July 31, 2007, - 12:30 pm

Rep. Steven Chabot, President–Republicans for Shielding Muslim Illegal Aliens

Add Republican Congressman Steven Chabot of Ohio to the list of Republicans who won’t let Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents do their job. Add him to the group of Republican Congressman who want to continue to shield illegal alien Muslim lawbreakers.
I already . Also an Ohio Republican Congressman (and, unfortunately, high-ranking GOP House leader), he put the squeeze on ICE for deporting , a Muslim illegal alien (here illegally for 18(!) years), to her native Pakistan.
Then, there’s Republican Congressman . I (co-sponsored with Carl Levin in the Senate) to halt the deportation of illegal alien and Islamic terrorist .

Rep. Steven Chabot – GOP Congressman Loves Muslim Illegal Aliens

(Unfortunately, private bills immediately stay Homeland Security from all deportation activity. It says to America, “We in Congress know better than Immigration Judges that we’re paying to do the job.”)
Now, there’s Chabot. Reader Nancy sends me this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer, about how, today, Chabot, introduced a “private bill” to shield Maha Dakar and her husband, Bassam Garadah, both Palestinians who were ORDERED DEPORTED. They sought asylum here, and they WERE DENIED. Again, they were ORDERED DEPORTED. What about that doesn’t Congressman Chabot understand?:

Chabot said today he will introduce a “private bill” on behalf of Maha Dakar, a Palestinian who is facing deportation without her family to Jordan.
Dakar’s case has drawn attention from Chabot, known for his tough stance on illegal immigration [DS: Yeah, right. This story tells us otherwise.], because she and her family entered the United States legally 10 years ago and have broken no laws while here.

BFD. Most illegal aliens entered the country legally 10 years or more ago. Mohammed Atta didn’t break any laws until that plane-flying incident, either. Maybe Congressman Chabot should have sponsored a private bill for him, too. These are distinctions without a difference. Uh, yeah, they did break the law. They are still here. That’s breaking the law, Congressman.

She and her husband, Bassam Garadah, have four young daughters who must either leave the country with Dakar or stay here with their father.

So sad, too bad.

“It’s really a sad situation, a tragic situation,” Chabot said today. “The question we should be asking ourselves is, how does it benefit this country to split this family apart?”

No, Congressman, the question you should be asking is why you are protecting lawbreakers and why they chose to have a family here, even though they knew they were here illegally.

Dakar and her husband are Palestinians but were born in Kuwait. They applied for asylum in the United States, but they were denied and both were deemed deportable.

No, they weren’t “deemed” anything. They were ORDERED to leave by an immigration judge.

Dakar has a Jordanian passport and can be sent there, but Garadah has Egyptian travel papers and is considered “stateless.” He has no country to go to.

WRONG. NOT “stateless” at all. Attention, clueless reporter: If you have Egyptian travel documents, you can go to Egypt. Not our problem that you don’t want to go there. ICE Detention and Removal Ops isn’t the Tahitian Paradise Travel Agency.

They have applied for U.S. citizenship, but it would take five to seven years for her application to be processed. Dakar is set to be deported in October.

Again, so sad, too bad. Get in line behind everyone else.

“They’re caught in a Catch-22,” Chabot said.

WRONG. They created a Catch-22. Not our prob. Deport them now.

That’s why he decided to introduce the private bill, an unusual piece of legislation intended to help an individual with a problem that threatens to cause American citizens hardship. Chabot said she qualifies because her four children are U.S. citizens.

They are not American citizens. And their kids, like those of every illegal alien with a potent penis and a vagina to go with it, are anchor babies designed to create a sob story just like this one. This isn’t anything new. Most illegal aliens have kids who were born here. Not our problem.

“We are a hard-working family,” Dakar said today. “We can be an asset to the United States.”

Uh-huh. Just like Sami Al-Arian was an asset . . . to Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaeda.
What is so special about these people? Why do they deserve to jump 10 years ahead of everyone else in line? Answers: Nothing and No Reason. And, oh yeah, they are Palestinian Muslims, so, of course, they deserve special treatment.
There is no way ICE can do its job if Detention and Removal Operations officials have Congressmen introducing private bills every other day to protect their chosen illegal alien lawbreakers.
Time for this silly and harmful practice to be reformed or ended altogether.
Deport these illegal alien lawbreakers NOW. Not “later.”
Just another chapter in the never-ending story: “Gullible Republican Congressmen and the Illegal Aliens Who Love Them.”

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9 Responses

Several measures have to be taken to ensure the security of this nation:
1 – Put a limit on all kinds of visas. Entrance to the U.S.A. must be controlled. Legal Immigration shouldn’t be as easy as it is right now.
2 – Visas shouldn’t be easily granted to Muslims. And better if they are not granted at all. Let us be blunt here. Yes, the State Department with the help of the FBI/CIA can find out who is Muslim and who is not.
3 – All borders must be completely sealed.
4 – The Muslims living in this country have to be monitored and investigated, all of them. Those who are found related to terrorist organizations, those who overstayed their visas and those who committed crimes must be prosecuted and/or deported and stripped from their citizenship if they are “citizens.”
5 – Those Muslims who live in America and express hate towards this country must be asked to leave immediately, and be stripped from their citizenship.
6 – A system of street surveillance (CCTV) must be put in place all over the country, like Great Britain.
7 – The citizens should not be afraid to be labeled “bigots,” “racists,” etc. If they feel, see or hear any suspicious activities, they should be applauded and rewarded for reporting them. There should be more encouragement from the government.
8 – “Political Correctness” must be banned as a word and as an action from these United States, i.e. that word must be as objectionable, as offensive, as vulgar as the “N” word.
9 – Any Media outlet that is trying to cover up or find excuses for the Islamic terrorists or for the Muslims living in this country who are attempting to abuse our system of government and our way of life, must be punished by switching the TV button, not buying the newspaper, not visiting the website and not advertising in it.
10 – Do not vote for traitors.

Independent Conservative on July 31, 2007 at 1:33 pm

Unfortunately, what many fail to see is that these deportations are an element in the ‘virtual wall’ Pres Bush Speaks about. Yes, the ‘virtual wall’ he specifically touts are aerial drones, sensors in the ground, and watch towers along the borders. What must be understood is that the ‘virtual wall’ amounts to a big disincentive to attempting to come into the country illegally.
The reality is, publicized deportations are a virtual deterrant, both real and imagined, on the part of the person illegaly trying to enter the country. This might certainly call into question the intelligence of an illegal seeking entry into the U.S., but they would definitely have to take into account the fact that they will absolutely positively be removed from U.S. soil, regardless of their personal circumstance (meaning number of children born here, personal property and wealth, or having nowhere to go.)
And, yes this would include the illegal woman married to the soldier who is MIA in Iraq. If there was the political will to deport this woman, and it was widely publicized that she will be sent back, then illegal immigration would be dealt a severe blow. Who in their right mind (yes, questioning the intelligence of illegals) would take such a risk, when they could wait and do it legally?
Enforce the law, pretty soon illegals would get the idea and begin doing it legally.

zyzzyg on July 31, 2007 at 1:39 pm

Oh Yeah, failed to mention the wife of the Georgia State Representative who is also illegal. Deport her, too.

zyzzyg on July 31, 2007 at 1:44 pm

Why the following story is been buried?
I would like to know what happened. Is there a cover up?
Was he a Muslim?
Why they called that incident “next to nothing”?
An attack on a nuclear facility -no matter how minimal that attack was- is “next to nothing”?
Could it be a dry run?
Nuclear Plant Gate Crasher Flees
Incident ‘Next To Nothing’
POSTED: 1:30 pm EDT July 30, 2007
UPDATED: 1:35 pm EDT July 30, 2007
OAK RIDGE, Tenn. —
Authorities are searching for a man who ran through a checkpoint at a Tennessee nuclear weapons plant and smashed his car into a security barrier.
Guards at the Y-12 plant, a primary storehouse for bomb-grade uranium, said the man “appeared to be impaired in some way” when they stopped him around 5 a.m. at a security checkpoint near a rear entrance, spokesman Bill Wilburn said.
They asked for identification. Instead, the man hit the gas and crashed the car. He left the engine running and bolted from the wreck.
Wilburn said the guards told him the car had been hot-wired and there were no weapons inside. “They checked the car very thoroughly before they moved it. They found nothing,” he said.
A spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration in Oak Ridge called the crash “next to nothing.”
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.

Independent Conservative on July 31, 2007 at 1:44 pm

I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said EXCEPT number 6 above.
Exercising the god-given rights that are listed in our Bill of Rights will protect us from terrorists. The very LAST thing we need is to provide Big Brother with eyes everywhere.
Go out and get yourself and your family trained in firearm use in self-defense and the laws that govern it then, practice until they start calling you Annie Oakley…if all of the capable are armed then the terrorists have no place to hide, ever.
“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”– Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Chris on July 31, 2007 at 1:51 pm

>>>6 – A system of street surveillance (CCTV) must be put in place all over the country, like Great Britain.<<<
Big Brother is already watching, but he’s watching the terrorists, not ordinary, patriot citizens.
The surveillance system (CCTV) is used by the police only and it is very effective in detecting any suspicious activity, identifying the culprits and it is a tool in preventing a possible terrorist act.
No liberties are infringed on citizens who are walking in the streets, going about their business.
The system works in Britain and in some parts of the United States. It should be spread in all major cities.
We live in a different world. We cannot hide our heads in the sand and pray that the Muslim terrorists won’t kick us in the butt.

Independent Conservative on July 31, 2007 at 2:03 pm

Eliminate all VISAs – I mean, how many more people do we need here?
Hunt down all M&M’s (Muslims and Mexicans) and DEPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY – get rid of all that PC crap regarding hearings – really!
Restore our Constitution that has been hijacked by our Supreme Court and the Congress.

redtop on July 31, 2007 at 2:56 pm

Independent Conservative
I too agree with your comments but I agree with Chris. We are fast becoming a police state and our God given liberties are being taken away by the paranoid elitists in our Government.
We do not need big brother monitoring us with CCTV cameras in every public place. We already have too many of these intrusive cameras spying on us,IMHO.
You might want to talk to some people that actually live in Great Britain and ask them how they feel about the 4.2 million video cameras with ever increasing capabilities. According to recent study in the UK: http://www.100share.com/Study-Examines-ClosedCirc.htm
“The web of security cameras monitoring Britain’s streets, stations and shopping centers has done little to reduce crime or make people feel safer, according to a government study released Thursday.”
I personally agree with reservations expressed by the Supreme Court that public video surveillance can and will be abused.
The secrecy of video surveillance may raise certain chilling effects associated with violations of the United States Constitution’s First and Fourth Amendments. An individual may never know if law enforcement monitors her actions with the use of video surveillance. “Accordingly, all members of the community, law abiding citizens as well as criminals, may constantly fear ongoing law enforcement surveillance. . . . The Supreme Court has recognized the concerns raised by secret search techniques, noting that such undisclosed searches may have a chilling effect on First Amendment rights.
Our founding fathers, as Chris pointed out, would be rolling over in their graves.

ScottyDog on August 1, 2007 at 4:10 pm

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