June 10, 2005, - 4:01 pm

“All I Need is a Cool Buzz and . . . Bill Clinton’s Cell # ?”

By Debbie Schlussel
What do Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Harrison Ford, and George Clooney have in common? Besides being part of the limousine liberalatti, they’re all in Jimmy Buffet’s cellphone . . . Jimmy Buffet’s missing cellphone. In something that sounds straight out of a Hollywood movie, a Spicoli-esque Florida busboy found the Margaritaville Man’s lost cellphone, filled with their phone numbers–and with his stoned buddies, smoked pot and made phonies on Monica’s former boyfriend/Hillary’s sort-of husband. Visits from the Secret Service and mugshots ensued. From “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” to slop in the slammer . . . .

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