May 14, 2007, - 3:48 pm

Cronyist DHS Family Hogs: Gonzales KO’d U.S. Atty for Mr. ICE Princess

Is there anything the Wood-Myers family won’t do to get high-paying government jobs and remain on high-class tax-funded welfare for incompetents?
Apparently not. You see, now it’s not just 8 U.S. Attorney firings by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It’s more than that. While I don’t oppose firing political appointees when you’re the party occupying the White House (just as the Clintons did), I do object to constantly giving jobs to incompetent people. And apparently, the Wood-Myers family takes the cake at this. And they’re hogs.
First, General Richard Myers’ incompetent niece Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess” hired herself for the job of chieftess of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And now her husband, John Wood a/k/a “Mr. ICE Princess”–the former chief of staff of her boss Michael Chertoff and the cousin of Missouri Senator Kit Bond–is the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Family Affair: John Wood, Julie Myers & Company

(Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

At first, it appeared he was confirmed for an open job. But looks are deceiving. Wood left his job at DHS, well before he was nominated by Bush for his new U.S. Attorney job. But he apparently knew his predecessor would be fired so he could get a job.
Friday, in a Washington Post Gonzales story, the paper referred to the ouster of the U.S. Attorney from the Western District of Missouri to open the position for another. That other was none other than Mr. ICE Princess, himself.
So, to sum up: The Wood-Myers have sacraficed America’s national security and immigration situations for jobs; they’ve sacrificed someone else’s job for a job; Is there anything they won’t sacrafice in the name of satisfying their own endless selfishness?
And even more important: Will they ever get off the high-paid, tax-subsidized federal welfare system? Or will we see this incompetent, politically connected, selfish couple cashing paychecks and getting perks off of our backs forever?
Even though I keep kosher, I know what the Wood-Myers family apparently does not: “Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered.” Politics is not the exception. Time to take incest out of government appointments.
The Boston Globe also wrote about the seat that was kept warm–but open–for Mr. Julie Myers. Interestingly enough, the man making all of Gonzales’ excuses is new Dept. of Justice spokesman Dean Boyd, who used to be The ICE Princess’ spokesman at ICE.
Did she help a crony brutha out? Or did he simply see the handwriting on the wall under her “leadership”? Just askin’.

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If it weren’t for political incest at the highest levels of government, it’d fold like a card house. The unfortunate by-product of this is anal-retentive, sophomoric thinking which culminates in atrocious policy and piss-poor decision making. Hey, as long as things are good for the fat rats, let the peons suffer.

1shot1kill on May 15, 2007 at 8:22 am

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