February 9, 2006, - 1:46 pm

Bad News in Lebanon: “Democracy” Brings Scary Hezbollah Alliance

Yet more evidence that “Democratic” elections are no panacea to Islamic extremism and terror–but are, instead, a source of legitimization and strength for Islamic extremists and terrorists:

Lebanese Love Gaze: Hezbollah Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah
& Maronite Political Prostitute Michel Aoun

Tuesday, Lebanese Maronite Christian leader and former General Michel Aoun made an “alliance” with Hezbollah leader Shiekh Hassan Nasrallah. In case you forgot, Hezbollah has killed the second most Americans and civilians of any terrorist group (Beirut barracks bombing, Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center Bombing, Col. Higgins torture murder, torture murder, CIA Attache Buckley torture murder, etc., etc., etc.).
But Aoun, a Member of Parliament, doesn’t care. He is seeking to become Prime Minister of Lebanon, despite the far more massive popularity of his Maronite Christian rival (pronounced “Xha Xha” as in Zsa Zsa Gabor). His alliance with this terrorist group is perhaps the only thing that could stop Geagea.
We only wish Geagea were running things in Lebanon, now, and Lebanon would be in much better shape. Instead, until last summer, Geagea was serving a life sentence on trumped up charges. He was given several chances to leave jail in exchange for supporting Syrian-backed parties, like Hezbollah, but refused. He is not only an honorable and decent man, but also charismatic. His wife is a Member of the Lebanese Parliament.
Despite the foreseeable HAMAS win in the “Democratic” Palestinian Authority elections, the State Department did nothing to stop it. We see the same thing happening in Lebanon, where Hezbollah is now very popular, by virtue of terrorist thuggery and extremist Shia dominance.
Despite Monday’s frightening alliance, we haven’t heard a damn thing from , who is supposed to be our Secretary of State. She’s too busy (despite their picking HAMAS), condemning anti-Mohammed cartoons (but not anti-Semitic and -Christian ones in Muslim/Arab press), and shoe shopping at Ferragamo.
She might want to take a look at their disturbing joint “Memorandum of Understanding” which sounds like a declaration of war on Israel and even us. So glad she’s “tending” to this potential gazillionth instability in the Muslim Mid-East.
We especially love the part where they refuse to settle the Palestinians who fled there decades ago, and whom they continue to treat as vermin. To wit:

[T]he rejection of the settling of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is an issue that has the consensus of the Lebanese people and cannot be conceded under any circumstance.

Yup. Like all other Arab and Muslim countries, they hate the Palestinians, but expect the Jews and Israel to love them. Whatever.

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Abe Lincoln once said the ballot is stronger than the bullet. So why are we arming the enemy?

KnightoftheImpaler on February 9, 2006 at 7:22 pm

I get a lot of criticism for slamming Condi. Glad you agree. The woman is completely ignorant of Islam which is fine except that she is in charge of major government decisions the West must make in confronting Islam (which she calls ‘a tiny minority who hijacked the beautiful, peaceful religion of Islam.) I wish that comment wasn’t true, but it is.

John Sobieski on February 10, 2006 at 12:34 pm

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