June 18, 2007, - 9:32 am

Tom Ridge: Meet the Travel Industry & Open Borders Gang’s New Spokesmodel

He’s Baaaaack!
Remember Tom Ridge, the first incompetent, do-nothing Secretary of Homeland Security? Well, he’s back–tan, rested, and ready.
Ridge moved up from making silly commercials with his wife about having enough water and duct tape, is now a paid “consultant” to a travel industry group, Discover America Partnership. As I’ve repeatedly written, the travel industry opposes virtually every national security measure taken to protect and strengthen our borders. They’re interested only in getting paid for bringing the aliens here. Who the aliens are and what they want to do once they get here simply isn’t a concern to this industry without a conscience.

Tom Ridge: Shows Us How Much He Did @ DHS

Their new spokesman, Ridge, is upset that we are allegedly not “welcoming” tourists into America and giving them free reign. If only we weren’t. But, unfortunately, as we continued to do under his post 9/11 “leadership,” we are, indeed, welcoming plenty of “tourists” onto our shores who then become part of the 20 million-and-growing illegal alien masses.
Remember the –which lets hundreds of thousands of criminals and terrorists into our country, no questions asked (and no visa required)? The ridiculous program should be ENDED. But, incredibly, Ridge wants the Visa Waiver program expanded.
I’ve written about . It not only allows hundreds aliens (from countries which are supposedly our allies) into the country without a visa, but that means there is no extensive background check or interview with a U.S. embassy about why they are coming here. They just get to come on over, no restrictions. The program has been used by plenty of dangerous alien Muslims to come into our country and try to foment terrorist plots and other manifestations of Muslim extremism. And–surprise!–they don’t leave at the end of 90 days, like they are supposed to.
Ridge wants us to be nicer and friendlier to aliens:

The USA needs to do a better job welcoming international visitors rather than treating them as security threats, says Tom Ridge, the first chief of the Department of Homeland Security.
“We’d darn well better,” says Ridge, a former Pennsylvania governor who is now working in business. “Our ability to influence events around the world will rely more and more in the future on our ability to influence people.”

Memo to Mr. Ridge:
Our ability to influence people around the world will rely more on whether they respect our toughness and strength or laugh at our lack of it. Bending over backward and forward for our enemies in the name of selling plane tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals will only make us more vulnerable in the world.
That Ridge didn’t recognize this after serving as the first Homeland Security chief should make us grateful he’s gone from that perch. He’s a high-class prostitute, with absolutely no principle. Just how much did it take for the travel industry to buy him? Unfortunately, his replacement is just as bad, if not worse.
Among Ridge’s other dangerous and absurd recommendations:
* Expanding the trusted traveler program on an international basis:
Just what we need–allowing more aliens to forgo extensive scrutiny at airport security. Many of the 9/11 hijackers–with no criminal background or record–would have qualified for the trusted traveler program.
* Forcing airlines to collect a $10 fee from alien tourists to pay for foreign marketing of U.S. travel and a system to records visitors’ exits:
Yes, more fees to help give more corporate welfare to his chosen industry. And more money for a system we already have in place–U.S. VISIT (which is supposed to track alien entries and exits)–but which plenty of money thrown at it has done nothing to fix.
Like I said, glad this guy is gone from DHS. Taking bets on where his equally awful replacement, Michael Chertoff, will go after he leaves. For which industry will he pimp?
Since Ridge already has the travel industry locked up, I suggest Chertoff become the spokesmodel for Bin Laden, Inc. With his support for open borders and amnesty and his lax attention to all Homeland Security domains under his control, he’s apparently apprenticing for that job, already.

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6 Responses

As the old saying goes, “A dollar bill will make a whore out of anybody.” Tom Ridge is an idiot extraordinaire; just look at how screwed up PA is under his tenure, not to mention his dubious record as head of DHS. The Visa Waiver program is a sham. With those signatory countries who signed on with the U.S. under the auspice of being our “allies”, they have let thousands of terrorists and turds come into their respective countries and become residents, thereby allowing them to fall under the VWP as native born. The end result: an open door for any malcontent to waltz in. USVISIT is another example of your money getting thrown towards a mismanaged circle-jerk which has never worked since its inception and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. There are still a boatload of aliens running around the country of whom the government has no clue where they are. The policy spin-doctors in the Beltway think this crap up, sell it to the pinheads in charge, and get their pat on the head with their gross cash bonus, and justify their putrid existence. Unfortunately, they’re not the ones who have to clean up the messes it creates but, hey. why bother asking the agents in the field? What do we know?
If Chertoff is looking for work after he leaves, I know a few stables that are looking for twits to muck stalls. After all, that’s pretty much tantamount to what he’s doing in D.C.

1shot1kill on June 18, 2007 at 10:59 am

If these bastards running this place can live in gated communities the rest of us can live in a gated country. These islamofacists can easily blend in with those flooding the southern border. The wall, built 20 feet into the ground and 30 feet high will funnel the swarm into more easily controlled entrances. That’s not asking for too much now is it? We’re involved in killing as many islamofacists over there as possible. We’re only fooling ourselves thinking they don’t have cells in place in this country. It’s time to shut the dam gate. Give us a chance to catch our breath, sort out who and what is already here, then we can more easily get back into allowing the best of the planet to come here instead of what’s flooding in. Like Vietnamese. Anyone see either Dateline or 60 Minutes last night. The Vietnamese immigrants are about three months from completely rebuilding their part of town. The rest are still layin’ up in the crib spread out in Dallas, Houston and Hatelanta waiting for someone to do for them. Funny how they couldn’t get the buses going during the three day warning to get everyone out of town but where able to get buses to those cities to collect everyone to bring them back for one day to vote. Meanwhile the Vietnamese just started building, how y’all doin’ over in the choclate part of town.

John Cunningham on June 18, 2007 at 12:17 pm

This whole immigration debate has got me thinking – why not just open the border with Mexico and allow a free flow of people back and forth, just like they do in the European Union?
Well first, there is the issue of security – Mexico’s drug lords, the possibility of Jihadis infiltrating, etc., that would have to be resolved. But then, why not?
The U.S. and Mexico could some day enter an E.U.-type situation where there are open borders between nations (no, I’m not suggesting that the rest of the E.U.’s governmental structure is appropriate). The key is to get to a point where the economic imbalance between the U.S. and Mexico is not so great that millions of additional Mexicans would have economic incentives to cross an open border.
But we may be already there. Right now, the U.S. has a per capita gross national product (GNP) of $44,200. Mexico’s per capita GNP is $7,800. The U.S. projected economic growth rate over the next five years is 2.5%. Mexico’s is 3.5%.
Meanwhile, there are great disparities between various E.U. nations with open borders. For example, Germany has a per capita GNP of $35,100, while neighboring Poland’s is $8,900. Yet, despite the anecdotal talk of the “polish plumber invasion,” there doesn’t seem to be a huge influx of Poles into Germany (or France, or Great Britain for that matter).
And Mexico could grow faster. I would note, that India’s expected GNP growth rate over the next five years is expected to be 7.6%. India, like Mexico, is an imperfect democracy with a lot of difficult economic issues.
The U.S. could undoubtedly help Mexico ramp up its growth rate by fully implementing the North American Free Trade Agreement, so loathed by the anti-globalization crowd.
The recent victory of Calderon over a left-wing opponent, and moves toward liberalizing the economy and combatting drug crime and corruption, bode well for Mexico’s future governance. And even if a left-wing candidate wins a future Mexican Presidential election, the chances are that candidate will be another Lula da Silva, not Hugo Chavez.
As for the influx of millions of Mexicans, we have that situation already. There are about 100 million Mexicans and 300 million of us, and Mexico’s birthrate has plummeted in the past decades. As for assimilation, did you know that by the third generation of Mexican-Americans, 75% don’t even speak Spanish any more?

urban planning overlord on June 18, 2007 at 2:26 pm

Ridge is just the latest reminder that most of our politicians are amoral hired guns whose belief system is whatever the current check signer says it is.

Bachbone on June 18, 2007 at 2:43 pm

Tom Ridge is of the ‘I got mine’ mentality. To think he would now be working against American security is appalling. There are so few honest politicians – Tancredo, Sessions, DeMint and a few others. It is really disturbing to see Ridge as another example of the bought politician.

John Sobieski on June 18, 2007 at 4:10 pm

It’s not totally surprising John. Almost all affiliated with el Presidente Boosch is pretty much a traitor. Has the man ever once asked someone who knows like Gingrich for his opinion, Tancredo, Demint? Answer that is , no. We can’t have people getting good advice from non elitist vs the North American community. A revolt is in tall order. Get your gun today before it’s to late.

warpmine on June 18, 2007 at 11:13 pm

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