May 4, 2007, - 9:59 am

Are You One of Hillary’s MySpace “Friends”?

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re NOT a supporter of Hillary Clinton. In my view, her candidacy is proof that you can, indeed, serve as President for more than two terms in America.
Today’s Wall Street Journal has an amusing piece on the MySpace Friends list of Hillary a/k/a Hillary Rodham Cankle’s (or just, “Hillary Cankles,” since she just announced she’s dropping the “Rodham” for like the gazillionth opportunistic time). The story is actually about all of the candidates, but Hillary has the most interesting “Friends” on her MySpace page:

Until a few weeks ago, one of Hillary Clinton’s friends was LaMott Jackson, a 35-year-old who says he’s searching for “a smart, insanely funny & beautiful woman in touch with her ‘dirty’ side” [DS: Is that Hillary?] and is a big fan of an HBO television series called “Pornucopia.”


At least, that was according to Sen. Clinton’s MySpace page, which for weeks pictured Mr. Jackson among the top 16 of her 52,187 “friends.” . . .
LaMott Jackson’s photo on Ms. Clinton’s page showed him as a smiling young man. A visit to his page shows that he likes stand-up comedy and photography — but his page is also sprinkled with expletives and anatomical references. “I don’t censor myself, and I do use dirty language,” says Mr. Jackson, who says he was flattered and puzzled by his placement on the page.
Mr. Jackson works in New York as a technical consultant and says he once installed some hardware in Ms. Clinton’s New York office. “I really wanted to meet her and get her to sign her book,” he says.
Mr. Jackson doubts that Ms. Clinton made the decision herself to highlight him on her MySpace page but thinks someone working on her campaign might have appreciated the techno music he has playing on his page.
Another friend Ms. Clinton highlighted for some time is “Audra,” a 24-year-old woman in Portland who has a link on her MySpace page to a quiz entitled “What Song Should You Strip To?” Her choice: Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”
Mr. Jackson noticed two weeks ago that he had been pulled from Ms. Clinton’s page. But he remains steadfast in his support. “I wish Hillary luck,” he says.
Ms. Clinton’s campaign has decided to randomly rotate her “top friends” every week, says Isaac Baker, a campaign spokesman. He declined to comment on Ms. Clinton’s individual MySpace friends.

Gee, I wonder why? And people want this woman to be Prez?

Candidates also have had to make some careful decisions about one of MySpace’s most popular features: a place for users to showcase their “top friends” by exhibiting their photographs and providing links to those friends’ MySpace pages. Teenagers fuss over the friends feature, giving precedence to those who will make them look cool. Politicians do that, too. Of the thousands of people who have befriended candidates on MySpace by clicking a button, just a few earn a spot in the prime “top friends” display on the candidates’ pages.

The Republicans (other than the GOP Kucinich, Ron Paul) are far more prudent about who is on their pages, the Democrats . . . well:

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards rewards friends who post pictures of themselves with him.

Figures. The Breck Girl’s egomania never takes a vacation.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney boasts a lineup of five handsome Romney children among his friends.

His kids are his “Friends”? I guess that’s better than Hillary’s “Pornucopia” dude. By going on his page, I learned that one of his son’s names is “Tagg.” “Mitt,” “Tagg”–what, no Bob or Hank or Bud or Mad Dog? (FYI, Mitt is really Milton. But, perhaps, he feels no-one will vote for a “Milton.”)

One candidate doesn’t need to worry about public scrutiny of his MySpace page. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani’s MySpace page is set to “private” so no one can see it except those who are registered as his friends. . . .
Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas highlights Jennifer Bothell, a 31-year-old manager trainee at a Subway sandwich store in Apollo, Pa. On her MySpace page, Ms. Bothell describes herself as a hippie and lists the late Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia as her hero. . . . Regarding Rep. Paul, she says: “Obviously, I don’t agree with him on every topic, but I agree with him on a lot of issues,” like his stance against the war in Iraq and his opposition to raising taxes.

Of note on Hillary’s “Friends” list: Where is Bill Clinton?
My own MySpace page is very spartan. That’s because I’m not into it, and I recently joined only to keep my page from being poached by an imposter, a lesson I learned–oddly enough–from Rosie O’Donnell (even a broken clock . . .). I only have one friend–the one you get when you join. But feel free to request to be my “Friend.”
If you are into “Pornucopia” or the best songs to which to strip, though, never mind.

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I know that Yahoo for one is also promoting her a great deal. She’s got an account on Yahoo Answers, and her three questions get full attention while they’re up. I can’t believe she’s got myspace, but then why should it be surprising that she’s trying to sell her image to the people any way she can?

Georgina on May 4, 2007 at 11:45 am

I wonder if the author follows LGF, because I said a week or two ago “watch out who you are friends are Hillary” in regards to her My Space account? I want a byline damnit….just kiddin!

akak on May 4, 2007 at 12:23 pm

I wonder if anyone named Monica is on here friends list? LOL

Mistress_Dee on May 4, 2007 at 2:43 pm

Is Belinda Stronach on the list? oops forgot it’s Hillary’s

akak on May 4, 2007 at 2:53 pm

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