November 6, 2009, - 12:27 pm

It’s Islam, Stupid: Spare Us the “Sudden ‘Camel Jockey’ Allahu Akbar Derangement Syndrome” Excuses, Dr. Phil, Mark Cuban’s Bro, et al; MUST WATCH VIDEO: My New Hero, Tom Kenniff

By Debbie Schlussel

As you know by now, the “experts”–including fake doctor, Dr. Phil, and Mark Cuban’s brother (on Twitter)–are lecturing us that  Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan, didn’t kill at least 13 American soldiers and injure at least 31 other soldiers because he’s a devout Muslim.



Must Watch Video Quote of the Day: “I Need to Take a Giant Step Back From All the Psychobabble . . . .”

Or because he apparently wrote sympathetic, anti-American messages online approving terrorist attacks on American soldiers.  Or because America spoiled him with free college and medical tuition courtesy of taxpayers, which he repaid by hiring a lawyer and killing soldiers.  Or because he yelled “allahu Akbar” [allah is the greater or greatest (meaning greater than the Christian or Jewish deities)].  Or because he allegedly handed out Korans before the attack. Or because he was a member of the extremist, pan-jihadist Islamic Society of the Washington Area, which was trying to help  this pious Palestinian Muslim find a devout Islamic wife (and had no luck in doing so).

But none of these things are the reason that this guy perpetrated a massacre on U.S. soil, right?  That’s the view of Dr. Phil and assorted other New Age psychobabblers.

First, there’s the “Democratic Underground” website, which is upset we’ve learned the man shouted “allahu Akbar” and proved our point that it’s Islam, stupid.  The DU headline:

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t: Army: Suspect said `Allahu Akbar!’ before shooting

[S-words edited for this site.]

And the DU contributor who posted this also noted:

I’m concerned about attacks on U.S. Muslims, particularly those serving in the military.

Yeah, good to see how concerned this person is about potential attacks that won’t ever happen versus the actual attacks that already murdered 13 non-Muslims and injured 31. As in, not at all.

We’re being told this devout Muslim who shouted allahu akbar and who appears to be the author of sympathetic gushing over violent jihadist online rants was the “victim” of being allegedly called a “camel jockey” or of treating war-injured soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center.


I’ve been called “kike,” “Zionist bitch,” “Heeb,” “dirty Jew,” etc. (some of it by Muslims, others from Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Darrell Issa supporters). But did I use that as an excuse to murder more than a dozen Americans? I went to high school with plenty of Chaldeans (Iraqi Catholics), who were regularly called “camel jockey” and “sn*g” (short for sand-n*****). And guess what? None of them shot up our school and mass-murdered Americans. And ya know what? Thousands of doctors have either worked in Walter Reed or treated military wounded (like my Dad did as an Army doctor during the Vietnam War) for a lot longer than this jihadist. And not one has ever used it as an excuse to perpetrate mass murder. We’ve all been called names. We don’t use it to murder our troops on a U.S. Army base.

And that brings us back to Sean Vannity’s good friend, Dr. Phil, who spouts this same BS line about stress and trauma being the reason, not the Islam that actually was the reason. Last night on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” the guests looking to excuse this terrorist attack included fake doctor Dr. Phil, former Iraq War POW Shoshanna Johnson, Heidi Craft–a former Navy psychologist who should sue her grad school for malpractice.

Also on the show was my new hero, Tom Kenniff, a former commissioned JAG officer, who served in Iraq. He brought up several other examples, such as Hasan Akbar a/k/a Asan Akbar, the American Muslim soldier who threw a grenade into the tent of non-Muslim soldiers. The rest of the panel was horrified that he would say such a thing. Fake Dr. Phil, Johnson, and Craft all attacked Kennif mercilessly, expressing anger that he suggested Islam had anything to do with it. They kept saying it was the stress of listening to the stories of people in the military. Uh-huh, sure it is. Keep in mind that this nauseating, arrogant Shoshanna biotchlet was a cook. She has no expertise in this whatsoever and is now behaving as a function of all the undue, bloated accolades she got from women’s magazines and President Bush.

Remember, this moustachoied TV fraud, Phil McGraw, is the same guy who counseled Jon & Kate. And, as he would ask, “Howz that workin’ for ya?” He’s the same clueless guy who pandered to Palestinian Muslims and attacked Israel when he did three shows on one of them who lured a Michigan teen to run away to the so-called West Bank and convert to Islam, then beat her.

Reader Carol writes:

My dad was a Marine on Iwo Jima in World War II. He was injured and received a Purple Heart. He never mentioned this. I am 55 and only found out about his Purple Heart about 20 years ago. Anyway, my dad was psychologically scarred fromt his war experiences for many, many years, but he never hurt or killed anyone. Or blamed anyone. The media is trying to suggest that THIS war, Bush’s war, is to blame for so much PTSD. What nonsense. My brave and modest dad unfortunately died earlier this year from heart disease.

And, last and probably least, there is Brian Cuban, billionaire Mark Cuban’s brother and lawyer. He “warned” us in several ignorant tweets on Twitter:

I find it sad that absolutely nothing has been announced, investigated or proven yet the twitter hate mongering of Muslims has already begun


It’s unfortunate but unavoidable that the name was released-its news

Note that this is the same guy who claims he’s for full free speech and access to information. I guess that means . . . unless it indicates a mass murderer is Muslim.


the tragedy just happened,- all if a sudden it is a “jihad”- haters are always looking for the next great to hate


even if he was [Muslim] its still pathetic-let the stereotyping and profiling games begin(in jest-its no game!


I agree about the hate starting -rolled my eyes when i saw first mention of “recent convert to Islam” post. Jerks. 🙁


time to get ready to meet my new friend Melissa @prislam and my friend Issac from Yad Vashem for dinner

How pathetic. Yad Vashem is the Holocaust museum in Israel. He fights for and panders to the new Nazis, Muslims, and just can’t connect the dots. Let’s worry about the Nazis of yesterday and dead bodies from almost 70 years ago. And lets keep defending the new ideological mass murderers.

Yes, that’s America, today. And why we’re losing on our own soil. It’s why we’ll have more and more of these attacks here. Because we continue to let Muslims into America and practice their extremism. And because we continue to abide by the drivel of Dr. Phil and Larry King and Brian Cuban.

Nidal Malik Hasan is just the latest of far many more to come.

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Muslims are taught from the cradle to KILL infidels.
“Religion of Peace” is a neutralizer (white wash i.e; LIE) used by the American left in the never ending justification of tearing down Indvidual Liberty. The end purpose is satanic justification of every form of immoral conduct. A people of moral rectitude will never abide perversity, lawlessness or tyranny. Such as that impedes dictators who every one resembles their god satan, NOT OUR GOD.
Can you think of any vile perversion the left doesn’t label as “normal”? It stands to reason, they excuse Islam.
Satanism, period.

rightmind, leftcoast on November 9, 2009 at 11:56 pm

What’s with the slam on Glenn Beck listeners? WE are now anti-semetic?

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