April 11, 2007, - 11:05 pm

How Don Imus Got Tall Chicks Their 15 Minutes; Plus CAIR Gets in on the Act

Poor Larry Birkhead. He finally gets his day in the sun as the soon-to-be wealthiest sperm donor in America (and the Bahamas).
But his DNA test results are replaced by the national debate over whether a certain ethnic DNA (which includes White basketball players) causes nappy hair and sexual promiscuity. Don Imus took away Larry’s moment, and he is now “scarred”–and set–for life.
The identity of the Pops Trash was rapidly eclipsed by several sullen-faced, overly melodramatic women auditioning for the remake of “Beaches,” Amazon edition.

Fifteen Minutes of Feigned Indignance Almost Up

These women–who seemed to be basking in their 15 minutes of fame quite exuberantly for women claiming to be upset by it–tried so hard to seem glum, it was hard to tell if I was watching a press conference . . . or extras tryouts for the Lifetime Channel’s latest angry-women-done-wrong-by-the-White-man movie of the week, big-and-tall-size.
Who are Essence Carson, Heather Zurich, and C. Vivian Stringer? Before Monday, we’d never heard of them. After all, they play in a college sport no-one on earth cares about: women’s basketball, which has a popularity level lower than the XFL (pro-wrestling’s failed football league, which didn’t last a full season). And these women weren’t even the champions. They lost.
But now, even though we don’t want to, we know their names, while we don’t even know–and couldn’t care less about–the names of the women on the team (University of Tennessee Volunteers) that beat them and actually won the NCAA women’s basketball championship.
Sounds to me like they owe Donald Imus a big thank you. He put them on the map, to the point that we know more of their names than we do pro women’s hoops players. The WNBA President was so jealous that even she had to insert herself into the controversy by piling on with her Imus condemnation.
It’s difficult to hear players like Heather Zurich–who is White, by the way, so could hardly be personally “scarred for life” by the racial part of Imus’ insult–say, with feigned seriousness:

Our moment was taken away. We were stripped of this moment by the degrading comments made by Mr. Imus.

Moment? What moment? Her team LOST the NCAA championship. Hard to believe that Don Imus took away their chance to celebrate being first loser in women’s college basketball. He actually gave them a moment–actually way more than the standard Warhol-esque 15–that they never would have had. How many losers–let alone, winners–of women’s basketball, even in the WNBA, get a fraction of the attention these women have gotten?
Ditto for similar comments by Rutgers women’s coach Stringer, who told NBC’s Brian Williams that she would give up the championship in exchange for not feeling so hurt. But, wait a second, she didn’t win the championship. And yet, she seemed to be enjoying more media glory and exposure than Pat Summitt, the woman whose team actually won.
Sorry, but it’s hard to watch these women claim they’re “scarred forever,” when I don’t feel scarred for life. For muscular, masculine women, these girls are pretty soft. Perhaps their team motto should be:

Sticks, stones, and names.

I get called far worse names than Imus called these women. But you don’t see me demanding the total silencing of my attackers. It’s rare if I even respond, except to laugh.
And here’s what Dapper Don and his phony crotchety populist cowboy routine featured about members of my ethnic and religious group:

* “boner-nosed, beanie-wearing Jewboy”
* “thieving Jews”
* “money-grubbing bastards”

I’d say those are as bad–and probably worse–than what Imus said about a basketball team.
But you never saw a failed group (remember, the Rutgers hoopster-ettes LOST) of yarmulke-wearing, er . . . “beanie-wearing” Jews in the financial district holding a press conference about how they were scarred for life or how they lost “their moment” of loserdom, how Imus took them away from their chance to celebrate a financial loss– despite their supposed “grubbing”–by calling them names.
You don’t see a yarmulke, er . . . “beanie-wearing” Rabbi Alan Sharpowitz and Cantor Jesse Jackstein demanding Imus’ ouster.
But, as we all know, we do see –who are –playing their traditional roles as the masters of the circus, with Imus pathetically groveling through their hoops.
But Sharp and Jack aren’t the only ones getting in on the act. This exposed meat is far too attractive to be left alone by the rest of their ilk.
Congresswoman Caroline Cheeks-Kilpatrick–who made racist comments against White people to get her son Kwame re-elected as the pimp-daddy Mayor of Detroit–stuck her finger in the Imus frosting, too.
This is the same woman who told Black voters that “y’all need to re-elect our boy” (meaning our Black people’s hood-esque candidate–his opponent was half White), while her husband compared their son’s re-election campaign “suffering” to the Holocaust and its death camps. Some people have no shame. This is also the same race-tolerant chick who won’t allow Whites to join the Congressional Black Caucus.
And the stupid, misinformed indignance isn’t just reserved for one race on this issue. On ABC’s “The View,” resident airhead and pseudo-“conservative,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, heartily cheered on Al Sharpton and his antics in the face of aghast liberals Barbara Walters and Joy Behar. But, later in the week, once the peroxided ditz received her talking points, she finally discovered America . . . and Sharpton and Jackson for whom her new race-merchant heroes really are. I thought she was stuck on “Survivor” for only a month. Who knew it was actually 30 years?

Dawud Walid: CAIR’s Don Imus

But my favorite party, by far, entering the fray is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In their press release, today, CAIR decried Imus’ comments against Blacks and Jews, which is just plain hilarious, since they defend Islamic terrorist groups’ rights to murder both of these groups in cold blood in the Middle East and Africa.
What happens in Sudan and Ramallah, stays in Sudan and Ramallah?
Then, there is CAIR’s statement that:

No advertiser who seeks customers, and no guest who wants to maintain his or her credibility, should have anything to do with a host who has such a long history of bigoted and racist comments. We all value the First Amendment right to free speech, but the listening and viewing public has no obligation to reward, or support those who reward the promotion of hatred and intolerance.”
CAIR’s statement is part of the group’s ongoing “Hate Hurts America” campaign designed to counter hate speech on talk radio.

Hmmm . . . Since CAIR-Michigan’s Executive Director Dawud Walid sent out an e-mail calling me a “Shyster“–which is to “Jewish Lawyer” what “Nappy-headed Ho'” is to “Black Woman”–one thing is for sure:
CAIR doesn’t care about intolerance, Don Imus, or the basketballerettes.
Like all the other opportunists, this is strictly about hitching a ride on the giant race-merchant’s gravy train.
As baby-daddy Larry Birkhead knows, only DNA tests tell the truth, anymore, in America.

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15 Responses

theo nyl thing that is going to … no, make that has… ‘scarred them for life’ is their sissified whining about being ‘scarred for life’. As you said Deb- Jewish folks have endured centuries of hate and violence and weathered it like troopers- yet as one commenter said today, folks liek htis basketball team just love keeping the ‘race issue’ alive and well by playing the victim (at least until the money from lawsuits comes rolling in, as which point they no doubt giggle about how easy it is to pout and collect a check. The sissification of America is well undere way, and these girls have advanced it many years with their melodramatic pouting sessions as you pointed out.- all over words? Gosh- the old saying ‘sticks and stones might break you bones but words will never hurt you’ was meant for tougher girls than these gals I guess. Unbeleivable how far this country has sunk in termso f pride- selling their souls for a big fat paycheck! And everyone else jumping on the money grubbign bandwagon.

CottShop on April 12, 2007 at 1:29 am

Another good one, Debbie! Bravo.
Michelle Malkin also has a good piece on this topic for anyone who is interested. I want to do my part to see that this other perspective is spread around the blogosphere, because I’m sick of the double standard too. I’d like to know why it is okay to call Jews “Nazis” and “crackers” in a public forum and nothing ever happens to Weird Al or Player Brother Jesse, but now Imus and Richards have lost their careers. Never mind — I couldn’t give a rat’s tail about Imus and as far as I’m concerned, since he’s a Liberal, he helped to weave the web that ultimately ensnared him. Ha. Ha.

AmericanJewess on April 12, 2007 at 3:33 am

I really don’t care if boring dumb ass Imus gets canned for…making his first”very sincere apology” stop Al(Tawana Brawley and doodoo)Sharpton’s radio show for making some sort of ‘blacks talk about whites…whites talk about blacks..etc. trash talk comment(Michael Irvin-to his credit-didn’t kiss the tuchis of some “leader” of the “white community” when he had a similar problem).Now for the real deal…if the black stripper who maliciously defamed the white Duke lacrosse players isn’t proscecuted,North Carolina deserves Al Sharpton as attorney general.

jaywilton on April 12, 2007 at 6:24 am

Al Sharpton was a classmate of mine (1967-68). He was a jerk then and is a demagogue now.

Ripper on April 12, 2007 at 8:36 am

The truth is a beautiful thing. And the truth as Debbie Schlussel has so elegantly written is that as bad as Imus has been, Sharpton and Jackson are worse, while the Rutgers basketball coach is not far behind. Agitation benefits the agitators.
Jackson and Sharpton are true racicsts. Imus is a fool.
Jackson has paid time and again to see “nekkid” women. Look at his public record of his paying girlfriends from the Rainbow trough. The truth is that Jackson is stupid, frequently unable to put together an English sentence in which the subject and predicate are even somewhat related. And he is simply riding the backs of his race for his own profit.
This episode in racial unrest, producing glaring, emotional headlines, proves yet again the lost cause of media journalism and its coming replacement- the blogger. NBC is worrying over lost sponsors. Their real worry should be not recognizing that the public is giving up on the media and looking for a replacement. Internet technology can provide that replacement.
Pioneers like Debbie Schlussel, speaking from the Internet Soap Box, will be the common sense Thomas Paine of our day.
Go away Sharpton and Jackson. You are harmful, useless and obsolete.

Happiness Pursuer on April 12, 2007 at 8:49 am

Ripper, you mean Al graduated from high school? I did not know that . . .
Debbie, I hear you — I didn’t mean to imply that Michelle’s take on this was exactly the same as yours, only that I also liked what she had to say. I don’t really care too much what happens to Imus; I only care inasmuch as there is a double standard which is unjust. I think I understand why you are defending his right to keep his job. But he has choices too; he didn’t have to decide to grovel before the black racists of America.
Either we have free speech, or we have punishable speech, but we can’t have it both ways (free speech only for non-whites and punishable speech only for whites). I’m also real tired of hearing blacks defend the use of “nigger” among themselves. We Jews don’t use racial epithets among ourselves, for good reason. Can you imagine me saying, “Nu, Debbie kikelah, so can I borrow your kugel recipe?”

AmericanJewess on April 12, 2007 at 8:54 am

So, Dawud Walid is speaking out against those who have “a long history of bigoted and racist comments”. Then I’m sure he would be shocked – shocked I tell you, at seeing the Jew-hating shows that appear on Muslim-controled TV in the middle east.
Here is a link to no fewer than 229 clips from such shows as chronicled by memri.org
Why western TV doesn’t cover this sort of thing is beyond me.

stevecanuck on April 12, 2007 at 9:30 am

Wow, all it took to destroy these basketball babes was a warbled rant from an aging, liberal radio guy that probably none of them had ever of before? Grow a spine girls…and, judging from your performance against Tennessee, some off-season pratice might be more useful than wallowing in your new-found misery. Also, Debbie as you very wisely pointed out, it is ironic(and funny)that Imus has become trapped in the very snare that super liberals like himself helped construct. I guess old mealy mouth Don is destined for PC prison.

Southernops on April 12, 2007 at 9:58 am

As a jew myself, I am not offended by Imus’s rhetoric becuase I really don’t pay much attention to the rubbish that comes out of these jokers. He is entitled to his bigotry as well as I am to my opinions. Afterall, he wasn’t really hurting anyone so why is everyone so frantic over it?

Jew Chick on April 12, 2007 at 11:01 am

Some thoughts on this:
1.) How in the hell did Imus end up on Rev. Sharpton’s show??? In “Black” Radio, syndicated on-air jocks like Tom Joyner and Russ Pharr have a far greater nationwide African American audience. Why did he have to run to Rev. Sharpton for absolution?? Who appointed Rev. Al our leader???
2.) How did the issue gain such veracity in the past few days? Yes, it was a crude, sexist and racist thing to say, but DA-YUMM!!! This thing has taken on a life of it’s own. Talk about overkill!!! Look at how “overkill” and “not looking before you leaped” got nearly got three innocent White dudes put in jail at Duke! People (especially Imus) say stupid things….he apologized and appears genuine….let’s move on! We Blacks in America have far greater issues to deal with!
3.) Are we as African Americans raising our kids now to be so “soft” that they are to be “scarred for life” by a racist comment? I could understand if these were little girls, but these are nearly grown-ass women. If at their age they don’t realize there is racism and bigotry in this world, they have truly been living in their athletic department’s cocoon. They played in an NCAA championship game….how many people get to do that in their lives? How does what Imus said scar that? How does what he said prevent you from becoming a teacher, a doctor, a player in the WNBA, an attorney, an investment banker (or a hedge fund manager, the new glamour gig!), or a wonderful wife and mother? Our ancestors accomplished so much under far more racially hostile conditions. We can’t “wimp out” now!! Forget what Imus said….focus on achievement and you’ll be ‘ahh-ight”!
4.) Unlike women’s volleyball, tennis, track, and swimming, women’s basketball doesn’t exactly have the most feminine image in the world. And when women basketball players started wearing their shorts long like the guys, it made them appear even more “mannish”. Maybe I’m being sexist, but as much as I admire athletic women (marry me, Serena!!!) and support women’s sports, I WILL NOT pay money to see a bunch of rough-looking women play basketball. Does that mean I support what Imus said? Of course not! But I’ve heard some women basketball players called far works things by male friends of mine.
5.) How can I self-righteously condemn Imus when I have been to parties and danced to hip-hop tunes whose lyrics have said far worse about African American women? Jesus said judge not lest YOU be judged! But don’t get me started on hypocrisy, as well as the music industry and the images and lyrics they pump out to our kids….
Okay, enough of my rant….please return to your regular programming!

JibberJabber on April 12, 2007 at 1:21 pm

WE BOTH KNOW that Don [i doubt he’s a DONALD’ Imus owes HIS 15 seconds of fame to Howard Stern…and were it not for someone listening to HIS podcast or watching HIS public access show and reporting HIS comments to the media—who would’ve known WHAT he said???
IF a tree falls in the wood and Al Sharpton hears about it THEN i guess it makes a sound!!!

EminemsRevenge on April 12, 2007 at 5:08 pm

This is so fucking ridiculous. What is this country coming to? This is only a controversy because the Rutgers players were overwhelmingly black. Had they been Asian,Native American,Indian,White or Latino there would be 0 controversy 0 outrage and Don Imus would have his job still. I don’t care for either Don Imus or those ugly basketball players but America needs to wake up. Step back and look at what our country is becoming. The constitution gives us the privilege of FREE SPEECH.
“Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one’s opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment.”
What happened to that free speech? Political Correctness. America is starting to shift into the reverse end of the spectrum of Racism. A perfect example is the Duke Lacrosse players fiasco. Because the stripper was black they were automatically presumed guilty. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson also cause public unrest during the initial phase of the accusations against the Duke players. They did not apologize to the Duke players or their families. America wake up…two wrongs don’t make a right.

the_don on April 12, 2007 at 6:08 pm

They lost? All this time I thought they won.

sandy on April 13, 2007 at 9:18 pm

Dear Debbie;
I enjoyed reading this article, and I agree with your opinion. But what I really want to mention is the way you tell the story.
I think you are very funny, and imaginative. Several times I laughed out loud. So thank you for that.
P.S. I saw Hasselbeck in a video where she railed against Imus, but then stood up O’Donnel in the next sentence. She IS an airhead.

EJO on April 14, 2007 at 3:03 pm

I am truly amazed that the likes of Don Imus and most of the people commenting here still exist. I makes me ashamed to be a parent, and a citizen of this country! We have learned nothing!Nearly the entire world community looks at Americans as a bunch of illiterate, barely civil ruffians and I am inclined to agree!Freedom of speech? Give me a break! Don Imus was FREE to say exactly what he wanted to say and the network was FREE require him to pay the consequences for those words. While one commentor spoke about the young ladies from Rutger’s sueing you forget to mention that Don Imus is the only one who has filed any kind of legal action to date! I guess that “sissy” expects to get paid as well huh? Jewish people speak about their struggles all of the time! They are constantly reminding the world of their sufferage and MANY careers have been ruined by negative comments about that religious group! White America refuses to acknowledge it’s role in the destruction of MILLIONS of African lives as well as nearly causing the extinction the Native American population of this country!To do so would require you to acknowledge that this country was buildt upon the Blood and Bones of MY ANCESTORS NOT YOURS! That is the only thing white people are afraid of! With that said if any or all of those young women profit from this I say great! After all Don Imus has profited for years off of his hatred and you can bet he is paid for every appearance he has made since!

Denise on April 27, 2007 at 2:17 am

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