March 16, 2006, - 6:57 am

Howard Kaloogian: He Deserves to Be in Congress

The guilty plea and imprisonment of Congressman Duke Cunningham is a case of lemons turning into lemonade.
It gives San Diego area residents the unique opportunity to elect a great American patriot to Congress, my friend Howard Kaloogian. The race is a classic contest between a conservative patriot, Howard Kaloogian, and a wish-washy liberal. Whether or not you live in his district, I hope you will contact Howard and offer your support, financial or otherwise.
It is rare that I offer my support in political races. But the choices could not be more stark and the stakes more important to America and the direction of the U.S. Congress.

Howard Kaloogian: A Great American Supported by Tom Tancredo

Howard is not only a conservative and a Reagan Republican, he is a principled, patriotic American dedicated to combatting illegal aliens and keeping our borders safe. That’s why Congressman Tom Tancredo is supporting Howard, as is Ron Prince, who chaired the successful Proposition 187 campaign in California. So are Steve Forbes, William F. Buckley, Melanie Morgan (prominent radio talk show host and head of Move America Forward), and a host of other well known, respected conservatives. And I am proud to endorse Howard, too.
He is exactly the kind of man we need more of in Congress. Howard Kaloogian’s track record as a California State Assemblyman is exactly the kind of record that deserves to continue in the U.S. House. In addition to protecting our borders and enacting meaningful policy to stem the illegal alien problem, Howard is a classic tax-cut, spending-cut conservative who supports small government. Howard’s record as an Assemblyman in constantly saying no to taxes is the reason he is endorsed by Lew Uhler, Chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee PAC.
Howard is a friend of our soldiers and veterans and supports a strong defense in fighting the war on terror. He was endorsed by the Veterans Journal, the largest non-military publication for veterans and active duty personnel in the county. He is endorsed by Marine mom, Deborah Johns, with whom he debated Cindy Sheehan (and whipped her butt).
Howard has lived in this district and represented it for many years. Then, there’s his opponent Brian Bilbray, a carpet-bagger campaigning from his home abroad. Bilbray lives in Virginia, NOT San Diego–he is now registered to vote there at his MOTHER’s house. In a lawsuit regarding in-state tuition, Bilbray’s kids testified under oath that they are residents of Virginia (living with him).
Brian Bilbray is a liberal masquerading in Republican clothing. Bilbray has an F rating from the NRA, which means if you are a gun-owner, he is against YOU. If you are a taxpayer, Bilbray is also your enemy, with a D rating from the National Tax Limitation Committee. He has an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of only 71% (relatively, very low), and is pro-choice. Bilbray is on the national advisory board of the Log Cabin Club (gay Republican interest group).
Brian Bilbray is currently a lobbyist for Indian tribe gaming, just like Jack Abramoff was. Aren’t we trying to clean up Congress from the Abramoff scandal, instead of continuing business as usual?
But the worst point about Brian Bilbray is that he is endorsed by Congressman Darrell Issa a/k/a Jihad Darrell, whose “record” I’ve detailed extensively. Darrell Issa repeatedly defended Duke Cunningham and his millions in bribes, and now Darrell Issa is strongly supporting Brian Bilbray. Translation: Real Americans who care about honest politicians and want to end corruption should vote for Howard Kaloogian.
Jihad Darrell has repeatedly praised and defended terrorist group Hezbollah–which murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians and blew up the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center (murdering over 90 innocent people). Issa’s been a strong friend of State-Dept. Designated Terrorist State Syria (opposed the Syrian Accountability Act and has openly praised Syrian leader Al-Assad), Saudi Arabia (took campaign contributions from Saudi Arabia lobbyist James Gallagher), and the United Arab Emirates (was a strong supporter of the Dubai Ports deal and called us Americans racist for opposing it).
Plus Issa has consistently voted to condemn Israel every time a resolution is introduced by the fringe in Congress. Issa refuses to condemn his close friend, Salam Al-Marayati, head of the extremist Muslim Public Affairs Council, who on 9/11 went on the Los Angeles radio airwaves saying Israel was behind the attacks.
Americans who believe in America’s security and fight against terrorism should oppose him and support Howard Kaloogian. Howard believes in a strong America and a strong Israel, and supports both countries in their fights against terrorism. He knows who America’s friends and enemies are. His opponent, Bilbray, does NOT.
Unlike Duke Cunningham, Howard Kaloogian is honest and decent. And he is the perfect choice to replace him. I urge all freedom-loving Americans to help Howard Kaloogian go to Congress.
[Not paid for by any candidate or candidate committee.]

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8 Responses

Check out Debbie, laying down the 50th Congressional District smack!! Hell yeah!! I live in the 50th (Encinitas, CA), and Kaloogian was our State Assemblyman in the 74th for a couple of terms. I have been a Kaloogian supporter for many years. Now he’s taking his TRUE CONSERVATIVE philosphy to the U.S. Congress. He should win the Republican Primary here against a butt-load of “conservative” candidates like Brian Bilbray, Multi-Millionaire Eric Roach, and some puke named “Uke”. He should end up facing a batshit crazy liberal in Francine Busby that will say or do anything (a la John Kerry) to get elected. Kaloogian is DEAD SERIOUS about combatting illegal immigration, our #1 problem here in San Diego. It’s the root of almost all other problems that affect this city. Thank you Debbie for putting the word out on Howard Kaloogian and supporting him.

Yiddish Steel on March 15, 2006 at 11:39 pm

Seems like a great candidate to me. Pro-border security, anti-NAFTA, a true conservative and not just a Bush groupie. If Tom Tancredo likes him he must be good, Tancredo is one of the few politicians I respect and trust anymore.

KnightoftheImpaler on March 16, 2006 at 2:20 am

Debbie, I think you should run for Congress. I’ll be the trophy Jewish boyfriend.

shleppy on March 16, 2006 at 11:28 am

Everybody on this site who knows anyone in San Diego should contact those voters and give them the heads up on Kaloogian. Let’s act on this not just be entertained by Debbie’s writing! I’m in San Diego and I will do my small part. Remember lots of small parts make up a big part.

Deep Throat on March 16, 2006 at 11:57 am

As usual Debbie writes with flair and confidence.
I love that she’s supporting Howard Kaloogian and I love that she has exposed Darrell Issa for his shameful conduct in the past.
I would love to see Debbie and Howard working together and taking it to the liberals in Congress.
Go Howard and Right on Debbie!

impeach98 on March 16, 2006 at 1:44 pm

Deep Throat,
No need to worry about candidate exposure or familiarity regarding Kaloogian down here. San Diego is a conservative community. It’s about 70% conservative / 30% Liberal here. The problem is that Francine Busby has a huge warchest for her campaign and runs her ads ad-continuum from 4p – 8p on all the local channels. She’s also facing NO OPPONENT in next month’s primary. She’s just been riding the Duke gravytrain with every opportunity she gets. I still believe that most people that are eligible to vote would shoose Kaloogian over Busby if and when they face off in November. Kaloogian hasn’t been spending his money on many ads on radio or TV for this primary and is banking on his State Assembly record and name recognition (which I believe he can). Hopefully, after he’s determined the primary winner, he’ll start hammering away with his agenda and showing the major difference between him and Francine Busby. Kaloogian is a successful businessman; Busby is a longtime school board educrat in Cardiff By The Sea (Encinitas). She’s been helping implement a bunch of P.C. B.S. at the elementary level in our kids’ schools for years.

Yiddish Steel on March 16, 2006 at 2:26 pm

Thanks for the valuable information and endorsement of Howard Kaloogian for Congress.

dmtrep on March 16, 2006 at 5:30 pm

Too bad that we cannot get someone like Howard Kaloogian up here in the PDRNY. All we get is the likes of Schmuckie Schumer and Hillary and Elliot Sue-them Spitzer. I will check out his site and wish that I could vote for him.
Schleppy, I would have offered to be Debbie’s boytoy, but I am too old. I cannot be her SugarDaddy, but I have no money. I would have been her anything, but one look at me and she would have lost all credibility. Good luck, Schleppy. I hope that you look better than I do. You have good taste, Scleppy. You waited until you could find a woman who was old enough to support you in the style to which you can grow accustomed.

Loser on March 16, 2006 at 7:41 pm

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