June 15, 2005, - 4:34 pm

Islamist Oprah Now a Zulu; Still Denies Islamic Slavery, Torture

By Debbie Schlussel
Oprah Winfrey, and longtime girlfriend of Gayle . . . I mean, Stedman, has now determined that she is a Zulu. Says the big, fat (I mean, calorically-gifted) “O”: “I’m crazy about the South African accent. I wish I had been born here.” While unlike Oprah, we’re very proud to have been born in the greatest country on earth (that’s America, Oprah), we, too, wish you’d been born there, Oprah. We, too.
In an update of Ms. Winfrey’s repeated denial of the existence of radical Islam, Islamic terrorists, or anything else negative related to Muslims, today’s episode of “Oprah” dealt with child slavery and children soldiers. And guess which group of child enslavers and child military conscriptors did Oprah conveniently skip–even though it is the world’s largest child enslaver, torturer and murderer? Yup, that’s right– Islam. The child slaves–Black Christians–who are tortured, raped, and murdered by the Arab Islamic Sudanese government? Not on “Oprah.” Palestinians and other Muslims who recruit child homicide bombers and martyrs? Nada on “Oprah.” Children kidnapped to become camel jockeys and slaves by the Islamic United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Zip on “Oprah.”
Doesn’t help much that the “investigative” reporting was done by ex-“The View” co-host Lisa Ling, who did sympathetic, lets-understand-the-haters interviews with Palestinian would-be homicide bombers on her “National Geographic Ultimate Explorer” show. The only thing Ms. Ling seems to be ultimately exploring is her navel. The rest is just fertilizer. Also of note is that Oprah’s website asks you to contact Shamnesty International in order to solve the problems of child slavery and forced child induction as soldiers. The same anti-American Shamnesty International that seems not to notice these things when done by Palestinians and other radical Muslims.
If only Shaka Zulu Oprah would stick to something she might know something about, like “Oprah’s Bra Bible” in the July issue of “O” Magazine. Stick to Double Ds, girlfriend, because you know nothing about PFLPs, PIJs, and PLOs.

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