April 20, 2007, - 10:00 am

Are Detroit FBI & U.S. Attorney Pawns of Known Iranian Agent? Apparently

Earlier this week, I told you about the . Their actions resulted in the murders of innocent people, and they should face justice for it.
But, while the indictments of –are based on solid documents and information captured by U.S. forces in Iraq in 2003, it appears that the Detroit FBI and (a Bush judicial nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals) are taking their cues from Imam , a known agent of the government of Iran. (Read my New York Post piece on Al-Husainy.)
Al-Husainy told the Detroit Newsistan that he provided “files” to the FBI on those he claims spied for Saddam Hussein, including and especially Shemami, a Chaldean:

Extremism Goes Mainstream:

Iranian Agent Imam Husham Al-Husainy is FBI “Informant”

The Muslim leader said that several years ago he presented the FBI with files on suspected spies for Saddam. “I have held in my hands the information on who was spying on the Iraqi immigrant community,” Husainy said. “I know this Shemami. He terrorized our community.”

(In the same article, it’s claimed that Al-Husainy has 10,000 congregants, but that’s false. The “reporter,” Gregg Krupa, routinely fabricates numbers–which have no basis in fact–to exaggerate the size of the Islamic community.)
Strange that Al-Husainy didn’t provide any info to the feds on Saddam spy, Al-Awadi, a Muslim who is in Husainy’s neck of the woods (Shemami lives in a Northwest suburb of Detroit; Al-Awadi lives in Al-Husainy’s Dearbornistan). It’s a likely bet that all of Husainy’s files contained the names of Christians and Sunnis, but not a single Shi’ite (though plenty of Shi’ites, like , spied for Saddam on their own co-religionists).
What’s more disturbing is that Al-Husainy was using the FBI and Murphy to go after Christian Iraqis spying for Saddam, but not the more plentiful Muslim Iraqis working with Saddam. It’s frightening to note that the feds are willingly involved in Iraq’s internecine warfare of Muslims against Chaldeans (whose churches are being bombed and whose people are being targeted for death by both Shi’ites and Sunnis).
As readers of this site know (and viewers saw and heard of on this), . He is not only allied with the Iranian government, but was working with Iran to try to elect its hand-picked candidate for Iraqi President, Mohammed Bakr Al-Hakim (who was later assassinated). Al-Husainy and his family have made several mysterious trips to Iran.
Al-Husainy refuses to condemn Iranian-backed Shi’ite terrorist Muqtada Al-Sadr, whom he supports. It is believed Al-Husainy worked with the Iranian government to coordinate the travel and , this summer. And there are .
Al-Husainy in early February.
Who else is the FBI investigating as a result of “files” given to its agents by Al-Husainy? Why are the FBI and U.S. Attorney Murphy taking directions from Husham Al-Husainy? Why are they willingly playing the pawns in Iran’s Islamist bidding in the American Justice system?
Lots of questions raised by the questionable relationship between the FBI and Iran’s American agent, Husham Al-Husainy.
And, unfortunately, those questions can only taint hurt the prosecution of Iraq spies Shemami and Al-Awadi.

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