August 1, 2007, - 2:11 pm

Islamic “Coma,” The Sequel: Your Muslim Doctor Could Kill You


It’s the “Brave New World” version of medicine, Islamic-style. Yup, the Muslim medical community acting out the real-life version of the movie, “Coma.”

Since I’ve already told you about so many (like , who refused care to his Jewish patient, Joseph Applebaum, and essentially murdered him by doing so), it’s no surprise to me.

First, Do Harm

In Australia, a Saudi Muslim doctor is acting out the part of “Coma’s” Dr. George (who gives his patients an excess of drugs and painkillers to murder them and harvest their organs).

Saudi Muslim Doctor Sanaa Ismail, an anesthetist, and Dr. Azizi Bakar, another Muslim medical doctor, are under investigation for killing their 16-year-old patient, Vanessa Anderson. They gave her too high of a dosage of painkillers and murdered her. The cases raises other questions, as neither doctor was screened or vetted much (it’s hardly different here in the States) and one of the doctors, Dr. Ismail, has his salary paid by the Saudi Government, an arrangement which is NOT unusual in Australia’s public hospitals. Does that happen here? If Saudi and other Gulf State med students are studying and doing residencies here–AND THEY ARE–then, yes it does happen. And if so, it’s a very dangerous development. When you consider their cases, do you really think we need to import more foreign (mostly Muslim) doctors to America? Or LESS?:

THE inquest into the death of a 16-year-old girl who died in a Sydney hospital after being hit by a golf ball may have to be reopened following allegations about the competence and assessment of two overseas-trained doctors involved in her care.

The allegations — aired on ABC TV’s Stateline program in NSW last night — claimed neither of the overseas doctors treating Vanessa Anderson had been “subject to any appointments or selection process”.

Anderson died in 2005 while being treated for a fractured skull caused by the golf ball.

The inquest at Westmead Coroners Court, which held its final hearing two weeks ago, heard there were “a number of deficiencies” in her care, including one doctor’s failure to give anti-convulsive drugs as ordered by a consultant.

Another doctor, anaesthetics registrar Sanaa Ismail, increased the dosage of painkilling drugs to a level the consultant in charge told the inquest was “too high”.

It has now emerged that the inquest may be reopened after a senior hospital anaesthetist, Stephen Barratt, wrote to Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanich about the allegations. . . .

In his letter, Dr Barratt said Dr Ismail — whom he was supervising — had previously been judged by him to be “not safe” to treat patients after two previous incidents just months earlier. Dr Barratt also revealed he was “unhappy” with how the inquest had unfolded and added “you need the truth”.

Azizi Bakar, the doctor who had failed to provide the anti-convulsive drugs ordered by a consultant, was the other doctor whom Dr Barratt suggested had not been properly screened prior to employment.

Dr Ismail faced questions during the inquest over her decision to double the dose of a painkilling opiate drug, oxycodone, to treat Anderson’s headache, despite the fact that she only spoke to the patient for a pre-operative check.

Dr Ismail said she did not realise Anderson was already receiving Panadeine Forte, a painkiller with a high level of codeine, another opiate drug.

Dr Barratt’s letter alleged that Dr Ismail’s salary was being paid by the Saudi Government, an arrangement that he said was “not unusual in the public hospital system — that is, there are many others like her”.

“In fact, a few months before the Vanessa Anderson incident a bureaucrat from the Department of Health came pleading with us to take more of these ‘trainees’,” Dr Barratt wrote.

Professor Picone said “learning exchange” arrangements was a “feature of any modern health system”. Out of a total 11,000 doctors in NSW public hospitals, about 100 at any one time would be paid for by an overseas government or other agency, she said.

Do you want a doctor whose very salary is paid for by the government that teaches its young citizens to hate Christians and Jews, to hate Americans–that the killing of them is an Islamic precept? Do we really need more physician “trainees” who have little respect for American infidel life?

What is Michael Chertoff doing about it? (Answer: Nothing . . . and )

Of course, there are many good Muslim doctors who wouldn’t kill you. But they don’t exactly come equipped with a tattoo on their foreheads, which says, “I’m one of the good ones.”

Can you tell the difference between the good ones and the Dr. Ismails and Dr. Ibrahims? Me, neither.

Use Muslim doctors at your own risk.

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8 Responses

It is scary that we are letting in so many people into our country that worship a moon god and who believe in no absolutes: it is perfectly okay to lie to, murder, and stifle the freedom of speech of those who don’t worship the moon god. Jews and Christians on the other hand believe in moral absolutes.
I would definitely be wary of having a Muslim moon god worshiping surgeon.

Gabe on August 1, 2007 at 5:18 pm

I’d never trust any of these “MOOSE” s.o.b’s…

Chiefscotty24 on August 1, 2007 at 7:17 pm

“Use Muslim Doctors at your own risk.”
You know the name of your doctor, you might figure out by yourself (if you’re smart enough) his or her religion. If you have nothing to lose, go for it.
But, if you value your life, why risking it to a follower of a cult that values death?

Independent Conservative on August 1, 2007 at 11:48 pm

I was actually operated on by the infamous Jayant “Doctor Death” Patel back in 1992. He was from India. Probably Hindu, but don’t know, he could be Muslim.
P.S. I am still alive and still have all my internal organs. I think.

feralcat9 on August 2, 2007 at 12:53 am

I wouldn’t let on of those PIGS near me! All Muslims should be deported!

redtop on August 2, 2007 at 2:21 pm

In case you are interested in actually including some facts on this website, you should know that Dr. Roozrokh is not a Muslim. He is a Christian. Catholic, in fact. And he was married, in a Catholic church, to a Catholic woman. In addition, his paternal grandfather was a Jew. Whatever the eventual result of his criminal and civil trials, let’s not turn this into some kind of xenophobic ugliness. Especially when you are completely off the mark.

sfvalues on August 2, 2007 at 4:02 pm

sfvalues, are going to have to prove that one for me to believe a shred of it.

Highrise on August 3, 2007 at 6:54 am

Haha… This is the biggest set of bullshit I have had the fortune reading in a very long time. If you purport to this racist nonsense then you deserve to go down, no longer the superpower that you once were. China is kicking your asses at the moment, lets see how long it takes you to start cursing them!

Shame on you.

Tobias Smollett on March 7, 2010 at 8:54 pm

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