February 26, 2008, - 5:32 pm

The Bush “Persecute Border Patrol Agents” Doctrine Continues: Trial of Border Agent Began Today

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, the Border Patrol agents who were prosecuted, then sent to federal prison for at least a decade, for defending themselves against a drug-dealing illegal alien criminal?
Welcome to the sequel.
Today, the trial of Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett began with jury selection. Corbett is charged in the fatal shooting, last year, of illegal alien Francisco Dominguez-Rivera. He says it was in self-defense, that Dominguez-Rivera and his illegal alien companions threw rocks at him. But if you are a Border Patrol or ICE Agent, there is a presumption of guilt against you today, many such agents tell me.
This is one of those cases:


A U.S. Border Patrol agent went on trial on Tuesday in the killing of a Mexican man attempting to cross illegally into Arizona, a case closely watched by pro- and anti-illegal immigrant groups.
Jury selection began in U.S. District Court in Tucson, Ariz., to decide the fate of agent Nicholas Corbett, who faces second-degree murder charges for killing Francisco Dominguez Rivera in the southern Arizona desert.
Corbett, who has claimed through attorneys that he shot in self defense, is also charged with manslaughter and negligent homicide in connection with the January 12, 2007, incident.
Dominguez Rivera, 22, was fatally shot after crossing an isolated stretch of the border between Naco and Douglas with his two brothers and the girl friend of one of the brothers. Corbett said he shot after being threatened with a rock.
The incident drew an immediate rebuke by the Mexican government, with that country’s Foreign Ministry complaining of “disproportionate violence.” Diplomats at the Mexican Embassy in Washington called for a thorough investigation.
Jennifer Allen, executive director of Tucson-based Border Action Network, said the human-rights group plans a weeklong vigil in front of the courthouse.
“We’ll be there to send a message affirming that no one is above the law and calling for justice in this case,” said Allen, who added that the case underscores the need for better training for agents and oversight.
A Border Patrol spokesman in Tucson had no immediate comment.
A top border patrol union official said the case has been overblown by prosecutors and never should have reached trial. “We’re hopeful that justice will prevail and he is found innocent of all charges,” said T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Aren’t you glad that the Bush Administration ruins members of our law enforcement’s lives on behalf of another government whose citizens are dumped on us?
So much for national sovereignty.
If every single action of Border Patrol (and ICE) agents is second-guessed in courts–with their lives on the line–who will want to take these thankless jobs?
Well, soon, Border Patrol and ICE agent will fall under the lines of work that President Bush characterized as “the work Americans just won’t do.”
Nicholas Corbett should be getting hazard pay, not his life on trial.

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February 26, 2008, - 4:05 pm

World to End: Starbucks Closes Nationwide

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Many readers asked me why they shouldn’t patronize Caribou Coffee. I accidentally forgot the link. But it’s now posted below. You’ll see why Caribou is haram [forbidden] for anti-jihadists. ****
No, I’m not making it up. Those of you who live at Starbucks are going to be homeless for three hours, today.
Starbucks is closing its 7,100 stores across America, at 5:30 p.m., in an apparent attempt to stem the decline in its profits. In a statement, Starbucks said it was doing the “retraining” of all 135,000 employees to

provide a renewed focus on espresso standards that will help ensure the exceptional quality of every beverage.

For those of you who must spend $5-plus on a flavored coffee during the shutdown, remember, DON’T go to jihadist-owned Caribou Coffee instead . . . unless the idea of giving money to jihadists from the Gulf appeals to you.


Muslims in Lebanon Boycott Starbucks:

For Three Hours Muslim Boycott Will Have No Effect

For those of you reading this in Saudi Arabia, your Starbucks will still be open. And you will be free NOT to drink coffee with a person of the opposite sex to whom you are not married and/or related. And free to drink from a cup from which the Starbucks emblem of a female has been removed, so as not to turn you on sexually.

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February 26, 2008, - 3:36 pm

S & M Desperation Pop: Janet Jackson Tries Waaaay Too Hard to Regain Relevance

By Debbie Schlussel
The era of the Jacksons is long over. While I’m talking about Michael, Janet, Germaine (his son, the classically-named, Jermajesty), LaToya, etc., I wish that also included Jesse, Jesse Jr., and Andrew. Sadly, it does not. The evidence that the Jacksons are out: Michael’s innovative “Thriller” just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and no-one noticed.
But back to Janet Jackson. She was already completely irrelevant before she and Justin Timberlake cooked up that dumb stunt to show her pierced nipple on national television at the Superbowl. Before and since, her recent albums were flops, despite heavy promotion on Oprah. No-one cares about her anymore.
And Jackson–Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty–can’t handle it. So, she’s trying to up the S&M factor on her latest destined-to-flop album, “Discipline.” The lyrics span the gamut from bad lines suited to the script of a porno flick to flat-out cheese you could imagine some ’80s video star with too much gel singing:


Latest Photo of Janet, er . . . Ms. Jackson, Since I’m Nasty

“Tie me to something/Take off all my clothes,” Jackson sings on the title track of Discipline, her 10th studio album, out today. “Blindfold me, daddy. . . I’ve been very bad/Make me cry.” On the first single, Feedback, she croons, “Feed my fetish. . . Strum me like a guitar/Blow out my amplifier.”

Nice try at getting noticed, Janet. But the only way you could get noticed–at the Superbowl–didn’t exactly revive an aging plastic surgery victim’s career. So she’s trying to manufacture some controversy:

Some people might say, “Discipline–is that about S&M?” If that’s where their imagination takes them, that’s what it is.

Um, actually no people–other than the five or six who buy it will ask that? No-one cares.
Good-bye, Ms. Jackson. You’re nasty. But not relevant. Or interesting in any way. Your best days were as Willis’ girlfriend on “Diff’rent Strokes” and as Jimmie Walker’s sis on “Good Times.” Dyno-miiite. Been downhill evah since.

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February 26, 2008, - 12:45 pm

Hezbollah Drug Trafficker Using Mexican Alias Flees TSA @ Miami Airport

By Debbie Schlussel
Thanks to James “JD” Andary and the other readers who sent this story about Faid Beydoun a/k/a Miguel Garcia (and several other identities), the man who fled TSA officials and police at Miami International Airport on Sunday.
Mr. Beydoun, a Lebanese man with multiple different passports (including a phony U.S. passport), fled when TSA screeners asked him to open his bag, which contained cocaine. He was so worried he’d get caught he jumped 25 feet off the second floor concourse and broke his arm and ribs. (So sad, too bad.) He was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles, as were two men with whom he was staying in Miami. One of the men is from Bahrain, and–surprise! surprise!–Beydoun also poses as a Latino, “Miguel Garcia.” (Hey Latinos, the more you show solidarity with Muslim open borders advocates, the more they will use and defame you.)


What none of the media reports tell you–but I will–is that Mr. Beydoun is a Shi’ite Muslim whose family is extremely active at the highest levels of Hezbollah. (Several Beydouns have been arrested and/or convicted in various enterprises that money launder to Hezbollah, including food stamp fraud.) That’s significant because a significant portion of Hezbollah funding comes from drugs they grow in the Bekaa Valley and also in South America, where Hezbollah has colonized a significant area. Yes, dummies and losers, if you do drugs, you’re helping Hezbollah.
And I’m not the only one who knows Mr. Beydoun is involved with Hezbollah–and was probably drug trafficking for them. So does the FBI, which is why it–the lead (incompetent) agency on terrorism investigations–and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are “on the case” or at least claims to be. More info of interest:

His jail record lists an alias: Miguel Garcia.
At least one of the other men hails from Bahrain. The two men described Beydoun as a well-known party promoter who knows the best U.S. night spots. [DS: No surprise there. There are quite a few Arab Muslim “party promoters” and several of them have been tied to the drug-trade and financing terrorism.]
The men had apparently been partying in Miami-Dade, spending lavishly.
At Concourse D, just after 2 p.m., Beydoun passed through a security checkpoint but was flagged for a secondary inspection by federal Transportation Security Administration officers.
He had a Lebanese passport and a fraudulent U.S. passport, investigators said.
”He bolted and knocked a few people out of the way,” said Mark O. Hatfield Jr., TSA’s airport security director.
Chased by Miami-Dade officers, the man jumped over the second-floor departure concourse and landed outside the baggage-claim area.
Despite the broken bones, he ran a bit further.
”The officers on the first floor were able to apprehend him and place him under arrest,” said Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesman.
Miami-Dade police were investigating the men along with South Florida’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a host of federal and state agencies, including the FBI and Immigration and Customers Enforcement.

And, surprise!, he has no known address in the U.S. Wonderful:

Faid Beydoun, a Lebanese man with no known address, is charged with cocaine possession, loitering or prowling and resisting arrest without violence [DS: Hmmm . . . I’d say knocking people over is, indeed, violence] . . . .
Hatfield said Beydoun was carrying multiple identifications from multiple nationalities, “and that’s part of what raised suspicion.”
Police said Beydoun’s plane ticket was a last-minute purchase. Two men waiting for another American Airlines flight to L.A. said they purchased Beydoun’s ticket and hired him as a party promoter, intending to take their festivities across the country.

“Festivities”? Arab Muslims from Hezbollah with fake IDs and multiple identities transporting drugs on several planes across the country is now “festivities”? Sounds like that word has a new meaning. Bill Clinton’s parsing of words pales in comparison.
Well, I guess he was just “doing the jobs Americans won’t do”. Because everyone knows we have a shortage of party promoters in America, so we need illegal alien Hezbollah drug traffickers to do that back-breaking work.
If Arab and Muslim groups had it their way, the few of their kind who are actually flagged for a secondary screening (along with old ladies in wheelchairs), like Beydoun a/k/a “Garcia”, would never get caught. And that’s exactly what they want.
This is the real “flying while Arab” or, in Beydoun’s case, “flying while Arab a/k/a ‘Mexican’ a/k/a ‘American.'”
Can’t wait ’til Bill Warner sends me his mug shot.

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February 26, 2008, - 11:37 am

Pew Center: Far Fewer Muslims in America Than Claimed

By Debbie Schlussel
Most mainstream media reports on the just-released survey from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life are touting results showing that Americans are less religious, with over 16% saying they aren’t members of any religion.
But, while that’s important, there’s a far more important number in the survey, “U.S. Religious Landscape Survey,” that you aren’t hearing about: the number of Muslims in America. Since 9/11, Muslims and their propaganda groups have repeatedly touted that their legions include 6-7 million Americans. In the past few years, they’ve invented a new number: 9 million.
But the Pew survey–and remember, Pew is a liberal outfit–found that only 0.6% are, in fact, Muslims, or 1.8 million out of 300,000,000 residents of America. That includes Muslim illegal aliens, too (of which there are far more than the conventional wisdom admits).


Since HAMAS-front group CAIR–the Council on American Islamic Relations–has repeatedly sent out e-mails cheering on an exaggerated claim that their numbers are far larger than those of Jews in America (and, therefore, their logic goes, America should change its policy on Israel), Pew says otherwise on that, too.
The Pew survey finds that 1.7 percent of Americans–or nearly THREE TIMES the number of Muslims–are Jews. That’s 5.1 million Jews versus the 1.8 million Muslims. Don’t expect to get an e-mail from CAIR touting those statistics. As with everything else, they lie–in geometrically-multiplied terms–about everything: their alleged 9 million versus an actual 1.8 million.
I’m not one who believes America’s foreign and domestic policies should ever be the result of critical mass of one group versus another. It should be a result of our moral high ground and sound policy in defeating our enemies.
But since Muslims use as their main–and frankly, only–argument that their numbers mandate officeholders’ and businesses’ adherence to their extremist views, Pew says that–at least for now–they’ve lost that argument, as well.
As they continue to use multiple wives solely as baby factories within our borders, to immigrate legally without limit, and to sneak into our country illegally, their numbers may change and grow–unless we do something about it.
But for now, their noise is far louder than their actual numbers.
The high volume of Muslim whining versus the actual Muslim presence . . . two different things in America. And the distinction is important.
Another important point: Yes, it is, indeed, notable that 16.1% of Americans aren’t religious. Where atheism is more dominant and Christianity less so, Islam seizes upon the opening and fills the void. That’s why we see “Eurabia” (the term coined by author Bat Ye’or, as the title of her excellent book).
But 78.4% of Americans are still Christian. And that, if anything, will be the shield to the takeover of America by Islam. Wherever there is a strong, dominant Christian presence, Islam is thwarted.
Sadly, far too many Christians (and liberals dominant among my fellow co-religionists) are giving in to the ceaseless demands and forays of Islam in America.

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February 26, 2008, - 10:43 am

’93 WTC Bombing, 15 Years Later: Seems Like We Forgot 15 Seconds Later

By Debbie Schlussel
Fifteen years ago today, the World Trade Center was bombed by Al-Qaeda for the first time. Six Americans were murdered and hundreds injured via a bomb in the WTC parking garage, as engineered by Islamic terrorists:

On February 26, 1993, the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists for the first time. At 12:18pm, 1,500 pounds of explosives were detonated in an underground parking garage below 1 WTC. Six people, including a pregnant woman, were killed in the attack and thousands were injured. On this day, the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation remembers each of the victims of the 1993 attacks and extends our condolences to the families of those who were killed and our thoughts to all who were affected.

I wish I could say we’ve since forgotten over that long period of time. But it seems like we instantly forgot, 15 seconds later.


As we know, the feds could have stopped it because they had–in their custody–El-Sayyid Nosair, who murdered Rabbi Meir Kahane and who was part of the Al-Qaeda cell that did the bombings. Nosair had piles of documents disclosing the plot, inside his house. The feds never looked at them because they didn’t care that this Muslim man murdered a U.S. citizen they looked at as a crazy right-wing rabbi (many of whose suggestions are, today, official policy of the left in Israel that so hated him then).

Ramzi Yousef, El-Sayyid Nosair, Their First Victim Rabbi Meir Kahane

And the INS, which didn’t track visa violators, could have prevented it–had they looked into Mahmud Abouhalima, one of the other perpetrators. He was driving a cab in Manhattan, instead of fulfilling the requirements of his agricultural worker visa. As we know, nothing worth picking grows on the streets of New York.
And there were so many other screw-ups. But nothing was done to address them, the same way President Bush has done nothing to address the 9/11 concerns–except to make us less safe and invent a giant, useless bureaucracy.
And as I noted yesterday, the only ones, today, remembering the 1993 World Trade Center bombing are a group of far-left University of Denver law students who have made it their mission to help three other 1993 WTC bombers gain rights to recruit jihadists all around the world from their Supermax prison cells. As reader Carol of Brooklyn, NY writes:

What a sad thing to read today, 2/26, the 15th anniversary of the first WTC attack. I’m waiting to see if any of the NY newspapers remembers this anniversary.

President Clinton could have said that there were no major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 1993, the same BS that President Bush keeps telling us.
But there have been no such major attacks, not because of Clinton’s or Bush’s competence, but because of Al-Qaeda’s patience and cunning in planning attacks that we least expect where and when they happen.
Nothing has changed in 15 years or even in 6.5
And if you look on Google News, there are few stories in any media about this important, but forgotten, anniversary.
We were lucky that on February 26, 1993, they failed to achieve the catastrophe they sought. But since then, they did succeed in murdering thousands of Americans in a few fell swoops.
And they will succeed again, because we’ve done nothing about it. And instead of limiting their fellow co-religionists, we’ve welcomed more of them to our shores and kowtowed to them inside our borders.
Instead of saying, “Never Forget,” I’m asking you to try to remember.
Read some of my previous work in the 1993 WTC attacks:
* Remember the First 9/11
* 13th Anniversary of ’93 World Trade Center Bombing; No Safer
**** UPDATE: Reader Carol writes back:

Thank you for printing part of my e-mail. I checked the Daily News, NY Post, NY Times, and Newsday online for any mention of today’s anniversary. Only Newsday had a story. This was surprising since Newsday is the most liberal of the bunch.
And a local NY paper which is given out free every morning at subway stations had an article on the anniversary, even mentioning all 6 of the victims by name.

Well, I guess the NYDN and NYP were too busy calling the photo of Obama in Islamic African garb a “smear,” which is hard to do since a) he did, indeed, wear the stuff–it’s not photoshopped, and b) he willingly put it on without a gun to his head.
Reader/blogger Lawhawk writes:

Let’s not forget the names of the six people who were murdered in the attack: John DiGiovanni, Valley Stream, New York; Robert Kirkpatrick, Suffern, New York; Steve Knapp, Manhattan, New York City; Monica Smith, Seaford, New York; William Macko, Bayonne, New Jersey; and Wilfredo Mercado, Brooklyn, New York City.

Amen to that.

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February 26, 2008, - 10:04 am

No Surprise that “Signal” Spurred Stabbings

By Debbie Schlussel
As you’ll recall from my movie reviews on Friday, I told you that I walked out on the movie, “The Signal.” What started out as an interesting movie soon degraded into a non-stop, extremely bloody and violent kill-fest. After an hour, I simply couldn’t take any more.
Well–shocker of shockers!–this horrid, pointless movie inspired the stabbings of two people who didn’t know each other or their attacker, at a showing of the movie in Fullerton, California.
I’m not one to always blame pop culture and music when someone who listens to Marilyn Manson turns out to be a Columbine massacre perpetrator. But it’s absurd not to think what people see and hear influences them. If it didn’t, a trillion dollar ad industry might as well close up shop.

In this case, I’m quite confident that this bloody, horribly violent, macabre movie–which almost matches “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” violence and surpasses it in the comedy aspect of making fun of the killing–did help inspire these stabbings at this movie. Yes, the person who did it was probably disturbed already and was apparently intoxicated, but this probably encouraged him and put him over the edge.

Two people were stabbed at a Fullerton movie house during the screening of a horror film on Sunday night. Police are still seraching for the suspect.
The victims, who reportedly did not know each other, were sitting in separate areas of the same theater when they were attacked around 7:30 p.m. at the AMC Theater on Lemon St., Fullerton police Sgt. Eric Halverson said.
The stabbings took place approximately 45 minutes into the showing of “The Signal,” an R-rated suspense/horror film. The suspect, who was described as a white male, fled out of one of the back doors, he said.
“The suspect is still outstanding,” Fullerton police Sgt. Jason Schoen said early Tuesday.
The assailant was described as a heavy set white man in his late to mid 20s, 5 feet 10 inches tall, with black hair. . . .
One of the victims was hospitalized with a stab wound to the arm, which also punctured one of his lungs, but he was expected to survive, Schoen said.
The other victim suffered a non-life threatening stab wound to the arm, he added.
The victims did not know each other or the attacker, he said.
Police believe the attacker may be the same individual who had been kicked out of the theater that same day — an intoxicated man who was very disruptive during a movie, Schoen said. . . .
“We’re not positive.”

Don’t be surprised if the victims of this stabbing sue the makers of “The Signal.” There is free speech, and then there is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. No “fire” was yelled. But the content of this movie comes pretty close.
It yells that there is “fire” infesting all of America’s minds.
I’d never suggest that anyone limit the First Amendment rights of anyone, including filmmakers. But, if they don’t exercise their own self-restraint, they will pay the consequences.
And sadly, so will the rest of us.

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February 25, 2008, - 3:10 pm

Absurd: Law Students Fight for ’93 WTC Bombers’ “Rights” to Recruit Jihadists from Jail; Feds Blowing Case

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember the 1993 World Trade Center bombing? Well, I have to ask because it seems far too many Americans have already forgotten the 9/11/01 WTC bombing.
Well, now a group of Denver law students are fighting for the bombers’ “rights” in the Supermax federal prison. But it’s not just any “rights” they are fighting for.
’93 WTC convicts Nidal Ayyad, Mahmud Abouhalima, and Mohammad Salameh sent a series of letters from their Supermax cells to jihadists in Spain, recruiting them for suicide bombings there. The jihadists were linked to the March 2004 Madrid train bombings. Incompetent Supermax and Federal Bureau of Prisons officials did nothing to stop more than 90 such letters that Ayyad, Abouhalima, and Salameh sent, including one that was found in the possession of Mohamed Achraf, leader of the cell charged with plotting to blow up the National Court in downtown Madrid.


Mahmud Abouhalima, Nidal Ayyad:

Denver Law Students Fight for ’93 WTC Terrorists’ Right to Spread Jihad

After the letters were discovered, Federal and Supermax officials put in place new rules. These three inmates can only receive certain newspapers, but with editorial-page letters and classified ads removed. And their letters are delayed for weeks while they are translated and analyzed. They are now only allowed to send letters to immediate family members. So sad, too bad.
Sounds like a reasonable policy. Right? Wrong. At least, according to University of Denver law students representing them under the supervision of law professor Laura Rovner.
They are challenging the restrictions in court on behalf of the three ’93 WTC terrorists. It’s despicable.
And the silly response of the feds: They are opposing the students’ representation of them on the grounds that the students are not yet lawyers and won’t face penalties if they pass on to third parties calls for jihad by their clients.
Because Lynn Stewart, er . . . real, licensed attorneys would never ever do that. Right?
The feds’ arguments are a waste of time. If these disgusting students are kicked off the case, I guarantee you that some creepy left-wing attorney will take their place. Either way, the case will go on.
I find these students to be extremely loathsome. They could use their partial legal training to help poor American criminal defendants who might have been wrongly convicted and can’t afford an attorney and who didn’t try to blow up thousands of Americans on behalf of a group bent on this country’s destruction. Or they could provide free legal services of a civil nature to indigent Americans. But they choose to help these scumbags from Al-Qaeda, instead. It’s nauseating.
Still, the real issue here is the incompetence of the Federal Bureau of Prisons under President Bush. They did nothing to stop over 90 letters from these guys, running international Al-Qaeda ops from behind this supposedly airtight model federal prison. They didn’t carefully translate the letters and read them. They just gave them carte blanche to play penpal with their buds in Spain.
And the other issue is that the new steps the Supermax has taken against these three are legit and reasonable to respond to the behaviors these three have engaged in behind bars. Why won’t the feds go forth and argue that?
Well, the answer, sadly, is that the feds constantly lose these cases against terrorists because they really don’t care. And they’re preparing for the same result this time, rather than fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen. They botch the cases because they’re not prepared to vigorously prosecute the national security interests of the American people. We’ve already seen that in the half-assed cases they brought against Sami Al-Arian, the Holy Land Foundation, HAMAS defendants in Illinois. All of these defendants beat the charges, and the charges were only brought after many years under pressure from the likes of FBI agent Robert Wright’s media appearances.
My prediction: The students will be allowed to continue to represent the ’93 WTC bombers. That’s one win. And then the feds will lose on the other issues. The terrorists will get the right to once again send letters to jihadists around the world to engage in more attacks. That’s another win.
Remember, the WTC members’ Qaeda recruiting letters weren’t discovered by our guys, but by the Spanish guys, after train bombings there and thwarted further plots were uncovered.
America is losing in court left and right and, outside of court, by officials’ own incompetence. And the wardens and the losing prosecuting attorneys just move on to the next payday, the next case.
Another day, another dollar, another jihadist victory, another attack.

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February 25, 2008, - 12:49 pm

Northwest Airlines, Fly with The Terrorists: Hezbo Leaders’ Cousin Now Holds Key Position in Major Airline

By Debbie Schlussel
So, you’re head of a major airline in America. It’s 6.5 years since airplanes of major American airlines were used as weapons to murder almost 3,000 Americans. And many more individuals have been caught since then with hidden weapons and other apparent attempts to take over planes, including a shoe bomber, Muslim convert Richard Reid.
An opening at your airlines has occured. And you need someone to fill the prestigious and key position of “Director of Luggage Planning.” So you pick . . . the cousin of one of Hezbollah’s top leaders?!


Official Dhimmi Aircraft

That’s what Northwest Airlines did. It recently announced the hiring of Hussein Berry, a Shi’ite Muslim with multiple ties to Hezbollah. Berry’s cousin, Nabih Berri, was the head of the Shi’ite Amal Militia, which became an ally and de-facto faction of Hezbollah. Nabih Berri was also Hezbollah’s spokesman/negotiator for TWA 847, the hijacked flight on which Hezbollah terrorists trampled to death Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem. Nabih is now the Hezbollah-backed/Syrian-installed speaker of the Lebanese Parliament.
Among Hussein Berry’s many other cousins are many activists and key figures in Hezbollah. But no biggie, because he’s now in charge of “luggage planning” for the entire Northwest Airlines. But I’m sure he’ll have no access to suitcases or cargo or bombs. Right? Right? I mean, Hezbollah’s threats of terrorist attacks in America, during the Israel-Hezbollah war, after the Imad Mughniyeh death, and–throughout–with the spying of Nada Nadim Al-Aouar Deladurantaye Valley Prouty at the CIA and FBI, are nothing right?
The hiring of Berry is no shocker because, hey, this is Northwest Airlines–the same company that continues to employ the wife of Al-Qaeda terrorist and federal inmate Omar Abdel-Fatah Al-Shishani. It’s also the same airline that, under the leadership of its liberal Jewish Vice President, Andrea Fischer-Newman, agreed to pay off whining Muslims for missing their flights to Detroit upon returning from the Hajj and agreed to force all Northwest Airlines employees into Muslim sensitivity-training as taught by HAMAS front-group CAIR.
And Northwest Veep, Ms. Fischer-Newman, also a RINO GOP Regent of the University of Michigan, is notorious for having done nothing to stop the anti-Semitic divestment conference Muslims held there in 2002, despite the appearance of Islamic Jihad terrorist Sami Al-Arian as the keynote speaker.
So, the Northwest Airline appointment of Hussein Berry as Northwest Airline Director of Luggage Planning is par for the course for this pan-jihadist airline that will do anything to pander to those who hate us, in the interest of the almighty buck.
Contrast that with US Airways, which never gave in to CAIR and the whining flying imams, despite a costly lawsuit and lots of publicity.
Northwest is in talks to merge with Delta. If the merger goes through, lets hope they get rid of the pan-Islamist deadweight, including Fischer-Newman and Director of Luggage Planning Hussein Berry. Until then, try to fly other airlines if you possibly can.

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February 25, 2008, - 11:12 am

Fashion Tips by Meghan McCain: The Garb of Jihad

By Debbie Schlussel

Almost two months ago, NBC Nightly News ran a silly story about the Presidential candidates’ daughters. The female offspring of John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain were interviewed by former “Entertainment Tonight” reporter Maria Menounos.

All of the daughters sounded polished, well-coached by campaign superiors, and professional. All, that is, except Meghan McCain, the bleach-blonde daughter of John McCain. While Huckabee’s and Edwards’ daughters spoke of their pride in their fathers and their enthusiasm on the campaign trail, Meghan McCain whined about criticism she faced over her make-up and fashion tips on her campaign blog. She said that it’s important to be a girl and that her tips were good ones. Judging from the gobs of make-up she wears, that’s debatable.

And judging by her latest choice in fashions, it’s beyond debatable. The case is closed. Liberal site Gawker reports (and shows pics, posted below) of Meghan McCain’s jihadist choice of accessories. She’s taken to sporting a keffiyeh, the Arabic male headscarf around her neck.

[Check Out My Wardrobe.]



Although throughout Mid-East history Jews and Christians have also at times sported that scarf, that’s no longer the case. In the Hebrew picture book, “Ani Kurdi [I Am a Kurd]” (part of my late father’s book collection), there are many charming photos of Kurdish Jews (who later emigrated to Israel), wearing keffiyehs. But even as they wore those, others who wore them oppressed them and their fellow Kurds. They gave up that “accessory” of oppression as they were thrown out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein and made a new life in Israel. But their oppressors continue to wear it as part of the uniform of terror.

The keffiyeh has become the symbol of jihad, and it’s no coincidence that in many beheading videos or other fierce displays of Islamic murder and violence, the warriors hide behind the keffiyeh. This isn’t “just clothing.” Wearing a keffiyeh is really no different than sporting a swastika or a white hood. The media would have a fit if a prospective First daughter wore those.
It’s a disgusting display that Ms. McCain would sport this garb of torture and murder and death and inhumanity. She shouldn’t be giving out fashion tips, when it’s quite clear she needs some, herself. Either she is extremely ignorant or she is deliberately donning this (less likely of the two). Either way, it’s disturbing. And it’s a far cry from even the partying, drunken Bush twins. Meghan McCain says on her site that she worked for Newsweek and “Saturday Night Live.” So she doesn’t know what news or humor is. But this fully grown adult should know better than to don a keffiyeh.

Even from a fashion perspective, these jihadi keffiyeh scarves are out. They were in in the mid-to-late ’80s, when I was in college. Since then, they’re really only worn by drug users, homeless people, and other parties who still wear acid-washed jeans. Although stores like “Urban Outfitters” and magazines like the now-defunct “JANE” have tried to push the keffiyehs as a rebounding trend, they’re still not in. And they’re not in despite the fact that a few misguided male foreign celebs have donned them, including–on several occasions!–Colin Farrell.

Again, the keffiyeh is the garb of death and destruction and emptiness. And that’s never hip.

Meghan McCain . . . badly in need of a fashion makeover. The Islamic Terror Scarf . . . badly in need of torching, along with everything it has come to represent.


Fatah Terrorist, HAMAS Terrorists in Meghan McCain’s Jihad Scarf

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