June 26, 2005, - 11:06 pm

Keep Bono off Sunday Political Shows . . . & Out of the White House; His Plan Funds Terror

By Debbie Schlussel
This morning, U2 Rock Star and wanna-be policy maker, Bono, was on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” on the same platform as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. And last week, he was featured in People, pictured with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and President Bush. Puh-leeze, this is a guy who constantly wears blue- or purple-lensed sunglasses in the middle of the day–including during his meetings with Rice and Bush AND on “Meet the Press” for the entire Tim Russert.
I’ve written about how misguided and ludicrous Bono’s efforts are, several times over the last several years, the best of which is “.” The piece details how Bono’s pie in the sky debt relief and aid program rips off U.S. taxpayers to fund terrorists, like the government of Sudan (host to Bin Laden for years) and others. Yet, he’s gotten the Prez and way too many others to buy into this ludicrous program: transferring wealth of American taxpayers and average Joes to high-living terrorist host-states and their leaders, while the people continue to starve. Talk about seeing the world through rose- (or blue-) colored glasses. Instead of asking us to give OUR money, not his, to fund this, why doesn’t Bono give up his expensive tinted CHANEL glasses.

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If Bono is so intent on being political, I suggest he return to Ireland and work on cleaning up that mess.

dvb911 on June 27, 2005 at 10:33 am

From the lovely Debbie’s Townhall article, “‘A rock star’s right to be ridiculous is something I hold very dear,’ Bono remarked.”
Now, there is something Bozo/Bono DOES have some expertise.
Instead of these washed up clowns trying to milk a gullible public, why don’t all these bleeding heart “I care so-o-o-o much” geniuses pool their money and solve it?
Oprah is a Zulu and made $250 million last year, she can surely live off $50 million this year can’t she? Bozo, Elton John, Madonna, Cher, and all the others could sell off a few mansions and limos and empty out at least half of their bank accounts and wouldn’t miss a thing…and they would fe-e-e-el so much better! Oh, don’t forget Bill Gate$, why he could buy the whole continent and feed, clothe, and put them all up in a nice house with computers.
Problem solved!

Jeff_W on June 28, 2005 at 9:26 am

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