June 17, 2005, - 5:41 pm

Senator Durbin, My Holocaust Survivor Grandparents Would Disagree on Gitmo

By Debbie Schlussel
Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) compared Guantanamo Bay detention of Islamic terrorists to the Nazis death camps, a comparison predictably loved by the Terrorist News Network a/k/a Al-Jazeera. My late grandfather, Isaac (who was also interned at Dora, Gross Rosen, and several other Nazi death camps), and my grandmother, Adele, both miraculously survived the Nazi death camp of Bergen Belsen (where Anne Frank was put to death), where they met and my mother was born. My grandparents were not terrorists who murdered innocent Americans. They were innocent kids whose only crime was being Jewish. My grandparents–if they hadn’t lost all of their teeth in the Nazi death camps–would have loved to eat glazed chicken and rice pilaf, like these Islamic murderers that include the 20th hijacker and Bin Laden’s personal driver.
Instead, he nearly starved to death, amid no food, hard labor, and freezing conditions over several years. He watched many of his fellow inmates die from these conditions, as did my grandfather’s entire family. When my grandfather and the others in Bergen Belsen were liberated by our brave American soldiers, my grandfather was lucky to have fainted in the rush to eat bread served by the troops. The others, who did not faint, and ran to eat the bread were so starving and undernourished that they died from the richness of the bread. This is the same as Guantanamo? Senator Durbin, you are deranged. When I was little, I asked my grandfather why he did not have a tattooed number on his arm, like some of my other Holocaust survivor relatives did. He told me that at that point, Hitler was so intent on finishing off the Jews through the “Final Solution,” that he did not want to waste the time of giving him and others a number. He just wanted to put them to death in the ovens. Fortunately, my grandparents survived and came to this great country. There is no final solution going on in Guantanamo. We are not trying to kill the inmates there, even though many of them would love to kill us–after much torture. They are there for two reasons only–justice and saving Americans’ lives from the new Nazis, radical Muslims. Dick Durbin, get a clue and apologize to your country!

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Wow, what a lowlife. If he can’t tell the difference between psychological warfare against an extremely dangerous enemy and committing mass genocide against a people who don’t even have an army to defend themselves, he’s not fit to be in any position of power. (Ignorant people who put the maligned soldier of the West my name refers to on the same level as Hitler are guilty of the same thing)

KnightoftheImpaler on January 4, 2006 at 2:35 am

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