July 12, 2005, - 10:35 am

Religion of Peace Update: More “Kindness” to Women

By Debbie Schlussel
Here is the latest in a recent string of murders, attempted murders and beatings of women by the Religion of Peace (RoP) in the Detroit area:
* Hassan Rezk, age 20, of Dearborn, was charged with the shooting death of a woman at a Detroit gas station. He, of course, lied and claimed “he had been in the back of the station and found her [dead] when he returned.” Rezk was also charged with having a firearm during a felony.
Two notable silences regarding this story:
1) There was NOTHING about this murder in the Islamist-leaning Detroit Spews (Detroit News). The link is from the somewhat more balanced Detroit Free Press. You will recall my column documenting the Detroit Spews’ fabricating “reporter” , who covers the War on Terror here (and just makes stories up). Instead, this appeared in The Detroit Spews: “Coming tomorrow: Dearborn’s Arab-American Museum draws thousands.”
2) With this–just the latest episode of RoP violence–Muslim leaders remain strangely silent (no lip-service denunciations like the ones they robotically gave in response to the 7/7 bombings). Most notable is “former” PFLP terrorist and FBI award revokee , Midwest head of the ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee), who remains strangely silent. Perhaps his buddy, Detroit ICE Special Agent in Charge (who regularly visits this blog), can give him a few PR tips about enhancing his career.
Two other recent Detroit area murders of women (as well as attempted murders of two female children) by RoP are detailed . A Detroit-area RoP honor beating is detailed .
Reportedly the woman killed by Rezk was Black. There have been a string of attacks and murders of Blacks by Muslim gas station workers and owners, detailed by me, here. Then, there is also the recent attack by a mob of 20 Muslim Arabs on a (home of RoP’s “peaceful” Call to Prayer).

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