November 2, 2009, - 11:38 am

FBI-Grown Terrorists: The Feds’ Chosen Islamic Extremists

By Debbie Schlussel

We’re learning more about the Black Muslims who were raided and arrested by the FBI, last week.  And it’s exactly as I said in my analysis.


Famous But Incompetent:

Make Sure You’re One of the FBI’s Preferred Islamic Terrorists

Yup, it’s official:  The FBI and federal prosecutors directing its agents pick and choose which Muslims to set up, entrap, and brand Islamic terrorists.  And it’s all politics.  They don’t want to go after the mainstream Muslims–who are every bit as radical and to whom they regularly pander.  So, they decided to pawn off the “radical Islamic threat” on a small group of fringe characters.

The FBI decided that this Black mosque was extremist in its views (even though every other mosque in Detroit is no less extremist and radical), so the FBI decided to set up a front to fence stolen merchandise and enlist the Black Muslims to participate.  Yup, that “warehouse” that was raided, last week–controlled by the FBI from start to finish.

For two years, the FBI watched alleged members of a radical Muslim separatist group, using informants to tape the violent words of its leader.

Um, is there a mosque in Detroit that isn’t radical and separatist? Is there an imam in Detroit whose leader doesn’t utter violent words? Why was this mosque different from all others? It wasn’t.

Last November, agents launched an undercover sting operation through which leaders and members of “The Ummah,” or brotherhood, allegedly fenced what they believed were stolen goods.

Early Wednesday afternoon, the trap was closed when agents simultaneously raided two Detroit homes and surrounded an FBI-controlled warehouse in Dearborn.

The FBI wants you to think that there are only a few dangerous Muslims, that only a few preach “violent words” or are “radical” and “separatist.”    But that’s mainstream Islam.

The FBI wants you to believe that a few radical former Black Panthers who converted in jail are the only threat–that they are the “radical Muslims.”  And they want you to think that everybody else–the White Saudi- and Iran-funded Muslims who are America’s mainstream Islamic community (and who funded and organized the Islamic prison ministries that converted these Blacks to Islam and uber-extremism) are just innocent, loyal Americans.  They are every bit as radical, but they are the FBI’s chosen “moderates.  The FBI wants you to ignore that these mostly-Arabic and -Asian Muslims in mosques throughout Dearbornistan/Dearbornistan Heights and Canton and Bloomfield Hills and Warren” pose the real threat to our community.

Both [FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew] Arena and Interim U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg urged the public not to confuse with mainstream Islam the allegations against the group, which they said blended elements of radical Islam.

Um, what is “radical” Islam? It’s Islam, stupid.

“Any Muslim who took a look at what these people believe in would not recognize this as the Muslim faith,” Arena said.

HUH?! Wrong. Any Muslim who took a look at this would recognize this as EXACTLY the Muslim faith.

Who needs to fertilize their lawn, when they can just have Special Agent Arena open his mouth somewhere nearby?

As I said, last week, remember that these same feds overturned their own convictions of real, actual Islamic terrorists–all of them Arab Muslims who prayed at mainstream Muslim mosques and who got tax-funded aid from Muslim-dominated Arab welfare agencies.  When they had real terrorists in their hands, they threw that away and went after the prosecutor who got the convictions.  In this case, these guys weren’t terrorists.  Islamic criminals and thugs, yes.  Terrorists?  I don’t see it and nor do the allegations in the criminal complaint.

Yes, that’s what happened last week.  That’s what it was all about.  There was no terrorist attack on the horizon and no evidence of one, just a ring of stolen goods fencing and fraud with cars’ speedometers rolled back and VIN numbers erased for fraudulent sale.  It was just a way of the FBI telling us, “Don’t worry while we hang with extremist Muslims funding Hezbollah and HAMAS and ready to attack us whenever given the order, we’re going after the real, real extremists . . . a few poor, crazy Black guys.”

It was a culmination of a two-year waste of taxpayer money in which FBI agents discovered that, hey, a mosque doesn’t like America and the western way of life and wants sharia to govern America.  Please, find me a mosque that DOESN’T say that.  They all say it, and they’re all radical.

But the FBI doesn’t want us to think that, so they set up the Black mosque which is considered a fringe organization and is Sunni (the enemy of the Detroit-area Arab Muslim”s mostly Shi’ite population).  Do  you really think that if the FBI had chosen to set up a warehouse for the followers of Imam Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America or Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom, that the Lebanese and Iranian Shi’ite, that the men who attend those mosques would be so “honorable” and say no to fencing the goods and fraudulently altering the automobiles?  If you said yes, think again, because a significant number of members of both mosques have engaged in these crimes, some of them convicted, and far worse, without the FBI choosing them for a planned enticement.

Moreoever, the members of these mosques actually were involved in real, actual terrorist activity.  Like Nemr Ali Rahal (and his wife Rania) of the Islamic House of Wisdom, who were working and recruiting for Hezbollah, while they committed bank fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, real estate fraud, etc. and traveled to Canada with their 12-year-old son for apparent explosives training (pops and son Rahal’s hands and passports tested positive for explosive material returning to Detroit from Canada).  And like Talal Chahine, Hezbollah’s financier, who was a proud member and funder of the Islamic House of Wisdom.  Or his son, Khalil Chahine, in prison for the honor murder of his ex-girlfriend’s non-Muslim fiance, Paul Hallis.

At an event I attended in disguise, I watched Imam Elahi praise Islamic terrorism and violence all over the world, in front of the then-U.S. Attorney and porn addict Stephen Murphy III (now a liberal Bush-appointed federal judge), the FBI Special Agent in Charge, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent in Charge Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” to their enthusiastic applause.  Though about half the congregants in attendance had questions about crimes they’d committed and for which they were awaiting trial, did FBI undercover operatives ask them to fence stolen goods?  No.  Why not?

These mosques preach the same violence, and their members are engaged in it and other crime, without the FBI inducing it.  At an event I attended undercover at Qazwini’s Islamic Center of America–North America’s largest mosque–and wrote about in The Detroit News (before it became Islamic occupied territory), Qazwini and his mosque cheered on and praised Louis Farrakhan’s calls for a jihad on America and violence against Jews and Christians.  So, why didn’t the FBI go after these mosques and their parishioners?  Why weren’t they invited to partake in the warehouse’s stolen goods sales?

Well, because they’re the FBI’s and the Department of Justice’s preferred Muslims.  They’re the ones Presidents Bush and Obama met with and with whom they had photo ops.  They’re the ones with whom the local Forever Buttkissing Islam and ICE chiefs have monthly pandering meetings as they stuff their faces with shawarmeh at Ahmed’s Falafel Hut.  And we can’t expose their radicalism, when we have these convenient inner city Blacks we can pimp.

It’s fun being a Muslim in Detroit.  You get the Federal Bureau of Islam and U.S. Attorney and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent in Charge pandering to your every move, no matter how radical you are.

So long as you’re the “chosen” Muslim.

I don’t feel for the Muslim men who were arrested last week in the raids.  But, unlike FBI Supermodel in Charge Andrew Arena, I don’t feel for the thousands of other radical “mainstream” Muslims in our midst . . . most of whom are far more of a threat to our safety and security.

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Last week, in the aftermath of the Pakistan bombing that kill ~100 people, I read a quote from a normal, typical, mainstream Pakistani and it went something like this, “It is against the teachings of Allah to kill other Muslims.”

Think about that! He didn’t say kill other people, but chose to qualify his statement by singling out Muslims. That was a teachable moment for us infidels and pagans.

Rick on November 2, 2009 at 12:23 pm

*“Any Muslim who took a look at what these people believe in would not recognize this as the Muslim faith,” Arena said.*

That is such a brainwashed statement. He is just spouting something he learned in sensitivity training. Does anyone know how much forced sensitivity and diversity training that FBI agents have to undergo? From the following link on the FBI site, I’m guessing a lot:

This is on the front page of their jobs site, which means they want FBI agents just like this Muslim.

JM on November 2, 2009 at 12:31 pm

They go after native Muslims and ignore the foreign born ones! Yep, there is a pattern here. One would think the Feds would not want to encourage the spread of radical Islam from abroad here on our shores. You couldn’t be more wrong.

NormanF on November 2, 2009 at 12:43 pm

JM – and this is the same FBI that has refused to hire Jews who speak Arabic and who could help them understand what the enemy is thinking. They don’t want Jews but they are willing to break pita and eat shish kebab and rice with those who despise us and want to see us all dead.

That’s the Famous But Incompetent in the now discontinued War On Terror.

NormanF on November 2, 2009 at 12:47 pm

*That’s the Famous But Incompetent in the now discontinued War On Terror.

NormanF on November 2, 2009 at 12:47 pm*

Norman F, I think we should call the FBI the Federal Buttkissers of Islam, because now the FBI, as they make clear on their website, exists to promote jihad and protect Muslims from Americans.

They don’t want to hire anyone other than Muslims who speak Arabic. Why? Because they don’t care about what Muslims are thinking and plotting; what they care about is that their agents think LIKE them and sympathize WITH them. The Muslim FBI special agent in the FBI link above says:

“One of the advantages I have as a Middle Eastern and Muslim agent is that I bring an intimate understanding of the religion and the culture. This helps in understanding the mindset of the people I am interacting with. *It enables me to see things from their point of view.*”

In other words, the FBI wants linguists who are Muslim because they sympathize with jihad.

It is evident we have completely lost the war on terror. The Muslims have won.

JM on November 2, 2009 at 1:11 pm

The Washington D.C. Branch of The New World Order has been in bed with the Pay Masters of Muslim OIL Dollars for a long time.

Oklahoma on November 2, 2009 at 4:59 pm


Those of us who have suffered through the mind-numbing experience of reading the quran and (some) hadiths know full well that Muslims are not supposed to kill each other.

The quran says, “Never should a Muslim kill another Muslim”
A hadith says, “A Muslim is one who’s hand and tongue will never hurt another Muslim”.
A hadith says, “Never should a Muslim be killed in retribution for killing an infidel”.

So, how do they justify killing each other? It’s simple. They just find an excuse to call the other guy a hypocrite, and he’s dead.

I’m so sick and tired of hearing people claim there’s a difference between “religious” Islam and “political” Islam, “moderate” Islam and “radical” Islam.

Debbie has it 100% correct – there is only Islam. Period.

Here are another couple of quotes for you. Q 2:98, “allah ado al kafareen (god is the enemy of infidels)”, Q 3:32 “allah la yeheb al kafareen (god does not love infidels)”.

The quran is a non-stop anti-infel hate-fest.

stevecanuck on November 3, 2009 at 10:01 am

Muslims are sick and need to be crushed .

mtom on November 5, 2009 at 10:22 am

Debbie: I guess the FBI believes that there exists a second Koran out their that has radical passages which influences and motivates terrorist behavior. When they have to resort to such political gymnastics absurdities, everyone knows they are full of it and merely pandering to one segment of the community…the radical segment.

Both [FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew] Arena and
Interim U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg urged the public not to confuse with mainstream Islam the allegations against the group, which they said blended elements of radical Islam.

Um, what is “radical” Islam? It’s Islam, stupid.

“Any Muslim who took a look at what these people believe in would not recognize this as the Muslim faith,” Arena said.

HUH?! Wrong. Any Muslim who took a look at this would recognize this as EXACTLY the Muslim faith.

Jack Salami on September 28, 2010 at 9:09 am

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