May 23, 2007, - 4:34 am

Meet Your “Moderate,” “American” Muslim Neighbors: New Study Shows U.S. Muslims Are Extremists

For almost six years, we’ve heard the constant chorus: “Muslims in America are different.”
On 9/11, we were told that American Muslims would never commit the attacks like those perpetrated upon 3,000 Americans by 19 foreign Arab Muslims in our midst. The 19 men were different than Muslims in America, because they “hijacked their religion,” we were told.
On 7/7, we were told that European Muslims are different. We were told that American Muslims would never try to blow up subways and train stations here, unlike those in London who did it . . . twice, and those in Madrid who killed far more on their trains.

Poll of American Muslims: Islam is Hazardous to America

We were told–and continue to be told–that American Muslims would never continuously riot in the streets, burning hundreds of cars a day, as they’ve been doing throughout France, going on 3 years, and violently attacking and injuring more than a dozen police per day. American Muslims are different, we’re told. They’re far more assimilated, far more successfuly financially (as if jihad and Islamism are motivated by finances, not an extremist religion).
Younger Muslims–born and/or raised in America–are more “Westernized” we’ve been didactically informed. They would never do such a thing. They’ve watched “The Simpsons” and grown up with Christina Aguilera. Therefore, they’d never want to blow a fellow American up, we’ve been instructed.
Since 9/11, we’ve been subject to a virtual echo chamber from the conventional wisdom-ites: that Muslims in America different from their pan-jihadist brothers and sisters around the world–that somehow their American experience is far different, even though their mosques and imams and korans and hadiths preach the same hate against us.
Well, now we’ve come to find out that Muslims in America are not so different from their co-religionists around the world. In fact, their viewpoints are pretty much the same as that of their religious counterparts around the world, and getting more extreme with age and American upbringing.
The message of the just-released is clear (if you can get beyond the biased press coverage and headlines): America hasn’t moderated Islam or its adherents. Islam has made America Muslim residents more extreme, just as with its European counterparts. Wealth and education and opportunity and freedom have done nothing to moderate them.
The title of the study is deceptive: “Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream.” But while the study shows that most Muslims in America are, indeed, middle-class, they are anything but “Mainstream.” That is, unless the mainstream is referring to the mainstream of Islam around the world and not the mainstream of American values.
Islamists, like , president of the extremist , consulted with Pew in conducting this study. But, even with the cosmetics, the numbers and opinions should disturb you. Without the cosmetics, the real numbers are far worse.
The numbers are not news to me, because I’ve been warning you for years that this is exactly what the American Muslim street is thinking. Now there’s statistical proof. Here are the notable results (and, remember, since people lie in polls, the real statistics are likely a lot worse):
American Muslims Support Homicide Bombings
* More than one in four Muslims (or 26%), aged 18-29, said “Suicide Bombing is Justified.” 2% percent of them say it can often be justified, 13% say sometimes, and 11% say rarely. Add to that, the 5% don’t know/refused to answer this easy, instinctive question, and it’s even worse–for a total of 31%–almost a third of young American Muslims, who support homicide bombings. This younger group of Muslims is the most radical, the study found, and it’s the largest group of Muslims in America. It is also the future of “America’s” Islam.
* 12% of foreign-born Arab Muslims said that “Suicide Bombing Can be Justified Often/Sometimes.” That’s more than one in ten. 10% of them don’t know/refused to answer. That’s a total of 22% who apparently support homicide bombings. That’s more than one in five and almost one in four. Yup, if you meet an Arab Muslim on the streets of America, it’s a likely one in four chance he/she supports homicide bombings.
* 8% of all U.S. Muslims said suicide bombing is justified. Add to that the 9% that don’t know/refused to answer, and you get 17%, almost 1 in 5 American Muslims. For all foreign-born U.S. Muslims, 9% support suicide bombings–plus 9% refusing to answer, and it’s 18%. For all native-born U.S. Muslims, it’s 8% who support the bombings, plus 5% who refused to respond–for a total of 13%. Yup, being born and raised in the U.S. isn’t the moderating force it’s cracked up to be . . . if you’re raised in the Islamic faith.
American Muslims Support Al-Qaeda
So much for the Muslim propaganda slogans about Al-Qaeda not representing Islam and “hijacking the religion.” A significant portion of America’s Muslims support the group, and it’s growing:
* More than one in four American Muslims, aged 18-29, support Al-Qaeda. 7% outright viewed it favorably, plus 19% don’t know/refused to answer–for a total of 26%. Yup, more than one in four young Muslims in America supports Qaeda.
* One third of American Muslims age thirty or more support Al-Qaeda. 4% support the group outright, plus the 29% that refused to answer, for a total of 33%. If you can’t answer an outright no to this question, you support Al-Qaeda.
* Of all American Muslims, only 58% have a very unfavorable view of Al-Qaeda. 5% of American Muslims admitted to viewing Qaeda favorably and 27% refused to answer or claimed they didn’t know. Hmmm . . . 32% or about 1/3 of all American Muslims either openly liking Al-Qaeda or not wanting us to know what they really think (which means they like Qaeda, too).
Muslims Don’t Consider Themselves as Americans
* Among those under 30, only one in four–25%–consider themselves Americans first. 60% consider themselves Muslim first, 10% say “both equally,” and 5% don’t know. Age 30 and over, only 30% say they consider themselves American first, with 41% considering themselves Muslim first. Among total Muslims, 47% think of themselves as Muslim first, not American.
* Only 43% of all American Muslims said “Muslims coming to the U.S. today should adopt American Customs.” Among native-born American Muslims, that number drops to 37%.
Most American Muslims Don’t Believe Al-Qaeda Perpetrated 9/11 Attacks
Apparently, American Muslims want it both ways. Many of them cheer Al-Qaeda on, yet claim they don’t believe Qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks:
* Only 40% of American Muslims believe Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks. 28% don’t believe it, with 32% refusing to answer/don’t know. That’s a total of 60% who claim it wasn’t Qaeda. Among American-born Muslims, it’s hardly better. 48% believe Arabs did 9/11. 31% don’t believe it, and 21% refuse to answer/don’t know, for a total of 52% not believing Arabs committed the attacks.
And there are other serious implications:
The study says that 65% of Muslims are still foreign-born, mostly from the Middle East. Why are we allowing–why have we allowed–so many of those who hate us into this country to spread their hate and reproduce it in large families?
The study shows that even from 2000-2007, 18% of Muslims are still immigrants–significantly up from the 1980s. Why–after 9/11–are we letting one in five Muslims in America in from countries and a religion that hate us? It isn’t news to me. But it should be disturbing, nonetheless, that we have a policy of affirmative-action immigration for the religion of 19 hijackers and assorted worldwide beheaders, homicide bombers, and rioters.
But, predictably, this extremism and its implications and suggestions for our immigration policy, for our student visa policy, for other policies that should keep more Muslims out of America is ignored by the press.
Instead, they pretend–as do the makers of this study at Pew who call American Muslims “Mostly Mainstream”–that the study shows Muslims to be “just like us.”
The National Public Radio headline: “Pew Study Sees Muslim Americans Assimilating.”
Since when is one in four members of a religion supports homicide bombings in America a sign of “assimilation”?
Perhaps when the homicide bomber grew up learning who Paris Hilton is on FOX News and CNN and seeing the latest Spiderman movie. And, while his classmates shop at the Gap for the latest fashions, he’s there to find hoodie under which to camouflage the explosive belt.

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Here is a poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.
ode for the odious
let us pray to move the hand of God
may He raze this modern blight of Nod
might we see Him right the wrongs of late
may He end their current reign of hate
might He lay waste to this infidel horde
and may they know the power of our Lord
may we live to see Muhammad shamed
might we see the evil Q’ran tamed
may their idols go the way of Baal
and Dagon to the depths of Hell
might He summon His archangels legion
to smite these wicked, East of Eden
those living by the bloody sword
and fell them by the Word of the Lord
may this Ramadan be their last
their mosques and shrines things of the past
might we drive them from their wretched lands
this bastard race of Abraham
may their minarets and mullahs fall
we pray their end once and for all

wesley123 on May 23, 2007 at 10:05 pm

You’re missing a major obvious point. When a respondent is given a question such as “Do you support Al-Qaida?” and the answer is not an overwhelming and immediate “No!” something is seriously wrong.
Though I do understand your point that Muslims themselves are not the problem, you are missing another critical point – that Islam IS the problem and Muslims are susceptible to its influence. Therefore, Muslims are a problem. Anyone who follows a faith that commands you kill those that disagree with you “smite at their necks”! or force them into subjugation has issues.
What I would like to see more of, is people coming to this country where they are free to research and worship without fear of recrimination so they can get an objective perspective on what they’ve been taught to believe as true their entire lives and recognize for the farce it is.
Islam is so easy to debunk when placed under scrutiny.
Muhammad instructs Muslims to read the old texts (books of the Bible) and claims that his Qur’anic inspiration came from the angel Gabriel.
Well, funny thing is Muhammad, had he actually read those texts himself he would have found where it says in Galatians 1:8 “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you [the Gospel of Jesus Christ], let him be eternally condemned!”
Odd that a faith was built upon reading texts that refute the foundation of the faith.
Kinda like how our legal system missed the point with its ‘put your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand’ to take an oath – when it says in Matthew 5:34-35 “But I tell you, Do not swear [oaths] at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King.”
People need to pay attention.

TruthIsTranquil on May 23, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Remember, AV is already a lost cause. Those who are already indoctrinated can only be eliminated.

Craig C on May 23, 2007 at 10:36 pm

Don’t bitch about your dark-skinned neighbors as they are terrorists–DO something about it. Petition for them to leave your neighborhood. Start protests. Talk to school boards. Use the pulpit of your local churches as voices of moral truth. Write to your representatives, however cowardly they may be, and demand that they implement a final solution to the problem plaguing our God-given Christian nation.
Be brave. Stand up for your beliefs–at work, at school, at home, in the community. Shout out your love of country and hatred of the enemy no matter how many lefties attack you. Join the military, serve your people, support the cause–do SOMETHING. It is only a matter of time before the dark hordes overwhelm our fragile republic. We can only kill so many of them in the holy land now before they overwhelm our shores through illegal immigration.
It is far easier to write hatred of the enemy online than to commit to real action in service of your beliefs, no matter what the personal cost is to you. Anyone who cannot join the cause and commit to real action rather than online phantasms is not with us, s/he is against us; s/he is WITH the enemy.
The final solution can be nothing short of mass deportation combined with intermediate incarceration regardless of citizenship or “mixed” ancestry. Anyone who disagrees is a coward or a Muzzie-lover–and I don’t know which one is worse.

reasoner101 on May 23, 2007 at 11:10 pm

I can only go on what I personally observed starting in Nov ’74 to Nov ’02. Fifty percent of the population in the back seat of the cab were these types. What I heard coming out of the mouths of them back in the ’70’s is the same thing I heard coming out of their grandchildren’s mouths in the ’00’s. Not all would act out but I dare say that, in my opinion, there’s a ‘community’ belief of ‘they may be terrorists, but they’re our terrorists’. I think I was cured of my white guilt syndrome by 1978. When we get into these types of conversations about different groups of people we never seem to have them about Chinese people. Here in Philadelphia everybody wants to go to Chinatown. Then we have other parts of town you wouldn’t be caught dead in, wait, I think you would be dead if you were caught in those parts of town. It seems all we got for our War on Poverty is a bunch of baby daddy grabbing themselves like a bunch of two year olds that have to go to the bathroom in baggy pants looking like they took a dump in their diaper. I’m just sayin’, like, I got eyes, ya’ know.

John Cunningham on May 24, 2007 at 4:07 am

I like your ode.
Time to start rounding up every pigfucking muzzslime in the USA.
Starting with those filthy shitbags at CAIR.

muhammedfuckspigs on May 24, 2007 at 9:06 am

Craig C,
I understand the sentiment, but can not say I agree with it in principle.
Rather than defer to hating all Muslims and wanting them dead, I prefer to hate Islam and expose it for what it is – a false doctrine.
Remember Paul, also known as Saul? He was the Bin Ladin of his day until Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus to prove a significant point.
In this country, there is no entity enforcing government sponsored indoctrination of faith, so people are free to investigate all of them.
So, I implore Muslims to do one of the things their precious Qur’an instructs them to do – read the ancient texts; read the Bible. Actually, I implore anyone who can read to read the Bible. Read it like any other book, from cover to cover such that every word in it passes your eyes at least once. If people do this, it will become apparent that a doctrine espousing violent means to achieve its end is not God inspired, but actually a Satanic form of rebellion.
Muhammad was crazy. He was street smart, but he was severely messed up.
While anyone that espouses faith by force should be expelled, not only from this country, but from any country, I would prefer to see more Muslims investigate the deeper origins of their faith and it would be readily apparent that their religion is quite contrary to the nature of a forgiving God.
I also acknowledge that many are so deeply rooted in their enmity that they would never consider any deviation from their learned curse. But they should at least be given the opportunity to understand what it is they are rejecting.
Then, if that be the case, they should themselves be rejected.

TruthIsTranquil on May 24, 2007 at 10:24 pm

So, I take it, that all of the Islamic apologists posting here think that…
…living with only 20% of your body having Cancer is ok?
…20% of your immune system being infected with HIV is ok?
…having only 20% of a body infected with Gangrene is ok?
…having only 20% of your arteries clogged with plaque is ok?
…having only 20% of ones brain dead?
I mean, it would only be a “tiny minority” of ones body right? Or would it be ones body was “hijacked”?
Give me a break. Mohammed say, “Persecution is worse than death.” (God forbid if they get “offffended” right?) See, this way, the western world can be spiritually extorted in believing that they are at fault. After all, we just need to be moooore tolerant and unnnnderstanding…or else. So why the “Jihad” in the Sudan again? Somalia? Nigeria? Indonesia? India? Kashmir? Pakistan? France? Spain? England? Kosovo? Bosnia? Phillipines? Ohhh, that’s right…it’s those dangged “Neo-Cons” again. No, I was wrong, it was those dangged Jews in “Palestine.” No, sorry wrong again, it was those dangged Frenchmen in Morocco. No?
It’s Islam.

Nuggler on May 24, 2007 at 10:35 pm

Get this cult far away from me….I just don’t know how to put it any plainer.

Highrise on May 25, 2007 at 3:34 am

thanks for your appreciation—i like your screen name but maybe muhammedfuckedpigs might be even better(as he is dead)—but my guess is that someone probably already used that one (heh)

wesley123 on May 25, 2007 at 4:30 am

Rush, you and your party already sold us out to the Mexican Invasion; you’ve already destroyed Rome. Why would you mind a Muslim Invasion, too? What could it hurt?

steve ventry on May 26, 2007 at 11:54 pm

Steve Ventry:
Rush has been an outspoken OPPONENT of illegal immigration–from Mexico and elsewhere. Not true to say that Rush sold us out on that issue.

JSobieski on May 27, 2007 at 2:45 am

I remember being called a “cut-and-run Republican” by Rush, because I left the party that is engineering the Mexican Conquest. Rush is a cheerleader, first and foremost, conservatism be damned. If he had any integrity, he would disavow the Republican party. People who think the US will still exist in 30 years are dreaming, these massive waves of non-Americans do not want to preserve our country.

steve ventry on May 27, 2007 at 9:13 am

Please tell me the positive purpose of your essay? The information you provided is not accurate. I encourage people to read the actual PEW Research Study. Your URL connection to the study does not open.

Expatgirl on June 8, 2007 at 11:50 am

How do you eliminate laptop account details from the unique visitor for a laptop?

???? ?? ??? on July 30, 2013 at 11:46 pm

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