June 7, 2007, - 2:42 pm

OUTRAGE: Your Tax-Paid Weapons Going to Palestinian Al-Alien v. Al-Predator

Remember how then-CIA chief George Tenet, under Bill Clinton, trained Palestinians and gave them weaponry? Remember how they then used that training to commit terrorist attacks on Israel?
Well, Carl in Jerusalem reports that this is about to happen again. Thanks, President Bush. Carl reports that U.S. Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, the US security coordinator to Israel and the Gaza Strip (not sure why a U.S. official is there in this capacity), ordered “millions of bullets and thousands of rifle magazines, hand grenades and Kalashnikov automatic rifles.” He is, unfortunately, doing this with full cooperation and sanction of incompetent Israeli leader Ehud Olmert.

These weapons will be given to the Fatah side of the current Al-Alien v. Al-Predator/HAMAS v. Fatah fighting. Then, they will be used on Israelis and Americans. Carl has a whole list and details of how Palestinian Islamic terrorists have used American weaponry for terrorism and how they will do it again.
He rightly wonders how America can do the same thing and expect a different result. Read it.
We can’t expect Ehud Olmert to suddenly gain an iota of common sense, but we should demand that our tax money does NOT fund weapons and training for Palestinians. Period.
Meanwhile, here’s what the weapons and training will go to:
In 2006, 345 Palestinians were killed by fellow barbarians, er . . . Palestinians. That’s up from 176 from the year before, according to the Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights, yesterday. Through the first five months of 2007, 271 Palestinians have already been killed by other Palestinians.
That’s a start. If the weapons and training only went to that activity, it would be a worthy American investment. But what will be problematic is when they resume killing Jews and Americans.
Alien vs. Predator: Palestinian Muslim Sequel #5245 . . . .

HAMAS v. Fatah

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Talk about blood money;we our funding our own demise without even knowing it. Maybe when Kamas and Fatah our through with exterminating each other through our tax money,perhaps we can reclaim our investments lol.

Jew Chick on June 7, 2007 at 4:51 pm

Why not promote this Alien vs Predator model in other places in the ummah, such as Iraq (Shia vs. Sunni), Iran (Farsi vs Khuzestani Arab, Azeri, Kurd and Baluchi), KSA (Shia vs Sunni), Yemen (ditto), Bahrein (ditto) and Syria (Alawite + Hizbullah vs Muslim Brotherhood). Once they get busy slaughtering each other, they’ll be too busy to engage in terror acts against Infidels.
Just withdraw US troops from all these countries and into Israel, and then watch the fun. And strike them militarily if they agree on any cease-fires – that’s the last thing we want. We also don’t want any side in any of these battles gaining the upper hand.

Infidel Pride on June 7, 2007 at 7:45 pm

What an outrage. The federal government gains it’s power through the consent of the governed, and apparently our last two administrations have totally forgotten this important fact. They use our tax money to fund weaponry for Islamo-killers, while they seek to give our country away to illegal aliens. All the while, we continue to fund an ever-growing military industrial complex with almost 50% of what we earn.
Interventionist policies like this represent the main reason that the war goes on, and will continue to go on in the future. And undoubtedly, some of these weapons will be used to fire at Isreali people, and maybe Americans. Why pay taxes, why continue to support these policies which represent a direct affront to the concept of the consent of the governed.
Fu_k Washington, Fu_k Bush!

chucker on June 8, 2007 at 9:14 am

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