July 19, 2007, - 10:10 pm

Tracfonistan, Sequel #5,433

Remember , Lebanese Muslim Shi’ites from Dearbornistan who got caught buying hundreds of cellphones all over Ohio? Remember how they lied to police, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, and admitted that they knew the phones were being used for no good? (Houssaiky–who has a scary, giant –is still buying the phones and laughing at the FBI. Haha, funny.)
Remember , Palestinian Muslims caught in Michigan at around the same time, also buying hundreds of cellphones and separating them from packaging and rechargers? Remember how they had photos of grates and other infrastructure supporting Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge and how they had software on their computer to reprogram the phones to rip-off cellphone reception from any phone company anywhere around the world?

Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns

Remember the man caught just recently buying cellphones in Muleshoe, Texas? He was released, even though he .
Remember my various posts detailing top Iraqi Al-Qaeda explosives masterminds, all of whom said they ?
Now, more evidence still that we are Desperate But Not Serious in the War on Terror and not concerned in the least of protecting our troops who are the targets of these phones. Jedi Master artist and blogger David Lunde sends me this article from the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, dateline–Waupun, Wisconsin. Is one of these Michigan men Mr. Houssaiky?

WAUPUN — Police questioned two men from Michigan who were buying a large quantity of Tracfones from Dollar General and Pamida Wednesday, July 11.
According to the police report, the men said a friend was giving them away as a promotion in selling garage doors.
The report said the men had a clipboard with a print-out of every Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Shopko that sells Tracfones in Wisconsin.
“Without question, the two individuals were using the Tracfones for something other than a garage door promotion,” said the report.
The report said both men appeared to be extremely nervous and several times brought up the fact that they were pulled over only because they are of Middle Eastern descent.
Police found a list indicating both men started out with $2,000 to spend on the trip. The trip started Monday, July 9, at 1:30 p.m. in Michigan in a car rented from Hertz, with an Illinois license plate, for $221 for three days for unlimited miles. Every item purchased on the trip was documented on the envelope. Various items on the envelop were cigarettes, soda, gas, and on the side of the envelope it said “keep it cheap” or “keep the spending low.”
Police found a pillow case on the passenger side front seat containing 74 Tracfones that were removed from their original packaging.
“This is why we don’t think the phones were for a garage door promotion,” said Police Chief Dale Heeringa. “What they would be used for is all speculation. We do know they are impossible to be tracked, (Tracfones have no GPS) and they have been used as triggering devices for IED in Iraq and Afghanistan, so there is some concern.”
After questioning the men were released.
Documentation in the police report was sent to homeland security.

They can document all they want, but until the feds start taking this seriously (I reported on how Michigan FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge William Kowalski admittedly sent in his “B-Team” to investigate the Palestinians near the Mackinac Brdge and promptly cleared them, despite prosecutors’ evidence and strong claims to the contrary).
Like I said, Desperate But Not Serious.

Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns

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I just came across this quote from Ronald Reagan. It explains perfectly why Islamic/Muslim states and their citizens are the way they are. It also explains perfectly where WE should be as a nation:
Ôø?The truth is, politics and morality are inseparable. And as moralityÔø?s foundation is religion, religion and politics are necessarily related. We need religion as a guide. We need it because we are imperfect, and our government needs the church, because only those humble enough to admit theyÔø?re sinners can bring to democracy the tolerance it requires in order to survive. A state is nothing more than a reflection of its citizens: The more decent the citizens, the more decent the state. If you practice a religion, whether youÔø?re Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or guided by some other faith, then your private life will be influenced by a sense of moral obligation, and so, too, will your public life.Ôø? Ôø?Ronald Reagan

FreeAmerican on July 20, 2007 at 10:27 am

These phones will either sent to Iraq to kill our solders in IED devices or are going to be used here in the USA for explosive devices.
What kink of Idiots do we have working at DHS that cannot see what is going on?
By clearing the suspects, William Kowalski has blood on his hands. Hopefully they copied all the serial numbers and they can be compared to detonators recovered in the IED’s in Iraq.

ScottyDog on July 20, 2007 at 2:56 pm

Debbie: The absolute DENSENESS of these people who are supposedly protecting us is stunning. I, for one, sometimes cannot comprehend how we haven’t been “hit” again (and many, many times) since 9/11 with these dunderheads in charge of our security. Shows you that the agents in the field are pretty much doing their job, if only to be frequently contradicted by the hacks who hold their superior positions by virtue of anything other than merit and talent.
Which takes one right to the idiocy of the two Border Patrol agents serving 11 and 12-year sentences for basically doing their job, while the scumbag drug-runner gets “special” treatment and even has a shot at being awarded $5 million for his inconvenience in the agents stopping him from bringing his van-load of dope into the U.S. and shooting him in the ass (Run, coward, run!) when he drew down on them.
I say a little prayer every morning that we’re still here, despite the efforts of dolts like the U.S. Attorney prosecuting this case and the alleged Judge who presided over this travesty to provide every possible aid and comfort to the enemy. Maybe we’ll make it, after all, regardless of this kind of glaring incompetence; it would just be so much easier if we had people who actually knew what they were doing running these agencies, acting as our U.S. Attorneys and federal judges — and really, is that too much to ask?

theendisnear on July 20, 2007 at 11:16 pm

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