July 9, 2007, - 10:12 am

ADC Lies Again: NO, “Former” Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad NOT Appointed to U.S. Civil Rts. Comm.

It’s no surprise that you can’t believe anything you read or hear from the deceptively-named American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). Everytime they utter or type anything, they lie.
Over the weekend, the national, Muslim-dominated, pan-terrorist organization sent out a press release claiming that it’s Midwest Regional Director, “former” Islamic terrorist, marriage fraud perpetrator (for a green card), and eternal FBI award revokee (and ), , was appointed to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. Readers of this site–and I, myself–nearly had a heart attack. But, in fact, even President Bush–as completely boneheaded as he is–is not that boneheaded. (The President appoints members of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.)

Islamic Terrorist Imad Hamad:

NOT Appointed to U.S. Civil Rights Commission

(Hamadafat by Six Meat Buffet/Preston Taylor Holmes)

Imad Hamad was NOT appointed to the U.S. Rights Commission, contrary to the press release he and his group sent out. He was merely appointed to a far less important Michigan advisory committee, which is not appointed by the President and is, thankfully, of little import and power.
Still, that, in and of itself, is a tragedy. The man should not even be in this country. As , Hamad was a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist (there was video of him involved in PFLP activity on U.S. soil), openly endorses Islamic “martyrdom” for three-year-olds as “patriotic,” and is under investigation for his apparent involvement in terrorist money-laundering schemes. He is tightly connected with an Islamic charity, LIFE for Relief and Development, which openly funded HAMAS, and apparently funded Al-Qaeda insurgent terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan (the charity was raided by the FBI, last year).
This is not the first time that Imad Hamad and his group have sent out a lie as a press release (and it won’t be the last). As you’ll recall, last year, I wrote about how he and his group . Not true. Never happened. The charity remains under investigation to date. But that didn’t stop the dhimmi media from reporting the press release, from this interest group for terrorists, as fact. Several Detroit area TV stations–and even MSNBC–repeated the phony story.
Hopefully, they won’t do the same here.

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