May 16, 2007, - 10:51 am

Incredible: Helmet Saves Man Whose Head Was Run Over by Truck

If you ride a bike and don’t want to wear one of those nerdy-looking biking helmets, perhaps the miraculous story of Ryan Lipscomb will change your mind.
His head was run over by a truck in Madison, Wisconsin, Friday, while he was riding on a biking path. he left the hospital three hours later with nothing but a concussion. While the helmet was flattened with visible tire treadmarks on the cracked frame, Lipscomb has lingering headaches and a stiff neck, but is otherwise okay.
Ironically, Lipscomb is a graduate student in medical physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (my law school and business school alma mater). More from The Capital Times:

A white paneled delivery truck ran over a UW-Madison graduate student’s head on Division Street Friday afternoon and, except for a concussion, he wasn’t hurt.
Ryan Lipscomb, 26, said he was riding his bicycle pretty fast down the East Isthmus Bike Path where it parallels Eastwood Drive on Madison’s east side just before 3 p.m. Eastwood had a green light, so the crosswalk for the bike path showed a white walk sign, Lipscomb said.
He saw the large truck, the kind that usually makes deliveries to offices, coming down Eastwood, preparing to make a right turn onto Division Street. Lipscomb said he could tell the truck wasn’t going to stop. So Lipscomb slammed on his breaks, flipping his bike and throwing himself into the street. He landed right at the intersection of Eastwood and Division.
The truck ran over his head.
“I didn’t see it coming, but I sure felt it roll over my head. It feels really strange to have a truck run over your head.” His helmet, a Giro, was crushed, but Lipscomb’s head was fine.
Madison Police Department Sgt. Chris Boyd said the officer at the scene urged Lipscomb to keep the helmet. He did. It is all flattened and mangled and broken, unlike his head.

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Why can’t they make them less dorky looking??

Stealthkix on May 16, 2007 at 11:11 am

I don’t know, even when I was a kid I was able to keep trucks from running over my head. I’m just saying…

steve ventry on May 17, 2007 at 6:30 pm

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