May 8, 2007, - 1:08 pm

Guess the Religion, Today’s Sequel

Time for Part II of Today’s edition of “Guess the Religion.” Earlier today, I of those involved in the plot to murder U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix where, as I pointed out, America made the idiotic mistake of yet again giving refuge to Muslim “refugees” a/k/a Invaders.
Now, here’s today’s Detroitistan version of “Guess the Religion.”
* Crime Story #1: Dearbornistan police, yesterday, broke up a retail fraud ring, whose members bought and sold stolen merchandise from Target, including video games, DVDs, computers, TVs, and other electronic devices. The goods were bought from an “inside man” at Target (who was stealing them from the retailer) and resold in video stores and homes in Dearbornistan and other Detroit suburbs.
Guess the religion.

Well, if you’re like me, and you read today’s Detroit Free Press, you would NOT know the religion or even the names of the suspects. Why? Well, because on a page of its local section in which all crimes from the day before are listed, strangely there is only one article in which the names of the suspects charged were not disclosed.
We learned about Dr. Rolando Santa-Ana of Shelby Township, who killed his wife and committed suicide. We learned of Anton Freed, a Detroiter who crashed without a seatbelt and died. We learned about Rodney William Bumstead, a tanning salon peeping tom in Waterford. We learned about Michael Tourle of Canton, accused of firing a dun in a drunken episode. And we learned of Deshawn Steven Johnson of Farmington, charged with robbing three Detroit banks. We even learned of Arlene Denise Newsome of Brampton Ontario, caught smuggling ecstasy into the U.S.
But for some strange reason, the article on the Dearbornistan fraud ring–written by the Detroit Free Press’ resident Islamist Niraj Warikoo–does not sey the names of the suspects charged in that matter. Unlike all the others accused of crimes on the Local Briefs page, the fraud ring members are identified only as “charged . . . suspects.”
And maybe here’s why–their names: The two main suspects, courtesy of Detroit’s Channel 7/WXYZ-TV, are Naddeem Awada, owner of Game Stop, and Jamal Salman Bazzi, owner of ICON Computers. FYI, Bazzi’s family is the well-known Shi’ite Muslim family from Lebanon that openly supports Hezbollah. His cousin, Ali Bazzi, is Mayor of Hezbollah stronghold Bint Jbeil, Lebanon and openly supports Nasrallah and Company. Gee, I wonder where the cash from this stolen merchandise is going. Hmmm . . ., what a shame the FBI isn’t involved, now that they’ve taken all terrorist-related money-laundering investigations (ie., Operation Greenquest) away from ICE.
Other participants in the ring: Adnan (Eddie) Samona, Sawsan (Sue) Najeeb Haji and Danny Najeeb Haji. Samona is a Chaldean (Iraqi Christian) surname. But basically, Mid-East values have been brought to the Midwest to stay, especially when it comes to crime.
So why did Niraj Warikoo and the Detroit Free Press leave out their names and not those of every other charged suspect they wrote about throughout the Detroit area? If you even need to ask, you haven’t been reading this site enough. Clearly, we aren’t ever supposed to know when criminals are Muslims and/or Arabs. They don’t want you to be able to . . . guess the religion.
Read and Watch the video of WXYZ-TV’s reports on this Muslim Arab Fraud Ring. It was the only media outlet in Detroitistan–TV or print–to identify the men by name. The Islamist-occupied Detroit Newsistan–surprise!–didn’t even cover the story.
* Crime Story #2: Dearbornistan Heights’ Crestwood High School and Riverside Middel Schools were locked down for three hours, yesterday, and students have not been allowed to wear jackets or bring backpacks to school for days because of threats made at the school. Students’ lockers have also been searched daily.
Dearbornistan Heights and its Crestwood School District were the target of open violent threats before. In some of his well-known, documented hate speech, “Former” Islamic terrorist threatened violence against the school district and its school board members unless they made Islamic holidays Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha school district holidays. The Dearbornistan Heights school district has the second or third largest Islamic student body in it public schools in the United States, only behind Dearbornistan and possibly Hamtramckstan.
So, what were the threats and who made them? The school won’t say and parents are angry about it. Guess the religion.
BTW, on this story, too, Detroit’s WXYZ-TV/Channel Seven Action News is the only media outlet–print or broadcast to cover this story at all. Gee, I wonder why. Read and watch the videos of Channel Seven’s report on this by Peggy Agar.
* Crime Story #3: An adult daughter in the ritzy Detroitistan suburb of Bloomfield Hills murders her mother in a rage, by hitting her with an SUV. All Detroit TV news outlets, yesterday, covered this as a revenge murder of a mother by her daughter after a fight, but none identified the names of those involved. Today’s Detroit Free Press presents a far more sympathetic approach on the front page (in a story written by a Muslim reporterette), saying the daughter didn’t really mean to kill her mother. She feels bad about it, and it was an accident. Uh-huh. Maybe that has something to do with the names of the people involved:

Rabia Deen, 58, died from head wounds after she either fell from the Ford Explorer her daughter attempted to back out of the driveway or was hit by the vehicle’s open door, police said.
The daughter, Anisa Deen, 20, was hospitalized Monday, too grief-stricken to speak with police.
She is described by friends of the family as a brilliant student who graduated in 2004 from Detroit Country Day School. Police said she is a student at the University of Michigan. She is the daughter of Meer Jamal Deen, a podiatrist with an office in Southfield.
“There’s nothing at all that indicates the daughter was trying to injure the mother,” Bloomfield Township Police Chief Kirt Bowden said. “But the fact that there was no intention does not necessarily eliminate charges.”
Police are gathering evidence to forward to prosecutors, who will decide whether to charge the daughter. Possible charges include manslaughter and negligent homicide.
Police would like to interview her in more detail but say she is too distraught to speak to them.
“You can imagine the shock she is in right now,” Bowden said.
Bowden said police were called once before to the one-story brick home in response to a family argument, but he could not give an exact date. No charges were filed in that incident.
Noor Mohammed, a family friend, is helping to make funeral arrangements. He said services will be held at the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit in Rochester Hills.

Guess the religion.
So, do non-Muslims get this kid-glove treatment after they murder their parents in the passionate rage of an argument? Just askin’ (rhetorically, of course).

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6 Responses

Apparently, the media is going through a great deal of struggle on trying to infer the religion of these offenders. Or my other estimation would be the media is blind and plain stupid. Perhaps they don’t want their rates to plummet as it is or they they are afraid of igniting a conflagration among the muslim popualtion,risking their network stations being burnt to the ground by an angry mob of islamic rioters. It goes with out saying, covering butt is done to save butt. Maybe not always in this case but its probable.

Jew Chick on May 8, 2007 at 2:38 pm

That the names of these muslims / arabs aren’t mentioned is probably just a “cultural thing.” [Surely, that the names are omitted when crimes are reported in the papers or during news broadcasts is in no way any reflection on the part of those reporters to keep us from knowing that the “rop” is “at it, again.”] Here in Saudi, the crimes listed in our two English papers give the name of the alleged perpetrator along with the nationality and quite often that person’s photograph. If no name or nationality is listed and the article says “two men were arrested for purse-snatching” or “eve-teasing,” you can safely put your life’s saving on a bet that they are “locals.” And, given that there is only ONE religion allowed here – well, that’s a given…

BT in SA on May 8, 2007 at 2:43 pm

I would think the Free Press would be more sensitive about printing names like “Deshawn Steven Johnson,” likely the name of a black man. So, the Free Press has no problem making blacks look bad, but Muslims get a free pass.
It’s no wonder the circulation of these papers, and papers in general, have plummeted.

sonomaca on May 8, 2007 at 7:12 pm

We’re not stupid, if there’s five articles about crime and four report names and pictures and one doesn’t, it’s like ‘well, duh’.

John Cunningham on May 9, 2007 at 4:26 am

haha. you have single handedly convinced me not to be a reporter, because you serve no purpose in life. cold blooded murder. that’s eXACTLY what it was. do your f-ing research.

hater12 on July 12, 2007 at 2:31 am

I hope you get sued for libel. Guess the stupid raging douchebag bitch? (its you)

Jesus Christ on August 25, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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