February 20, 2008, - 9:54 am

Homeland Security’s Phony Fingerprint Crackdown: Princess’ ICE Not Following Through

By Debbie Schlussel
Over the last few days, the Department of Homeland Security churned out a lot of press releases and got quite a few gushing stories about its new scanners and its decision to now collect all ten fingerprints from international visitors coming into the U.S. In the past, only two fingerprints were taken, so it was less reliable.
But the story is a not-so-cheap charade, since the American taxpayes paid millions to upgrade these machines.
Why is it a charade? Well, for one thing, under Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chieftess Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess'” “leadership,” she and her chosen ICE Director of Investigations, Marcy M. Forman-Friedman a/k/a “Peppermint Patty,” made “worksite enforcement” the priority.


Muslim Visa Overstay Thanks The ICE Princess

for Her “Worksite Enforcement” Emphasis

They aren’t focusing much at all on the primary national security problem they face–visa overstays and violations. That’s how most terrorists get and stay here. Remember a guy named Abouhalima? One of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers, he was here driving a cab on a visa for agricultural workers. Sorry, but nothing grows on the streets of New York. Nothing that needs picking, anyway.
Many ICE agents have told me that they’re worried that show-raids for the cameras have replaced legitimate investigation of immigration fraud rings, sham marriages, and visa violators. Instead of investigating the whereabouts of these people and who is helping them–remember they are paid $100,000 for their investigation skilss–they are instead extras, playing wranglers on the set of The ICE Princess’ endless meaningless show-raid rodeo for the cameras.
And they’ve told me about the scary ranking system that Myers and Forman have put in place regarding investigations of visa violators and overstays. Agents tell me that Myers and Forman give rankings to all ICE offices nationwide, ranking them NOT on how many visa violators they locate or whose cases they resolve, but on how many of such cases are which are opened, are then closed. Cases can be–and frequently are–closed without being resolved, and this system encourages that, while discouraging serious inquiry into the whereabouts of these aliens. And there’s a venal aspect to it: Since Forman and her Special Agents in Charge and their minions get bonuses based on those rankings (and other questionable criteria), agents below them are pressured to close visa violator cases without any real resolution. That gets bonuses, NOT catching the actual visa violator.
This means that many illegal aliens are loose in the Great American Abyss simply since many of their files were quickly closed, and they are off the radar screen indefinitely.
So why are we taking 10 fingerprints or even two or any at all? If The ICE Princess is concentrating on getting FOX News and The New York Times to watch her arrest the far lower security threat illegal aliens who are working on farms, in hotels, and factories, and doesn’t give a damn about the whereabouts of those who gave their prints at the airport, why did you–the American taxpayer–spend the money for these brand spankin’ new machines?
For PR purposes only. It’s just a formality. Like I said, she’s too busy raiding Burger King and McDonald’s and releasing the arrested illegals once the CNN cameras leave to focus on the real national security risk that doesn’t get her face time for her next stepping stone in her career path of incompetence and disaster.
The press releases about the new scanners sound nice, but that’s the point. They want you to think that Michael “Serpenthead” is actually doing something to make you safer, when actually, his girlfriend running ICE is making you less safe, while she smiles for the cameras repeatedly saying how she’s sending a message to illegal aliens that they can no longer remain here unhindered.
Um, they’re getting the message. Just not the one she’s selling. And maybe they can use her well-fertilized message to make something grow on the streets of Manhattan, while they’re plotting their “agricultural work” or “university courseload” for killing more Americans.
10 fingerprints, 2 fingerprints, 23 fingerprints–it doesn’t matter how many are in our databases, if ICE won’t make the search for these aliens a priority, once they are missing/in violation of their visas. There weren’t any fingerprints left when smoke and dust settled on 3,000 murdered Americans, perpetrated by aliens who worked the inept system to do their deeds.
What a waste. All hail immigration “enforcement” under the dual terror of The ICE Princess and Peppermint Patty.
It’s not exactly an argument for women atop law enforcement. Is it?

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February 19, 2008, - 3:34 pm

Attn, Cops – Brand Spankin’ New Criminal Defense: “We Had Korans”; Mystery: Authorities Talking Plea Deal

By Debbie Schlussel
Dear Members of Law Enforcement (Federal, State, and Local):
If a suspect you stopped for the possible, likely, or definite commission of a crime is carrying a Koran, it might be best not to mention it.
Apparently, if you note that a suspect possesses a Koran, that means you are profiling, and their arrests–and any evidence you garnered from those arrests–should be thrown out.
That’s the position of defense attorneys in the Smiling “Just Fireworks” Islamic Terrorists Youssef Samir Megahed and Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed in a hearing held this morning.


Even though South Carolina’s Berkeley County Deputy James Lamar Blakely said he stopped the two men because they were acting and driving suspiciously and he thought their Florida plates indicated they might be drug dealers, defense attorneys seized on his notation that the two had Korans on their laps (which, frankly, makes them far more suspicious than drug dealers):

“The driver ain’t much saying anything,” he said. “Except when I asked him why he didn’t pull over, he said because the roads were slanted, but both of them were sitting holding Qurans in their lap while they’re driving. One’s got a laptop. I think they’re part of the Taliban.”
A recording of the traffic stop was played in court this morning as part of a hearing over motions by the defense to suppress evidence seized in the stop. The driver, Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, and passenger, Youssef Megahed, face a charge of illegally transporting explosives. Mohamed also is charged with trying to help terrorists by posting on the Internet a video of himself demonstrating how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.
Blakely testified this morning that his “Taliban” comment was an “unprofessional joke” that he shouldn’t have made. He similarly described other comments he made, including, “They probably got a bomb strapped to ‘em.”
The defense is arguing that the remarks reflect inappropriate racial profiling. The prosecution maintains the traffic stop was legal and the search was consensual, requested by the deputy after the two men raised suspicions.

Yup, it’s the Koran defense. If you note that they had one, they should go free, no matter how many people they were trying to blow up with their pipe bombs.
Law enforcement, take note. Oh, and don’t dare make jokes about the holy “Religion of Peace.” Ya hear? Only unfunny Muslim comedians like Ahmed Ahmed are allowed do that. It’s a jihadist thang. You wouldn’t understand. Plus, you’ll be branded for life as intolerant, and all of your suspects may be set free. That’s no joke. It’s serious.
In the meantime, it looks like the feds are already giving up on a new, secret aspect of this case, of which the public has yet to be apprised. They’re engaged in plea deal negotiations with Megahed. Just what are these possible new charges to which authorities are already in discussions with Megahed’s attorneys for a plea deal?:

Attorneys are negotiating a possible plea deal in the case of one of two former University of South Florida students charged with transporting explosives.
Attorneys informed U.S. Magistrate Mark Pizzo that Youssef Megahed may enter into a plea agreement, according to minutes of an unannounced court hearing Friday.
“At the present time, there is no agreement to resolve this case by way of plea,” said Megahed’s attorney, Adam Allen, a federal public defender. “I can assure that if for some reason we do enter an agreement, there will not be a plea to anything that Mr. Megahed is currently charged with.”
Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, who were born in Egypt, are charged with illegally transporting explosives. Mohamed also is charged with trying to help terrorists by posting on the Internet a video in which he shows how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Megahed has been involved in even more stuff that is far more sinister. So just what is it? What criminal behavior is the subject of a federal plea deal for an accused terrorist other than what he was already indicted for?
FBI agents in New York. A third accomplice who engaged in apparent marriage fraud. And now this. The mystery and intrigue of this case continues . . . and escalates.

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February 19, 2008, - 1:52 pm

Yet Another “Religion of Peace” “Just Fireworks” Pipe Bomb Suspect?

By Debbie Schlussel
What is it with the “Religion of Peace”? For such a “peaceful” “religion,” they sure have a lot of American adherents caught with pipe bombs, er . . . “just fireworks,” in their cars.
We already know about the Muslim pipe bomb suspects from South Florida, caught on an obscure South Carolina highway. Now there’s Sasan Ghazal, apparently an Iranian-American, of North Carolina. It’s possible that he is of the Ba’hai Faith or Zoroastrian (like Freddie Mercury), but also very likely that he is Muslim. Especially because he was carrying a pipe bomb. And there really aren’t too many Ba’hai terrorists out there.
More on Mr. Ghazal (thanks to reader Duane for the tip):

An east Charlotte man could face federal charges after his weekend arrest for possessing what appeared to be a pipe bomb, authorities said Wednesday.
Matthews police stopped Sasan Ghazal, 21, on suspicion of drunken driving Saturday, and found an explosive device that was later dismantled by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg bomb squad, police said.
“That was a very dangerous situation,” said Sgt. David Harrington, a Matthews police spokesman. “When people start making homemade devices and they are not trained to handle the elements … they could kill not only themselves but anybody else.”
Investigators have declined to say what they believe Ghazal was doing with the device, which will be sent to an Atlanta lab for analysis by the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. They also declined to describe the size or potential destructive force of the device, or exactly where it was found. . . .
Ghazal was charged under state law with possession of a weapon of mass destruction, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A woman riding with him was not charged. . . .
Ghazal is in the Mecklenburg County Jail on a $101,500 bond. A U.S. Attorney will decide if federal charges are warranted. Federal charges typically carry stiffer penalties than state charges; no probation or parole is allowed with a federal conviction, ATF spokesman Earl Woodham said.
Ghazal, of Bristol Ford Place in Charlotte, pleaded guilty in 2006 of carrying a concealed gun and felony possession of drugs, court records show.

Video on Ghazal here.

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February 19, 2008, - 11:20 am

Shahar the Shanda*: Israeli Tennis Champs are Pimping for Anti-Semitic Gulf States

By Debbie Schlussel
Female Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe’er is ranked 17th in the world.
But her reign towards the top of women’s tennis hasn’t prevented her from acting like a desperate lowlife, just wanting to be loved.
As I’ve repeatedly noted on this site, until yesterday Peer couldn’t set foot in any of the Gulf states. She was not allowed to play in the Dubai Open or the Qatar Open.


Israel’s Shahar Peer: Official Spokesmodel of Judenrein ’08

That’s because all of the Gulf states not only officially boycott Israel and don’t recognize its existence, but they openly state on their websites that those with Israeli passports or stamps from Israel on their passports will not be allowed into the countries. While that’s the official policy, exceptions are routinely made for Muslims with Israeli passports or stamps on their passports. That’s how so many Muslims from Israel are able to make the hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Because only Muslims with Israeli passports and stamps are allowed in–and not Jews–it’s quite clear that the idea is to exclude Jews from the Gulf states. The policy is anti-Semitic and, frankly, a form of anti-Jewish apartheid.
But now Doha, Qatar wants to host the Summer Olympic Games and is bidding for the 2016 version. It would be hard to imagine the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowing the Games to take place in an apartheid-ruled South Africa in the ’80s. But racism is treated differently by the politically correct IOC than is the more “palatable” anti-Semitism. The Munich massacre was not the beginning of Olympic anti-Semitism, nor was it the end.
And the Gulf States, with their anti-Semitic apartheid, are acceptable to left-wing celebs, where South Africa’s apartheid was not. Rockers joined for the song, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.” But, today, George Clooney is posing in anti-Israel Dubai to tout his new role as an honorary UN Ambassador. (Dubai continues to trade with and recognize Sudan, the country which gang rapes, tortures, and mass murders its Black population, an issue about which Clooney claims to care deeply about.)
Now, there is Shahar Peer. Despite her travel to Qatar and her participation in the Qatar Open being prohibited for years, yesterday, she played in the Qatar Total Open. Her match there is being called “historic.” It merited a full-page, complete with color pictures of her in traditional Qatari dress, in today’s USA Today Sports Section. Not a single word in the entire page of the story, though, about why Peer never played there before or why, as the story noted, she is “the first Israeli to compete in a professional tour event in one of the Persian Gulf States.” Not a single mention of Qatar’s visitor visa policy, which remains in place, except for star Israeli tennis players who will willingly pimp out their country and their fellow co-religionists for a chance at publicity and tennis riches.
Instead, we are treated to glowing quotes from pandering Israeli tennis players who also want to play a role at zonah (the Hebrew word for prostitute). 27-year-old Israeli doubles player Andy Ram–who won Australian Open, last month–says:

If the Sheik of Dubai will accept to give us a visa, I don’t see a reason why not to go.

Well, here’s a reason–several reasons: Dubai won’t trade with Israel, period. It won’t do business with any companies who do business with Israel. And it won’t allow any Jew holding an Israeli passport to enter, save a few tennis stars. Even if the Israeli Olympic Team is allowed to play in Qatar, average Israeli Jews won’t be allowed to enter or do business there or Dubai or anywhere else in the gulf. Nor will tourists with a stamp from Israel in their passport. And the country won’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist.
Peer and her fellow Israeli tennis players are akin to the few Jews, like the diamond-trading Oppenheim family, who were immune to Nazi policies toward Jews. Their presence at Qatari tennis tournaments is like the phony “model” concentration camps the Nazis showed the world.
And they don’t seem to get it.
As I also noted on this site, a few years ago Ms. Peer’s doubles partner, Sania Mirza, dumped Ms. Peer for another partner in the Bangalore Open. Why? Because Muslims in India protested that the Muslim Indian Ms. Mirza was playing with an Israeli Jew. And yet, despite this, Ms. Peer remains a doubles partner and friend to Ms. Mirza. Would you remain friends with someone who bows to anti-Semites and temporarily dumps you to appease them? Ms. Peer sees no shame in that.
It’s a weird perversion of Grouch Marx’s joke that he wouldn’t want to be a member of a group that would allow him as a member. Ms. Peer and her fellow Israeli tennis players desperately want to be a member of a group that only wants them to host an Olympics.
For the record, Shahar Peer won her match, yesterday, against Andreja Klepac of Slovenia. But it’s a selfish, personal victory, not a win for Israel or freedom-loving Westerners around the world who oppose Islamo-fascism.
On the contrary, Shahar Peer’s tennis appearance in Qatar is a huge defeat for her country, for Jews, and for pro-Westerners all around the world.
And that is, indeed, “historic.”
* “Shanda” is a Hebrew and Yiddish term for embarrassment, shame, scandal, etc.


Shahar Pe’er in Qatar:

The New Nazis Let Token Uncle Tom Jew Play Tennis

**** UPDATE: Check out the website for the U.S. Embassy of Qatar, which states:

All invoices should have a non-Israeli clause clearly mentioned.

And don’t forget that this is the country whose rulers created and fund Al-Jazeera.

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February 18, 2008, - 5:48 pm

Michelle Hussein Obama Says She’s Been Ashamed of the U.S. for Decades

By Debbie Schlussel
When I wrote, recently, that wannabe-First Lady Michelle Hussein Obama is the Black Hillary, readers disagreed, saying she’s far worse. Upon reading their comments and seeing this new video, I definitely agree with themespecially reader/blogger Interested-Participant who said she is more like Cynthia McKinney). Hell hath no fury like this woman as First Lady. . . and America scorned (by her).
Apparently the woman has been ASHAMED of America for decades. She told an audience that she’s only, now, for the first time her life proud of America. Do you really want to allow this woman in the White House . . . even as a tourist? I’d MUCH rather have Hillary and Slick Willie than the Hussein Obamas. Oy vey:

Uploaded by krs601

For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my country.

–Michelle Obama
Um, for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m embarrassed–and frightened–that my country could put this co-President-ette in the White House.
This woman is 44 years old. That means she’s legally been an adult for 26 years, and has been embarrassed/ashamed of America for more than a quarter century. And we want this cretin-ette in this White House?
Check out the comments under this video at Breitbart. I agree with most of them.


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February 18, 2008, - 4:53 pm

Sean Vannity*: Conservative Plagiarist Decries Obama/Hillary Plagiarism

By Debbie Schlussel
Egomaniac-with-no-substance, Sean Hannity, strikes again.
Many readers have written to inform me that, today, on his nationally syndicated ABC radio show, Sean Hannity a/k/a Sean Vannity decried the allegations by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama leveled at each other that they engaged in plagiarism.
Readers wrote because they recognized the hypocrisy of Hannity–who regularly plagiarizes me, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, and others, including two cases where I documented exclusive stories I broke (on Imam Husham Al-Husainy’s Hezbollah activities and the Muslim Footbaths at University of Michigan-Dearbornistan), which he ripped off without credit–in decrying plagiarism by others. He reads our sites word-for-word, presenting it as his own work and thoughts. At the beginning of his week-long rip-off of my work on Al-Husainy, Sean admitted to me that he got the info from my New York Post column and this site and promised to repair his misdeed, but instead kept ripping me off without credit.


His show is a daily three-hour substandard plagiarism of Rush Limbaugh, so much so that Rush, years ago, had to post an audio watermark on his soundclips that Sean was stealing and re-running on his show. (Like the old adage about flatulation–“the one who denies it, supplies it”–Hannity ran around flagship station WABC, asking, “Who is stealing Rush’s clips?”) Now, Vannity rips off many of his clips from Hot Air to avoid that. Even the stupid “You’re a great American” greeting he gives callers who call his show is ripped off from another radio talk show host.
Reader Marlene writes:

Hi, Debbie:
In case you don’t know, Sean Hannity is on the air making a big deal about the plagiarism rift between Clinton and Obama. I sent him a e-mail telling him that he had a lot of nerve to even address this topic and brought up him that you had accused him of plagiarism and proved it. I asked him to hurry up and ban me. He is such a punk.

Hey Sean: Pot. Kettle. Black. And here’s a clue for Sean, since he’s constantly lecturing listeners on what “conservatives believe”: Conservatives believe in intellectual property ownership and respecting that ownership. They don’t believe in shoplifting, as you regularly do from other conservatives who dream up the thoughts you rip off.
I must ask: If Sean Hannity can do it, why can’t B. Hussein O. and Cankles do it, too? Talk about hypocrisy.
* The Sean Vannity nickname was coined by Michael Savage.

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February 18, 2008, - 4:19 pm

On Presidents Day, Best & Worst of Contemporary Presidents

By Debbie Schlussel
Since it’s Presidents Day, it’s time to take stock of our recent Presidents. By recent, I mean the last 100 years (before that, I like Lincoln and Washington). Who are your favorites and most disliked and why?
In my view, the best contemporary Presidents are Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. The worst are Jimmy Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush. Briefly, here’s why:


* Teddy Roosevelt: He captured America’s imagination and was, perhaps, the original conservative. He gave so many speeches and wrote so many insightful comments both during his Presidency and after that were brave and courageous. His best: “The Man in the Arena” speech. Roosevelt recognized the immigration and lack-of-assimilation problems before their time. He took control of the Panama Canal (which Jimmy Carter gave up). He was a real man, who was a cowboy conservationist, not an extremist environmentalist, which we have too much of today.
From my Presidents Day post last year, check out great quotes from Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” speech and his other quotes which answer liberal, elitist Hollywood, and those who want illegal aliens to do the work that they themselves refuse to do.
* Ronald Reagan: Faced with double-digit inflation and a kick-me sign on America’s back from the Jimmy Carter days, President Reagan restored pride in America, domestically, and respect from the world internationally. With key diplomats like UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick and her deputy Alan M. Keyes, we told the America-hating world where to go.
With tax cuts, lowered tax rates, and the like, he brought supply-side economics to the forefront and a booming economy to economically depressed America. Reagan fought Communism abroad–ending the Communist empire of the Soviet Union by building up our nuclear arms arsenal and verbally siding with the human rights prisoners of Soviet hegemony–and in our hemisphere by funding the Nicaraguan freedom fighters against Sandinista Communists, defeating Daniel Ortega (until Bush allowed him back in 2007). And he also liberated Grenada.
Reagan brought important ideas–like missile defense–which were vilified then and are sound, accepted policy now, to the forefront. He was also one of the most pro-Israel presidents in American history, refusing to deal with the P.L.O. and saying no to a terrorist state for this artificially created nationality of Muslim Arabs.
Though he was tough around the world Reagan wasn’t, however, as tough on terrorism as he is given credit for. He pulled America out of Lebanon after Hezbollah murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians in 1983 and trampled to death Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem on hijacked TWA Flight 847. This cut-and-run, instead of bombing the terrorists and sending them to Allah, is cited by Bin Laden as an example of his view that America is cowardly.
And then there’s the reason the Marines were there in the first place: Instead of helping Israel protect itself against Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and usher in a friendly, peaceful Maronite Christian government there, the Marines were brought in to protect the Palestinians from Israel, a big misstep. Reagan–and later Bush, Clinton, and Bush–never let Israel assassinate Arafat, even though he was in their sites and within sniper range.
And Reagan didn’t do much to respond to the hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of passenger Leon Klinghoffer, an American Jew in a wheelchair. He did, however, respond to Libya’s murders of Marines in German discos and its cooperation in the PFLP bombing of the flight over Lockerbie, Scotland.
On balance, both symbolically and in words and deeds, Reagan was one of our best, he restored our own faith in our great nation for a few years.
* Jimmy Carter: My July 2001 column, “Shut Up, Jimmy Carter,” sums it up. He pandered to Islamists and helped usher out the America-friendly Shah of Iran in favor of the extremist Ayatollahs’ rule that has dominated this state ever since. American hostages–they were in captivity for 444 days because Carter did nothing, except a failed helicopter rescue attempt. We should have pounced on this country and bombed the heck out of it.
Double digit inflation, “malaise” days, and hundreds of thousands of autoworkers losing their jobs to foreign dumping of autos? Carter told us to bike to work and deal with the fact that we wouldn’t have it as good as our parents. Wonder why he was a one-termer? No-one does. Most of us remember.
With the U.N. and countries around the world in strife, Carter pressured Israel to give up the oil-rich Sinai to those who never really made a real peace. To date, Israel cannot even be in the International Book Fair in Egypt. This is peace? The land for piece of paper formula began under Jimmuh and we’ve keep falling down the slippery slope.
But White House tennis courts? That was something Carter paid close attention to. That, and UFOs, plus a rabbit who attacked him while he was fishing (and under the nose of the U.S. Secret Service).
* Bill Clinton: Lied under oath. Brought oral sex to the Oval Office, not to mention sleaze extraordinaire. He and the world’s ugliest Secretary of State conferred respect to world’s bloodiest terrorist who murdered countless Americans and Jews (Arafat), and forced Israel into the Oslo agreement that spawned years of homicide bombings and terrorist attacks. How many innocent lives did this agreement snuff out? Far too many to count. Attorney General Janet Reno led jack-booted thuggish raids on Elian Gonzalez’s family, the Branch Davidian David Koresh clan, and on Ruby Ridge. So much for liberal tolerance of other beliefs . . . other than Islam, that is. Ignored the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and did nothing to shore up America’s national security and immigration enforcement after the fact. With co-President wife, spent their time trying to cover up Monicagate, Whitewatergate, Travelgate, and so many other scams and rip-offs they perpetrated. Through secret meetings of co-Prez Hillary, tried to push socialized medicine on America. Still trying to find out what the job/purpose of former bouncer/limo driver Craig Livingstone was. “First Black President” brought sleaze to a new low in the White House and played the race card to try to get away with it.
Conducted military bombings and incursions not based on what was best for America, but, instead, upon when Monica was testifying and/or which Muslim group was whining that they needed to murder Christians in Europe so they could establish a new Islamist beachhead there. Kosovo, anyone? Bosnia? Bill Clinton started the ball rolling on these nations for Muslims who hate us.
* George W. Bush: Single-handedly brought down the country’s conservative movement and his own party by trying to be more liberal than liberals. Spent like a drunken sailor on bills he supported with Ted Kennedy. Education bill led to America’s decline in math, science, and reading on his watch. Most memorable (and false) slogan of eight years is “Islam is peace.” He was faced with America’s biggest catastrophe in contemporary times and responded by pandering to the Muslim cult that fomented it. Refused to restrict immigration by the religion of the 19 hijackers and instead invited their supporters to the White House for Ramadan dinners. Instead of responding, he listened to Islamist Grover Norquist and hired those with ties to Al-Qaeda to work for him as Muslim advisors, some with access to important national security info.
Had several years to institute a “Manhattan Project” to remove us from the oil-teat of Saudis and other OPEC nations. Instead, hung out with Saudi pan-terrorist buddies Prince Bandar and King Abdullah, all even though Mrs. Prince Bandar paid the rent of some 9/11 hijackers. He even agreed to Abdullah’s demands to remove women from the tarmac and air traffic control tower at the Waco airport on his arrival to visit the Bush ranch. Disgraceful AND disgusting.
Proof that getting into Yale and Harvard is more about who your daddy is than the capacity of your brain, he single-handedly brought down America’s national security by eliminating U.S. Customs and creating the Department of Homeland Security, including ICE and other inept agencies. Instead of responding to terrorists by beefing up the investigation of their fundind, he not only eliminated Customs, but its success Operation Greenquest. Appointed a left-wing lawyer to run Homeland Security and a woman as qualified to run ICE as Flava Flav.
Constantly pushed amnesty for illegal aliens and refused to build a mandated wall on our Southern border. Reduced background checks of prospective citizens to less than six minutes on average and no terror background checks for 47,000 plus of them. Yes, that’s how you respond to a terrorist attack on your country. You make it easier for them to do it again. At least Bill Clinton only did nothing. Bush helped our enemies.
Affirmative action hires of liberals Colin Powell and the incompetent Condoleeza Rice brought us further down in international eyes, as we continued to pander to Islamist nations and the Islamic religion. pressuring Israel to amputate itself and give up Gaza and parts of the so-called West Bank have led to endless bombings on poor, working class Israelis from Arab countries, living in Sderot and elsewhere.
His pipe-dream of “democracy” and “free elections” for Islamic terrorists achieved the predictable and obvious: terrorists came to power. Yes, Bush is the founding father of HAMAS-astan, Hezbollah-stan, and Muslim Brotherabia (in Egypt). Bush also helped the Shi’ite revival and spread Iran’s influence and power by handing Iraq over to their ilk in these silly “free elections.” Oh, and now, he’s the father of Kosovo-stan. And speaking of Iran, you know those nukes Iran is developing? When they get them, we can blame Bush for sitting by throughout his Presidency and doing nothing to take them out.
Feted Syria’s Assad by sending Condi Clueless and Jihad Darrell a/k/a Rep. Darrell Issa to kiss his butt. Legitimized the Ayatollah State by inviting Iran to “peace” conferences over Israel and Iraq and allowed Ahmadinejad on U.S. soil. Nearly gave away control of our ports to Islamists who helped the 9/11 hijackers murder 3,000 Americans. Letting countless potential terrorists into the country, without limit. Made a deal with the Saudi King to bring thousands more here on student visas.
Domestically, gave away millions in wasteful spending. The Carter “malaise” days aren’t just coming back. They’re already here. And in the next administration we will hurt greatly from the Bush “malaise” days.
Bush failed on so many levels. And he still doesn’t know: It’s noo-clee-uhr. Not Nook-yuh-ler. Sadly, that’s all he doesn’t know.

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February 18, 2008, - 1:34 pm

“Harold & Kumar” Do Gitmo Trutherism

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s not exactly a newsflash that Hollywood sides with Islamic terrorists and is against the impotent War on Terror. And I’ve noted that actor Kal Penn, who played Kumar Patel in the hit movie, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” is sympathetic with Muslims and Islamic terrorists. He’s against profiling of Islamic terrorists and, even though he played an Islamic terrorist on “24,” he taught a class at University of Pennsylvania, decrying–among other things–the portrayal of Asian Muslim terrorists on film.
Now, in the sequel to Harold & Kumar, “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay,” we can expect more of this left-wing pan-terrorist pap. (Thanks to reader Barry Popik for the tip.) Filmmakers admit that they didn’t do any research on Gitmo and just presented things the way they believe they are in Gitmo. Unfortunately, America is populated by airheads like college student Cecily Pirozzoli, who feels for the terrorists, and is the likely audience of the Harold & Kumar sequel:
Harold & Kumar Escape From Gitmo Trailer (This is the WORK-SAFE version, and a lot was edited out.)

(The UNSAFE For Work R-Rated version, below–at the bottom of this entry, shows how stupid and disgusting this movie is.)

Because of some unfortunate confusion on an airplane between a “bong” and a “bomb” [DS: haha, funny], our slacker antiheroes are shipped off to the moviemakers’ idea of the worst prison imaginable.
On April 25, on a screen near you: “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.”
Seriously, dude. . . .
Harold and Kumar’s escape is only the latest cultural road trip through the detention center on Cuba’s southeast corner. And in most of them, Guantanamo is an eerie outpost, with scorpions, five-foot iguanas and banana rats – rodents the size of small dogs.
The image of a forbidding prison camp is not entirely false. But it is not the picture Bush administration officials would prefer to emphasize. They portray Guantanamo Bay as a clean and modern detention camp, where humane treatment of terror suspects is the rule.
But Guantanamo is no longer just a naval station or even just a detention center. It is an idea in worldwide culture – in more than 20 books and half a dozen movies and plays, with more coming out every month.
It has become shorthand for hopeless imprisonment and sweltering isolation. “The strange new Alcatraz,” one writer calls it, “the gulag of our times.” [DS: Um, weren’t those the words of Amnesty International?] . . .
Rear Adm. Mark H. Buzby, who runs the camp for the Pentagon . . . said that countering what he called preconceptions about Guant?┬░namo was “probably the biggest challenge that I face.”
The focus on Guantanamo as a creative subject can lead to distortions, Admiral Buzby said. “It’s as if someone turned up the gain on our life to make it sound really bad.” . . .
In her freshman seminar at the University of Denver this fall, Cecily Pirozzoli, an 18-year-old business major, read “Poems From Guantanamo: The Detainees Speak,” a slender volume edited by one of the detainees’ lawyers, Marc Falkoff. [DS: Read my post on this absurd book of drivel, here.]
Mr. Falkoff said his goal was partly to humanize the detainees. One poem asks: “What kind of spring is this, where there are no flowers?”
Ms. Pirozzoli said the book gave her insights into Guantanamo that she had not gained from news coverage. “I could feel what these people were feeling,” she said.
Pentagon officials simmer at the portrayals of Guantanamo, calling some of them propaganda. But that message has a difficult time catching up to the works themselves. . . .
The “Harold and Kumar” writer-director team, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, suggested in an interview that their script did not worry too much about Guantanamo’s actual details.
Mr. Schlossberg said their portrayal of Guantanamo involved darkness and dirt. They filmed at an abandoned prison in Shreveport, La., which Mr. Schlossberg described as “really creepy.”
“Our vision for Guantanamo,” he said, “was a place that doesn’t even feel like America.”


Yup, who cares about accuracy, when you’re showing your film to millions of Americans and others worldwide? Why bother with the truth? “It’s just a comedy, so no-one will believe it.” Right?
Don’t expect to see the giant halal buffets fit for a sultan, La-Z-Boy chairs and Harry Potter videos, and state-of-the-art gym Gitmo prisoners have, in this BS comedy. Or see the hotels nearby. It’s not supposed to “feel like America,” remember?
And while this movie will probably be a hit, based on the popularity of the first “Harold & Kumar” installment, it’s popularity will not have anything to do with Gitmo. Watch, though, for liberals to claim the opposite, that–despite the steady stream of anti-war box office bombs–this singular movie will prove the popularity of anti-war movies decrying Gitmo.
Oh, and don’t expect Hollywood to ever put out this film: “Harold & Kumar Go to the Set of the Nick Berg Video.”
Sadly, that one wouldn’t be a propaganda comedy, and they wouldn’t escape for another sequel. Instead, we’d see “Harold & Kumar’s Executioners Meet the 72 Virgins.”

The VERY UNSAFE FOR WORK version shows how stupid and disgusting this movie is:

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February 18, 2008, - 12:41 pm

Video of the Day: David Lee Roth Auditions for “American Idol”

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember the hilarious “unplugged” David Lee Roth vocals I posted from Van Halen’s “Running With the Devil”?
At the time, I wrote that it’s a good thing “American Idol” was not around then, or DLR would NOT be going to Hollywood:

What would Simon and Randy say about these vocals? Well, it’s safe to say he would not be going to Hollywood. Glad “AI” wasn’t around then.

Well, someone posting on youtube must have been reading this site. He posted this clever video on when Simon met DLR:



Thanks to reader Chet for the tip.

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February 18, 2008, - 11:54 am

If I Worked There . . .

By Debbie Schlussel
. . . I’d probably jump out the window, too.
In the larger scheme, we are committing suicide as a nation by continuing to be the major funder of this useless hate-America institution on our own soil. That’s yet another failure of the Republicans when they controlled the House. They promised to defund PBS and this. They did neither.

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