July 25, 2007, - 11:34 am

YAWN: MTV’s “Choose or Lose” Clintonista Campaign Reincarnated

Every four years, beginning with Bill Clinton’s successful race against George H.W. Bush, “Choose or Lose” pops up again like herpes. The campaign–ostensibly to get more young people to vote in the Presidential elections–was really a left-wing vehicle to get more votes for the Clintons, Gore, etc.
Well, in 2004 Choose or Lose was back with a new name, “Declare Yourself.” And now, it’s baaaaack (unfortunately). The group claims it is a “non-partisan youth voter-initiative for get-out-the-vote-efforts between now and the presidential election.” Non-partisan? Riiiiiiight. And it’s populated by the usual suspect class of annoying airhead celebs and liberal operatives, including the brother of Hilary Clinton’s speechwriter.

Ben Silverman & Tyra Banks: 2 Vapid-ettes in the Declare Yourself Campaign

Declare Yourself was founded by far-leftie Norman Lear (People for the American Way founder), and has on its advisory board , producer/director J.J. Abrams, ESPN’s race-baiting Stuart Scott, and .
Silverman’s sister, Rena Silverman, is a speechwriter for Hillary. You’ll recall that I wrote about how Rena told Marie Claire that she can’t get through July without her thong underwear, and I remarked that any Clinton seeking the White House should get away from thongs (remember Monica’s thong-snapping) as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I fell for Rena’s sob stories and pulled the post from this site, being the compassionate conservative that I am (way too much so). My mistake, since a number of liberal blogs followed my lead by posting about Rena’s Marie Claire thong declaration, and since I found out who her brother is and why she was interviewed by MC (I’ll be reposting about this at some later point).
As you’ll also recall, I wrote about Ben Silverman’s new choice for NBC programming, , a telenovela about a 17-year-old prostitute who discovers that with breast implants, she can make more money from her Johns and have a more luxe life. That’s coming to NBC primetime, next year. Silverman said he “scoured the earth” for the greatest programming and found “Sin Tetas.” He’s also the guy who’s bringing Rosie O’Donnell to NBC, next year, with a daytime talk show AND a nighttime MSNBC left-wing political rant as the male version of Keith Olbermann. Silverman “loves her” (O’Donnell), said various reports.
That’s who’s telling America’s kids to vote? No thanks. Think it’ll be non-partisan with him on board? Puh-leeze.
Declare Yourself participants also include (who and got a free one to Iraq instead), Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff, Adrian Grenier, Mandy Moore, and Kate Walsh. Oh, and also, , which is very interesting, since he ain’t a U.S. citizen, and therefore, can’t vote here. We need this annoying Brit comedian who makes fun of America enlisting new voters in our Presidential elections?
Among others, Declare Yourself is partnering with Rolling Stone and US Magazine. Do we really want Rolling Stone (which called me ) and US (US?! US?!) picking our President?
Declares :

We’re going to shake things up this time and really focus on those first-time voters. It’s going to be fun.

Really? Is she going to let prospective voters feel up her breasts–or will she feel up their breasts–both of which she frequently does on her vapid daytime minstrel talk show?
Wonder how many of these airhead-atrixes are actually registered to vote? Not many we hope . . . and presume.
Why don’t they just be honest and call it what it is: Starheads for HillBama?
Declare Yourself’s website is as yawnworthy as its celeb activists. A good thing.

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4 Responses

Tyra Banks finds an audience among those who find Oprah too cerebral. MAD TV does a great parody of “Tyra”.

spiffo on July 25, 2007 at 3:04 pm

Banks and Winfried and the like, are sympathizers of any and all dark skinned people no matter the cause or the reason. As the politically correct that they are, as well as the general news media, they have “seen and declared” that the tragedy of Darfur is “intertribal Warfare.” – That is how they see it – rather than the truth, that is is the islamics that are the agressors, against farmers. ANd the people like them, are rather gleeful and siding with the “poor” widdle Palestinians and middle easterners. ———
What a shame, that according to respected women archaeologists, the entire Middle East worshipped the Goddess millennia ago. I don’t believe for a minute, that pre-islamic culture was as savage and genocidal and woman-hating, as it’s successor, islam. Or that little girls were buried at birth, as is given out by islamics. That it was a time of chaos. Otherwise, mo’s first wife, wouldn’t have owned a business. BUt all the truth of history has been destroyed, all the ancient cities and writings have been destroyed by islamics – in order to present another history – a LIE! It is said, that history is written by the conquerors!
What a shame! At any rate, we DON”T want anything to do with islam. LEAVE US ALONE, ISLAM!
Allt- a Pagan Polytheist

allat on July 25, 2007 at 3:59 pm

Like the ’04 anti-Bush concert series, “Vote for Change”:

Jeremiah on July 25, 2007 at 6:21 pm

From that Wiki entry:
“The tour was generally successful in attracting audiences, generating media attention and raising approximately $10 million for ACT, but failed in its ultimate purpose of swaying the vote in battleground states. None of the states involved went differently than predicted in pre-election polls, and most critically Ohio stayed in the Bush column despite the placement of six concerts there.”

Jeremiah on July 25, 2007 at 6:22 pm

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