debbie Schlussel
Ever since last week, when Hillary Rodham Cankles confronted Barack Hussein Obama head-on about his legal representation of “slumlord Rezko,” a photo has been bandied about featuring an early-Clinton Administration Hillary, Bill, and the infamous Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Syrian-Arab businessman and federal indictee who was arrested for violating bond, this morning.
But, while a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, there is no relationship between the Clintons and Rezko. I checked campaign finance records, and Rezko never donated a dime to the Clintons. And while I despise Cankles and hope she never again returns as a White House occupant, the picture is not a smoking gun. If it were, what about this White House photo, as supplied by Michael Zak of Grand Old Partisan, featuring Rosalynn Carter and serial killer John Wayne Gacy. As much as I hate the Carters, do you really believe she or Jimmy Carter had a connection to Gacy? The serial killers the Carters like are Palestinians and other assorted Muslims, not the American Infidel variety.


Bride of Jimmuh with Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

Contrast all this and the photos with Obama’s close relationship with Tony Rezko. While he gave not a penny to the Clintons, he not only gave thousands to Barack Hussein Obama, but enabled Obama to buy a multi-million dollar home at hundreds of thousands of dollars below market price in a sleazy deal involving Rezko and Rezko’s wife. Further, there are allegations, in a piece I’ll be posting here in a few days, that Obama helped Rezko in his attempts to garner government-administered business contracts. Whatever the case, the fact is that Barack Obama and Tony Rezko were tight.
And while Obama claims he gave Rezko’s contributions to charity, he only gave Rezko’s direct contributions to charity, not the over $100,000 in contributions that came from Rezko’s “associates” (and which Obama knows came from Rezko). And will Obama give his swanky Chicago house to charity, too? Only if he moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But, without Obama’s sleazy arrangement with Rezko, he would be unable to afford the home or live in it.
There is plenty of Clinton sleaze. But Tony Rezko is not part of it. He’s part of Obama sleaze.

Cankles, Antoin “Tony” Rezko, Slick Willie

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January 28, 2008, - 1:57 pm

Religion of “Peace”: “The Wacky World of Muslim Dating”

By Debbie Schlussel
Oh, too be young, Muslim, and dating. Or maybe not to be any of those.
At least not if you are Cherine Allaithy. She’s yet another example that busts the myth, which Muslims in America would have us believe: that they are “just like us”–modern, Western, and as American as you or me.
Ms. Allaithy, at face value, seems to be all of those things. She’s a professional woman, who works on Wall Street as a stockbroker. And she doesn’t wear the hijab, the Muslim woman’s headscarf. And like all “moderate” Muslim Americans, she sought to become one of the four wives of an Al-Qaeda member’s relative. Only, it didn’t work out. So now–and in this, she is VERY American–she’s suing the Muslim imam who didn’t let her be 1/4th of a junior Bin Laden harem, because she now claims he’s messed up her life and put her in danger. She expected different? Hello . . . ?


Blind (Sheikh) Date: Sex, Lies & Muslim Online Dating

Now, there are a million different stories in this one story because it appears both this woman and her dating partner are lying about what happened. She dated the guy for a month, knew what he was about, and then, who knows what actually happened? She knew he was linked to Al-Qaeda, yet dated him and sought to become one of his four wives. Her only hang-up: wearing the headscarf.
Interestingly, Mut’ah or Muta’a marriages, or temporary marriages for the purpose of sex, are generally a Shi’ite practice, but this man, a Sunni, proposed it. I’ve written about them previously on this site.
I love this story because it shows us the kind of nuttiness from her and him that we have alowed into this country, and how we still–despite tons of these stories and worse–refuse to do a damned thing about it. Oh, and by the way, the biggest insult they can think of is “Jew”. Not news (to me):

A Wall Street stockbroker fears for her life after she rebuffed a Brooklyn imam she met on a Muslim dating Web site.
In an explosive $50 million lawsuit that blows the lid off the wacky world of Muslim dating in New York, Cherine Allaithy alleges the religious leader promised he would make her one of four future wives and boasted of a cousin in al Qaeda. When she dumped him, he trashed her reputation in the Arab press.
The imam, Tarek Youssoff Hassan Saleh, 42, says Allaithy is a loose, mentally unstable woman. He has filed criminal charges against her in Brooklyn for allegedly destroying two computers at the Oulel-Albab mosque in Bay Ridge. He also claims she threatened to frame him for rape.
Allaithy, 32, says she met the imam, who goes by the name Sheikh Saleh, online at the Muslim Matrimonial Network site in May 2007. They courted for a month.
In June, she claims in court documents, Saleh proposed marriage, telling her she would have to start wearing a veil and be subservient to him.
When Allaithy rejected the sheik’s proposal, she alleges, he suggested they have a temporary marriage, or mu’ta, so they could have sex without committing a sin.
Allaithy again declined. In the meantime, she started dating Bessem Elhajj, an engineer also living in Bay Ridge.
Saleh said Allaithy two-timed him with Elhajj. She came to Saleh in August, the imam told The Post, distraught that Elhajj had broken up with her.
Saleh insists he is single and not actively seeking four wives. Allegations contained in the court documents say he used Arab-language newspapers to accuse Elhajj of being a womanizer bent on luring Muslim women into temporary marriages.
Allaithy attempted to reconcile with Elhajj and in August went to the mosque, where Saleh lives, to beg him to stop the newspaper stories. He told her she would be exposed next in the press, according to court papers.
In order to prevent her name from being smeared, she said, she ran into his bedroom, grabbed two laptops, and threw them in the sink.
Saleh responded by beating her up, she claims in court papers.
In another article referenced in the complaint, Saleh alleged she came to the mosque to threaten to have him charged with rape.
According to Allaithy’s court claims, the sheik sent her an e-mail describing her as “a trashy and lustful woman, a weeping and cursed Jewish woman.”
Dr. Yasser Shalaby, editor in chief of Al Zalzala, an Arabic-language paper, said he also ran an article to protect Saleh. “I felt it was very dangerous for someone to come to the mosque and try to get the leader in trouble,” he said.
Allaithy, a former broker with Gun Allen Financial, filed a defamation suit against the imam, his mosque and several Arab newspapers in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Jan. 14.
“This is a dishonor to my entire family, every member. My parents disowned me. Basically, he’s ruined my life,” she told The Post. “I have to clean my name.”
Worst of all, she fears she is now a target for an “honor killing” by al Qaeda, according to court papers. Saleh admitted to The Post that a distant relative is a member of the terrorist organization, but said he has had no communication with him.
Elhajj, the man in the middle, said he has washed his hands of both of them.
“He’s crazy,” he said of the imam. “He says he’s a holy man, but it’s just a cover to go after women.”
And of Allaithy: “She’s a child, she’s stupid. She went to him to come after me, but it backfired. He went after her instead.”

Islamic He Said/She Said is far worse (and much more entertaining) than the Infidel version. After reading this, would you hire this woman for your Wall Street firm? Well, if you didn’t, she’d sue you, too (I think CAIR has a few Summons and Complaint forms handy). The woman wants to become one of four wives of an Al-Qaeda relative, then she’s shocked–shocked!–with what transpires.
This is the “Religion of Peace.” “The Wacky World of Muslim Dating.” A great title for a comedy.
Exit question: Which of these two litigating Muslims is lying more? Do they have any concept of truth and honesty?
The answers are quite obvious. This is how they deal with each other. Anyone expect better when they deal with us, Infidels?

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January 28, 2008, - 1:18 pm

Driving Champion with Boobs & Niece Endorse St. B. Hussein

By Debbie Schlussel
So, the entire coterie of the fake “Camelot” family endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for President. And this is a laudable achievement because . . . .
Well, I can think of a few reasons why the endorsement of “Jabba the Hutt” might not be as good for the Barackian Empire as it is for Ted Kennedy:
* Breasts for Men Club gets to meet at the White House occasionally.
* No bridges to drive over drunk, while you let your pregnant (with your kid) girlie-girl drown to death.
* White House tea room a heck of a lot more private for that occasional en flagrante delicto you used to have in front of waitresses mid-day at La Brasserie. I’m sure Barack will give you an occasional noon invite for, um, “lunch” (with a companion) in the Lincoln Bedroom.


Big Whoop: ManBoobs Drunkardy Endorses B. Hussein Obama

* No worries about the Prez having to eat at a non-Whites section of the White House dining room when lunching with him about policy. Too late for blocking the Federal Civil Rights Bill (as the Kennedys did in the Senate). It’s already enacted.
* Better not try to sell the Kennedy homes to Barack. Remember those covenants against Blacks and Jews? Still in effect. No worries, while he’s at the White House for a few years.
* Club Ted visits the White House. But Uncle Ted not allowed access to Obama’s nephews to rouse them from the Obama compound for a night of fun and rape in Palm Beach.
Oh, and Caroline Kennedy. A few things about her:
* Um, she was just a child when her father was assassinated. How the heck does she know that her father would’ve wanted B. Hussein?
* Can someone please tell me what Caroline Kennedy has done that makes her endorsement any more important than say that of Amy Carter, Steve Soap-Opera-actor Ford, or the drunken Bush daughters? Oh, wait, she’s rich. Wait, they’re rich also. No difference. Except the others actually have real jobs. The Kennedy chick has never worked a day in her life.
* She was a pedophilia fantasy for Neil Diamond and the inspiration for his song, “Sweet Caroline.” Yup, that clinches it–she should pick the next Prez.
Exit comment: Don’t forget that the Kennedys made their fortune off of bootlegging, etc. Joseph Kennedy was a supporter of Hitler, and when given thousands of British passports to rescue Jews from the Nazis, he threw them away, rather than do so.
Franky, the endorsement of this nauseating family is no better than a mark of the devil.
Full disclosure: My uncle’s uncle is Maurice Tempelsman, a Jackie O confidant, who made Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her late brother most of their fortune by investing their money (the rest of the Kennedy Family fortune is dwindling and divided among many). Mr. Tempelsman was a contributor to both of my close runs for the Michigan House.

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January 25, 2008, - 4:36 pm

Weekend Read: Can a 247 lb. NFL Lineman Be a Vegan? (Subtitle: Vegans Are Lying)

By Debbie Schlussel
Lots of vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights sites around the Net are buzzing about today’s Wall Street Journal feature, “The 247 Lb. Vegan*“. They’re claiming that this article, about the diet of 247 lb. Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Tony Gonzalez, proves that an animal products-free diet is sustainable for anyone regardless of the lifestyle, physique, or profession.
But it’s a lie. There’s a reason there is an asterisk in the title of the article. Gonzalez’s diet includes 1,120 calories of broiled salmon for dinner. And according to the Vegan/PETA (a/k/a PUTAh–People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals and humans) orthodoxy, you cannot eat any animals or animal products in your diet. Um, people, salmon is a fish. It was alive. It feels pain. Forget the PETA campaign against fishing?
Oh, and then there’s the fish oil, the meat, chicken, and other fish he incorporates into his diet. THAT’S. NOT. VEGAN. Not even vegetarian.


Tony Gonzalez, Carnivore: The NFL’s Meat-Eating “Vegan”

So, the answer is no. One cannot be an NFL lineman and be a vegan. You need animal protein to maintain the weight. And looking at the photo of Gonzalez, he looks on the small and thin side for an NFL lineman. He’d probably be much bigger and stronge–a prized advantage in an NFL line–if he ate meat and protein and drank cow’s or goat’s milk. Let’s see how he does, next season. And by the way, when he first started “veganism,” Gonzalez had serious workout problems, and even his vegan nutritionist told him to take fish oil. Guess where that comes from? Hint: an animal that once lived. That’s anti-vegan.
Veganism doesn’t help athletes, and that’s why Gonzalez’s diet isn’t vegan:

There’s no evidence a vegan diet can improve an athlete’s performance, says David Nieman, a professor of health and exercise at Appalachian State University. His 1988 study of vegetarian runners found they ran as well as their meat-eating rivals but no better. Although the vegetarian athletes in his study also ate eggs and dairy foods, he says, “there is scientific evidence that veganism, when done right, won’t hurt performance.” But, he adds, there is only anecdotal evidence that it can help. . . .
Experts say athletes in training need as much as twice the protein of an average person to rebuild muscle. Their bodies also require a big dose of minerals and vitamins, as well as the amino acids, iron and creatine packed into fish, meat and dairy foods. It’s fine to be a vegan, says sports nutritionist and dietician Nancy Clark, if you’re willing to work at it. “It’s harder to get calcium, harder to get protein, harder to get Vitamin D, harder to get iron,” she says. “You have to be committed.” . . .
Mr. Gonzalez, who grew up in Southern California, says cheeseburgers were his favorite food. But he quit them, substituting fruits, nuts and vegetables. At restaurants, he ordered pasta with tomato sauce.
Three weeks later, he walked into the weight room at the Chiefs’ training facility and got a shock. The 100-pound dumbbells he used to easily throw around felt like lead weights. “I was scared out of my mind,” he says. Standing on the scale, he learned he’d lost 10 pounds.
Mr. Gonzalez considered scrapping the diet altogether and returning to the Chiefs’ standard gut-busting menu. First, though, he called Mr. Campbell, who put him in touch with Jon Hinds, himself a vegan and the former strength coach for the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Mr. Hinds suggested plant foods with more protein.
The Chiefs’ team nutritionist, Mitzi Dulan, a former vegetarian athlete, did not believe that was enough. With the team’s prospects and Mr. Gonzalez’s legacy at stake, she persuaded the tight-end to incorporate small amounts of meat into his plant diet. Just no beef, pork or shellfish, he said; only a few servings of fish and chicken a week. [DS: Um, that ain't vegan. It's not even vegetarian.] . . .
Mr. Hinds showed him nutritious fish oils and how to pick out breads dense with whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Once again, fish oils–NOT vegan.
Regardless, the article is an interesting read.
**** UPDATE, 01/27/08: I missed this part because it was in a caption under pics of food and drinks in Tony Gonzalez’s “Vegan” diet:

After-workout recovery drink: Mr. Gonzalez drinks Accelerade, a mix of carbohydrates and protein. Though accelerade uses animal protein, Mr. Gonzalez says he doesn’t mind because it helps his muscles recover from his workout.

(Emphasis added.)
Um, animal protein? NOT VEGAN. Answer: No a 247 lb. NFL Lineman CANNOT Be a Vegan.

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January 25, 2008, - 4:27 pm

Petty And a Waste

By Debbie Schlussel
Liberal advocacy group Americans United for Change announced plans to spend $8.5 million in a drive to ensure that President Bush’s public approval doesn’t improve as his final days in the White House come to an end.
In related news, Americans United for Change also announced plans to spend $8.5 million in a drive to ensure that Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t become a svelte, gorgeous supermodel who likes men, in the next 11 months.


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