April 30, 2007, - 4:05 pm

Pimp John Conyers’ Ride: Won’t Pay $18K from Son’s Car Accident, But Leases $1K/Month Car

He’s made a 40-plus year career of whining about “justice” and he now chairs the House Judiciary Committee. But when it comes to doing what is right and just, far-left Democratic Congressman John Conyers is all talk. . . and a big phony.
Check out Detroit Reporter Steve Wilson’s video and print report on how John Conyers’ 16-year-old son caused over $18,000 worth of damage, but Conyers won’t pay, despite his promises to do so (and his ability to–he is quite wealthy).
The wealthy Conyers’ constantly play the politics of envy against “wealthy Republicans” and “wealthy corporations,” but their son harmed two working-class women and caused them thousands of dollars worth of damage. And–surprise!surprise!–the Conyers don’t seem too comfortable when the shoe is on the other foot.

John & Monica Conyers:

Phony Populists Pimp Their Son’s Working-Class Victims

FYI, in the video, Monica Conyers mentions she went to law school. As you’ll recall, Conyers used his Congressional staff to serve as nanny, butler, cook, and chauffeur at the Conyers’ Detroit home–courtesy of American taxpayers–while Mrs. Conyers went to law school in Oklahoma.
Also, while one of the women now has a car she cannot use, while she must continue to pay four years on the lease, John Conyers doesn’t have such problems. He’s riding in style, courtesy of American taxpayers. Check this out from “Pimp Conyers’ Ride” story from today’s Detroit Newsistan:

Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, started leasing a Lincoln LS for $997 a month in February 2006. The Lincoln “is in D.C. and is used for official purposes,” his office said.

John Conyers, the lefty hypocrite, on the taxpayers’ dime.
Don’t forget: this is the same cretin who (and Wife, Monica, a Detroit City Councilwoman, pimped the idea).
Another fun fact: Bush U.S. Attorney and Federal Appeals Court nominee called Conyers, “one of the greatest jurists I’ve had the pleasure to know.” Not a good sign.

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3 Responses

Hey Debbie,
Nothing new here; just the same liberal “Do as I say, not as I do” crap we see on a continual basis. Ironically, he pushes his Congressional staff into slave inservitude while his ho’ goes off to college to be another lawyer for the ACLU, NAACP, Black Panthers, or any other anti-American, anti-semite collection of losers. I remember reading about how he wanted the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel named after him pursuant to his ho’ pushing the idea around the city council. Hypocrisy and narcissim make great bedfellows.
Then he has the audacity to lease a Lincoln LS and claim it for “Official Use”? I think I’ll lease a Corvette or a Ferrari and claim it for “Official Use” in my duties. See how far that makes it.
Why doesn’t he do what I would with my own kids…you break it, you buy it!

1shot1kill on May 1, 2007 at 10:57 am

Conyers is a huge a__. I cannot believe we put such a hypocritical moron like this into Congress. In the tradition of Coleman Young in state and just like old the Democratic machine in Washington which used to kite checks out of a phony post office account–Conyers believes he is a law unto himself.
When you consider that he gets 90% of his district’s votes each election it goes to show you that the legacy of these pimping politicians is “sock it to em” politics–These are the politics in which Conyers’ Detroit district applauds his abuses full strength–as do his Washington pol cronies/co-conspirators.
It’s like Congressman Jefferson (also on judiciary committee I do believe??)of whom was found a bag of $150K cash in his freezer–with a job like a black democratic U S congressman, who needs ethics?

BB on May 1, 2007 at 12:03 pm

On behalf of one of my best friends who lives in one of the areas Conyers “represents”-Highland Park-dis punk is overdue for one of his Bush-style
impeachments;he considers Islam an endangered “species”(religion?),so maybe he could help integrate Dearborn.

jaywilton on May 1, 2007 at 12:09 pm

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