February 15, 2006, - 2:24 pm

Me in Today’s Jerusalem Post

I am cited in today’s Jerusalem Post regarding on Gary Busey, Billy Zane, and their horrid, new anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian
Here’s the quote:

Since few people in the United States have heard of the movie, and none have seen it, Jewish organizations have not commented so far. But some conservative columnists, including Debbie Schlussel of FrontPageMagazine.com, have urged Jewish doctors to refuse medical treatment for Busey or Zane, should the occasion arise.

I think it’s important that you read the entire JPost article, because it contains information that shows that this film, and therefore, the Turks and Busey/Zane, are even more evil and whorish, (dis)respectively, than I’d earlier diagnosed. To wit:

The Busey character, listed only as The Doctor, is far removed from the Jewish stereotype in both appearance and manner, but hardly a credit to his heritage. At one point, he scolds American soldiers for shooting up the wedding guests “because it ruins their organs.” In another scene, a group of apparent organ buyers includes a man clearly dressed as an Orthodox Jew.
Even worse is the depiction of Zane’s character, Sam William Marshall, as a psychopathic Christian fundamentalist, who can be kind to an Iraqi one moment and then kill him instantly.

Like I said, read the whole thing.

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Didn’t Busey make the rounds awhile back declaring himself a Born-Again Christian? I thought he was a changed man. What happened??? Are he and Zane that desperate for $$$$ that they would participate in something this evil, or are they just plain stupid? Or worse, they believe in what they are doing.

Sioux on February 15, 2006 at 5:36 pm

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