June 26, 2005, - 5:39 pm

Give an Inch, Religion of Peace Takes Lives

By Debbie Schlussel
Why were the female soldiers, who were murdered and/or maimed by a homicide bomb, Friday, in the convoy that ended their lives? The reason is important: Out of respect for Islam. The female soldiers were on their way to a Fallujah checkpoint, to relieve other female soldiers. All of these female soldiers were being utilized for one purpose–so that Muslim women could be questioned and, if necessary, searched by other women, not the forbidden Infidel men. Because they risked their lives to respect Islamists, they were murdered by Islamists. In return, as The Jerusalem Post reports, Islamic jihadists are now targeting our female soldiers. That is how much they respect Infidel women–as in, not much.
You know the trite saying, “Give an inch, and so-and-so takes a mile”? Well, we can’t say just that about the “Religion of Peace.” In fact, for RoP, this new amended version of the adage seems appropriate: “Give an inch, and Islamists take lives.” The question to be asked is why we would give an inch in Fallujah, home to the burning to a crisp of four Americans, then dangling them on display to the cheering townsfolk. Pavlov’s dog applies here. Why reward this hellish place, which takes pleasure in that? The sensitivity here, by us, is misplaced to the extreme. Four female soldiers dead, thirteen wounded.

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