May 18, 2007, - 5:30 pm

GOP Official vs. Ron Paul: Saul Anuzis Needs to Look in the Mirror, Recruited Hezbollah to the GOP

Michigan GOP Chairman Saulius “Saul” Anuzis asserts that Ron Paul should not be in the GOP Presidential debates. If he’s going to kick out Ron Paul, then it should be ditto for Wisconsin’s Dairy State Dummy, .
But if that’s the case, then Saul Anuzis needs to leave the national GOP stage, along with them. He’s hardly in a position to chastise Ron Paul’s absurd assertion that we deserved 9/11 because of our foreign policy.
As the Chairman of the GOP in Michigan–the heart of Islamic America and the heart of terrorist support in America–Saul Anuzis has bent over backwards, time and again, for Islamists in Dearbornistan and throughout the Detroit area, trying in vain to get their money and votes . . . and holding his ankles in the process.

Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis & Rep. Ron Paul

Have a Lot in Common

He tried to recruit open Hezbollah and HAMAS supporter to run for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate against Debbie Stabenow. The Shi’ite Muslim Beydoun, vocally anti-Israel and , took part in another , and has opposed President Bush’s foreign policy–just like Ron Paul–from day one of the Iraq War, and from time immemorial on Israel and Iran. Ron Paul and Nasser Beydoun are ideological soulmates in a lot of ways–seeing eye to eye on most issues, especially the offensive statement that causes Anuzis to call for Ron Paul’s dismissal from the televised debates.
When I called him on this, months ago, Anuzis–whom I know–hemmed and hawed and lied about his recruitment of Beydoun, about which he openly bragged in the Detroit media, a couple of years ago.
Then, there’s Anuzis’ other disturbing ties. He recruited Jane Hershey Abraham, wife of Hezbollah-enabler and CAIR supporter (and now lobbyist for Muslim Middle Easterners) as Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Even though Mrs. Abraham does not live in Michigan (and is, therefore, not qualified to be a Michigan party officer), Anuzis told people he recruited her for the position because he “needs to get money and support from that community,” meaning the Muslim Arabs–that’s what Party activists who heard Anuzis said he meant.
Even though , himself, is not a Muslim, he is a Lebanese Christian who has made a recent career–in the U.S. Senate, in the Bush Administration as Energy Secretary, and now as a high-paid lobbyist–of enabling and assisting the most radical Islamic parties, including a man who headed a charity raided by Customs for funding Al-Qaeda. Abraham defended Yasser Arafat (he was one of only 2 Senators who refused to sign a letter calling on Bill Clinton to condemn Arafat’s terrorism) and put CAIR on the map on Capitol Hill at a time when the group was a nobody, well before 9/11. This is the community from which Saul Anuzis wants support. They’re Ron Paul’s natural allies, too.
But Ron Paul is a nutty libertarian. Far worse, Saul Anuzis is a scheming political prostitute.
Finally, Anuzis has been involved in high-ranking party officials, officeholders, and candidates hanging around and posing for pictures with Islamic extremists, agents of Iran and Hezbollah, and supports of HAMAS and Hezbollah. That includes former and likely future candidate for Governor , , and two of whom attended banquets for extremist Muslim terrorism supporters and posed for pictures with extremist imams who are known agents for Hezbollah and the Government of Iran.
So, to Saul Anuzis–the GOP leader who says that Ron Paul ought to be banned from GOP events–I say, interesting idea, BUT Look in the Mirror, Saul.
Pot. Kettle. Black. Ron Paul. Saul Anuzis.

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18 Responses

Ron Paul is definitely a little nutty, but he never said that America deserved 9/11. And he certainly doesn’t deserve to be compared to an active Hezbollah supporter.

Spanky on May 18, 2007 at 6:46 pm

I believe that had Ron Paul’s positions been adopted, there wouldn’t be a Dearbornistan, because I think he has sound positions on immigration.
I don’t think that Ron Paul is saying that we deserved 9-11. I’m reading his book on foreign policy–which is a compilation of 3 decades of his speeches. I don’t see anything, so far, that opines that we deserved the attack.

Sue Bob on May 18, 2007 at 10:43 pm

Oh and Ron Paul was tough on illegal immigration, now Bush will sign the Guest workers permit and we can’t blame the Democrats, because we knew their M.O. Uh, does that mean that the illegal terrorists in the U.S. can stay now? We’re in deep shit. Oh and the Republicans in Congress? YOU HAD 12 FUCKING YEARS TO SHUT THE FUCKING BORDERS DOWN, TO MAKE IMMIGRATION TOUGHER AND NOW?!!?
RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!! Because the other candidates are FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!! I ‘m going to have to buy more guns and ammunition.

KOAJaps on May 18, 2007 at 11:02 pm

I would like to add a little theology 101 about Dick DeVos and his Christian Reformed Church’s theology. This may seem a “stretch” to some of you, but please bear with me, as it is fundamentally relevant.
The Theology of the (professing) “CRC” is not really Calvinistic, they are actually Arminian:
simply put, they are self-righteous, as they actually believe:
God allows his grace to be resisted by those unwilling to believe, and:
Salvation can be lost, as continued salvation is conditional upon continued faith
In addition, many professing Calvinists, and (Grand Rapids) Calvin College teaching is “Covenant” theology. Again, simply put, they believe God has forsaken the Jews, and all the promises and laws (!) that God made to the Jews, are now transferred to the Church (Ecclesia, Greek for “called out ones”).
Ergo, Covenant theology is fundamentally, anti-Semitic! They have become God’s Heavenly people, and the Jews are no longer God’s earthly people, because God has forsaken them (and broken his promiss to them)!
Now do you see why ‘ol Dickey & the CRC are Jew haters and friendly to Muslims?

Dr.Dale on May 18, 2007 at 11:48 pm

You can’t make the case that Ron Paul is smarter than Tancredo, who seems to be most educated on Islam. Followed by Romney.
While I disagree with him, I am thrilled that he said what he did – now US hating Dems who would have hijacked the GOP for McCain now get to choose between McCain and a seemingly ‘We-deserved-it’ Ron Paul. I hope Ron Paul cuts into McCain’s Liberal support in the GOP, and sinks him. Among the others, I’m fine with Tancredo, Giuliani and Romney.

Infidel Pride on May 19, 2007 at 2:05 am

Hearing what someone uses as their mis-information reveals to me a lot. Paul mentioned the fourteen military bases in Iraq that the US is ‘building’. Trying to lead one to the idea that the US is building them for some self-serving reason like ‘we’re going to build them for our own forces’. Prior to out toppling Saddam the Iraqi military, supposedly to have had one million members had to be billeted somewhere. Iraq is about the same size as California. In California there is Fort Ord and the Naval Base and the Marine Base near San Diego. There are also a number of California National Guard facilities spread out all around the state. Same thing in Iraq, military bases spread out around the country. To mention this and try to lead one to believe there is some devious thing we’re doing is rather telling. All the US is doing is re-building previously existing military facilities that the Iraqi military will, if they aren’t already, occupying. You have to put the military somewhere. No big whup. They’re not being built to billet an evil occupying American military. What did Paul mean by mentioning this. I’ve known of these military bases since the winter of ’05. It reminds me of this hit piece one of the local TV stations was doing here in Philadelphia. Apparently there was a rash of stealing at an assisted living facility that is run by the Veterans Administration. The ‘investigative team’ sneaked into one of the patient’s room and photographed a padlock on a dresser drawer. “Look, they have padlocks on dresser drawers.” “What’s going on in here”? Well, it’s a facility that has all kinds of people living in it. Most likely the doctors and nurses aren’t stealing. That leaves President Bush, personal care aids, maintenance workers, other patients and Vice-President Cheney and the other usual suspects. The VA issues locks to the clients so that they can lock their s*** up. Just like you lock your front door to your house or car. Who’s up to what? Can you say Walter Reed pile-on?

John Cunningham on May 19, 2007 at 6:52 am

Ron Paul didn’t say that we deserved 9-11 because of our foreign policy, rather he said that our foreign policy contributed to the cause of 9-11. His statement is backed up by the 9-11 commission report as well as the CIA and most experts on the subject.
The assertion that “they attacked us because of our freedom” is absurd and overly simplistic. If we are to win the war on terror, we need to understand what causes terror, not come up with simplistic explanations that make us feel better.

D*Rek on May 19, 2007 at 11:24 am

I disagree with your opinion of Ron Paul.
After 911, he gave several speeches where he said Islam is not a peaceful religion and he blamed them for the attacks on us not GWB’s contention that they hate us because we are a democracy.
I believe most of the Media are trying to distort his record because he has been one of the only congressman that has asked that GWB be investigated for trying to do an end run around the Constitution and create the North American Union,an impeachable offense.
Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are the only other two candidates that have even addressed GWB’s Treasonous attempt to destroy the USA in favor of a EU type Union run by the UN and WTO.
Ron Paul’s performance in the debates was not very good only because he was not articulate enough to point out that he too supports the war on “Terror” but he believes he should have started at home by securing our borders first.
The so called debates are not really debates but political game shows now with commercials. What a disgrace that FoxNews limited responses to 2 minutes when our future as a country is at stake.
MSNBC attempt at a debate was also a dismal failure with stupid DNC talking points by Chris Mathews masquerading as questions to the candidates.
The MSM has turned Politics into a 3 ring circus where they are the ring leaders.
BTW-I will not be voting for Ron Paul but will vote for Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter and maybe even Fred Thompson before I will vote for the Globalist RHINO’s the RNC is shoving down our throats.

ScottyDog on May 19, 2007 at 4:31 pm

One more thing I forgot to add for you Rudy Giuliani fans.Turns out Giuliani is profiting from Illegal Immigration with the NAFTA superhighway and is a CFR member in drag ready willing and able to sell our America for a North American Union.
Giuliani Linked to “NAFTA Superhighway”
NAFTA Superhighway has Giuliani as key player
“At the center of negotiations for multiple legs of the Superhighway Corridor throughout Texas, is none other than Rudolph Giuliani’s law firm which landed the Comprehensive Development Agreement for a widening of Interstate-35, now referred to as the TTC-35, in addition to the Master Development Plans for State Highways 121 and 130 among other legs of the TTC. All negotiations for Cintra were and are presently handled by the law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP, of which Republican Presidential candidate, Rudolph Giuliani, has been a senior executive partner since March 2005. His law firm is the exclusive legal counsel for Cintra. Bracewell & Giuliani is comprised of 400 attorneys, based in Houston, TX with offices in New York City, Washington, D.C., London and Kazakhstan.”
“Most interesting to the whole story is not only has Mr. Giuliani’s involvement in the NAFTA Superhighway not ever having been publicly addressed, but how a foreign company is awarded the building of a mass highway system, versus maintaining it, for the first time in U.S. history, and negotiated by the law firm of the top Republican candidate running for President of the United States. And truly disturbing is how such will not only have national and homeland security and sovereignty implications but how it is deliberately being kept away from the Halls of Congress.”
“Giuliani fancies himself as an expert on homeland security issues and a law enforcer. And he has amassed quite the portfolio since 2002, earning $20 million in that year alone, by selling himself as such. He owns Giuliani Partners, Giuliani Safety & Security and Giuliani Capital Advisors. In March 2007 he sold Giuliani Capital Advisors, a former Ernst & Young finance company he purchased in 2002, to Macquerie Infrastructure Consortium. Not coincidentally, it is a partner of Cintra’s in its shared operations of toll roads in both Indiana and Chicago, IL.”
You have a so called “top tier” candidate that was shocked with Ron Paul has been working behind the scenes ever since 911 to line his pockets with millions of dollars while destroying the sovereignty of the USA.
The is information has been public for some time, why didn’t FoxNews ask him about during the Game Show?

ScottyDog on May 19, 2007 at 4:44 pm

These politicians are literally for sale, even to the muslim invaders. We have to publicly fund campaigns and prohibit candidates from taking private money, whether it’s from an industry lobby, a grass-roots pac, or an individual. These are public officials, why are they paid privately?? They don’t work for their public salaries, they work for the private money that keeps them re-elected and quashes independent challengers.

steve ventry on May 19, 2007 at 11:13 pm

But, then again, it’s pointless. I think civilizations are doomed to repeat a cycle of revolution, advancement, corruption, disintegration, and back to revolution. The problem is that 80% of the people are always uninformed, stupid sheep. They’re too dumb and lazy to see what’s happening, get angry, and rise up with the rest of us to drag these traitors from their offices, and stop their corruption. So, the country slowly falls apart till it gets so chaotic that there’s another revolution. If the few us ranting in these forums ever lifted a finger, for instance, to stop an American congressman from selling his loyalty to a murderous enemy, the stupid masses would have us spend 40 years in a federal pen. The stupid masses don’t even realize they should have the right to write-in anybody they want; they think they’re supposed to vote Dem or Republican.

steve ventry on May 19, 2007 at 11:35 pm

Congressman Ron Paul is not a “nutty libertarian.” He is the only Republican candidate in tune with the majority of the American people. I am a conservative Republican who cannot support any of the other candidates because they simply appear to be Bush clones, without minds of their own. To continue to support this mindless war in Iraq that only increases the strength of terrorists due to our continued presence in this foreign land and violations against the Iraqi people, is absurd. Ron Paul was correct in his assertion that there is consequence to our actions in foreign countries. To not realize this, Guliani showed himself to be a lightweight in foreign policy and incapable, as Bush, to lead this great country.

Doug on May 21, 2007 at 10:39 am

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