July 17, 2007, - 12:44 pm

Dearbornistan Watch: Welcome to Hezbollah’s American Health Club; Who is Nasser Beydoun?

Open Hezbollah supporter (with terrorist ties), Nasser Beydoun (and several unidentified partners) recently bought the Fairlane Club of Dearbornistan, Michigan.
I’ve written a lot about Nasser Beydoun on this site. And the purchase is a symbolic changing of the guard at Ground Zero of Islamo-fascist America. The Fairlane Club, once a prestigious, exclusive health club, gym, and place to play tennis was opened in 1975 for wealthy Ford Motor Company executives, their wives, and families to exercise, play, relax, and hold catered affairs. It has courts and facilities for most sports, a spa, a state-of-the-art gym, and banquet and meeting rooms.
But, with ’70s decor and a matching aura, the club has been in decline for years, just as Ford is, and fell out of favor. It currently only has 2,000 members.

Hezbollah Supporter Nasser Beydoun Snatches Up Health Club

Beydoun’s purchase of the club raises eyebrows. Many Dearbornistan residents wonder where the money is coming from, both for the purchase and the extensive remodeling and other expenses he plans to undertake in reviving the club. Are the true investors Islamist Arab governments? Hezbollah?
Beydoun’s father, Mohammed, returned to the Hezbollah stronghold of Bint Jbeil, where he built a mansion and now lives. (We, U.S. taxpayers, however, paid to bring him back to the U.S., last summer, during Hezbollah’s war.)
And Beydoun is Secretary of a Dearbornistan-based Lebanese charity, which sends hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hezbollah-dominated South Lebanon, each year. Observers say the money is likely going to Hezbollah or Hezbollah-controlled facilities and organizations. Yet, the officials charged with investigating this sort of thing– and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan/Ohio –are in bed with Beydoun, openly feting him at every turn.
Of note, one of Beydoun’s three fellow officers in the charity, was co-owner of a Dearbornistan department store property co-owned by Hezbollah financier, (owner of , from which he ), now a federal indictee and fugitive from justice, who escaped to Lebanon.
Then, there is , the U.S. affiliate of Al Mabarrat Association, headed by Hezbollah spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah (who issued the fatwa to murder 300 U.S. Marines and civilians in Beirut and almost 100 civilians at the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina). Two of its Dearborn-based officers–Fouad T. Beydoun, Ahmad J. Bazzi, and Nazem Baydoun–are Nasser Beydoun’s cousins.
Nasser Beydoun is an open supporter of Hezbollah. As I wrote, he appeared and spoke at at least two Hezbollah rallies I attended last summer. His extremist rhetoric in support of the terrorist group matched other blatantly anti-American, anti-Semitic speeches at both events.
As head of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, he made clear why America was a mere adjective in the title of his organization. Beydoun traveled all over the Mid-East telling Islamist groups that the purpose of his group was to get America to change its policies on Israel.
And the Fairlane Club will be no different. Add it to the list of Dearbornistan hang-outs where Hezbollah supporters can and do rally in support and secretly plan funding and money-laundering operations.
Incredibly, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis was actively recruiting Beydoun to run for the U.S. Senate as the Michigan Republican nominee. That should tell you something about the state of the Michigan Republican Party, where supporting Jihad is not a disqualifier, but a resume-enhancing entry.

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8 Responses

Is this the same N. Beydoun who sued a tortilla
Sheesh.oven manufacturer in 2003 in California?

Nuggler on July 17, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    Nasser Beydoun is the same guy that sued the tortilla oven manufacturer. Beydoun had recently got his MBA here in San Diego and took over an ailing tortilla production business from Wadie Deddeh and bought the new oven. The oven apparently was defective and did not produce good tortillas or something. The company ultimately failed.

    Poppy on November 4, 2010 at 7:41 pm

Replete with footbaths, I’m sure. And no women allowed! These sons o’bitches pick and choose which Islamic laws to follow at will. That’s why the whole thing is a joke .

spiffo on July 17, 2007 at 1:35 pm

Debbie wrote:
‘Beydoun’s purchase of the club raises eyebrows. Many Dearbornistan residents wonder where the money is coming from, both for the purchase and the extensive remodeling and other expenses he plans to undertake in reviving the club. Are the true investors Islamist Arab governments? Hezbollah?’
You can bet on that. You can’t find a muslim/arab around here who doesn’t think Hezbollah is the greatest thing since sliced pita.
You can also bet†that these investors run cash businesses in the area, defraud our government of millions of tax dollars, and send envelopes of cash via plane couriers back to their terrorist-hotbed homelands on a weekly basis.
it’s very common in this area for arabs to show up to a house closing with a briefcase and pay for the house *in cash*.
how can you do this sort of thing if you’re a legitimate, tax-paying American. How can arab teenagers drive $70,000 SUVs around?
none of it adds up.
essentially, dearbornistan (and increasingly, much of this county) is a casualty of islamification/a-rabification.
i think our only hope is to document the true nature of these retrograde assbags, and evoke a visceral response against their f***** culture, on a national level. then we could restrict (even better, eliminate) immigration from terrorist nations.

live from dearbornistan on July 18, 2007 at 9:09 am

Just 15 years ago the Fairlane Club was an affordable and relaxing retreat for the Dearborn house wife with kids and a husband working long hours for the Ford Motor Co.
It was very amenable to families and the community. My children and I enjoyed 12 years of membership. Due to busy work schedules we chose not to take expensive summer vacations that ultimately brought us back to Dearborn tired and worn out. We used this money for the club and enjoyed every minute.
My children were sure to see their school friends and played happily in the outdoor pool while mothers enjoyed the chance to sit and chat. It was convenient.
They had a well stocked locker room run by Margaret who was friendly, helpful, and worked hard to keep it clean and organized.
– The pool provided towels and water so you did not have to worry about carting your supplies from home.
But, all the “free goods” required members to abide by the honor system which everyone did until, the religion of NO HONOR began its takeover.
They arrived by clan – first the Sunni Lebanese, then the Lebanese Shi’a and Iraqis.
The friendly atmosphere became hostile as Muslim mothers threw their kids in the pool and left to go work out or shop at the mall next door. Yes, this was against the rules. But, they yelled racism if anyone ever called them on it.
Meanwhile my friends and I would watch in horror as the unruly, unsupervised children wreaked havoc in the pool and disregarded the authority of female lifeguards.
The clans grew and grew and became very exclusive. This private club was never snotty. You could talk to whoever was there. But, the clans cloistered and locked you out. They completely ignored any non Muslim – no eye contact – no hello – nothing and even if most of them could speak English they made sure to speak only Arabic.
The free supplies that made this place so convenient were being pilfered at an alarming and costly rate. The manager had to respond by locking everything up and it was no longer convenient.
It was no longer relaxing – I was constantly on edge worrying over some 3 year old child left alone in the pool with only the occasional supervision of a 6 or 7 year old sibling. The Muslims assumed the lifeguards were baby sitters and they took every advantage.
We quit 2 years ago. We will be quitting Dearborn soon.

Dearborn Dhimmi on July 18, 2007 at 12:32 pm

Thanks for that story, Dearborn Dhimmi.
A perfect example of how this once-great town is being driven into the dirt. I’m in the process of quitting Dearbon too. I can’t wait to be in a town that isn’t crawling with arabs.
Worst culture on the planet.

live from dearbornistan on July 18, 2007 at 5:34 pm

I am new to this BLOG. I appreciate the varying perspectives that I have read and feel that there is truth and good reason for the opinions shared. However, I think it’s harsh, unfair, and nothing more than ingnorance when an individual can feel so comfortable about saying such things. How they dislike the idea of Arabs to the point that they cannot wait until they are wiped off the surface of this great planet. The complaints and the opinions shared about a people having such unacceptable pratices is mirrored by you having such a horrible perspetive. Shallow and ignorant is the best way to imagine who you really are.

Peace on July 24, 2007 at 1:37 pm

I am a polish born American citizen that lives way down in heart of Texas. If I had never vistied this so called dearbornistan (more normally known as simply DEARBORN) I wouldve thought it was some hell-hole…luckily I have many arab friends up there, so I know what it is really like.
You people disgust me of how badly you all have stereotyped against the arab population…thats just wrong…and totally unAmerican…when are we going to start making these people feel like they belong in this country just as the rest of people whose families have migrated here (we are ALL descendants of immigrants)!
You call yourselves patriotic, the article was just one shun after another. Such an intelligent person such as Debbie clearly does not have both sides to the story…instead she sounds like a viscious hater. Arab is not terroris, and the religion of such peace (even though I am not a Muslim) condems all acts of terrorism.
And questioning the success of hardworking arab men and saying that it is all simply stolen and a fraud is just plain ignorant–is it that only us white people can thrive for success in this country??? You people are so cruel its sad, and God forbid an arab come to this site and see what you all have done!!!
Wake up people this place is the land of opportunity, just because a man had enough money to buy the fairlane club, we shouldnt shun him by saying hes a terrorist, or that the place will become a terrorist head quater where they can secretly launder money—For God’s sake hasnt homeland security made you all feel safe enough that that wont be tolerted here, to say the least Arabs are scared to death these days.
There are bad apples in every race, admit it: had it been a white man who committed the terror of 9/11, no one would have called it terrorism, and no whites would have been terroized like many of the innocent arabs were…
you all dearborn dearbornistan…do you even know the contributions the arabs have made to dearborn…if it werent for the arab population dearborn would surely not be where it is today, or nearly as rich as it is today…its little wonder there is a whole museum dedicated to the arab contributers to a wonderful and freindly community!!!
trust the CIA, rarely does anyone get away with tax frauds…obviously Talal Chahine got caught, and so will any other person who tries to bend the law!!!
anti-semitic is a horrible thing, absolutely!!!…but isnt being anti-arabic as is Debbie equally bad??? all lives and races and religions should be valued and respected…shun to terrorism regardless of the race or people or group committing it!!!
you poor people have so much to learn…

praise to the USA on July 25, 2007 at 7:51 pm

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