May 3, 2007, - 3:03 pm

Me in the Washington Times

Monday’s Washington Times cites this blog for my post on a/k/a “The Women of SAG”:

Wardrobe malfunction
The May issue of Jane magazine features a “glowing” article on topless anti-war protesters, Debbie Schlussel writes at her blog ().
Jane’s editors describe the Conde Nast publication as “a magazine built for the 20-something woman who is the ultimate front-row influencer.” Miss Schlussel is not impressed.
“They’re against the war, against our troops and against President Bush,” she notes. “Says their lawyer, the coincidentally-named Mark Tietig: ‘We prefer the term “top-free” since “topless” has a connotation of strip clubs.’ ”
Miss Schlussel comments: ” ‘Top-free.’ ‘Topless.’ I just call them what they really are: Brainless and witless. Brain-free and wit-free will do, though.”

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