March 22, 2006, - 1:20 pm

Immigration Official Cites Schlussel – Abu Moskowitz Update

Yesterday, I wrote about an American hero, –who risked his career to save Americans. Then, there is his exact opposite, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge
Apparently the writings on this site have gotten to Abu M.
Last week, in a staff meeting of all of his top lieutanants, Abu Moskowitz was attacking me. I waited several days to write about it to protect the innocent. Abu M was apparently bothered by my , also garnered from the League.
Agents say Moskowitz declared,

She [] is an attorney and should know better . . . . She should be vetting the truth.

Brian Moskowitz: Special Agent in Charge of Something

Actually, I wrote the truth, and the truth hurts. Moskowitz is angry that I pointed out the the pins were either an incredible waste of taxpayer money to reward agents for working for NFL billionaires (instead of rounding up illegal aliens and working for the American people who pay their salaries), or they were an improper gift prohibited by government laws. What is inaccurate about that? Nothing. Moskowitz claims he paid (wasted taxpayer money) for the pins. I did not say he did not. I merely asked who paid for them.
Apparently, Abu Moskowitz is in need of a stronger eyeglass prescription or a good reading comprehension class. He also neglected to mention to his staffers that the clothing given to his agents by the NFL was, in fact, an illegal gratuity. So what say you to that, Abu M?
I wish I could, in fact, ask him directly. But, as he well knows, unlike his suggestion, there is no way to “vet the truth” with him because: 1) long ago, he made it clear that he would repeatedly ; and 2) he’s not exactly the most honest crayon in the Crayola box. Though, he might fit the description of “Burnt Sienna.” While I try hard to verify everything I write (you should see the things about him I have not been able to verify), he knows how to contact me, but won’t.
Abu M allegedly said that the point I made about accepting gifts and gratuities was well taken and is something they should pay attention to. Apparently, only after the NFL goody bags were all doled out.
It brings both a smile and a frown to my face to hear I was the topic of an ICE meeting for agents in Michigan and Ohio, the heart of Islamic America. One doesn’t become a staff meeting topic unless he/she’s having an effect.
On the other hand, it tells me Abu Moskowitz still doesn’t think he has better things to do . . . like going after his Islamist, terrorist money-laundering buddies, something he’s failed to do since he rode his miniature carousel horse into town. One wonders what he thinks is the reason for the creation of “Homeland Security,” other than a new emblem design and a fresh supply of business cards.
Clearly, in his mind, it sure isn’t to keep America safe. So the effect this site is having is not enough, just yet.
While Abu M is universally loathed by his subordinate managers (but for one master-panderer whose initials are IQ, nothing to do with intelligence), that is not the goal of this site. Our goal is to keep America safe and secure from terrorists and other criminals, and we see, instead, a man who is and –all to enhance his career at the expense of Americans.
As one of Moskowitz’s top agents remarked:

Has the SAC [Special Agent in Charge] compromised his ability to initiate terrorist investigations because he has become too cozy with the wrong people? Is he purposely thwarting terrorist efforts in Ohio by withholding investigative resources? In my opinion, he is incompetent and is mismanaging his role in the war on terror.
Abu is spending money like a drunken sailor. Looks like he’s spending it on nice to have stuff, which is legal, just because he has the money. An example is that he is ordering desk name plates for all employees, with special ones for supervisors/managrs. Nice to have, but not on operational necessity.
In my opinion, the problem Abu has with you is that you ask hard
questions, and it doesn’t give him the luxury of not having to answer to anyone. He apparently views you as the enemy, when in fact you are the voice of the people. That has always concerned scoundrels like him.
The fact that he mentions you means that he is concerned about you. To me, Mr. Moskowitz is an arrogant asshole who has no business being the SAC of a federal law enforcement agency. He is referred to by some Headquarters types as “the little big man.”
Terrorism is supposed to be the #1 focus of federal law enforcement, and he wouldn’t know a terrorist if one came up and bit him on the ass. I view the problem stemming in a large part from the formation of ICE. Now the dirty laundry people are in charge of everything.

AMEN. Couldn’t have said it better.

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