March 28, 2006, - 3:45 pm

So Sad, Too Bad: Palestinian Illegal Alien Sob Story

In conjunction with yesterday’s mass illegal alien rallies around the country to cow Senators’ into softness on tougher legislation, The Detroit News a/k/a “The Detroit Spews” gave us a sob story about a poor, stateless, homeless Palestinian illegal alien whose new wife, kid, pet, and barber are “just nuts about him.”
We note, as we have repeatedly pointed out on this site, that this same newspaper has the high honor and distinction of employing the nation’s only opinion columnist who and lied about it on his applications for green card and citizenship.
Now back to the story. And we mean, story. The fairy tale of the wonderful, marvelous Faris Alami invaded not any of the local or national news portions of the Spews. Nope.
It was on the cover of the traditionally chick-oriented “Features” section. You know, the one that usually has segments on cooking, diets, prom dresses, what Britney and Jessica are up to, and the umpteenth feature on the gazillionth Tupac retrospective.

Aww, Isn’t That Cute: Illegal Alien Faris Alami Likes Babies

That’s why on Illegal-Aliens-Make-Pinata-Out-of-America Day, the Detroit Spews chose to feature the “charming” Mr. Alami and family. Like every overly-fertilized article on “Brokeback Mountain” being about a love story, the Detroit Spews is appealing to America’s women to feel all gushy and upset about the tragic love story of deportee Faris Alami.
Faris Alami is a student who came here on a student visa. He overstayed that visa. He was ordered deported. So guess what he did? Like a thousand others, he got married to an American and had a kid with her. So what.
Well, we’re told–beneath a smiling aw-shucks-cute photo of Faris, wife Lara and Baby at a Church (he’s Muslim; not mentioned) with someone else’s baby–that Alami is a taxpayer and homeowner, that he’s working on getting a college degree. You know, the degree he came here to get in 1990. You’ve heard of the five-year plan? Illegal aliens have the 16-year plan for college, apparently.
We’re told that his wife’s church, the Presbyterian Church, “is nuts about him.” Does this sound like an objective news story to you? Oh, and by the way, that’s the same church which is divesting from and boycotting Israel. So–surprise, surprise–that they welcome this Palestinian who is breaking our laws.
We are told that Mr. Alami cannot return to his native Kuwait because Saddam Hussein invaded it. Hmmm . . . . We doubt very much that Saddam Hussein will be much of a threat to Alami from his jail cell and ongoing trial. Then, there’s the issue of when Saddam Hussein was defeated, beaten back, and completely driven out of Kuwait in early 1991. Gee, what’s Alami’s excuse for the ensuing 15 years?
We’re told a whole host of other sympathetic stories about Alami, none of which could be or were verified, but all of which are reported as fact. Because, if a lawbreaker alien said so, it must be the gospel. We’re told that Saddam Hussein threw him into a jail cell in Kuwait, where Iraqi soldiers interrogated him. Again, Saddam . . . jail cell in Iraq and on trial . . . out of Kuwait in 1991. Hello? Then there’s that other fact, which the clueless, gushing writer (hard to call Michael H. Hodges a “reporter”) didn’t quite grasp: During the invasion of Kuwait, Palestinians there and else where ferventlysupported Saddam’s invasion. Kuwaitis, NOT Palestinians were treated to Saddam’s ire during the very brief Iraqi invasion.
Then, there’s our favorite segment of the story. The humanizing segment. After all, only Hobbits should be deported. We’re told that Palestinian illegal alien Faris Alami’s wife cooks, and it smells good:

The kitchen in the couple’s tidy home fills with the smell of a chicken dish that Lara’s stirring.

After all, if your home is tidy, and you eat aromatic chicken . . . Well, gosh darnit, you must be a good person who should never be deported. Only good people are neat and eat chicken. (Tell that to PETA.) And only the sloppy and bad cooks (or those with wives who are bad cooks) should be deported. And to think that silly Congress never discovered these important distinctions and delineations in the Immigration Bill. Incredible.
And don’t forget to notice not one, but TWO pics of illegal alien Faris Alami with smiling babies (one under the word “God”).
It’s stories like these that melt your heart (or that of someone who’s overly sappy and maudlin) and are designed to squelch or obscure reasonable observations that the majority of Americans–in poll after poll–have made: Illegal aliens must go. Students overstaying visas must go. Those who ignore deportation orders–and get married and father kids–must go.
But, finally, WE are to blame. The “WE” includes a big helping of and Michael Chertoff, our “friends” at Homeland Security. You see, WE are making it easier for Alami–and sundry others like him nationwide–to stay. He is given a temporary work permit. Why? He’s a law-breaker who was ordered deported.

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8 Responses

Why doesn’t he put on a wig and audition for The View? All that chicken chatter. Classic.

John Sobieski on March 28, 2006 at 6:54 pm

Standard Liberal Press technique- Find a sympathetic subject to throw sand in the public eyes, covering for the lack of understanding with immigration issues. Fill in the blanks journalism.
No one is interviewing the legal Mexican immigrants for their take on the situation, many of them can’t get pay-raises because the illegal ones are pulling the ladder out from under them, undercutting their wages.
Maybe if these students in Los Angeles stayed in school they might learn a little history. One student was shown many times on local news stating, “This was our country before!” Actually, it’s right their on the plaque near Olvera Street. LA was founded by 38 blacks and 2 white Spanierds. Before that there patches of Indian tribes like the Chumash. Just read the casino signs.
LA had just 1500 residents in 1848 when the Governor, a part black, part Brazilian, part white, part Indian, part Spanish, and part who knows signed the truce for the Mexican-American War. There are 1500 illegals in line every morning to get into the Federal Blg built on the very site of the signing by the Governor (Pico) and Fremont, again, see the plaque posted on the inside of the retaining wall dated 1924 from the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1860, Pico went on to finish the first skycrapper (two floors) in LA, which still stands today. Its obvious the US presence didn’t stop his real estate development ventures.
So if Mexicans want LA back, fine, you’ve made what’s left of it a stinking, decaying, poverty stricken, crime ridden, cat box anyway. Oh, for the days before the last Amnesty!
And, by the way, “Mexican” is a nationality, not a race, bozo!

code7 on March 28, 2006 at 10:57 pm

Interesting facts. The denial by our leaders is deafening.

John Sobieski on March 29, 2006 at 12:18 am

What we’re really battling here is the same thing that is being battled in Western Europe and Israel — a mindset. A mindset that says all people are the “same.” That men and women are “equal.” That one religion is just like any other. That all cultures are inherently equivalent.
A mindset that once embraced and absorbed causes its believers to willingly dispossess themselves in favor of others. Even when those others have openly expressed their hostility and sinister intentions towards those who show them charity.
The non-believers in this uniquely Western mindset are very aware of it and know how to manipulate the believers into a sense of false guilt. Support them with your tax dollars, give them the West Bank and California, favor them in employment law and College admissions, give them all manner of special treatment your own people must not expect. Support their organizations which are overtly race-based, but don’t you dare have such an organization yourself. Guard your speech oh so carefully lest you offend their sensibilities, but, of course, don’t expect the same favor in return. Do all this willingly mind you, lest you be labeled with a bad name and made an example for others of your kind to see.
I used to call these Statist planners liberals but even that term really doesn’t quite fit them. I prefer the term Utopians. They have thoroughly infiltrated Academia, the MSM, Government, and the legal system. All their misguided schemes may look impressive on paper but they just don’t seem to work in the real world. A world teeming with those who seek our destruction from within and without our borders.
I’ve seen the gang-rapes in Australia and Europe, the homicide-bombers in Israel, and people jump from burning buildings in New York. I’ve seen babies mutilated, the old and infirm robbed, unsuspecting college girls brutalized and murdered. I’ve seen enough… I’m wide awake now. No doubt many others are too.
We must keep the pressure on our political leaders and each of us do whatever we can to protect ourselves and our lands. We must make sure we are all wide awake.

DeBodine on March 29, 2006 at 6:19 am

And, by the way, I think Alami AND his sweet bride should BOTH be deported. uh huh…yeah, let’s put her in a Burka and send her right along with him. She chose her mate so carefully, let her enjoy the full benefits.

DeBodine on March 29, 2006 at 12:35 pm

When it comes to illegal immigration GWB is as sickening a character as Killer Kennedy and Manchurian Candidate McCain.

perroazul del norte on March 30, 2006 at 12:48 am

Your staff must have worked hard to find this article. Faris Alami’s story obviously means a great deal to your organization. This time, however, your staff picked the wrong target. Faris is everything the Detroit News article states and more, and several hundred U.S. Citizens will be glad to talk with you about their personal experiences with all aspects of his life. Faris is a strong asset to the United States, one we can’t afford to lose now.

Dexter on April 1, 2006 at 11:36 am

Shouldnt you be more worried about the illegal immigrants that have come over with no visa, suck our system dry, dont pay taxes, and dont work? You are picking on an man that has a job, pays his taxes, and reports to the government every time he is called. Is it because he is from Pakistan? You make it sound as if he is using some poor woman and his own child to gain citizenship. He waited 3 years to have a his baby with this woman, and also waited to marry her. Is it possible that he could be a good person, and should possibly be considered to stay here seeing that his wife and baby are American Citizens? Or are you so one sided, that you feel there is no room in our country for hard working people like Feris? The government has made it obvious that they keep an eye on him, which takes away any “threat” that people may feel. Just a thought.

scooperaz on April 26, 2006 at 4:03 pm

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