July 6, 2007, - 11:40 am

Cruise, Redford, Streep Star in High Quality Al-Qaeda Film

There’s not much commentary necessary in describing the cut-and-run agenda in the upcoming movie release, “Lions for Lambs,” starring Tom Cruise (in a bid to rehab his damaged image by attacking America), Robert Redford (who also directs), and Meryl Streep. The trailer tells you what you need to know. But I’ll add this comment from reader Jason:

Looks like Tom’s playing a sleezy congressman, and Meryl and Robert are out to stop the war. “World War II only took 5 years, yet here we are, six years later…” Trying to keep from gagging.

Here’s the IMDB plot summary posted by the production company:

Simultaneously: 1) a Senator on Capital Hill debates a current crisis in Afghanistan, with the Reporter who made his career … 2) a Professor teaching Political Science tries his best to convince a good student not to give up his studies, using two former students who passionately enlisted in the Army as an example … 3) both of which (coincidentally) are currently under fire in Afghanistan — the very same crisis the Senator and Reporter are debating over.

A better title for the film, “Cut & Run: The Movie.” Coming soon to a theater near you.
Well, no wonder Michael Moore didn’t do a sequel to He didn’t have to.

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Meryl Streep–yeecch. The most overrated piece of pompous garbage there ever was. So she can do accents. She’s still like fingernails on a chalkboard. And just so impressed with herself. Robert Redford should sue his plastic surgeon. He’s looking like Mickey Rourke. Horrors.

lexi on July 6, 2007 at 12:54 pm

No doubt this movie will serve as propaganda to aid and assist Al-Queada fighters in Iraq. Please take the time to read about the current battle for Baqubah, currently in day 17. I find myself angry that the Bush admin. entered a war unprepared for a short-term public, a bias media, and a determined enemy; but nobody should be confused as to who the enemy is.
Our foolish media presents al-quada as an enemy that stands against westernism, like they actually have a real politcial cause. The truth is they have no agenda except killing, torturing, and enslaving people.
The stories of al-queda’s atrocities in Baquabah are mindnumbing. In all my years, and in all of my reading about war, and crimes against mankind; I would put these stories up against any others. What really blows me away is that you will not hear a single report about the battle for Baquabah on any of the major TV news sources. Mostly because the chicken-shit drive by’s stay out of areas where IED’s are present.
I don’t like the way this war has been conducted, but it is so important that these vicious animals be utterly destroyed…surrender should not be an option to them! And it is ever so heartening to know that hollywood elitists are about to launch another project to bolster their strength. Sickening….absolutely sickening!

chucker on July 6, 2007 at 1:16 pm

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