June 8, 2007, - 8:08 pm

Londonistan Olympic Logo: The ZION Sequel

Earlier this week, I discussed the newly unveiled, epileptic-seizure-inducing (no lie) Londonistan and International Olympic Committees’ .
Some readers told me they think the new logo–aside from being totally fugly–resembles a Nazi swastika. And, indeed, it does. As you will recall, I and my personal Photoshop artist David Lunde of Lundesigns unveiled our more appropriate 2012 Londonistan Olympic Logo.
Now, Elgin Tyrell says it looks like a cave man creation (check his logo out–he has a point). Rumor Mill News notes that the unscrambled Londonistan Olympic logo sections–designed to look like a puzzle–are, in fact, the letters of a word that has been villified, but which we here at love: “ZION.” We especially love it since we are “evil” “Zionists” and damn proud of it. Rumor Mill News’ Londonistan 2012 Olympic Games Logo . . .

After seeing this, for sure Londonistan will change it (and not because 10 people had epileptic seizures from the unscrambled, original logo).
Debbie Schlussel/David Lunde Londonistan 2012 Olypic Games Logo . . .

Fugly, Epileptic-Seizure-Inducing Original Londonistan 2012 Olympic Games Logo . . .

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4 Responses

You people are just seeing what you want to see. It’s obviously a satanic KISS logo.

steve ventry on June 9, 2007 at 11:59 pm

Steve: The KISS logo also works! But then, so does the swastika, and ZION. I pretty much stick with my previous comment, however: this thing is so bad, so pitiful, they should have turned a few pissed-off chimpanzees loose in a room with $50 worth of paints and paper, and they would have come up with something (anything!) better than what they wasted $800 million – of our money – on. Government bureaucracies at work!

theendisnear on June 10, 2007 at 12:50 am

It’s not so bad, it’s actually $800,000 NOT 800 Million. Still, a lot of money, but hardly the end of the world.

Bruce on March 12, 2010 at 11:53 am

“It’s not so bad, it’s actually $800,000 NOT 800 Million. Still, a lot of money, but hardly the end of the world.”

If only the merchants of death were correct, and the world will really end in 2012- that would then make your comment the funniest thing ever. Sadly, all that will happen is that a world war will be swirling around us, and the 2012 games will join the 1940 games in some sort of alternate universe.

Jonathan Nolan on May 19, 2010 at 10:24 pm

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