June 21, 2007, - 4:32 pm

First Day of Summer Videos of the Day

This is my absolute favorite summertime song. While there have been many covers of this, I love the original studio version and the “Philip Steir/Tsuper Tsunami” remix of the original Seals and Crofts vocals (which is in my workout music) even better. Seals & Crofts like it, too. It appears on the cool 2004 Warner Brothers ’70s & ’80s remix compilation album, “What is Hip? Remix Project, Vol. 1” (which I highly recommend). Listen to the remix here.
And FYI, Seals & Crofts are no feminists. Interesting that in the early ’70s, they could get away with lyrics like these (which I happen to like):

And I come home from a hard day’s work, and you’re waiting there, not a care in the world.
See the smile a-waitin’ in the kitchen, food cookin’ and the plates for two.
See the arms that reach out to hold me, in the evening when the day is through.

Somehow, I doubt Gloria Steinem and the rest of the lefty hippie women allowed this one at their rallies.

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S&C had one of the best Pro-Life songs of the 70’s, “Unborn Child”:
Oh unborn child, if you only knew just what your momma was plannin’ to do.
You’re still a-clingin’ to the tree of life, but soon you’ll be cut off before you get ripe.
Oh unborn child, beginning to grow inside your momma, but you’ll never know.
Oh tiny bud, that grows in the womb, only to be crushed before you can bloom.
Mama stop! Turn around, go back, think it over.
Now stop, turn around, go back, think it over.
Stop, turn around, go back think it over.

bleechers on June 21, 2007 at 5:53 pm

Seals and Crofts are dedicated members of the Baha’i Faith. I had the honor of meeting them at Baha’i meetings in Los Angeles in the 1980’s. Several of their songs are based on Baha’i themes, such as “Hummingbird,” which is about the prophet-founder of the faith. I also enjoy their music.

Dean Mohr on June 22, 2007 at 11:29 am

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