July 19, 2007, - 5:42 pm

Cha-Ching: How Much Tax $$$ Will We Pay for Abu Mazen’s Elections?

In January 2006, I wrote about the against HAMAS. Despite the millions, Fatah–predictably (to everyone except Bush and Condi Clueless)–lost, with HAMAS easily trouncing our chosen Holocaust-denying, Jew-and-Christian-mass-murdering terrorists.

HAMAS Terrorist: Your Tax Money Going for Their Election Campaign

Now, Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas a/k/a “Abu Mazen” is calling for new Palestinian elections in the so-called “West Bank,” where HAMAS–despite pandering media and Bushie reports–is extremely popular. He’s trying to eliminate “regional balloting” to avoid a HAMAS win. The Bush Administration–again showering hundreds of millions of dollars on Fatah–cannot afford for Fatah to lose yet again to HAMAS . . . which is exactly what will happen, anyway. So, to try to avoid the embarrassing defeat in the string of extremists elected through Bush-“Democracy”-in-the-barbaric-Middle-East, Bush, er . . . YOU, the American taxpayer will be showering even more millions, much more than the .
So, how much money will you be paying for yet another losing battle in the predictably-failed Bush/Condi Islamofascist democracy experiment? How many more millions will Americans be paying for the Abu Mazen campaign ads?
Enough is enough. This man–Bush’s and Condi’s man–is a cold-blooded terrorist.
Remember this picture, below? Those were Fatah’s bloody hands–bloody from handy work at ripping apart Israeli soldiers alive–to the cheers of Fatah’s patriots beneath the window. This is what your tax money will be campaigning for. What a GUH-REAT use of American taxpayer funds. Thanks, Mr. President. May we have another?

Your Tax Dollars Going to Fund Campaign for These Men

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One Response

Good Grief!
Hasn’t this administration learned anything?
Democracy is a noble goal. I am just wondering why Pres Bush is starting with our enemies. Yep, democracy in Iraq would be nice, but shouldn’t we have started with Kuwait? Recall we pulled their nuts out of the fire in 1991.
If Pres Bush wanted to demostrate, and hold up as an example to countries in the middle East, the value of individual self determination and ‘freedom’ in the form of a democracy wouldn’t it have had a higher chance of success had we begun with our moderate (LOL) middle east allies?
BTW, go back and look at the tapes, I distinctly remember officials in the Bush I administration saying that part of the reason for going into Kuwait was to help establish a democracy. Sixteen years later what is the deal in Kuwait? Ain’t it about time we learn from past lessons?

zyzzyg on July 20, 2007 at 9:58 am

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