June 18, 2007, - 3:44 pm

Al-Jazeera’s American Boob: Dumbest Marine Ever “Attacks” Schlussel in New Book

**** Correction, 06/19/07: Yesterday, I wrote in this entry that Daniel Pipes had been paid for appearing on Al-Jazeera, as the network informed me that they pay all commentators they bring on. Daniel Pipes wrote me to dispute that and says he has not been paid by Al-Jazeera, so I have corrected this entry. ****
Quick Quiz:
Question: What do you do if you the are the Marines’ worst recruit ever, are now an employee of the Terrorist News Network, and want your silly book to get noticed?
Answer: You attack (or baselessly attempt to attack) your biggest critic–the one who has given you the most attention of anyone, far more than you deserve–with a dumb criticism hoping she’ll fire back and give you more street cred.

Semper FOOLis: Former Marine Lt. Josh Rushing Now Al-Jazeera’s Bitch

That’s especially the case if the author is Former Marine Captain Josh Rushing and his critic is me, .
–whom I’ve called (and that includes the late Anna Nicole’s entire chest combined)–is the dumb Marine press person featured in the pro-Al-Jazeera, pan-terrorist movie, “Control Room.” His comments were so absurd and counter to our mission in Iraq that the Marines demoted him, shunting him off to Hollywood as a press liaison to fellow idiots there, and refused to allow him to do press interviews. Read all the details on the shameless, unpatriotic and .
As a reward for his idiocy and sympathy for terrorists (he made anti-American and anti-Israel comments in the movie, compared FOX News to Al-Jazeera, and was just completely stupid all around), Al-Jazeera hired him for its hardly watched English channel.
How the U.S. Marines ever made this idiot a press person–let alone allowed him to be in this horrid piece of propaganda, for which they’d need such a blank and empty individual as Rushing–is an enigma I’ll never decipher. But sometimes idiots go far. And this guy is the Paris Hilton of the U.S. military.
Now Rushing has a new book out, “Mission Al-Jazeera.” Yup, that’s his mission: to advance the Terrorist News Network–the only place that would employ him after he left the Marines under a cloud of selling out his country. On the cover, the ever vacant Rushing is posing in his frequent press photo, an Arab kefiyeh. That a Marine is proud to pose in the garb of terrorists who killed other Marines tells me that he never learned the phrase Semper Fidelis, unless he thought the “Fidelis” was to America’s enemies.
In order to get attention, Rushing’s publicists are touting his two big “scoops” in the book:
1) That he hates FOX News and that FOX didn’t follow directions. He cites the Geraldo example, which–hello!–isn’t news. We all know that this mustachioed jerk put our troops in danger. But it’s old news. Very old news.
2) That I was paid for an appearance on Al-Jazeera, his full-time employer.
Rushing claims I was paid $300 (not true) for an appearance, and as a result I’ve sullied my good name. Let’s get this straight: Of the three people he’s mentioned who were paid by Al-Jazeera, only one of them–JOSH RUSHING–is the one who sold his soul (but his name was never good) to the Qaeda News Network a/k/a Al Jazeera.
Vapid celebrity magazine, “Radar,” took Rushing’s bait and published this, today:

Right-wing pundits appear on Al Jazeera only because they’re paid to do it. When Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute showed up for an interview, she told Rushing, “You’re paying me. There is no way I would set foot here if you weren’t.” Blogger Debbie Schlussel is another pundit for hire. “So both Schlussel and Pletka believe Al Jazeera is a terrorist organization that should be treated as an enemy of the United States; they would never lower their good names by appearing on such a dangerous network, unless of course they were paid $300.”

If Rushing wants to be taken seriously–and there’s no reason he should be, based on past performance–then he should get his facts straight.
Reality Check: I . I was on to attack the pro-homicide-bomber terrorist movie “,” of which I’ve been a frequent critic. It’s high-quality HAMAS cinema.
I never knew they’d pay me, as I’ve appeared on hundreds of shows on dozens of networks, and I generally am not paid. I’ve never asked to be. Then, I received an e-mail from the Al-Jazeera producer asking for my address to send me the video of the appearance and to fill out a tax form for the $100 or $150 they were going to pay me for over 1/2 hour of work. It was not $300, Captain Rushing. And I didn’t realize I’d be paid or care whether I was. But better the money in my hands, than the Terrorist News Network’s. I make no apologies for that.
I completely forgot about this one-time fee, but frankly, I’d never sell my soul for $100 or $150. Or any price. And I’ve never demanded I be paid. I’ve appeared on the similarly Islamist/pan-Jihadist network and never received a dime. I go on these networks, when invited, because I want our side–the side of freedom-loving Westerners–to be heard.
I can’t vouch for what Danielle Pletka does or says, but it bears no relationship to me. I’d go on Al-Jazeera to defend the counter-terrorist position any day, pay or not. Other commentators, like Daniel Pipes and former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appear on Jazeera, too. Al-Jazeera informed me they pay all commentators, although Pipes informs me that he has never been paid by them. It doesn’t bear on their credibility or their principle one bit. Ditto for the many paid contributors to CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., etc., etc.
It’s basically a non-issue. But Josh Rushing wrote about it because he craves attention for his book. And he knows I’m happy to expose his idiocy and treasonous behavior. But I’m not giving him a link to his new book. You’ll have to find it on your own. FYI, There are far cheaper sources of kitty litter liner that you need not rip from a spine.
Like I said, I’ve given this guy far more attention than he deserves. Frankly, I agree with a friend of mine who said about Rushing:

This guy should appreciate the notoriety you are giving him. He should send YOU a check for the publicity! His 15 minutes were up 10 minutes ago.
How do people like this get into the Marines in the first place?

Good question. Now, he’s Al-Jazeera’s dupe.
So what is Josh Rushing’s excuse for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Al-Jazeera to attack America on the air, daily? And what is his excuse for doing it for free from Kuwait, while we are at war and while he was supposed to be defending America as a U.S. Marine?
BTW, Jazeera’s Rushing says the only reporters he liked in Iraq are CNN’s Tom Mintier and AP’s Nicole Winfield. That’s a good hint that everything they report is likely BS.

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11 Responses

I’m curious, why do you and other right-wing pundits (including everyone at Fox news) insist on calling them “homicide bombers”? Changing the definition of what they are not only shows your ignorance of the facts, but it also shows your bias in reporting. How can anybody take your or fox news reporting seriously when you can’t even state a fact without putting your own spin to it?
Suicide bomber = someone who blows up along with the bomb they are carrying (i.e. blowing up a bus with the bomb in their backpack)
Homicide bomber = someone who kills others with bombs (i.e. setting off an IED from a safe distance).

D*Rek on June 18, 2007 at 4:53 pm

They’re called homicide bombers because the INTENT is to commit HOMICIDE. The fact that they also die is simply because their delivery method is up close and personal.
A suicide bomber is one who chooses to off himself via explosives without taking innocent bystanders with him.
Why do you left-wingers always look for a way to disagree, no matter how ridiculous your argument?

stevecanuck on June 18, 2007 at 5:21 pm

While I think it is pointless for Fox or Debbie to try to inject their term when essentially the rest of the world uses “suicide bomber,” I can give you the reasons behind their not wanting to use it..
1. Generally, a suicide mission in the military is considered a heroic act, and is done against a military target. Regardless of whether one loves terrorists or not, there is nothing heroic about killing innocent people.
I readily admit that innocent people are killed in all wars, but if it is done intentionally, it is a war crime. I also readily admit that the US military has done this in the past, but to far less an extent than its enemies.
We can get into deep discussions about how much collateral damage is acceptable to effect a greater good, as in Hiroshima/Nagasaki. It is likely that if those bombs were not dropped, the Japanese civilian casualties would have been much higher, in view of the slavish devotion the average citizen had to the emperor–who was considered a god.
The prospect of trying to starve out the population would have been far less humane, and it would have been absurd for the US to attempt a ground assault.
2. By saying “suicide” the implication is that only the perp is killed, and I realize this objection is very stupid–but there you go.

Red Ryder on June 18, 2007 at 5:28 pm

Red Ryder,
On point 1. You have to remember that to the people that are committing these bombings, they aren’t killing “innocent people”. In their minds they are killing occupiers, collaborators, etc. In the minds of their people, they are heroes.
and on point #2. The term “suicide bomber” has been around for decades. it has only been within the past few years that fox “news” started the homicide bomber nonsense.
And to Steve,
The reason I disagree with it is because it is the job of the news stations to report the news, not create their own version of the news.

D*Rek on June 18, 2007 at 5:39 pm

Here is where we may differ–
A non-military non-combatant is innocent–period.

Red Ryder on June 18, 2007 at 6:24 pm

You were probably set up. It’s interesting that Josh Rushing cared and knew about the payment.

steve ventry on June 18, 2007 at 6:28 pm

Fox isn’t making up their own meaning. Homicide means to kill other people. Period. That’s the whole point of these bombings, therefore they are committing HOMICIDE. What on earth is so difficult about understanding that???????

stevecanuck on June 18, 2007 at 9:47 pm

Calling a Homicide Bomber a Homicide Bomber is no more biased than calling Saddam Hussein a murderous thug. Lets call a spade a spade. Maybe we shouldnt call Charles Manson a sociopath. I’m sure in his mind he was killing people who deserved it. But then again maybe you’re right. Fox News is biased. I guess I’ll start watching Al Jazeera for my “Fair and Balanced” news.

PHEDUPP on June 18, 2007 at 10:00 pm

Rushing even looks like a re-tard on one of those stand still meds and you drek continue to sound like a re-tard.

John Cunningham on June 19, 2007 at 3:54 am

By Drek-
I’m curious, why do you and other right-wing pundits (including everyone at Fox news) insist on calling them “homicide bombers”? Changing the definition of what they are not only shows your ignorance of the facts, but it also shows your bias in reporting. How can anybody take your or fox news reporting seriously when you can’t even state a fact without putting your own spin to it?
Suicide bomber = someone who blows up along with the bomb they are carrying (i.e. blowing up a bus with the bomb in their backpack)
Homicide bomber = someone who kills others with bombs (i.e. setting off an IED from a safe distance).
Posted by: D*Rek
Obviously you recently dicovered a rhetorical device that’s been overused by the lefties for years- it’s called obfuscation by misdirection-
If anything, calling them homicide bombers is not creating a new and misleading name- it actually clarifies the role. Even above, you stick to the effort of stating that suicide bombers blow themselves up with no mention of the fact that is their intent and past history to kill innocent people along with them. This, while at the same time pointing out that a homocide bomber kills other people. Do you really think that the general “non liberal” public is so stupid as to make the presumption that the “suicide” bombers aren’t doing this to kill other innocent people???
I’m sure you’re among those who believe that you can disguise the smell of a skunk by calling it a polecat.
Oh, poor poor “suicide” bombers.. they’re so misunderstood.. bah!

Mistress_Dee on June 19, 2007 at 12:14 pm

They should call them DAC bombers (…for “dumb ass crazy” bombers!)

What difference does it make what they are called? (A killer is a killer is a killer…whether he or she is wearing a western flag on his or her uniform or has a towel wrapped around his/her brainless head!!!!!!!)

As far as these networks being biased…of course they are….we all have agendas whether we are willing to admit them or not!

I just can’t believe how stupid the masses are for falling for this crap.

Lets just agree that we all disagree and see if there is a way to make people more willing to communicate as oppose to taking up arms and blowing everyone in the area where they feel they should fight!

Once thing is clear…we Americans like to meddle in everyones affairs! (…and that is fine as long as you do it in a dignified manner! What ever happened to our isolationist feelings about the rest of the planet?)

The problem is that most government do not know what their left or right hand is doing! (Specially in regards to our policies involving the rest of the the planet!)

The left could be trying to help folks out while the right hand is stabbing them in the back! (Isn’t politics fun?)

Politicians are fake and we as a people have unrealistic expectations of how the world should be behaving.

My take on this is that if it does not concern us then we should not be sticking our noses in it! (Lets face it his is an energy war! Lets try and figure out some other ways to power our technologies!)

Muslim are as crazy as any of the other people out there in the world!

As far as religions are concerned:They should not dictate policies in regard to other denominations/religious entities!


—It is NOT Eye-Rack…It IS Eeeehrack!!!
—It is NOT Eye-Ran…it IS Eeehran!!!

After all we don’t call Islam…Eye-slam. (…It all comes down to how uneducated folks can be!)

9 out of 10 times even the the politicians and news anchors call it that! (…and this is suppose to be their area of expertise!)

As a whole the masses are stupid and in need of some other moron(s) “leading” them to their doom.

It is like the half blind leading the full blind in some activity that requires dept perception!

Why can’t we all be “educate” and make use of our reasoning/thinking abilities to come up with some plan(s) that does not include this type of tactics/behavior!

Some sub-educated type up there claims that: There might have been “some” collateral damage when we bomb these folks further into the stone age from some underground bunker in Virginia! (Wake up man! the figures don’t lie…this type of damage has increased exponentially with every war humans have been involved in since the dawn of time itself!)

So there you have it the blind leading the blind while regurgitating illogical nonsense into their ears!

Grunchliek on December 8, 2009 at 5:05 pm

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