February 1, 2010, - 2:40 pm

A Preview of What Happens When Muslims Reach Critical Mass: Jews Forced to Leave Malmo, Sweden

By Debbie Schlussel

First, the Israeli Davis Cup Tennis Team couldn’t play tennis in public in Malmo, Sweden because savage Muslims would endanger their lives and probably rip them to shreds and the Swedish simply didn’t believe they could control the rioting crowd.

Malmo, Sweden: Sophisticated, Modern European Judenrein City . . .


That Was Then . . .


This Is Now . . .


Now, Jews have to leave Malmo altogether as Krystallnacht [The Night of the Broken Glass, the unofficial beginning of the full-blown Holocaust] echoes in the heavy Malmo air.  In the same country, late last year Mohamed Omar, one of the most prominent “moderate” Muslims announced he’s forming an anti-Zionist (read: anti-Jewish) political party.  As longtime readers know, we’ve covered the disturbing takeover of Malmo by Muslim immigrants, who’ve made it no longer possible for Jews to live there.  Reader Carl, a gentile Malmo expatriate, now living in the U.S. lamented what Islam did to his city.

When Muslims continue to multiply in the U.S. and also swell their ranks through legal and illegal immigration and terrorist anchor babies, where will the Jews go 100 years from now?  There will be no place left. Unfortunately, the self-appointed, unrepresentative, inept, pandering Jewish “leadership” in America continue to pander to these extremist Muslims, helping push for their immigration, and eating falafel sandwiches with them, as if this will make the impending problem go away. It won’t.

Just ask the Jews, soon-to-be-formerly, of Malmo. The Judenrein never ended. It merely took a brief pause so that Nazis could be replaced with far more venomous Muslims.

Threats and harassment are becoming increasingly commonplace for Jewish residents in Malmö in southern Sweden, leading many Jews to leave the city out of fear for their safety.

“Threats against Jews have increased steadily in Malmö in recent years and many young Jewish families are choosing to leave the city,” Fredrik Sieradzki of the Jewish Community of Malmö (Judiska Församlingen i Malmö) told The Local. . . .

Last year there were 79 crimes against Jewish residents reported to the police in Malmö, roughly double the number reported in 2008, according to the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper.

That’s a very high number because there are only 700 Jews in Malmo, meaning that there’s an 11% hate crime rate against Jews, and that one in every nine Jews there will be attacked, with the number growing and doubling.

“That probably doesn’t tell the whole story because not everyone chose to make a report. Perhaps they fear they will add to an already infected situation,” Susanne Gosenius, a hate crimes coordinator with the Skåne police, told the newspaper, which has published series of articles about the growing anti-Semitism in Malmö.

In addition, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues have repeatedly been defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, and a chapel at another Jewish burial site in Malmö was firebombed in January of last year.

There are currently an estimated 3,000 Jews living in the south of Sweden, with most residing in Malmö, Helsingborg, and Lund.

About 700 currently belong to the Jewish Community of Malmö, but the group’s membership rolls have been dropping steadily in recent years.

“It’s sort of a downward spiral,” Sieradzki told The Local.

“People want to maintain their Jewish traditions, but when they see others leave after being threatened, they begin to question whether or not they want to stay here.”

Skånska Dagbladet highlighted the case of Marcus Eilenberg, a 32-year-old father of two who has decided to move to Israel.

“My children aren’t safe here. It’s going to get worse,” he told the newspaper

Eilenberg’s family on his mother’s side has roots in Malmö that date back to the 1800s, while his father’s parents came to Sweden in 1945 after surviving Auschwitz.

He describes for the newspaper how people call him “damn Jew” (‘jävla jude’) when he walks to synagogue and that his friends are frequently harassed and threatened.

“Imagine that my family can’t feel safe in fantastic Sweden. It’s really terrible,” Eilenberg told Skånskan.

Yeah, “fantastic” Sweden. Clearly, it ain’t so fantastic. And all the IKEAs in the world aren’t gonna change that.

He blamed part of the problem on passive local politicians who he believes have failed to openly distance themselves from anti-Semitism and refuse to act when members of the Jewish community find themselves under constant threat.

Sieradzki agrees that the attitudes of Malmö politicians, especially Social Democrat city council chair Ilmar Reepalu, have allowed anti-Semitism to fester. . . .

“It’s the far-left that commonly use Jews as a punching bag for their disdain toward the policies of Israel, even if Jews in Malmö have nothing to do with Israeli politics. . . .

In addition to the far-left, Sieradzki said that a “very small segment” of the city’s growing population of Muslim immigrants from Arab countries in the Middle East are also responsible for growing anti-Semitism.

“This is a small group of extremists who have decided to go after Jews wherever they are in the world and regardless of their relationship to Israel,” he said. . . .

“If you read between the lines, he [Reepalu] seems to be suggesting that the violence directed toward us is our own fault simply because we didn’t speak out against Israel,” Sieradzki explained.

“We’re a non-political, cultural and religious organization, and there are all kinds of Jews in Malmö.

Sieradzki admitted he is currently “pessimistic” about the future of the Jewish community in Malmö, saying that there needs to be a “complete change in attitude” among the city’s politicians if the situation is going to improve.

“These issues need to be taken seriously,” he said, arguing that there needs to be a dialogue involving politicians, Islamic groups, and the Jewish community.

“But right now many Jews in Malmö are really concerned about the situation here and don’t believe they have a future here.”

No, they don’t. But, where do they have a future? Where do Westerners and Christians have a future?

Not in any country that continues to allow Muslims into its borders and, once inside, to metastasize the cancer by having a gazillion Muslim offspring. And that means, us, America.

What are we doing to stop this from becoming America’s future? Nothing. And, now, it may already be too late.

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Sweden is already ScandIslamia. The natives are below population replacement levels. In a generation or two Sweden will be a Muslim country and so will most of Europe.

The writing has been on the wall for some years now about European civilization. Mark Steyn says its delusional to expect Westernization to transform Bararabia. In 1959, every Cairo University graduate female was full face attired in Western clothing. In 2009, every Cairo University female graduate is attired in Islamic hijab. And there are no signs of this dismal trend changing any time soon.

For the foreseeable future, expect the West to remain asleep while the enemy takes over within its own gates. The plight of Malmo’s Jews has become a synecdoche for the latent Western experience of tomorrow.

NormanF on February 1, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Bs, you believe that yourself. First of all you anti-semit the arabic people in Sweden. Today there are under 300 000 of 10 000 000 people who are muslims. So what kind of growth do you talk about? You could look up the other European countries and check facts instead of come with that kind of anti-semit crap about arabs.

    But then again people on this site want to set them in Ghettos and maybe later turn on the gas chaimbers. So what are we talking about. Kind of nazi-jews? Please get perspective on things and don’t sound like Ku-klux-klan for Christ sake.

    Swedish Swede on February 25, 2010 at 11:12 am

      Dear Swedish Scumbag:

      Iron to Germany in WWII.

      You have always been vermin and scum since Gustavus Adolphus. Once gain, you knuckle and crawl to totalitarianism.

      Occam's Tool on July 11, 2011 at 1:19 pm

There is a solution for this in America—how about Christains and Jews start having lots of babies?! There is a reason G-d commanded His people to be fruitful and multiply. As my favorite pastor (Voddie Baucham) said regarding this command, “You want to survive in a hostile land? Out breed ’em!” Well…DUH!

Muslims have figured this out, we haven’t. Over the last hundred years the average square footage of homes has doubled while the average number of children per family has shrunk by more than half. We love drywall more than we love children.

There are consequences to disobeying G-d, and life under a Muslim majority is a natural consequence to choosing to love lots of stuff over lots of children. Yet dare to have a large family and just wait for the mocking from fellow Christians. As I live in rural MN, I confess a lack of knowledge about how
large families are looked at in the Jewish community.

BTW…we have only four children (#5 is on the way).

LifeInaShoe on February 1, 2010 at 3:02 pm

Life… Orthodox Jews have very large families. The Jews expected to become extinct are the very Jews most oblivious to the problem.

NormanF on February 1, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Debbie, you nailed it by referencing Islam as a Cancer. It is a vile horrific diesease that left un-checked will destroy humaninity as we know it. The religion of hate and death is the epitome of the “anti-Christos”. Every country in the world that currently has “wars”, genocide, and terrorism are all linked to Islam.

Once upon a time, I had the pleasure of visiting France, England, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, and yes even Turkey. In the twenty years that have passed since my traveling abroad, I can no longer say I would feel safe and secure in any of those countries because of the Muslim horde that has taken over in Europe. As it stands now there are places in the US that I would not care to visit because of the Muslim strongholds in those areas.

What is truly amazing is I have friends that are reasonably intelligent and they all will bow down to Islam and grant a free pass to any Muslim, but will condemn a Jew at the drop of a hat. Needless to say I keep my time limited to those people.

I believe that you are right about it being too late to stop what is comming. Only a truely horrific catastrophic event will alter people’s perception of Islam. Although I don’t know what could be more horrific than watching the twin towers explode on prime time television….Instead of garnering an attitude of self preservation in this country, we went on a mass importation of Muslims, and elected a Muslim to be our president.

perception of truth on February 1, 2010 at 3:14 pm

LifeInaShoe writes, “As my favorite pastor (Voddie Baucham) said regarding this command, “You want to survive in a hostile land? Out breed ‘em!” Well…DUH! Muslims have figured this out, we haven’t.” Indeed, Arafat used to refer to the “Palestinian womb” as one of his greatest weapons.

None of us should have to “out-breed” a foreign culture in our own land. It’s far more effective to be selective in who we allow into our land. Jews start at a severe demographic disadvantage. We’re outnumbered 100:1 by Muslims worldwide, outnumbered at least 10:1 in France and the UK, and the numbers are far worse elsewhere in Europe. Israel’s Jews are outnumbered some 40:1 by Arabs in the Middle East.

In the US we’re less than 2% of the population, but our numbers – for now at least – exceed those of Muslims, despite claims by CAIR and Obama to the contrary. But given the US current openness to Muslim immigration, including refugees, that could change in a single decade. The long established, albeit modest, Jewish community in Minneapolis, for example, has been overshadowed by the influx of Somali Muslims.

Raymond in DC on February 1, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Ob jokes of the day:

Why don’t we try and the the UN (Including Goldstone) to investigate and condemn this?

Where is Hillary and the State Department on this?

I_AM_ME on February 1, 2010 at 4:55 pm

My point is simply this: Obeying G-d’s commands, no matter whose land we are in, will always be what’s best for us. His protection is better than any immigration policy man can construct. We need to think multi-generationaly…like He does.

LifeInaShoe on February 1, 2010 at 5:33 pm

Today in Bagdhad MUSLIM female homicide bombs kils many in revenge for killing in 680 a.d. WHICH IS 1,330 YEARS AGO TODAY.

Ashura commemorates the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed who was killed in battle in Karbala in 680 A.D. That event helped create the schism between Sunnis and Shiites, the two main Muslim religious movements.

Bob S. on February 1, 2010 at 8:02 pm

That’s the signature comment of the day. It’s not even good enough that we all become Muslims for their blood lust to subside. First we have to choose between a Sunni, or a Shiite, and then spend the next 4,000 years annihilating each other because they don’t even get along.

The religion of Peace my Ass.

perception of truth on February 1, 2010 at 8:17 pm


So, we know where to flee when the muzzies come for us stateside: MEXICO!

Spiffo on February 1, 2010 at 8:26 pm

This is he future, if no steps are taken. This sort of thing has already become evident in Dearborn,Michigan.

sorrow01 on February 1, 2010 at 8:31 pm

Isn’t there a JDL in Sweden?
Sometimes force needs to met with force.

Stephen on February 1, 2010 at 10:06 pm

I understand Malmo is not exactly the safest place in the world for Christians, either.

Miranda Rose Smith on February 2, 2010 at 2:38 am

This is what we are seeing all throughout Europe. This is the fruit of 100 years of socialism. The people have been sold the empty promise of cradle-to-the-grave care from their government not knowing, or caring, that it would be the death of their civilization.

Socialism can only work if you have an ever increasing base of young workers you can tax. Basically you screw the working so you can pay off the non-working. But the non-working keep voting the socialist politicians into office, so the system keeps operating, at least for a while.

At this same time, with taxes so high, taxpaying couples opt to have fewer and fewer children. So the politicians are desperate for more workers to tax so they can keep their socialist house of cards held together just a little longer.
So all over Europe they have been letting massive amounts of immigrants in, in the vain hope that they can tax the new immigrants. The end result is these immigrants are taking over. This is the result of greedy politicians and stupid naive voters.

Western civilization will soon be just another footnote in an old history book. Just like the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire and a dozen other civilizations that once ruled the entire known world and now less than 99 out of 100 people can even name them.

Oh, and that history book will probably be written in Arabic, since English will be a dead language in the future.

smg45acp on February 2, 2010 at 8:50 am

Jews around the world need to donate $100 to a special fund. This fund would provide every single Jew in the world with a 9mm handgun and hollow point ammo. They also must be trained to kill. Any time a Jew is attacked in Malmo, or anywhere else, they need to KILL their Muslim attacker. If a synogogue is burned down, burn down the local mosque. They rape a Jewish woman, you kill an Imam. Only then will they fear Jews and the attacks will stop.

Jon Grayson on February 2, 2010 at 11:11 am

At what point do the Jews take responsibility for voting in this sort of ilk after obvious trends towards antisemitism. They do it here in the states. An overwhelming number of Jews voted in one of the most obvious antisemites into the Oval Office. And there is a trail of Democrats that are more like him than not. And the Jews have just blindly voted in Democrats. They are notoriously liberal left wingers (most, not all) and those are the same who are allowing Muslims on the campuses to fester and rot with their growing antisemitism too.

The Jews themselves need to wake up and help stop this. Or they can keep fleeing. One day there will be no where to run to.

R_not on February 3, 2010 at 12:39 am

For those who still see Islam as no threat and the jiahd as merely personal – please see this thought-provoking blog >


Angela on February 3, 2010 at 3:14 am

What we are seeing is the result of the Social Democrat rule in Europe. I would remind everyone that this ideology is the prime mover and enabler of all manner of intolerance and all worship of diversity.

I will note that such leftist ideology is very much a part of Jewish culture, and I am sure they have been huge supporters of it in Sweden so have no complaint when it comes bites them.

Tradecraft46 on February 4, 2010 at 7:36 am


    What You are saying is correct!

    In Denmark we have a well known jewish family who have worked for that muslims should migrate from Gaza and the Westbank to Denmark.

    I couldn´t understand WHY jews found it such a good idea that muslims should live in Denmark, because everybody have known for years that muslims.øh… dislike jews….very much!

    And now we have problems, really heavy problems with this palarabs who not just hate jews but also the danes.

    They are paid for, many of them, the most, do not work.

    But they have babies !

    Vivi Andersen on December 8, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Why not fight back? Why not pick up a brick and smash in the skull of the nearest muslim? take a gallon of gas and burn down the local muslim coven? If your either going to be killed or arrested anyway why not at least TRY to fight back?
What ever happened to the JDL and “NEVER AGAIN”? I’m not Jewish but it seems to me history is repeating itself.
Waiting until Auschwitz is reopened is probably not in the best interest of the Jews of not only Europe, but of the world.
The only thing that will stop these savages is being more savage then they are.
In the 30’s Jews ran, hid, refused to believe what was right before their eyes and did not fight back leading to the extermination of over 6 MILLION
With all due respect Debbie if it happens again, if the jews of Europe walk into gas chambers once more, then you will have no one to blame but yourselves because this time YOU KNOW BETTER

martin fee on February 4, 2010 at 9:17 am

And in hitlers germany they had gun control! You know to control crime!! By the time people found out the real reason. So you couldnt fight back when they came for them it was too late! This brings me to the point about eurostan. No way to defend themselves. Jews and christians, and eveyone else! If you have to get a gun from a crooked means?DO IT! Hide it till you need it. Use it and throw it in the river. To the jews of eurostan and the USA. STAND UP AND FIGHT!!!Start your Warsaw uprising now before its too late again!Its simple! KILL or be killed.

mike c on February 4, 2010 at 11:57 am

Finding it awfully interesting that Facebook is preventing me from posting this article to my wall…

Facebook is saying:
“Oops Something went wrong. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.”

What the hell is that about? I will try again tomorrow.

Superb work as always, Debbie.

JeffPatriot on February 5, 2010 at 1:38 am

This is nothing new. Now they are targeting Jews but soon the number of other members will come. Meantime they keep multiplying. They can not live with the other Muslim sects like Shias and a variety of others too. Sunnis constitute the major part and the most virulent one too. They are a brute, barbaric force arising from the historical nomadic race in the desert area of that time Canaan. Even now, they are living a similar life style in a lot of middle east desert area.

They are very obstinate, intransingent and volatile force, easily ignited. No wonder the Islamic Ideology has made them from bad to worse. It has not served its purpose as a religion in strict sense to unite and reform the community. It is/has become more of a political ideology preached from the precincts of a Religious Podium to indoctrinate a gullible population to feed the venom of their desired ideological theorem. A religious platform makes it more acceptable than any other kind of a platform. A gross misuse of

Any religion that preaches hatred, violence, gender inequality,
educational and strict social constraints in the name of religion, intolerance of any other ideology, jihad, fatwa, death to infidels, ziziya tax or mandatory conversion, pedophillia and so on; makes me wary and unacceptable as a religion. How can a religion be called a religion preaching and practicing such dastardly inhuman civilisation that will encourage “Ghettos”.

It is high ttime for introspection and serious retrospection before the world society is thrust into another medieaval period, if not the stone age.

Dr. O. P. Sudrania

Dr. O. P. Sudrania on February 6, 2010 at 11:41 am

It has nothing to do with nazis or muslims; it is Satan inspiring evil & using people to do his killing. He always start with the Jews because the Jews are G-d’s chosen people so Satan hates them the most. As a Christian, I must stand with the Jews. Soon it will be fight or die.

Max on November 21, 2010 at 1:35 pm

I used to live on the street adjacent to the Malmö synagogue near the Judiska Församlingen (Jewish Community) office. Every Saturday, there will be guards posted at every corner of the synagogue to protect worshippers. On more than one occasion, I found my street blocked and barricaded by the police due to bomb threats to the synagogue. About one or two kilometres from the synagogue is an area with many Arab/Middle Eastern immigrants. My friends and I have been robbed or had our belongings stolen by people from this area. One of my friends had his mobile phone stolen from his pocket and only realised it when the thief had used thousands of crowns (Swedish currency) worth of call time to call various countries in the Middle East. The few Swedish numbers that the thief called are registered to Bosnian names. This info is easily available by searching on the internet (including the address of the Bosnian guy). Yet, the Swedish police did not take any action and decided to formally end investigations after a while.

Anorak on December 9, 2010 at 8:14 am

what happens when there is to many people in the world whos gotta go?

kyle on December 19, 2010 at 1:15 am

This is why I say that there is no moderate Islam. Either it is Islam or no Islam. There is no in between. Because if there
is one who wants to remain aloof from Islam, he will be persecuted as an apostate and will be forced to behave as Islamist or watch silently the militants. Hence the concept of moderate has no space in Islam. They believe in “All or None Law”. Nothing in between.

God bless
Dr. O. P. Sudrania

Dr. O. P. Sudrania on March 20, 2011 at 7:47 pm

Thought about it, and now sharing it with you

Hugh Heeren on October 28, 2011 at 7:42 pm

people just want to read quality cintent like yours, nice

lezhot name on November 8, 2011 at 3:04 pm

i have found that the best way to stop the attacks against you is a .45 slug to the head will stop that shit dead in it’s tracks.

BRUCE on April 27, 2012 at 5:58 pm

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