April 25, 2007, - 2:12 pm

People Mag Fetes Anti-Semitic, Anti-U.S., Islamist Propagandist

Remember how , last year, , an anti-American, anti-Semitic movie produced by the Islamist government in Turkey?
Remember how Busey played a Jewish U.S. Army doctor who harvests the organs of innocent Muslims in order to sell them to Orthodox Jews in New York, London, and Tel Aviv?
Remember how Gary Busey issued no apology for his defamation of Jews and American Army doctors (including my Dad, who was a U.S. Army doctor)?
Remember how that same movie portrayed U.S. soldiers–including star Billy Zane–as blood-thirsty murderers, who deliberately murdered participants and guests at Islamic weddings in Iraq, for sport?

People Mag Celebrates Anti-Semite/America-Hater’s Weight Loss

Well, apparently, People Magazine forgot. In the current issue (April 30th edition) of the vapid celebrity tabloid, “reporter” Mary Margaret writes about Busey and his weight loss after being on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.” It’s as if he never was in “Kurtlar Vadisi.” It mentions everything else he’s been involved in, but conveniently omits that.
Thank Heaven there wasn’t a People magazine in the 1940s. Or we’d be reading glowing gushes about the fabulous weight loss and advancing PR careers of Joseph Goebbels and .
Shame on People Magazine–hardly the first or last shame of this sad glossy.
Gary Busey may have lost the fat in the rest of his body. But he’ll never get rid of the extreme excess of it occupying his head.
Boycott Busey’s new movie, “Blue Mountain.”

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Whatever sham diet he is on, his mind loss is a heck lot more noticeable than his weight loss probably due to the excess amount of stale pita and falafel he is consuming as part of his diet. Its more like a mind loss diet on his account to have starred in a movie like this. He must have smoked up alot of hashish as you all well know what effect(or most likely defect) it can have on your thinking ability which explains alot about about himself.

Jew Chick on April 25, 2007 at 3:32 pm

Too much motorcycle riding without a helmet!

Burt on April 26, 2007 at 5:18 pm

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