October 16, 2009, - 9:57 am

Dem Texas Sheriff: Hey, Let’s Invite Al-Jazeera to Attack Our Jails

By Debbie Schlussel

Longtime readers have seen my reports on former Marine Josh Roshing, anti-American, anti-Israel, Islamo-pandering “reporter” for  Al-Jazeera English a/k/a Al-Jazeera International, who was hired by the Terrorist News Network when no-one else would hire this boob after his dimwitted appearance in the pro-Jazeera propaganda “documentary,” “Control Room.”  Yes, I know that once you’re a Marine, you’re always a Marine.  But not in this guy’s case.  He’s the exception (Semper Foolis).  As I’ve noted, he’s spent his time on Jazeera doing “patriotic” work, like anti-American specials on  My Lai.  And Rushing tried to sell his failed book by attacking me in it and using that for his press push.  (Didn’t help.)

Moron AND Traitor: Al-Jazeera’s “Flamboyant” Josh Rushing

Now, the fabulously flamboyant Rushing is using his perch at Al-Jazeera to attack U.S. prisons and hospitals and their treatment of the allegedly mentally ill–more anti-American fodder for the Islamic world that watches Al-Jazeera.  And a Democrat Texas Sheriff Adrian Garcia helped Rushing and Al Jazeera in this outrageously anti-American enterprise.

The video . . . is dominated by officials and inmates from the Houston area, including Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt [DS:  Another Democrat] and medical officials who work in the Harris County Jail. Officials from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice refused interview requests, according to the report, although TDCJ appears to have granted jail access and interview access for inmates.


Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt also gave an interview to the network Thursday, a police department spokesman confirmed.

“We think it’s odd, at best, to have Al Jazeera going through our jails and actually interviewing folks,” [Harris County GOP Chairman Jared] Woodfill said. “Second, we don’t believe our chief law enforcement officer should be promoting an organization that has been linked to Al Qaeda and other terrorist or quasi-terrorist organizations. So we thought it was important to let our folks know what was going on.”

Terrific. Let’s give Al-Jazeera the rope on which to hang ourselves.  Vladimir Lenin was wrong. We’re not selling our enemies the rope. We’re actively giving it away.

Don’t give the Republicans too much credit, though, for speaking out against this.  As the Dems and Sheriff Garcia’s spokesperson point out, President Bush did many interviews with Al-Jazeera as did his administration (Condi Clueless, etc.).  And where were the Republicans then?  They didn’t seem very concerned about Al-Jazeera’s attacks on America then or the Bush Administration assistance to the network.  And, as far as I’m concerned, Bush helped legitimize them.

David Benzion of Lone Star Times posted some of Rushing’s other America-hating reports on Al-Jazeera.

I was on to this boob, Rushing, years ago on this site, from before he ever worked at Terrorist News Network.  And I was right.  Sadly.  I blame the U.S. Marine Corps bigwigs for picking this ignoramus as their spokestwit and allowing him to be a star of “Control Room.”  This is the fruit of that.  Were it not for that, he’d either still be just another Marine, or an unemployed airhead with a worthless college degree and military separation papers.

Hey, how do you think Muslim countries treat their prison inmates–mentally ill or completely sane?  A heck of a lot worse than they’re treated here.  But don’t hold your breath for Josh Rushing or Al-Jazeera to show that to their Muslim world viewers anytime soon.  Or ever.

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I am a Marine Gunnery Sergeant(Ret.) of 21 years. This former Marine Officer needs to be taken out back and given a lesson in the finer art of unarmed combat (an a** whoop’en)! There is no excuss for this piece of sh*t!

Scott Bargar on October 16, 2009 at 1:51 pm

God, Country and Corps. Was this traitorous person (I can’t bring myself to call him a Marine) at a mosque on the day they taught honor in OCS?

To whoever reads this, please don’t call this guy a Marine. He has revoked that title a long ago.

Jarhead on October 16, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Al-Jazeera is not some ordinary television network. It is owned by the government of Qatar and loves to put on terrorist videos and announcements. it has no business touring correctional facilities. Such information could be used later for attacks, infiltrations, etc.

Sorrow01 on October 16, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Debbie…I live in Houston and although I wasn’t aware of this moron Josh Rushing, the rest of these idiots are well known. These are very pathetic, weak individuals who are anxious to sounds like experts in something. This is what affirmative-action and “diversity” has gotten us.

Keith in Houston on October 16, 2009 at 6:02 pm

I actually live in the same country as these beings? Good God have mercy on us! Humans do seem to be a primative species and they control a whole planet. Kyrie Eleison! Diversity has gotten us a lot faaaarther than Texas 😉

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

Steve K on October 16, 2009 at 8:00 pm

This POS is not a Marine, he has no honor,no respect for the corps. What he needs is a good blanket party.Gunny bargar & Jarhead God Bless Brothers


dong_haa68 on October 16, 2009 at 9:30 pm

“Islam Will Dominate the World” & “Shariah for the Netherlands”

They write the above on placards and Brits try to bar him?


Controversial Dutch lawmaker enters UK after ban overturned

Wilders’ controversial film “Fitna” paints Islam as a threat to Western society

Wilders denied entry into Britain in February when he traveled to screen the film

Film has sparked complaints from the EU, concern from the United States

LONDON, England – October 16, 2009 – CNN

Days after a court allowed him entry into Britain, controversial Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders said his arrival Friday marked “a victory for the freedom of speech.”

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders at the Houses of Parliament, London, on October 16 after being allowed entry to the UK.

“I hope, once again, that the UK government will never, never turn back somebody for political reasons because they don’t like what they are saying,” Wilders said at a news conference at the Houses of Parliament.

Wilders, known for his much-criticized film about Islam, was denied entry into Britain in February when he flew there to screen the film, “Fitna,” at the House of Lords.

The British ambassador to the Netherlands had told him a day before he traveled that he would be turned away because the beliefs expressed in the film would threaten public security.

However, Britain’s Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled Tuesday that the British government’s decision was unjust.

Wilders, who is a member of the Dutch Parliament, said it was “ridiculous” that Britain thought his presence in the country “would in any way lead to violence.”

“I am a democratically-elected politician; I only use democratical (sic) means,” he said.

He also stood by the main, controversial message of his film.

“I have nothing against Muslims, I know the majority of Muslims in our society are law-abiding people,” he said. “I have a problem with the Islamic ideology, the Islamic culture, because I believe that the more Islam we get in our free societies, the less freedom we will get.”

A crowd of protesters gathered outside the building where Wilders spoke, some of them holding signs that read “Islam Will Dominate the World” and “Shariah for the Netherlands.”

“What we’re doing as Muslims here, we’re obliged to defend the Muslims and speak up for the Muslims wherever they are,” one protester, Abdullah Amin, told CNN affiliate ITN.

“Geert Wilders, he’s an enemy of Islam, and an enemy of Allah which means he’s an enemy of us and we will speak out against him, against the evil he is doing.”

Amin told ITN he did not think Wilders should have been let into Britain, blaming it on the “contradictions and hypocrisy” of “man-made law.”

Britain’s Home Office expressed disappointment in the tribunal’s ruling on Tuesday.

“The decision to refuse Wilders admission was taken on the basis that his presence could have inflamed tensions between our communities and have led to inter-faith violence. We still maintain this view,” a Home Office spokesman said.

The Home Office said in February that barring Wilders was allowed under European Union law, which permits states to refuse entry on the grounds of public policy, public security or public health.

Wilders’ film “Fitna,” which was released online in March 2008, features disturbing images of terrorist acts superimposed over verses from Islam’s holy book, the Quran, to paint Islam as a threat to Western society.

After its release, the movie drew complaints from the European Union and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, as well as concern from the United States, which warned it could spark riots.

Bob S. on October 17, 2009 at 1:32 am

To hell with a blanket party, this traitor needs a good hanging! An embarrasment to my beloved Corps.and to the country I have served.

Drakken on October 17, 2009 at 3:23 pm

I’m former US Navy and a disabled veteran. Folks like this make me more than sick. He should be stood up against a wall and shot (after, of course, having paid for the bullet). But, alas, this is America and that may impair his civil rights…in pig’s eye.

Paul on October 17, 2009 at 5:27 pm

The mentally ill are going to wander around talking to themselves regardless of whether they’re in jail, on the street, or in a state-of-the-art mental facility. In any case, they will still be dirty, frightened, paranoid, and unable to care for themselves well. There’s no great evil in having them stumble around the streets, they would feel just as persecuted and lonely no matter where you put them. Give them some food and a shower and don’t worry about it. I dealt with crazies for years. They’re no happier in the institutions than they are in the streets.

Steve Ventry on October 18, 2009 at 10:50 pm

If I were President, I would send highly publicized, massive teams of Christian and Jewish missionaries to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, etc, with full Presidential endorsement, on large military cargo aircraft, expecting that they would be welcomed to set up shop in those countries, with full cooperation from the muslim governments. I’d open large-scale funding operations in those countries to promote the West, US policy, and religious outreach to muslim and arab populations, complete with media companies and broadcast enterprizes, to introduce muslims to our way of life. Then when the muslims’ heads spun off, I’d say, “well, then if we can’t do this in your countries, I guess you damn sure don’t need to be allowed in OUR country, anymore.” And I’d kick them all out.

Steve Ventry on October 19, 2009 at 12:07 am

Why is the right just as crazy as the left? I consider myself conservative and am an avid fan of FOX news. I just don’t get why we (conservatives) have to be a horrid as the left. I read Rushings book as a part of a research project and I’ve taken to viewing AJE occasionally, but that isn’t going to brainwash me. Josh Rushing served his country in the position they put him in, nobody should take that away from him. People “hate” Al Jazeera because they give everybody a voice, even the terrorists. News Flash: that is the region they live in. As far as Rushings report in Vietnam…Americans seem to have deluded themselves into believing war isn’t ugly and violent, and sometimes the innocent die with the guilty. Wake up fols, collateral damage happens and it isn’t pretty.

Don’t get me wrong though…Prisons should be tougher, the death penalty should actually be used, not just a life sentance, Illegals should be denied welfar benefits and bussed back to the border…our sl called President is running my beloved country into the ground, but I think Al Jazeera English would help in exposing that truth, believe it or not!

Erin Pitner on December 1, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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