June 18, 2007, - 2:48 pm

Iraqi Terrorist Bomb Mastermind Uses Cellphones to Kill Our Soldiers

Remember the bulk, disposable TracFone cellphone purchasers—-who were arrested in Southern Ohio, last year.
The Dearbornistan residents admitted to Washington County Sheriffs that they knew what they were doing was wrong and that the phones wouldn’t be going for a good purpose.
Remember the three Jerusalem-born Palestinians—-also arrested, last summer for doing the same thing? They had a computer program, which altered the phones to rip off free cellular service from any phone company anywhere in the world. And they had photos of the grates of Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge. Hardly “touristy.”

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Yet, despite all of this, the and immediately declared the Muslim cellphone purchasers innocent.
Well, as I recently told you, a Muslim was arrested in Texas, buying multiple cellphones. He . Last year, an Al-Qaeda training manual, which came to light last year, recommended that terrorists purchase disposable cellphones. And Zacarias Moussaoui–believed to be the 20th 9/11 hijacker–had a Nokia disposable TracFone.
Now, Al-Qaeda’s top IED maker tells TIME Magazine that he uses his Nokia cellphone (same brand as most of the disposables) to detonate the phones:

Saif Abdallah says his inventions have helped kill or maim scores, possibly hundreds, of Americans. For more than four years, he has been developing remote-control devices that Sunni insurgents use to detonate improvised explosive devices (IEDS), the roadside bombs that are the No. 1 killer of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. . . .
Such capacity for destruction makes him invaluable to the disparate groups that make up the Sunni insurgency, including al-Qaeda. “In our circle, everyone has heard of him,” says the commander of one rebel group, al-Nasr Salahdin.
Iraqi and American officials say they have shut down dozens of bomb factories, arrested nearly 18,000 insurgents and killed more than 3,000 others. But the only metric that matters to Abdallah is the number of Americans killed. By that measure, he figures his side is winning. U.S. casualties have risen every month since February, just after the start of President Bush’s surge strategy to quell the bloody Shi’ite-Sunni war. At least 230 service personnel were killed in April and May, making it the deadliest two-month period for U.S. troops since the war began. . . .
Their [Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq] most potent weapons are the roadside bombs being fashioned by men like Abdallah, which now account for roughly 80% of U.S. deaths, up from 50% at the start of the year. “People are calling me all the time, asking for new ways to …” Abdallah says, pressing down his right thumb on an imaginary remote control, and adds, “… Boom!” . . .
Abdallah says he has been asked to make trigger devices that work from as close as 75 feet away. . . . To demonstrate his prowess, he produces a black briefcase-size device with Japanese markings and flicks a switch on its side. He claims that the device is similar to those used by U.S. troops to block cellular signals around IEDs and disable bombs wired to detonate with a cell-phone call. Abdallah says he was given the device by a Saudi militant who asked him to find a way around jamming signals. He invites the four people in the room to try to use their cell phones; none of us can get a signal. “I’ve jammed you all,” he says, tapping the black device. But his own phone, a cheap Nokia, shows a full-strength signal. “I made a few small changes inside,” he says, holding up the phone and grinning triumphantly. “It took me just one day to figure it out.” It is grim evidence of the perils facing the U.S. in Iraq that men like Abdallah can still make killing Americans look easy.

Yes, these are the phones American Muslim travelers criss-cross American buying and shipping elsewhere. This is where a lot of them are going–to kill American soldiers.
So, what happened to Ali Houssaiky, one of the Dearbornistan residents arrested (who pleaded guilty to lying to the police)? Well, he’s still buying the phones in bulk. One store owner claimed to have found a Vicodin prescription Houssaiky allegedly dumped in the garbage outside the store. The man Houssaiky was buying the phones for in Dearbornistan has the same name as a man arrested in Jordan for making insurgent car bombs in Iraq to blow up embassies. They are probably related.
And Houssaiky’s been questioned by the FBI in West Virginia. Houssaiky showed one store owner the FBI agent’s card and laughed. I’d laugh, too, if I were him. He continues to buy the phones under the nose of the FBI, even while similar purchasers have admitted the phones are used in bombs, the bombmakers in Iraq admit the phones are used in bombs against our troops, Al-Qaeda recommends buying disposable cellphones, a convicted Qaeda terrorist–Moussaoui–owned a disposable Nokia phone, and there are plenty of other suspicious circumstances connected to them.
Yet, the FBI continues to do nothing. And Ali Houssaiky continues to buy phones. Yes, that is a source of laughter . . . if you are Ali Houssaiky.
But not if you are an American soldier blown to shreds.

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“The man Houssaiky was buying the phones for in Dearbornistan has the same name as a man arrested in Jordan for making insurgent car bombs in Iraq to blow up embassies. They are probably related.”

BB on June 18, 2007 at 11:07 pm

And we are supposed to feel safe, now, with the vaunted FBI protecting America? Maybe the worst result of 9/11, after the event itself, was the creation of the Department of Homeland (In)Security, another huge bureaucracy, providing cover for utter incompetence, inter-agency bungling and non-cooperation — basically, everybody can say they didn’t know what anybody else was doing, so they can’t be held responsible (“It’s their fault, not ours!”).
That we haven’t been hit on our shores again since 9/11 is almost entirely a tribute to the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing Islamofascist vermin by the hundreds on a daily basis, at the literal risk of their lives due principally, it appears, to the staggering incompetence of the FBI, CIA, NSA and all the others acronyms gathered under the great umbrella of the Dept. of Homeland (In)Security. While Iran continues to fund, train and arm terrorists and produce IED’s by the truckload, we do NOTHING; thought we were going to “take out” the terrorists, Mr. Bush? Why the hell are we not doing so here AT HOME, right in front of our eyes?

theendisnear on June 19, 2007 at 12:15 am

Another good reason to justify why i hate cell phones.
Ever heard George Carlin’s routine about oxymorons? One of the biggest oxymorons he cited was GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE…and of course he’s talking about Amerikkklan “intelligence,” because if they were really serious about this crap they’d turn over the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity to the Mossad…THOSE DUDES know how to deal with terrorism!

EminemsRevenge on June 19, 2007 at 2:08 pm

Just another attempt today. Like I said before I removed them (tracfones). They still come in with their demands, etc. etc. They walk around in disbelief and thinking a rack of them will magically appear. All retailers need to limit their sales to 1 per month and you’ll see how less often they will come. Not quite worth a trip from Michigan if you are only going to get one per retailer vs. 2, 3, or 4 at a time.

Tired on June 21, 2007 at 7:32 pm

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