July 23, 2007, - 10:33 am

The Jerseys the NFL Won’t Sell

While the NFL , the league also doesn’t mind if your young son (or daughter) wears his jersey. But what the No Fun League does mind is if you order a jersey with Michael Vick’s dog-fighting name, “Ookie” (the alias specified in the federal indictment against him).
The League ordered that no official Atlanta Falcon or other NFL jerseys–which you can order with (almost) any name on them–be produced with the name “Ookie” (you now can’t order that). This follows the previous NFL decision–when Vick was sued by a women who says he gave her herpes–to outlaw special orders for “Ron Mexico” jerseys. Ron Mexico was Vick’s alias–the woman claimed–when he checked in for medical treatment of herpes in Mexico.
So, I asked DebbieSchlussel.com master photoshopper David Lunde to put together the jersey the NFL doesn’t want you to have:

OOKIE Jersey by David Lunde/Lundesigns

And, while we’re at it, here are some past Vick jerseys the NFL tried to censor from production:

And here are two other Michael Vick Ts, one by Elgin Tyrell (we , Friday), the other by Fred Taub of Boycott Watch. Fred spells the Spanish part wrong on purpose, since we doubt Michael Vick, er . . . OOKIE, can spell it properly (and probably thinks it’s Japanese, being the Ron Mexico that he is):

Michael Vick T-Shirt by Elgin Tyrell

Michael Vick T-Shirt by Fred Taub/Boycott Watch

By the way, not only was Vick, “Ookie,” but each of his “business partners” in Bad Newz Kennels had a dogfighting name. Mine would be D. Coli (fatally infectious). What’s yours? (Maybe someone should start a website for that, plus NFL jersey names that were banned.)
The Glamorous New Face of the National Football League . . .

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*sigh* Well then this confirms that the NFL is only interested in making money and selling a product. This is why baseball is my favorite sport, and why I’m playing All-Pro Football 2K8 on my X360 instead of the upcoming Madden 2008.
I’m glad we Ravens fans aren’t gonna be seeing this piece of garbage in our regular 2007 schedule. But our last preseason game is against the Falcons though, and I hope this piece of shit is booed out of the building. Looking at that picture with the father and son….they were at M&T Bank Statium here in Baltimore.

Squirrel3D on July 23, 2007 at 11:36 am

This guy is one perverted piece of crap. Suspend him from the NFL? He should be in a jail cell for a multi-year stay.

J-Lin on July 23, 2007 at 12:01 pm

Will Michael Vick play football again? My guess is he will only get a 4 game suspension. The NFL has become a repository for criminals and kids should not be encouraged to idolize them. But the almighty dollar will prevail, as usual, ending the pretense that anyone actually gives a damn about right or wrong.

Chuck W on July 25, 2007 at 6:37 am

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