May 16, 2007, - 10:25 am

False Alarm: Rush Limbaugh to Return to ESPN? USA Today Starts Rumor

Have the PC powers that be at ESPN finally realized the mistake they made in persecuting Rush Limbaugh for making correct statements about NFLer Donovan McNabb?
Apparently not, but USA Today “Sports on TV” columnist Michael Hiestand starts the rumor. Today, he writes about new ESPN shows on the fall schedule, some are true and some are false–which you’d only know if you read the fine print. It’s a dumb quiz. Here’s the item on Rush:

Too wild to be true? At ESPN, sometimes it’s hard to tell

Follow Me to Freedom. In a twist on its Dream Job show – on which contestants try to win a job at ESPN – this new series allows current staffers the chance to win a job elsewhere. Viewers can vote online, via cellphone and at ESPN sports bars. With celebrity judges Keith Olbermann, Rich Eisen, Michael Irvin and, tentatively, guest-starring Rush Limbaugh.

This one is one of the false shows that Hiestand made up among other ideas that will truly be on ESPN’s fall schedule. As I said, the article only makes two tiny indications that the show is false, and if you skimmed, you’d have missed them, and thought Rush was returning for real. Too bad. Would love to see Rush back on the sports airwaves, and he’d bring them much-needed, increased ratings.
Hmmm . . . so since this wasn’t it, what was the subject of those “supersecret meetings” Rush was alluding to on his nationally syndicated radio show, recently?

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So that’s why he’s been on Nutrisystem!

49smudge on May 16, 2007 at 3:26 pm

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