May 7, 2007, - 11:16 am

Obama to Detroit’s Pimp-Daddy Mayor: “Lose the Earring”; Pimp-Daddy Mayor: Obama “Not Black Enough”

Kwame “the Kingpin” Kilpatrick, Detroit’s Pimp Daddy Mayor, and B. Hussein Obama are feuding. And it centers on the corrupt, sleazy Mayor’s diamond stud earring (and sadly not on the rest of his whole Gangsta persona).
Kwame the Kingpin–who loves to race-bait and did so to win re-election against his bi-racial opponent, Freeman Hendrix–thinks that B. Hussein Obama is too White. Today, Obama is speaking at the Detroit Economic Club–a bunch of liberal, rich old geezers who think they’re Republicans and don’t matter much–and called Kwame the Kingpin to touch base. Here’s the rest of the story, from today’s Detroit Free Press:

Obama: Black Enough , But Not Earring-Clad Pimp-Daddy Mayor

Word is it went like this: In advance of his speech today to a sold-out Detroit Economic Club, Obama calls Kilpatrick to touch base, ask for his support, get to know him a little.
Kilpatrick, not yet committed to any presidential candidate, challenges the senator with a pinch of bluster about the nature of Obama’s broad, cross-racial campaign. He asks Obama whether he’d be comfortable standing in public next to a 6-foot-4 black guy from Detroit.
Obama, no shrinking violet, then fires back, saying he thinks he could handle it just fine — as long as Kilpatrick loses the earring.

Hmmm . . . How come Obama didn’t ask rapper Ludacris to “lose the earring” (when he hung out with him)? And the crude lyrics?
But, wait, there’s even more to the story. B. Hussein Obama is now backtracking from the earring request and groveling, because requesting the removal of the earring is yet another sign of “Not Black Enough”:

Obama’s people say he knows the mayor has accomplished much in the city, and that Kilpatrick lost the ear stud long ago; the senator meant no harm, they say.

Uh, actually, that’s not true. Kwame Kilpatrick only “loses the earring” when he’s running for office. He’s got it back now.
Yup, that’s the kind of Prez he’d be–a sucking-up panderer with absolutely zero backbone.
His actions–more than his words–are telling us all about B. Hussein Obama. Pay attention.
FYI, the author, Stephen Henderson, claims that his column about this is not about whether Obama is Black enough. But then, he proceeds in code language to question whether Obama is Black enough. He questions why Obama is talking about energy independence and the economy, instead of urban issues (because those issues clearly are not important to America?):

It’s natural for big-city mayors such as Kilpatrick to wonder whether the senator might be avoiding too much talk about urban issues for fear that it will alienate supporters who are excited by his message of unity and hope.
Let’s face it: When you start talking about the deep poverty that afflicts urban areas and the solutions — regarding health care, education and job creation — that they cry out for, some folks get uncomfortable. That’s even truer when race, still an aggravator for all of those ills, enters the picture. . . .
It’s about whether he can be a candidate whose broad base visibly and forcefully showcases urban leaders, their constituents, and their issues.
I’m sure that’s the point Mayor Kilpatrick was making during the phone call — even if he was a little boorish about it. He has said similar things publicly, including on a recent NAACP panel where Kilpatrick noted that candidates John Edwards and Sen. Hillary Clinton are so far the only Democrats who’ve talked much about an urban agenda. He said nothing about Obama.
Obama, for his part, could have begun to put a lot of this to rest today in Detroit — the perfect setting to deliver a fiery speech about urban issues and his vision for America’s cities.
Instead, Obama plans to talk about energy independence and its effect on the economy in this region, with a hook into the auto industry’s recent troubles. Not a bad topic, and certainly relevant to his audience.
Still, it’s a lost opportunity that Obama will need to reclaim before he’s the clear choice of urban voters.

“Urban voters” equals Black voters. Translation: Obama’s “not Black enough.”

Kwame Kilpatrick:

Detroit’s Pimp-Daddy Mayor is Arbiter of Obama’s “Blackness”

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8 Responses

The OP-ED piece by S. Henderson is strong on speculation and much ado about nothing. It is good toungue in cheek fodder meant to get a rise, yet the bottom line question, what Sen. Obama will speak about, has more to do with who his is audience will be, or not be.
I suspect the Detroit Economic Club is all about the auto industry, well at least a major portion, anyway. Were Sen. Obama to give a speach on Manhattan Island below Canal Street, I would expect it to be entirely different if he gave one above 110th Street.
Henderson is looking for tittilation through adventurous speculation versus real substance like actually waitng to critique the speach, as to whether it makes economic sense and is do-able. Or, waitng to see how the Sen. and Mayor get along, or not.
Forgive me for not getting excited about petty banalities between politicians.

zyzzyg on May 7, 2007 at 2:15 pm

Detroit’s Baker’s Keyboard Lounge-the world’s oldest jazz club-celebrates its 73rd anniversary this week and is living proof that neither of these punks is black…whoops hip enough..

jaywilton on May 7, 2007 at 4:48 pm

Wow — did you ever see the Mike Judge movie “Idiocracy”? Hilarious parody of a dumbed-down future society. The President character in the movie is a former pimp or drug dealer or something along those lines. Looking at the picture of Kilpatrick above, he bears a strong resemblance. Scary.

RepublicanPatriot on May 8, 2007 at 3:04 pm

    You have no idea how wrong you are with that statement….

    Vision A6 on January 3, 2014 at 9:36 pm

Obama lips are purple. Who the hell has purple lips?

steve ventry on May 12, 2007 at 11:24 am

steve ventry, what the hell you doing staring at a brothers lips for anyway??

Glen on May 25, 2010 at 11:40 am

Feral blacks are a growing menace here in the US.

Jibbity on May 13, 2016 at 3:44 pm

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