June 17, 2005, - 1:20 pm

Black Student Beaten by 20 Arabs in “Call to Prayer” City; Arab Leader Hamad Strangely Silent

By Debbie Schlussel
Poor Terrell Beasley. His only crime is being a Black non-Muslim in Hamtramck, Michigan–the Detroit-area city with the “peaceful” Muslim call to prayer forced upon ear drums all over town. On Monday, Beasley, age 17, was walking home from final exams at Hamtramck High, when he was suddenly beaten by 20 Arabs wielding wood boards. “Terrell said there was only one reason for the attack: his race.”
“Two cars pulled up and a bunch of Arab Americans –some students– leaped out and started running toward him and his group. . . . There were about 20 young men running at him just before someone hit him in the back of the neck with [sic] large piece of wood.” Terrell was treated at the hospital because, “It seemed like it hit a nerve, because my hand kept moving in a funny way. . . . I was woozy.”
This is just the latest in a long string of Arab Muslim beatings, murders, kidnappings, and other crimes against Blacks in the Detroit area. Plus, this is at least the third attack on Black Hamtramck High students by Arabs, this year. But strangely, local Arab “civil rights” leader, FBI award revokee, and “former” PFLP terrorist, , who heads the Midwest Regional American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), is deafeningly silent–a rare occurrence for him. So much for the big, (two weeks after King Day) Hamad and ADC put on, this year, attended by his best buddies in the federal government (like Homeland Security’s ). Martin Luther King, Jr. is turning over in his grave.

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Religion of Peace…oh, and Stoning Women and Babies

However, it does seem that he was busy getting an education on the Religion of Peace™ in Ethiopia (Where he once failed to “feed the world”).

Six Meat Buffet on June 17, 2005 at 2:29 pm

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