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Constitutional Rts v. Nazis: Poignant Piece From Holocaust Survivor’s Kid

As , today is Yom HaShoah–Holocaust Remembrance Day or Holocaust Memorial Day. I will probably have something about my family posted later. But in the meantime, I liked this piece by Ralph J. Rubinek, a law enforcement veteran and gun-rights advocate, whose mother survived the Holocaust. Ralph wrote this several years ago for Mother’s Day, and it reminds me of my late grandfather Isaac, also a Holocaust survivor, who owned a gun and was a conservative because of what he survived.
Because far too many liberals have taken ownership of the Holocaust to promote their far-left causes and defense of Islamists, the real message of the Holocaust–against Statist and pan-Islamist policies–is forgotten.

A Mother’s Day Message From the Son of a Holocaust Survivor
By Ralph J. Rubinek
The Way to Stop These From Taking Away Our Rights . . .

Is to Own At Least One of These . . .

On Mothers Day, we honor our Mothers for all the good, love and wisdom that they have given us in life.
On this day, I honor my Mother by sharing with my fellow citizens some of her wisdom, gained through hard experience.
My Mother, just like most other Mothers, taught me how to live right. But she did much more. She was a Holocaust survivor who learned from her hard experiences. Se was victimized by the Nazis, a tyranny led by a madman. Adolf Hitler. Gun-toting Nazis dragged her family to their deaths. Unarmed she was unable to resist.
Sent to Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp, she was chosen by “Doctor” Mengele for “experiments” which were simply medical torture. Of the women in this program, most who were lucky were systematically executed.
Mother was a source of strength and inspiration to other prisoners. She told them of a land where individuals are judged on their own merits, not condemned as a group. She spoke of land, America, where the people control the government, as opposed to Europe, where governments for centuries enslaved people.
Finally – when liberated by Allied forces – she emigrated to America, the land of her dreams.
I am her only son. She raised me with the only family legacies she had – her memories. She taught me that there are few things more destructive than a government gone bad.
She instilled in me an abiding love of the United States Constitution, which she studied closely in order to become a citizen. Swearing loyalty to the Unites States was one of her proudest moments. Mother died in August, 1974 after many beautiful years in America, but never free from her painful memories. She left this message, one well worth sharing with every son and daughter in the land:
“You must fight for your freedom every day of your life . . . even if as a last resort, you must take up arms to defend your freedom do so! Freedom is your G-d given right–along with all other rights under the Constitution. Protect it.”

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The Holocaust came about when people’s rights were trampled upon by a run amuck government and a “chicken shit” world, pardon my French. We have a “stealth” holocaust creeping up on us today. It use the notion of political correctness to slowly, quietly vaporize our rights. It knows no bounds.
Scholars of the Constitution take another look. Sooner or later you’ll understand Amendments I and II.
Amendment I protects us from the horrors that can be imposed in the name of religion. Don’t jump out of your skins just yet. It means that religion cannot be subverted by the government to control people and take away their freedoms. It also means that not just the government but civilians as well cannot hide behind religion to take away the freedoms from the people. Clearly this amendment means that religion cannot be used as a guise to permit people (including terrorist people) to run ramshackle over the rights of other people. Amendment I is for (1) freedom of religion and (2) freedom from religion to be used as a weapon.
Amendment II provides the means for individuals to protect themselves. It is an enabler of the right to self defense. Without a means for self defense you are defenseless. Amendment II protects the rights proclaimed in Amendment I and throughout the remainder of the Constituion.
So far there is nothing here to support political correctness. Nor will you find any basis for political correctness anywhere in the Constitution.
The only thing you’ll find is the skeletal structure for government of, by, for the people and the rights of the people to pursue happiness.

Happiness Pursuer on April 16, 2007 at 2:31 pm

One of the STUPIDEST things i ever said in my life was that the Jews killed Jesus…but that was what you learnt in Catholic school…and fortunately the only person i ever muttered that stupidity to was a Conservative Jew i respected and met in the sixth grade. AFTER he gave me a brief history of Judaism and showed me it was my ROMAN Catholic church’s cuntry that created this *blood libel,* i studied the hell out of history to prove him wrong…
Found out he was RIGHT!!!!!!
What i subsequently learnt about the Shoah from history books and the rabbi who lived next door paled in comparison to a six-hour film i saw on PBS made when the Russians liberated the camps—being on high-grade lysergic when i saw it in the late Seventies, THAT film is still fresh in my mind.
THAT is the reason i will fight to the death for the HUMAN rights of Mexicans and MY black brethren even though it isn’t particularly fashionable…THAT is probably WHY the Debster took up for me a few days ago—i MAY be militant, but i ain’t no Sharpton opportunist.

EminemsRevenge on April 16, 2007 at 3:05 pm

When you can do nothing to defend yourself,
When you can do nothing to defend your neighboor,
When you had the chance to stop this disturbed individual, but it was too difficult (or impossible) to obtain a weapon to defend yourself,
When you see people hiding in their dorms and classrooms with no hope of defense, and why?
Good, armed indivuduals could have made a difference.
Iím not suggesting there be guns allowed in dorms or in the classroom, and Iím not suggesting that there not be gun checks and balances on gun ownership, but policies should be put in place where good people CAN get a weapon legally for protection. I donít know the gun laws in Virginia, but the bottom line isÖ someone should have been able to stop this guy. Someone should have been able to fight back. Someone should have done something with their legally registered weapon they were legally allowed to have. Many peopleís lives could have been saved.

infidelesto on April 16, 2007 at 6:39 pm

EminemsRevenge hatred and misrepresentation of the Catholic Church, and her teaching is so pronounced, I can only conclude thatÖEminemsRevenge, you really should join the ORANGE ORDER
Because man, you’re already “there”.

The Canadien on April 16, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Dear Mr. Ralph J. Rubinek;
May your dear mother rest in peace. It brings a tear to my eye, to think what your mom, and all the other Jews must have gone through. Good luck to you sir.
Dear Debbie;
Thank you for printing this message again, as I missed it the first time.
I am sorry for what happened to your ancestors during the Holocaust. I can’t even imagine how horribly it must have been. But I am confident that, as long as there are people like you around, these evil things will never happen again.

EJO on April 17, 2007 at 10:14 pm

Dear Mr. Ralph J. Rubinek;
May your dear mother rest in peace. It brings a tear to my eye to think what your poor mom, and all the other Jews went through. Good luck to you sir.
Dear Debbie;
Thank you for posting this message again, as I missed it the first time.
I am sorry for what happened to your ancestors during the Holocaust. I can’t even imagine how horrible it was. But I am confident that, with people like you around, these evil things will never happen again.
I’m on your side Debbie. Keep up the good work.

EJO on April 17, 2007 at 10:33 pm

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