May 29, 2007, - 2:21 pm

Assad, Supermodelette Wife Sell Phony Syrian Elections; GOP’s Jihad Darrell Pimps US on Assad

Remember when I, the feminine, supermodel-esque face that the media is putting on Terrorist-host dictatorship Syria? She’s the wife of Syrian President-For-Life and former opthalmologist Bashar Assad.
We’re supposed to forget that Syria tortures and murders human rights activists, that it is harboring Al-Qaeda terrorists who murder our troops in Iraq, that Syria is host to the world headquarters of every Islamic terrorist group you can think of, that Syria and Hezbollah have worked together in the gang-rape of Lebanon, and that Syria harbors Nazi war criminals and the only living Munich Olympic terrorist.
We’re supposed to forget it all because Mrs. Assad–the First Lady of terror central–is charming, has a sophisticated English accent, and worked on Wall Street. She is the ultimate example of lipstick on a pig, only far more ingenious since we never get to see the pig in the flesh, just the lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.

Lipstick on a Pig:

Asma & Bashar Assad Re-Cement the Syrian Dictat-Terror-ship

Well, guess what? Her hubby, Bashar Assad, just won re-election. He had stiff competition, seeing as he was the only candidate. Shocker: He won with 97.62% of the vote. The only thing that comes close here is Hillary’s support among New Square, New York Chassidim (only four out of over 1,000 voted against her in her inaugural U.S. Senate race).
The New York Sun tried to locate someone–anyone!–in Syria who voted in the “election.” But not only could the paper not find anyone in the 2.38% who voted for someone else, it could not find anyone who actually voted at all. Maybe Mrs. Assad was the 2.38%, since it appears no-one actually “voted.” The Mainstream Media told us that this was a real election because even though no-one was running against Mr. Assad, anyone could write anyone in. Well, ain’t “democracy” grand.
Meanwhile, Stateside, Assad’s chief ally in the U.S.–no, not Nancy Pelosi–is urging us to continue our useless one-sided flirting with Syria. Crybaby Republican Congressman wrote an absurd op-ed in today’s Washington Post, pretending that he, too, is appalled by Syria and that he went there only to meet with a dissident. But, insists this open fan of Hezbollah terrorists (Jihad Darrell), we must talk to his buddies the Syrians and continue to sup at the table of the outrageous.

Jihad Darrell, Prez of the Bashar Assad Fan Club, American Auxiliary

But here’s the real story. Jihad Darrell has for years . Since 9/11, he regularly feted Assad in Syria, and Jihad Darrell even helped close the deal on a multi-million dollar oil deal–in which our oil companies train their oil people to get more oil. That’s tough on Syria?
Then, there’s Jihad Darrell’s vote and lobbying against the Syrian Accountability Act. That’s because Darrell Issa doesn’t actually want Syria to be accountable on human rights, on terrorism, or on anything else. He just plays a human rights activist on TV, er . . . in The Washington Post, where–today–your paper already came pre-packaged with doggie excrement in the form of Issa’s column.
But Issa gets away with it because conservatives and Republicans let him get away for years and to date with what they rightly scream and whine about with Nancy Pelosi.
Fake elections there. Fake “human rights” reformers here (Jihad Darrell).
No matter how cosmopolitan the face, voice, and articulation of the Mrs., there’s nothing cosmopolitan about what goes on in Syria. And we reach out to it only at our peril.

Jihad Darrell’s Crying Game:

Pro-Hezbollah Rep. Darrell Issa Sells Out America

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Try as I might to recall another news source who will call attention to the hypocrisies you are calling attention to, Debbie, I cannot recall even one. This is an outrage–we don’t negotiate with Hamas right? How is Syria/Assad less “terrorist” than Hamas or Hezbollah (which it supplies)?
Suggestion–Maybe you could send a link on this story to Sean Vannity to get the Issa/Syria smokescreen act publicized tonight… Hopeefully El Rushbo will pick it up first.

BB on May 29, 2007 at 3:25 pm

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